Hawke’s Bay Photo News 1965 – Number 074 January

Hawke’s Bay PHOTO NEWS
74th Issue

[Cover photo – Lovely Miss Gail Jones makes a very attractive picture for our cover this month. Gail is an accomplished acrobat and a member of the Simmonds Acrobatic Troupe.]

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Vol. 7
No. 2
January 1965

Editor Philip Moore

39-047 Napier  Night 36-936

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Front Cover. Lovely Miss Gail Jones makes a very attractive picture for our cover this month. Gail is an accomplished acrobat and a member of the Simmonds Acrobatic Troupe.

Back Cover. A recent attractive visitor to Napier was air hostess Miss Barbara McGahan from Phoenix, Arizona, who was on an exchange visit to N.A.C. from Bonanza Airlines, U.S.A. Picture shows Miss McGahan with Miss Lesley Williams, N.A.C. hostess, on the steps of a Friendship at the Hawke’s Bay Airport.


Shown above is the Pacific Club team bringing in their “body” in the Senior six-man rescue-resuscitation.

The Westshore team administering mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Page 2

The first carnival of the 1964-65 surf season was held at Westshore in blustery conditions, with a rather disappointing number of entries. Shown here are the Pacific L.S. Team, during the March Past.

Winner of the Junior Beach Sprint was M. Gudgeon of the Westshore “A” Team.

Page 3

Westshore’s Joyce was a convincing winner in the Senior Ski event.

Carol Caney, of the Westshore team, won a close contest in the Ladies’ Belt race.

Judges for the day were W. Hembrow, P. McKeown and P. Hannah.

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HANNA – ANDERSON. Recently married at St. Patrick’s Church, Napier, were Mr. and Mrs. James Hanna. The bride was Jillian Mary, daughter of Mrs. D. Anderson, Taradale, and the groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. D. Hanna, Hastings. The attendants are, Sybil Morrissey, Elizabeth Hanna, Joanna McDonald, Barry Maddams, Wally Potts and Ross Anderson.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

A family gathering at the wedding of James Hanna and Jillian Anderson is shown above. They are, from left to right: Mrs. D. Anderson (bride’s mother), Grandmother, Aunts – Mrs. T. Counihan, Mrs. K. Foley, Mrs. P. Hunsbedt, Mr. Len Jones (uncle), Mrs. B. Logan, Mr. J. Guerin, Mrs. C. Cawston and Mrs. B. Magurta.
Photo by Batchelors Studios.

Page 6


At a recent presentation evening held by the St. John Ambulance Society, Miss Grace Twist, Taradale, was presented with an illuminated Priory Note of Thanks, awarded to her by the Prior of the Order of St. John in New Zealand, Sir Bernard Fergusson, for outstanding services to the Division, and cause in general in Taradale. Miss Twist is shown receiving her award from Mr. H. F. Forster, President of the Napier Sub-centre.

Miss M. Tait is shown receiving her award for 17 years’ service from Mr. I. Snaddon, who made a presentation to Miss Johnson of Taradale of her second bar.

Page 7

12-year service medal holders pictured here with Dr. A. Russell and District Commissioner Mr. H. B. Taylor.

Cadet Whaanga receiving her Grand Prior’s Badge from Mr. Jarvis.

Shown here is Miss B. Hayter, who graduated from the Cadet to Senior Division.

Page 8


The Central Hawke’s Bay A. & P. Show, which was held recently, attracted a record number of entries in the horse sections. The main arena was a colourful spectacle as the dozens of horse and pony events were contested. A view of the grounds from the bank overlooking the pony ring.

Robin Dudley of Napier, pictured in action on his pony “Snow Queen”, which took first place and took the champion pony title at the Central Hawke’s Bay Show.

Page 9

Walking the course for the A and C Grade International jump, are, from left: Misses J. Laird, D. Simpson and S. Causton.

Page 10

Jennifer and Margaret Freemantle lead their winning pet lamb around the arena at the head of the Grand Parade.

Mrs. P. Burton coaxes a spoonful of ice-cream into her bonny 11-months-old baby, Elaine.

Doing their good turn for the day were Waipukurau Scouts Robin Jackson and John Mason lending a hand to cater for the judges and stewards at the Show.

Dragging his pet black lamb along behind him, young Geoffrey Douglas was waving furiously to someone in the stand during the Grand Parade.

Page 11

The winners of the team’s event pose for the camera after the event. The riders are, from left: Susan Coop, Glen Dudly, Joanne Bauchamp, and Jane Wilson.

Rosie Nesbitt and Susan Parsons take time off riding to look over the school entries of art works.

Page 12


With the summer almost upon us, tennis is once more proving a popular sport and pastime. Here is shown a group of youngsters being coached by former Davis Cup player, Owen Bold.

Seven year old Debbie Bold follows in her father’s footsteps.

This youngster can control his shots better only with his tongue hanging out.

Page 13


The Hawke’s Bay Gun Dog Club recently sent a team to Pahiatua, which competed with great distinction in the New Zealand Gun Dog Championships. The team is, from left: D. Wilson, S. Thorburn, Mrs. W.R. Harper, T. Jobey, H. Baldock and A.C. Jones.

A team from Wairoa competing, was, from left: J. Moroney, D. O’Rourke, L. Johnston.

This group won the premier trophy, the Cornhill Shield, back from the National Championships. The first time for nine years that the trophy has left the South Island. Shown with the Shield are D. Wilson, T. Jobey and A.C. Jones.

Page 14


PRYCE – BLAIR. Raylee Mary, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. Blair, Napier, was recently married to Ronald, son of Mr. and Mrs. A.S. Pryce, Westshore. The wedding took place at St. Paul’s Church, Napier.
Photo by Hurst Studios

Mr. and Mrs. J. Clarke, McDonald Street, Napier, recently celebrated their Golden Wedding.
Photo by Batchelors Studios


Mrs. Beryl Scott of Napier, receiving from Mr. Marr of “Foodstuffs Wellington Ltd.” her first prize of a free trip to Australia for herself, her husband and two children – this was the top prize in the mammoth Four Square Happy Families Competition. This picture was taken at Dockerys Family Food Market, Latham Street, who issued the winning entry form, and shows, from left, Mr. Marr, Miss Karen Scott, Mrs. Scott and Mr. Thornton, Manager of Dockerys, Marewa.

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The Napier Amateur Athletic and Cycling Club’s Intermediate Athletic meetings have attracted over 150 youngsters between the ages of 11 and 14. Divided into grades approximating their ages, the meets, held every Saturday morning at McLean Park, are proving extremely popular. Shown here is the mass start of the boys’ 11 years 440 yards.

The 11-year-old girls get on their marks for the 220 yards.

Bruce Warren (12 years) shown in action in the shot put.

Eleven-year-old Linda Jones in the long jump.

“Your” Fashion Shoe Salons of Napier and Hastings
David Geor

Page 17


Debutantes recently presented at the Buffalo Ball, held at the Top Hat Ballroom, Napier, are, from left: (Standing) Annette McCutcheon, Maureen Barnett, Noreen Gray, Sheryl Whyte, Ruth Hogg, Susan Hollis, Kaye Lewis. (Seated) Edith Stephens, Ann Barnett, Robyn Whyte, Kay Winchester, Sylvia Bott.
MacConnells Photo Service

Working on behalf of the Waipukurau Plunket Society, these girls recently took part in a successful mannequin parade, held at the Central Hawke’s Bay College. The models are, from left to right: (Back) Audrey Pedersen, Barbara Halford, Margaret Halford, Lorraine Ramsay, Mrs. V. Thelwall. (Seated) Barbara Conaghan, Mrs. G. M. Hooker (compere), Gay Conaghan.

Page 18


The Henry Hill School recently held its first gala which proved to be an outstanding success, raising approximately £200. Shown here are kiddies lining up for the judging of the decorated prams and cycles.

First in the decorated prams was Andrea Jacobs, aged nine.

Eight years old Bill Hurunui came first with his decorated bike.

Page 19

The ever popular cake stall.

This young dart thrower doesn’t appear to lack vocal encouragement.

Children thronged the lucky dips.

Page 20


A fine gesture was made recently by the staff of the East Coast Farmers Fertiliser Co., when they presented a cheque for £35 to the Foundation for the Blind. Shown here is Mr. D. Minett, Project Convener, presenting the cheque to Mr. Tom Taylor, representing the Foundation, and at right, Mr. P. Johnson, who assisted in the project.

Although the target sought was £25/10/-, which was to go towards talking books, the final figure of £35 was unanimously voted to go towards the purchase of further talking books. Here we show Mr. Taylor demonstrating the machine to members of the staff.

Page 21


With the recent changeover from subscription to free and rental, the Napier Public Library has fallen into line with similar libraries in other centres. Here can be seen the section now devoted to young adults.

Assistant Librarians Niki Fletcher and Lyn McMullan are shown with some of the thousands of books which had to be restacked after cataloguing.

With all these subjects to choose from, the rest is up to the public of Napier.

Page 22


The three-man Rangitikei polo team which won the Herald-Tribune Cup, parade around the arena prior to their match against Auckland.

Below: Bruce McKenzie comes in for a neat goal for Hawke’s Bay during play in the final match of the tournament which was extended by one extra chukka.

Page 23


Things look well for the future of tennis in Hawke‘s Bay with the present interest being taken by youngsters. Added to this interest has been the welcome visit of the Australian coach Len Atkins (top left), pictured with the Mayor of Taradale, Mr. A. W. Miller, during a coaching school held at Taradale courts recently. They are watching as Brace Baudinet takes a crack at the special stroke machine.

Below: Some of the 180 odd school children who are attending coaching classes at the H.B. Lawn Tennis courts in Napier each Saturday morning.

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Page 25


The Dulcie Eddy Guitarists recently presented a Guitar Jamboree at the Napier Intermediate School. Shown here is Wendy Hodge.

George Stent showed ability during his rendition of “Spanish Harlem”.

Dulcie Eddy accompanied by Betty Ackerman playing the “Hawaiian War-chant”.

Page 26


The 1964 Mobil Economy Run, from Wellington to Auckland, the tenth to be held in New Zealand, proved that safe, sensible driving and keeping to the rules of the road are no bar to good travelling times. Here are seen the first cars arriving at the Napier check point, where the participants also stopped for lunch.

Mr. J Hurst, of Hastings, seals the tank of the Skoda entrant.

Under the watchful eye of one of the participants, a petrol attendant fills up the tank of the Hillman Imp.

Page 27

Co-driver for her husband was Pat Thomas of Wellington.

This Australian guest entry is the same model Citroen which won the Sweepstakes Trophy with 60.08 ton miles.

Winners of the Class “B” were Leo McKendry and D. Le Cren (Nelson), photographed with their observer, Maurice Nottle, of Tauranga, alongside their Volkswagen.

The Wolseley 6/110 of H. Doig and J.R. Carvell, of Wanganui, was placed second in Class “D” with an average of 31.5 miles per gallon.

Page 28


The Governor-General, Sir Bernard Fergusson, with his wife Lady Fergussson, made their first official visit to Central Hawke’s Bay recently. Lady Fergusson is pictured arriving with the Mayoress of Waipukurau, Mrs. H. M. Winlove (right) for the Civic Reception.

Below: The Governor-General stops for a friendly word with girl prefects of Central Hawke’s Bay College.

Page 29

All schools in Waipukurau assembled at the Central Hawke’s Bay College for the vice regal visit. Pictured (above) are some of the pupils of Waipukurau and districts schools.

Below: Sir Bernard seems to be pointing the finger accusingly at this teacher. However, it was in good jest – which is a hallmark of His Excellency.

Page 30

Lady Fergusson inspecting the girls of St. Joseph’s Maori Girls’ College, who performed poi dances and songs when their Excellencies visited Taradale.

Below: Sir Bernard, accompanied by the Mayor of Waipawa, Mr. E. C. Kingston (left), lays a foundation stone for the new Waipawa Fire Station in Waverley Street.

Page 31

Light rain was falling as the Governor-General and Lady Fergusson arrived in Taradale for the civic reception. Most of the crowd were not caught out by the sudden shower and umbrellas were held aloft during the speech-making.

Below: With a whimsical look in his eye, Sir Bernard is seen entertaining members of the St. Joseph’s Maori Girls’ College who sang selected poi songs during their visit to Taradale.

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Page 33


CHISNALL – NICHOLLS. Mr. and Mrs. Murray Chisnall were recently married at the Trinity Methodist Church, Napier. The bride is Marion, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Nicholls, Napier, and the groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Chisnall, Invercargill. The party, from left, is: Miss B. Nicholls, Mr. G. King, Miss M. Knox, groom and bride, Mr. D. Friend, Mrs. S. King.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

GARDNER – LAURENT. Lynne Laurent and Phillip Gardner were recently married in Hamilton. The party, from left to right, is: Ashleigh Gardner, Barry Sinnott, groom and bride, Gay Laurent and Rhonda
Candid Camera Studies, Hamilton

Page 34


Held recently at the Whitmore Park rink, Napier, were the H.B. Revue Club’s Annual Championships. This Club has grown steadily over the years until today it is a very lively club providing entertainment and instruction of a high standard for both its members and the public. Pictured here are a few of its members receiving their trophies from Mr. Fred Ansin, the club’s only life member.
MacConnells Photo Service

Winners of the Novice Dance Pairs, Jennifer Anderson and Billy Heap receiving their cup.

Joy Ferguson, winner of the Junior Free Skating and, Figures Championship, receives her trophy from Mr. Ansin.

Winner of the glamour event, “Miss Revue Roller Skater 1964” was Miss Mary Colwill.

Page 35

Youngest competitor Kae Schlierike, two years, gains the largest cup.


Venturer Mate, Malcolm Sweetman (left) is the first scout in the Hawke‘s Bay area to win the coveted Duke of Edinburgh Silver Standard. Brian Klee (right), a Unit Leader, also received another honour for the St. Matthew’s Venturer Unit, when he received the Queen Scout Certificate (the highest award in scouting).

Page 36


BRAND – BATTERSBY. Maureen Sondra, daughter of Mrs. I. Battersby and the late Mr. M. V. Battersby, Napier, was recently married to Eric Howard Brand, son of Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Brand, Clive. The group, from left, is: Peter Baldock, Ireta Battersby, groom and bride, Elaine Michie and Ron Joll.
Photo by A. W. Colley

BIRD – SARAH. The wedding took place at St. Augustine’s Church, recently, of Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Bird. The bride is Lindsay Margaret, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. V. M. Sarah, Napier, and the groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Bird, Napier.

DAVIES – WATTS. Married recently at St. Paul’s Church, Napier, were Mr. and Mrs. John Owen Davies. The bride was Christine Helen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Watts, Napier, and the groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. O. Davies, Tauranga.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

Page 37


Maureen Coombes, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. Coombes, Hastings, recently celebrated her 21st birthday at the Hastings High School Old Boys’ Gym, Hastings.
Candid Camera Studies

Noel Barr, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Barr, Napier, recently celebrated his 21st birthday at the Napier High School Old Boys Gym., Napier.
MacConnells Photo Service

Jennifer Clark, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Clark, Napier, recently celebrated her 2lst birthday at the Nelson Park School Jubilee Hall.
MacConnells Photo Service

Margaret, daughter of Mrs. L. M. Bell, Havelock North, recently celebrated her 21st birthday at the Havelock Fire Brigade Hall.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

Page 38


One of the most dangerous sports of any rodeo, bulldogging, again provided some of the best thrills at this year’s Meeanee meeting. These two pictures show Taihape competitor Allan Gilchrist (lower) and D. Majurey, Wanganui (top), a few seconds before throwing themselves from their mounts onto the steers.

Page 39

Mr. Bill Takon (left), President of the Meeanee Rodeo Committee, making a presentation to Mr. Tom Harper, Patron of the body, as a mark of appreciation for all his sterling efforts to make the rodeo a success.

Below: Committee man Murray Thurston holds his hat aloft as cowboys draw for rides in an event.

Page 40

Hold your hat there cowboy! Terry Berkert on a wild mount called “Quicksilver”.

Got Him . . . ! But unfortunately for the team, they were disqualified for shortening the rope. Nevertheless, they look as if they enjoyed every minute of the wild cow milking event. The boys are W. Bryant, R. Packe and A. Halgarth.

Page 41

Brian Denton (top right), Hastings, winner of the open buckjumping event, in action on a frisky horse. The same rider is shown (lower right) fighting with a steer in the bull-dogging event.

Top right: Hugh Lancaster, Hamilton, comes adrift from his hat but not his mount in the incident.

Lower left: Garry Hopapa sticks to his intrepid mount “Whirlwind” and rides him into the dust.

Page 42


The recent garden contest held by the Napier Horticultural Society, in conjunction with the Napier City Council, was this year judged without individual entries, all gardens being judged from the street. We show here Mrs. A. Anderson, of Onekawa, in her garden.

The beautiful garden of Mr. and Mrs. Leon Simkin, in Latham Street, Marewa, shows the benefit of tasteful planting of trees and shrubs to complement a garden.

Page 43

Mr. and Mrs. C.R. Walker in their prize winning Maraenui garden.

Mr. A. R. Arnold, of George Street, is shown with his daughter, Ruth, in a corner of their attractive terraced garden.

Mr. and Mrs. Lawson, of the Arcadia Hotel, whose garden was adjudged the best in Napier South and Napier City.

Page 44


At the Annual Graduation Ceremony held in the War Memorial Hall, Napier, 74 teachers were presented with their certificates by Mr. H. M. Campbell, Senior Inspector of Schools. Shown above is the official party, from left: Mr. J. L. Lewis, Mrs. Page, Mr. P. L. Page, Mrs. Harvey, Councillor N. Harvey, Mr. W. Smith, Chairman of the Hawke’s Bay Education Board, Mr. [Mrs.] Campbell, Mr. H. M. Campbell, Mrs. Cannon, Mr. L. A. Cannon and guest speaker, Professor K. W. Thompson, of Massey University.

Pictured after mutual congratulations are, from left: Marie Robertson, Jenny Evans, Elizabeth Thompson, Lois Vincent, Pamela Martin, Anita Wong and Janet Patrick.

Page 45

Included in the list of the successful graduates were: Molly Hukama, Violet Hattwell, Christine MacKenzie and Leone Kinney.

Two Norsewood girls who received their diplomas were Margaret Young and Maureen McKay.

Maxine Cullen and Susan Anderson appear to be enjoying a joke at someones expense.

Page 46


REARDON – CLARK. Shown after their wedding at Napier are Mr. and Mrs. Richard Reardon. The bride is Joyce Anne, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Clark, Napier, and the groom is the son of Mrs. K. Reardon, Hastings, and the late Mr. Albert Reardon, Wanganui.
Photo by Hurst Studio

BULL – GOODALL. Mr. and Mrs. Edward William Bull were recently married at St. John’s Cathedral, Napier. The bride is Judith Anne, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Goodall, Napier, and the groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. E. Bull, Clive.
Photo by Hurst Studios

Page 47


BROWN – McMURRAY. The wedding recently took place at St. Paul’s Church, Napier, of Jean Maryanne, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robin McMurray, Napier, and Murray, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Brown, Lower Hutt.
Photo by Hurst Studios

HAWKINS – ROY. Jennifer Nancy, daughter of Mr. E. K. Roy, and the late Mrs. Roy, Greenmeadows, and Lawrence, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Hawkins, Wanganui, were married recently at the Trinity Methodist Church, Napier.
Photo by Hurst Studios

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lst Quality Undercoats, 52/6 gallon.
lst Quality Exterior White Primer, 48/9 gallon.
G.P. 1056 LR. Pink Primer, 52/- gallon.
Bright Red Oxide, 46/- gallon.
Aluminium “Silver Bright”, 37/6 gallon.
Interior Primer Undercoat, 45/6 gallon.

Page 49


Signposting the ever growing suburb of Maraenui recently, were Jaycees John Pudney. Brian, Kivell and Brian Pearson.

Passing through Napier recently, on his way to Australia, was Mr. Gerald Sussman, well known restauranteur and Cavalier de Cuisine. When asked his opinion of Napier restaurants, he explained that, although he had only been able to spend a few days here, he had found one restaurant where the service, presentation and food is well up to overseas standards. Mr Sussman added, however, that the chefs can only work well for an appreciative and demanding public.

Another recent overseas visitor to Napier was Senor Alfredo Alamos of Chile. Senor Alamos, a senior executive of the Chilean dairy industry, who was on a private visit to New Zealand, was photographed viewing private gardens, an aspect of New Zealand which has had much publicity in his native country.

Page 50


Guy Fawkes once more loomed large over the countryside when youngsters from five to fifty-five relived those dark moments of high treason of some 300 years ago. Among the highlights in Napier was the annual parade of guys, held at the Soundshell on the Marine Parade. First place went to Paul McAuley and Alistair Lyttle.

Brett and David Herbert’s guy gained second place.

Michael, Peter and Ian Fussell, were judged third best by Mr. Alan Smith.

The prize for the youngest competitors went to Dean (3½) and Donna (2½) McIntyre.

Page 51

Jaycees Neville Sceats and Ian Wilkinson hand out fireworks to all the entrants in the guy competition.

This youngster is shown having her first introduction to Guy Fawkes.

Moana Rauriti seemed to prefer the spectacle of the sparkler, whilst . . .

. . . young Stephen Hard and his Dad seemed a little uncertain of the results of the “high explosives”.

Page 52


A pack holiday was recently held at Mr. Logan’s property, Maraekakaho, and the Cubs attending were from the Frimley, Cornwall, Greendale 2 and Lone Cub Packs. Above, we see Cubs and Scouters at Cubs Own, held on the Sunday morning.

Cubs and Scouters reafirming [reaffirming] Cub promise at Cubs Own.

Cubs waiting for their lunch.

Morning Grand Howl.

Page 53


The Hastings St. John Ambulance Association division made a dramatic departure from protocol recently when their annual general meeting took on a new look with only a mere half hour or so being allotted to receiving the annual report, etc. – the remainder of the night being spent in watching first hand live demonstrations of their various accomplishments. Included in the demonstration was the rescue of a patient using the Neil Robertson stretcher (above) in which John Tobin, who acted as the patient, was lowered to the ground from a second floor balcony.

Below: Members of the division and the general public look on at the exercise.

Page 54

Miss Turner, of the Hastings Memorial Hospital Laboratory staff, Hastings, focuses a microscope containing blood specimens which she showed to the public during the evening’s proceedings. At left is Mr. Bryce Jones and at extreme right, Mr. Ian. Snadden (secretary).

Below: Members of the public were able to watch how rescue breathing can be conducted with the aid of this mannekin.

Page 55

Also included in the night’s demonstrations was an actual blood transfusion during which ambulance driver Ray Baxter donated a pint of blood to the bank. He is shown being transfused by Miss Pat Turner of the Hastings Memorial Laboratory staff.

Below: Corporal O. T. Sinclair explaining features of the Druger Mechanical Resuscitator to an interested group. They include, from left, Mr. S. A. O’Neill (Chairman of the Division), Mr. G. B. Pike and Mr. H. C. Pipe.

Page 56


Waikare Football Club’s annual social and presentation of trophies at the Putorino Hall. The trophies were presented by Mr. R. Le Quesne who is pictured making a presentation to Max Durno for the most constructive back.

Team member Chris Redmond (left) being presented with a gift on behalf of the team by John Chrystal (coach).

Bill Ward, Club Secretary, receives a gift on behalf of the club from President B. Mantell-Harding.

Miss Helen Burton and Mrs. D Janes receive gifts of appreciation from the club.

PHONE 8952   AFTER HRS. 4206

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[Back cover photo – A recent attractive visitor to Napier was air hostess Miss Barbara McGahan from Phoenix, Arizona, who was on an exchange visit to N.A.C. from Bonanza Airlines, U.S.A. Picture shows Miss McGahan with Miss Lesley Williams, N.A.C. hostess, on the steps of a Friendship at the Hawke’s Bay Airport.]

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