Hawke’s Bay Photo News 1958 – Number 001 November

Hawke’s Bay PHOTO NEWS
No 1
NOV 1958

[Cover photo – It’s a little early yet but Dawn Stewart of Hastings, is getting in now on the sun tan treatment.]

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Volume 1
No. 1

Published monthly by The Hawke’s Bay Publishing Company

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Editor H.D. Hanger

“Photo News” Photographers
Batchelors Studios
Hastings and Napier

Copies of photos published, are obtainable from the photographer whose name appears on the photo or, where no name appears, from Batchelors Studios, Hastings and Napier.

It’s a little early yet but Dawn Stewart of Hastings, is getting in now on the sun tan treatment.


It is with pleasure that we present to the people of Hawke’s Bay the first issue of “Photo News”.

We are sure that the introduction of this magazine will be welcomed by the people of our province and that our readers will look forward to seeing a wide variety of local activities pictured on these pages.

It is the intention of the publishers to cover as fully as possible all activities and events of interest within our Province and, with this in mind, all organisations are invited to advise us of any of their activities which we may be able to feature in “Photo News”. Although most pictures published will be taken by our cameraman and local professional photographers, “Photo News” will always give consideration to the publication of pictures sent in by our readers.

Russell Orr Photo

Page 1

“Pania of the Reef”. Presented to Napier by the Napier Thirty Thousand Club.


Sends This Message

My Club will view with interest the commencement of the Hawke’s Bay “ Photo News” Magazine, and wish the publishers every success in their venture. Similar magazines produced elsewhere have been of very great interest and value, not only to the people in those areas, but to New Zealand as a whole, and I am sure that a follow-on would be popular in Hawke’s Bay, and at the same time show to intending visitors an indication of the pleasures ahead of them in Napier and the Hawke’s Bay district.

President, Napier Thirty Thousand Club (signed) T.W. Hercock

Page 2


Russell Orr Photo

Page 3


I am pleased to have the opportunity of supplying a brief foreword to this publication. I should like to compliment those who have been responsible for the compilation and production of this informative and valuable booklet. I hope it will have a wide circulation, for I am sure that it cannot but help to awaken a keen interest in our district and all it has to offer.

To those of us who call Hastings our home, it will act as an additional incentive towards taking an even greater pride in our City and the surrounding district and will encourage us all to show that standard of good citizenship which is the surest guarantee for its future progress, and prosperity.

Page 4


Taradale Citizens were the first away and had finished their Queen Carnival before most centres had started theirs. The tried and proven method of Queen Carnivals as a means of raising funds in a worthy cause, was used by them to good effect.

The initiative of the organisers, coupled with the generosity of the people in the Taradale-Meeanee District, resulted in the target being reached.

The Comedy theme was extensively used and provided excellent entertainment.


At right Bill Leadbetter seems to be making hard work of it in the Mens-Girls game of Basketball played at Taradale Park during the Carnival. Below Bill Leadbetter introducing Walter McKinnley to the Mayoress of Taradale, Mrs. Yeo. The rest of the team don’t seem to appreciate the solemness of the occasion.

Referee Hector McLean completely impartial as long as the men were winning.

Photos by McDonnel Bros.

Page 5

Second from left, Len Butler, was a fifth columnist in the ranks of the experts. Walter McKinnley has the ball.

High jinks on the side line


If we can have mixed basketball we can have mixed football – or so it seems, for in support of their Queen the girls played the boys at their own game. There were many cries of “What do we do next?” but the girls won, with a little help from the ref.

The girls display their emblem.

The half-back a credit to any team.

One way to make sure that the ref. sees your try.

Page 6


The finale of the Carnival took place in the Taradale Hall to a “packed house” and was very well performed. The “Coronation” was carried out with full pageantry, fanfares and all. The evening was a fitting climax to the effort and time that the citizens of Taradale put into their Centennial Celebrations.
Photos by McDonnel Bros.

Page 7


Roads And Bridges

Two miles north of Waipawa on the State Highway is the (above) notorious “S” bend, known as “Corkscrew Gully”.
Work is being pushed ahead and the bend will soon be non-existant.

Picture on right shows the alignment of the new stretch of road. Motorists who regularly use this highway will welcome the change.

Just south of Waipawa, on the State Highway this bridge is being built for the convenience of motorists.
As can be seen on left and below it is a major project and when finished will be a great asset.

Page 8


PAGE – SINCLAIR. At St. Mary’s Ahuriri: Marilyn Sybil Sinclair, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Sinclair, to Alan Seymore Page, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. Page, of Westshore. Future home, Ahuriri.
Attendants were (left to right): Barry Harman, Nola Burton, John Wells, Ian Sinclair.
Batchelor Studios Photo

At Salvation Army Citadel, Hastings. Shirley Grant, only daughter of Mr. A. Grant, 707 Beach Road, Hastings, to Mr. Win Dulver, of the Hague, Holland.
Attendants: Misses C. Todd, H. Petterson, Jill Robertson.
Lovell-Smith Photo

Page 9

Bush Kiwi

While conducting burning-off operations in the Tutira area, this kiwi ran out of the bush. Holding the kiwi are Mr. Ken Francis (below) and Mr. J. G. Groome (right). It is now being well looked after at the Acclimatisation Society’s game farm at Greenmeadows.

WHAT IS IT? This fish was caught off Napier at 80 fathoms by the Trawler “Pania” which was skipper’d by Mr. Don Ross of Napier. Fishermen spoken to were unable to identify it. Perhaps you can!

Page 10

Mr. S. Fox and Mr. R. Fobey, two cycling inspectors, check the front wheel of a cycle, with Mr. K. Richardson, another official of the H.B. Cycling Sub-centre.

Garry Ulmer, Wellington Champion, has his brakes and tyres checked by Mr. S. Fox.

ON THE ROAD. From right to left – 2nd from right, L. Cook, D. Chote partly obscured by C. Atkins who has just unloaded a drinking bottle, and W. Linton, all of Hawke’s Bay.

Page 11


Mass start with C. Atkins, the H.B. Provincial champion, in the centre foreground.

This event attracted cyclists from all over the Dominion with top-line cyclists competing. The Bay View – Eskdale Circuit was used and is quite a tough course.

Below: The Hawke’s Bay team from left to right – W. Linton, R. Baker, L. Schaeffer, L. Cook, D. Chote, R. Ball, C. Atkins and L. Ralph.

Page 12


At Waipukurau: Dorothy Mavis Kittow, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Kittow, Pine Grove, Waipawa to Alexander Findlay Borehill, of Edinburgh, Scotland.
Attendants at left are Robert Gunson and Christine Couper.
At right, David Hughes who wore the Clan Tartan of the bridegroom, and Noeline Kittow.
Home is “Fordale”, Omakere.
Lovell-Smith Photo

PRIEST – ZACHO-KRISTENSEN. At St. Andrews, Hastings: Judith Marie Zacho-Kristensen, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. Zacho-Kristensen, of 910 E. St. Aubyn St., Hastings, to Lionel James Priest, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Priest, Otane.
Attendants were Miss Dorothy Lee, Mangateretere, and Colin Rosvall, Hastings.
Stuart Johnson Photo

Page 13


Hawke’s Bay audiences, who heard the young Scot singer Niven Miller, were lavish in their praise of his fine voice. A pleasant surprise awaiting Niven as he left his hotel in Hastings to give his evening performance on the Saturday night, was this guard of honour provided by the Hastings Pipe Band, who piped him to the theatre.

Photos by Russell Orr

Page 14


Each year on World Communion Day the youth of the National Council of Churches holds a dawn parade. The Hawke’s Bay branch of the Council held theirs on Te Mata Peak, Havelock North. This dawn parade is only part of the activities of this organisation of combined churches that are held throughout the year. Picture below, taken during the service, shows the peacefulness of the setting.

Inclement weather forced people to shelter under a tree.

Page 15

The men who took the service, from left: Mr. John Currie, Methodist layman, lead the service; the Rev. H. C. Matthews, Chairman of the Council, Hastings branch; and Capt. V. Robertson, gave the address.

Girls from Woodford House, Havelock North, attended the service.

Not all the youth of today sleep in on Sunday mornings.

Page 16


Recently the Maraenui Golf Course, Napier, was the scene of a Golf Tournament, the like of which has not been seen here before, and will probably be a long time before it is seen again. Four champions played to a huge gallery and when they played in Napier, it was the first time that these four had played together in N.Z.

Below. The players from left to right are: Gary Player, a South African who is the U.S.A Open Champion; David Thomas, a Welshman who was runner-up to Peter Thomson in the British Open and is at present the Dutch Open Champion; Peter Thomson, the British Open Champion; and Harold Hemming, the South African Open Champion.

Gary Player
David Thomas
Peter Thomson
Harold Hemming

Gary Player hits off.

Page 17

Just After contact

Here is a series of shots which “Photo News” is sure will be of interest to golfers everywhere. They were taken during the “Golf Clinic” (to non-golfers: a demonstration with every type of club used). Gary Player shows clearly that his hands were in front of the ball when the club contacted.

Lesser golfers may think that the champions don’t need mental telepathy.

Well away.

Page 18

Above left: Harold Hemming had a busy day signing autographs as did the other three players, and is here seen chatting after complying with a request.

Above right: Peter Thomson who as well as being British Open Champion, has won this title at least four times running, plays an iron shot.

Left: Spectators were at times six to seven deep.

Below: Harold Hemming, also a South African, keeps his head down, well after contact.

SOCIAL NEWS. “Photo News” will publish a photo of your wedding, engagement, coming-of-age, etc., if we have the photographs and the details. Give the information to your photographer and he will supply us with a photo, or ring 3697 Napier, or 4274 Hastings, make an appointment, and a “Photo News” photographer will attend the function.

Address correspondence to Box 470, Napier, giving a phone number where possible and “Photo News” will arrange for a photographer anywhere in Hawke’s Bay.

Page 19


St. Martin’s, an attractive chapel recently completed at Iona College, Havelock North, was officially consecrated by the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in New Zealand, the Rt. Rev. R. G. McDowall, M.A. This photograph was taken shortly before the service began.
Russell Orr Photo

Page 20

CROSSE – WARDLE. At the Trinity Methodist Church, Napier: Shirley Wardle, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. Wardle, Chaucer Road, Napier, to Mr. R. L. Crosse, son of Mrs. W. J. Walls, Battery Road, Napier. Future home, Onekawa. Attendants from left are Mr. John Crosse, Miss Margaret Bird, Miss Jean Lindsay, (Bridegroom and Bride), Mr. David Crosse, Miss Gwenda Wardle, and Mr. Leon Speakman.
Hi-Light Studios Photo

McKAY – HUNTER. At St. Matthew’s, Hastings: Jennifer Hunter, to Noel McKay.
Attendants, from left, are James Wallace, Margaret Miller, (Groom and Bride), Owen Hutchinson and Beth Oliver. The couple are to make their home in Hastings.
Lovell-Smith Photo

Page 21


WORKING BEE. The President of this tennis club, Mr. Ray Richardson, certainly had good helpers in “Get Ready for Opening Day” working bee.

Below left: The result.

The pride of Mr. Doug Stewart of Taradale, is this 25-ft. long and 8ft. 7in. beam launch. Doug tells us that it took two years of sweat to build it, but was well worth the effort. He also claims that he can clip across to Tangoio in 40 minutes flat. On right: Doug at the helm.

Page 22

At left: ROWE – GOURLAY. At St. Patrick’s, Napier: Sylvia Rebecca Gourlay, third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Gourlay of Awatoto, to Warren Herbert Rowe, only son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Rowe, Whakatu. Future home of couple is Awatoto, Napier.
A. B. Hurst Photo

At right: RALPH – LOWRY. At the Trinity Methodist Church, Napier: Elizabeth Lowry, youngest twin daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Lowry, Nelson Crescent, Napier, to Bernard Ralph, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Ralph, Greys Road., Hastings. Future home, Hastings.
A. B. Hurst Photo

TILLY – TOMICH. At Wairoa: Margaret Tomich, daughter of Mr and Mrs J. Tomich, Wairoa, to Ralph Tilley, son of Mr. and Mrs. M.D. Tilley. Attendants were, on left: A. Lynch and K. Beety; on right, Miss O. Tomich, and Miss P. Tilley.
Batchelor Studios Photo

Page 23


Playing at Bridge Pa recently, the Veterans showed them how.

Secretary R. Hodgins with N.Z. Vet. Champion

Tu Pene, of Gisborne, the only Maori on the course. – 65, and Hcp only 11.

Left: R.H. Leece, Hawera, on a 21 Hcp. with the Club President, Br. J. Blake.

J.D. Dunn, of Hastings, winner of the H.B. Veterans Championship, being congratulated by Mrs Blake.

W.A. Callaghan, oldest player on the course – 82, and Hcp. 21.

Page 24


If you are a radio fan and listen to Selwyn Toogood’s “Lever Hit Parade” you will have heard, in between advertisements for Vim and Lifebuoy, etc., of the “Purple People Eater” contest, and if you aren’t a “Hit Parader” the Purple People Eater was “just the mostest” hit tune and the contest was for listeners to send in their impression of the “Purple People Eater”.

A lot of people must listen to Selwyn’s Hit Parade, for the contest drew 2600 entries from all parts of the country. By the courtesy of Sandy Triggs, of Lintas Proprietary Ltd., here is a selection of the entries received by them.

The weird and wonderful designs of this mythical creature may be an indication of what the Americans (or Russians) will find on the moon when they eventually arrive there.

Page 25

For those who don’t know, a purple people eater is one-eyed, one-horned, it can fly and plays rock-n-roll music through the horn in his head. When asked “What’s your line?” he tells us, “eating purple people, and it sure is fine.” If you happen to see one – “GIVE IT UP”.

“Photo News” will be a representative Hawke’s Bay magazine in the true sense of the word, giving as wide a coverage as possible. Until the magazine becomes widely known this will be difficult, as most of the news will be originating from Hastings and Napier and the immediate surrounding district. This we hope will be for the first few issues only. It will also be unavoidable that in some issues a certain district will have greater coverage than the rest, due to special events taking place in that district, as for example in this issue Taradale is well featured. We do not wish “Photo News” to become known as a “Hastings Magazine” or a “Napier Magazine” and, knowing the friendly rivalry which exists between the two cities, we will be as impartial as possible.

Page 26

MORTON – JAGO. At St. Matthew’s, Hastings. Patricia Ellen Jago, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Jago, of Wharakino Station, to Tex Morton, son of Mrs. D. C. Morton, Waipawa. Attendants were: Best Man, P. Honeybun, and Bridesmaid, J. Spence.
Candid Camera Studies

WEST – JOHNSON. At St Augustine’s, Napier: Wilma May Isabel Johnson, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, McGrath Street, Napier, to Allen James West, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. A. West, Greymouth. Future home: Napier.
Hi-Light Studios Photo

Page 27


HAWKE’S BAY BASKETBALL REPS. This team won the Rosenbrook Cup by winning all their games in the quadrangle tournament, played at Palmerston North. Three of the girls in the team, D. Avison, P. Williams and B. Miller represented the North Island at the N.Z. tournament in Rotorua last August.

Team from left to right. Back row: D. Avison, R. McAvinue, O. Craike, M. Elliott, S. Devine, D. Leach, B. Miller, H. Burden. Front row: M. Sutherland, Mrs. R. McCarthy (Coach-Selector), N. Erceg (Capt), P. Williams (Vice-Capt), and H. Taia.

HASTINGS BOYS’ HIGH SCHOOL lst XV. From left to right, standing: A.W. Bushby, D. B. Bark, O. R. Tustin, W. J. Bixley, B. R. Morley, M. Rosenberg, K. J. Ryan, P. Tomoana, R. S. Condon. Sitting: W. L. Davis, E. J. Trenewan, R. D. McLaghan, D. C. Elvidge (Capt.), W.D Thom B .K Latton  R D Pulford
Photos by Lovell-Smith

Page 28


Eric Wood

Mrs. Patricia Davidson.

A scene from the play with Marie Wesley as Rosalie, Marguerite Taylor as Rachel, Ian Robinson as Finlay, and Eric Wood as Peter. There has been much favourable comment on the acting of Eric Wood.

An outstanding feature of the play “Brother Ostrich”, put on in Hastings recently by the Hastings Group Theatre, was the fact that this play was written by Mrs. Patricia Davidson, of Hastings. For a N.Z. author to get a play produced is rare enough, but to have it published is almost impossible. The Hastings Group Theatre took a risk in presenting this play, but it was justified. On the third and final night they played to a “full house” and comments were that it should have been on for a longer period. “Brother Ostrich” will most certainly be appearing again.

Photos by Lovell-Smith

Page 29


Allan Edwards is presented with the “Key of the Door” by his mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. O. Edwards, of 2 Victoria Street, Hastings, at his 21st birthday party.
Candid Camera Studies

The President of the Napier Branch of the N.Z. Institute of Electricians, Mr. Ken Beattie, cuts the cake at a function in the Memorial Hall, Napier, celebrating their 21st Anniversary.
Batchelor Studios Photo

Allan Davidson, of Hastings, holding the key presented to him on the occasion of his Coming-of-Age Party in Hastings.
Candid Camera Studies

Maureen Smith.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Smith, of Hastings, entertained friends at the Old Folks Hall in Hastings, on the occasion of their daughter Maureen’s 21st.
Batchelor Studios Photo

Page 30


Haywood, Taranaki, and D. Murphy of Canterbury.

The Hawke’s Bay Boxing Association organised the NZ Championship this year and did a great job of it, the secretary receiving many compliments from other associations in N.Z. for the way in which it was run. The last occasion on which the Championship was held in Hastings was in 1933, so the organisers didn’t have much practice. Over 70 boxers competed and some excellent bouts were fought before packed houses at the Municipal Theatre, Hastings.

Heavy-weight Finalists, H. Bristowe, of Hastings, runner-up, and G. Simms of Tauranga, H/W Champ.

McKenna receives trophy from Mayor of Hastings, Mr. W.E. Bate, for best loser of Tournament. Trophy donated by the late Mr. A. J. Parker of Wellington.

Page 31

The Championships drew packed houses.

Roy Sullivan, who had the mammoth job of keeping all the records and, right, Mr. Harry P. Davison, Secretary of the Championship, with some of the cups.

B. Ware of Auckland, Referee D. Moore and R. Fleetwood of Wellington.

Page 32


D. Kindley of Dunedin with his Father-Trainer in his corner.

D. Marshall, H.B., and N. Spencer, Southland.

N. Haywood of Taranaki, and Murphy, Canterbury.

H. Kindley with E. Cartwright before fight.

Page 33

Saw it coming.

McKenna and McNally, the best of friends, were the two boys who put up one of the best fights in the tournament.

The Hawke’s Bay team, while they had no outstanding wins at the Championships, put up some good fights, and H. Bristowe came very near winning the heavyweight title, being beaten by G. Simms of Tauranga.

Some of the team, from left: Mr. J. Hays (not in the team), P. Donovan, J. Taylor, J. Schuker, D. Harvey, W. Basher; sitting, J. Chase, K. Keeling, L. Robinson, D. Marshall and I. Sheard. Mr. Len Robinson is the trainer.

Page 34


ROSSITER – BILLINGTON. At St Columbus’, Taradale, Gwenith Eva Billington, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Billington, Meeanee, to Neal Olsen Rossiter, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Rossiter, Minginui Forest. Attendants were, on left Annabell Fisher, Tim Body, Sherell Newman; on right, Raewynne Billington and Jim Billington.
Batchelor Studios Photo

At St John’s, Napier. Valerie May Jane, only daughter of Mr A. V. Jane, 76 Guppy Rd., Greenmedows, to Mr Richard David Wolfe, son of Mrs. B. Wolfe, 2 Miller Street, Napier.
Attendants: John Wolfe and Judy Wolfe.
Batchelor Studios Photo

Page 35


The Blossom Queen finalists for 1958 were from left to right: Doreen Edwards, Patricia King, June Cotter, Robin Mitchell, Deirdre French (Queen), Marion Steel (sitting), Glenys Clareburt, Beverley Parks, Dawn Stewart and Jill Kelly.

On the day before Blossom Parade Day, the Hastings Aero Club took the Queen (centre) and her two maids, Robin Mitchell, (left) and Glenys Clareburt (right) with Mr. Ken Sparks, on a complimentary flight over Hastings. The lucky pilot? – Ken Parish.

Photos by Lovell-Smith

Page 36


At St. Mathew’s [Matthew’s], Hastings: Lindsay Davis, youngest daughter of Mr. and. Mrs. E. S. Davis, Lucknow Rd., Havelock North, to Christiaan van Oeveren, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. E. van Oeveren, of Hastings. Future home: Havelock North. Attendants were Mrs. S. Campbell and J. van Oeveren.
Stuart Johnson Photo

At Tuai: Jennifer Anne Tapper, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Tapper of ‘Tapui’, Wairoa, to Ian Fairbrother, only son of Mrs. C. Fairbrother, Feilding, and the late Mr. Fairbrother.
Batchelor Studios Photo

Page 37


Put on a show to raise funds for the Kindergarten, and “Photo News” with apologies to the Mothers, uses its own captions, with the following results.

Hey, Sailor, get in the groove.

YA! Don’t care if you do go home.

Please don’t go. We haven’t finished yet.

Oh dear, how much longer do I have to put up with it?

Page 38


Boys of Hereworth School at Havelock North recently entertained parents and friends with an excellent portrayal of a play written by Dr. Vernon Griffiths, Professor of Music at the Canterbury University. It’s not to be wondered at that they did a good job of it, as it concerned the dreams of a boy who had been made to stay behind after school to do extra work, and in the dream he wreaks vengeance on his form master in particular and all masters in general.

Acting the part of Pirates and Indians is no trouble to boys.

Great activity back stage.

David Scholefield. Only female part.

Page 39


The Celtic Football Club, to round off the season held a field day in Hastings recently.

Celtic Juniors played Marist Juniors, and the Old Timers played the Celtic Seniors. In the junior game Marist ran out the winners and on left Jack Ireland presents his cup to Marist Captain, Mike Richardson.

Above: In the junior game – Marist players B. Lawler and B. Elliott jumping for possession.

At right above: In the “Old Timers” v Seniors game the “Old Timers” showed them how the game should be played, and won the game easily – with 16 players and the ref admittedly – and picture shows an “Old Timer” hitting the deck.

Right: Darcy Cuthbert starts a run from a most unenviable position.

Page 40


One of the earlier functions of the Hawke’s Bay Centennial Celebrations, this Mannequin Parade, put on in support of the Nurses’ Queen, was a great success and “played” to a capacity house. Even though the girls were amateurs at the job, these nurses did justice to the ensembles which they modelled. No further comment is necessary as can be seen.

Page 42


Put on by the Orphans Club, Hastings, for the benefit of the ladies, this “Fashion Parade” provided the audience with many a laugh.

Page 43


The crosses pictured above represent the number that were killed on farms during 1957. This is an appalling number and to help combat this, the Young Farmers Club recently held a “Farm Safety Day” at the Tomoana Showgrounds, Hastings. Members of the club gave demonstrations on how, and how not to use farm equipment. Farmers and others who attended would all agree that there is a real need for this sort of demonstration.

Above: A section of the spectators watching the demonstrations. At left: Heather Barr, Maxine and June Field were fascinated with the “Model Farm” display. Below: Mr. Burton with the electric tractor, a pint-sized tractor which was used to good effect.

Page 44

JENKlNS – NEALE. At St. Paul’s, Napier: Fay Yvonne Neale, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Neale, 51 Carlyle Street, Napier, to Mr. David Merlin Jenkins, Marine Parade, Napier. Future home, Napier. Attendants were Mrs. J. Kelly, Miss V. Hawkins and Mr. G. Jenkins. On right, Miss M. Neale, Miss E. Hawkins and Mr. B. Hirini.
A. B. Hurst Photo

STEWART – WESTLAKE. At the Salvation Army Citadel, Hastings: Jennifer Anne Westlake, youngest daughter of Mrs. E. Westlake, Elm Road, Hastings, to Bruce Erkine Stewart, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs R. M. Stewart, Duchess Crescent, Hastings. Attendants were K. Dillon and Joan Manning. Junior Bridesmaid, Beverley Pearce.
Lovell-Smith Photo

Page 45


President Cliff addressing the Rotarians

A RED LETTER DAY for the Napier branch of the International Rotary organisation was when it acted as host club for all the East Coast Rotary Clubs, and welcomed the World President, Mr. Clifford A. Randall, at an official function held at the Cabaret Cabana. This was the first time that a world president had been to Napier and from the point of view of East Coast Rotarians, was the most important event that has taken place for years.

President Cliff welcomed on arrival by the Napier President, Chief Rotarian Henderson.

Much in demand during the evening.

An appreciative audience.

Enjoys a joke.

Page 46


Some of you have seen these photographs before, passed suitable comments, and then gone away and completely forgotten them. That is dangerous for traffic will soon be heavy, and “Photo News” hopes that you will remember these pictures and be just that much more careful when driving.
Russell Orr Photo

Page 47



Photos by Russell Orr

Page 48


Recently “Photo News” spotted this car and took these photos to illustrate how not to angle park.

Russell Orr Photo

Printed photo-litho for the publishers by Swailes, Hurst & Co. Ltd., Napier

Russell Orr Photo

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