Hawke’s Bay Photo News 1958 – Number 002 December

Hawke’s Bay PHOTO NEWS
Number 2
DEC 1958

[Cover photo – Symbolic of one hundred years of progress – The H.B. County Council float, photographed by Russell Orr.]

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With the publication of this, the second issue of “Photo News”, the publishers wish to express their appreciation of the great interest shown in the introduction of this magazine.

The heavy demand for copies immediately the first issue was on sale, confirmed the belief that such a magazine would prove popular in Hawke’s Bay. We trust that with an ever increasing number of local pictures in each issue, the magazine will be welcomed regularly in every household.

Apart from our daily newspapers, there are no other publications which circulate through all sections of the community, and it is our hope that “Photo News” will enable many worthy organisations to receive additional publicity which we feel sure they merit. If we can contribute something towards stimulating a wider interest in the community activities of many of our own citizens, we are sure that we will be fulfilling a valuable purpose.

To the many booksellers and others who helped us so much to introduce “Photo News” to the general public we are extremely grateful.


Subject to available space “Photo News” will publish a photo of your wedding, engagement, coming-of-age, etc., if we have the photographs and the details.

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Symbolic of one hundred years of progress – The H.B. County Council float, photographed by Russell Orr.

Page 1


One of the most ambitious undertakings in the Hawke’s Bay Centennial celebrations was the re-enacting of the landing of the first settlers. Hundreds of men, women and children, both Maori and Pakeha, took part, all dressed in the costumes of 100 years ago. Despite choppy seas the “first” settlers had an enjoyable trip and they delighted the many thousands of people who had gathered at the Iron Pot to welcome them. It was an unqualified success and congratulations must go to the many people who helped in the organisation of this remarkable historical display.

A trawler sails into the Iron Pot

The settlers are rowed ashore

and the show was on

Page 2

When the settlers had settled themselves on the beach, the Reverend Colenso (Alan Paine) addressed them, welcoming them to this new land. Some of the younger fry seem slightly bored with the whole business.

The Maori lads were a little exuberant and inclined to take off with everything in sight, causing some consternation.

A fearsome sight.

Page 3

Mr. S. Wright with two of his eleven children who took part in the landing. One does not look too happy with this country.

RIGHT. The dresses worn here don’t look quite right for climbing in and out of boats.

BELOW. Mr. and Mrs. P. Staff. Mrs. Staff made up most of the costumes and if you saw the landing you will agree that she did a very good job of it.

Page 4


Nevertheless everything went very smoothly, thanks to good organisation and the only things out of place, were spectators who went down on to the beach.

LEFT. Three old-time policemen as played by D. Falvey, J. Klegg and J. Haywood.

BELOW LEFT. Mr. Woods and Mr. P. Williams struggling up with their luggage.

BELOW. Alexander Alexander and his wife Princess Harata, acted by Miss Joyce Hanan and Mr. A. McDonald. On the extreme right is Mr. Fitzgerald.

Page 5

Thousands lined the Iron Pot to watch the show and you had to be early to get a good position.

Photographers were there in force and picture shows a small group of them.

Page 6

A ticklish situation.

The Maoris went to a lot of trouble and played a major part in the re-enactment of the landing. Admittedly, they didn’t wear much, but what they did wear was in keeping with the setting.

ABOVE. This fellow puts his best into his part.

Resting after a long journey.

Maoris paddled out in canoes to meet the settlers.

Page 7

While the men were hostile the women were friendly, and gave a display of Maori action songs.

Page 8

The old and the new.

A lot more comfortable perhaps, but then hay wasn’t taxed back in 1858.

Page 9

Miss Nola Ansell, who had the tremendous task of organising and directing all the people concerned in the landing, directs proceedings as the trawlers start out.

Modern Life Savers – just in case.

The three trawlers which took the settlers to the Iron Pot.

Page 10


One hundred years of progress is something that really calls for a celebration. In Napier the opening day of Hawke’s Bay’s Centennial celebrations featured a parade of floats highlighting the achievements made in the province since the arrival of the first settlers. The floats were many and varied, gay and colourful, some showing life as it was in 1858, some depicting the present day, and some foretelling the future. There was a record crowd, drawn from all over the province, lining Napier’s main streets long before the first floats came into sight and the applause left no doubt of the appreciation of the effort and ingenuity required to produce such a wonderful spectacle. The floats, the marching girls, the clowns, trick cyclists and the bands all worked together to make it a day we will long remember.

Page 11

[Photos of Napier Fire Brigade Parade]

Page 12

Wairoa well represented

Page 13

ABOVE. The Chinese section provided something really outstanding in their entries.

Many and varied were the grandstands used to get a better view of the parade. Some were organised well in advance (BELOW), some were utilised on the spot (ABOVE RIGHT), and many people carried theirs to a quiet spot.

Page 14

ABOVE. Two young Maori girls depicting dress before and after the white man came.

LEFT. Here’s that purple people eater again.

ABOVE. Three lasses show the old and the modern style swimming togs.

RIGHT. The modern style Chinese dress is shown by these girls who paraded with the Chinese section.

Page 15

What’s a parade without girls, young and younger?

Page 16

Voted one of the best floats in the Centennial Celebrations Parade, the Pirates Football Club showed just what can be done by enthusiastic team Work. The Crew’s handling of the ship was very realistic, even to firing broadside from its cannons in McLean Park.
Russell Orr Photo

BELOW. A line-up of Taradale girls with their Centennial Queen, Carlene Leadbetter.

Page 17

[The Centennial Celebrations Parade Photos]

Page 18

While thousands lined the streets, thousands more were at Nelson Park.

Page 19

The intersection of Jull Street and Kennedy Road, immediately after the parade.

Page 20

ABOVE. Out of place in our prosperous province.

ABOVE RIGHT. Floats came from far and wide and this one is typical of those representing the different towns of Hawke’s Bay.

ABOVE. No parade is complete without the stirring music of the pipes. Several pipe bands were interspersed throughout the parade.

LEFT. The Napier Centennial Queens were the focal point of attention when this float passed by. They had had an especially busy week in the Queen Carnival contest, but still looked relaxed on the day.

Page 21

ABOVE. Mr. and Mrs. T. V. Long, of Havelock North, celebrated their Golden Wedding last October and are here pictured with their bridesmaids, Mrs. H. Lissette and Miss N. Forneau.

BELOW, On 10th November, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Slater celebrated their Golden Wedding in Hastings and are pictured surrounded by their family, which includes grand-children and great-grand-children.

Batchelor Studios Photo


Page 22


GREENFIELD – FOOTE. At St. James’ Church, Hastings, Annette Esther, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs O. Foote, of Hastings, to Kenneth John Greenfield, fourth son of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Greenfield, Hastings. Groomsmen were Richard Small. Warwick Dudonich and Basil Coater. Bridesmaids: Ruth Wood, Janice Foote and Margaret Peffers. Page boys Russell and David Perry.

At St. John’s, Hastings. Doreen Edith Fletcher, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Fletcher, of Hastings, to James Robert Glass, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Glass, of Hastings. Attendants were: Margaret Duncan and David Glass. Future Home: Havelock North.

Photos by Candid Camera Studies

Page 23


MARTIN-SMITH – LYONS. At St. Andrew’s Church, Ahuriri, Jocelyn Frances Lyons, of Napier, to Peter Martin-Smith, Lower Hutt. Best Man, Mr. Dal Stone, Matron-of-Honour, Mrs. Barbara Wilkins, and Flowergirl Sandra Lyons. Future home, Taita.
Russell Yeulett Hi-Light Studio

BELOW. GALLIEN – SMYTH. At St. Andrew’s, Hastings, ]udith Clark Gallien, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. N. R. Gallien, of “Allerton”, Kotemaori, to Barrie Robert Smyth, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. Smyth, Putorino. Attendants Were Joyce Graham, Mrs. C. Coffey, Mr. C. Coffey and Mr. W. Clark. Future home of couple, Havelock North.
Lovell – Smith Photo

Page 24

Lynnley Hunt poses for “Photo News” at the Hawke’s Bay Show

The Department of Health is providing a much needed service with its mobile X-ray unit and fortunately the public is taking advantage of it. A few minutes spent going through this unit may save you a lot of suffering, and as the whole process takes less than one minute, it can hardly be called wasted time. While the machine is not built for children the Department will X-ray children from 7 upwards with their parent’s consent.

What an X- ray plate looks like.

Page 25

Mr. M. W. Annand, left and Mr. Les Bust, right, of Otane, being positioned on screen by Barry Chapman

Barry Chapman adjusts the screen for height for Lynnley Hunt who is standing on a small platform.

Page 26


You’re only as old as you feel. Mrs. Kitt, of Hastings, the winner.

The annual Labour Day Sports at Farndon Park, Clive, this year were considered the best ever. Entries were extremely good in all events, and there was a fair mixture of serious competition and good fun.

The carnival atmosphere throughout kept the large crowd happy, and the rain kept off just long enough to make it a perfect day’s outing on a holiday weekend.

LEFT. R.Petherick, president of the Hawke’s Bay Labour Day Picnic and Sports, discusses the programme with the Prime Minister who was the most distinguished visitor.

Determination is the thing, not how you’re dressed.

Page 27

Variety is the spice of life and the Labour Day sports programme could certainly claim variety. Entries from both individuals and teams came from many different centres in Hawke’s Bay. The wide choice of sporting activities gave everyone a chance to join in the fun.

LEFT. A pretty array of lasses awaiting their turn.

BELOW. Susan Tabernacle dancing.

Page 28


In a nice straight line but poles apart.

Over 200 Scouts from Hastings and Napier camped at Brookfields during Labour Day weekend. It was a training camp to prepare the Scouts for the Pan-Pacific jamboree which will be held in Auckland in January next year.

Waiting for combined Scout’s Own Service.

Page 29

Erecting a tent is easy – just ask Bruce Fenwick, Randall McMullen and Kevin Mooney, They know all about it.

BELOW: Very ap-pealing! Napier Scouts prepare dinner.

The Hastings Scouts’ futuristic flagpole.

Ian Ross brings in 10 feet of firewood.

Come and get it!

Page 30

Tony Hastings, John McNair, Peter Gibb and Bob Bingham prepare to light their “altar” fire. Saves bending too far.

The mug tree.

ABOVE – Shoes and plates in custom – built racks.

LEFT – Any time is Coke time!

One thousand and eighty bottles of Coca Cola were drunk during the Camp. Bruce Trask, Bill Sewell and John Rust showed how it’s done.

Scouts relaxing after a hard day.

Page 31


A torrential downpour recently flooded the busy main streets of Hastings, and although traffic was not disrupted to any great extent, most drivers used extreme caution negotiating the streets which had rapidly taken on the appearance of canals.

Parked car gets a wash.

Row in for service.

A pedal submarine.

Page 32


Piped around the baths by Doug Thoresen playing the “Lament’

Radio 2ZC, Hawke’s Bay’s Commercial Station, has during the last six weeks been responsible for the raising of over £300 for charitable purposes. The greater portion of this money has been collected through stage shows such as “Talent – H.B.” and the extremely popular “Anything Goes”. Recently however 2ZC proved that it is not necessary for them to present shows of this size to help the less fortunate. Three of their leading announcers, Amos McKegg, Neville Chamberlain and David Ford, as the result of “breakfast session” challenges, took to the water fully clad and thereby attracted a crowd of over a thousand people to the Maddison swimming pool, Hastings. £23 was raised for the intellectually handicapped children at Hohepa Home and this will be used to give them an extra special Xmas party.

When asked to comment Senior Announcer Amos McKegg said, “All credit is due to Greater Hastings and the Heretaunga Swimming Club for their invaluable co-operation with 2ZC and representatives of the New Zealand Broadcasting Service.”

Off to a racing start. Amos Mckegg in foreground.

With a gentle shove from Joe Barry Neville swops commentating for swimming

Photos by McConnel Bros.

Page 33

ABOVE. Neville seems to be retarding the progress of David Ford, but all to no avail as David won anyway, and

RIGHT. Receiving not a cup, but a saucer, while loser Amos McKegg holds aloft the bottle opener received for coming second.

Neville doesn’t look to pleased and comes out a little wet

David Ford walked to victory

A section of the “packed house”

Photos by McConnel Bros.

Page 34


The Havelock North Centennial Celebrations opened with a big splash at the baths in Havelock North. This was particularly fitting as funds raised during the celebrations will be used to enlarge and improve the baths. The organising committee for the centennial celebrations planned a week of festivity and the support given on the first night left no doubt that the people of Havelock North were right behind them.

ABOVE. A photo showing the beautiful setting in which the carnival was held.

BELOW. Races held throughout the evening gave an indication of the high standard that will be seen at Havelock North as the season progresses.

Page 35

Diving, whether it is plain, fancy, or humorous, always provides great entertainment and the large crowd at the Havelock baths really appreciated the high standard shown by the troupe of visiting divers.

The grace and beauty of good diving, is displayed by the two divers pictured on the left, while above and below grace and beauty has missed the boat somewhere.

Page 36

Descendant of Sir Henry Havelock

It was particularly pleasing that one of the guests during the celebrations was Mrs. Hislop, a great grand-niece of Maj.-Gen. Sir Henry Havelock, K.C.B., after whom Havelock North is named.

Mrs. Hislop is seated between Dr. Reeves and Mr. Hislop.

BELOW. Mr. J. Pollock started the ball rolling by presenting the swimming club’s cheque of £1150 to Mayor Mr. Von Dadelszen.

Two divers from the naval ship Narvik entertained with an under-water fight.

A section of the crowd which lined the baths.

Page 37


Lovely Te Mata Park in Havelock North, given to the people of Hawke’s Bay in 1927 by the late John, Bernar and Mason Chambers, was the scene of an impressive ceremony.

The ceremony held was the dedication and opening of a memorial gateway at the entrance to the park, donated by the Chambers Family in memory of these three public spirited men who made such a generous and beautiful gift to the province.

ABOVE. Mrs. Nimon cuts the ribbon, officially opening the gates.

BELOW RIGHT. On behalf of the Chambers Family, Mr. Chambers unveils the memorial.

Page 38


ABOVE: A scene that could be seen all over New Zealand on Guy Fawkes night.

RIGHT: Ted Corne prepares rockets.

Many thousands attended the gala Guy Fawkes display held in Anderson Park, Havelock North.

The Havelock North Citizens Association are to be congratulated on the smooth organisation, which made the display such a complete success and gave so many children – and adults – a great night.

That they did have a great night can be seen by the looks of joy and wonder, and sometimes apprehension on the faces of the children pictured on these pages.

Unfortunately fireworks are not always treated with the respect they deserve but members of the St. John Ambulance were always on hand to attend to minor injuries.

Middle left: Handled very gingerly, but still thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Lower left: Sunny Alexander has an eye injury attended to.

Page 39

Some say that fireworks are too costly, but these children and many thousands of others would not agree with them.

Page 40


The Gala Day at Havelock Nth provided plenty of fun for all. The highlight of the day was the Hula Hoop Competition and most spectators were amazed at the ease with which children from toddlers to teenagers could manipulate the gaily coloured hoops.

It would be hard to say just how many times how many hoops went around how many turns, but the winner, Joy Ward, kept it up for over 5000 turns. Joy is pictured below practicing [practising] for the competition.

Little girl, big hoop – 3 yr old Kerry Walker.

Caroline Anderson – 3000 turns and still going.

They’re trying to catch an elusive ping – pong ball which has been blown in the air.

Page 41


A line up of Havelock North children.

A grand crowd of children, wonderful weather, and plenty of organised games and competitions, all combined to make the Children’s Day at Havelock North a complete success. The fancy dress parade brought to light a number of really brilliant costumes and altogether the children present voted it a day to be remembered.

BELOW LEFT. Ahitana Tutaki dressed in the robes of his forefather.

BELOW CENTRE. John Wardell and Graham Gaulkner.

BELOW RIGHT. Marion Jones, Susan Horner and Sally Ellis.

Page 42


The annual rodeo held at Meeanee recently, attracted top riders from many parts of the North Island as well as many local competitors, and as usual they provided many a thrill to keep the large crowd entertained, the spectators being fully appreciative of the particularly high standard of riding.

ABOVE. Graham Alibaster, of Taihape, in action.

BELOW. A local rider takes a fall.

Page 43

The photographer and rider are still with us.

TOP LEFT. Calamity Jane dropped this foal the day before the Rodeo and spent the rest of the day watching.

LEFT. Tony Keen on Kunekai shows how to stay put.

ABOVE. This rider pulled up his horse and completed the required 10-second ride.

BELOW. Two riders both headed in the same direction.

Page 44

Norman Hawthorne picking off Tony Keen.

These three riders look as if they know what they are doing.

About to open the chute.

Charging down on this child , the horse swerved at the last second. Horse had jumped safety fence.

Page 45


A very important civic and social event which took place in Hastings recently was the civic reception tendered to His Excellency the Governor General, Lord Cobham, and Lady Cobham. The Municipal Theatre was most attractively decorated for this glamorous occasion of glittering jewels, lovely evening gowns, and formal wear for the men. His Worship the Mayor officially welcomed Their Excellencies and expressed the hope that it would not be long before another visit could be made.

BELOW. The Mayor of Hastings welcomes the Governor-General.

RIGHT. Lady Cobham and the Mayoress of Hastings.

Page 46


At St. Matthew’s, Hastings. Ellena Hargreaves, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Hargreaves, Gascoigne St., Hastings, to Thomas Ratter, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Ratter, of Masterton. Attendants were: Peter Nightingale, of Palmerston North, and Miss Shona McLaren, of Dannevirke.

LEECH – BROWN. At St. Matthew’s Hastings, Beverly Brown, daughter of Mrs. Brown, Napier, to Russell Leech, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Leech, Fenwick Street, Hastings. Attendants were: Dianne Leech and Paul Powell.

Photos by Candid Camera Studies

Page 47


At St. Augustine’s, Napier, Fay Dulcie Roberts, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. Roberts, to Warren James Roach, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. Roach. Attendants were Mr. Colin Wallis, Miss Marianne Eagle. and Miss Ann Roberts, Junior Bridesmaid. Future home of the couple is Cambridge.
Russell YEULETT Hi-light Studio

Last October Mr. and Mrs. H C. Moore, of Waimarama, celebrated their Diamond Wedding. They Were married in Palmerston Nth and are here pictured reading messages of congratulations.

Batchelor Studios Photo


Page 48


Sgt. Frank Riley with Miska, and Constable Colin Guppy with Dante.

One of the highlights on the opening day of the recent Hawke’s Bay Show was the demonstration given by two police dogs on the art of catching criminals. The dogs amazed everyone with their obvious intelligence, and full credit must go to their trainers for the patience and friendly handling that must have been necessary.

The two star performers going through the act.

Page 49

In top left Miska tackles his quarry (Const. Guppy) who runs for it, but is soon brought down,

and Sgt Riley completes the “arrest” in bottom left.

Sgt. Frank Riley with Mr. R. C. McNiven, show president.

Page 50


Recently the Revue Skating Club held a Centennial Carnival to which they invited teams from other associated clubs. In between items, “All Skate” was announced and everyone, including the spectators, was encouraged to have a go at this fascinating sport, as seen above.

BELOW. June Ansin who was the skating club’s choice for the Girl of the Week contest.

The Paraparaumu Senior Girls Marching Team put on a display of marching on skates, showing spectators how they won the championship last year. The team, reading from left to right: Standing, Cliff Hitchon (President), Catherine Richardson, Wendy Thomson, Suzanne Sparkes, Gwenneth Packer, Lynette Lord, Gloria Guthre; Kneeling, Helen Cummings, Pat Zimmeran, Beverley Lord, Diana Cummings.

Page 51

The Club has its own junior and senior marching teams, and both teams gave a demonstration of what they can do.

ABOVE. The senior team has only been going six months and from the way they performed they must fast be reaching top class.

RIGHT. Heather and Ian Cameron who will be representing the club in Christchurch.

Barrie Hitchon, Palmerston.

Gloria Mouritsen, a local girl, in action.

Photos by McConnel Bros.

Page 52


One of the most important events in the history of the St. John Ambulance Brigade in Hawke’s Bay took place recently when His Excellency the Governor – General, Lord Cobham, officially opened the new £30,000 headquarters of St. John in Hastings.

His Excellency, who is Prior of the Venerable Order of St. John of Jerusalem in N.Z., addressed a large gathering of members and supporters, and inspected detachments of the Brigade.

A most enjoyable official luncheon was held after the ceremony.

LEFT. Lord Cobham chats with Rosemary Morgan.

BELOW. An attentive audience listening to the address.

Page 53


A salute to the taxpayers.

His Excellency the Governor-General, Lord Cobham, honoured the Province of Hawke’s Bay by attending the opening of the centennial celebrations and by holding a special meeting of the Executive Council in Napier.

BELOW. Part of the Executive Council, with Lord Cobham seated at the head of the table.

Page 54

McINTOSH – BULLED. At St, Andrew’s Hastings, Joan Bulled, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Bulled, Sherenden, to R. McIntosh, son of Mr. and Mrs J. A. McIntosh. Gisborne. Bridesmaids were Dorothy Bulled, Alison Conner and Heather McIntosh. Groomsmen: Kevin McIntosh, Ross McIntosh and Colin Veale. Future home Patangata. H.B.
Candid Camera Studies Photo

HILL – MASON. At St, Patrick’s, Napier, Shirley Anne Mason, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs E.T. Mason, of Napier, to Richard Bruce Hill, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Hill, Havelock North. Attendants were Beryl Calnan, Brian Allen. Maurice Bishop and Moira Eaqle. Future home of couple will be Maraenui.
Russell YEULETT Hi-Light Studio.

Page 55

ABOVE. JONES – GRIFFIN. At St. Columba’s Church, Taradale, Barbara Rose Griffin, daughter of the late Mr. F. T. Griffin and Mrs. Griffin, of Greenmeadows, to Ross Mark Jones, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Jones, Weber. Attendants were, Miss Margaret Keane, Mr Gavin Menzies, Miss Meg Heaton (Flowergirl), Mr. Wayne Griffin, and Miss Patricia Griffin. Future home of the couple will be Waiouru.

BELOW. MEREDITH – HALLGARTH. At St. Paul’s, Napier, Kathleen Joyce Hallgarth, daughter of the late Mr. J. J. Hallgarth and Mrs. E. J. Wilkinson, to Evan John Meredith, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Meredith, of Hamilton. Attendants were Bridesmaid Miss R. F. Hallgarth, and Mr. C. F. Meredith. Future home of the couple, Westshore.
Russell YEULETT Hi-Light Studio

Page 56

Largest Family on the Ground

The Honourable Walter Nash, Prime Minister, stands on the right of Mrs. L. Clapperton in this photo of the largest family at the Labour Day Sports. Mrs. Clapperton has sixteen children, but one was unable to be at the Sports that day. They seem to be a very happy family, too.

BELOW. The Prime Minister presenting the cups and trophies to the many winners.

Inside back cover


The usual method of delivering posts and battens into back country areas, inaccessible to motor transport, is by pack horse at the rate of four posts per day, per horse. Recently the Moeangiangi Station managed by Mr. F. Radcliffe, in the Putorino district, experimented with an entirely new method for Hawke’s Bay, and used aerial dropping with great success. A Beaver aircraft from “Field Air” Gisborne, piloted by Mr. Gerald Oman, delivered 600 posts and 3000 battens in under five hours, and the “drop” of 20 posts or 100 battens a time, took place five miles from the airstrip.

Robt. Holts Ltd., Napier, had treated and supplied the posts and battens, and their Timber Sales Manager, Mr. Ken Trevor, closely watched the operation. The company considered the experiment such a success that they now produce a specially treated post and batten for aerial dropping purposes.

Printed photo-litho for the publishers by Swailes, Hurst & Co. Ltd., Napier

Back cover

Queen of the Dannevirke Industries Fair, 1958. Miss Margaret Wilkins presents a picture of beauty and charm.

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