Hawke’s Bay Photo News 1962 – Number 040 March

Hawke’s Bay PHOTO NEWS
40th Issue
MARCH 1962

[Cover photo – Our cover girl this month is attractive Anna Joyce of Marewa. Anna, who is eighteen, is a pastry cook for a Napier firm. Her interests are swimming and walking.]

Extra length … finer filter…and best of all is the tobacco.

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Vol. 4
MARCH, 1962

Editor and Photographer Philip Moore

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Front Cover. Our cover girl this month is attractive Anna Joyce of Marewa. Anna who is eighteen is a pastry-cook for a Napier firm. Her interests are swimming and walking.

Back Cover. Stephen Watts, 20 months, and Julie Palmer, 22 months, seem to be very intent on the job in hand. The attitudes suggest panning for gold or trout tickling.


Three and a half year old Roger Young is taking no chances, life jacket and all.

Page 2


A garden fete which was held at Mrs. Paterson’s property, Waimarama, attracted a large crowd although the weather was indifferent. The fete was in aid of the new Girl Guide hostel “Omatua”. The Baby Show was conducted in age groups and above. We see the place getters in the up to 12 months section, Mrs. G. V. Burgess with Kevin, 4 and a half months (first), Mrs. D. Bradshaw wiih Glenda Margaret and Mr. P. H. Lewis with Kim Frances, 11 months.

Eleven year old Christine Ludlow of Hastings, tries her hand at fixing the tail on the donkey.

This friendly little dachshund finds young Sharon Ramsay most interesting.

Page 3

The winners in the two to four years age group of the baby show were Janie Wimsett, Mark Newton and Andrew Patterson.

Big block, small nail. John Koolman tries his hand at nail driving.

During the course of the afternoon, a demonstration of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation was given by Mr. Popplewell junior.

These coy young things were the placegetters in the Bikini Parade. Mary Lou Dickinson, Jane Wimsett, Debbie Patterson.

Page 4

On this page we present placegetters in the Miss Waimarama Bathing Beauty Contest.

Susanna von Dadelszen
(Miss Waimarama)

Page 5

The three judges, Dr. Wimsett, Mr. H. Popplewell and Mr. John Koolman appraise the field.


If you had telescopic eyes you might have got a closer look at H.M.N.Z.S. Taranaki, but to most people in Hawke’s Bay the only view they got of the vessel was a long distance one. Perhaps one day somebody will excel themselves and we might be able to get within walking distance of our property.

Page 6

Napier Wedding

STIDOLPH – JAMIESON. At Saint John’s Cathedral, Napier, Dianne, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. Jamieson, Napier to Stuart, son of Mr. and Mrs R. Stidolph, Masterton. The bridal party from left are, Dianne McDowell, Bernie Esler, Bride and Groom, and Beth Jamieson.
Batchelors Studios Photo

Hastings Wedding

SMITH – BURNS. At the Hastings Baptist Church, Noeline Ann, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Burns, Lyndhurst Road, to Peter James, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Smith, Omahu Road. The attendants from left are Richard Smith, Ruth Fleming, Cyril Badland, Elizabeth Alderson and flower girl Christine Compton.
Stuart Johnson Photo

Page 7

Wedding Bells

LAIRD – WALKER. At Saint Augustine’s Church, Napier, Frances, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. Walker, Tripoli Street, Onekawa, Napier to Ian, son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Laird, Brunswick, Wanganui. The bridal group from left are David Penman, Heather Walker, Groom and Bride, Heather Laird, Duncan Laird.

FLETCHER – HALSTEAD. At Napier, Jennifer Ann Halstead, to Paul George Fletcher. Future home, Onekawa, Napier.

Photos by Batchelors Studios

KENAH – CARBERRY. At St Andrew’s Church, Takapau , Jennifer, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Carberry, to Barry, son of Mr. and Mrs. Kenah of Napier. The attendants from left to right are Morris Bartlett, Susan Morton, Stanley White and Adreanne Carberry.
Wendy Studios Photo

Page 8


On this and the following page we present pictures taken at a Dance Recital, which was staged in the St. John’s Hall, Hastings, and given by pupils of Miss Margaret White. In the picture above we see the ever popular Highland Fling.

The youngest dancer was three year old Mandy Townrow. Mandy is shown here with her mother.

Robyn Steenson and Judy Campbell performed the dance of the Irish Washer-Women.

Page 9

This group of lassies performed the tambourine dance “Tarantella”.

A graceful skipping dance by Robyn Fox.

An invitation ballet exhibition by Susanne Oliver.

Page 10


These students from Sacred Heart College, Wellington spent their holiday on a Central Hawke’s Bay farm and made full use of an old ploughman’s cottage for living accommodation. The girls, left to right are Leonie Phillips, Sue Hawks, Mehegan Stewart, Judy Mannix, Kay Burns, Moya McCarthy and Judy Cullinane.
Wendy Studios Takapau

Jack Wenman, who intended walking from Hastings to Wellington had his journey terminated at Takapau owing to a twisted ankle. If this picture is anything to go by, Jack doesn’t appear to be unduly concerned. He is seen here with Pat and Grace Wilson and Beverley Ramsay. Grace was wanting to know if he slept with his beard under or over his sleeping bag.

Page 11


Recently Mr. Roy Ayers of Hastings, launched his new trimaran at Scapa Flow. This 24ft long craft, which has taken two years to complete is the first of its kind in Hawke’s Bay. The two 19ft outriggers which are hollow, fold back over the cabin thus allowing the trimaran to be moved with reasonable ease. Mr. Ayers intends keeping it in Hastings when not in use. Inset. Mr. Ayers with two helpers – M. E. Oppatt and J. Simmonds.

Page 12


Miss Doreen Porter, New Zealand’s glamorous track star.

The weather was not particularly kind to the visiting women athletes from New South Wales when they competed against New Zealand women at an international athletic meeting, on Wednesday 14 February, at McLean Park. The crowd although not large was nevertheless enthusiastic over the performance of the athletes.

Miss P. Burnett.

Mrs. V. Young of Canterbury, putting the shot.

Page 13

Miss R. Woodhouse.

R. Heeps, Wellington, leads the field in the final of the men’s 100 yards.

Marise Chamberlain.

Page 14

21st Birthday Party

A 21st party with a difference was that of Julie, daughter of Mrs. P. H. Croft, Hastings. This was called a “Hard-up” party held in the Napier Cafeteria and if the pictures on this page are any indication, it really came up to expectations.

The guest-of-honour with her Mother after she had received the traditional key.

A couple of “Hard-shots”. Mrs. Goodess and Mrs Brittain.

P. Gebby and June Sullivan were suitably attired.

Miss R. Earle and Malcolm McDonald went ready to enjoy themselves.

The Sack-look back again as worn by Mrs R. Smith, Mrs. P. O’Rourke and Miss M. B. Brunton.

From left to right: Mrs. Croft, Mrs. C. H. Mackie, Mr. R. Louisson, Mrs. A. Harris and Mrs. Louisson.

Photos by Batchelors Studios

Page 15


The invitation was accepted by this fly. Result, one less out of the millions that seem to be around this year. The moral here is – never kill a spider.

Page 16


A recent New Zealand Jamboree for approximately 3,000 Boy Scouts was held at Waiora, Otago Bay Scout Farm, Dunedin. Scouts from Hawke’s Bay were well represented and on this and following pages we present some of the activities at the Jamboree.

This view overlooks the Jamboree site.

The Napier contingent on their way to the official opening headed by A.S.M. Len Earnshaw.

Page 17

Opening of the jam at the Hastings campsite appears to be serious business.

Scout Master Alec Roy, inspecting Tui Patrol. Scouts from left to right are Hugh Prosser, John Gee, Russel Wood, John Martin and John Snadden.

Comfort is all in the way you are tossed and in the way you fall , but Michael Howell seems to have no complaints.

Chief Scout, Sir Charles McLean autographs Bill Mitchell’s plaster cast.

District Commissioner Arthur French compares notes on the arena with Littlejohn, Allan Pratt, Andrew Jonas, Bruce Lobbham and Arthur Park.

Page 18

Robert Downing of South Australia compares badges with Guides Kite and McKenzie.

Some of the Hastings boys with three Australian visitors to their camp.

Page 19

Members of the Hastings contingent pose for the photographer.

A group of Hastings Guides being taken on a tour of the camp by Scoutmaster Roy Frost.

Page 20

Silver Weddings

Mr. and Mrs. R. Glennie, 9 Birdwood Street, Taradale, celebrated their silver wedding at their home.
Batchelors Studios Photo

Mr. and Mrs. M. Hawthorne are another couple who recently celebrated their silver wedding at home. Mr. and Mrs. Hawthorne are from Takapau.
Wendy Studios, Takapau

21st Birthday

The 21st birthday of Beverley, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tuohy, Alexandra Street, Hastings was held in the Old Boys Football Hall. Beverley is seen here with her parents.
Batchelors Studios Photo

To keep wedding photographs in proportion to other material in Photo News we ask you to send in a 3 x 4 glossy print of the couple only.
However, for those who particularly want a 6 x 4 wedding group, Photo News will publish such groups on receipt of a ten shilling postal note with a 6 x 4 glossy print.

Page 21


The Napier Seventh Day Adventist Church, which celebrated its 72nd anniversary on Christmas Day 1961, was established by Pastors A. G. Daniel and R. Hare when they held a series of Evangelistic meetings in the Old Theatre Royal (site of present fire station} By July 1889, a church of 60 members had been organised and the Church was built on the present site in Milton Road. The building was destroyed by fire in the 1931 earthquake and then rebuilt.

Recently the church has been renovated both inside and out. The outside was done by contract but volunteers were responsible for the interior. Above is a view of the interior as it is today.


When Jeff Long was on holiday at Tatapouri, Gisborne, he caught this giant crayfish, which was three and a half feet long.

Page 22


No, not a Harem, but three local lasses dressed for an “Eastern Ball” which was held on board the m.v. “Oranje” en route to England. The girls, Gabrielle McClusky, Lois and Lesley Jackson intend to work in England for a time and then tour the continent. The sheikh is a German boy returning to Munich from Australia. This picture was sent to us by Mrs. C. W. Jackson.

A tour of New Zealand was won by bank clerk Betty Benjamin. when she was crowned “Sugar Queen” of a personality contest in Lau Toka, Fiji. This picture was taken in Waipukurau where Betty was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. M. Fulford.

There for the taking! This female Brown Trout, found dead in the Tutaekuri River at Dartmoor was handed to the Curator at the Greenmeadows Game Farm for research purposes. Vital statistics given to us by T. J. O’Connor were, weight 9 lbs. 2 oz, length 25 inches, girth 18 inches and width at top 4 inches,

Any man‘s dream is to be surrounded by money, good things to eat and the necessary thirst quencher. To Ian MacPherson. who hails from Waipawa, but is now toiling in Tokomaru Bay, this was no dream. The crays were Ian‘s effort, the deadly brew bottled by the boss and the fivers were probably on loan from the bank.
Photo by Brian Jackson

Page 23

Roving Camera

During a race at the recent sailing regatta an incident occurred when “Concern” took a flip. Skipper Bill Neal who couldn’t swim, was caught in the rigging and only the prompt arrival of the “Watchman” averted a serious accident. The crew were taken aboard the “Watchman” and “Concern” towed to the beach.

Three Senior Citizens cool those aching feet in the surf at Westshore.

Page 24

These two pictures of the Mohaka Bridge by A. W. Colley, give some idea of the progress which is being made. The bridge, which is ahead of schedule in construction, will when completed, be another great improvement for travellers on the Taupo Road.

The soaring span of the new bridge reaches out like a great arm, 160 feet above the river.

Construction men working on the other span, and a general view of the bridge and the surrounding country.

Page 25


The drought seems to have had repercussions on two trawlers of the local fishing fleet. The Ariel and Dawn II appear to be very short of water. They were refloated undamaged when the tide turned.

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Page 27


With all the concern being shown at present over life jackets and their usefulness as a means of saving lives, “Photo News” decided to take a look for itself. Firstly we visited a local manufacturer and saw the garments in the making. The sanforized drip dry cotton jacket which is simple in design has eight pockets into which plastic bubble buoyancy bags are placed. Realising the vulnerability of a life jacket and its possible use as a fender or parking place for fish hooks, we then made arrangements to carry out some practical tests of our own at a local swimming bath. To the average person, testing a life jacket with 16 lbs. weight suspended to it means very little but in actual fact, that is all that is needed, because when the body is immersed in water its density is about equal to the water, therefore it requires very little to keep it buoyant. The air in the lungs being sufficient, the only part of the body requiring buoyancy is the head which weighs approximately seven pounds, hence the 16lb. weight is more than twice the weight required.

Miss Betty McKay placing the buoyancy bags in the pokets of a simple type jacket.

Mrs. Bellene sewing a candy striped jacket.

Mrs. Scarrott fitting the bags with plastic bubbles.

Page 28

One buoyancy bag removed.

We acquired the services of a young lady, Miss Maree Ford, complete with life jacket which had been selected from stock with eight buoyancy bags intact and then we took a series of pictures, removing one buoyancy bag at a time. We found after removing 4 bags (3 in the back and 1 in the front) the jacket became a little unstable, as the girl, when relaxed was rolling on her side, but the jacket at this stage was still very buoyant and had no trouble supporting the girl. 0n removing the remaining back bag the girl was supported on her back evenly. With six bags removed and only two left buoyancy was still good.

Two removed.

Three removed, all from the back.

Three from the back and one from the front.

Page 29

Five out, four back, one front.

With seven removed, buoyancy became negative and the model started to sink. See here water just starting to cover cap.

Six removed, two left in the front only, The jacket was still supporting the girl.

Miss Maree Ford wearing the deflated jacket and holding the buoyancy bags which were removed.

Page 30


Members of the newly reformed Moteo band and the official party at the recent presentation of new instruments to the band.

After the presentation the new instruments were well and truly tried out.

Page 31

K. (Spinning Disc) RICHARDSON

When Keith lost a bet on the breakfast session, he was honour bound to run down Emerson Street dressed as a Red Indian. This he did during the busy lunch hour.

Roderick Horn, who has been overseas for a number of years, recently paid a short visit to Hastings to see his mother. Roderick, who is seen here arriving at the Napier Airport, is at present touring New Zealand with the Old Vic Company.


Page 32


Waimarama is fast becoming the main outlet to the beach for Hastings and Havelock North residents and the amenities provided there help considerably to make the beach popular, coupled with an efficient and enthusiastic surf club.

Hot water is at hand as there are free electric points to boil the jug and a well stocked shop caters for everyone. Ice creams to aspirins.

Page 33

Swings and a paddling pool are there for the children and the acres of golden sand provide endless fun for the bucket and spade brigade.

Page 34


The Hawke’s Bay – Poverty Bay Swimming Championships which were held at the Havelock North baths on 27th and 29th January were well attended by competitors from both provinces. Above we see the start of the Senior Men’s 110 breaststroke championship.

The start of the 13-15 years, girls 220 yards breaststroke championships shows the need to get away to a good start. Although only a split second separates these competitors, immediate reaction to the starter’s whistle can give a good lead.

Page 35

Mr. Foster, H.B. Diving Champion 50 years ago, congratulates Richard Swindell of Gisborne the present champion.

G. Gallagher, 2nd in the girls under 15 years, in a Backward Header.

M. Le Quesne, Greendale, 2nd in 110 yards, Senior Men’s Backstroke with the winner, N. Booth of Napier.

S. Farqueson, Havelock North, who broke the 220 yards under 13 years backstroke record by 16.5 seconds. She is pictured here with J. Taipa (second) and C. Game, both of Gisborne.

John Palmer, who broke two N. Z. records, and won three titles.

When K. Hall, Hastings, won the 50 yards butterfly, she broke her own record by 5.5 seconds.

Page 36

The action shots on this and the next page were taken during the women’s, men’s and boys’ diving championships on the Saturday afternoon.

P. Kerrisk of Heretaunga in full flight.

R. Swindell of Gisborne who went on to win the Men’s Championship diving.

Miss Wilma Harvey of Greendale, winner of the Women’s diving.

J. Hansen of Heretaunga just entering the water.

Page 37

J. Trumper of Mahora.

W. Robertson of Mahora who was 2nd in the Boy’s under 15 years diving.

C. Buscke of Olympic, who won the Boy’s under 15 years diving.

Third placing in the Boy’s under 15 years diving went to M. McCredie of Mahora.

Page 38


The annual Tech. Picnic which was held at Eskdale recently, was as popular as ever and as usual the band was making its presence felt in a lively manner.

A small section of the crowd enjoying some of the entertainment.

M.C. Lloyd Duckworth in mufti.

Page 39

The field in the young ladies race.

The bandsmen coming in at a steady canter.

Hug Sweeney, the winner of the bandsmen’s race.

Page 40

The start of the “marathon”, once round the paddock.

Two alternative competitors in the three-legged race, Gillian Longney and Carol Davidson.

The winners of the boys three-legged race were Laurence Guillemot and Tony Smart.

Page 41

The over “forties” with Bill Dallimore well to the fore.

Two attractive lasses really enjoying the fun.

Jack Hunt reckons nobody ever notices him.

Jackie Winkley who is very proud of winning her race.

Page 42


The large crowd which attended the inter-provincial Surf Carnival at Westshore recently were treated to displays of speed and efficiency by members of all teams. Above. The march past by competing teams. Centre. Part of the large crowd who attended. Lower. The number of cars also gives some idea of the popularity of the carnival.

Page 43

Surfman Billings of Wellington winning the Beach Sprint.

Westshore bring their patient ashore in the four-man event.

First man home in the surf ski race was K. Dellor of Western Districts.

One way to keep cool and watch a Surf Carnival. A row of young bathers keeping “damped down” while watching the carnival.

Page 44


Great public interest was shown in the recent exhibition of paintings and drawings by local artists which were displayed in the sun bay on the Marine Parade. In the above picture we see a few of the many folk who visited the exhibition.

The critic.

The connoisseur.

Page 45



We liked this painting “Carnival Queen” by Bryan Dews. Could this be a gentle dig at his home town?

A fine monochrome drawing by local artist John Sutherland.

Page 46

Marriage Vows

This unusual picture was sent to us by M. Bob Partridge, was taken in Saint Vincent’s Church, Takapau, during the marriage service of Mr. and Mrs. V. Hulena.

Page 47


TAURIMA – ORMSBY At the Latter Day Saints Church, Napier, Allies Hinemoa, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Ormsby, Kohupatiki, Napier, to William Wayne, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Taurima Kaiuku, Mahia. The attendants from left are Roseanne Maaka, John Haimona, Nellie Sydney, Robin Campbell and Bruff Ormsby. Future home, Wellington.


NEWTON – BURLING. At St. Andrew’s Church, Hastings, Glenda Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Burling, Putorino (late of Hastings), to John Walter, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Newton, Napier.

Silver Wedding

Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Price recently celebrated their silver wedding at their residence, Victoria Street, Hastings.

Page 48


Not very long ago, this chimney at the Gasworks, which was due to be demolished and replaced by a new one, got in before the wreckers and toppled down thus saving them a job. The men here are cutting up two of the fallen sections.

A close up of the base of the wrecked chimney.

These two pictures by Alan Harris.

When the new chimney was erected our photographer went around and took this picture.

Page 49


We would all have to go a long way to see skating as was presented by the touring American and Australian Skaters on the Revue Club’s rink recently. All who went along agreed that the performance was really outstanding.

The visitors from left to right, Ces Organ and June Lowther (Australia), Doug Eley, Bill Madigan, Judy Nance and Ed Perales (all from America).

June Lowther, Ces Organ, Doug Eley and Judy Nance perform a tricky turntable movement.

Doug Eley and Judy Nance, American Senior Dance Pair.

Page 50

Further movements by Doug Eley and Judy Nance.

Bill Madigan from Pasadena, seen here at the peak of one of his leaps, which held the audience spellbound.

A little light relief was provided by the “girls” Ces Organ and Ed Perales.

Page 51

Upper. Another shot of the foursome.

Centre. Ces. Organ and June Lowther in a complicated spin. These movements were performed at high speed and only the camera can show the skill of the skaters.

Lower. Eddie Perales, the American speed champion leading the field in the one mile event from which he unfortunately had to withdraw due to a broken skate.

The race was won by Derek Hulster.

Page 52

21st Birthdays

Jewel, daughter of Mrs. and the late Mr. W. Severinsen of Makaretu, Takapau, celebrated her birthday in the Ashley Clinton Hall.
Wendy Studios Photo

Peter, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Short, Waipawa, receiving the traditional 21st key from his parents. The party was held in the United Hall, Waipukurau.
Wendy Studios Photo

Taradale Wedding

PEARSE – POINTON. At All Saints Church, Taradale, Barbara, daughter of Mr. H. Pointon of Taradale to Ronald, son of Mr. and Mrs. Pearse of Lower Hutt. The attendants from Left to right are, Polly Law, Joan Hamer, Janet Scott and Grahame Pearse.
MacConnells Photo Service

Page 53


On the Sunday of the Swimming Championships the two mile swim was held and here we see a section of the large crowd who, in spite of quite heavy rain stood and waited for the finish of this event.

Kerry Anderson of Greendale, crosses the flag bedecked line, the winner.

Miss Lynette Lewis, of Heretaunga comes ashore the winner of the women’s race.

The winner, Kerry Anderson wasn’t very interested in our photographer as he walked up the beach.

Page 54


A keen eye and a steady hand were needed at McLean Park on the 10th February, for the inter-provincial Archery championships. Three competitors (above) tally scores at the target. left to right, Mis Val Marsden, Hastings, Miss Marion McIntyre, Wellington and Miss Joyce Smith.

Two ways of sighting a bow, Mrs. Alice Thrum of Hastings uses her lips and Mrs. Lorna Fuller of Wellington, her nose.

Page 55

Miss Jackie O’Keefe of Wanganui.

The men in action.

Eleven year old Raymond Buddle from Trentham was one of the youngest competitors.

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Page 56


Our picture from the past is the Iron Pot in its heyday, when coasters and fishing trawlers used it for mooring. The 0ld Harbour Board building can be seen in the centre and the men quite possibly were watersiders waiting for work.

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[Back cover photo – Stephen Watts, 20 months, and Julie Palmer, 22 months, seem to be very intent on the job in hand. The attitudes suggest panning for gold or trout tickling.]

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