Hawke’s Bay Photo News 1963 – Number 052 March

Hawke’s Bay PHOTO NEWS
52nd Issue
MARCH 1963

[Cover photo – Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and His Royal Highness Prince Philip, step ashore from the Royal Yacht Britannia at the Port of Napier.]

Extra length . . . finer filter . . . and best of all is the tobacco.

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Vol. 5
No. 4
March 1963

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Front Cover

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and His Royal Highness Prince Philip, step ashore from the Royal Yacht Britannia at the Port of Napier.

Back Cover.

The scene outside St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church, Napier, on the occasion of the visit of Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Philip.

The centrepiece of the Napier City Council decorations to greet the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh.

Page 2


JOSEPH – FOSTER. Mr. and Mrs. A. Foster, Napier, are shown after their marriage recently. The bride was formerly Annette, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. I.W.P. Foster, Napier, and the groom is Allan, son of Mrs. W. M. L. Joseph. Napier. The bridal group from left is: Bride and Groom, Mr. Winston Foster, Miss Sandra McLeod.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

BRAITHWAITE – SMITH. Pictured at Cornwall Park, Hastings, following their wedding at the Baptist Church recently, are Mr and Mrs J. Braithwaite, The bride is Naomi, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. Smith, Hastings. The bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Braithwaite, Hastings. From left, in the group are: Mr Brian Williams, Auckland; Mr Jim Laurie, Rotorua; Bride and Groom; Mrs. Vallory Fowler, Havelock North; Mrs Raewyn Braithwaite, Gisborne; and the flower girl is Raewyn Fraser, Hastings.

Page 3

HUGHES – MARSDEN. At St. David’s Presbyterian Church, Hastings, Valerie Mary, daughter of Mrs. E. M. Marsden and the late Mr. T. P. Marsden, Hastings, was married to Thomas Joseph, son of Mrs. D. Hughes, Hastings. The bridal group from left: Neville Marsden, Molly Black, groom and bride, Peter Hughes and Eileen Marsden.

JOHANSEN – COLLINS, The wedding recently took place at St. Augustine’s Church, Napier, of Mr. and Mrs. Gary Edward Johansen. The bride was Sharon Gisele, only daughter of Major and Mrs. R.W. Collins, Napier, and the groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Johansen, Puketapu. The group is from left: Mr. David Chote, Miss Valerie Hart, Mr. Malcolm Johansen, bride and groom, Miss Eleaner Stanley, Miss Glenis Larsen, Mr. Dale Collins.

Photo by Batchelors Studios

Page 4

Tauranga (P-Class) yachts making ready at Napier Sailing Club’s Scapa Flow, for one of the Taurauga Cup Series of races recently.

Page 5


As a fitting climax to the recent Queen Carnival, the Clive Civic Committee, in conjunction with all other committees, organised a monster gala at Farndon Park.

Boat rides on the river, much to the delight of the small fry.

Page 6

The Simmonds Acrobatic Troupe gave a very polished display.

Mr. Duncan McIntyre, M.P. for Hastings, who informally opened the gala, seen on the dais with the four Queens.

Page 7

A ladies chop certainly proved that the ladies chop the firewood.

Ouch! Missed.


Page 8

The greasy pig didn‘t get very far.

Hawke’s Bay T.Q. Midget Car Club gave a spirited demonstration of the thrills of midget car racing.

Page 9

To end the day, the combined committees held a dance at the Cabaret Cabana, where the winner of the Queen Carnival was announced. Picture shows Miss Linda Coates, the winner surrounded by the other contestants for the title. They are from left: Miss Priscilla Gardiner, Miss Kaye Skudder and Miss Denise Richdale.

Mr. Duncan McIntyre, M.P., places the crown on Linda’s head.

Miss Linda Coates, Clive Queen for 1963.

Page 10


First woman home in Hawke’s Bay-Poverty Bay annual harbour race was 15-year-old Jocelyn Sell, Wanganui, being assisted out of the water at Napier’s inner harbour by the first two men home in the combined race. They are Quenton Tod (top left) Pacific, who won the men’s long distance championship, and Donald Butchart, Wanganui, New Zealand champion long distance swimmer.

Donald Butchart, finished the two-mile event as fit as when he entered the water.

Quenton Tod, Napier, scrambles up the rocks to take the men’s championship.

Page 11


Hawke’s Bay’s Airport was swamped with one of its largest crowds recently, when world renowned racing driver Stirling Moss arrived for a brief 15 minutes, while flying north after attending the Lady Wigram Trophy Race in Christchurch. He is pictured above, surrounded by a delighted audience of racing enthusiasts.

Short and stocky in build, Stirling was instantly recognised as he came down the gangway, even under the heavy beard.

One of the first autographs collected during Stirling‘s brief visit was by Napier boy Martin Braithwaite (centre, wearing glasses).

Page 12


The winners of the Kia Toa Bowling Club’s open pairs bowling Tournament receive the Ross Cup from Mr. Bill Ross, the donor of the trophy. They are P. Lister (left) and W. Tumilty (right). The Omaranui players won in an exciting finish, by one on the last head.

The Hastings police recently recovered a large cache of stolen knives, rifles and fishing materials from the banks of the Ngaruroro River. Detective R.G. Gibson examines some of the loot which, because it was buried in wet soil, has been ruined. The goods were part of a haul taken from a city sports goods shop. Two young people have been interviewed in connection with the burglary.

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The Editor

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Hundreds of children cluster around the elephants, in the process of being “swabbed” after the race, in the main street at Waipukurau.

Mayor Winlove, who threw down the gauntlet and offered the challenge to County chairmen, had his own ideas about how to mount his beast, by means of a light-weight ladder. He delighted the crowd by trying to fit on a saddle.

The racing all over, the elephants were treated to giant sized icecreams almost too heavy for one man to hold.

Page 15

The riders in the Waipukurau Elephant Derby face the camera before the contest. Pictured from left to right are: Nero, Mr. Peter Collins (Chairman of Patangata County), Jockey, Mr. Harry Winlove (Mayor), and Rajah, Mr. Ralph Matthews (Chairman of Waipukurau County). Holding the umbrella is Mr. Edwin Manley (Waipukurau County Overseer).

Page 16

Eighteen tons of elephant are pictured charging along Emerson Street, Napier, during the race sponsored jointly by the Lions Club and Bullen Bros. Circus. The crowd for the race was one of the largest ever in the main street and rivalled Shopping Week fun sessions.

The three starters for the Napier Elephant Derby face the camera before the big event. Winner of the event was Sue, weighing 5¼ ton, and ridden by radio announcer Mr. Haydn Sherley (left). City Councillor Mr. Mitchell George (centre) and Lions Club President Mr. Don Hagenson (right) were second and third.

Page 17

The three jockeys race their mounts for the finish. From left: Ron Giorgi, Noel Lett, and John Minty.

As a fitting conclusion to the Napier Elephant Race, the Napier Lions Club presented Birthright with an elephant size cheque for £76/8/1. Picture shows Mr. Keith Swailes, Past President of the Lions Club, presenting the cheque to Mr. Ron Spriggs, Chairman of Birthright.

Page 18


On these and the following pages, we present a pictorial record of the visit of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the Second, and His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, to the Napier and Hastings districts of Hawke’s Bay.

The start of a historic day for the people of Hawke’s Bay, as the Royal yacht Britannia draws gracefully into the Herrick Wharf, escorted by numerous small craft.

Page 19

Her Majesty is introduced to Mr. Peter Tait, Mayor of Napier, following her arrival at the Port of Napier.

Her Majesty and Prince Philip are escorted to their car by Mr. Peter Tait, Mayor of Napier and Mr. Kirkpatrick, Chairman of the Napier Harbour board.

Page 20

Some of the small craft which escorted the Britannia into the Port of Napier.

The Royal couple move slowly along the wharf in the open Ford Galaxy.

Page 21

Passing along the Marine Parade, Napier.

The scene within the Church.
Photo by National Publicity Studios

Page 22

The Royal Entourage travelling along Tennyson Street.

Her Majesty at the entrance to St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church.

Page 23

The scene as Her Majesty and His Royal Highness Ieave St. Paul’s.

Her Majesty and Prince Philip arrive at McLean Park.

Page 24

Her Majesty, accompanied by Lt. Colonel J. C. Andrew, inspects the 1st Battalion, Hawke’s Bay Regiment.

Page 25


The old colours are paraded for the last time. They are to be hung in St. John’s Cathedral.

Page 26

The new colours are Dedicated by the three Chaplains representing the Church of England, Roman Catholic Church, and other Protestant denominations.

Lieutenant T.J. Aitchison receives the Regimental colour from Her Majesty. On the right is the new Queen’s colour, held by Lieutenant T.M. Reedy.

Page 27

Her Majesty addresses the 1st Battalion of the Hawke’s Bay Regiment.

The Royal Landrover passing through the lines of children.

Pages 28 and 29

The Royal couple drive among the assembled children.

Page 30

Luncheon guests leave the Britannia.

Linda Farrell and Kim Jarvis, Head Prefects of Hastings Girls’ and Hastings Boys’ High Schools, leave the Royal yacht after lunch on board.

The Royal couple meet the Wake family at the start of their visit to Mr. A. A. Wake’s orchard in Hastings.

Page 31

Her Majesty with Mr A. A. Wake.

Page 32

Mr A. A. Wake explains the type of and class of apple his orchard is now packing.

The Duke listens to Mr Graham Wake in the orchard grounds.

Page 33

The Queen with Mr. and Mrs. Wake, watches the scene in the packing shed.

His Royal Highness displays keen interest as Mrs. Hollier grades apples.

Page 34

Some of the many who lined the Royal route.

Page 35

Queen Elizabeth enjoys a joke with Mr. Giorgi, Mayor of Hastings, during her brief stop at the War Memorial Library.

Page 36

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh are introduced to the prefects of Hawke’s Bay schools, who were guests at the afternoon tea party on the lawns of the Hastings Boys’ High School.

Page 37

The Queen and His Royal Highness move freely among the prefects.

Her Majesty and His Royal Highness bid their hosts goodbye as they leave the High School lawns.

Page 38

Arriving at the wharf, departure time is near, and Hawke’s Bay’s Royal day has ended.

Her Majesty and Prince Philip are farewelled by Mr. and Mrs. Kirkpatrick and Mr. and Mrs. Tait.

Page 39

Looking down from Bluff Hill on the children singing on the wharf.


The children wave their farewell to the Royal couple, to the strains of “Now is the Hour”.

Page 40

The Royal couple listen most appreciatively to the singing of the children.

Her Majesty waves her farewell. The last glimpse of the Queen as the Royal yacht draws away from the Napier wharf.

A Royal day has ended, and the Britannia backs slowly away as the crowds rush along the wharf for a final glimpse of the Royal yacht.

Page 41


Swimmers and coaches line the terraced stand during the Hawke’s Bay-Poverty Bay swimming championships held at the Clive pool recently.

Heretaunga Club swimmer, Janis Durand, won all but one race of all that she entered for in the championships. She is pictured winning the girls 14 -16 years breaststroke final in a time of 1 min. 24.9 sec.

Havelock North swimmer John Palmer, fresh from his victorious wins in the Victorian State Swimming Championships in Melbourne, added further laurels to his swimming career when he smashed the standing short length record for the seccond heat of the boys 14 – 16 years freestyle by 1.4 seconds. He also clinched the 220 yards boys l4 -16 freestyle by .7 seconds.

Page 42


Karlheinz Losch, four times world solo skating champion and current champion, performs a difficult splits on wheels, during his appearance at the Windsor Park rink, Hastings, with the other members of the German world champion skaters.

Werner Hoffman and Margot Ludolph, world pairs free skating champions in action.

Pretty Marlies Fahse combines the dignity and poise of ballet in her brilliant solo figure skating performance.

Page 43

The crowd smiles its approval at the end of Marlies Fahse’s solo figure skating performance.

Eight-year-old Diana Aitchison (Hastings Champion), pictured during the juvenile solo. Earlier in the evening Dianna had the pleasure of presenting bouquets to the women members of the German Skating team.

Brother and sister, W. and D. Gibson of Tawa, New Zealand champion freestyle pairs, in perfect balance during the dance number.

Page 44

Readers’ Pictures

The four generations shown here are Mrs. M. Whyte (Granddaughter); Mrs. J. Wheeler (Mother); holding Greatgrandson Gordon William Whyte, and Mr. R. G. Wheeler (son).

A Christmas Party was held for the children of Windsor Terrace, Taradale, by Mrs N. Meyer. The children are seen here with Father Christmas.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

Page 45

Pastor Freeman McCutcheon – son of Mr. David McCutcheon of Greenmeadows, who has recently been elected President of the Seventh-day Adventist Church Missions in New Guinea and Papua. Paster McCutcheon, who is on the left, is shown shaking hands with Pastor J. B. Keith, retiring President. In the background is a native of the Highlands of New Guinea.

Pastor C.T. Potter, the newly appointed Seventh-day Adventist Minister for Napier and district, has arrived from Tauranga. Pastor Potter, who is from Adelaide, South Australia, is a graduate of the Seventh-day Adventist Theological College at Cooranbong, New South Wales, and was ordained in 1947.

Miss Colleen Apperley of Hastings, pictured after snow clearing operations during her recent visit to England. Colleen, who was staying with Mrs. W. J. Babbs of Worcester, was one of the few people who enjoyed the very severe winter that Britain has just experienced.

Page 46


Sue Haden (nearest camera) leading over the last hurdle to win the junior women’s 80 metres hurdles event, closely followed by M. Cummins (also of Hastings), who finished second.

A new centre record of 2 min. 21.3 secs. was established at Nelson Park, Hastings, in the one mile cycle event of the Tomoana Shield Athletics recently. Starters hold the riders in position for the start. From left are: E. Barsdell, Dannevirke; D. Stevens, Dannevirke; B. Jennings, Hastings (second place); Mr. A.C. Atwood (handicapper); K. Sparks; (junior) Hastings, the winner, held by his father, Mr. Ken Sparks (Greater Hastings Public Relations Officer).

Page 47

Placegetters in the junior women’s 80 metres hurdles, from left to right: S. Haden (Hastings), first; M. Cummins (Hastings), second; and D. Jamieson (Napier) third.

Winner of McKee Cup, 100 yards women’s event, was G. Morley (centre), Hastings, in 11.5 seconds. Second place went to I. Johnstone, Gisborne (right) and third to I. Takon, Dannevirke (left).

G. Morley, Hastings, flashes into the winning tape streets ahead of her nearest rival to win the 220 yards women’s event.

Page 48


One of the largest ever crowds to assemble on the bridge over the Ngauroro [Ngaruroro], was during the recent Hawke’s Bay Rowing Club’s regatta. As the shells raced from the river mouth to a point a little upstream from the bridge, so too did the spectators. They sped from one railing of the structure to the other in slick time and no one managed to get run over. Some 400 rowers took part in the regatta.

Tony Austin, Hawke’s Bay, winning the senior sculls event over a course of one and a quarter miles.

Crews in the Maiden Eight event pull hard as they approach the finishing mark.

Page 49

Union, Wanganui, the New Zealand champion eight for the past four years gave an exhibition of first-class timing and rowing to win the feature event, the senior eights.

Enjoying the sunshine, which prevailed during the regatta, are left: Judy Woodham, Glenys Kemp and Nanette Woodham, all of Hastings.

Wee tots in their bikinis are about to indulge in a carton of icrecream during a race. They are: Sharon and Linda Leighton of Masterton.

Page 50

Wedding Bells

AUBREY – STEPHENS. The wedding took place recently at the Eskdale Church, of Mr. and Mrs. Dean Aubrey. The bride was formerly Annette, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.G.H. Stephens, Napier, and the groom is the son of Mrs. and the late Mr. R. Aubrey, Hastings. The bridal group is from left: Groom and Bride, Colin Young, Marilyn Lean, Rosemary Lean, Eric Henry, Christina Gable, Peter Stephens, and Wendy Barnett.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

FRAME – EVANS. Seen after their wedding at St. Patrick’s Church, Napier, are Mr. and Mrs. Allan Jack Frame. The bride was formerly Margaret, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Evans, Bay View, and the groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. W.S. Frame, Taradale. The bridal group is from left: Mr. Alisdair Galloway, Janet Manning, groom and bride, Mrs. Annette McClelland, Elizabeth McClelland.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

Page 51


Barry Norman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Allan Briggs, Hastings, celebrated his 21st birthday with a party at home. He is seen here receiving the key from his father.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

MichaeI, son of Mr. and Mrs. M. Maloney, Hastings, celebrated his 21st at the Harriers Hall. He is seen here with his parents and fiancee.
Photo by Batchelors Studios


The contestants shown here are: J. Smith, M. McDonagh, B. Crozier, R. Hall, K. Bishop, A. Roy and M. Price (front).

Photos by Batchelors Studios

Keith Bishop is seen here being presented with a certificate for “Strongest Man in the Gym”, by Rex White of White’s Gym.

Page 52


In an effort to raise funds for Napier’s Olympic Pool, the Pool Committee organised a Monster Gala on the Marine Parade recently, one of the biggest drawcards being a Klondyke, where patrons were invited to stake claims for a strike of £50.

Donkey rides proved to be very popular.

Page 53

A balloon blowing contest and a bun eating contest was also part of the afternoon’s activities.

Page 54


Line is hauled in by hand fromn the beach, bringing beltman and patient.

As part of the afternoon’s entertainment, the Pacific Life Saving Club demonstrated how to use the box reel which have been placed on Hawke’s Bay beaches this summer. As can be seen from the pictures, the reel consists of a box which contains a reel of rope and a belt. The rescuer dons the belt, while an assistant pays out the reel.

Page 55


Maxine Reid, (hairdresser), with her model, Jill Lawrence, after the Judging of her evening style

Josslyn Redshaw (hairdresser), with her model, Suzanne Gilder, completing the finishing touches to her evening style.

Judith Workman (hairdresser), with her model, Anne Cross, completing the finishing touches to her evening style.

Cheryl Ress (hairdresser), with her model, Valerie Macaulay, after the judging of her evening style.

Page 56

Students with models after the judging of evening styles at the Hawke‘s Bay Academy of Hairdressing Diploma Examinations, held in Napier recently.

Hairdressers standing from left to right: Maxine Reid, Judith Workman, Robin White, Josslyn Redshaw, Cheryl Rees.

Models from left to right: Jill Lawrence, Anne Cross, Alma Rae, Suzanne Gilder, Valerie Macaulay.

Club and Society Secretaries Please Note –

It is hoped to run a monthly page in this magazine devoted to forthcoming fixtures and attractions in the fields of sport and entertainment. Secretaries, etc., are asked to Phone 39-047 (day) and 39-931 (night) with information of forthcoming attractions, including normal club fixtures, etc., by the sixth day of every month preceding publication. This service is entirely free and it is hoped that all organisations will take advantage of this offer.


Sunday, March 3rd – Annual Picnic at Eskdale Domain. Two buses from rink in the morning. Times to be advertised. Everyone welcome.

Saturday, March 30th – Grand Gala at Review Rink, commencing at 10.30 am.


March Club fixtures are as follows:

2nd March – Visit to Heretaunga Boating Club, Petone, to compete for the Inter-Port Cup for “I” Class.
9th March – Pain Cup, Crews Race. 4th Race Hammersley Cup – P Class 1st Divn. H’cap. 4th Race Faulknor Cup – P Class 2nd Divn. H’cap. 6th Race Byford Cup – Zephyr Class Handicap.
10th March – Grant Shield, Ladies Race.
16th March – lst Race Wellwishers Cup – I Class Champs. 1st Race Restoration Cup – Open H’cap. lst Race Commodore Cup – P Class Champs. 1st Race Agnew Cup – Zephyr Class Champs.
l7th March – P Class Fathers’ Race.
23rd March – 2nd Race Wellwishers Cup – I Class Champs. 2nd Race Restoration Cup – Open H’cap. 2nd Race Commodore Cup – P Class Champs. 2nd Race Agnew Cup – Zephyr Class Champs.
30th March – 3rd Race Wellwishers Cup – I Class Champs. 3rd Race for the Restoration Cup – Open H‘cap. 3rd Race Commodore Cup – P Class Champs. 3rd Race Agnew Cup – Zephyr Class Champs.

Mac Connells
PHONE 8952   AFTER HRS. 4206

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[Back cover photo – The scene outside St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church, Napier, on the occasion of the visit of Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Philip.]

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