Hawke’s Bay Photo News 1966 – Number 088 March

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88th Issue
MARCH 1966

[Cover photo – Our cover this month features attractive Noreen Gray of Napier. Noreen is a receptionist and her outside interests include modelling, swimming and athletics.]

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Vol. 8
No. 4
March 1966

Editor Philip Moore

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Front Cover. Our cover this month features attractive Noreen Gray of Napier. Noreen is a receptionist and her outside interests include modelling, swimming and athletics.

Back Cover. Six men on a horse. Danish gymnasts perform an interesting series of movements on a wooden vaulting horse.

Completing one of his magnificent twenty foot jumps is “Hoss” a resident performer at the Napier Marineland.

Page 2


Seen recently in Napier was a magnificent display of gymnastic grace and precision as performed by twenty-four young men and women from Denmark. Pictured here are but a few of the very graceful movements executed by these talented young gymnasts.

Ballet movement as applied to gymnastics.

The Danish folk dances were both colourful and interesting.

Page 3

Beauty and precision on the balancing bar, one of the highlights of the show.

Page 4


WRIGHTSON – BALE. Mr. and Mrs. Tony Wrightson are seen after their wedding at St. Columba’s Church, Havelock North. The bride is Cherie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Bale, Havelock North, and the groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Wrightson, Napier.
Photo by Hurst Studio

JERICEVICH – GODDARD. Recently married at St. Andrew’s Church, Hastings, were Mr. and Mrs Michael Jericevich. The bride is Carrol, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. Goddard, Havelock North, and the groom is the second son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Jericevich, Hastings. The group, from left, is Jacky Jericevich, Robert Goddard, Ngarie Sims, bride and groom, John Nobilo, Margaret Robertson and David Bromley.

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The annual picnic of the Napier Tech. Club was held recently at Eskdale Park in brilliantly fine weather. Attended by about 200 members and their families, the full programme was to everyone’s satisfaction. Two of the events for pre-school children are shown commencing.

Page 7

On hand to entertain was the Technical Memorial Brass Band.

Attractive winners of the ladies’ three-legged race were Judy Briggs and Liz Simpson.

On hand to Emcee the programme was well known H.B. rep Eric Hogge.

Page 8

Private lessons in forgotten (for adults) art of sliding were given by cheerful Charlie Rouse.

Entrants in the 6-12 month section of the baby show were, from left Anna-Maria Bryan, Linda-Marie King, and Natalie Martin

Page 9

The field gets under way in the married ladies race.

The start of the picnic marathon – once around the paddock.

Page 10


The N.Z. Drama Council’s producer, Mr. Alan Wilson, recently conducted a weekend Drama School for H.B. amateur dramatists at the Colenso High School. Here we depict Mr. Wilson explaining a theory in dramatic art to pupils who are, from left: Judith Tait, Carol Dineen, Miss Davies, Shirley Kauter and in front, Priscilla Ball.

Part of the weekend’s instruction was on the art of mime. The group mimed the “Legend of Robert the Bad”. Here we show, at left, David Redman (Hastings), as the High Priest, and at right, Diane Kinneburgh, as the Dark Angel, putting a soldier to sleep.

Page 11

Trevor Wakely, as “Robert the Bad”, bursts through a crowd of “Nuns”.

Fate finally catches up with “Robert the Bad” and he is ultimately strangled by an ape, portrayed by Betty Barker.

Alan Wilson, who is in New Zealand for two years under contract to the N.Z. Drama Council, is shown here endeavouring to emphasise the dramatic quality of miming.

Page 12


The Pania Surf Casting Club’s 8th Annual Surf Casting Tournament was held at Whirinaki Beach. One hundred and twenty-five persons competed, but with singular lack of fortune. Only eight fish were accounted for, which of course works out at approximately 1/16 of a fish per person. We were, however, assured that the one that got away was a whopper! Winners of the Pania Inter-Club trophy were the Pania team who are, from left, L. Williams, C. Ireland, and T. Hall.

J. Williams is shown with the largest catch – a dogfish.

Page 13

G.T. Spriggens of the Maui Club, Wanganui, caught the largest Kahawai.

Champion angler this year was Charlie Ireland.

Tom Richards and Dennis Maunder (Napier) demonstrate the hard, rugged life of “The Complete Angler”.

Page 14


The H.B. Rowing Club’s Annual Regatta was once again held on the Ngaruroro River at Clive. Shown here is the H.B. Junior Four, which comprised B. Nelson, P. Hill, B. Hill, and J. Horrocks.

The Hutt Valley No. 1 team scored a convincing win in the junior fours.

The only success which came Hawke’s Bay’s way was in the single sculls which Tony Bone (above) won by 2 & 1/2 lengths.

Page 15

Shown here, the Hutt Valley team about to cross the finishing line ahead of Aramoho No. 1 in the maiden eights.

TOP 50
45 R.P.M. 7/6
E.P.’s 13/6
L.P.’s 39/6

Page 16


DOONEY – FORWARD. Karen Lesley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Forward, Napier, and Bernard Laurence, son of Mrs. and the late Mr. B. Dooney, Napier, were recently married at St. Augustine’s Church, Napier.
Photo by Hurst Studios

EYLES – ALDERSON. Mr. and Mrs. N. Eyles were married at St. John’s Cathedral, Napier, recently. The bride is Jennifer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alderson, Napier, and the groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Eyles, Napier.
Photo by Hurst Studios

Page 17

BYRNE – McCONAGHTY. Shown after their wedding at St. Patrick’s Church, Napier, are Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Michael Byrne. The bride is Elizabeth Mary, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. McConaghty, Napier, and the groom is the son of Mrs. K. Byrne, Napier.
Photo by Hurst Studios

HICKEY – JAMES. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Harold Hickey are seen after their wedding at the Salvation Army Citadel, Napier, recently. The bride is Dianne, younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F.H. James, Napier, and the groom is the elder son of the late Mr. E. Hickey, Hamilton.
Photo by Hurst Studios

Page 18


The H.B.-P.B. Swimming Championships were held at the Olympic Pool, Napier, recently. There was a rise in the number of entries, and brilliant weather attracted hundreds of spectators. Above can be seen the start of the men’s 220 yards backstroke championship.

Greg Meade of Gisborne, comes home in fine style in the boys’ 110 yards butterfly event in the time of 1 min. 11 secs., a new boys’ and senior men’s record.

Brian Meade, also of Gisborne, was successful in his heat of the boys’ under 12 110 yards backstroke.

Page 19

M. McKee of the Comet Club, wearily leans against the end of the pool after winning the girls’ under 12 220 yards freestyle event in record time.

Sandra Whittleston (Napier), who virtually re-wrote the record book for her age group, is congratulated by Marilyn Peters (Havelock North).

Once again Gaye Morley (Olympic) thrilled the crowd with superb diving.

Margaret Wright of Olympic comes home an easy winner in the 14-16 girls’ 110 yards breaststroke.

Page 20


A very disappointing number of entries in the Harbour Swim in Napier resulted in Quentin Tod (Napier) only having to complete the course to win the men’s event. However, a good performance was put up by Quentin as he had won the Taupo 3 mile event only a matter of a few hours earlier, Here we show Quentin Tod after being congratulated on his swim.

Despite the earlier swim in Lake Taupo, Quentin Tod, as can be seen, still had plenty of power left for the harbour race.

The ladies’ event went to Cheryl Gane of the Olympic Club

Page 21


The Napier Revue Skating Club was recently host to Mike Jacques and Nancy Lou Johnson of Boston, U.S.A. and Anne Edwards of Australia. A disappointingly small crowd of spectators were, however, amply rewarded with a display of top international standard skating. Here we show the form which took Mike Jacques and Nancy Lou Johnson to top honours in the North American Championships.

Anne Edwards of Australia, drew loud applause in her free skating demonstration.

Mike Jacques brought gasps of amazement during his free skating routine.

Page 22


Approximately 100 East Coast Guides from Tokomaru Bay to Pongaroa attended the “Explorers” Provincial Camp at “Omatua”. Some of the “Stalkers” group are shown here cooking a pot roast dinner in true Guide style.

“Spud-Bashers”, Marie Steffensen (Takapau), Gail Anderson (Clive), and Sheryl Green of Gisborne, in action.

Cherry Wilson, Gisborne, seeks inspiration as she designs a menu card.

Page 23

And of course after dinner came the dishes as Lesley Tynan (Taradale), Merle Adams (Napier) and Glenys Mackay (Norsewood) demonstrate in the camp kitchen of the “Observers” group.

A sudden shower failed to dampen the good humour of these quides in the “Trackers” Group, from left: Janet Coker (Gisborne), Peri McDonald, Pamela Church and Jennifer Jones, all from Te Karaka, and Susan Lawrie of Gisborne.

Page 24

Headquarters staff, Mesdames L. McRae (Q.M.), D. Kay (Div. Sec.), E. Riddell (Prov. Lone Sec.), N. Robinson (Camp Commandant), and M. Von Dadelszen (Provincial Commissioner), start out on their administrative rounds.

Christine Shirras and Ruth Enstone of Hastings working on souvenirs made from natural materials on the site.

Page 25

The Guides from “Trackers” group perform an action song.

Amanda Shaw from Gisborne is shown painting a patrol sign.

Rhondwyn Connelly, Lone Guide Lieutenant.

Page 26


RODGERS – HALLAM. Mr. and Mrs. Terence Rodgers were recently married at St. Augustine’s Church, Napier. The bride is Beverley Ann, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Hallam, Napier, and the groom is the second son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Rodgers, Napier. The group, from left, is: Tom Hallam, Glenis Rosenbeck, groom and bride, Brenda Falvey and Ken Rodgers.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

TRENMAN [TRENEMAN] – COLWILL. Married recently at St. Matthew’s Church, Hastings, were Mr. and Mrs. Norman Arthur Trenman [Treneman]. The bride is Lesley Jane, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Colwill, Hastings, and the groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Trenman [Treneman], Hastings. The group, from left, is Alastair Trenman [Treneman], Julie Griffiths, Annette Bristow, Donna Griffiths, groom and bride, Jeannine Trenman [Treneman] and Lou Christeson.
Photo by Russell Orr

Page 27

COUGHLAN – COLLETT. Captain and Mrs Peter Coughlan were recently married in Napier. The bride is Jocelyn Collett, daughter of Mrs. H. C. Collett, Napier, and the groom is the son of Mrs. D. K. Coughlan, Auckland. The group, from left is: Susan Bibby, Vivian Collett, Molly Sevall, groom and bride, Barrie Tugham, Jenny Kittson, and Susan Kittson.

HOLDERNESS – WELLINGTON. Mr. and Mrs. Keith Bernard Holderness. are seen leaving St. Patrick’s Church, Napier, after their wedding recently. The bride is Dorothy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R.J.V. Wellington, Napier (late of Masterton), and the groom is the son of Mrs. and the late Mr. N. F. Holderness, Napier.
MacConnells Photo Services Ltd.

Page 28


Each year a large labour force pours onto the fertile land of the Heretaunga Plains to harvest the prolific crops of vegetables and fruit. Many of these workers employed in the gathering of the crops are women. They emerge from their households clad in brief clothing and absorb the healthy rays of the sun while they supplement the weekly earnings. This series of pictures was made in and around the various crops. Even the pre-school-age children have their place, such as two year old Brent Ashton (above left), who munches on a sandwich while mum works. Below left: Barbara Monteagle and Mrs. M. Chase of Havelock North (right) pick strawberries.

Page 29

Picking berries (top) all day in the blistering sun is a tiring job, but it has its compensations for those lucky enough to be employed by Mr. P. T. Hawley, Sanoma Orchards, Havelock North. They can knock off at any time and take a refreshing swim in the spacious open air pool on the property, right beside the strawberry beds. And doing just that when the “Photo News” cameraman showed up were, from left Helen West (Australia), Jeanette Anderson (Australia), Coralie Baker (Australia), Jill Northy (a Kiwi), and Robyn Dean, from Australia.

Page 30

No wonder he’s happy! It’s been a bumper crop and for Mr. P. T. Hawley, he’s had great satisfaction from his labour this year harvesting the strawberries. Don’t be alarmed by the more sombre pose at right for Australian born Mr F. H. Muir is not on duty in Vietnam, but looking after Hawke’s Bay interests by guarding our small berries from the ravages of birds.

Page 31

Mary Bott (left) and Lorraine Butler earn some pocket money as they find employment gathering blackcurrants at the Aparima Berry Farm, Havelock Road, during the school holidays. Below: Hoeing out the weeds on a paddock in Pakowhai Road are, from left, Margaret Rendle, Margaret Jeffares, and Joan Sargison.

Page 32

With their eyes on the ploughs are Margaret Langley (left) and Jan Clarke of Hastings, shown weeding newly planted beetroot. Below: Time off for a natter while weeding on Mr. A. B. Smith’s property, Pakowhai Road. They are, from left, Isobel Slater, Hazel Ashton and Melva Halds.

Page 33

Really getting down to earth with her work is Robyn Costello (above), as she thins endless rows of beetroot plants. Top right: Looking a trifle anxious over how many peaches to leave on this Golden Queen tree is Beverly Miller of Hastings, who was working on thinning the peaches with another Hastings companion, Ngaire Stephen (lower).

Page 34


JONES – ROWELL. Leigh, daughter of Mrs. L G. Rowell, Napier. is seen here with her bridesmaid, Dale Jones, after her marriage to Alan, son of Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Jones, at St. Augustine’s Church Napier, recently.
Photo by Hurst Studios.

CULVER – WINSTANLEY, Recently married at St. John’s Cathedral, Napier, were Mr. and Mrs. Raymond, George Culver. The bride is Anne, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Winstanley, Napier, and the groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. G. Culver, Napier.
Photo by Hurst Studios

Page 35

SMITH – MACMILLAN. Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Alan Smith are seen after their wedding at St. John’s Cathedral, Napier, recently. The bride is Marybelle Fa’ed, only daughter of Mr. and the late Mrs. K. Macmillan, Napier, and the groom is the son of Mr. and the late Mrs. A. Smith, Napier.
Photo by Hurst Studios

THOMAS – McDONALD. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Dante Thomas are seen after their wedding recently. The bride is Gabrielle Ellen daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. B. McDonald, Haumoana, and the groom is the son of Mrs. A. Thomas, Otorohanga.
Photo by Hurst Studio

Page 36


The H.B.-P.B. Grass Track Cycling Championships produced as many spills as thrills when held under treacherous conditions at McLean Park, Napier. The field gets away in the first heat of the junior 2 mile event.

A number of falls marred the final of the senior mile (above) which was won by W. Thompson of Gisborne.

Page 37

A. Piper (Wairoa) crosses the line to annex the boys’ 1 mile title.

A plucky Ken Sparks of Hastings receives his certificate for third place in the senior mile. Ken, who crashed during this event, remounted his machine to take the minor placing.


Having fun in the sun are three young Napier children who are Allen and Anne Crompton, and Karen Neals

Page 38


Doug Orringe, eldest son of Mr. Neville Orringe recently celebrated his 21st birthday at home.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

Glennis and Robyn Addis, twin daughters of Mr and Mrs. T. H. Addis, Argyle, Waipawa, recently celebrated their coming of age at the Argyle Hall.
Photo by Batchelors Studios.


Joyce Ireta Battersby recently announced her engagement to Brian Leslie Wicken at a party at the home of her mother, Mrs. I. Battersby, Napier.
Photo by Batchelors Studios.


WALSH – MORRIS. Dorothy May, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Morris, Napier and Kelvin Ian, second son of Mr. and Mrs. M. Walsh, New South Wales, Australia, were recently married at St. Paul’s Church, Napier.
Photo by Hurst Studios

Page 39


Among the many new items erected by the Napier City Council on the Westshore beach front was this double-ended slide.

The opening and dedication of the Salvation Army Youth Centre was recently held in Pirimai, Napier. Shown here offering a prayer prior to the opening is Lt. Col. H. Lord. Distinguished guests present included the Mayor and Mayoress of Napier, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Tait, Colonel N. Bicknell, and Napier M.P. Mr. J. G. Edwards and Mrs Edwards.

Page 40


HOCKING – WHITE. Mr. and Mrs. Philip Frank Hocking are seen after their wedding recently at St. Augustine’s Church, Napier. The bride is Janice Marjorie, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. White, Napier, and the groom is the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. S. Hocking, Napier.
Photo by Hurst Studios .

JACKSON – MCKENZIE. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Jackson were recently married at St. Paul’s Church, Napier. The bride is Hilary, daughter of Mrs. B. McKenzie, Napier, and the groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. D. Jackson, Taradale.
Photo by Hurst Studios

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Page 42


A View of Jerusalem Bay, Lake Taupo, one of the most popular water skiing bays on the lake. In a sheltered corner of the lake, only a few miles from the township proper, this bay attracts large numbers of boats and skiers through the holiday season. Below: With a cloud of spray cascading from her single ski, Jeanette Hole of Tirau, makes, a striking study as she skims across the placid surface.

Page 43

Two up this time, Vicky Helmore of Hawke’s Bay and Brian Shaw of Wanganui streak into the shoreline after a dual run out from Jerusalem Bay recently. They are shown (centre) just after releasing the hand grips and making fast for dry land. Georgina White (lower left) struggles for balance as she attempts a landing. Lesley Mouat (Waipukurau), (lower right), skims in under perfect control on her twin skis.

Page 44

As the motor surges into life, Jeanette Hole leans at a precipitous angle, trying to clear the wake of the speedy motor boat. Below left: They start pretty young. As in this case, the rider is only six, but he’s got plenty of nerve. David Lewis from Lower Hutt wears a life jacket as he learns the technique on a one piece board. Below right: Jeanette finishes her glide and slowly sinks in the water after her run.

Page 45

Maintaining perfect balance, Nicholas Helmore of Hawke’s Bay glides into the shore after an exhiliarating ride on a single ski. Below: With the last rays of the sun striking the boat and people, Lesley Mouat of Waipukurau gains her feet and starts off for a spin over the lake.

Page 46


With the Napier Y.M.C.A. Appeal about to be launched, “Photo News” took the opportunity of paying a visit to the present premises occupied by the Y.M.C.A. in the old Hastings Street School, where the wrestling class was in progress. The extremely adverse conditions under which the organisation is at present functioning makes this appeal a “MUST” to all who have an interest in the future of Napier and its youth. Shown here are General Secretary Rex Smith signing Bill Hotten and David Kingi into the Y.M.C.A. organisation.

Junior wrestlers Barry Patchett and Stephen Ulyatt in action, watched by the rest of the junior class.

Page 47

Under the watchful eye of Chief Instructor Trevor Reed, the junior and senior classes limber up.

Page 48


Spirited action during the 1966 final of the Dewar Cup Polo Tournament at the Irongate Road grounds recently, which were held under ideal summer conditions. The final was played off between Hawke’s Bay “A” and Wanstead. Wanstead played brilliant polo and finished the game 6 goals to 3. An arm injury sustained by Hawke’s Bay’s Sandy McKenzie marred the play somewhat.

Top: Hawke’s Bay are on the attack here as Martin Bull hits a strong shot under his pony’s front feet, just as a Wanstead player bears in to ride him off.

Below: A Hawke’s Bay player tries an intercepting shot as Wanstead press their advantage.

Page 49

Polo means teamwork – and the girls behind the scenes contribute to the spectacle of this fast exciting game. Their task it is to groom the agile young ponies and to them must the credit go for the manner in which they turn them out.

Top picture: Vicky Helmore of Hastings leads a pony out onto the field during chukkas.

Left inset: Terry Moss of Rangitikei prepares to saddle a pony.

Below: Nicky Maude of Gisborne is in a cheerful mood as she brushes out a pony’s tail.

Page 50

Mike Bellerby, Wanstead “A”, connects with a clean drive and sends the ball scudding through Hawke’s Bay’s goal in the final match of the Dewar Cup.

Thirsty work this! I. Gould of Rangitikei “B” gulps down a welcome thirst quencher during a spell in the match against Poverty Bay in the junior cup round.

Page 51

Incidents photographed during play in the junior cup section of the 1966 Dewar Cup Polo Tournament in which some 17 teams competed in Hastings recently

Page 52


SMITH – WILLIS. Mr. and Mrs. Ian Matthew Smith were recently married at All Saints Church, Taradale. The bride is Joyce Barbara, daughter of Mrs. A. E. and the late Mr. F. C. Willis, and the groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Smith, Hatuma.
Photo by Hurst Studios

HOWELL – TAYLOR. Merline Llorne, eldest daughter of Mrs. C. M. Taylor, Napier, and John Hollis Howell, only son of Mrs. E. Fallahee, Napier, and the late Mr. F. Howell, were recently married at St. Augustine’s Church, Napier.
Photo by Hurst Studios

Page 53

RENALL – SIMPKIN. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Joseph Lloyd Renall were recently married at St. Augustine’s Church, Napier. The bride is Marie Christine, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Simpkin, Napier, and the groom is the son of Mr. J. Renall of “Waireka”, Mangaorapa, Porangahau.
Photo by Hurst Studios

WESTON – TURBITT. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kenneth Weston were married recently at St. Paul’s Church, Napier. The bride is Mary Ann, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. T. Turbitt, Napier, and the groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Weston, Napier.
Photo by Hurst Studios

Page 54


Parachuting for a holiday . . . how does that sound to you? Not your piece of cake, aye? But for this quartet (top) nothing could be sweeter than dropping like a stone for 45 secs. from 10,000 feet and then “pop” out flaps the colourful chute and the boys dangle in their straps for the rest of the descent, They are all members of the Manawatu Parachute Club and have been using Bridge Pa as their headquarters. They are, from left: Bruce Farquhar, Len Gray, Carl Rof, and Hugh Martin Levorson. Below: Bruce is down and he runs forward to collapse his chute.

Page 55

Hugh lands close to the target circle and flips over to control the still billowing chute. Below: Bruce Farquhar (left) and Carl Rof photographed as they approach the target area. The boys, who jump from selected heights up to 10,000 feet land with accuracy on a white circle on the ‘drome, often only feet away from the red marker.

Page 56


These two ultra modern buildings, photographed in Taupo recently, well illustrate the high standard of work being undertaken in this rapidly expanding holiday resort. It also emphasises the development of permanent residents at the lake. The top photograph shows the main portion of the new Baptist Church, with its steep sided decramastic tile roof. Lower: An elaborate stone chimney ties the whole of this contemporary style home together, while carefully selected bushes and trees on a landscaped section add to the tasteful design.

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