Hawke’s Bay Photo News 1959 – Number 007 May

Hawke’s Bay PHOTO NEWS
Number 7
MAY 1959

[Cover photo – 18-year-old Therese Pothan, a kindergarten mistress and dancing teacher at Taradale.]

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Hawke’s Bay’s Own Pictorial News Magazine
MAY 1959
Volume 1
No. 7

Editor H. D. Hanger

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Following our policy of taking every opportunity to improve our publication, we have now entered the field of advertising. We feel sure that this will in no way detract from the interest value of the magazine, rather, pictorial advertising of local industry will be of added interest, as well as enabling us to increase the number of pages printed.

To the Advertiser we offer the opportunity to utilise an entirely new and effective form of advertising in a magazine which has a wide circulation, eventually being read by practically everyone in Hawke’s Bay.


The front cover picture, by Russell Spiller of Batchelors Studios, is of 18-year-old Therese Pothan, a kindergarten mistress and dancing teacher at Taradale. Therese has been winning cups for dancing ever since she was six years old, and is intensely interested in all types of dancing. In June she will be starting a ballet teaching school in Taradale, Meeanee and Napier. We wish her every success in her new venture.

Our back cover features a beautiful study, by Russell Orr, of a bride, Mrs Jonathan Avery, formerly Miss Gonda Gordon, of Haupouri.

From Lawn Mowers to Euclids – We Service Any Motor Vehicle

Page 1


A Revue by the Napier Marist Brothers’ School, featuring a cast of 140 boys, is to be presented to the general public with the first performance commencing at 8 p.m. on the 10th June next at the Napier Municipal Theatre.

This is the first time that these boys have put on a public show, but definitely not the first time the school has undertaken a stage production, as since 1953, the Napier Municipal Theatre has been witness to what has become an annual event extraordinary. En masse, an entire stageful of seven-year-old boys, from standards one and two, have given proof of an achievement which a great many people would genuinely doubt – until they had seen it with their own eyes.

The school has now reached the happy position where every boy has had experience in at least two of these full-scale productions, and to do credit to them and to their teachers, a revue has been devised which without doubt will prove to be a big attraction to theatregoers.

The costuming is most impressive, as our pictures show, and has been made up of scraps of material collected by the boys themselves. The tempo of this revue is kept at a brisk pace from beginning to end, and at times is such that the boys don’t get the time to return to their dressing rooms at the end of a scene, but have to make quick changes in the wings, then straight back into the next scene.

The small boys’ capacity for food and generally getting into trouble has never been in doubt, and after this presentation his ability to entertain before an audience will no longer be in doubt either.

Gregory Larsen as Cinderella and Kerry Cormack as Bodgie-Boy Buttons get strident in their up-to-minute version of “Side by Side”.

Page 2

Reading from left are: John O’Neill, Kerry Cormack and Leslie Glock as the Ugly Sister and Buttons go into their number “There never were two such ugly sisters”.

New girl in town? 13-year-old Arthur Wright waits in the wings for his cue. He was given the part of Grace Kelly as he was the only one whose feet could be fitted into the stilt heels.

BELOW. From left: Garry Beveridge, Michael McCarthy, Ian Balfour and Michael Wintringham, ready and waiting for the Copenhagen sequence, get a laugh from watching the Seaside Ballet in rehearsal.

Page 3

This photo gives a clear indication that no effort has been spared in the making up of the costumes.

Arthur Wright as Grace Kelly, Dennis Kaye as Bridget Bardott, and Richard Quinn as Mae West bear little, if any, resemblance to schoolboys as they rehearse their parts in the skit “The Academy Award”.

RIGHT. At the Marist Brothers School a room is specially set up and set aside for the storing of the colourful costumes which have become an outstanding feature of the school’s productions. Here, Peter Balfour fits Paul Hankins; Brett Wallis finds a hat for Ian Sweetapple; while Gregory Larsen cuts out stars on the floor. Alan Henderson, standing on chair, seems to be striking a pose.

Page 4


Mr. Holderway, Mrs. Bain, Mr. Benge, and Miss Woodhouse taking part in the “King of Quiz” programme recorded in the studios of 2ZC and broadcast on the 12th of May. In this session Miss Woodhouse took the title of Queen of Quiz from a Christchurch contestant and at the time of going to press had held it for three consecutive weeks. Miss Woodhouse, who did extremely well in the last series, has every chance of holding the title for the six weeks necessary to win the jackpot prize.

Lyell Boyes, Quiz Master (Lyell prepares all the questions asked on this programme himself) puts a question to a contestant, and local announcer Amos McKegg acts as score-keeper.

Technician recording programme is Willi Gailler.

Page 5

The final programme of 2ZC’s “Anything Goes” series, broadcast from the Cabaret Cabana, Awatoto, attracted an even larger Saturday night crowd than usual to this popular night spot.

David Ford, one of 2ZC’s popular radio announcers (Neville Chamberlain is sure to have something to say about that!) [compares hourse say about that!)] compares hoarse laughs with a donkey. That’s a vegetable bouquet he is wearing.

BELOW. One of the many parties who thoroughly enjoyed the programme – Jim Stephens, Doreen Sorensen, Dawn Stewart, Brian Pederson, Diane Watson and Bevin Helm.

This party, celebrating a wedding anniversary, are Maurie Hembrose, Mr. W. R. Parker, Mrs. Alice Mears, Mrs. Doreen Judgeway, Mrs. Nola Hembrose, Mrs. Pat Lamb, Mrs. Moureen Parker, Mr. G. Mudgeway, Mr. Ross Lamb and Mr. N. Mears.

Page 6


To the city dweller, scenes of everyday life on a farm, especially those of new born lambs, are of never-ending interest. This photo of a new-born late lamb and “‘mamma” ewe, sent in by Miss Berley Lewis of Pahnui Station, Nuhaka, has an appeal all of its own.

This portrait of Miss Maureen Crowley of Napier, a member of the staff of 2ZC, wins for Mr. P. C. Moore of Maxwell St., Napier, the one-guinea prize for the best reader’s picture of the month. Mr. Moore, who is a keen amateur photographer and a member of the Hawke’s Bay Camera Club, hopes to enter this high-key portrait in the Autumn exhibition of the Royal Photographic Society, London.

Another keen amateur photographer is Irnie Mossen of Hastings who sent us this study of the ever-beautiful white swan. Irnie should perhaps send in the swan to the City Council who would then be able to make “Oscar” the lonely Marine Parade boating lake swan, a happy bird.

Send us your negative (and a print) with a stamped addressed envelope (the negative will be returned) and we will, if it is suitable, publish your photo in this section.

Page 7

ALLEN – MUNRO-SCOTT. At St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Waipukurau: Shena Munro-Scott, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ian Munro-Scott, Double Hill, Waipukurau, to Warren Allen, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Allen of Dannevirke. Attendants were, from left, standing: Lloyd Allen, Ross Parkes, (Groom and Bride), Deborah Riske, and Malcolm Gordon. Seated: Lynn Peacock and Jennifer Allen. Future home – Wellington.

WALKER – WEDD. At St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church, Otane: Julie Ann Wedd, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Wedd, Otane, to Donald James Walker, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. P. Walker, “Tamahine”, Waipukurau. Attending the couple were, from left, standing: Peter Yortt, Hastings; Stuart Ewen, Waipukurau; (Groom and Bride); Suzanne Glenny, Wellington; Susan Wedd; and, seated, Sally Wedd.

Photos by Max Moverley, Waipukurau

Page 8


The Dutch Netherlands Society recently held a private function in the Hawke’s Bay Farmers’ Tearooms, Hastings, to celebrate the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Juliana of Holland. Guests of honour were, RIGHT, the Mayor and Mayoress of Hastings, Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Bate. Seated on their left is the president of the Netherlands Society, Mr. Fondere, and Mrs. Fondere.

Members of the Dutch community celebrating the Queen’s birthday are Mrs. Pieters, Mrs. Mooren, and Mrs. Buhre.

RIGHT. Mr. and Mrs. Buhre (seated), new arrivals in New Zealand, join in the singing of Dutch folk songs.

Caught in the act of helping himself to some supper as the Conga chain passes through the kitchen.

Guests thoroughly enjoying a joke told by Viv [Vic] Viggers.

Page 9

Since its inception in mid-summer the Napier Marine Parade boating lake has seen hundreds upon hundreds of children – and adults – spending many enjoyable hours canoeing serenely around this man-made lake. As the heat of summer’s sunny days began to diminish the brightly coloured canoes became less and less of an attraction, and now that winter is upon us they remain chained to the lake’s edge while “Oscar”, the black swan which has become a permanent feature on the lake, drifts placidly around on the undisturbed waters.

A very wise dog is this six months-old Cairn Terrier belonging to the Ross family of Napier. He soon saw the advantages of being towed around behind a bicycle and sits quietly in his trailer while his master expends all the energy.

Page 10


Anne Staines
Wendy Lee

Miss Judith Holmes (Sports Queen) with her attendants, left, Miss Vivienne Schofield and Miss Susan Holmes.

On the back cover of last month’s issue we featured Miss Mary Vance who, as the winning candidate in Waipukurau’s Queen Carnival had the honour to be crowned Queen of Central Hawke’s Bay. Unfortunately other photos of the carnival were not received in sufficient time for their inclusion in the April issue. However, we are sure that our readers would still like us to print them now, even at this late date.

The crowning ceremony climaxed a campaign in Waipukurau for the raising of funds for a Centennial Memorial Library, and at that time the sum of £1503 had been received. The appeal will remain open until October, when the money collected will qualify for a £1 for £3 Government subsidy.

Town Queen, Miss Valda Parker, followed by her attendants, on left, Miss Louis Knoblock, and right Miss Gretchen Cranby.

Photos supplied by Max Moverley

Page 11

The “Wheel of Fortune” did a roaring trade, and here Jack Cook, a prominent citizen of Waipukurau, holds forth on the quality of that chicken which “can be yours for the price of 1/- only” – and BELOW, Jack’s assistant Bunny Howard seems to be slightly annoyed with his “clients” and could be saying “Well, if you folks won’t buy a ticket, I’ll buy one myself.”

Miss Gretchen Cranby, attendant to the Town Queen added a spot of beauty and colour to the scene.

Waipukurau’s Deputy Mayor, Mr. G. E. Stiles, Chairman of the Waipukurau and Districts Centennial Memorial Committee, is followed by Mr. J. H. Coleman, Lord High Chancellor (left) and Mr. R. J. Acklin (Town Clerk), Lord High Chamberlain.

Page 12

Some of the Centennial officials (from left): Mr. R. K. Barclay, Secretary of Sports Committee; Mrs. C. Burnett, Secretary of the Town Queen Committee; Mrs. Zeta Parker, Chairman of Town Queen Committee; Mr. Erroll Bunny, Chairman of Sports Queen Committee (Erroll being the local Traffic Officer should be well experienced in the art of collecting money!)


Our photo taken at the Christening of Judith Watson, daughter of Mrs. R. N. Watson of Waipukurau, shows four generations of one family, and they all still live in Hawke’s Bay. They are, from left: Mrs. J. H. Paterson of Napier, Mrs. Robina Green of Napier, Mrs. R. N. Watson of Waipukurau, and Baby Judith Watson.
Photo by Max Moverley, Waipukurau

Page 13


Jaycees engaged in bagging wood are, from left, Buster Balfour, Bob Boston, Ian Price and Bryden Thorpe.

In our last issue we featured work done by the Napier Jaycees at the Ohepa [Hohepa] Home for Handicapped Children. Another worthwhile task undertaken by them was when 28 Jaycees set to on a recent Saturday to cut up and deliver 260 bags of firewood to old age pensioners in the Napier City. A nominal fee was paid to them for each bag delivered, from a fund administered by the Mayor, but the gratitude shown by the pensioners was far the greater reward. Robt. Holt and Sons donated the slab wood as well as supplying the services of two of their men to operate the saw benches.

Working on one of the two sawbenches that made short work of cutting up the 260 bags of wood.

Nelson Day, one of the delivery gang.

Page 14

From a list supplied by the Mayor’s office, convener of the project Ian Price (in shorts) gives delivery instructions to (from left) David Sgews, I. Jones, Buster Balfour, Bryden Thorpe, Fred Wallis, Bruce Gardand, (Ian Price), Graham Cowley, David Etheridge, Brian Grossman and Ron Cook.

John Farmer “on the rounds”

Just as hard a worker as his father, Stuart Farmer stacks wood on a truck.

Page 15

Graham Cowley arrives in the back yard of a grateful pensioner.

Typical of the many deserving pensioners who receive wood and coal from the Mayor’s fund, are Mr. and Mrs. Owen O’Brian of Carlyle Street, Napier. A 77-year-old First World War veteran, Mr. O’Brian has for the last two years been confined to his bed and both he and Mrs. O’Brian cannot say enough, as in the words of Mrs. O’Brian “to the many young people who have held out a hand to help us in this way.”

A currently popular hit tune is “The Pub With No Beer”, and two Hastings residents while on holiday in the South Island came across a New Zealand “Pub with no beer” at Newton Flat on the West Coast. Mr. J. Hutchings and Herbert Wong, proprietor of the Mandarin Shop in Hastings, sent along this photo of their “find”.

Page 16


Presented in Napier on May 20th and 21st, it is to be a major theatrical attraction at the Auckland Festival from May 27th to June 6th.

“The Doll” is being presented by the Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust and J. C. Williamson Theatres Ltd., in association with the New Zealand Players Theatre Trust. The N.Z. Players have always hoped to present special features to their audiences and “Summer of the Seventeenth Doll” is the first such venture. This is also the first time they have been associated with the Australian organisation, and it is their hope that this will be the start of an association which can in future provide further excellent theatre for audiences on both sides of the Tasman.

Patsy King, who plays Bubba Ryan and who incidentally is engaged to the producer of the play, John Sumner.

A scene from the play showing Ben Gabriel as Barney Ibbot, and Margaret Roberts who plays the part of Pearl Cunningham.

This world famous play by the Australian playwright Ray Lawler has an all-Australian cast.

Page 17

Photo shows Emma, as played by Ethel Gabriel (at the piano), trying to cheer things up, but Pearl (standing) is obviously not amused.

Ethel Gabriel (Emma) and Peter Aanensen, who plays the part of Roo Webber. Ethel Gabriel has played the part of Emma over 1000 times – in Australia, London and New York, and also in the film recently made by a famous Hollywood combine in Sydney. Ben Gabriel (pictured opposite) is her son.

Page 18


The re-built St. Paul’s Church, of Napier, recently re-dedicated by the Rev. D. N. Pryor, Moderator of the Hawke’s Bay Presbytery, has many unusual features, one being the Iona cross set into the front wall. This cross is visible from both inside, behind the Communion table, and outside, as is shown in the two top pictures. Another is the dark wooden beams of the old building, which provide a contrast to the softer tonings in which the church has been decorated.

LOWER. Immediately after the re-dedication service Asher Hall was filled to capacity for the serving of afternoon tea, during which the Rev. W. R. McD. Hay, Minister of St. Paul’s welcomed the official guests.

Page 19


“Interior”. Winner of the £250 Holt Prize.

An art competition held under the auspices of the Hawke’s Bay and East Coast Art Society, and displayed in the Society’s Art Gallery in Napier, attracted nearly 130 entries from artists scattered all over New Zealand. During the ten days the paintings were on display, approximately 2000 people took the opportunity to view them.

The Holt Prize of £250, given for the best oil painting submitted by an artist from anywhere in New Zealand, went to Juliet Peter, a member of the Canterbury Art Society, for her painting named “Interior” (reproduced above). Juliet Peter is a lithographer and potter from Wellington and is married to Roy Cowan, who also entered a painting in the competition.

The Mary Vigor Brown Memorial Prize of £75, for the best oil or watercolour, open to members of the Hawke’s Bay and East Coast Art Society and the Gisborne Art Society, was won by a well known Gisborne artist, Norman Scott, for his oil named “Riverside” (reproduced right).

“Riverside”. Winner of the £75 Mary Vigor Brown Memorial Prize for Hawke’s Bay, East Coast and Gisborne artists.

Page 20

Named “Wool”, this painting by a Havelock North artist, Bettie Williams, is notable inasmuch as it depicts a part of New Zealand life. An authority on New Zealand paintings informs us that, strangely enough, paintings depicting N.Z. life such as this are not very common.

RIGHT. By Geoff Fullen [Fuller], an art teacher at the Hastings Girls’ High School, this is a watercolour of a street scene in Hastings which anyone familiar with that city will have no difficulty in recognising.

Page 21

A scene easily recognisable by Hawke’s Bay residents, and which has appeared in “Photo News” as a photograph is this painting by Deirdre Helmore of Hastings, called “Cape Kidnappers”.

A striking painting of a sheep shearer in action is this oil “Shearer”, by E. Lee-Johnson, of Auckland.

To paint beautifully with the use of two hands is quite an achievement, everyone will agree, but to paint beautifully with a paint-brush clamped between the teeth is really outstanding. That’s how this painting of Waiapu Cove was done, and the artist is Jim Parkinson of Hastings, who has had both arms amputated at the shoulder.

Page 22


Barry Thompson of Te Mata Road, Havelock North

Rex Hagensen of Maddison St, Hastings.

Dawn Stewart, Park Rd., Hastings. Dawn had the distinction of being the first girl to appear on the cover of “Photo News”.
BELOW. Margaret Whitehead, Lumsden Road, Hastings.

Max Pope of Whakatu

BELOW. Nelson Drummond of Greys Road, Hastings.

Ann Heap, Selwood Rd., Hastings

Robyn Varden of Duchess Crescent, Hastings.

RIGHT. Leonard Whakefield of Fenwick Street, Hastings.

LEFT. Paul Price, of Collings Road, Hastings.

Photos by Candid Camera Studies

Page 23


ABOVE. Robin Young, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Young of Hastings, “gets hep” during the party organised to celebrate her coming-of-age. Back to the gay days of the 1920’s was the theme, and everyone entered into the spirit of the occasion with gusto.

RIGHT. Robin (right) and Frances Jaques in a scene from the past.

BELOW. Margaret Frater, but it can’t be Bob Smith with her, or can it?

ABOVE. George Williams, June Crisp, and the “girl” with them is Bill Gifford.

Page 24

Local musical productions more often than not are just as capable of attracting “full houses” as are travelling national and international groups. The presentation of the 2nd Post Primary Schools Music Festival, on the 2nd May in the Napier Municipal Theatre, comprising four orchestras and nine choirs, received an excellent reception from a packed theatre. Schools taking part in the Festival were the Napier Boys’ High School, Napier Girls’ High School, Sacred Heart College, Woodford House, St. Joseph’s College, Colenso High School, and Hukarere College. One of the outstanding performances of the evening was that of the massed orchestra, made up of over 90 players from four schools. Our photo shows the Colenso High School choir on the stage.

HASTINGS WEDDING. HAY – ANDERSON. At St. Andrew’s Church, Hastings: Shirley Constance Anderson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Anderson of Lascelles St., Hastings, to Alexander Shaw Hay, eldest son of Mr. Hay and the late Mrs. C. Hay of Masterton. Attendants were, from left, Mr. Ian Hay, Bestman; Miss Josephine Tobin, Bridesmaid; and the two Flower Girls, Linda and Penelope Williams.
Candid Camera Studies Photo

Page 25


Pupils of the Napier Girls’ High School (from left): S. Lawson, G. Taylor, (Mr. W. H. Gorely, examiner, and Miss A. Willis, sports mistress at the school), S. Sylvester, M. Whittleston and M. Parland are seen receiving instructions from their examiner. All these girls passed their Bronze Medallion examination.

Under the auspices of the Royal Life Saving Society, lifesaving is taught in most schools throughout New Zealand, and Hawke’s Bay is no exception. This year between 600 and 700 awards have been attained by pupils of local schools. Awards are still in the process of being issued and it looks very much like this year will be a record year in this respect. The basic award, the “Bronze Medallion”, is one of the most exacting and strenuous of lifesaving examinations, requiring proficiency in all methods of release and rescue, resuscitation, swimming and theory. Once in the hands of the examiner, the examinee is under constant test for 2 to 2 1/2 hours.

Judges and officials confer during the Knapp Shield Competitions, held recently in Napier and won by the Napier Girls’ High School. From left, Messrs. Kirby, Gabites, Gorely, Tuck, Johnstone, Daniell Bickerstaff and Munro.

Page 26


Many organisations throughout the Dominion are favouring Napier during the Centennial Year by holding their conferences in that city. One such conference, recently held, was that of the Maori Women’s Welfare League. To wind up the conference a ball was held in the Napier War Memorial Hall, photos of which are here featured.

ABOVE. Mrs. Ashford, Mrs. Harama and Mis [Miss] Hepere.

Mr. Hau James gave a singing item.

Local girls entertain.

Not to be outdone, visitors join in and soon the whole hall was reverberating to a massed haka.

Mrs. Logan of Hastings – a somewhat enthusiastic spectator.

Page 27

Another group of visitors join in the Haka.

Mrs. J. Ellison, from Wellington.

A group of teachers who thoroughly enjoyed the evening’s entertainment. From left, in front: Mr. and Mrs. Mead, of Waimarama; Miss Penfold, a visitor from Wanganui; and, at rear, Mr. and Mrs. Isaacs, of Tangoio.

Mrs. A. Hetet and Mrs. Kennedy.

Mrs Otene, of Hastings, with a Kapiti Island visitor, Mrs. Webber.

Page 28


General scene of games in progress on courts at Ebbot [Ebbett] Park, Hastings, where 39 teams took part.

Winter sports are now back in force with football again creating great interest with the forthcoming Lions Tour as an added attraction.

Basketball this year is also creating greater interest now that international rules have been adopted. A major change that this has brought about is the seven-a-side team as against the old nine-a-side team. This will naturally make for a faster and brighter game, but the major advantage is that New Zealand’s teams can now play against overseas teams. Photos show scenes from the Napier and the Hastings grading day (opening day) games.

Basketball appears to be attached to lamp standard as ball goes through hoop during one of the Napier games.

Napier girls relax between games.

Page 29

A happy group of Hastings girls of the Star team.

Members of the Sacred Heard [Heart] Basketball Team, one of the teams who played on the opening day at Napier, from left: M. McLean, F. O’Connor, M. Stancombe, A. Hayden, J. Fraser, A. Williams, and M. Van Debend.

Page 30

LITTLE – SMITH. At St. Patrick’s Church, Napier: Margaret Joan Smith, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Smith, Church Road, Taradale, to John Dennis Little, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. R. Little of Bryan Avenue, Wairoa. Attendants were David Little and Diane Evans. Future home of couple is to be Onekawa, Napier.
Russell Yeulett Photo

WHITE – BROUGH. At St. Augustine’s Church, Napier: Pamela Brough, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Brough of Nelson Crescent, Napier, to Graham White, son of Mrs. L. White, Bledisloe Road, Maraenui, Napier. Future home of couple is to be Maraenui. Attendants were, reading from left: John Brough, Susan Viggers, (Groom and Bride), Stephen Parnell and Myra Parnell.
Russell Yeulett Photo

Page 31


Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat, when do I start? My journey to Chards for the New Line,
La Chatte.

Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat, what did you there? I chose the Haute Coiffure style for my hair.

Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat, did you think it worthwhile? I just purr with delight with my Chards “Cat Style”

Page 32


Hauled by a winch, the club’s glider takes off at an angle of approximately 35 degrees and at speeds up to 50 m.p.h. The pilot does not release the nylon tow-rope until he is directly over the winch. This is usually at 1500 to 1600 feet.

The Hawke’s Bay Gliding Club, to introduce to those interested, the joys of motorless flight and to encourage the general public to join, recently held a successful field day at Poukawa on property that Mr. A. Robson has generously made available to them. Although inclement weather prevailed on the day, over 100 attended and 43 persons enjoyed the experience – free of charge – of flying through the air, quietly, effortlessly and without the benefit of a motor.

To those interested, the statistics of the club’s glider are: Name, Rhonlerche; Wing span, 48 ft.; Length, 21 ft.; Stalling speed, 35 m.p.h., Average speed in normal glide, 38 to 40 m.p.h.; Reaches a speed of 125 m.p.h. in calm air; Weight, 650 lbs.; Aspect ratio, 17 ft. to 1 ft. (The Editor did not know what this last meant, so it was explained to him thus: The general idea in gliding is that once released from the winch rope – at up to 1600 feet – the pilot searches for thermal air currents, which are indicated by a variometer, and while just gliding in still air, his craft is sinking 1 ft. for every 17 ft. of forward motion. That’s “Aspect Ratio”) This gives approximately 8 minutes flying when no thermals can be found.

For a new chum starting out in this fascinating and thrilling sport, a capital outlay of only £20 and approximately 6 hours instruction, is all that is necessary before he can go it alone. A winch, designed and built by Gerry Van Ash (one of the club’s instructors) has made the sport relatively inexpensive, so it is now open to anyone.

The club, which has been in existence for about three years, has now reached a membership of 40 and is striving to increase this number to enable them to purchase another glider. The secretary, Mr. Brian Jonasson, C/o Rainbow and Hobbs, public accountants, Hastings, will be only too willing to give information to anyone who enquires.

Free of charge, a passenger gets ready to try out motorless flight.

Glider floats gently back to earth.

Page 33

Instrument panel of the Rhonlerche glider has only compass, airspeed indicator, variometer and altimeter.

BELOW. Doug McIntyre clips harness for Jim Parkinson of Hastings. Pilot is (at rear) Geoff White while Katie Pyner looks on.

W. McNutt from Waipukurau operating the winch designed and built by Gerry Van Ash [Asch].

BELOW. From left, Brian Jonasson (club secretary), Miss O’Mira, Instructor Geoff White.

Group of members and friends who attended the field day

Page 34


Attendances at race meetings have been dropping off of late, but the Hawke’s Bay Centennial Meeting held at Hastings recently attracted easily one of the largest crowds to be seen on a racecourse for some time.

ABOVE. Picaroon, ridden by J. T. Anderson, winning the Hawke’s Bay Centennial Cup worth £1000 and a £100 gold cup. Close on Picaroon is Sunny Story.

RIGHT. Mr. Lane, Picaroon’s owner, receives the cup from the Hon. W. Anderton, Minister of Internal Affairs.

Jockey Anderson, mounted on Picaroon, winner of the Hawke’s Bay Centennial Cup, receives a tremendous ovation from the packed members’ stand.

Page 35


Jockey Taylor after his winning Woodville Handicap on Silver Star.

Seven clubs combined for the running of the Centennial meeting and this photo shows six of the seven club presidents. Reading from left are: Mr. H. M. de Lautour (Wairoa), Mr. J. W. Sandtmann (Napier), Mr. H. H. Dods (Gisborne), Mr. H. H. Smith (Hawke’s Bay Jockey Club, Hastings), Mr. G. H. Morgan (Woodville), Mr. H. W. Smith (Waipukurau), and the missing president is Mr. E. L. Lloyd of Pahiatua.

Miss Acland, Mrs. Ormonds, Mrs. Duncan and Mrs. McLeod

Miss Glenda Trilford of Napier decided that the races Would be a good place to spend her birthday.

Visitors from Napier were Mrs. L. A. Reid, Mrs. G. Bell and Mrs. E. K. McDonald. Also from Napier, RIGHT, Mrs. Smart and Mrs. McCathie.

Page 36

Registering sorrow, indifference or joy, these spectators intently watch the horses pound down the straight to the finishing post.

Mrs. Harris of Clive, Mrs. Hawkins of Whangarei, and Mrs. Hammond of Napier.

RIGHT. Mrs. Stephenson and Mrs. Grice of Hastings.

Page 37

ALEXANDER – JENSEN. At St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Waipukurau: Pamela Jensen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. Jensen, “Waipuna”, Hatuma, to Ramon Alexander, son of Mr. and Mrs. S. Alexander, of Dannevirke. Attendants were, from left standing: David Alexander, Dannevirke; Peter Olsen, Ormondville; Joan McCauley, Dannevirke; (Groom and Bride) and Beverly Gillies; Pageboy, Godfrey Jensen. Sitting: Kay Alexander, Dannevirke; Glenys Burke, of Wellington.

GORDON – ORAM. At Otane: Judith Ann Oram, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Oram of Otane, to Ronald Gordon, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Gordon, of Hamilton.

Photos by Max Moverley

BAKER – JAMES. At Dannevirke: Diana James, Eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. James, of Dannevirke, to Peter Barker, only son of Mrs. J. Killian, of Dunedin, and Mr W.D. Barker, of Gisborne.
Gisborne is to be the future home of the couple.
Photo by Max Moverley

Page 38

The Hastings Branch of the Women’s Division of the Federated Farmers recently held its annual picnic at the home of Mrs. Agnew, Charles Street, Westshore. Arriving by bus from Hastings in the morning, the very good muster of ladies thoroughly enjoyed the day’s outing with a hearty vote of thanks being extended to Mrs. Agnew at the end of the day. A committee meeting was held in the afternoon, at which the resignation of Mrs. Agnew as president of the Hastings Branch was regretfully accepted. Those present were (from left,standing) Mesdames Scrimgour, Liddon (not a member, but assisted Mrs. Agnew on the day), Farmery (Provincial Treasurer), Wake, Timms, Coughlan (Branch Treasurer), McLeod, Foulds, Talbot (Provincial President), Fergusson, Swain, Bond, a friend of one of the members (name not known), and Mrs. Milne.
Front row: Mesdames Upchurch, J. H. Joll, Ryan, Sisson, McKinley, Miss McGaffin, Mesdames Norwell, Agnew (Hostess), Boyd and G. Joll. Sitting in front are Mr. Agnew, his three grandchildren, and Mr. R. Liddon.

The cast of the play “Rookery Nook”, a production of the Waipukurau Dramatic Society produced by May McDonald, is the subject of this photo sent to us by Max Moverley of Waipukurau. They are, from left, standing: Pat Watson, Tony Kibblewhite, Gladys Major, Pamela Harris, Graham Gillespie, Ian Grainger, and Des Tobin. Seated: Janet Henry, Muriel Brown, May McDonald (producer), Phyllis Stiles, and Betty Butterfield.

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A double celebration was held recently in the Whakatu Hall when Marie and Patricia Cleine, twin daughters of Mr. and Mrs. G. Cleine of Whakatu celebrated their coming-of-age.

Celebrated in Hastings was the 21st birthday of Miss Valerie Michael, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Manly Michael of Hastings.
Photos by Batchelors Studios

OTANE. 21st Birthday of John Priest, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Priest, of Otane, was held in the Otane Town Hall recently.
Max Moverley Photo

RIGHT. Dorothy Sigvertsen, on the occasion of her coming-of-age party held at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Sigvertsen, of “Windermere”, The Esplanade, Westshore.
Batchelors Studios Photo

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NAPIER WEDDING. POWELL – BUDGE. At the Trinity Methodist Church, Napier: Joyce Elizabeth Powell, daughter of Mrs. M. Powell and the late Mr. E. N. L. Powell of Napier, to John Alexander Raymond Budge, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Budge of Westshore. Future home of couple: Napier. Attendants were, from left: Bridesmaid Wendy Budge; Flower-girl, Shona Taylor; (Groom and Bride); Flower-girl, Vicki Taylor; Bestman, Kip Powell.
A. B. Hurst Photo

KNOWLES – DUNCAN. At the Eskdale Church: Pamela Jean, niece of Mr. and Mrs. C. Kempton, Bay View, to Robert James Knowles, second son of Mr. W. Knowles and the late Mrs Knowles of Auckland. Future home of the couple will be Napier. Bridal party, from left, are: David Dempsey, Maureen Norris, (Groom and Bride), and Grace Riseborough.
Batchelors Studios Photo

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CLIVE 21st

At the coming-of-age celebrations of Miss June Gordine, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. Gordine of Clive, a novelty item was presented by RIGHT – Michael Taylor, Pamela Taylor and Ranol Griffiths.
Photo by Batchelors Studios


COSGROVE – COTTERIL. At St. Patrick’s Church, Napier: Evelyn Cotteril, fourth daughter of the late Mr. Cotteril and Mrs. A. E. Cotteril of Napier, to James Cosgrove, son of the late Mr. Cosgrove and Mrs. Cosgrove of Te Puke.
Photo shows, from left, the Matron of Honour, Mrs. J. Strachan, Groom and Bride, and Bestman Mr. Desmond Cosgrove.
Photo by Candid Camera Studies

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At St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Waipawa: Shirley Yeoman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Yeoman, Wakarara, to Peter Rayner, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Rayner, of Waipukurau.
Peter Rayner, an amateur photographer who won the first guinea prize for readers’ pictures, now has reversed the position and has his own photo in “Photo News”.
Photo by Max Moverley


At St. John’s Anglican Church, Dannevirke: Gillian Rose Carmichael, of 4 York Street, Dannevirke, to Angus John Drysdale, of Nireaha, Eketahuna.
Bridesmaids were Jennifer Carmichael (chief), Lorraine Steward (of Woodville), and Valerie Jamieson (of Dannevirke).
Photo by Barretts Studio

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At the All Saints’ Church, Taradale: Doreen Smith, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Smith of Tauranga, to Denzil Dassler, only son of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Dassler of Wharerangi Road, Greenmeadows. Future home of the couple is to be Greenmeadows.
The bridal party were, from left, Anthony Knuckey, Shirley Smith, Cheryl Smith, Bride and Groom, Cheryl Hollis, Sally Kemp, and Robert Swift.
A. B. Hurst Photo


At St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Dannevirke: Jill Mary Mulholland, younger daughter of Mrs. E. and the late Mr. G. Mulholland, Dannevirke, to Thomas McGregor Ross, only son of Mr. and Mrs. D. T. Ross of Napier. Future home of couple is to be in Dannevirke.
Barretts Studio, Dannevirke

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At St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Hastings: Arlene Marie Smith, elder daughter of Mrs. K. C. Frater, Beatty Street, Hastings, to Ian James Sergeant, second son of Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Sergeant, of Burnett Street, Hastings. Future home of couple will be Hastings. Our photo shows, from left, Chief Bridesmaid, Miss Lorraine Finlayson; Best Man, Mr. Jack Budge; Bridegroom and Bride; Groomsman, Mr. Brian Pederson; Bridesmaid, Miss Denise Smith.
Lovell-Smith Photo

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MORRIS – KELLY. At Hastings recently: Emmery Kelly, daughter of Mrs. London Kelly of Hastings, to Noel Morris, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. Morris of Te Karaka, Gisborne.

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DAVIS – BERGE. At Eskdale: Patricia Annette Berge, elder daughter of E. F. Berge, to John S. Davis, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Davis. Future home of couple is to be Tutira.

“Photo News” will publish News of Personal Interest, Weddings, Engagements, Wedding Anniversaries, 21st Birthdays.

Just contact your photographer or “Photo News” photographers – Batchelors Studios, Hastings & Napier


ADAMS-RANSOM. At the Trinity Methodist Church, Napier: Elizabeth Ransom, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. Ransom of Pakowhai, to Clive Adams, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Adams of Marewa, Napier. Attendants were: Bestman, David Adams; Groomsman, Neil Cullen; Chief Bridesmaid, June Ransom; and Bridesmaid, Lorraine Bickerstaff.
Future home of couple is to be in Napier.

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An appropriate theme for the third birthday of the Mayfair Kindergarten Mothers Club. Other mothers clubs from Hastings and surrounding districts were invited to attend and a good time was had by all. The more “childish” the costume the better. . . . We show just a sample of the ingenuity of these mothers.

Children of the Rareka [Raureka] Mothers’ Club.

Mrs. Searle and Mrs. Christian of the Mayfair Mothers’ Club. Reminiscent of the days they played hooky, perhaps!

Guests from Central School’s Mothers’ Club.

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When Teacher’s not looking these,“girls” get up to all sorts of tricks.

A group of the host club’s members. Mrs. Jenkins (in cap) won prize for the “Best Boy”.

All the way from Waipukurua [Waipukurau].

“Girls and boys” from Mahora.

Hawke’s Bay Motor Co.’s driver, Ray Wilson, with a party of Australian tourists, one of many such parties who are regularly visiting Napier under the auspices of the Government Tourist Department.

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A Forest of Steel! The new McLean Park Stadium and Grandstand in Napier, is being pushed ahead, especially the stand side, to  accommodate those extra thousands who will be flocking to the park on the 20th June to see the long-awaited Lions – Hawke’s Bay Rugby match.

BELOW. Without doubt the new St. John’s Anglican Cathedral, situated on the corner of Hastings Street and Browning Street in Napier, and which is slowly “swallowing” the old church, will be one of the most imposing landmarks in the city, or, for that matter, in the whole of Hawke’s Bay.

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Bishop of Aotearoa, the Rt. Rev. W. N. Panapa, addressing a large gathering in the Garden of Remembrance at Taradale. The Taradale War Memorial Clock Tower is in the background.

Taradale Boys’ Brigade – vanguard of parade.

Taradale R.S.A. tribute.

Taradale Veterans march to gardens.

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About to pay tribute at Memorial Square Cenotaph.

BELOW. Two visiting Gallipoli Veterans from Morrinsville (centre) with Mr. T. Dodds (left) and Mr. L. Donnelly of Napier.

and in the morning, we shall remember them.”

Highland Pipe Band Drummer holds torch for player in brass band at dawn parade.

Artificial light lights up Napier Arch as the coming daylight endeavours to break through the clouds.

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Boar [Boer] War Veterans place a wreath in Hastings

High School pupils pay tribute at the Hastings Service

Second World War Veterans on the march at Hastings

Page 52

Hastings Municipal Band leads parade at Havelock North

Havelock North school children

Veterans on parade at Havelock N.

Girls from Woodford House Havelock North

Page 53

Marching to Memorial at Haumoana

Bedecked in wreaths of tribute, the Hastings War Memorial stands as an ever-present reminder of those who gave their lives in a great cause.

Flanked by two pipers is the unique War Memorial at Haumoana.

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Guest speaker Mr. R. Edgecumbe and Mrs. Edgecumbe.

Organising sub-committee of the dinner, Messrs. D. Hammond, G. Parsons and D. Phillips.

Mr. D. Land, Mr. and Mrs. R. Nimon, and Mr. R.Gilbertson.

Mr. and Mrs. B. Gilbertson.

A happy group, Bill Kendadine, Maureen Atkinson, Colleen Tate, Tony Nilsson, Janet McDonald, Baron Robinson; Betty Larkin, and Milton Gould.

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“Photo News” vists the Annual Dinner of the Young Farmers Club, held in the Assembly Hall, Hastings.

Mr. B. Gilbertson, to the amusement of everyone, tries his hand with the magician’s “Chinese Rings”.

Mr. T. Brownlee looks as if he is about to quench his thirst from that cup.

RIGHT. Mr. and Mrs. S. Begley

BELOW. Meeanee club members lining up for their photograph include B. Whittington, P. Simon, Mrs. Tacon, Miss A. Wright and B. Jones.

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With the Education Department following a policy of providing attractively decorated school buildings which are designed to catch the maximum of sunlight and allow as much natural light as possible to flood the schoolroom by way of large areas of glass panelling, a school building built along modernistic lines is today accepted as a matter of course. Private schools are not lagging behind in this field either, but the new St. Patrick’s Girl’s School, situated on 2-1/2 acres of ground lying between Barton and Nuffield Avenues in Marewa, Napier, is one school that is attracting a lot of attention. Teachers and educational authorities in particular are showing a great deal of interest in the design and practicability of this school.

Designed by Mr. John Scott of Hastings, it comprises four large classrooms, two of which are raised on concrete pillars, giving a large space underneath for shelter and various school amenities. A neatly designed administration block built in front of the school proper has four rooms, one of which is set aside for medical inspections. Covered ways extend along the front of the classrooms and a wide concrete stairway leads to the two upper rooms.

The most original feature, as our pictures show, is the roof built in sections alternately rising and falling allowing for louvre windows for light and ventilation. An ornate fountain with six jets of fresh water is of perpetual interest to the pupils.

One of the most interesting facts about this school building is that it was built for a total of less than £15,000.

Printed photo-litho for the publishers by Swailes. Hurst & Co. Ltd., Napier

An Introduction to Astrology with The Signs of the Zodiac by “ Red Cloud ” –

ARIES – March 21st to April 19th
June. Opportunity and cash, along with happy returns from past situations and in the home may be yours. Love and fun are highlighted, short trips and vacations particularly, if planned or begun before the 11th, are slated to bring a new high in your  life. Your creative, artistic concepts and special ambitions are favourably aspected. Take advantage of this. Don’t antagonize in the home.

TAURUS – April 20th to May 20th
June. By following authority and not bucking necessary hard work, you can accomplish and know a fine solidarity all month. Powerful emotional alliances are paradoxically simultaneous. Engagements, weddings should not spoil or be spoiled by home quarrels. Finances should be very good. Get yourself established for better living and greater fulfilment.

GEMINI – May 21st to June 21st
June. Come to terms with some hidden sense of insecurity or frustration. Adjust your psychological and emotional reactions. Stop worrying. Love and romance can be met unexpectedly in your own community and it promises to be dashing. Best of all, a subtle influence of hidden good fortune is now beginning to operate in your love life and special ambitions. Watch the bank account.

CANCER – June 22nd to July 22nd
June. Push all plans, make everything count in all ways. Financial sources and resources are to the fore all month. Startling opportunities in both are possible. Strive to align them as permanent income and freedom assets by wise measures and by keeping your head.

LEO – July 23rd to August 23rd
June. Co-operate. Money could come through your ideas. A high peak period. Progress and popularity. Unexpected opportunities, romance, artistic ability. Keep moving. Keep secrets. Wonderful things to come.

VIRGO – August 24th to September 23rd
June. Money, through friends and your own activities. Time to “re-tire” your tread may be too smooth, especially if you give to temptations. But you can accomplish in plays and through inspirations. Some secret pertaining to your overall welfare could be revealed, perhaps from a childhood situation. It could change the course of your life. Prepare to act.

LIBRA – September 24th to October 23rd
June. Fulfilment of business and home responsibilities spell extra money in July. Social activity could meet the one and only in a social setting, or in connection with big business or educational organisations. Good fortune is aspecting your private life, but don’t neglect partners.

SCORPIO – October 24th to November 22nd
June. May and June are the best two months of the year, so don’t let emotional blockades, or the disapproval of others throw you off balance. Personal gains. Love abides. Attend to business and your worldly affairs. You can advance your position in life. Unexpected opportunity, but keep cool because matters may be hectic and exciting.

SAGITTARIUS – November 23rd to December 21st
June. Attend to matters of the past, free yourself from old emotional habits. Stimulated business, amusement programmes. Money. Romance is high all month. Distant travel opportunities. Almost anything can happen – all of it good – keep your head, no extravagance in cash or mood. Everything just wonderful. Don’t be impulsive.

CAPRICORN – December 22nd to January 19th
June. Some special wish may be yours. Prepare for high period of winter. Adjust your psychological and emotional thinking, meet obligations, or otherwise, for this will add to your future freedom. Routine activities at home or at work should be set on a constructive basis for ease and progress.

AQUARIUS – January 20th to February 18th
June. Co-operate. Romance, glamour, marriage, emotional attachments are the big news for you. Also outstanding opportunities and sudden partnerships, group advancements that could be all of your fondest dreams. No rash impulses in the midst of excitement, for they could cause permanent breaks and loss. Vanity or a too independent attitude might interfere with your intended gains. Act with deliberation and foresight. You can fathom the big celestial secret waiting to be yours it you are true to your destiny and daily progress.

PISCES – February 19th to March 20th
June. Big organisations, matters at a distance, can open new avenues. Don’t dream – do! There is some special happiness. You are now going to work with new heart along the lines of your special talents and goals, with everyone helping. Unusual lucky breaks can suddenly be yours along with a big boost. and opportunity that could change your workaday world most favourably. Keep your head, the full picture is not revealed.

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