Hawke’s Bay Photo News 1962 – Number 042 May

Hawke’s Bay PHOTO NEWS
42nd Issue
MAY 1962

[Cover photo – For our cover girl this month, we have chosen eighteen year old Mary Roberts. She works in a law office in Hastings and her interests are tennis and music.]

Extra length… finer filter… and best of all is the tobacco.

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Vol. 4
No. 6
MAY 1962

Editor Philip Moore

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Front Cover. For our cover girl this month, we have chosen eighteen year old Mary Roberts. She works in a law office in Hastings and her interests are tennis and music.

Back Cover. A fair catch. Mr Taylor of Waipukurau takes a pounder from the Tuki Tuki River near Waipukurau.


Kerriann Scott takes her vaccine in her stride.

Page 2

21st Birthdays

A woolshed dance, organised by the Young Farmers’ Club and the Takapau Football Club was held recently to celebrate the 21st of Colin McDonald, whose home is in Whangarei.

A 21st party held in the Red Cross Hall, Napier, was that of John, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Brownlee, Menin Road, Onekawa.
Batchelors Studios Photo

Ian MacDonald of Alexandra Street, Hastings, pictured with his father Mr. Les MacDonald, held his party in the Musical Comedy Society’s Hall.
Batchelors Studios Photo

Mairi, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. McMeekin, Lumsden Road, Hastings, celebrated in the Oddfellows Hall.
Batchelors Studios Photo

Page 3

21st Birthdays

Pat, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Langford, Sylvan Road, Hastings, celebrated her 21st at the James Banquet Lounge, Napier.
MacConnells Photo Service

Maurice, son of Mr. and Mrs. I. H. Moss, Charles Street, Westshore, had his party at Clifton Domain.
Batchelors Studios Photos

Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Kirk, had the 21st party for their son Barry, at their home in Southampton Street, Hastings.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

An open-air party was held to celebrate the 21st of Gary, son of Mr. and Mrs J. N. Kerkin of Norsewood.
Wendy Studios, Takapau

Page 4


On Wednesday, April 4th last, at the James Banquet Lounge, a Twist Marathon that created an enormous amount of interest started, the hall being packed with folk of all stages during most of the 24 hours of each day. The young were there to encourages their favourites and take part in the twisting and the not-so-young to see for themselves what this twisting was all about. Above the contestants start on their long twist to nowhere.

The three main contestants from left to right, Herbie Pawhau, Tommy Taewa and Gary McIntyre.

Page 5

Twelve hours later, contestants were still going strong and had been joined by many pace-makers.

Cindy Stevens, the only girls in the contest.

Richard Paul reads and twists at the same time.

Gary McIntyre changes his shirt on the twist.

Page 6

Friday Morning. The contestants have now moved into the centre of the hall within the square of tables.

Two young pacemakers twist their their way off the floor.

Gary McIntyre got down to some serious twisting when his partner Ursula Ashley arrived from Wellington.

Page 7


A case of mistaken identity.
Photo by Alan Hurly

This photo taken recently is of Wi Kainamu, an old identity and well known figure in Central Hawke’s Bay. At 75 years of age he is probably one of the oldest scrub cutters around. He is pictured in front of his “camp” at Blackburn, Waipawa.
Photo sent by Mrs. P. J. Moriarty

The baby penguin that came ashore at Napier and didn’t want to leave.

Page 8


Heretaunga Tramping Club members, accompanied by two representatives of the police and the emergency radio corps, about to set out on a recent search and rescue exercise from which valuable lessons were learnt. In the two day operation a large area of difficult country was covered in a search for a missing deerstalker. A few widely scattered clues had been laid by other members a week previously. Searchers, working in heavy rain and often poor visibility managed to find the lost person within 36 hours.
Photos by P. Lewis.

In the search operations, radio played an important part. Here a report is sent back to base by one of the specially designed radios used for this type of work. The N.Z. designed sets weigh 15 lbs and are very rugged.

Page 9


Little Robin Shirley, who was given an air trip to anywhere in New Zealand on the recent “Magic Carpet” show in Napier is seen here about to board the plane at the “Beacons”, accompanied by Hostess Julie-Ann Nuttall and her grandmother.

Robin’s mother, father and family farewell her from the tarmac as the plane taxies off.

Page 10


T.Q. midget cars and speedway bikes are proving a great success with the public at their Kennedy Road track, and “Photo News” recently paid a visit to record some of the incidents of this thrilling sport.

Cars, cornering as speed. J. Welford leading, closely followed by P. Gruwell.

W. Gibson, winning his race in the stock bike event.

C. McKee and B. Finch using their feet to assist cornering at speed.

Page 11

“A Grade” car event. B. Bates, showing a clean pair of heels to win.

Start of the George Paxie Cup event.

What happens when a moving object meets the irremovable Don Eade’s bike after collision.

The field in the first lap. The moral here seems to be, keep in front and clean.

Page 12


HACCHE – WALLACE. At Saint Andrew’s Church, Hastings, Eliza Kerr, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. D. Wallace of Dunedin, to Richard Winton, son of Mr. and Mrs, H. R. Hacche, Wilson Road, Hastings. Best man was Peter Vesty, Matron of Honour was Hilary Jane (sister of the groom) and Heather Jane (niece of the groom) was Flower girl.
Lovell-Smith Photo

WILSON – KING. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Wilson, pictured after their marriage at Sacred Heart Church, Hastings. The bride is Sally, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. King and the groom, the elder son of Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Wilson. The young couple will reside in Hastings.
Batchelors Studios Photo


McCARTHY – RYAN. Theresa Ann, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. Ryan, 373 Clifford Street, Gisborne, to Barry James, only son of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. McCarthy, 9 Chaucer Road, Napier.

Page 13


BROWN – TWORT. At Saint Matthews Church, Hastings, Margaret Ellen, daughter of Mrs. and the late Mr. H.A. Twort, Southampton Street, to Roger Samuel, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Brown, Mairangi Street. The attendants from left are, Diane Brown, Neville Brown, Pauline Harris, Michael Wemyss, Carol Twort and Brian Hansen. The future home of the couple is to be Greytown.
Stuart Johnson Photo

CARDWELL – EVETTS. At Saint John’s Cathedral, Napier. Shirley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Evetts, Barker Road, Marewa to the Rev. Rex Cardwell, son of Mr. and Mrs. P. Cardwell, Te Aroha. The young couple will make their home in Waitara, Taranaki.
Batchelors Studios Photo

RODGERS – SPENDER. Mr. and Mrs Neil Hamish Rodgers, leaving Saint Andrew’s Church, Hastings, after their recent marriage. The bride is Valerie Anne, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Spender, Frimley Road, Hastings.
Batchelors Studios Photo

Page 14


The Napier Operatic Society’s Gala, held on the South Pond recently, proved a great success and over 100 pounds was raised.

The proceedings were opened by Ali Ben Hassen (Ian McLean) and his four wives, seen here arriving in his limousine, driven by Ali-oop (Ken Reiper)

Ali’s four wives. Lucky man.

Sue Tiffen holds the winner of the Fancy Dress Parade, 5 year old Cathryn Rowe of Greenmeadows.

Page 15

Dance and song items were given by girls of Hukarere College.

Missed again! Dorothy Morris trys her hand at dart throwing.

Students of Hukarere College enjoy a toffee apple.

Page 16


Recently, Colenso High School Athletic Sports were held at McLean Park and here we present some of the pictures taken by Mr. R. J. Thorpe.

Change over at No. 3 station in the Intermediate Girl Relay.

John Howell of McLean House, winning the Invitation Mile in 4 minutes 59.1 seconds.

Sue Wilton (Senior Girl Champion) winning the 220 yards event in record time.

Page 17

A study in concentration as L. MacDowell, B. O’Dowd, A. Ching and A. Stevens take the hurdles in the Junior Boys Championship Hurdles event.

Judith Tait, Jacqueline Rolls and Lynn Black relaxing between events.

Page 18


This new school, recently opened in Hastings is proving a boon to girls wishing to learn the arts of make-up, modelling and hair styling, and even if the scope for professional models is rather restricted there is plenty of room for the trained part-time model. The school also teaches the girl who does not necessarily want to take up fashion or photographic modelling, how to use make-up correctly and also how to stand and sit properly. Above, Miss Laurel Daley (Principal) shows her class how to place their feet.

Hair styling being demonstrated.

Miss Daley shows how to apply make-up eyes.

Page 19

Introducing members of Miss Daley’s School.

Mary-Lou Holden.

Robin Beach.

Mrs. Susan Crooks.

Raewyn Daley.

Mary Roberts.

Penny Armstronge.

Page 20


With the opening of the new Little Theatre (in McGrath Street) of the Napier Repertory Players, the theatre going public of the district will have a greater opportunity of seeing work of an experimental and controversial nature which would otherwise be denied them, as well as the normal type of play and comedy. The theatre is small and comfortable, being centrally heated, also the acoustics are surprisingly good.

Page 21


Members of the new Saint Augustine’s Church, Napier, give their time and effort to help prepare the grounds of the church. From left to right, Ted White, Allen Wilson, Keith Dockery, Gus Smith and Rye Williams.

Pretty Diane Malcouronne of Tom Parker Avenue, Napier, pauses with her striking Rickshaw boy, while sightseeing in Durban South Africa. Diane at the time was en route to England on the “Southern Cross”.

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Page 22


The Howe Cup Competitions, for Volunteer Fire Brigades around Central Hawke’s Bay, were held recently in Takapau. On this and the following page we present highlights taken during the competitions.

The winning Takapau team in action for the four man event. Left to right, Firemen W. Knuth, N. Oliver, W. Miller and J. Scully.

Dannevirke two man team aiming water at a target disc.

Page 23

The eight men in this picture have a total service of 188 years. Back row from Left to right: Dep. Chief Fire Officer A. H. Spaakman of Woodville (35 years), Chief Fire Officer A. Port of Ormondville (7 years), Chief Fire Officer R. R. Thompson of Takapau (18 years), Deputy Chief Fire Officer E. Beale of Woodville (31 years).

Bottom Row: Senior Vice-President of the N.Z. Volunteer fire Fighting Association, Fireman P. Habib of Port Ahuriri (33 years), Chief Fire Officer L.R.G. (Tiger) Harlen of Hastings (34 years), Chief Fire R. Spotswood of Waipukurau (21 years), and Deputy Chief Fire Officer N. McPhee of Dannevirke (9 years).

Pauline and Teresa Ellison, who come from a fire fighting family in Waipukurau may be a little young as yet, but if volunteers from the fairer sex are ever needed these two midgets will be ready and waiting.

Eighty year old Fred Coleman of Takapau “Twists” with Mrs. Len Steffensen of Waipukurau at a social evening after the presentation of cups.

Page 24


Model railway enthusiasts will no doubt be interested in this layout of young David McNiven’s of Marewa. It differs a lot from most layouts, in that David is not so much interested in the running of the models as he is in the scenic surround. In this layout, the country alongside the tracks is most realistic. Well over half of the equipment and buildings were designed and built by David himself.

The young man who started it all.

Page 25



Cliff-writing (a pastime for crews of visiting ships) has reached new heights. Starting off quite modestly, about 60 feet up (picture on left) it has now shot to the top of the Bluff (picture on right).

Page 26

PASSION PLAY in Hawke’s Bay

On this and the following pages we present a number of pictures of the Passion Play presented recently in Hastings. We place no captions on the pictures as we feel the story is known by us all. We would like to congratulate the producer Mrs. Mary Clarke for a very fine production. To the cast, whose identity must remain anonymous we can only say they played their parts with feeling and humility. The interpretation of this very moving story was carried out with understanding and restraint.

Page 27

[PASSION PLAY in Hawke’s Bay]

Page 28

[PASSION PLAY in Hawke’s Bay]

Page 29

[PASSION PLAY in Hawke’s Bay]

Page 30


The winning team of the recent Webber Shield bowls tournament: E. Jenkins, R. Davis, C. Payne and W. Quarrie

A Heretaunga Tramping Club party recently tried river travelling with the aid of a varied assortment of air mattresses and old innertubes. Here the leader of the party tries his luck in some fast water. The success of the experimental trip has led to the planning of more ambitious trips down some of out high country rivers.

Page 31


This map of world time, in the lounge of the Beacons airport building is usually seen only by air travellers.
Photo by A. W. Colley

Quentin Robson, aged eight, dressed as a swagger at the fancy dress party held in the Greenmeadows Hall during the Greenmeadows School 50th Jubilee celebrations.

The hazards of being a fireman. Tar from Wattie’s roof on the helmets and uniforms of two firemen and an officer. All three were later treated at the hospital for burns.
Reader’s Picture

Page 32


When Waipukurau Nurses held their annual staff dance on March 30th, members of the staff had to dress to represent popular song titles. Above we see “My Old Man’s a Dustman” (Robin Richards), and “Aint Gonna Wash for a Week” (Shona Williams).

“The Scottish Soldier”, John Jennings, and “Pania of the Reef” (Rongo MacDonald).

“My Boomerang Won’t Come Back” (Jumbo Watts).

Page 33

“Sayonara” (Pat Heffernan) and “The Lady is a Tramp” (Meralyn Ireland).

“Jailhouse Rock” (Judy Grant).

Back row, left to right, J. Grant, S. Williams, C. Bracken, C. Swchass, M. Marsh, R. Peni, L. Wong, F. Parkinson.

Centre Row: L. Costello, A. Brandt, L. Ledwigge, R. MacDonald, J. Anderson, M. Ireland, P. Heffernan, J. Affleck.

Kneeling: I. Brooking and J. Gambarizzi. The casualty in front is Tony Berends.

Photos by Laurence Abrahams

Page 34


The first tournament held on the Wairere Bowling Club’s greens since the club moved from Kennedy Road, was a two day open fours in which twenty-eight teams competed. The two teams in the final were from Kia Toa and Heretaunga. F. Kirkman, H. Ainsworth, G. Kay, C. S. Fowler, A Clough, J. Lambert, F. McVicar, J. Steel.

Page 35

President of the new-formed Hastings Lions Club, Mr. K. G. Lett, being presented with the Club’s charter from International Headquarters, Chicago, U.S.A. at a special dinner function which was held in the Farmers Tearooms, Hastings. The presentation was made by N.Z. District Governor, Mr. Horace Kirk.


ROGERS – KAYSER. At Saint Paul’s Presbyterian Church, Napier, Margaret Fay, twin daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Kayser to Charles Alen, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Rogers.
MacConnells’ Photo

21st Birthday

Diane, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Sullivan, Williams Street, Hastings, celebrated her 21st in the Old Folks’ Hall.
Batchelors Studios Photo

Page 36


When the Napier Lodge of the M.U.I.O.O.F. entertained their fellow Lodge from Gisborne at a recent social evening, a very important parade of fashions was held. It is said that the organisers scoured the province for the very best models to wear their fabulous creations, in fact it looks as if they had been scouring for a number of years. Above we see Alfreda (Alf Wakely), Davetta (Dave Mayhew), Harryanna (Harry Walker) and Billie (Bill Stephen).

Normie (Norm Woods).

Tomica (Tom Gee) and Jacklyn (Jack Robinson).

Page 37

Rexenna (Rex Kenah) in the latest moon suit.

Howardanna (Howard Marsh), Miss H.B. 1901

Harryanna (Harry Walker) looking very chic.

Stanliela (Stan Howell) Miss N.Z. 1898.

Page 38


Four little girls with a big idea. Sharyl, Allison and Jennifer Prout and Robyn White, assisted by Kevin Prout had the excellent idea and energy to organise a shop day outside their home and all proceeds went to their new school, Richmond, at Maraenui.

Little Marie Murphy feeding the ducks which have returned to Georges Drive in force. They must know the shooting season is at hand.

Page 39


A new visitor to the Port of Napier. The Japanese vessel “Suez Maru” on her first visit to load wool.

The nearly completed hall of Saint Augustine’s Church in Maraenui, blends well with the modernistic design of the new church.

Page 40


Over twenty scout troops from all parts of Hawke’s Bay gathered at Tomoana Showgrounds recently to take part in their annual field day.

The object of a day such as this was to test the boys skill, ingenuity and leadership in the various tasks (which had to be completed within a certain time) set them.

Members of the Red Shield group attempt the crossing of a stream without getting wet. Robert Lawrence is seen here swinging a staff tied to a pole from one bank to the other.

Members of the 2nd Hastings Troop prepare to erect a tent in record time. The area Field Day trophy has been won by this troop over the past two years.

Page 41

Another task set the boys, was to recover a radioactive object from a pond without getting closer that eight feet. Members of the 1st Wairoa Patrol made a very ingenious sling on staves, which proved very successful.

Passing a troop and equipment over a high wall. Members of Saint Augustine’s Troop, Napier, start their operations.

Getting the last man over.

Page 42


Someone started it, “Photo News” published it, now everybody is doing it. Novelty games are fast becoming a fashion at 21st birthdays and other parties these days and through the courtesy of Batchelors Studios we present a trip around some recent parties.

The “Can Can” male version.

Dancing with a “spud”. If you squash the fruit, you’re out. Looks like a complicated way of doing the “Twist”.

Page 43

The “Mummy” game again.

Two of Hawke’s Bay’s top models.

The diminishing newspaper dance. Left, the unorthodox way of keeping on the paper and right, the best way.

Page 44

A visitor to the bar of the Rangitaiki Hotel on the Taupo Plains, may well wonder at all the monies pinned to the ceiling. This scheme was started some years ago by a previous proprietor and the story is that, customers are invited to pin a note on the ceiling and once a year these are gathered up and given to a charity. In the picture above, Mr. George Studd is seen starting to remove the notes collected this year. George, who is secretary-treasurer of the H. B. Intellectually Handicapped Children Parent’s Association has been given this year’s collection for his association.

Notes from all countries find their way to the ceiling during the course of the year and you will always see at least one ten pound note which is given regularly each year by the same donor. Below we see Mr. Jack Dance starting off the new collection which will go to another charity next year.

Page 45


After a day of sports and competitions at the Hastings District Cub Rally presentations were made at the Duke Street Scout Hut.

Happy Heretaunga Pack, who received the trophy for most points for the day.

Mrs. A. W. Pratt receiving the long service decoration from Mr. R. Whitworth, Chairman of Mahora L.A.

Two Cubs who received their final badges and now have the twelve possible proficiency badges. John Burnard, Mr. E. Welsh and John Hutcheson – both boys from 2nd Hastings Cub Pack.

Photos by Batchelors Studios

Page 46


WAITOA – RUPAHA. At Saint Mark’s Church, Takapau, Josaphine Mary, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rupaha, Takapau, to Enoka Potae, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Waitoa of Gisborne. Attendants from left to right are, S. Paenga, Marita Carmont, R. Waitoa, Muriel Rupaha, Logan Rupaha and Arita Rupaha.
Wendy Studios Photo

Mr. and Mrs. R. MARTIN, who were married recently in Dannevirke. The bridal group from left are, Brian Stott, Noeleen Coldstream, Groom and Bride, and Marion Swanney (cousin of the bride).
Barretts Studios, Dannevirke

Page 47

Wedding Bells

HARDING – DAVISON. At Trinity Methodist Church, Hastings, Pamela Priscilla, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Davison, Parr Road, Hastings, to Raymond Robert, son of Mrs. A. Harding, Lower Hutt. The attendants are Penny Probert, Wendy Barnett and Maurice Turnbull.

Below: The bride pictured with her parents.
Russell Orr Photo

MUSSON – LINES. At St Matthews Church, Hastings, Marjorie Ellen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Lines, Maraekakaho Road, to Selwyn George, son of Mrs. D. O. and the late Mr. A. Musson, Miller Street. Future home is to be Hastings.
Stuart Johnson Photo

Page 48


A church reborn. The eastern half of the old Saint John’s Cathedral makes an attractive sight today on the new site in Onekawa. The grounds have been laid out and the building repainted a pleasant shade of green.

Mr. R. S. Britain, chief manager of the Bank of N.S.W. in New Zealand, presents Mr. P. Tait, Mayor of Napier with a cheque for 100 pounds – a gesture from the bank to the city to mark the centenary of the opening of the Napier Branch of the bank. During the evening a bronze plaque was also unveiled to commemorate the centenary.
Photo by Hurst Studio

Page 49


Shane Mitchell seems to approve.

“Photo News” recently paid a visit to a Napier Clinic to witness the small fry being given their new oral polio vaccine and from what we saw they loved it. We would urge all mothers to have their children immunised, even if it does mean walking junior half a mile to the nearest clinic.

Allison Bennett is more interested in the nurse.

Shelly Kim Johnson, not too sure, but all was well.

Christine Hagen is a little more apprehensive.

Page 50


The gala held recently by the Hastings Intermediate School, proved very successful with more than 200 pounds being raised towards a filtration plant for the school baths.

The gala started with a first class fancy dress procession, the best we have seen for many a long day.

Page 51

The fire engine was a great draw for the small fry.

Vic Boag, late of St. Trinians, made a very fetching figure while extracting “lolly” from the cash customers.

Decorated bikes on the way to the gala.

Page 52


The Wycliffe Intermediate School Gala got away to a good start and even though the weather was wet and cold, parents arrived in force and the organisers made a good job of extracting cash, all to a good cause.

A coconut’s “eye-view” of the throwing patrons.

Mrs. J. Kemsley tried her hand at lodging a bowl on a 10/- note.

Page 53


“Photo News” recently paid a visit to a local vineyard to see how the gathering of the wine harvest was progressing.

Mrs. Ruth Robson pauses a moment for our photographer.

Pickers working among the vines.

The casks in which the wine is laid and left to mature.

Smoko, picnic fashion.

Page 54


The men in the picture above, all members of a local gymnasium, took part recently in a “Strongest man of the Gym” contest. Back row, left to right: J. West, R. White, P. Harris, J. Smith and K. Bishop.

Front row: L. Cockburn, L. Neale, M. Price and R. Crozier.

Paul Harris, who was first.

The second place-getter was Alec Roy

Page 55


When the Napier United Croquet Club celebrated its 40th anniversary recently, eight members paraded in old-time frocks, much to the amusement of the spectators. From Left to right they are, Mesdames Petherick, Hynes, Horniblow, O’Neill, Bradley, Lee, Miss Merritt and Mrs M. Fulford.

After the official opening several games of golf croquet were played and here we see Mesdames Lee, Bradley, Fulford and Miss Merritt intent on their game.

Page 56


Yet another view of Napier taken in the 20’s, by the late Horace Cotterell, before Clive Square (centre of picture) was made so picturesque. Some of the landmarks are easily found, such as the Manual Training Centre (lower R.H. corner), St Patrick’s Church, and the Forrester’s Hall, now the R.S.A. Note the hoardings on the corner of Dickens and Munroe Streets.

This more recent picture, taken from approximately the same angle shows the same part of the city as it is today.

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[Back cover photo – A fair catch. Mr Taylor of Waipukurau takes a pounder from the Tuki Tuki River near Waipukurau.]

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