Hawke’s Bay Photo News 1963 – Number 054 May

Hawke’s Bay PHOTO NEWS
54th Issue
MAY 1963

[Cover photo – Scottish Country Dancer Glenys Corbin of Hastings, features our cover this month. Glenys, who is nearly 19 years old, is an I.B.M. punch card operator for Wattie‘s Canneries and has a keen interest in dancing.]

Extra length . . . finer filter . . . and best of all is the tobacco.

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Vol. 5
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Front Cover. Scottish Country Dancer Glenys Corbin of Hastings, features our cover this month. Glenys, who is nearly 19 years old, is an I.B.M. punch card operator for Wattie‘s Canneries and has a keen interest in dancing.

Back Cover. This picture shows the old and the new as work moves rapidly on the new Puketapu Bridge being built to replace the picturesque but rickety old suspension bridge, one of the oldest bridges in Hawke’s Bay.

Classical ballet, the most difficult and arduous form of dancing, seems so easy when performed by Diane Clare of Gisborne, who was a winning competitor at the recent Napier Festival of Arts.

Page 2


The 1963 Napier Festival of Arts was one of the most popular and successful events for many years. From a record entry of some 1,600 competitors, the adjudicator’s task was a most difficult one. Above we see the Napier Junior Choir under the baton of Miss Helen Dykes.

Members of the Marewa School of Dance pose for the camera.

Page 3

Chopin at its best. A wonderful recital by Adrianne Norris.

Little Sandra McKenzie with her trophy for verse speaking.

In the dressing room, the Julienne Owen Troupe get ready for their performance.

Page 4

Helen Smith, Shona Thompson and Alison Earl perform the dance Iota.

The girl with all the trophies is Nita Olding, who took seven awards.

Judy Mohekey, dance soloist.

Page 5

The Tap Troupe from the Shirley Hanley School of Dance. From left: Gaynor Taylor, Michelle Chapman, Brenda Hardgrave, Fay Lancaster.

For the first time this year, modelling was a part of the Festival. The finalists of this section are seen above. From left: Diane Clare, Helen Smith, Judith Mohekey, Karen Thompson and Sheryle Honeybun.

Page 6


CLARKE – BOYD. Married recently at St. David’s Church, Napier, were Glenda, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Boyd, Napier, to John, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Clarke, Napier. The bridal party from left: Richard Clarke, Bronwyn Boyd, Groom and Bride, Maurice Clarke and Janice Gibson.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

PAKU – LOWE. PAKU – HARMER. At a double wedding in Hastings recently, Sandra, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. Lowe, Napier, was married to John Charles Paku, and Heni, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. Harmer, Opapa, was married to Peter Alexander Paku. Both Grooms are sons of Mrs. S. Tyson, Hastings. The bridal party from left are: Star Renata, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Paku, Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Paku, and Sam Harmer. The flower girls are Bernadette Paku and Terese Shearsby.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

Page 7

John and Michael, twin sons of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Cunningham, Hastings, recently celebrated their 21st birthday at the Oddfellows Hall, Hastings. They are pictured here with their parents.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

Four Generations shown here are, from left: Mrs. Bartlett (Grand-daughter), Irene (Greatgranddaughter), Mrs. A. Corby (Mother), and Mr. F. Corby (Son).
Photo bv Batchelors Studios

Thomas Earl, son of Mr. and Mrs. F.J. Corby, Washpool, Hastings, is shown with his parents at his 21st at the Twyford Hall.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

Gary, son of Mr and Mrs J.R. Watts, celebrated his coming of age at his home. He is pictured above with his parents.

Page 8

The ball was made of concrete and the key had been put in the post. We hope he received it before his wedding.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

Brian Gosling is shown wearing a ball and chain which was locked on his ankle at a stag party, which was held before his wedding. From left are: Peter Rodway, Barry Jones, Brian Gosling and Bruce Ainsworth.

GOSLING – WILLIAMS. Shown after their wedding at the Trinity Methodist Church, Napier, are Mr and Mrs Brian Thomas Gosling. The bride was Wendy Elizabeth, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. F. Williams, Napier, and the groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs T. Gosling, Napier.
Photo by Batchelors Studies

We are always pleased to receive photographs from our readers for publication, but anyone sending us pictures should realise that we reserve the right to publish them or not. Many pictures sent in are not of sufficient depth or quality to reproduce well in Photo News, and of course there are times when space is limited. However, when it is at all possible, we will publish newsy pictures sent to us.

Page 9


The major Easter attraction for athletes, pipers, and dancers, the Hastings Highland Games, once again proved the major drawcard in the province. With a record entry of competitors from all parts of the country, the success of the Games was assured. Today, this is the biggest event of its kind in the country, and will grow bigger as the years pass.

The Grand Parade.

Page 10

Scottish Country Dancers, always a popular event at the Highland Games.

P. de Frere of Hastings, performs a Western Roll in the Women’s High Jump.

Page 11

Lenore Livingston, a competitor in the Hastings Highland Games Intermediate A Scholarship Sean Triubhas.

Christine Wilson, Hastings, competing in the Sword Dance, 10 to 12 years.

Miss Joan Mansfield, Napier, who has competed in nearly all the Hastings Highland Games.

Gillian Fear, Hastings, also a Sword Dance competitor.

Page 12

Miss M. McIntyre, Mrs. J. Sheldrake and Mrs. L. Eyles, total scores at the target in the Archery section.

Miss L. Lamberg of Rotorua, draws a bead on the target.

Eddie Rye of Napier, crosses the line, first man home in the Marathon Road Race.

Page 13

The final of the 80 metres hurdles, which was won by S. Haden of Hastings.

D. R. Niethe of Taradale, clears the bar in the Men’s Pole Vault Open event.

Weight lifting, another facet of the Games. Above is Alex Roy of Taradale, with a Hands Clean Jerk, of 150 lbs.

Page 14

New Zealand’s three great distance runners together and in action, a sight not very often seen. From left, Peter Snell, Bill Baillie, and John Davies.

Page 15

Peter Snell and John Davies busy signing autographs for the hundreds who wanted them.

Peter Snell breasts the tape in the 880, closely followed by John Davies.

Des Smith of Otaki, winning the Greater Hastings Highland Mile.

Page 16

A. Bishop leads with his left to J. Ramsay, in one at the many bouts in the Amateur Boxing Section of the Games.

J. Cartwright of Hastings, and A. Nant of Palmerston North in the Women‘s Javelin.

Page 17

Jim O’Brien, a regular and popular competitor at axe events in the Jigger Chop.

The Ladies’ Invitation Chop. Miss Graham goes to town with the axe.

Miss Ray Westley appears to have been hit in the stern by a chip.

No wonder!

Page 18


To meet the increasing demand, one large Napier bakery has just installed a giant new oven of the latest design. The oven is pictured above, being prepared for placing in the bakehouse.

As soon as the even was installed, we returned to see just how our loaves were made.

First the dough is mixed, then Frank Frost (above) passes the dough into a weighing and cutting machine, from there to a rolling machine, and then to an overhead prover, the whole operation being automatic.

Page 19

Leo Arkesteiyn removes the proven bread from the overhead prover, and places it on the conveyer belt of the new oven.

While in the bakehouse, we noticed Jack Wetherall and Bert Barnes making the curly pieces that adorn some of the more fancy loaves.

Page 20


The Minister of Police, Mr. Dean Eyre, made a visit to the Hastings Police Station recently and inspected the men of the force and later spoke of intentions to replace the old station property within two years. He is pictured above with (from left) Mr. Duncan MacIntyre, Senior Sergeant M. J. Thyne, Mr Eyre, and Inspector J. M. Bourke.

The uniformed branch and detectives of the Hastings police district pictured during the visit of the Minister of Police, Mr Eyre.

Page 21


One of the most successful galas held in Napier of recent years, was staged recently by Colenso High School, and all credit must go to the staff and students for carrying this project through to a successful conclusion. The new Gymnasium will be a well earned amenity, and a credit to the School’s will to work for a goal.

Leigh Matthews and Gay Nightingale, dressed as beatniks, did a roaring trade of selling sweets from trays.

The interloper.

The scene during the afternoon as the crowds poured in.

Page 22

Demonstrated by Mr G.C. Pringle of Wanganui, the Hover-craft created much interest.

This was the scene seconds after the start at the “Hunt the Needle” contest, as boys, small and large, hurtled into the fray.

Page 23

Auctioneering of many varied and odd looking articles cause much amusement and quite a lot of cash to school funds.

The greasy pig didn’t get very far.

Page 24


Hastings’ newest industry, Fabric Weavers Ltd., from whose factory in Karamu Road, New Zealand’s moquette requirements will come, was officially opened by the Minister of Industries and Commerce, Mr. Marshall, recently. Mr. Marshall is shown addressing the guests at the opening function.

An attractive pattern of red, black and white moquette is admired by the Minister, on one of the factory’s large looms. At left is Mrs. Northrop, wife of the General Manager of Fabric Weavers. On the right of Mr. Marshall is Mr. C. B. Cox, Managing Director of the concern.

Page 25

For kitchens, bathrooms and laundries
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The fabulous new Acrylic plastic house paint.
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Upstairs, downstairs, in fact all through the house.
This is the paint that “cleaned up” painting. Tough, super-smooth, easy going DULUX Super-Latex. Dries in 20 minutes, odourless, brushes and rollers wash out in water. Extremely durable too.
The full-gloss enamel for weatherboard houses.
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Page 26

GIBSON – PARSONS. Married at the Trinity Methodist Church recently were Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gibson. The bride is Rona Lynn, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Parsons, Napier. The bridegroom is the second son of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Gibson, Waipukurau.

Michael Crosbie, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Madden, Napier, recently celebrated his 21st at the Ex-Navalmen’s Hall, Onekawa. He also announced his engagement to Barbara Joyce (Penny), daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Young, Napier. He is pictured here with his fiancee.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

Thurlow, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. Walker, Waipukurau, celebrated his 21st at the Memorial Hall, Waipukurau. He also announced his engagement to Jackie Lawrence, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. V. A. Lawrence of Onga Onga, the same evening.
Photo by Wendy Studios

KIDD – GRIFFITHS. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Andrew Kidd are shown after their wedding at St. Andrew’s Church, Hastings. The bride was Fiona Lillian, daughter of Mr. and the late Mrs. W. E. Griffiths, Twyford, and the groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Kidd, Longlands, Hastings.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

Page 27

The Ferris triplets of Hastings, celebrated their first birthday on the 14th March. From left to right they are, Newton, Lewis and Roland. They are standing and crawling now and their combined weight is somewhere around the 6 stone mark.

An interested visitor to the Hawke’s Bay Milk Producers Co-op Ltd., Waiohiki, recently, was Mr. B. H. Hawkins, an executive of a dairy industry in Kenya, who is in New Zealand for the Bisley Shoot, held recently at Trentham. Mr. Hawkins (centre) watches the Factory Manager, Mr E. R. Graham, carrying out tests in the laboratory. With them at right is Mr. W. J. Gunn, a vice-president of the co-operative.

Page 28


Children of Frimley School pictured in their gay fancy dress, during their Gala Day celebrated recently.

Oblivious to all but their newly purchased comics are Michael Randel and Terry Onekawa.

What could be more appetising for a clown than a juicy piece of water melon. The clown is 9-year-old Terry O’Leary.

Page 29

Casting their votes in the best doll display are, from left: Ruth Fowler, Naomi Souter, Karen Souter and Pamela Murley.

A touch of the Islands was supplied by these two shy Hawaiians, Stephanie Dale (left) and Karen Hughes.

Kim and Peter Gordon’s mother must have been kept busy for a few nights on these two handsome costumes.

Page 30


The “Hotchars”, a skiffle group from Waipawa, recently presented a concert for the old folks of Everslea Home, Hastings, which they are never likely to forget. This picture above was taken at the height of the “weeping song” and the tearful quartet are from left: Melva Cooper, Doreen Morris, Pam Henderson, and Leone Hamilton.

“What a mouth, what a mouth, what a North and South”. A tonsil tune that brought the house down, and artist is Melva Cooper, reaching out for top A.

Gripped by the pathos of the music and words “Hotchars” Leone Hamilton (left) and Pam Henderson give vent to their feelings.

Page 31

Tony Nattrass, while on his honeymoon in the South Island recently, helped in the rescue of a Palmerston North nurse, who had been injured on the Fox Glacier. Picture shows the stretcher party, of which Tony is a member, carrying the girl out.


Waipukurau nurses who graduated at the hospital recently, pose for a photograph. They are, from left: Staff Nurses J. Smales, T. Auelua, L. Palepoi, M. Ireland and G. Grant.

Page 32


The official party arrive at the Waipukurau Hospital for the opening of the new block. In the centre is the Minister of Health, Mr. McKay, and with him is the Mayor of Waipukurau, Mr. H. Winlove. The Matron, Miss M. Shaw, is in the background.

The Minister of Health, Mr. McKay and Mrs. McKay open the door to the new wing for an inspection of the hospital facilities after the official opening.

The chairman of the Waipawa Hospital Board, Mr. T. P. Hunter, presented the Minister with a silver ice bucket to commemorate his visit to the hospital.

Page 33

Admiring the ice bucket presented to the Minister and his wife are from left: Mrs Paul Hunter (daughter-in-law to the chairman of the Waipawa Hospital Board), Mrs Winlove, Mrs McKay and Mrs.C.G.E. Harker.

An impressive addition to the Waipukurau Hospital is this £183,000 block, which was officially opened by the Minister of Health, Mr McKay, recently.

Page 34


The Australian Polo team which played a New Zealand side at the Tomoana Showsgrounds recently were unofficially greeted upon their arrival at the Hawke’s Bay Airport, by the Prime Minister, Mr. Holyoake (left) who was making a brief stop over at Napier. They are from left: Peter Cudmore, Theo Hill and Sinclair Hill.

Australian polo player Theo Hill, prepares to slash down on a ball during play against a New Zealand team at Tomoana Showgrounds. Riding in to assist him is celebrated world famous player, Sinclair Hill (right).

Page 35

The Australian Polo team mounted and ready for their encounter with New Zealand. From left, they are: Peter Cudmore, Sinclair Hill and Theo Hill.

Mike Bellerby gets a good shot away under his “airborne” pony’s feet and Aussie, Theo Hill thunders in to attack.

Page 36


Finalists in the Hastings section of the “Youth of the Year” Contest, a national contest to find the ideal youth. From left, Linda Lick, David Lothan, Sharleen Forbes, Ken Styles, and Marie McKnight. [Please note: Sharleen Forbes is actually at left of photo.]

Mrs Giorgi presents Miss McKnight with her trophy as winner of the Hastings section.

As part of her, prize, Marie had two seats to the Acker Bilk show. She is seen here discussing the show with Mr. Bilk.

Page 37


Shown here are pictures from one of the many games played at the Eastern Districts Roller Hockey Tournament, held at the Revue rink, over the Easter holidays.

Bette Cameron (H.B.) takes the ball from Jennifer Medreen (Manawatu).

S. Fraser (Manawatu) crosses sticks with Bette Cameron (H.B.) and prevents a shot at goal.

Wonder if they know where the ball is?

Page 38


Mrs. F. Lowes of Takapau being congratulated by Mr. and Mrs. D. McIntyre, after being made a Provincial Life Member of the Women’s Division Federated Farmers at the Memorial Hall, Waipukurau. She has been a member for 26 years all told; 18 years at Branch Office, 15 years at Provincial Office and Dominion Officer for 9-1/2 years.
Photo by Wendy Studios

Three busy ladies at the Dannevirke Show were, Mrs D. Herd, Mrs A.A. Tacon and Mrs J.E. Williams. They ran a Red Cross Aid post and Babies Creche.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

Page 39


Darkness forced Hancox to make for the beach earlier than anticipated, but however, his goal was reached, for he landed some 100 yards inside the Napier boundary just on 6.15 p.m., after being in the water for 11 hours and covering some 14 miles.

The powerful arm action of Hancox is captured in this shot taken near noon after being in the water for five hours.

Pacific Club swimmer Keith Hancox, takes time off for a cup of coffee after completing five miles of the swim from Cape Kidnappers to Napier, recently.

Page 40


An exterior and interior view of the new Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, which has recently been completed at Te Hauke. The chapel (lower) is 48 feet by 32 feet and is divided by curtains from the recreation hall behind.

Page 41


Some of the new and colourful fish now on show in the Hawke’s Bay Aquarium in Napier.

Drascyllus Aruanus, a small fish. Colour, black and white, stripes.

Butterfly Fish. Black back marking with gold edging and blue stripes on the body.

Holocanthus Bi Colour. Royal blue and yellow markings.

Caris Angulata. Brilliant orange, irregular white spots with black borders,

Amphiprion Percula, or more commonly, a Clown Fish. Markings are orange and white.

Chromis Casrulens. A brilliant lemon colour with unusual tail.

Page 42



A group of not so old pupils at Makaretu School Reunion are Jane Inglis, Diane Russell, Margaret Rosvale, Kathleen Danin and Penny White.

The Makaretu School Reunion was held in the grounds of the old school house at Makaretu. Old pupils came from as far as Whangarei and Wellington. Makaretu School was opened in 1880 and was attended by pupils of many nationalities – Swedish, Norwegian, Polish, Danish and German At one time, the only English spoken was by the teacher. The school closed in 1962 and is now part of the Sherwood School. It is interesting to note that the number of pupils in 1962 was nearly the same as in 1880.

From left to right: Mr. Gilbert Severinsen, Mr T. Morrison, Miss Johansen and oldest living pupil, Willy Dazzler of Auckland. Mr Dazzler gave a short speech on old days at the school.

Mrs. F. Berkalm cuts the birthday cake.

Photos by Wendy Studios

Page 43


Lucky spinning wheel, run by Ray Ainge, Bill Simmons and Bruce Williams.

A Gala Day was run by the parents, pupils, and staff of the C.H.B. College, Waipukurau, to raise funds for the purchasing of a loud speaker system, musical instruments, sports gear, and equipment for new football grounds. The weather was ideal, and a very successful day was had with approximately £520 raised from the efforts from 21 stalls and amusements.

Sales of meat donated to the School made good progress with parents. This is always a good selling line.

The skittle alley.

Photos by Wendy Studios

Page 44


Miss Googie Withers presenting the rosette to Rawahine, after the jump-off in the Swaeton Championship Jump for A Grade horses, at the Horse Society Show at the Tomoana Showgrounds. Rawahine was ridden by Mrs Tony Webb from Hunterville, and watching is Mr Toby Simmons, President of the Hawke’s Bay area.

Cassidy, winner of the Horse of the Year Award at the Horse Show, was ridden by its owner, Mr Hugh Thompson of Havelock North. Cassidy won the Award by gaining the least number of faults in four specific events.

Page 45

Ann Stead of Hastings with Cassidy, after winning the Ladies’ Jump event. The Horse of the Year event was also won by Cassidy, owned by H. V. Thompson, Hastings.

Mary Chrisp in action on her mount, Snail, who jumped a clear round in 31.2 seconds.

Barely enough standing room on the miniature scales almost toppled show jumper Mary Chrisp, Gisborne, weighing in after winning the Hopalong Stakes at the 11th Annual Show of the Hawke’s Bay North Area’s Horse of the Year Show at Tomoana Showgrounds recently.

Gisborne horse Saba Sam, ridden by G. O. Hansen, made no doubt in winning the Wills prize of £150 for the horse gaining the most points at the New Zealand Home Society’s eight North Island shows.

Page 46

Shown at her 21st birthday, which was celebrated with a party at home, is Beryl, daughter of Mr and Mrs. H. Preston, Haumoana.
MacConnells Photo Service

Jackie, daughter of Mrs. J. Gollop, Napier, is shown at her 21st, which was held at home.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

Elizabeth Cooper is shown at her 21st, which was held at Pukeora Home, Waipukurau.

Shown cutting the cake at her 21st birthday is Ngaire, daughter of Mr and Mrs J. Williams, Clive.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

Page 47

David, son of Mr and Mrs. I. S. Hodgkinson, Napier, recently celebrated his 21st birthday in the Marewa Baptist Hall. He is pictured here with his mother and father.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

David, son of Mrs E.M. Thompson, Napier, celebrated his 21st at a party which was held at the Orange Hall, Napier. He is shown here with his mother.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

Douglas, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Pender, Ahuriri, is shown cutting the cake at his 21st, which was held at home.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

Page 48


At one of the H.B.T.Q. Club’s many meetings at Meeanee, the boys get away to a good start. Picture shows the first lap of the first race of the day.

Jockeying for position on one of the many bends.

Bill Owens bites the dust on his track bike in one of the dirt track events.

Page 49


John Cummings and Hank Penman getting all dressed up for the Ladies’ Minute Dash.

The winners of the trial certainly didn’t get swollen heads.

A novelty mystery trial thought up by the back seat drivers to get their own back on the Mere Males.

Ernie Morgan and Paul Stichbury use up some of their surplus gas.

The organisers of the trial, Jo Nattrass and Maureen Parker get their just reward, admittance to the Abominable Association of Back Seat Drivers.

Page 50

The Mayor of Hastings, Mr. Ron Giorgi, speaking to the 3000 odd people present during the official opening of the new Nelson Park grandstand recently. Two first grade rugby matches were arranged to mark the occasion.

A view of the completed stand which has a seating capacity of 5,500.

Page 51


One of the patrols who recently spent a very wet weekend in the high country of the Te Whaka-Te Pohue district in an attempt to gain their Ventura Badges, dry out round their camp fire. They are, from left: District Scoutmaster R. Peacock, Assistant District Commissioner S. E. Trott, and Senior Scouts M. Park, D. Broomhead and R. Steenson.

Cooking lunch under trying conditions. From left: Senior Scout M. Speeden, Assistant District Commissioner S.E. Trott, and Senior Scout D. Broomhead.

Page 52


“The House by the Lake”, a psychological thriller, produced by David Monrad for the Napier Repertory Players, played to full houses for an extended season. This was the players first presentation this season.

Colin (Bill Corfield) describes an argument with his wife to Maurice (Neville Baker) and Stella (Jan Taylor). In a few minutes, Colin is dead.

Stella and Maurice prepare to hide the body of Colin.

Page 53

After returning from an outing with Colonel Forbes (Cedric Catton), Janet (Deidre Hainsworth), rebels against her husband. “I don’t see why I should go. I’ve been out of the way all evening”.

Iris (Ruth Calson) explains that she thinks she has murdered her husband Colin. In the background, the detective (Roy Peach) and the Nurse (Dorothy Whittington) play out an argument.

Under the influence of hypnosis, Janet is forced by her husband to commit suicide. He instructs her to shoot herself one minute after he leaves the room.

The detective, sensing something is wrong, breaks into “The House by the Lake” in time to prevent murder again being done.

Page 54


The organisers of the party were: Mrs. S. Thomsen, Waipukurau; Mrs. Mitchell, Waipawa; Mrs Francis, Palmerston North; Mrs Jensen, Waipkurau; and Mrs Laurie Swindell, of Station 2YZ Napier.

A party was held at St. Mary’s Hall, Waipukurau, recently, to honour the senior citizens of Central Hawke’s Bay, It was organised by members of the C.H.B. Federation of Country Women’s Institutes. Visitors from various parts of C.H.B. were entertained for two hours with stage shows, community singing and afternoon tea. The whole show was a complete success.

Mr. Malcolm, Hastings, and Mrs. Turner Williams, Havelock North. Mr. Malcolm thanked the organisers on behalf of the visitors.

Mrs. A. Thomsen, a visitor from Takapau.

Page 55

Mrs Edgecombe, Mrs. Mills, and Mrs. Grant, were all visitors from Takapau, and Mrs. Baron, from Takapau, was a helper.

The “Hotchars” up to their antics again.

Photos by Wendy Studios

Page 56

Children of Takapau School watch their school mates at the sports day held at Takapau School. Takapau School eventually won the C.H.B. Athletics at Onga Onga.
Photo by Wendy Studios

Warning to Boaties and Yachties. When you see the above flag flying from a buoy or stationary vessel, please keep clear by 100 yards. The flag means that a diver is working, and is an International signal. This flag is used by skin diving clubs as well as professional divers.
Description of the flag is as follows. A red ground with a diagonal white stripe. Stripe runs from inside top to outside bottom.

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LEE (Dept. N.Z.3) 269 Pentonville Road London, N.1, England

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[Back cover photo – This picture shows the old and the new as work moves rapidly on the new Puketapu Bridge being built to replace the picturesque but rickety old suspension bridge, one of the oldest bridges in Hawke’s Bay.]

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