Hawke’s Bay Photo News 1959 – Number 008 June

Hawke’s Bay PHOTO NEWS
Number 8
June 1959

[Cover photo – Front cover this month, by Lovell-Smiths, is of an Iona Old Girls Debutante, 17-year-old Elizabeth Giorgi, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ron Giorgi, of Hastings. Elizabeth, who attended Iona Girls College, Havelock North, for four years and was head prefect last year, is to study physiotherapy in Dunedin.]

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JUNE 1959
Volume 1
No. 8

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Front cover this month, by Lovell-Smiths, is of an Iona Old Girls Debutante, 17-year-old Elizabeth Giorgi, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ron Giorgi, of Hastings. Elizabeth, who attended Iona Girls College, Havelock North, for four years and was head prefect last year, is to study physiotherapy in Dunedin.

Attractive young miss on our back cover is 16-year-old Wendy Hutchinson, a prefect at the Hastings Girls’ High School. An inseparable companion, Santa, a tortoiseshell Persian, had to be in the picture, too.
Photo by Russell Orr

Cathedral Ball
Hastings High School Old Pupils’ Ball
Iona Girls’ College Old Girls’ Ball


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Page 1


In 1942 Mr Thomas, a member of the staff at the Tomoana Freezing Works, was asked by the St. Andrew’s Club in Hastings if he could produce a one act play to be presented on the club’s Ladies Night. Mr. Thomas said he would see what he could do and in due course the show was duly presented. It proved to be such a success that this play “The Bishop’ Candlesticks” gave a further eight request performances that year.

Out of this unobtrusive beginning was born the idea of the Tomoana Players who have not looked back since its inception and now they rarely play to anything less than packed houses.

A non-profit organisation, the Players have, even though tickets are sold at no more than five shillings each, distributed to charitable organisations and for educational purposes, the amazing sum of ten thousand pounds.

They receive, and always have received, the utmost support and encouragement from all members of the staff and management and one advantage they enjoy is that a space is set aside at the works where the set once built, – by voluntary labour – is left in position, thus enabling the caste to rehearse “on stage” at all times.

This years production, a fast moving and humorous play “It pays to advertise” by Walter Hachett and Roi Cooper-Megrue is about to go on the road and will be appearing in Napier on July the 18th and 20th: Dannevirke, July the 23rd; Hastings, July the 27th, 28th and 29th; and Waipukurau on July the 30th.

The cost of producing the show is greatly reduced by the generosity of Barry Bros., Robert Holt, and Powdrell Bros. who each year provide transport, free of charge for the moving of the scenery from town to town.

After seventeen years of operation the name of the Players is now well known throughout Hawkes Bay.

BELOW. While members of the cast are coached by producer Dick Thomas, work on the scenery goes on in the background.

Page 2

A tremendous amount of work goes into the making of the stage properties and there is an endless pile of paper work to be attended to before the play can be presented to the public.

Property mistress Barbara Stirling checks list of props that will be required for this years production.

BELOW: Michael Moloney, managing secretary works out details of the coming season.

Stage manager Sid Taylor and stage director Ralph Spence set up a “flat” for a rehearsal of act two.

Scenic artist Jack Skelton at work on a scene for the play.

Ralph Spence discusses set plan with the producer.

Page 3


“Johnson, show her out”, says Mavis Robinson (centre) as Comtesse de Beaurien to Lewis Stewart (Johnson the butler). Anne Haycock as Mary Grayson is not perturbed.

Alan Edwards who plays the part of Bronson and Bruce Sharp who plays “McChesney” watch other members of the cast as they rehearse.

Anne Haycock as Mary Grayson and Michael Maloney as William Smith.

“Think of all the babies who will be born this year”, says James Camp (left) to John Walker as Michael Brown looks on and producer Dick Thomas urges him to give more point to the line.

Nova Shattky, Ann Haycock, Mavis Robinson and Jean Goodhall studying script.

Page 4

Demonstration of New Engine and “Featherweight” Pump to Hastings Fire Board Members

The Hastings Fire District now has a new fire engine with a “featherweight pump” as part of its equipment. Recently purchased by the Fire Board this equipment was last month demonstrated to board members who showed a very keen interest in the practicability of their purchase.

This disposes of the major problem facing fire fighters, called to fires in country areas, where the lack of water in positions accessible to vehicles towing trailer pumps very often wasted valuable time while the heavy pumps were man-handled into position. This is where the new pump comes into its own, as four men, and if necessary two men, can carry it over rough country without any difficulty. Laying the hose is no problem either as this is automatically unreeled from the fire engine as it drives from the pump to the fire. This operation can be carried out at up to 40 mph. again saving valuable time.

This latest addition of up-to-date equipment, bought primarily to give greater protection to country residents, brings the number of fire appliances available in the Hastings district, which includes Hastings (Headquarters), Havelock North and Haumoana, up to the grand total of six fire engines, one tanker, one salvage van, one inspection car and five trailer pumps plus the “featherweight pump”. Such an array of fire-fighting equipment justifies the hard won reputation enjoyed by the Hastings district of being one of the finest equipped in the country.

Four powerful jets of water fed by the new pump from a swimming pool and relayed through the new fire engine standing in the background.

No delay in laying hose today. Fire engine drives to scene of fire, at speeds up to 40 m.p.h., laying landline as it goes.

Page 5

Board members Mr. N. C. Harding, and Mr. A. Ross and ex Brigade member Mr. J.L. Langley inspect new pump.

RIGHT: Mr. Max Olsen and Mr. A. Gebbie have rear equipment on new machine explained to them by Chief Fire Officer Harland. Sub Officer H. Jillingson connects hoses.

“Featherweight pump” carried on new machine has an output of 400 gallons per minute.

Firemen R. Terry, J. Hunt, H. Russ and J. Keleher race with pump to water supply, while firemen L. P. Fraser and R. Wright carry connecting hoses.

Page 6

Mr. A. Ross, Chief Fire Officer Harland, Mr. H. Gordon, Mr. M. Olsen and Mr. A. Gebbie show keen interest as high pressure nozzle, which has just been switched to fog from a straight jet, is demonstrated by fireman J. Hunt. Secretary of the Board Mr. Harding is obscured by fireman.

After its all over the gear has to be replaced ready for the first fire call that comes into the station.

No fire this time, but the Hastings Fire Brigade is well equipped to handle any fire emergency, whether it be in the city with water laid on, or in the country where water is not so easy to get at.

Page 7

At the 70th Jubilee of the Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants, held recently in the War Memorial Hall, Napier, Mr. Sam Dockery, who is 94 years old and the oldest member of the foundation, cuts the cake. In the background is Mrs. Leyland, daughter of Mr. Dockery.

Popular Havelock North constable is farewelled at a Civic Farewell from the people of Havelock North. Although Mr. Beck is relinquishing his post of town lawkeeper, he is not leaving the town and people he has come to know so well, as he is to retire in Havelock North. Photo shows, from left: Mr. J. H. von Dadelszen, Mayor of Havelock North, Mr. R. A. Nimon, Mrs. Beck and Mr. Beck.

The preliminary nurses class nearing the end of their course at the Napier Hospital are, reading from the left, back row: Fiona McDonald, of Eketahuna; Ann Steward, of Gisborne; Shirley J. Foster, of Gisborne; M. Leikis, Hilary Roach, of Taradale; Tui Whyte, of Greenmeadows; Colleen Prendergast, of Napier; Margaret Nichol, of Bay View.
Middle row: Shirley Dodds, of Napier; Heather Horn, of Napier; Dale Fawcett, of Gisborne; Patricia Swindell, of Napier; Lorraine Connolly, of Masterton; Mary Guise, of Dannevirke; Barbara Ayling, of Taradale; Constance Tate, of Hastings.
Front row: Irene Prince, of Greenmeadows; Marie Cullen, of Napier; Renate Dobler, of Takapau; Janet Warrington, of Gisborne; Diane Mill, of Napier; Joan Smale, of Puketapu; Diane Maltby, of Napier; Margaret Moon, of Taradale; and Charlotte Wong, of Bay View.

Page 8

At the prefects dance held in Hastings recently, the traffic signs hung from the ceiling were a unique feature of the decorations. Those speed limit signs won’t have much chance of appearing on our highways.

Parking sign ensures that the speeches were not too long. Here Mary Lloyd Wilson, head prefect of the Hastings Girl’s High School, who were the hosts this year, thanks parents and others who helped to make the evening such a success.

Patsy Wise, Dawn Batson and Valda Donnell relax between dances.

Page 9

This group of swimmers of the Pacific Swimming Club (Napier) holding trophies and certificates were photographed after a presentation ceremony, carried out during the club’s annual dance and prize-giving evening held recently in the Red Cross Hall, Napier. On the left and right of the swimmers are officials of the club.

Maureen Wynn, and BELOW LEFT, E. Karatau receiving trophies presented to them by Mr. W. H. Gorely, president of the Pacific Surf Life Saving Club.

A singing and musical troupe going under the name of the “Cool Four” provided excellent entertainment on the night.

Page 10


Mr. John Tait, chairman of the Centennial Committee, who put such a tremendous amount of work into organising the celebrations.

Eskdale School, named Petane up to the 1920’s as it stands today. The coming of the railway to the district necessitated the name change, due to the similarity of the name Petane with that of the already existing railway station at Petone.

Page 11

Last month ex-pupils and teachers celebrated the 100 years of service the school has given to the district.

The programme consisted of a get-together and official opening in the school grounds, a ball, a banquet, and a Church service at the Eskdale Memorial Church, which incidentally only just accommodated those who attended, and this only after additional seating had been brought in.

First pupil to attend the school, Mr. Frank Twigg of Havelock North (and the only pupil of his decade present) performing the cutting of the cake. M.P. for Hawke’s Bay, Mr. Harker, in background.

Secretary of the Committee, Mrs. R. Goldstone (an ex-pupil and past teacher at the school) and Mr. Ralph Conway renew acquaintances with a past schoolmate, Mr. Bob Kyle.

Brian Smith, Max Wallace, Burt Goldsack and Bob de Denne, committee members, greeted ex-pupils as they arrlved at the school.

Pupils of years gone by listen to speakers at the opening ceremony.

Page 12

The official party enjoys the sumptuous meal served at the banquet.

Mr. Cockerill, ex-headmaster at the school (from 1919 to 1932) reads the roll call of pupils who attended in his day.

Over 420 sat down at the banquet table.

Page 13

[Group photo] 1880-89

[Group photo] 1890-99

Page 14

[Group photo] 1900-09

[Group photo] 1910-19

Page 15

[Group photo] 1920-29

[Group photo] 1930-39

On right is Headmaster who taught this decade.

Page 16

[Group photo] 1940-49

Ex Committee Members

Page 17


The training and waiting, for seventeen Iona Old Pupils was over when they and their mothers were “piped” on to the Hastings Assembly Hall’s dance floor preparatory to their presentation to the headmistress of the Iona Girls’ College, Miss McNeil, and the President of the Old Girls’ Association, Mrs. Angus.

A packed hall was witness to this most impressive “coming out” ceremony of these young women, some of whom had travelled long distances for the occasion.

Debutantes have their picture taken for “Photo News” with a very good friend of theirs and an ex-pupil of the school, Miss Marcia Rutledge (top centre).

Debutantes are, from left: Miss Elizabeth Fulton, of Gisborne; Miss Elizabeth Giorgi, of Hastings (this month’s cover girl); Miss Anne Oliver, of Stratford; and in front, Miss Susan Kirk, of Hastings.

RIGHT. A beautiful dress worn by Miss Adrienne Gregg.

Page 18

Miss Jill Hardy of Hastings.

Miss Thea Sutherland of Featherston.

RIGHT: Miss Elizabeth Budd of Featherston

Miss Robin Wilson of Hastings.

Miss Eleanor Weeks of Waipukurau.

Page 19

Miss Helen Williamson makes her curtsy to Mrs. Angus and Miss McNeil.

BELOW: Official party at the dinner held on the evening of the ball are, from left: Mr. and Mrs. Angus, Miss Mossman, Mr. and Mrs. Brown, and host and hostess, Mr. and Mrs. Giorgi, of Hastings.

Miss Elizabeth Law of Hastings.

Miss Janice Wilson of Waipukurau

Miss Pamela Anderson of Feilding

Miss Margaret Knight

Page 20


Preferring Hawke’s Bay to “Windy Wellington” is Mr. Louis Johnson, one of New Zealand’s leading poets, who, having lived in Wellington for fifteen years, where he ran a suburban newspaper, was editor of the Home and School and Parent Teachers Magazine and editor of “Parent and Child”, has now paid Hastings the compliment of, in his own words, “moving to this district to get a bit of sunshine”.

He is now employed as a sub-editor for the “Hawke’s Bay Herald-Tribune” as well as being the editor of the New Zealand Poetry Yearbook, and of the quarterly review “Numbers”, which was much in the news recently.

Mr. Johnson would seem to have a very full plate, but he has still found time to publish six volumes of his own work.

His talents are already in demand here for he has been booked to give a series of lectures on modern poetry for adult education in Hastings, and the Napier Literary Club has invited him to address its members.

BELOW. Taken at the 21st anniversary of the Whakatu-Mahora Cricket Club, our photo shows a group of original members of this club, formed in 1938. Reading from the left, they are, at rear: Messrs. H. Percy, R. Mitchell, B. Love, T. Goodall, and J. Drummond. Front row: Messrs. T. Lowe, C. Lowe and S. Lowe.
Candid Camera Studies Photo

Page 21

When “Photo News” goes to print the big game, Hawke’s Bay v the Lions, will be on – the next issue of Photo News will feature photos of the day.

These enthusiasts of Hastings made sure of gaining a good – and comfortable – view of the game by queueing up from 6.45 p.m. on the Friday night until 7 a.m. the next morning. Over 500 had joined the queue by opening time.

First there with a twelve hour wait ahead of them were J. Clayton, Gordon McKenzie, R. King, Mrs. M. Williamson, B. Waites and J. Graham.

Mrs. Ramsey and son Peter. Peter thought it was all great fun. What with not having to get undressed, a portable radio and a sleeping bag, he says the Lions coming is the best thing that ever happened.

Just one of the many large groups of football enthusiasts.

Page 22


A new and unusual addition to the departments equipment is this mobile platform which enables workmen to work on overhead lights etc. without being inconvenienced by parked cars, or interfering with the flow of traffic when working on lights suspended above the carriageway.

Traffic passes underneath as platform is manoeuvred into position.

Murray Guthrie and John Jones about to go up in the world.

Thirty feet up and looking down on to truck.

Page 23

Man and His Dog

Sheepdog “Ring” patiently herds sheep into pen as his master L. Proctor, of Hastings, has hand on gate ready to whip it closed.

The high standard of team work and understanding existing between New Zealand sheep farmers and their sheep dogs, and which is displayed at dog trials held throughout the country, has always been a source of wonder to overseas visitors – and for that matter to our own city dwellers as well.

“Photo News” photographer Roy Batchelor recently paid a visit to one such trial held at Te Aute.

BELOW: Dog trials are an opportunity for “sheepmen” to get together for a good old chinwag. In foreground is Trevor Cartwright, Gordon Morrison, Mick Thompson and Frank Crawford.

Two-dog-power Landrover.

Page 24

Close up of “Moss” who, directed by his master Mr. R. Gaston, has won three centre championships.

Right: Mr. L. Jeffery of Takapau and “Jock” took third place in the New Zealand Championship last year and won the Hawke’s Bay Championship at Patoka.

Mr. J. Sinton of Pukehau and Mr. A. S. Hay of Hastings enjoy a “spot” while watching another team in action.

Bottom left: A fine study of “Man and His Dog”.

G. Coutts of Tutira With Mr. Large, timekeeper, at the trials from Te Aute.

Page 25

Brian Donovan, shorthead timekeeper, and Mr. K. R. Hindman, judge of Hunterville, watch closely the efforts of a contestant.

Watching zig-zag huntaway is Mr. and Mrs. Dunn of Taradale, and Mr. Colin Morrison of Makotuku with his dog “George”.

Car in background has stopped while Mr. R. R. White and “Dash” compete in the short head and yard event. Mr. White has his hand on the gate. One of the conditions of this event is that once a competitor has hold of the gate he must not let it go. One mistake by either of the team and those sheep will be away.

Page 26


Just prior to Queen’s Birthday weekend the high country between Napier and Taupo became capped with a white mantle of snow, the heaviest fall to come to this district for many years. Gale-force winds whipped up the snow and blizzard conditions built up deep drifts of snow on the Napier-Taupo Highway, but Ministry of Works graders, working around the clock ploughing tracks through the drifts, as well as releasing snow-bound cars, had traffic flowing again within 24 hours of the road being blocked.

Not the Southern Alps but an aerial view of the Kawekas.
MacConnells Photo Service Photo

The Titiokura Saddle.

Page 27

Many families from miles around took the opportunity to drive up to the snow-line and pound each other – and passing motorists – with snow. This was a complete novelty for some of the sightseers.

RIGHT: Rhonda and Perry Spiller, and a giant snowball makes a very cold seat for their tiny Mexican chihuahua.

An aerial view of the Napier-Taupo Highway as it winds its way over the Titiokura Saddle. This picture shows the area in which the two top pictures were taken.
MacConnells Photo Service Photo

Page 28


Another Debutante Ball held last month was that of the Hastings High School Old Pupils Ball at the Cabaret Cabana.

The highlight of the evening was the presentation of nine beautifully gowned young women to Miss Miller, headmistress of the Hastings High School.

Miss Miller, headmistress of the Hastings High School, receives the curtsy of Miss Glenda Burling.

Miss Pauline Bromley.

Miss Jill Manning

Page 29

Miss Alison Bentley

Miss Dorothy Rogers

BELOW: Members of the official party relaxing at the ball includes Mr. and Mrs. Tier and Miss Miller.

Page 30

Owen Hutcheson [Hutchinson], Judy Hedden, Ruth Whyte, Roger Jarvis and Jill Healey, one of the many parties who thoroughly enjoyed themselves during the evening.

Debutante Joy Dillon

BELOW. The debutantes photographed with Miss Miller, are from left: Glenda Burling, Alison Bentley, Jill Manning, Dorothy Rogers, Noleen Haggerty, Janice Hunter, Pauline Bromley, Janet Glew and Fay Dillon.

Page 31


Night trials are fun! The Hawke’s Bay Car Club periodically holds these night trials, and if they’re not holding trials they are organising something else for club members, and at least two events a month are staged. To give our readers an idea of a night trial, here are the instructions for an actual trial held recently:

(Start at Farndon Park Junction at Clive, facing towards Pakowhai.) Proceed down Napier-Woodville State Highway to take first right, right at stop bank, right at cross roads, then at sign – Sears Road – turn left. Proceed towards Taradale, left at church, left at T junction, first right, first left, first left, first right, right at T junction, left at sign – Awatoto 1-1/2 miles – left at T junction, first right, left at T junction. Proceed ahead across intersection into Te Awa Avenue, turn left into Kenny Road, first right into Eriksen Road, right at T junction, left into Nuffield Avenue, left at Wesley Church Hall, right at T junction, left at T junction, second left, left again, left at compulsory stop, first right, bear left, turn left at crossroads, cross Riverbend Road to turn down Wycliffe Street, Coverdale Street, Caxton Street, Tyndale Street, turn right into Coverdale Street, turn left, left again, right into Maadi Road, right into Menin Road, left, then right into Anzac Avenue, left at T junction, right into Taradale Road, left into Hyderabad Road, turn right into Riddell Street, left at T junction, first right, left into Battery Road, right at sign – Chaucer Steps.

You should end up outside the Port Ahuriri Bowling Club on Battery Road. Pile the family into the car next Sunday and see how you get on – you’ll find it most interesting and a lot of fun for everyone.

The above is only the first section, and don’t forget, it was done at night. If you are really keen the second section can be obtained from Neville Greig at Gleeson Motor Supplies, Vigor Brown Street, Napier. Neville will also give you any information about the activities of the Club.

Mr. and Mrs. L. Curtis take it easy through the water trap. Many contestants wouldn’t take this on and consequently missed a check point stationed on the other side.

Little Lousie Hope has been a back-seat passenger in night trials ever since she was nine weeks old and is now a seasoned trialist, but as she sleeps most of the way she isn’t much help as a navigator as yet.

Page 32

Take the whole family along – the more back-seat drivers there are the more chance of the driver getting lost, which all adds to the fun.

K. Nattrass and Miss J. Young team (left) and the Hope team (right) pass through the check point manned by Dick Collister.

John Sloan, Miss Josephine Young, Kerry Nattrass, Des Wallis, and Jim Gleeson check their cards with Harry Roucher – and much to the amusement of the others some discover that they took a route all of their own!

Page 33

First home Miss Betty Pearcey has card slgned by Harry Roucher.

Mrs. Ann Thomas dashes into finish at Thompson Motors to Harry, who waits with a stop-watch. While speed has nothing to do with a night trial, average speeds, as instructed, and checking in times, must be correct to the second or points are lost.

BELOW. After it’s all over, a good hot cup of tea and a post mortem – “I must have taken the wrong turning at . . .” or “I went tearing past the check point without even seeing it.”

Page 34


Last month these children of St. Mary’s Church, Ahuriri, attended their first Communion. Photo taken after Communion shows, from left, back row: Mark Merrick, Peter Mooney, Randol Smith, Gregory Barker, Brendan James, Ralph Babet and Peter Arnold.
Front row: Denise Glock, Bernadette Brown, Aileen Cormack, Phillip Blundell, Mary O’Dowd and Gabrielle Crone. The Reverend Father Dowling who took the service is seated with them.

Latest preliminary nurses training class to start training at the Hastings Hospital are from left,
Back row, Shena Jack, Glenys Miller, Carol McClurg, Anne Williams, Ruth Flemming, Helen Shereden, Daphne Mardini and Georgina O’Brian.
Middle row, Marion Holt, Jennifer Tucker, Margaret Ratcliffe, Mary Edmonds, Mary Wishart, Catherine Lowe and Jean Gilroy.
Front row, Janice Wilson, Fay Dawick, Rosemary Hodson, Judy Law, (Sister Simpson), Laura Ashcroft, Janice Simpson. Diane Boese and Christine Young.

Page 35


Birds, birds, and more birds filled the Oddfellows’ Hall in Hastings during the school holidays when the Hastings Canary and Cage Bird Club held its annual competition. Naturally enough, the competition attracted a large number of children and their parents.

RIGHT. The beautiful array of cups and trophies presented to prize winners.

BELOW. Christine Grant fell in love with all of the birds.

Young Alan Kale insisted on seeing every one of those “pretty birdies”, even the ones in the very top cages – so Dad must oblige!

Page 36

Ian Holdsworth, a club member, gives birds fresh water.

Adults as well as the children showed a keen interest in the display. Here Mrs. Gibbons and her two daughters Monica and Fiona closely inspect the birds.

No matter what brand of Petrol, Oil, Tyre or Battery you want – FIRMANS CAN SUPPLY
Taradale Road Station – Open All Day – Every Day

Page 37


The Manchester Unity’s biennial conference held in Napier recently was attended by approximately fifty delegates and officers from all over New Zealand, and at the installation ceremony conducted at the end of the conference, and which was attended by over 500 persons, Brother G. C. Laws, a Napier accountant, became the new Grand Master of this, the largest friendly society in New Zealand. A unique feature of the installation was the election of a Grand Master in his own home town as this has rarely, if ever, occurred before.

The social function winding up the conference was a grand success and well run, which is only fitting as the Hawke’s Bay Branch, with 1300 members, is second only to Auckland in numerical strength. Bro. G. C. Laws on right.

Conference Officers, from left: Past Grand Master, Brother W. B. Brown (Wellington); Immediate Past Grand Master, Bro. D. D. Merrit (of Nelson); Grand Master, Bro. R. T. Scott (of Morrinsville); The Hon. Anderton, Minister of Friendly Societies; and the Mayor of Napier, Mr. P. Tait. The Grand Master is welcoming the Minister and Mayor to the Conference.

The only three recipients of the highest award the Unity can offer, from left: Bros. J. A. Gray of Auckland, C. F. Payne of Napier, and F. Hard of Auckland. All are Past District Grand Masters.

The present Grand Master, Brother G. C. Laws, with Bro. Harry Pottle of Napier, who has been a Unity member for over 50 years.

Page 38

As part of the evening’s entertainment on the night the social was held, Napier members staged a “marching girls” demonstration that “brought the house down”.

Jack Robinson in his smart uniform calls his “girls” to attention.

BELOW. Precision marching by the Napier Odd Fellows Girls Marching Team.

Present Grand Master and his family are, (reading from left: Sister Mrs. Derek Laws; Bro. Derek Laws; Sister Jean Laws; Grand Master Bro. G.C. Laws, of Napier; Sister Jeanette Barker (daughter of Grand Master); and Brs. Peter Barker.

Page 39

Napier members staged a skit on the first lodge held in New Zealand. The new design for a “Merit Jewel” is a “framed” caricature of Don Merrit a Past Grand Master.

The lady members provided afternoon and morning teas for the conference and here a group poses for Photo News.

Page 40


At the Hawke’s Bay Brass Bands Association’s centennial contest held in Nelson Park, Napier, on the 30th and 3lst of May, the Waipukurau Municipal Band made its first public appearance after being in recess for nineteen years. In the short time the band has been reformed £500 has been paid for new instruments, the band hall has been paid for, and new uniforms purchased. This has strained their resources to the limit and they will welcome, and deserve, all the support they can get.

Yvonne Denne, Mrs. Ritchie and Karen Boyle of the Waipukurau Band, were the only lady players at the contest.

BELOW. Lt. Taylor, S/sgt. O’Sullivan (H.B. Regiment), Sgt. Kennedy and Sgt. Singh (Area 7 R.N.Z. Signals) acted as judges of the time and pace 100 yards quickstep.

A new trophy, donated by the Tomoana Players for the winners of the open selection event, is presented to Mr. R. W. Lee of the Hastings Citizens Band by Mr. A. Kirkpatrick, Patron of the Players.

Page 41

Winners of the 100 yards time and pace quickstep and the hymn test (the latter by only two points from the Waipukurau Band), the Gisborne St. John’s Band took home the majority of the major prizes.

Eleven-year-old W. Cooper (Gisborne St. John’s) youngest player at the contest, receives the H. H. Barker Cup from Mr. E. R. Spriggs, Patron of the Hawke’s Bay Brass Bands Association. In the background is Mr. A. Young (left), President, and Mr. A. E. Henderson, Secretary of the Association.


An addition to the Marist Brothers School at Onekawa, this new monastery was recently opened and blessed before a large gathering by His Grace Archbishop P. T. B. McKeefry.

Father Dowling, who addressed the gathering and welcomed official guests, said that the total cost of the school and Monastery was in the vicinity of £65,000, the new building costing nearly £11,000.

Page 42

Guests from Gisborne and Napier attended the coming-of-age party for Jean Baillie which was held in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Baillie of Gladstone Rd., Napier.
MacConnells Photo Service Photo

At the Ex-Navalmen’s Hall in Onekawa, Napier, Max Martin, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Martin, Napier.
Batchelors Studio Photo

Pamela Jayne Wilton, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wilton, of Napier.

John Jillings, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Jillings, celebrated his twenty-first birthday at the Old Folks Hall, Hastings.

Photos by Batchelors Studios

Page 43

At the Heretaunga Swimming Club’s annual prize giving evening held in Hastings recently, Ewen Willis has difficulty with his certificates and cups which have just been presented to him by Mr H.B. Poppelwell, a past president of the club.

RIGHT. As part of the evenings entertainment a “feeding the baby” competition provided a great deal of amusement. Loma Wise, a N.Z. champion (swimming) gives Michael Kerrigan his bottle.

A line up of “mothers and babies” with John Brogden and Lynette Lewis in the foreground. As “most “babies” suffered an attack of wind before sucking dry their bottle of soft drink the result was rather indecisive.


A day to be remembered indeed for Brian Hansen of Hastings who recently celebrated his coming of age and at the same time announced his engagement to Miss Joan Brown, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Brown of Hastings. Brian is the only son of Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Hansen of Hastings.

Batchelors Studios
Phones HASTINGS 4274 NAPIER 3697

Page 44


WOOD – WALLIS. Beth Colleen Wallis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Wallis of 60 Shakespeare Road, Napier, to Peter Raymond Wood, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. L. Wood, of 58 Bedford Road, Napier. Attending the bride were Miss Relma Snaddon of Wellington and Vicki Dell, the bride’s sister. The bestman was Graeme King of Hastings, and Peter Orbell of Napier was groomsman.The couple are to live in Napier.

The Right Reverend R. McD. Hay, who performed the service, presented the couple with a Bible to mark the occasion of this, the first wedding in the rededicated church.

BELOW. MCINTYRE – FRAMPTON. At the Salvation Army Citadel, Napier: Beverley Frampton, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Allen E. Frampton of Napier, to Donald McIntyre, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. W. McIntyre of Marewa, Napier. Attendants were, from left: Mr. L. Howard (groomsman), Miss C. Wilson (bridesmaid), Bride and Groom, Mrs. D. Robinson (matron of honour) and Mr. R. Newton (bestman).

Photos by A. B. Hurst

Page 45


POLLARD – SULLIVAN. At the Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church, Hastings: Mary Sullivan, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan, to Richard Pollard, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Pollard.
Attendants were: bestman, Maurice Begley; chief bridesmaid, Mary Houston; groomsman, Terry Maggin; and bridesmaid Margaret Halligan. Future home of couple is to be Hastings.
Stuart Johnson Photo

To live in Greenmeadows

MORRIS – MARSH. At St. Augustine’s, Napier: Wendy Valerie Marsh, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. Marsh, of Napier, to James Robert Morris, eldest son of Mrs. Morris of Napier.
Batchelors Studios Photo

Page 46

Havelock North Couple Wed

CAMPBELL – WESTERMAN. At St. Columbas’ Church, Havelock North: Merle Westerman, third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Westerman, of Simla Avenue, Havelock North, to Malcolm Campbell, only son of Mrs. Arch and the late Mr. Campbell, of Campbell Street, Havelock North.
Attendants were: bestman, Michael Sim; groomsman, Billy Garnett; and bridesmaids, Heather Farquharson and Jane Fowler.
Candid Camera Studies


At the Baptist Church, Hastings: Muriel Jocelyn Wotherspoon, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Wotherspoon, of St. Aubyn St., Hastings, to Barrie John Price, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Price, of Victoria Street, Hastings.
Photo shows, from left: Mr. Garry Beattie (bestman), Miss Jacqueline Verry (chief bridesmaid), Groom and Bride, V. Ladie (flower girl), Mr. Warwick Rafley (groomsman), and Miss Julie Kelly (bridesmaid). Future home: Hastings.
Lovell-Smith Photo

Page 47

At St. Paul’s, Napier, Allison Scott, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. I. Scott of Coromandel, to Gary Alfred Church, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Church, of Thackeray Street, Napier. Photo shows, from left: Lynette Church, Groom and Bride, and M. Dodds.
Future home of couple is to be Napier.


CORDERY – SMITH. At the Catholic Church, Hastings: Joy Althea Smith, daughter of Mrs. Gyde, to Jeffery Francis Cordery, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. Cordery. Attendants were: bestman, Mr. H. Dejhaum, and bridesmaid, Sharron Smith.
Photos by Batchelors Studios

Page 48


LOGAN – ABRAHAM. Joan Margaret Logan, sixth daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Logan of Napier, to John Abraham, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Abraham of Liverpool. Future home of couple – Napier.
Batchelors Studios Photo


FRAME – MANNING. At St. Columbus [Columba’s] Church: Gloria Angeline Frame, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Frame, to Ralph William Manning, third son of Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Manning of Petone. The couple are to make their home in Taradale.
Batchelors Studios Photo

SETTER – NICOL. At St. Augustine’s Church, Napier: Dawn Setter, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. N. Setter of Napier, to Clark Nicol, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. G. Nicol of Napier. Future home of couple is to be Napier.
Bridal party, from left: K. Graham, Jeaneen Simpson, Bride and Groom, Patricia Reid, and Colin McLean.
A. B. Hurst Photo

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At Hastings recently Mr. and Mrs. H. Franklin, of Williams St., celebrated fifty years of married life. The original bridal party who gathered again for the occasion were, from left: Mr. J. Flanders, Mr. H. Franklin, Mrs. Franklin (nee McDonald), and Mrs. Flanders (nee Franklin).
Batchelors Studios Photo


Four sisters whose combined ages totalled 340 years were present at the 90th birthday of Mrs. E. Webster. The sisters came to Hawke’s Bay in 1885 and have resided in the district ever since. They are, from left, Mesdames S. Jones (78), S. Walden (87), J. Henry (85), and E. Webster whose 90th birthday it was.
MacConnells Photo Service Photo

Arrange with your own photographer or “Photo News” photographers, Batchelors Studios, Hastings and Napier, to attend social functions such as appear in our magazine, and he will pass photos on to us.

We will then do our best to have it published in the next issue.

We have been taken to task by some of our readers for publishing incorrect names, etc., so when writing information relating to your photos, please write clearly and read over what you have written before sending it in to us.

Page 50

21st Birthdays.

At the Ruataniwha Hall, June Gray, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon of Grays Road, Waipawa, recently celebrated her coming-of-age.

The coming-of-age party of Hira Allen of Takapau, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Allen, was held at the Buffalo Hall, Takapau.

Photos by Max Moverley, Waipukurau

The Red Cross Hall, Napier, was the venue of two twenty-first birthday celebrations last month.

An enthusiastic roller skating hockey player of Napier, Roger McCarthy.

Jean Clark, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.R. Clark of Napier.

Photos by Batchelors Studios

Page 51


A capacity crowd spent an enjoyable evening in the War Memorial Hall, Napier, recently when ten charming young debutantes were presented to the Bishop of Waiapu, the Right Reverend N. A. Lesser, and Mrs. Lesser, by Mr. J. Hyde, master of ceremonies. “Photo News” here presents these debutantes to our readers.

Right: Well known roller skating champion Miss Valerie Whyte, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. K. H. Whyte, of 18 Barker Road, Napier.

Left: Miss Joy Sanderson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Sanderson, of 4 Tom Parker Avenue, Napier.

Page 52

Miss Beverley Boyd, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. K. R. Boyd, of 38 Meeanee Quay, Westshore.

Miss Adrienne Wilson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Wilson, of 94 Guppy Road, Taradale.

Miss Maureen Stafford, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Stafford, of 74 Guppy Road, Taradale.

Miss Diane Gilmour, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. Gilmour, of 5 Tom Parker Avenue, Napier.

Miss Pauline Mackenzie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. Mackenzie, of Taradale.

Miss Ivy Walker, daughter of Mrs. Bassett, of Pohongina, Ashhurst.

Page 53

Miss Janette Davis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Davis, of 19 Jull Street, Napier.

Miss Lois Hulbert, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Hulbert, of 9 Rutherford Road, Napier.

BELOW. After the presentation, the ten debutantes with the Bishop of Waiapu, the Right Rev. N. A. Lesser, and Mrs. Lesser pose for a group photo.

Page 54


Hastings Harrier Club members are currently employed each weekend in the building of their new club rooms and pavilion. This is not allowed to interfere with their running either as they work on the project on Saturday mornings and set off for running practice in the afternoons.
The City Council, who gave the club permission to build on Windsor Park were represented by the Mayor and Councillors at a small ceremony carried out recently to mark the commencement of the project.

Club captain Murray Webb chats with Mr Hugh Baird, first club president and Mr. Malcolm Cameron a foundation member.
BELOW. Members and supporters set to with a will.

Seventeen years after its inception the first president of the club Mr. H. Baird gets a bit of assistance as he turns the first sod to mark the occasion.

Page 55

Group of councillors, club members and supporters who attended the commencement ceremony.

Club secretary Randol Griffiths and Murray Webb examine plans. Let’s hope they’re not upside down.

Mr. Joe Stickland a past president receives a spot of unhelpful barracking from Mr. Harding, Town Clerk and Mr. W. E. Bate Mayor of Hastings. Mr. Baird at rear.

Club treasurer Mike Taylor and his father ponder over a problem.

Page 56

An Introduction to Astrology with The Signs of the Zodiac by “Red Cloud”

ARIES – March 21st to April 19th.
Opportunities and unexpected surprises of 11th and 12th should be acted upon quickly but not rashly. A slowdown after the 24th should be anticipated by accomplishing all you can in business and routine affairs setting romantic or important engagement dates between the 20th and 23rd.

TAURUS – April 20th to May 20th
Last months influences prevail. Get everything in good order before the 16th, when another period of delays, lack of communications and wayward plans may retard until mid-August. The 23rd – 27th bring powerful ambition, romance situations. Guard children. Discriminate – for things may be tricky.

GEMINI – May 21st to June 21st
Love and ambition continue at a high, fortunate pace, after mid-month the accent is on your home front where entertaining, redecorating and worthwhile interests can add to your prestige as well as comforts. A surprise is due. Get things in motion before the 24th as business, communications, appointments are apt to be delayed.

CANCER – June 22nd to July 22nd
More of the same until the 24th, so make the most of personal and business progress that is yours before then. After the 24th, delays and unexpected circumstances may postpone final accomplishments until mid-August. However, slow the mails and business, love and community doings should bring you fun and future profits if you keep alert. Watch out for about 23rd – 24th, when blow ups and blow-outs in transit and in the neighbourhood could cause headaches.

LEO – July 23rd to August 23rd
The same trend of last month continues until the 23rd. At this time the slowdown sets in until mid-August, so accomplish as much as possible. Get your schedule planned for smooth running even though delays are likely. Finances are eased and 11th – 12th could bring an exceptional opportunity for personal and domestic cash and betterment.

VIRGO – August 24th to September 23rd
Here is where you can go high gear, especially to 23rd, when another slowdown period begins. Get things accomplished or in the works before then so as to run their own momentum. Some fine private and business surprises. Take action quickly but wisely, especially 20th – 22nd. Watch your step 23rd – 27th, when a too dominating attitude could be disastrous to your over-all welfare.

LIBRA – September 24th to October 23rd
This is one of the best periods for progress, emotional release and social events. Make the most of everything before the 23rd, when another periodic slowdown occurs through August 16th. Extraordinary opportunities may come through the mail or business communications. Act upon them decisively but not hastily.

SCORPIO – October 24th to November 22nd
The accent is still upon your professional or worldly standing, but there are deep social implications of merit in this too. You can make progress in your finances, budgeting and savings. A slowdown occurs after the 23rd, so accomplish as much as you can prior to this in order to be able to coast until mid-August.

SAGITTARIUS – November 23rd to December 21st
Last month’s trends continue until the 21st. After that, you’d better attend to business the boss, and those of importance, in your life. Another slowdown period begins on the 24th, into mid-August, so get set ahead of time. Take a balance on your checkbook.

CAPRICON – December 22nd to January 19th
Romance and glamorous foreign or distant situations come to the fore now. By late July travel is high-lighted, especially if business or some other important personal issue can be furthered thereby. This is the high peak of the year for you – now through September – so make the most of personal opportunities by daily application to them.

AQUARIUS – January 20th to February 18th
More of the same. But you can mend fences and take additional steps and kudos 11th – l3th. Your worldly standing, business and money move forward 20th – 22nd. Act so as to be able to coast through delays, interrupted plans and a status quo from the 23rd to mid-August. Betimes, how about that vacation or honeymoon under quiet blue skies?

PISCES – February 19th to March 20th
More of the same until the 9th when marriage, associations, partnerships bring you happiness and benefits. Foresee delays, mixed-up programmes after the 24th, by accomplishing important things prior to them. Job promotions and-or stimulating surprises in your daily life can be uplifting 11th – 12th. Concrete them to withstand the slowdown until mid-August.

Printed photo-litho for the publishers by Swailes, Hurst & Co. Ltd… Napier

Page 57

Roving Camera

Over the second week of the school holidays, the Seventh Day Adventist Church, of Milton Road, Napier, ran a Vocational Bible School. Starting at 9 am. each day, over eighty children, whose ages ranged from 5 to 13 years, were taught arts and crafts, singing and action songs, and took part in Bible-reading classes, the school finishing at mid-day. A new venture by the Church, it was an outstanding success and it is hoped to repeat the classes during the next school holidays. On the final Saturday, parents and friends came along to view the work done by the children.

Vic Viggers, a well known Napier entertainer, in his new “rig-out” – a gladiator’s Sunday suit minus the sundry items of clothing spread around the floor.

Starting off young in the entertainment world, these four members of the Corbin family, from left, Glenys, John, Anthony and Peter, give items at private parties and hold “skiffle” parties at home.

Back cover

[Back cover photo – Attractive young miss on our back cover is 16-year-old Wendy Hutchinson, a prefect at the Hastings Girls’ High School. An inseparable companion, Santa, a tortoiseshell Persian, had to be in the picture, too. Photo by Russell Orr]

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