Hawke’s Bay Photo News 1959 – Number 010 August

Hawke’s Bay PHOTO NEWS
Number 10
August 1959

[Cover photo – Our cover features this month a study of Mrs. E. W. White, wife of the Hawke’s Bay Hunt Club’s Master of the Hunt.]

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Our cover features this month a study of Mrs. E. W. White, wife of the Hawke’s Bay Hunt Club’s Master of the Hunt. This photo and further series in this issue on the Hunt Club is by Lovell-Smith of Hastings.

No matter what brand of Petrol, Oil, Tyre or Battery you want – FIRMANS CAN SUPPLY
Taradale Road Station – Open All Day – Every Day

Page 1


The club’s “All Stars” band, made up of the club’s top line musicians and directed by John Mullany, of Hastings, Hawke’s Bay’s leading pianist, from left, rear, Frank Conway, Cyril Girvan, Kevin Keogh, David Kitt, Bert Dagg and John Mullany. Front row, Alex Laughlin, Hughie Tuckwell, Owen Knight and Johnny Horne.

The Hawke’s Bay Swing Club, made up of musicians, in the main from Napier and Hastings, recently had a tape recording made of one of their monthly Jazz Sessions by the New Zealand Broadcasting Service. This recording is to be included in local radio programmes in the near future. Approximately 24 musicians with three vocalists took part during the evenings programme, which was held in the Red Cross Hall, Napier. One thing becomes immediately evident to anyone attending these monthly jazz sessions, and that is that rock-n-roll takes a back seat with these boys, the accent being on top class jazz music.

Vocalists Johnny Hale, Kerry and Marise McDonald of Napier.

Front row of John Mullany’s Jazz 7, were, from left, Owen Knight of Hastings, Bert Dagg, Napier, and Johnny Horne of Hastings.

Page 2

A combination that really had the jazz fans jumping was this band of, from left, Jack Butler, Mark Ulyatt, Ernie Rouse, Bert Dagg and pianist Les Culver.

Two technicians from the local radio station recording the programme (left). Centre is Digger Brough, a pianist and bass player who has just returned from Canada, and right is Hughie Tuckwell.

A very promising young player in the modern trend is Frank Conway, recent winner of the Sutcliffe Cup for the best Jazz Soloist, under 21.

RIGHT. Leo Gannaway of Napier, who is a solid bass player to say the least, soloing in “How High the Moon.”

Accompanist is Robin Clark of Napier.

Page 3

Jack Fitzgerald’s quartet “The Saints”. From left are Ken Young, Hughie Tuckwell, Dave Kitt and Jack Fitzgerald.


Miss Joyce Nicol, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs R. Nicol, Whakatu.
Batchelors Studios

RIGHT. Pamela Ann Heaven eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chas J. Heaven, Marewa, Napier.
Photo by Bruce MacConnell


A four generations photo, taken at the Golden Wedding Anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. E. Williams of 6 Grays Road, Dannevirke and sent to us by a reader, shows FRONT Mrs. Williams and her great-grand-daughter, Paulette Bartlett, and rear, grand-daughter Mrs. E. Williams and daughter Mrs. P. Bartlett.

Page 4


What is it? It’s a raiding party from Hawera, but not a Maori war party this time, as the cross-eyed gent on the left would have us believe. It was a “raid” by the Hawera Savages on the Hastings Orphans Club who were provided with an evenings non-stop entertainment by their Hawera visitors.

ABOVE. One skit was the carrying off of Hawke’s Bay by the Lions (rather unkind really, as Hawke’s Bay is getting better and better as the Lions go on their merry way).

BELOW. The Hawera Savage Club give their version of a Haka.

Page 5


Forty debutantes were presented to the Bishop of Tonga, the Right Reverend J. H. M. Rodgers, at the Charity Ball held in the Majestic Ballroom, Napier recently. The very real need for a larger hall in Napier was emphasised when the debutantes and their escorts were forced to queue up on the footpath outside the hall while awaiting their turn to be presented. Photos show, outside the hall; ABOVE debutantes Miss Diane Brimmer, Miss Lorraine Marson and Miss Patricia Maloney of Hastings.

BELOW. Miss Wendy Clarke of Hastings, Miss Wendy Hammond of Poraite, and Miss Gabrielle Lobban of Hastings.

Miss Jeanette O’Connell of Napier

Page 6

Miss Molly Roche and Miss Patricia Roche of Greenmeadows.

Miss Marie Beacham, Miss Mary McFlynn and Miss Colleen Barry of Hastings.

Miss Peggy Layton of Napier

Miss Diane Murray of Napier

Page 7

Miss Alison Gibson

Miss Marie Mullolly

Miss Patricia Hayden

Miss Yvonne McMinn

Miss Beverly Layton

RIGHT. Miss Margaret Plunket

Page 8


Sent to us by Max Moverly of Waipukurau come these pictures of the Te Aute College Boys at their annual Fancy Dress Dance.

ABOVE. Members of their band and vocalist group “give” with a “real hot number”. The leader looks as if he won’t brook any adverse criticism either.

Stanley Northover, John Tukiwai and Jim Shepherd. “The ladies get together for a gossip”.

What with Skulls dangling from the belt, bones and war paint, David TeKaru certainly looks like the real thing in this fearsome looking rigout.

Page 9

Travis Cooper, Errol Raumate and Stanley Pardoe.

Willis Hutana as the “Wild Man of Borneo” provided himself with a cage. Whether this was to protect him from the opposite sex or them from him is hard to guess.

BELOW. All set for their first day at school are Colin McDowell and James Hamlin.

Edward Eomai and Tami King.

Page 10


Sent in by a reader, this picture shows Mr. Boyd-Dunlop with a 36lb Kingfish and Mr. Geoff Harman with a 50lb Kingfish, landed after a one hour battle on a 28lb nylon line. At their feet is the respectable tally of 69 schnapper caught on their fishing expedition off Napier. Not a bad day’s fishing in any man’s language.

Sign seen in a Napier shop window is slightly ambiguous, but one thing is certain, even the most ardent bargain hunter would think twice before venturing out at “1 p.m. on a Friday night”.

A view from the club house down the fairway of the Hastings Golf course.

Page 11


The driver of this car looks as if he was attempting to drive right into the Grocer’s shop on the corner of Latham and Vigor-Brown Street, Napier. A few more feet and he would have, but his car hit a telegraph pole which tended to slow it down and in the process caused considerable damage as seen ABOVE. Fortunately no one was seriously injured in the accident.

Photos by Bruce MacConnell

And this is what happened to a Citroen when it ran under the tray of a truck near Napier recently. Unbelievably no one was injured in this accident either.

A Motorist’s Dream. In the opinion of most motorists this is how all parking meters should look – expired – well and truly.
Photo by Bruce MacConnell

Page 12

The Napier and Hastings motor cycle clubs combine for a grand afternoons sport on the Hastings clubs scramble course at Omahu.

A packed field takes a tight turn.

BELOW. Three pictures sent to us by motor cycle club readers, were taken at the clubs old course at Brookfields.

A packed field takes a tight turn.

Not a two way course. Rider on right spun round after taking the turn and heads off in the wrong dlrection.

Bill Williams

Flies through the air with the greatest of ease. Garth Spooner on the way back from a trip to the moon.

Brian Nelson of Napier saves wear and tear on his back tyre.

Page 13

Past presidents at the Plunket Mothers Club’s 10th birthday celebration held last month in the Red Cross Hall Napier. Each lit a candle representing the year or years of her holding office. Blowing out her candle is Mrs. H. Eddy. Others from left, Mrs. M. Williams, Mrs. M. Johnston, Mrs. B. Willis, Mrs. A. Spackman, Mrs. M. Mercer and the present president Mrs. R. Duckworth.

RIGHT. Mrs. Karlene Smith, first president of the club cutting the cake.


Russell Boyle, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Boyle of McCarthy Terrace Waipukurau has been selected to attend the first school of band music at Lincoln College, Christchurch. Russell is one of fifty boys chosen from all over New Zealand who will attend this course during the school holidays.

Page 14

On Stage in the Napier Mayfair Theatre recently were, Colleen Tait of Hastings, Mrs. Allison Clark of Napier, Allison Gibson of Napier and Ava Hickson of Hastings. They were the models of a Fashion and Hair Styling Display organised by the Theatre Manager Allan Shepherd when the film “Paris Holiday” was screening there. The gowns were provided by Jenny Lee and Hair Styles were by Jan’s Beauty Salon.
Photo by Bruce MacConnell

Seen improving facilities at the Revue Skating Club’s rink (Napier) are members of the club, here working on the new Skate Room and Stall. Their target is to finish this building ready for the New Zealand championships which are to be held on this rink early in 1960.

Page 15


Bede Fahey, not yet two years old but never-the-less he is all ready for school.

A happy group of children line up for our cameraman. Rear, Sheryl Mitchell and Sandra Church. Front, from left, Jackie Winkley, Bernadette Downing and Gaye Crone.

While her young friends applaud the young lady in centre maintains a dignified silence.

Page 16

Members of the Lockie family, Chris, Warren, Andrew, Anne and Stephen.

Cowboy to the rescue and ready for a quick draw.

BELOW. Lining up for the best part of the evening, Supper.

Page 17


With the hounds at heel Mr. H.W. Thompson and huntsmen return from a days hunting at “Tauroa” the property of Mr. M. S. Chambers.

Photographs sent to us by Lovell-Smiths of Hastings brings to Photo News readers, an excellent series on the activities of the Hawke’s Bay Hunt Club. Under normal conditions the hunting season starts early in April and hunts are held twice weekly right through to July with a Hunters’ Trial held at the end of the season. This year though, all meetings were cancelled for two months, due to the danger of participants spreading the mucosal disease. The result was, only ten hunts were held this year. This lack of hunts meant that each meeting that was held, attracted a large following with usually in the vicinity of thirty huntsmen taking part.

BELOW. Dannevirke Hunt Club members set off for the days hunt under the snow clad Tararuas.

At the end of a days hunting there’s nothing better than a cuppa and here Mr. E. W. White, Master of the Hawke’s Bay Hunt Club, Mr. Sherratt of Havelock North and Mr. Toby Simmons of Maraekakaho relax with a refreshing drink of tea.

Page 18

Not the Master of the Hunt but Master John Bridge of Rangihau Argyle, with the hounds in company.

RIGHT. Mr. Stan Bridge of Argyle and Mr. Malcolm Coop relax after the first hunt of the season, held at Tuki Tuki.

On “Te Onepu” station Te Aute the riders have just come out of a heavy mist and in foreground, from left, are M. Beamish and Miss M. Westenra from Wanawana [Whanawhana], Mrs. A. P. White of “Creaghe” Pukehou, and Mrs. E. W. White the Master’s wife.

Page 19

“Ah! but it’s a dogs life alright, here we’ve been chasing around after hares all day and what do we get for it?”. Looking very forlorn these hounds have just been penned up for the journey home.

Where has everyone got to?”. The horse looks one way while Mrs. E. W. Symes of Havelock North looks the other.

Huntsmen pause to water their mounts on J. Patterson’s property “The Brow” at Argyle. Mr. Ian Nimon the “whip” emerges from the water in right foreground.

Page 20

Mr. Graham Clarke on “Toppa” takes a fence during the hunt at “White Pines”. Mr. Clarke with Toppa were voted the best men’s hunter of the H.B.H.C. for this season.

TOP LEFT. Mrs. Mary von Dadelszen follows the hunt.

A fine study of horse and rider. The rider is Miss Judith Nelson of Creaghe.

RIGHT. Don Sowman with the Huntsman’s spare hack is a familiar sight at all hunts and the horses watch progress with just as much interest as Mr. Sowman.

Page 21

Hounds travel to Hunt in combination horse float and kennell [kennel] with the Huntsman’s hacks. Thirteen couples are kept by the Hawke’s Bay Hunt Club at the “Kennels” Paki Paki, under the care of Mr. Don Sowman, pictured above letting out the eager-to-be-off hounds.

A beautiful panoramic shot of huntsmen packing up at Glenelge.

Page 22


Each Hunt Club holds a Hunters Trials at the end of each season to test the skill of riders and this year the Hawke’s Bay Hunt Club held their trials at “Oreka” the property of Mr. Jim Lowry at Fernhill.

A shot from the Dannevirke trials showing Mr George Beatson of Dannevirke competing in the men’s event.

Mr. J. Dooney winner of the men’s event at the Hawke’s Bay Hunters Trials.

BELOW. Miss Susan Talbot on “Limonite’ took first place in the ladies event.

A perfect reflection is caught in this photograph as horse and rider take a fence during the H.B. Trials.

Photos by Lovell-Smith

Page 23


Sponsored by ex-pupils of Nga Tawa College, Woodford House, Christ’s College and Wanganui Collegiate School, this Ball was a notable social function at which six beautifully gowned debutantes made their debut. They were, from left, back, Misses Rosemary Steggal, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Steggal of Wairoa, Jill Farquharson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. Farquharson of Hastings, Sally Cooper, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Cooper of Hastings, Darien Ellingham, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Ellingham of Ormondville and front row, Misses Anne Campbell, daughter of Mrs. Stan White and the late Mr. R. Campbell of Poukawa, and Jan Giblin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Giblin of Waipukurau.


EBBETT- HARPER. At St. Andrews, Hastings, Jill Harper, voungest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Harper of Hastings, to Gavin Ebbett, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Ebbett of Puketapu. Pictured here are the bride and groom followed by Mrs. T. Goldstone and Mr. R. Ebbett, Miss J. Reid and Mr. B. Thompson, Mrs. R. Ebbett and Mr. N. Ebbett, and Miss A. Michael and Mr. G. Kittow. Future home of the couple is to be Rissington.
Batchelors Studios

Page 24

Candids of Debutantes presented at Combined Colleges’ Ball

Jan Giblin

Gillian Farquharson

Anne Campbell

Sally Cooper

Rosemary Steggal

Darien Ellingham

Page 25


Jeffrey Long, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Long of Napier.
Batchelors Studios

Dick Marshall, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. Marshall, Hastings.
Candid Camera Studios

Bill Heke, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Heke, Bridge Pa.
Batchelors Studios

Ngaire Flowers, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. Flowers, Twyford.
Candid Camera Studies

Nanette Nightingale, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Nightingale, Beech Road, Hastings.

Judith Powell, elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Powell, Tomoana Road, Hastings.
Candid Camera Studies

RIGHT. The 80th Birthday of Mrs. W. H. Anderson of 6 Murphy Street, Taradale, was recently celebrated in the home of Mr. J. Anderson of Hastings. Mrs. Anderson (third from left in foreground) who has lived all her life in Taradale is one of a family of 15, of whom 13 are still living.
Batchelor Studios Photo

Page 26


Stanley Wong junior, son of Mr. and Mrs. S. Wong of Outram Road, Hastings.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

At the Maharahara Hall Dannevirke, Beth Fairbrother, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ron S. Fairbrother of Maharahara.
Photo by Barretts Studio

Judith Kirk, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. Kirk of Southampton Street, Hastings.
Candid Camera Studies

John McCutcheon, third son of Mr. and Mrs. C. McCutcheon of Fernhill.

Athol French, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. French of Hastings.
Photos by Candid Camera Studies

Page 27

Blindfolded, Johnny Blake of Hastings at the wheel of his Jowett sports car with the Minstrel body made in Christchurch, cautiously negotiates the curved section of the course. His navigator is John Sloan of Waipawa.

Recently we featured one of the activities of the Hawke’s Bay Car Club and as this created quite a lot of interest we are featuring another and amusing part of the club’s fixtures. A section of the periodic gymkhanas arranged by the club is this blind driving, and until you have tried it for yourself it’s impossible to realize just how uncanny this is. Don’t try it on the highway. Driving between two curving rows of hay bales, backing in a straight line, backing into a “garage”, tight turns and driving a straight line, all done against the clock, are part of the test. A good reaction is the prime requirement of the driver who, if he is to get anywhere, must have a navigator who can give clear instructions.

John Sloan blindfolds Chris Keehan of Napier and co-pilot is Elaine Head of Napier. This is one or is it just another, occasion in which Chris is going to have no say what soever.

Another section of the gymkhana is the clover leaf section, again against the clock. LEFT. Syd Galloway of Hastings in his Jowett Jupiter rounds No. 4 peg and RIGHT. W. Watt in a Chev. went into a slide causing the photographer to move rather hurriedly.

Page 28


Motor cyclists line up, and with motors roaring tensely await the starter’s signal at the Napier Club’s new course at Pakowhai. This sport is fast gaining in popularity, both with riders and spectators alike and now scrambles are held on this course practically every Sunday.

The uninitiated soon discover that there are many and varied ways of “coming in for a landing” when mounted on a motor cycle. Aircraft pilots may have set rules but these boys certainly don’t go by any rules in this respect anyway. ABOVE. Arnold Dobbs favours the front wheel landing while

LEFT Brian Nelson follows the back wheel landing school.

Page 29

Mike Jones of Hastings and Bob Manners of Havelock North, two motorcyclists who really enjoy the Sundays outing.

Everyone knows that a motor cycle is fitted with a seat but these boys seem to get on better without it. Paul Ansell of Napier prefers standing up while negotiating the tricky parts.

Large crowds are now attending these events and here enthusiasts gather round the 350 Goldstar owned by Garth Spooner of Napier.

Page 30

(Sent to us by a reader) we depict little 9 months old Annabel Kate Lee, daughter of Richard and Mary Lee of Rigemount Station, meeting, for the first time, her greatgrandmother Mrs. Kate Bourke. Mrs. Bourke, who will have reached the century mark next month, is a well known and well liked identity of Eskdale. Photo News takes this opportunity of wishing her, in advance, a very happy birthday and our congratulations.

Congratulations also to Miss Pamela Davey, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Davey of Rissington, Hawke’s Bay, who recently passed her first professional examination for Nurses.

A large group of friends and relatives were on hand at the Beacons Airport Napier to bid farewell to the well known Napier family, Mr. and Mrs. Don Thompson who were en route to Australia. Mr. and Mrs. Thompson with family are grouped directly under the tail of the aircraft.

Page 31


CHESTNUT – DICKERSON. At the Methodist Church, Valerie Ann Dickerson, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. Dickerson of Napier, to Keith Albert Chestnut, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Chestnut of Hastings. Future home of couple is Napier. Bridal party from left is, Janice Round, Cyril Badland, Bride and Groom, Vernon Warren and Beryl Parsons.
A. B. Hurst Photo


Miss Ruth Bird came from the Scilly Isles, England, to marry Mr. Neal Patterson, son of Mr. and Mrs. S. Patterson of Hastings, and at the same ceremony Neal’s brother, Keith Patterson, was married to Miss Mary Pell, daughter of Mrs. S. E. Pell and the late Mr. C. Pell, of Hastings. Both brothers are serving with the R.N.Z.A.F. and stationed at Hobsonville where the couples will make their homes. Reading from left, back row, are Messrs. G. Grahame, J. Findlay, N. Patterson, K. Patterson, P. O’Brian, and N. Hamilton. Front row, Miss C. Dickens, Miss D. O’Shea, Mrs. N. Patterson, Mrs. K. Patterson, Mrs. P. Lowry, Miss C. Martin. Flower girls are Rae Dickens and Karen Lowry.
Russell Orr photo

Page 32


MASHITER – CARSWELL. At the St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church, Napier, Lita Carswell, 2nd daughter of M. and Mrs. W. A. Carswell of Eskdale, to Tom Mashiter, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Mashiter of Auckland. Attendants were Mr. Peter Duncan, Flower girl Suzanne Carswell and Bridesmaid Miss Leslie Carswell.
Photo by Bruce MacConnell


SEWTER – YOUNG. At St. Luke’s, Miss S. Young, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Young of Bournemouth, England, to John Sewter, eldest son of Mrs. J. Sewter and the late Mr. Sewter of Dorset, England. Attendants were Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Smith.
Batchelors Studios

Page 33


Sponsored by the Atlantic Oil Company the National Ploughing match was held under wet and dismal conditions in Hastings recently, but still a large and interested crowd attended. The winner of this match will now travel on to Ireland to compete in the World Championship.

Mr. S. M. Allison of Milton, this years winner, receives the “Silver Plough” Award (valued at approximately £300) from the Hon. C. F. Skinner, M.C., Minister of Agriculture.

Long and straight the first strike is the most important part of the contest and contestants make this run a slow and painstaking one. Even then once the other end is reached most entrants usually make a close inspection of the furrow and straighten up the turned sod before proceeding.

BELOW. Competitors being briefed by Mr. Scott, Secretary of the National Ploughing Association, before the match started.

Page 34

On the Friday preceding the match a parade of agricultural equipment passed through the Hastings business area and slightly out of season (it was raining at the time) was this irrigation equipment.

Mr. Allison carefully adjusts his plough after making the first strike.

Visitors from the South Island evidently hadn’t heard of Hawke’s Bay’s reputation for they came well prepared for wet weather, which was just as well. From left are Mesdames, Free, of Outram; Allison (winner’s wife) of Milton; Blair, of Outram; and Dugan of Christchurch.

Ah the shame of it! Just look at those nicely cleaned marching boots. Still, programme sellers Marie Catherall and Deanna Nicol have a bright smile for the photographer.

Page 35

The Atlantic Team who serviced tractors entered in competition were, from left, Keith Smith, Neil Lobb, Lionel Priest, Gerry Ireland, George Cunningham, Peter Morrison, Paul Eller, Joe Clark and Alec Campbell.

Mr. Agnew of Mangateretere makes adjustments on his plough.

A section of the large crowd who attended the match, bad as the weather was, eagerly await the judge’s decision.

Page 36


Presented by their mothers, seven debutantes curtsied to Mrs. K.J. Holyoake, wife of the leader of the Opposition. The occasion was the National Party Ball held in the Assembly Hall Hastings, which was suitably decorated in the blue and white colours of the National Party. Accompanying Mrs. Holyoake were Mr. C. L. Cleal Secretary Organiser of the Wellington division and Mrs. C. Cleal.

The debutantes had been tutored by Miss Heather Bentley.

Miss Maureen Atkinson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. Atkinson of Porangahau, Mrs. K. J. Holyoake and Mr. Eric Pryor, chairman of the Hastings electorate.

Among those present were Jim Harvey and Jill Farquharson of Hastings.

Debutante Miss Kathleen Jones, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Jones of Havelock North.

Page 37

Miss Laura Ashcroft, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. Ashcroft of Havelock North.

RIGHT. Miss Jan Pryor, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. Pryor of Hastings.

Miss Ava Hickson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Hickson of Hastings.

Miss Carolyn Craig, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Craig of Hastings.

RIGHT. Miss Suzanne Liley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Liley of Havelock North.

Page 38


The stage of the Assembly Hall transformed into a modern and up to date kitchen where the contestants worked under the critical eyes of spectators. After each contest this kitchen was dismantled and transported to the scene of the next provincial final.

With a trip to Australia in the offing, the six provincial finalists in the Pie Making contest sponsored by the Apple and Pear Marketing Board set to work in the Assembly Hall Hastings recently to make a pie to beat all pies. The judges had a very difficult job deciding just which was the best, but finally awarded top honours to Mrs. Agnus [Agnes] Bale of Napier Road, Havelock North.

Mrs. E. Scott of Makotuku trims the pie which won her the third prize of a Laminex table.

Mrs. A. Oliver of Hastings receives congratulations in gaining second place, for which she wins a Champion Victor Gas Cooker.

Page 39

Judges concentrate on the serious business of deciding the order of merit.

ABOVE RIGHT. While each contestant was baking her pie, cooking demonstrations were given by Dianna Manning who here shows her “Baked Alaska”.

RIGHT. The body of the Assembly Hall was set up with stalls and miniature shops and one such display, was this “apple shop”. One of the signs said “Eat an apple and freshen up”. Gay Barden took the sign literally and helped herself.

Mrs. A. Bale of Havelock North being congratulated by Mr. Kirkpatrick on her win. Mrs. Bale is now the proud owner of an Automatic Frigidaire valued at £105.

RIGHT. Cups of coffee dispensed at one of the demonstration stands were very popular.

Page 40


John Milne of Napier and Alan Parkinson of Gisborne Y.M.C.A. Harrier Club were 2nd and lst place getters in the Senior, 6 1/4 mile cross country race, of the Hawke’s Bay – Poverty Bay Provincial Championships held at Havelock North recently. With races for colts, juniors (A and B grades) and seniors, over 150 runners took part with the Napier Harrier Club taking the honours of the day in the teams events.

BELOW. Kerry Hansen of Hastings, winner of the A grade Colts event run over a distance of 3 1/8 miles.

A. Hoskyn, the galloping grandfather from Hastings.

RIGHT. R. Dalimore of Napier gained second place in the colts A. grade.

BELOW. Three spectators, Rita Glen, Amy Goldsworthy and Beverley Gray.

Kerry Hansen of Hastings winner of Colts A grade.

Page 41

Bruce Donnelly, Gisborne, 2nd in the Junior event.

Ross Rawnsley, Waipukurau.

Murray Webb, Club Capt. of the Hastings Harrier Club and Club champion.

Wet and muddy conditions did not deter these keen amateur sportsmen.

This section of the Havelock North course is considered to be the toughest part as due to its undulating nature it is very difficult for the runners to settle into a steady stride.

Page 42


The Napier Methodist Church Hall was packed to capacity on the occasion of the Wesley Bible Class dance last month.

A novel and entertaining feature of the decorations was the caricatures adorning the exits from the hall.

Super extras

Dancers enthusiastically applaud entertainers.

Page 43


One of the greatest occasions in the life of a young lady is her debut, after which comes marriage. At Waipukarau the Junior National Party organised a debutante ball where these charming young ladies were presented to Mr. and Mrs. Buchanan. They are now awaiting the next step. Any offers? From left are (aliases in brackets) Miss Clarabella Twinkletoes, (Ralph Newman); Miss Sabrina Mansfield, (Bob Stubbs); Miss Wilhelma Loopy, (Bill Lawes); Miss Flossy Eggburgh, (David Peterson); Miss Dolly Daydream (Donald Simms); Miss Biddy Bardot, (Graeme Simmons); and Miss Honey Sticky, (Michael Brewer).

Photos by Max Moverley

Miss Sabrina Mansfield lacked certain essentials to live up, or out, to her name so . . .

Miss Flossy Eggburgh, escorted by her matronly Ma, makes her entrance amid rousing cheers and wolf whistles.

Page 44

Miss Mansfield, now suitably equipped, receives congratulations on her charming appearance from Mr. Buchanan.

TOP LEFT. A graceful curtsey by Biddy Bardot to Mr. and Mrs. Buchanan. Mrs. Bardot (Anthea Edgecombe) in background.

At the insistence of their many suitors Flossy and Biddy pose with their escorts Bing, (Gretchen Cranby) and Frank (Valda Parker).

An unusual sight to say the least. After all the sign is clear enough, but then perhaps Mrs. Sydia Eggburgh can’t read.

Miss Honey Sticky receives beauty treatment from Miss Valder [Valda] Parker.

Page 45

Future weight-lifting champions? If enthusiasm and training count for anything, this is very possible. Led by Constable R. N. Cuthbert, a Waipukurau policeman, is a newly-formed weight-lifting and body-building club. With an initial membership of 25, whose ages range from 12 to 40 years, the club is well and truly launched.

Held at the Waipukurau Youth Centre on three nights a week, it deserves the full support of the community, and new members will be welcomed.

ABOVE. Some of the club members, from left: S. Wride, N. Lange, K. Field, T. Price, R. Cuthbert (instructor), L. Evans, D. Coles, and the shy young man in front is R. B. Cuthbert.

BELOW. Instructor R. N. Cuthbert demonstrating the movement for the clean and jerk to R. Naylor.

Photos by Max Moverley

Page 46


SWINERD – RANSOM. June Ann Ransom, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. Ransom of Pakowhai, to Graham Basil Swinerd, only son of Mrs. R. Raynor of Hastings. Bridesmaid was Miss P. Dillon of Pakowhai, and bestman was Mr. Davis S. Brown of New Plymouth. Mr. and Mrs. Swinerd are to live in Hamilton.


HARRIS – SUTTON. At St. Augustine’s Church, Napier: Gwen Sutton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ron. Sutton of 22 Colenso Avenue, Napier, to Arthur Harris, son of Mr. and the late Mrs. J. H. Harris of Carnell St., Napier. Attendants were: bridesmaid Miss Janice Sutton and bestman Mr. George Scott.

Photos by Batchelors Studios

Page 47

Photographed at a private coming-out party at “Whetakura”, Woodville, is Miss Jan Chadwick, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. Chadwick.

Miss Jocelyn Christensen, a debutante presented at the Dannevirke R.S.A. Ball, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. Christensen of 10 Albert Street, Dannevirke.
Photo by Metro Studios

Pictured with her parents on the occasion of her 21st birthday party is Miss Gail Haymer, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Haymer of Hastings.

RIGHT. Miss Jennifer Smith, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. Smith of Argyle Street East, Hastings, cuts her 21st birthday cake.

Photos by Batchelors Studios

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A popular week-end sport for young and old, surfcasting is rapidly gaining in popularity and on a sunny Sunday afternoon a drive around the bay will show groups of surfcasters crowding likely looking spots. One popular piece of coastline is at the Tuki Tuki river mouth. where, on most week-ends, droves of hopeful surfcasters gather to practice their art. The relative inexpensiveness of rods and reels brings this sport within reach of everyone and from all reports very few go home without catching at least one fish.

Cam Leech reels in his strike.

Mr. Forbes Minto goes for a long cast (A cast of up to 200 yards or more can be made in a throw) and RIGHT comes up with his dinner.

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Norman Wilson and Lynn Halliday take time off from their surf-casting and sit down to a picnic lunch.

RIGHT. Those “poor fish” in the sea will have about as much chance as the land species against the charms of Miss Patricia Bird, here using a one handed bait caster. This lighter type of equipment will get the bait up to 100 yards out and the fish aren’t particular what kind of equipment is used.


At the Church of England Cathedral, Napier, Margaret Harris, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Harris of 42 Seddon Cres., Napier, to Ken Weir, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Weir of Middlesex England. Bridal party from left, Graham Lawson, Valma McKenzie, Bride and Groom, Beverley Horne, and Graham Harris. Future home of couple is to be Napier.
Photo by Bruce MacConnell

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When Mr. Norman Haynes set out to plough a paddock on his property at Clive preparatory to planting potatoes, he didn’t count on having quite so much company for the day. A large flock of seagulls gorged themselves silly on worms and other tasty morsels exposed by the plough.

Sunday strollers and motorists out for a Sunday afternoon drive last month, stopped at Spriggs Park Ahuriri to swell the large crowd who had gathered there to spend an enjoyable afternoon listening to a concert put on by the Napier Technical Memorial Band.

BELOW. The conductor of the band Mr. H. F. Vincent who has recently held both the National Champion Soprano and the National Veterans championships.

LOWER LEFT. Some of the bandsmen who give up their Sunday afternoons to entertain others.

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Seven charming young debutantes were presented to Mr. and Mrs. Nimon at the Meeanee Country Women’s Institute Ball held in the Memorial Hall Meeanee recently.

ABOVE. Six of the seven debutantes standing behind the official party, who were from left, Mrs. Yeo, Mayoress of Taradale; Mr. G. Black, County Councillor; Mrs. Beauchamp, president of the Meeanee C.W.I.; Mr. R. A. Nimon, Hawke’s Bay County Chairman; Mrs. Nimon, Mr. Beauchamp, Mrs. Black, Mr. F. G. Yeo, Mayor of Taradale; and Mrs. E. D. Holt, Dominion Executive C.W.I.

Miss Raewyn Billington, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Billington of Meeanee.

Miss Isobell Gray, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Gray, Harrison Road, Taradale.

RIGHT. Miss Cecily Findlay, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Findlay of Meeanee.

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Miss Beryl Orbell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. Orbell of Brookfields, Meeanee makes her curtsy to Mr. and Mrs. Nimon.

Miss Janice Pederson, daughter of Mrs. L. Pederson of Alexander Street, Meeanee.

Miss Pamela Andrews, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. Andrews of Parsons Road, Napier.

Miss Maureen Bethell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Bethell of Brookfields, Meeanee.

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An important milestone was passed last month by the Hastings Fire District when their new Fire Station in Havelock North was officially opened by the pressing of a siren switch. This culminated nearly twelve months of hard work by brigade members who had, with the exception of the outside plastering, completely designed and built the station themselves.

The Havelock Fire Brigade station as it was twelve months ago. This has now been replaced by the modern building pictured below.

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Representatives from all over Hawke’s Bay attending the opening which was followed by a social function in the evening. From left are Staff Officer J. McKessor from Wellington, Third Officer F. Hansen of Waipawa, Fireman M. Donnelly of Waipukurau, Fireman F. Welsh of Waipukurau, and Deputy Chief Fire Officer Harvey from Otaki.

Fireman Doctor B. Dean receives a certificate on completion of three years service from Chief Fire Service Officer T. A. Varley of Wellington.

Station Officer N. Donkin is presented with the gold bar, designating his 29 years of service with the Fire Brigade.

Fireman B. Donkin, Miss J. Bride, Miss J. Dixon and Fireman S. Taylor.

your copy of the
September “ PHOTO NEWS ”
12th September

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A big day for Jane Stayt of Hastings came recently, when along with 74 other children of the Jean Ballantyne School of dancing, Hastings, she was examined by Miss Lorraine Norton of Sydney. The examination was that of the Royal Academy Dancing Examination for Ballet in Education. These photos were taken just prior to the examination.

Jane practises on the bars.

Last minute touches are made by, centre, Miss Heather Bentley and Angella Horrocks, right, assistant teachers.

Jane reads a “Dancing” magazine waiting to face the examiner.

RIGHT. Immediately after the examination Jane poses with her friend for a photographic record of the day.

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An Introduction to Astrology with The Signs of the Zodiac by “ Red Cloud ”

ARIES – March 21st to April 19th
A most interesting month of mixed trends. Attend to serious business, your standing in the world and the needs of those in authority. Love letters and other pleasing communications and contacts hold a special promise for the month’s end. Don’t let quarrels with partners or those in authority upset the apple cart. Romance and stimulating associations along with heart’s ease, are the month’s harvest after the 23rd.

TAURUS – April 20th to May 20th
Somewhat mixed but intense aspects prevail. Splendid long range business, overall personal and worldly plans can be materialized, but you must co-operate on the job and with those in authority, and contacts in your routine affairs, if you hope to fully benefit. 25th – 30th brings a rich harvest of special wonder for all who have tried.

GEMINI – May 21st to June 21st
Wedding and engagement plans may move slowly due to practical considerations but loved ones are steadfastly devoted. Don’t let a sudden flare-up over an old matter or with an elder, throw you off balance, as this can be most happily solved as the month ends. The temptation to be extravagant in mood or cash should be curtailed even though your regular source of income continues high.

CANCER – June 22nd to July 22nd
Indulge the holiday mood, enjoy the short trips, visiting to and fro neighbours, relatives and stimulating friends, but keep practical! Better take the homefolks along and send the boss a postal card to avoid family or business criticism after the 22nd. Proposals should not interfere with duties, nor cause quarrels. Better wait till October before making final decisions.

LEO – July 23rd to August 23rd
The upswing continues but caution is needed as extravagance and poor judgement could cause unnecessary set-backs. Keep plodding for long-term contracts as well as new business could open the ways to bigger things. Watch quarrels with relatives or those of importance which could be needlessly depressing.

VIRGO – August 24th to September 23rd
Mixed conditions require discreet management for smooth results, even though your overall goals remain high. Accent shifts to financial increase and concerns from the 6th onwards. Fine conservative business personal agreements of lasting worth can be yours, but you may have to make concessions, or submit to stringent financial employment or working conditions in the bargain. Some lasting satisfaction and happiness is blowing at the month’s end.

LIBRA – September 24th to October 23rd
Revamp your plans as the month opens to insure sound business and personal programmes. A serious note 5th – 7th, a pleasing communication go hand in hand with possible frustration at home or in the world! Balance! Towards the end of the month may bring an old love as well as business favours and stimulating communications.

SCORPIO – October 24th to November 22nd
The indications of last month continue especially until the 22nd. Meantime some special conservative business proposition, perhaps having to do with relatives or neighbours, could be of long lasting benefit. Watch out for the overlapping 6th to 9th when private resentments and criticism from elders or people of importance could be upsetting if you gave cause. The 25th to 30th could bring an old love or a very deep joy to you from a friend.

SAGITTARIUS – November 23rd to December 21st
Keep moving while last month’s momentum continues. Salt something away, including personal honours and credits for the challenges due from important people during the last months of the year. Don’t let friends cause quarrels or extravagance. Love matures. Important people stand behind you so do your part. Social events are active; enjoy, but work hard too!

CAPRICORN – December 22nd to January 19th
A harvesting month when a business as well as romantic marriage can be made for those who are eligible and who have worked towards this goal. Happy termination of old responsibilities brings freedom. Don’t let the 6th – 9th upset you, especially if some person in authority momentarily denies you a personal desire. This can be worked out at the month’s end under very happy personal circumstances.

AQUARIUS – January 20th to February 18th
Past matters continue paramount, including clearing up your own confusions, prejudices and notions. Inheritances of cash or gifts are likely to bring you to a new chapter in living. However outwardly quiet the month may be, it holds great power for revitalized intimate fulfilment soon to come. Don’t let monetary frustrations or upsets of midmonth interfere with the deeper meanings of your life.

PISCES – February 19th to March 20th
Looks as if love and beneficence are yours for always. Don’t neglect old situations, duties, obligations. There’s rewards from past services, inheritances; an important conservative and lasting agreement with elders or your love or beloved goal is slated. Overlapping these days, however, beware, when you might succumb to frustration and spoil things by stubborn attitudes or wild impatience. The month’s end brings accord, so until then, give and don’t rebel.

Printed photo-litho for the publishers by Swailes Printing Co. Ltd., Napier.

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Latest fashion trends for ship-wrecked sailors were demonstrated recently at a ship wreck dance organised by the Hastings Comedy Company. Held in the Old Folks Association Hall Hastings, the Comedy Company saw to it that there was plenty of fun and laughter at the dance, and they intend to serve up the same ingredients at their forthcoming Blossom Week production “Rio Rita”.

Photos by Candid Camera Studies

Mr. and Mrs. Hunt were judged the most original.

Derek Whiteworth [Dereck Whitworth] and Gladys Williamson

Misses Mordon and Herbison

Peter Trask and Bill Christian

RIGHT. A jolly group of shipwrecked sailors.

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A pretty and little-known spot on the Maraetotara Stream

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