Hawke’s Bay Photo News 1964 – Number 069 August

Hawke’s Bay PHOTO NEWS
69th Issue

[Cover photo – Lovely young Raewyn Sutton, New Zealand Senior Ladies Figure Roller Skating Champion, features on our cover this month.]

Extra length … finer filter … and best of all is the tobacco.

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Vol. 6.
No. 9
August 1964

Editor Philip Moore

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Front Cover. Lovely young Raewyn Sutton, New Zealand Senior Ladies Figure Roller Skating Champion, features on our cover this month. Raewyn, who shortly leaves for Adelaide, Australia, to compete in the Australian Skating Championships, is 17 years old and a hairdresser by profession.

Back Cover. Now nearing completion is this new Napier landmark, the seven and a half acre wool store being built for Dalgety and New Zealand Loan Ltd.

A dance with a difference by Jaycette Dorothy Fenton.

Page 2


Every year about this time, the Hastings Jaycettes entertain their husbands to an evening. which is usually full of surprises and this year was no exception, their theme being “a Jaycee in Paradise”. These girls certainly know their husbands.

Picture shows Barbara Jones taking the part of a sultan Jaycee surrounded by his temptresses, Havellyn Bronhead, Nola Dewson and Natalie Rockett and slave girl Hazel Thomas – she‘s the one who’s working,

To add to a tired Jaycee sultan’s pleasure, three dancing giris gave a vivid display of an Eastern dance. They are Dorothy Fenton, Margaret Donovan and Yvonne Sykes.

Page 3


A presentation was recently made in the M.E.D. Showrooms, of an electric drier, to Mrs. M. P. Sidoruk of Napier. Mrs. Sidoruk, whose baby was born the same day as Begley Industries’ new factory was opened, is shown here receiving the drier from Mr. A. Duncan on behalf of Begley Industries Ltd.

On a visit to Napier recently were four of New Zealand’s most outstanding figures in sport. An early morning run from Greenmeadows to Napier attracted many well wishers if not joggers, to keep them company. Shown towards the end of the “pipe-opener” are, from left: All Black Don Clarke, Athletics Coach Arthur Lydiard, Napier, All Black Kel. Tremain, and Test Cricketer Bert Sutcliffe, accompanied by two young fans.

Page 4


BOWES – PEDERSEN. Recently married in Knox Church, Dannevirke, were Mr. and Mrs. Graeme Bowes. The bride is Ann, elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Pedersen, Norsewood, and the groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Alan Bowes, Napier.

90th Birthday. Mrs. Mary Maxwell of Wellington, is surrounded by direct descendants, who, with friends and relations, made a party of 30 for a celebration dinner at the Waterloo Hotel recently. Mrs. Maxwell has three daughters and two sons, 14 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. She resided in Napier and Hastings from 1930 to 1947.

Three Staff Nurses who graduated at Wairoa Hospital recently are seen here at the Graduation Ceremony with Miss F. Kimball, Matron, and Dr. G. Forster. They are, from left, C. Taylor, M. Rangi and M. Teague.

Page 5


PENNEY – GRANT. Mr. and Mrs. David John Penney are shown after their wedding at St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church, Napier. The bride was Diane Merion, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Grant, Putorino. The groom is the son of Mr, and Mrs. C. Penney, Christchurch.
Photo by Hurst Studios

PETERS – MILL. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald William Peters were married at St. Augustine’s Church, Napier, recently. The bride is Pamela Carmen, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Mill, Napier, and the groom is the only son of Mr. and. Mrs. W. L. Peters, Mangamaire.
Photo by Hurst Studios

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Page 7


The 23rd Annual Festival of the Hawke’s Bay area of the British Drama League was conducted at the Hastings Municipal Theatre recently. Ronald Montague, Auckland (top right), was the adjudicator. On this page are three incidents from the William Shakespeare play “The Merry Wives of Windsor”. At top is Mistress Page, played by Nancy Harvey, while the voluminous fellow (bottom left) is the key figure of the play. Sir John Falstaff, which part was taken by Peter Cannons. Lower right: Mistress Page and Ford plot with Falstaff’s Page. The play was presented by the Omakere Players.

Page 8

Producers and their casts are pictured behind the scenes as they waited for “curtain up”. Top: Mr. Roydon Frost, producer of the Hastings Group Theatre’s play “The Proposal”, has last minute instructions to give. Below: The other play presented by the Hastings Group Theatre was “Riders to the Sea” and was produced by Patrick Dingemans (centre).

Page 9

Top: A scene from “The Merry Wives of Windsor” as Master Page (Neil Kittow) centre, toasts Nym and Pistol, two followers of Sir John Falstaff. Below left: Robert de Baudricourt has hard words with his Steward, played by Geoff Herbert. Below right: Cathleen, an Irish girl from the play “Riders to the Sea”, sits at her spinning wheel.

Page 10

Master Ford disguised as Mr. Broom conspires with Sir John Falstaff. The part of Master Ford was taken by Bill Treseder. Below: Joan pleads her cause to Robert de Baudricourt. An incident during the presentation at George Bernard Shaw’s “St. Joan”, scene 1. The part of Joan was taken by Ann Haycock, while that of Robert de Baudricourt by Ian Black. The play was presented by the Waipukurau Dramatic Society.

Page 11

Scenes from the Hastings Group Theatre’s play “Riders to the Sea”, by J. M. Synge. Top left: Cathleen and Nora identify the clothing brought in from the sea. The part of Cathleen was taken by Elizabeth Mulcaster and that of Nora by Ailsa Kennedy. Top right: Bartley prepares to go out in search of his lost brother. Bartley was played by Patrick Crowe. The action of the play takes place in the cottage kitchen on an island off the west coast of Ireland. Below: The tense scene as the drowned form of Bartley is brought into the cottage. Sprinkling Holy water on the lifeless form of her son is Maurya, played by Diana Webb.

Page 12

Chewing on a chop, Robin Falstaff Page makes a becoming picture in this scene from “The Merry Wives of Windsor”. The part was taken by Diana Kittow. Right: A dramatic moment in the Hastings Group Theatre’s play “The Proposal”, by Anton Tchekov. Ivan Vassilyevitch Lomov was played by Lyness McGregor-McDonald. Natalya Stepanova was played by Rita Yule.

Page 13

Some of the casts which took part in the Drama Festival shown in various situations. Above: Rita Yule (Hastings Group Theatre) being made up by Ann Anderson.

While waiting to take the stage with the Omakere players, Mistress Ford, played by Jean Gollan, listens to the adjudicators appraisal of the preceding play.

Lyness McGregor-McDonald (seated) and Cedric Catton receive help with their make-up from Naomi Jagger.

Ian Black and Ann Haycock of the Waipukurau Dramatic Society, applying make-up in their dressing room.

Page 14


At a recent gala evening, held to raise funds, an unusual feature of the evening was the pantomiming of a child’s record. However, to commence the entertainment, a “Can-Can” on skates was presented to the audience, which gave an enthusiastic reception to the girls, who are, from left: Denise Hook, Heather Robinson, Kaye Cameron, Cheryl Laurent and Jenny Wright.

Jane Wakely as the “Marvellous Toy”.

National Figure Skating Champion Raewyn Sutton as the peacock.

Page 15

A line-up of the “penguins” – the birds in their dinner suits.

Just to prove leopards can change their spots.

“The Horse in Striped Pyjamas” drew applause for a difficult skating routine.

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Page 17


At a party at the H.B. Merchant Navy Club Rooms, Napier, Jeanine Apperley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Apperley, Napier, celebrated her 21st birthday and also announced her engagement to Ian Roland (Tony) Barber.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Rail, Hastings, recently celebrated their Golden Wedding at the Old Boys Gym.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

RASMUSSEN – O’NEILL. Mr. and Mrs. Rex Rasmussen are shown outside St. Patrick’s Church, Napier, following their wedding recently. The bride is Patricia, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. O’Neill, Marewa. The groom is the only son of Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Rasmussen, Takapau.

Tony Corbin, second son of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Corbin, Hastings, recently celebrated his 21st birthday at the Fire Station, Havelock North.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

Page 18


Indoor basketball has a very large following in Napier, with meetings being held two nights a week at the Centennial Hall and 36 teams competing each night. Pictured here are a few incidents from games played at a recent competition.

P. Dunlop passes the ball to C. Lum closely watched by the opposition.

E. Fenn moves sharply out of the way of D. Roberts to avoid a foul.

D. May attempts to intercept the ball from B. Snow.

Page 19

B. Weston deflects the ball from C. Foster, who has just aimed at goal.

B. Gray of Tigers A makes a successful attempt at goal while N. Wynn of Colenso tries to deflect the ball.

Page 20


The annual rugby match between Napier and Hastings High Schools was played at Napier recently and resulted in a win for Hastings, 19-12. The Hastings team, above, is, top row from left: J. Palmer, S. Crews, C. Knight, A. Harrison, G. Thompson, M. Tonkin, R. Torwick and L. Puku. Front row, from left: E. Willis, D. Harding, G. Harrison, J. Chadwick, D. Prescott, l. Warrington, and G. Velvin. The Napier team is, back row from left: P. Carney, I. Ware, L. Katetau, L. Campbell, D. Kerr, J. Andrews, G. Exeter, B. Harvey. Front: J. de Denne, G. Robinson, R. Sherwood, M. Mear, J. Exeter, G. Kohlis, P. Tuck.

Page 21

Forwards scramble for possession during a lineout. Hastings forward E. Willis (extreme left) attempts to hinder his towering Napier opponent from breaking through.

A Hastings back slips a hand around centre John Andrews, making a break through the Hastings ranks.

Napier fullback Paul Carnie has set up a formidable points record for a junior rugby player. During the match against Hastings, he kicked his hundredth point this season.

Page 22


Another highly successful “Girl of the Week” contest concluded recently, when the results were announced at the Top Hat Ballroom, Napier. The Deerstalkers representative, Judith McCutcheon, the “Girl of the Week”, is shown here with the runner-up, Miss Bette Cameron (H.B. Revue Skating Club), and third place getter, Joanne Jensen (Napier-Taradale Free Kindergarten Association).

An attractive lass who won many admirers, was Anne Brown, who represented the Pacific Surf Life Saving Club.

Page 23


A new idea for a sewer outfall, at present being pioneered by the Gisborne City Council may prove the answer to both Napier and Hastings sewage disposal problems.

A mile long pipe of 4 inch thick concrete is being glued together with an apoxy resin into four ¼ mile lengths, pointed towards the beach. Later this year the 1600 ton pipeline will be dragged to sea by a tug and dug into the seabed by a giant 6-foot disc system, designed by the city engineer, Mr. H. C. Williams.

This is the first marine pipeline in the world solely of concrete construction to be launched in this way. It will not float, but will weigh a mere 9 lbs. per foot in water. On land each foot weighs more than 500 lbs.

The 30 inch diameter pipe is shown being assembled, pointed at Waikanae Beach.

Page 24


Wendy Alexander, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Alexander, Napier, is shown at her 21st, which was celebrated recently at her home.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

Murray Speers recently celebrated his 21st at the Air Force Association Hall, Havelock North. He is the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. G. J. A. Speers, Paki Paki.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

Shown with his parents at his 21st, which was held at the Druids Hall, Hastings, recently, is Brian Kite, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Kite, Hastings.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

Eileen Ann Marsden, daughter of Mrs. E. M. Marsden, is shown with her mother at her 21st, which was held at the Karamu Lodge Hall, Hastings.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

Page 25


The family of the late Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Brock recently held a family reunion, the first for 13 years. Shown from left to right are Jack, Napier; Rose (Mrs. White), Napier; Alma (Mrs. Bavastro), Auckland; Fred, Auckland; Louie (Mrs. Rowe), Napier; and Jim, Napier.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

Peter James Tong, Greenmeadows, is seen receiving his key from his mother, Mrs. R. Tong, at a 21st party which was held at home.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

Napier girl Pamela Greentree, is shown here with the “Florida Citrus Queen” at the New York World’s Fair. Pamela is at present on a world tour with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Greentree, Napier, and this picture was taken during a two months, visit to the United States.

Page 26


The recent Club Championships of the Hastings Miniature Rifle Club attracted a good field of entrants and some good scores were recorded. The club, with a membership of approximately 70, has some 20 schoolboys and eight lady members. Discussing rifles whilst awaiting their turn at the butts are, from left: Winston Brooks, Geoffrey Evanson of Hastings, and North Island representative Peter Jeffreys of Napier.

Current Hawke’s Bay Champion Lindsay France, is shown about to position himself for shooting.

Janet Dick of Takapau awaits her turn at the range.

Page 27

Shown at the butts are, from left: John Geor, Sylvian Luxford and Secretary Frank Cooper of Hastings. Followers of rifle shooting will recall Sylvian Luxford competing with distinction at Bisley in 1962.

Although she has only shot once before, Eleanor Diamond of Hastings recorded a score of 92.17.

Clive Garland pauses to re-adjust his sights.

Page 28


A sizeable collection of works of art is attracting a lot of attention at the Hawke’s Bay Art Gallery and Museum, Napier, where the Annual Exhibition of the Hawke’s Bay and East Coast Art Society is on display. Local artists are responsible for the top two pictures, the one on the left entitled “Stomp and Shout”, being the work of the Napier Boys’ High School art teacher, Mr. I. J. Roberts. The nude (right) is from the brush of Barbara Forde. Below: The foyer leading into the main gallery was selected for the displaying of this gigantic canvas of M. M. Tanser, entitled “Wild Horses”.

Page 29


Some interesting and beautiful pieces of work were on show in the pottery and ceramic sections. Top left: This delicately carved wooden figure is the work of student R. M. Bartlett, while that of the intriguing little animal was executed by F. A. Wilson. Lower left: A sculpture work by C. M. Prebble, also in the student section of the exhibition. A pottery design made in individual pieces and mounted on a scrim covered board was the work of J. E. Wilcox. Below right: Circular jug with twin spouts by J. M. Oliver.

Page 30


BROGDEN – FULFORD. Mr. and Mrs. John Brogden are shown receiving their wedding certificate from the Rev. I. Muir at the conclusion of their marriage ceremony at St. Columba’s Church, Havelock North, recently. The bride is Jennifer Anne, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. V. Fulford, Havelock North, and the groom is the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Brogden.

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Page 31


Mr. J. A. Hudson, director of training for the Boy Scout movement in New Zealand, was the opening speaker at the recent Hawke’s Bay Area Scouter and Lay Workers conference held at Hastings. With him on the platform is the conference chairman, Mr. C. P. W. Chamberlain (right) and Mr. S. Trott of Hastings. Below: Land and Sea Scouts get acquainted during a morning tea break. They are, from left: Brian Avison, Father R. Miles, Keith Redstone and Bob Macaulay.

Page 32

Humorous posters depicting “the good old daze” caught the eyes of this scouting trio at the conference. The girls are, from left: Karen Pettersen (Napier), Vyvian Brunton (Hastings), and Beth Anderson (Napier). Below: Mr. Arthur French, who this year retired from the position of Area Secretary, discusses the job with his successor, Mr. Don Mills, who takes over on the 1st August.

Page 33

Three Gisborne delegates to the Hawke’s Bay Scout Area Second Annual Conference swap notes after a morning session. They are, from left: Ian MacRae, Jim Stevens and Miss June McGregor.

Discussing the points of a lecture during a brief stopover are, from left: Stuart Robertson (Westshore), Janet Styles (Westshore), Gary Moles (Gisborne) and Basil Johnstone (Gisborne).

Page 34


A new addition for the Napier Fairhaven School for intellectually handicapped children, is this new bus pictured below. Especially converted at a cost of £1250, the bus is driven by Mrs. Shellard of Hastings, who covers some 80 miles a day to pick up pupils for the school. Above we see the old bus, which has served the school for six years, about to make its last journey, and below, the new bus arriving.

Page 35


A spirited haka (top picture) by members of Te Aute College’s first fifteen sets the stage for the annual rugby match against Palmerston North Boys’ High School recently. The match resulted in a win for Palmerston North, 9-5. Centre: Te Aute second five-eights H. Paiwai gets away a clearing kick. Lower picture: Te Aute forwards wrestle the ball over into their territory during a lineout.

Page 36

Cheers of support burst from school mates spurring on their team. Below: Te Aute centre M. Skudder prepares to shoot the ball out to winger Taumoeoeau, who subsequently scored.

Page 37

Palmerston North forward Dave Flemming kicks for touch in this attacking incident. Lower left: Palmerston North winger Colin Scorgie makes a clean break through. The Te Aute centre Lawrence Lambert tries to step out of a tackle.

Page 38


With their eyes glued to the furrow and the plough, these three farmers competed in the district final of the Atlantic Silver Plough Contest at the Patangata, Elsthorpe, Omakere and districts thirty-second annual ploughing match. At left is Takapau farmer Mr. Sam Donald, the winner, who now qualifies for the Dominion final. Top right is Mr. Gordon Wing of Levin and lower right Mr. K. Clough of Shannon.

Page 39

Fortifying the inner man before their hours of precision ploughing, the Atlantic finalists are, from left: Messrs. G. Wing, K. Clough and Sam Donald. Below: Sam Donald dismounts from his tractor to examine the cut.

Page 40


At the Town Hall in Hastings, wrestling fans saw Rocky Hunter, U.S.A., in his final bout in New Zealand, defeat Clem Lakis (ex Beatles bodyguard), in the seventh round. Both men had secured a fall each in a fast moving display of holds and throws, but due to the persistent use of the banned claw hold, the referee, Bomba Wells, disqualified Lakis, ending a really high-class display one round too soon.

Hunter applies a forward headlock.

Battle of strength. Hunter applies a full Nelson.

Lakis applies a body scissors. Hunter counters with a forward dump.

Page 41

Up and over – Hunter executes a forward dump.

Painfully Lakis puts on the pressure with a standing reverse leg hold.

Lakis firmly held with arm stretch and choke hold.

Page 42


Napier gained 13 new citizens recently with the holding of a Naturalisation Ceremony at the City Council Chambers. Welcome additions to the highly regarded Chinese community were, from left: Mr. L. W. Lui, Miss P. Wong, Kuen Bor Young, Sau Kin Chin, Mr. Ernest Young and Mrs. Fong Young.

Now married to a New Zealander, Mrs. I. Corbett originally came from Holland.

Mr. and Mrs. T. Laufiso, formerly of Samoa, also took the Oath of Allegiance.

Page 43

Mr. and Mrs. Vevang and their daughter Ellinor and Mrs. Ammalise Peka, who sailed to Napier in a fishing trawler from their native Norway, are pictured shortly after acquiring their New Zealand nationality.


This little shack was erected by the Napier, Hastings and district radio retailers at their own cost, and relays W.N.T.V.1 television programmes to about one million pounds worth of receivers in this district. But the most important point is that this little translator is worth, at present, £35,250 a year in licence fees for a very indifferent picture.

Page 44


Wairarapa goalie N. Hodges makes a spectacular leap pushing the ball away as a Hawke’s Bay forward attempts to head the ball into the net during the inter-provincial soccer match at Nelson Park, Napier, recently. The game ended in a draw, 1-1. Below: Two incidents from the match.

Page 45


For the first time in sporting history at Hastings, residents watched All-American styled gridiron football played during a charity match, which realised some £37 for the Intellectually Handicapped Society. Two teams from Napier and Hastings are shown here before they took the paddock for the demonstration match.

Page 46


Nothing worse than slight abrasions were received by the driver of this small car which was toppled onto its hood and finished up on the footpath on the intersections of Willowpark Road and St. Aubyn Street, Hastings, recently. The other car involved was extensively damaged in the front.

Pictured after being washed ashore at Clifton is the 50 ton sperm whale, which has subsequently been covered by a slip of sandstone near Rabbit Gully. The jaw bone of the mammoth sea creature was salvaged by local fishermen.

Page 47

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The spring wire type hose clip used on many modern cars are sometimes awkward to remove and install unless the proper type of pliers are available. Here is a simple way to handle this type of clip, which can then be easily opened by hand. Different sizes of clips require different size tubing. A – steel tubing; B – hose: C – spring wire type hose clip.

A quick test for car fuses can be made by unscrewing the bottom cap of a metal flashlight and separating it slightly from the body. With the switch on, a good fuse held so that it touches both cap and body will light the flashlight bulb.

Page 48


Finn Class yachtsmen seeking selection for the Tokyo Olympic Games, converged on Napier recently to take part in the trial races. Due to a unique calm on the Bay, the final three days of racing had to be abandoned and the winner of the first series of races, the Olympic gold medalist Peter Mander, Christchurch (top right) was recommended for the nomination. Top picture: The boaties prepare their yachts while waiting for a wind that failed to materialise. Lower: Shown, from left, are Bret de Thier (Canterbury), Bryan Treleaven (Christchurch), Noel Everett, Clive Roberts and Tom Speed, all of Auckland.

Page 49


Currently touring New Zealand under the auspices of the N.Z. Squash Racquets Association, are three young South Australians. They are, from left: Trevor Tucker, Rosemary Robb and Leigh Wilson, all of Adelaide.

Showing surprising maturity in his game for one so young, 15 year old Trevor Tucker is shown hitting a forehand smash.

Opposing the more experienced Leigh Wilson was well-known Napier sportsman Douglas Hogg of Napier.

Page 50


An amateur theatrical group recently formed in Napier, has been brought into being by a small group of experienced players, who not only act, but produce, construct stage sets, props and gain valuable experience in makeup and general techniques, but above all to provide good theatre.

Roy Holderness and Audrey London as the King and Queen in “Rhyme and Treason”.

Keith Hambleton and Alwyn Davey work on a set piece.

Penny Elliott Rossiter as a Lady in Waiting who was fed up with waiting.

Page 51


A rather striking design has been employed in the erection of the new Greater Hastings Public Relations Office in Russell Street, near the old railway station.

Below: It was certainly quite a surprise welcome home for the Havelock North young marrieds recently. They returned to find a construction gang had been busy with a miniature building programme, complete with Stork Landing Strip.

Page 52


A sport which has taken a firm hold in New Zealand over the past few years has many adherents in Hawke’s Bay. The Napier Y.M.C.A. Judo Club, which is now conducting a membership drive, is a flourishing organisation, coaching a sport which teaches self-restraint, discipline and a method of self-defence. Shown here are members of the club in the traditional judo pose of relaxation.

President of the club, Avon Carter displays an extremely important part of judo, the breakfall.

Bill Madore and one of the pupils with a shoulder throw.

Page 53

Two newcomers to the club demonstrate a hip throw.

John Turner with Bill Madore on the receiving end of a “shoulder wheel” or Kata Garuma.

Of course anyone can make a mistake!

Page 54

Instructor Bill Madore demonstrates an arm bar strangle on Avon Carter.

Avon Carter shows some delight in forcing a cross neck arm bar.

Page 55

Judo is a very effective form of self defence for girls and women. Here Lorraine Lyttle as the “victim” and Bill Madore as the “assailant” demonstrate the technique of disposing of unwanted attention. Footnote. Bill Madore tips the scales at 15 stone and is 6 foot 1 in. tall.

A quick twist by the “victim” as she steps in front of her “assailant” and …

…”Ouch” – my aching back.

Or just as devastating as a simple stomach throw.

Page 56


The annual presentation of the “Tomoana Players” this year takes the form of a farce, “All for Mary”, by Brooke and Bannerman. The story centres around Mary who, having been married twice, finds herself in her second honeymoon with both her husbands, current and ex, who incidentally both have chickenpox. The action takes place mainly in the bedroom of a Swiss hotel.

Bedtime story for the chickenpox victims: Humphrey and Victor (Peter Geor) resign themselves to the nursing of Nannie Cartwright, played by Jessie Swanson.

Humphrey looks with suspicion at Alphonse, as well he might, when Alphonse starts playing attention to Mary. Humphrey played by Robin Nairn; Alphonse by Eric Reay; Mary by Ann Hughes.

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[Back cover photo – Now nearing completion is this new Napier landmark, the seven and a half acre wool store being built for Dalgety and New Zealand Loan Ltd.]

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