Hawke’s Bay Photo News 1959 – Number 011 September

Hawke’s Bay PHOTO NEWS
Number 11
September 1959

[Cover photo – A wave and a charming smile for her subjects by the 1959 Blossom Queen, Barbara Inglis, of Havelock North.]

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Hawke’s Bay’s Own Pictorial News Magazine
Volume 1
No. 11

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A wave and a charming smile for her subjects by the 1959 Blossom Queen, Barbara Inglis, of Havelock North.
Photo by Russell Orr

They sell the best procurable
Petrol – Oil – Tyres – Batteries – Car Radios – Etc.

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It was Taradale’s turn last month to celebrate a hundred years of progress, and Taradale combined with Greenmeadows to make it a gala occasion. Each day from Monday to Friday the main streets of both towns were crowded with residents and visitors who turned out in their hundreds to watch and enjoy the extensive programme that had been organised by the Centennial Committee. Children of all ages had a glorious time and practically had the “Freedom of the City” for a full seven days, and they made the most of it.

Climaxing this week of festivities, was a Centennial Parade made up of decorated floats, vintage cars, bicycles and the trimmings of a well organised procession.

RIGHT. One of the most beautiful floats in the procession was that entered by the Taradale Borough Council

On Tuesday the 25th of August, the celebrations were officially opened by the Mayor of Taradale Mr. F. G. Yeo in the Taradale Town Hall which was also the setting for an Arts, Crafts and Hobbies display, part of which is seen in, the background.

RIGHT. Therese Pothan of Taradale. A picture of charm and grace in the Cavalcade of fashion.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – A. W. BOTT LTD., Hastings

Page 2

Highlight of Wednesday’s activities was a Cavalcade of feminine fashion down through the last hundred years with “models” of all ages taking part.

RIGHT. A section of the large crowd which turned out for the Cavalcade.

Bus drivers receive last minute instructions before taking “old identities” on a tour of the district.

RIGHT. Grandma was top favourite on Old Identities day when Mrs. Howarth took her grandaughter along with her on the tour.

Page 3

Art from budding artists exhibited in the Arts, Crafts and Hobbies display, excited quite a deal of comment.

Spring is in the air. The farm came to Taradale’s main street and our photographer caught this charming scene of Cheryl Hollis of Havelock North, and an oppossum taking a ride on a lambs back.

Two old young ladies in the cavalcade of fashion.

Page 4

A feature of the parade was the great variety of means of transport and a lot of time and patience has gone into the decorating of this trolly and the bicycles by (from left) Don Finmore, Paul Karrad, Anne Karrad, Jane Marshall and Lynette Tremain.

Miss Anne Kyle of Napier rode with the pony club.

A trailer load of happiness.

Page 5

Children were well catered for in the celebrations with bicycle and tricycle races and (left) the fancy dress parade had no lack of entrants, which was led by BELOW the Meeanee Fire Engine.

And of course all the fun of the fair in the Taradale Park after the parade

RIGHT. The thrill of a life time for these children when they rode on a vintage car in the procession.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – McGRUERS LTD., Napier

Page 6


Children’s concerts and choir recitals always have and always will have an appeal all of their own. The annual festival of the Napier and Districts Primary Schools’ Choirs held recently was no exception. Capacity houses attended the two nights and were well rewarded.

ABOVE. The combined choir on the second night.

BELOW. While crossing from Asher Hall to the Municipal Theatre this “Banana Boat Song” group paused for our photographer.

Page 7

While one group was holding a packed theatre, other groups awaiting their cue were thoroughly enjoying films shown for their benefit in the nearby Asher Hall. These children probably thought they were better off than the other audience. That is not counting the time they themselves were singing of course.

The combined Committee and Ladies social club of the new Westshore Life Saving Club, recently formed at a Napier meeting. Until a new club was formed a surf section of the Napier Swimming and Life Saving Club operated on the Westshore beach, and now, members of this section, with the full support and backing of the parent club, have formed the nucleus of the new club. First president is Mr. R. R. Bickerstaff.

Page 8


SCRIMGEOUR – WILLIAMS. At St Patrick’s Church Napier, Mary Pamela Williams, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Williams of Napier, to Douglas Antony Scrimgeour, son of Mr. G. H. Scrimgeour and the late Mrs. Scrimgeour of Greytown. Bridal party from left, Marion Smith, Michael Dineen, Josephine Williams, Groom and Bride, Mat Farrell and Adriene Williams.
Photo by Batchelors Studios


Sent to us by a Wairoa reader, Stan Clark, a well known Wairoa rifleman with his “collection” of cups and trophies he has won at Wairoa, Gisborne and throughout Hawke’s Bay.

Calling Wairoa Photographers.
Photo News is always interested in receiving photos of interest from your district. Send us a print, the negative and a stamped return addressed envelope. The negative will be returned and we will do our best to have your photographs published.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – HAPP’S of SYDNEY, Napier

Page 9


At the Hawke’s Bay Scouters’ annual dinner held in Hastings recently the Havelock North Troup’s skiffle group provided entertainment for the Scouters and Guiders present. Note Painting of Baden Powell in background.

RIGHT. Alan Carlson, District Commissioner (left) with scouters from the Central H.B. Troupe.

BELOW. Miss Robertshaw and Commissioner J. R. H. Cooksley of Rissington.

BELOW RIGHT. Mr. Graeme, Commissioner J. K Agnew of Hastings and Mrs. Agnew.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – BESTALLS LTD., Napier

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Prizes to the value of £250


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IMPORTANT – With your entry send name, address, occupation, and age.
Tell your photographer that the picture is for Photo News. Pictures by professional photographers or amateurs accepted. Photographs received become the property of Photo News and are not returnable.

ENTER EARLY. Space may not permit the publication of all pictures received and prize winners will be selected from pictures published only.


A Special Midsummer Prize, sponsored by the retailers listed here will be given to the best entry received before the 10th of January.

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The winner of this prize will be entered in the big contest to be judged at the end of the summer period.

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Page 12


“Ladies and gentlemen, this is a cat show, and as a veteran of cat shows it has fallen to my lot to introduce you to a few of these other “amateurs” – compared to me – who aspire to prize winning honours in this, the second annual cat show of the Hastings Cat Club. Incidentally, this trophy beside me came my way for being the best Male Cat at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. To proceed – the knowall RIGHT is “Mike” owned by Miss Anne Flemming of Hastings.

“Beauty”, who is misbehaving and making rude noises at her fellow competitors, is being held by her owner Mrs. V. J. Wurm of Napier.

Some of the younger fry get far too much pampering in my eyes and the owner of this glamour cat, Miss Adrienne Steevens is being “taken for a ride”, or is it the other way round.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – MARTIN the JEWELLERS, Napier

Page 13

Here’s another lot of pampered cats with Miss Steevens’ “Fluff” still being carted around the place (left). At least “Fluff” is minding her own business, which is more than can be said for “Whiskey” and “Tibby” (right) who seem to be taking an unhealthy interest in each other. Owners are (centre) Pat Kenny and (right) Dianne Nielson.

Some fellows get all the luck and Mr. E. Vlasveld’s “John Silver” has found a new friend in pretty Karen Hunter of Hastings.

Taking the whole thing as his, RIGHT, is “Silver”, being held by owner Margaret Clifford of Hastings.

Margaret McPhee’s “Tigger” is just a bit inconsiderate, expecting to be picked up by someone not much bigger than himself.
And then of course some just couldn’t attend being under “doctors orders.”

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – BALDWIN & SWANWICK LTD., Hastings

Page 14


While Hawke’s Bay is celebrating its Centennial year two Hawke’s Bay residents celebrated their Centenary within ten days of each other, both having lived the greater part of their lives in the province. ABOVE. Mrs. Kate Bourke of Eskdale, who was born in Hawke’s Bay, celebrated her 100th birthday on the 11th of August and is pictured with members of her family.

BELOW. Although not born in this province, Mrs. Elizabeth Taylor landed in Napier some 82 years ago and celebrated her 100th birthday at her home in Hastings Street, Napier. Photographed with her is her immediate family.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – FAIRCLOUGHS RADIO LTD., Napier

Page 15


Although defeated the Napier State Advances team (from left) Lynda Hudson, Shirley Brown, Anne Silson, Janice Watts, Rita Wildermoth, Colleen Byrne and Jennifer Rees, fought valiantly against superior skill when they played a representative team from the Customs Department, Napier.

The game was played strictly according to international rules (by one side anyway) and here Colleen Byrne and Janice Watts are up against it as Bruce Ralph and Terry Beard try a spot of sabotage.

From left, the victors, Dave Kitchen, Walter Bowater, Robert Hoy, Terry Beard, David Mitchell and in front, Bruce Ralph and Gerald Frost.

A brilliantly executed goal by David Mitchell but the elastic just couldn’t keep up with things.

Copies of Photographs published in this magazine can be obtained from
Tennyson Street, Napier and Market Street, Hastings
or from the Photographer whose name appears below the Photo

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – LOVELL-SMITHS of Hastings

Page 16


Miss Claire Romminger

Miss Kathleen Sewell

Miss Gillian Anderson

Photos by Barretts Studios

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – H.B. FARMERS LTD.

Page 17


and BELOW. Girls of the third Napier Company of the Hawke’s Bay Girls’ Life Brigade in a display of National dress worn by countries throughout the world where Girls’ Life Brigades are operating. Organised by Capt. Tasker, the display was in honour of the visit of the Dominion President, Mrs. J. Smith of Dunedin. Between 250 and 300 Brigaders attended the function.

RIGHT. From left, Mrs. F. H. Hodge of Napier, Commandant of the Hawke’s Bay Brigade; Mrs. J. Smith, Dominion President; (Mrs. Smith is wearing the medallion presented by International H.Q’s. to be worn by the N.Z. Dominion President as a badge of office), the Reverand [Reverend] R. Goldsmith of Napier; Mrs. C. Duncan, Capt of the Ahuriri Brigade and Area Representative.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – BISSELLS ELECTRIC, Napier

Page 18


An important requisite to the Hastings Blossom Festival Parade is a Blossom Queen, who reigns for 12 months. This is an honour highly sort [sought] after by young girls of Hastings and districts. While all the attributes of a beauty queen are necessary to gain this honour there is far more in it than that, as the judges must find a girl with personality, good character, poise, charm and public speaking qualities.

This year, the judges, rear, Jack Chadwick and Rolph Keys, seated, Lorraine Chamberlain, Napier, Valerie Austin, Napier, and Matron Hall Of the Hastings’ Memorial Hospital chose Barbara Inglis of Havelock North as Queen.

ABOVE LEFT. The Mayor of Hastings, Mr. W. E. Bate, places the crown on Barbara.

Two of the 12 finalists, Kay Brigham and Vivian Hazelwood with their boxes of chocolates given to each of the unsuccessful candidates.

The Queen with her two maids, Antoinette Monti of Haumoana, (left) and Serena Tahau of Hastings

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – LOACH & PRICE LTD., Hastings

Page 19

Barbara Inglis, Queen of the Blossoms for 1959 with her proud parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. Inglis of Havelock North.

The 20 entrants who competed for the title of Blossom Queen were, (from left in each picture). ABOVE. Hilda Blasoni. Kay Brigham, Vivian Hazelwood, Antoinette Monti, Barbara Inglis, BELOW. Ray Liley, Glenda Jones, Serena Tahau, Barbara Ryan, Nora Glew.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – COLUMBUS RADIO, Hastings and Napier

Page 20

Margaret Twort, Andrea Hewson, Lola Bailey, Lourel Spencer, Josephine Kale.

Noeline Leonard, Erin Barry, Marion McNeilly, Angela Horrocks and Colleen Tait.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – BUNKERS LTD., Hastings

Page 21


Main feature of the decorations in the main Hastings business area, are erected on the week-end preceeding Blossom Week and has become a specialised job with crews competing against each other and the clock to break last year’s record. A matter of two hours and the whole job is done.

RIGHT. Two of the volunteer workmen, Vern McCutcheon and Len Townrow.

BELOW. Don McArthur places decorations as the arches are hoisted into position.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – WALLY IRELAND, Napier

Page 22

Michael Keen, Vic Graham and Michael Wilson.

While placing the arches in place is a major job, the biggest task of all is the preparing and fixing of the floral decorations to them. A tremendous amount of work is carried on behind the scenes by volunteers on this tedious and monotonous job.

Children from the Memorial Hospital’s Children’s Ward who put in a lot of time making artificial blossoms, from left, Ray Densen, Aroha Swan, Rosie Te Napu, Phillip Thompson and Charles Pocock.

BELOW. Mr. R. Foote, Mrs. Galbraith, Mrs. Sparks [Sparkes], Miss White, Mrs. Carrington and Mr. Ken Sparks [Sparkes]

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – H.M.V. HOUSE, Hastings

Page 23


Napier well represented with Napier City Council float

Once again on Saturday the 12th of September, Hastings became the centre of attraction for upwards of 80,000 people, as bus, train and car-loads of visitors from all over New Zealand streamed into the area to view New Zealand’s most picturesque event, the annual Hastings Blossom Festival Procession.

With over 100 floats, bands, marching teams and drum-majorettes forming a mile-long parade, the procession lived up to its reputation of being bigger and better than the last one.

The guiding force, with Ken Sparkes at its centre, is the “Greater Hastings” organisation, but the ever-increasing success of this “introduction to spring” is due to the wholehearted support of the businessmen and citizens of Hastings.

Perhaps the best criterion of this year’s procession is that many months before the event, accommodation within fifty miles of the city was harder to obtain than a ticket on the stand for the fourth Test, and no sooner was the parade and associated activities of Blossom Week over than visitors were making arrangements for the next one.

Ross, Dysart & McLean

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – CHARDS BEAUTY SALON, Napier

Page 24

Aerial Mapping

Pernel Orchard

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – FRENCH GLOVE HOUSE, Napier

Page 25

Barclay Motors


A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – BEGGS-LOCKYERS, Napier

Page 26

[Baillie Motors]

J. Wattie Canneries

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – HUNTS DRAPERY of Hastings

Page 27

H.B. Netherlands Society

Thodey’s Orchard

Williams & Kettle Ltd.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – McARA’S LTD. of Hawke’s Bay

Page 28 and Page 29

“Champion of Champions” entered by the Hawke’s Bay Farmers set the seal on a successful procession.
Photo by Russell Orr

Cinderella’s Pumpkin Coach

Mr. A. A. McCormack, designer, loaded down with cups and trophies.  Ken Sparkes  in the background.

Page 30

Life-like effigy of roller skater

Pamela Pennal and Jannette Macdonald (front) and Dawn Stewart (cover girl on our first issue)

[Refrigeration Sales & Service Ltd.]

Queen of the Blossoms and her two maids on the Hastings City Council float

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – ALAN GRANTS PHARMACY, Hastings

Page 31

Miss Stent and “Gipsy”, two veterans of Blossom Parades, on her flag-bedecked float.

4th Armoured Regiment

Helen Hortop

Marion Steele

Annette Warnes

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – “ANNA BELLE” of Hastings

Page 32


Juliana Hough of Hukarere School, Napier, working on Napier City Council float.

Feeding the lambs before their long journey are Margaret Welch and Allison Mcdonald

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – MARTIN ALEXANDER LTD., Hastings

Page 33

This shot by Russell Orr taken after the procession had passed gives an idea of the tremendous crowd.

Salvation Army

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – VILLA D’ESTE SALON, Hastings

Page 34

Morrison Motor Mowers

Hastings Underwater Club

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – VOGUE (Hastings) LTD., Hastings

Page 35


A photographer’s nightmare, centre.
Photo by Stuart Johnson

Lobby of Hastings Post Office

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – KNIGHTS THE CHEMIST, Hastings

Page 36


BLOSSOM PROCESSION PHOTOS by Batchelor’s [Batchelors] Studios

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – RICHARDSONS PHARMACY, Hastings

Page 37


Fast becoming an everday [everyday] event is the presentation of Male Debutantes. Always carried out with the full pomp and ceremony of the genuine article these presentations never fail to be hilarious affairs and when the Dannevirke Junior National Party followed in the path of their Waipukurau counterparts (Featured in last month’s Photo News) they kept up the tradition. Stars of the event were from left, (rear) Miss Eva Brick, (Gavin Hale); Felicity Stewart; Miss Tutti Fruitti, (Anthony Daniell); Lorraine Crooks; Miss Pre-Cut, (Murray France); and Bera Beaumont. Front, Olive Gibson; Miss Fanny Depressed, (Roger Holyoake); Jeanett Dunkley; Miss Up Lift (Owen Johnson); Miss Flouncing Flossy, (Kevin Berkahn); the Mayor of Dannevirke, Mr. M. J. Poole – to whom the “debutantes” were presented – Alison Buchanan; Miss Agatha Dishwater, (Simon Guise); Robbin Riddell; Miss Vulga Olga, (Richard Barnett).
Photo by Metro Studios

And then from Waipukurau come these ten most genuine and attractive debutantes who were presented at the R S.A. Ball to Mr. K. Frazer, Dominion President.

Photos by Max Moverley

Diane Aitken

Eleanor Jefferies

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – BECKS PHARMACY, Napier

Page 38

Marjorie Fryer

Margaret Gay

Joyce Arthur

Adrienne Carberry

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – LEAH GOWNS of Hastings

Page 39

Lorraine Short

Janet Holder

Fay Drower

Joan Sullivan

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – H. & G. LINGERIE SPECIALIST, Hastings

Page 40

Waipukurau and Taradale Families United.

STRATFORD – SHUKER. At St. Mary’s Church, Waipukurau, Patricia Shuker, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs S. R. Shuker of Waipukurau, to David Stratford, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Stratford of Taradale. Future home of couple is to be Norsewood. Bridal Party from left is, Tony Smith, Judith Rase, Richard Barnett, Elizabeth Shuker, Groom and Bride, June Ellis, Don Bishop and Jennifer Stratford.


FERGUSON – HIGGINS. At St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, Jocelyn Margaret Higgins, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. V. J. Higgins of Waipawa, to Lawrence John Ferguson, only son of Mr. and Mrs E. L. Ferguson of Waipukurau. Bridal party from left, Victor Jeffery, Lionel Ellis, Robert Ennor, Robert Haldane, Groom and Bride, Diedre Wedd, Marion Mitchell, June Ellis, Gwenyth Ferguson and the flower girl is Christine Gambirazzi.
Photos by Max Moverley

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – DISABLED SERVICEMENS SHOP, Napier

Page 41


The Hawke’s Bay Travellers’ and Warehousemen’s Association recently organised a mystery envelope campaign in aid of the Napier Centennial Appeal and on Sunday just prior to the selling day about 30 association members set to, to seal 26,000 vouchers in mystery envelopes, quite a job as it had to be done by hand.

BELOW. Jocelyn Whitehead, Jocelyn Wilton, Monica Shears and Pamela Wilton, four lasses who helped out the association.


Eight year old John Gregory of Clive proudly shows off his first efforts as a fisherman, a 16lb and a 12lb schnapper.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – MANDARINE GIFT SHOP, Hastings

Page 42

THE NAPIER FREE KINDERGARTEN is to present to the general public at the Napier Municipal Theatre on October the 3rd, 5th, and 6th, the Australasian Premiere of Europe’s most popular version of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” (specially adopted for the stage by Roger Weldon).

The Napier Free Kindergarten took the opportunity of presenting this play while the Author was in New Zealand, and he is producing the play.

With over 2,000 performances shown to more than one million people behind it this great family entertainment is sure to score equal success here as it has overseas. The cast of this play is made up entirely of local artists apart from the parts of Scrooge, played by the author-producer Roger Weldon) and the first spinster, played by Pamela Marr.

The spirit of the past visits Scrooge.

Two well meaning spinsters (Pamela Marr and Ursula Calson) approach Scrooge for a donation for the poor. Scrooge (Neil Rowe, stand in for Roger Weldon during rehearsals) flatly refuses them with “Are there no prisons?” “Oh plenty” is the reply, “Then let them go there” says Scrooge, “and they will get their wants, food and a roof over their heads”.
“But many would rather die than go to prison”.
“Then if they would rather die”, retorts Scrooge, “they had better do it, and so decrease the surplus population”.

The spirit of the past (Keith Richardson) visits Scrooge.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – HANNAHS SHOE STORES, Hastings

Page 43

Scrooge sees himself as he was in his apprentice days with his beloved master Mr. Fessi Wig and his family. From left are Pamela Marr, Trevor Cardo, Ursula Calson, Neil Rowe, Ruth Calson and Virginia Weldon.

A scene from Scrooge’s past. Neil Rowe and “Little Fan” (Pat Chapman).

BELOW. The kindly spirit of Christmas Present allows Scrooge to peep at Cratchet’s Christmas party. From left, Geoff Bradbury, (Bob Cratchet); Neil Rowe, (stand in for R. Weldon); Kay Richardson, (Belinda Cratchet); John O’Rorke, (Tiny Tim); Ruth Calson, (Mrs. Cratchet); Trevor Cado, (Fred); Pamela Marr, Ursula Calson, and Jan Taylor, (Martha Cratchet).

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – LOCKYERS of Hastings

Page 44


ELLIS – FERGUSON. At St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, June Lillyan Ferguson, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Ferguson of Waipukurau, to Lionel James Ellis, second son of Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Ellis of Christchurch. Bridal party from left, Murray Ellis, Warwick Ellis, Patricia Stratford, Groom and Bride, Gwenyth Ferguson, Lawrence Ferguson and Graham Brown. Seated is Jocelyn Ferguson and Phyliss Martin.
Photo by Max Moverley


Hinemoa Pamela Baird, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. A. A. Baird of Hastings.

RIGHT. Phyllis O’Shaughnessy, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. N. B. O’Shaughnessy of Hastings.

Photos by Batchelors Studios

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – NOEL WILSON PHARMACY LTD., Hastings

Page 45


Barbara Stuart with members of her family on the occasion of her coming of age party, from left are Margaret Stuart, Mr. T. Stuart, Barbara Stuart and Mrs. Stuart of French Street, Hastings.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

TOP RIGHT. Gloria Holms, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. Holms of Dannevirke.
Photo by Barretts Studios

BELOW RIGHT. Noel Sangster, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Sangster, Lumsden Road, Hastings.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

BELOW. Graham England, son of Mr. and Mrs. L H. England is pictured here with his elder brother, Daryl England.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – ROBT. G. NEWELL LTD., Napier

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H. W. Blackmore’s Ltd., of Heretaunga Street, Hastings became the scene recently of a shearing and speech making contest. Rather an unusual happening in a store, to say the least, but it was all part of a wool promoting campaign organised by the New Zealand Wool Board in conjunction with Pan American Airways. On a raised platform, before a packed store – many people were turned away – six members of local Young Farmers’ Clubs competed for the honour of being Hawke’s Bay’s Candidate for a free return air journey to Honolulu with ten days paid holiday. First the candidate stripped off the fleece and then made a speech, on which points were also awarded.

BELOW. Mr. George Randall, Wool Board Shearing Instructor, judging competitor John Denton of Eskview.

Sheep being manhandled from the platform after being shorn by a competitor.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – RODGERS PHARMACY, Hastings

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Five of the six contestants and places gained in this elimination competition, from left, John Denton (third with 74 points); David Land; Leo Sutton, (second with 76 points); David Daunton; and Ross Prentice (first with 77 points).

RIGHT Mr. R. A. Edgecombe, Hawke’s Bay representative on the Wool Board, chats with Mr. H. W. Blackmore.

BELOW. Sheep being “ridden” through the crowded store to the platform.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest –  MILLS SHOE STORE, Napier

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Hilton Alve of Taupo makes like a stag in the “roaring” contest.

There was no shortage of venison and pork at the annual dinner of the Hawke’s Bay Deerstalkers Association held at Hastings recently. This year’s function, although held in Hastings, was organised by the Napier Branch. The reason for this was that there wasn’t a hall big enough to seat the large number attending.

It’s not a haggis but never-the-less the head of this particular boar-that-was, rated the full treatment of being piped around the hall.

An important feature of this annual event is the awarding of trophies etc., won by members over the preceding season. J. Milligan was presented with the Douglas Reid Cup for the best Ruahine Stag.

RIGHT. Top prize of the year, the W. J. Puddle Cup, went to J. C. Hall of Hastings for this whopping great Red Stag head.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – Corbett’s Wedding Ring House, Napier

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T. Christianson of Te Pohue was presented with a trophy for having the best goats head. No disrespect intended.

Robin Mayhead, the best Japanese deer head.

BELOW. Rex Prentice, President of the Hastings Club, receives congratulations and shield from Mrs. Dillon for the club with the most points.

Dr. Bathgate proposing the main toast of the evening. To the “Royal Red Stag”.

are available from BATCHELORS STUDIOS
Market Street, Hastings, and Tennyson Street, Napier
Russell Street, Hastings

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Fought out in the Assembly Hall, Hastings with many games being closely contested.

BELOW. Roland Wong and Ian McCurrach, winners of the third grade men’s doubles.

Herbert Wong, a Hawke’s Bay Representative.

Mrs. R. Hinton, Mrs. Alice Cook, Mrs. Win Thom and Lorna Bargh put up one of the most exciting games of the evening when they battled it out for the Ladies’ Doubles title, and it required five games to decide the issue and even then only two points separated the winners from the losers with the score reaching 22 each after both teams had won two games each by narrow majorities. Mrs Win Thom and Lorna Bargh came out the winners, but only just.

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M. Wilford, winner of the Junior Boy’s Title

ABOVE. Ross Jones (centre) congratulates his brothers, Richard (left) and Bryce (right) on their retaining the Men’s Doubles Title. This was the only title that was retained during this year’s championships.


147 Nuffield Avenue, Napier, saw two Christenings and the gathering together of two families of four generations within seven days of each other. The first was the Christening of Jocelyn Powell ABOVE, Mother (right) Mrs. J. C. Powell, Grandmother (left) Mrs. Howell and Great-grandmother Mrs. Chapman, the second was LEFT, the Christening of Disiree Powell, Mother (right) Mrs. J. V A. Powell, Grandmother Mrs. M. L. Jeffares and Great-grandmother Mrs. M. H. Newman.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – BON MARCHE LTD., Hastings

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Well, that’s what the main bout was advertised as, but it was greeted with varying enthusiasm from spectators when Steve Stanlee (Mr. America) and Brazilian, Braka Cortez mixed it in the Hastings Municipal Theatre recently.

RIGHT. Steve Stanlee, Referee Bomba Wells and Braka Cortez photographed before the “fight”.

The referee spent a considerable amount of the time on the mat hlmself.

Braka Cortez executes a drop kick to Stanlee’s jaw with the grace of a swallow diver.

The amateurs put on a very good show which was highlighted by a bout between T. Nattrass of Napier and B. Nielson of Taradale who fought an Olympic Rules Contest

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – JAN’S BEAUTY SALON, Napier

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Ian Robson and Ian Robinson, both of Hastings, in a preliminary professional bout put on the best fight of the night, and by using practically every hold in the book, and quite a few that weren’t, had the crowd on their feet and yelling for more. A few more fights of this type and the “House Full” signs will be out.

ABOVE. Grandma might have enjoyed rocking back and forth in her favourite rocking chair but it’s a safe bet that Robinson is not enjoying this particular “rock” motivated by Robson.

Robinson’s receding hairline is about to recede some more and Robson is not fooling either, just note the muscle on that hair pulling arm.

A bit of horse-play interspersed in the straight wrestling livened up this entertaining bout. Things got a bit tangled up here but the ref. straightened it out satisfactorily.

RIGHT. From rocking chairs to leapfrogging as Robinson takes evasive action against Robson who has just bounced off the ropes at him.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – BATCHELORS CANDID STUDIOS, Napier

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When H. H. Campbell & Sons of Hastings, the agents for Sonata Laboratories, advertised that a demonstration would be given in their shop on the correct method of applying Epiglass Fibreglass to boats they didn’t expect to be inundated with enthusiastic and eager-to-learn boaties who turned up in force.

BELOW. Every move is closely watched.

After the upturned hull has been prepared and two or three coatings of resin applied, the Epiglass Fibreglass cloth is rolled on, much the same as rolling out wallpaper

BELOW. A further coating of resin is then applied and when the cloth has been properly “wetted” it takes on a glass like finish.

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Every vantage point in the shop was taken, with many unable to get in. Note in the background of this picture that some, unable to get in, stood outside and watched through the window.

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Introduction to Astrology with The Signs of the Zodiac by “Red Cloud”

ARIES – March 21st to April 19th
Harmony and even romance appear to be closely connected with your daily life all month. This is fortunate as important situations bring about changes unexpectedly. Business people and those with romantic plans will benefit by consulting partners, co-workers and “the boss”. News regarding an old situation is favourable but don’t let it cost you money. Keep a tight hold on your purse, 22nd -23rd, unexpected quarrels are possible.

TAURUS – April 20th to May 20th
The eclipse on the 2nd presages employment and work-a-day changes. You could receive a sudden promotion, lose your job, and find a new and better one through contacts. Tread cautiously, as finances and too belligerent attitudes of yourself or others, could spoil the opportunities inherent in this upsetting month.

GEMINI – May 21st to June 21st
Good news at the opening of the month should be acted upon immediately for other unexpected developments also further your plans. Be particularly prudent around the 10th and, again 22nd and 23rd, when matters could be explosive and expensive. Some older person or one in authority stands by you. Consult them. Don’t let impulse get you into tricky situations at the month’s end.

CANCER – June 22nd to July 22nd
Changes in the home, your base of operations or in the domestic moods may be hard to manage the first week. Still, they open the way to a new cycle of powerful allies and harmony that strengthens your worldly background after the 10th. Ambitions, love, worthwhile desires can be attained, but tread warily 9th – 10th and 27th – 31st, for best results.

LEO – July 23rd to August 23rd
Unexpected changes should be faced calmly even though they may alter your plans. However hectic, splendid opportunities are inherent in this picture during the first week. Long desired business or communications and rather remarkable financial foundations are likely, but don’t let optimism make you prematurely extravagant or foolish.

VIRGO – August 24th to September 23rd
Finances and the promotion of your special talents remain paramount. Changes in basic structures of each can reveal new horizons. But make haste slowly as difficulties, deceptive people, tricky situations could crop up and mistakes would have to be met under pressure next month. Best days 5th – 7th and 9th – 12th. No fireworks on 22nd or 23rd.

LIBRA – September 24th to October 23rd
Be alert for the eclipse on the 3rd, it could bring a hectic change that may be personally upsetting but hold benefits for future patterns. 11th – 12th bring you a secret joy behind the scenes of your outer life. Mistakes, broken promises and business reversals could result from anger, 22nd – 23rd. Use 29th – 31st for inspirational solutions.

SCORPIO – October 24th to November 22nd
Changes are slated for the first week. You would do well to with-hold action and spend your time planning in private. Social affairs should bring relaxations and perhaps abiding love. After the 10th, present yourself or ambitions to those who count and be your own spokesman over successful influences.

SAGITTARIUS – November 23rd to December 21st
The events of the first week can be hectic but they inaugurate a period of subtle good fortune through social and artistic interests especially. Better not push to hard though, get extra rest to avoid the rough spots, tempers, secret upsets possible on 9th – l0th and 22nd – 23rd.

CAPRICORN – December 22nd to January 19th
Harmony with those of importance in your life is at a premium and you may feel that expected results are hopelessly out of reach. Keep flexible, the very difficulties will open the way to lasting good fortune at the year’s end. Do not make promises or sign important papers on the spur of the moment or without legal or other advice from the 22nd – 23rd. The last few days of the month can be over-motional and aggressive friends may be deceptive if not dishonest.

AQUARIUS – January 20th to February 18th
Big changes during the first week can challenge you in almost every department of life. Hold to honourable alliances especially 22nd – 23rd. New opportunities, agreements, money and permanent relations are possible, 5th – 7th and 19th – 20th, so don’t let temptations, yours or that from others, cause you to be blacklisted amid the vital mixed blessings of this month.

PISCES – February 19th to March 20th
The busy hectic month starts off with many changes, news from the past, financial backing, marriage and unusual circumstances of a dramatic and thrilling nature in romance or associations possible, 9th – 12th. “Lay low” till then. Be prepared for fireworks, financial reputations or professional upsets, along with highly emotional excitements aid deceptions that are brewing at the month’s end. If you can travel or get away from it all by concentrating on your higher interests.

Printed photo-litho for the publishers by Swailes, Hurst & Co. Ltd., Napier

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Being treated with kid gloves and extreme care is the largest painting ever to be carried up these stairs into Hawke’s Bay’s Art Gallery and Museum in Napier. It is the work of William Hodges R.A., draughtsman on Captain Cook’s second voyage, 1772 – 1775, the painting is one of ten recently exhibited in the Art Gallery. Keeping a watchful eye on the proceedings is Mr. J. Munro, director of the gallery.

RIGHT. A reproduction of this painting.

The name plate is a work of art on its own and is set at the top of the picture, and in its framework.

Workmen unloading smaller paintings of the collection.

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A beautiful girl in a beautiful setting, 17-year-old Lynette Janson, of Greys [Grays] Road, Hastings.
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