Hawke’s Bay Photo News 1959 – Number 012 October

Hawke’s Bay PHOTO NEWS
Number 12
October 1959

[Cover photo – Marise McDonald of Wellesley Road, Napier, who is making a name for herself as a radio and stage “pop Singer”.]

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Hawke’s Bay’s Own Pictorial News Magazine
Volume 1
No. 12

Editor H. D. Hanger

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P.O. Box 470, Napier

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Published monthly by The Hawke’s Bay Publishing Co. Ltd. on the 4th Thursday of every month

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Marise McDonald of Wellesley Road, Napier, who is making a name for herself as a radio and stage “pop Singer”.
Photo by Russell Spiller of Batchelors Studios

Taradale Road     Kennedy Road
The Only Service Stations with Every Brand of Petrol, Tyre and Battery
Kerosene and Diesel Pumps also

Page 1


Dannevirke, Napier, Hastings, Taradale, Wairoa, and Waipukurau have all had their parades to mark the 100th birthday of Hawke’s Bay, now Waipawa has come to light with the biggest and best parade of them all, at least that is what Waipawaites will tell you – “Oh yes, it was much more beautiful than the Hastings Blossom Parade”; “The Napier Centennial Parade was nowhere near as good”, they say.

While this was not their Centenial [Centennial] effort (that’s coming next year) the parade, organised to launch their Queen Carnival campaign, drew what is estimated as the largest crowd ever to congregate in Waipawa and after the parade, over 4,000 people packed into Coronation Park to watch, and take part in, the almost non-stop entertainment provided.

With such a start the five week Queen Carnival campaign for the raising of funds to build Waipawa and Districts’ Centennial Memorial Baths should be 100% successful. Pictured on this page are the five princesses.

Ranui Hopa, Maori Princess

Dianne Tod, Eastern Princess

June Gray, Western Princess

Princess Jillian WiIson (Transport) and her two maids, LEFT, Phillipa Olliver and RIGHT, Elaine Baker.

Dinah Norris, Commerce Princess

Page 2

Heather Angus and Helen Pettit. Heather’s frock was first worn in the 1870’s and Helen’s outfit was worn to the Napier Girls’ High School way back in 1910.

Les Burt, Arthur Foulds and Nathan Haines

Signs adorning the proposed new County Office.


Page 3

Male Deb’s, Male Ballet, and now Male “girl” marching teams.

The family car – and washing line

Joan Sullivan of Waipawa

Trooping the colour ceremony at Coronation Park. Colours borne by Sargettes of Wellington.


Page 4


Main event of the afternoon at Coronation Park was the “Concorse d’Elegance” of 23 cars and mannequins.

As each spotless and gleaming car drew to a stop beside a red carpet, a commissionaire dressed in the uniform of the former Napier Volunteer Cavalry opened the door, a model stepped out, paused, mounted on to a raised dias [dais], then returned to her car. Points were awarded for the appearance of the car, the manner in which it was handled, the deportment of the model and lastly for the outfits displayed.

Robyn Cox, placed first in the Limousine class.

Mrs. Dawn Wright of Napier came second in the Limousine class.

Place getters in the Saloon class. From left, Betty Rees, third; Barbara Orr, first; and Janet Holden, second.


Page 5

Maureen and Margaret Sullivan

Vivienne Schoffield of Waipukurau

Mrs. Booker and daughter Vivienne of Waipawa

Diane Cuthbert of Waipawa

Jane Pointon of Waipukurau

Betty Lange

Page 6

Denise Maxwell of Napier

Janet Holden of Waipukurau

Joan Robertson, 3rd in Limousine class

Hastings own Fourth Armoured Regiment represented in the parade.

Page 7

Jim Aurisch and Ross Fergus really get behind their fund raising.

Lindy McHardy of Omakere tries out the home made rough riding bronc.

Heather Angus and Helen Pettit.

LOWER RIGHT. 75 year old Waipawa identity and drover for Williams and Kettle since the early days, Mr. R. W. Fleming.

Bob Ross, Tony Beck, Jaqueline Lawrence and Dinah Norris, Commerce Princess.

Mrs. Adamson and Miss Mary Gray sell tickets for the Western Princess.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – DAVID GEOR, Hastings

Page 8


Prizes to the value of £250


This is all you have to do

Send to Photo News, Box 470, Napier, a glossy print – size 6” X 3″ – of yourself in a bathing suit, shorts and top, playsuit, etc. Let your picture depict a happy shot in Hawke’s Bay’s famous sunshine.
IMPORTANT – With your entry send name, address, occupation, and age.
Tell your photographer that the picture is for Photo News. Pictures by professional photographers or amateurs accepted. Photographs received become the property of Photo News and are not returnable.

ENTER EARLY. Space may not permit the publication of all pictures received and prize winners will be selected from pictures published only.


A Special Midsummer Prize, sponsored by the retailers listed here will be given to the best entry received before the 10th of January.

ROACHES, of Hastings    A latest fashion swim suit of your choice    £6/6/-
“ANNA BELLE”, 227 W. Heretaunga Street, Hastings       A latest fashion frock of your choice    £6/19/6
DAVID GEOR, of Hastings and Napier       Latest fashion shoes of your choice    £5/5/ –
HAWKE’S BAY FARMERS       A handbag of your choice    £6/6/ –

The winner of this prize will be entered in the big contest to be judged at the end of the summer period.

Page 9

GIRLS! Just read this list of wonderful prizes, generously donated by retailers of Hastings and Napier. Send in your photo NOW – you could be among the top prize winners.

Hawke’s Bay Photo News      A Cheque for … 20.0.0
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Russell Orr, Hastings       A 12 X 10 coloured portrait with free sitting to the value of … 5.16.0
Mandarine Gift Shop, Hastings       A dinner set to the value of … 6.10.0
Garland’s Jewellers, Hastings      A 3-row Pompadour Pearl Necklace … 5.0.0
Stuart Johnson, Hastings      A 12 x 10 Coloured Portrait with free sitting … 5.16.0

Page 10


Eighteen-year-old typist of Napier, Anne Calnan

Patricia Chapman, eighteen-year-old clerical worker of Napier.

Janice Marple of Napier is a part-time model for Happ’s of Sydney.

Photos by Bruce MacConnell

Page 11


Candids from Morrison Motor Mowers staff Social Club Ball held in Hastings recently.

ABOVE. From left, Mr. Stewart, Mr. Crawford, Mrs. Stewart, Mrs. Crawford, Mr. and Mrs. White.

RIGHT. Mrs. and Mr. Single, and Mrs. and Mr. Keough.

BELOW Mrs. Mason, Mr. Mason, the managing director, and Mrs Clark.

BELOW RIGHT. Mrs. Foster, Mr. Foster, the Social Club secretary, and Mrs. Voogd.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – GARLAND’S JEWELLERS, Hastings

Page 12


McPHERSON – MILLER At St. Andrews Church Hastings, Helen Rose Miller, daughter of Mrs. A. Miller and the late Mr. Miller of Hastings, to Graeme Douglas McPherson, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. V. J. McPherson of Hastings. Bridal party from left, Allan McPherson, Isabel Clark, Groom and Bride, Janet Hirst and Ian McPherson.
Couple are to live in Hastings.
Russell Orr photo


HUDSON – BARTON At St. John’s Cathedral Napier, Rosemary Barton, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F.R. Barton of Napier, to Brian Hudson, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. K. Hudson of Wellington.
The couple are both school teachers and are to live in Wellington.
Batchelors Studios Photo

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – STUART JOHNSON, Hastings

Page 13


Mr. and Mrs. Young of Waimarama at the welcome home dinner given to them by Mr. Young’s father, Mr. Doo Wong Young of Waimarama. Mr. Young Jnr. went home to China as a bachelor and has just returned with a bride, and the dinner was in the nature of a second wedding breakfast with over 300 guests attending.

Merlin Wong of Hastings skillfully handles the chopsticks.

BELOW. Food for the large gathering was prepared outdoors by older generation Chinese who really knew how to prepare a Chinese meal.

BELOW. A family group at the dinner, from left, Heather Young, her father, Mr James Young of Bay View, Mrs. Mary Lum of Napier, Mrs. Rita Chinn and in foreground young Ivan Young.


A happy group at the St. John’s Dance Hastings, from left, Wendy Alexander, Mark Horton, Adrienne Dunlop, Peter Bearsley, Peter Unvericht, Gloria Shine, Carol Duneen and Justin du Fresne.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – Corbett’s Wedding Ring House, Napier

Page 14


Chinese youth teams from Gisborne, Hawke’s Bay and the Wairarapa gathered in Napier recently for their annual tournament with Hawke’s Bay scooping the pool.

Dawn Chin of Hawke’s Bay leaps high for the ball during the Hawke’s Bay – Wairarapa basketball game. The Home team, back row, from left, Dawn Chin, Marjorie Yee, Nancy Yee, Margaret Moon, front, Annita Wong, Charlotte Wong and Doreen Young, won the Rose Bowl from Wairarapa.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – BON MARCHE LTD., Hastings

Page 15


The Hawke’s Bay team (front row) won the Shanghai Cup soccer) from the Wairarapa team (rear).


Judy Lowe, Gisborne

Dawn Chin, Bayview

Roland Wong, Hastings

Gordon Young, Bayview

Nancy Wong, Hastings

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl quest – RODGERS PHARMACY, Hastings

Page 16

A group of Gisborne competitors who attended the sports


With four clear wins, Napier were undefeated in the Lady Carroll Shield Tournament held at Waipukurau some time ago. This is the first time since 1941 that the Shield has been won by this team.

The winning Napier Hockey Sub-association women’s team is from left, back row, E. Banks, A. Cottrell, P. Mathewson, Mrs. Gourley (Selector), P. Linton, and D. Palmer. Front row, M. Turbitt, B. Cottrell, M. Riggs (Vice-captain), L. Noble-Campbell, J. Blair (Captain), M. Peters, and P. McLean.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – BATCHELORS CANDID STUDIOS, Napier

Page 17


A double celebration for Barbara Anne Ryan, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. Ryan of Hastings Road, Havelock North, on the occasion of her 21st birthday and engagement to Kevin Patrick O’Sullivan, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Timothy O’Sullivan of Kenny Road, Awatoto, Napier.

Also a double celebration for Beverly Anne Hutchinson on her 21st birthday when she was engaged to Barry Mervyn Hannan. Both Beverly and Barry reside in Napier.

Photos by Batchelors Studios


REID – BARDEN. Robyn Barden, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. Barden of Duchess Cresc., Hastings, to Robin Reid, son of Mr. and Mrs. Reid of Paki Paki. Attendants were Elizabeth Anderson, Laurel Spencer, Joan Skelton, Barry Reid, David Reid and Trevor Palmer.
Candid Camera Studies

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – Napier Battery and Electrical Co. Ltd.

Page 18


Photographs from the amateur boxing contest between the Bay-of-Plenty and Hawke’s Bay held in the Assembly Hall Hastings, show . .

Lightweight bout between P. Mason, B.O.P. and R. Johnson of Hastings.

This one missed . . .

but this one didn’t

Tom Woodham, Y.M.C.A. Trainer, eyes weight of I. Woodham.

S. Miller of the Greendale club and T. Roper B.O.P.

Winner N. Sweetman of B.O.P. and J. Taylor of Tikokino, friends after the bout.

Boys line up for medical check before bouts

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – BESTALLS LTD., Napier

Page 19


Highlight of this year’s Hastings Blossom Week – apart from the parade itself – was a new innovation organised by the Retailers Association with stars of the day, Selwyn Toogood, Sandy Triggs, David Ford, and Neville Chamberlain competing in the “Radio Stakes”. This and other races with local business men competing kept the large crowd highly amused.

Selwyn Toogood tries to sell his “egg nogg” to little Grant Petherick. Holding Grant is Derece Voice.

A tough day for this tricycle

In the “Radio Stakes” the usual situation of David Ford doing all the work and Neville Chamberlain taking it easy seems to prevail here also. The local team (left) lost under protest to Selwyn Toogood and Sandy Triggs, even though the visitors suffered a weight handicap.

Claude Cash, as the Sheik of Hastings.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – FRENCH GLOVE HOUSE, Napier

Page 20

Arthur French, Ted Thorpe and Harry Poppelwell face the starters.

Mr. Westerman of Westermans’ Hastings had a chain drive model and was handicapped because of it and all the protesting he’s doing didn’t get him anywhere.

Harold Barden displays the latest in pink net underwear for kilts.

Stuart Jones of Hastings gets in some training for the N.Z. Golf Championships which he won early this month.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – JAN’S BEAUTY SALON, Napier

Page 21

Miss Janice Troupe [Troup] of McKenzies, like many other staff members and shopkeepers entered into the spirit of the day with a will and dressed themselves up in fancy dress, which all added to the gala atmosphere.

Miss Joyce Bell and Mr. B. King

Came along dressed for bed, but teacher was there to see that they behaved themselves. From left, Mrs. E. Harboard, Mrs. J. Magnusson, Miss N. Harrington, Miss A. Kenny, and Miss L. Brown.

L. McCarthy

Phones HASTINGS 4274 NAPIER 3697

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – FAIRCLOUGHS RADIO LTD., Napier

Page 22

Bon Marche staff members Erena Love, Jean Crowe and Betsy Hastie.

Sheryl Rolander of the same firm.

Sutcliffes’ staff also joined in the fun of the day and Joan Skelton, Jeanette Burgess, Lynn Alsop and Natalie Drury make a very attractive quartette.

The entrants in the pancake derby.

The success of this experiment ensures that this day will become a feature of future Blossom Weeks.

East and West met in a tug-o-war contest with this Heretaunga St. East team winning by two pulls to three.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – ROBT. G. NEWELL LTD, Napier

Page 23


From the lst to the 10th of October, Napier was host to thousands of visitors, who along with local residents streamed into McLean Park to view the most ambitious project ever taken on by that city. With a host of manufacturing firms displaying their wares the twenty-thousand square foot Centennial Hall proved to be inadequate and tents sprang up all over the park with an 80ft. mast as its central feature.

This was not the first exhibition to be held in Napier, and although the previous one held in a large wool store at Ahuriri (unavailable this year) was of an extremely high standard, the Centennial Exhibition and Wool Festival eclipsed it in popularity and the range of goods displayed.

Jack Maybury, radio personality, as well as running his own show, compared [compered] many of the other stage shows appearing throughout the 10 days. In background is Mrs. Kennard of Christchurch.

Mr. Peter Tait, Mayor of Napier, appears on the closed television circuit.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – MANDARINE GIFT SHOP, Hastings

Page 24

Highflying daredevils Colin and Clive Lohta, a father and son combination were an attraction on their own.

Clive Lohta, always happy to be down to earth again.

Of great interest to children – and adults – was the fairy story, “Wish and the Golden Goose”, portrayed by a series of scenes with moving miniature figures.

Scene three in the story, where, at the bottom of the wishing well “Yes” and “No” look after the “Wishing Book”, in which each and every wish is recorded.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – MARTIN the JEWELLERS, Napier

Page 25

The NZ. Woll [Wool] Board’s “Fleece to Fashion” show was one of the most popular daily events, with three models displaying woollen garments against a background of wool.

Godfrey Bowen set the show in motion by giving a demonstration of shearing.

Barbara Worthington of Christchurch

Denise Nichols of Auckland and Fleur Young of Auckland

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – MILLS SHOE STORE, Napier

Page 26

Mrs. Thurston of Napier demonstrated the moulding of pottery to an interested audience in the New Zealand Pottery’s third Exhibition.

Mrs. Janet also demonstrates the art of Pottery.

Miss Tankard, Mrs. Braker and Mr. T. de Lature in Stewart Greer’s stand.

Life like model in Robert Holt and Sons’ stand shows an old time “Pit Saw” in operation.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – A. W. BOTT LTD., Hastings

Page 27

Sgt. E. Clark of the R.N.Z.E.M.E. in an army mobile light aid detachment workshop. This unit prides itself in being able to handle any mechanical emergency.

Cpl. Railton, Cpl. Best and Cpl. Collins prepare scones in the mobile army camp cookery.

Proof of the pudding is in the eating, in this case scones as Mr. and Mrs. Colquhoun, Mrs. Bellamore, (a visitor from Wellington) Mrs. Harding and Master Neil Bellamore of Hastings try out the army cooking.

One way in which the army gains the interest of the younger generation. From left, Kerry Wilson, Terry Exeter, Ross Helean and Tony Burgess, all of Napier.


We regret that we were unable to supply sufficient numbers of our Blossom Festival issue to satisfy the demand in Hastings and other districts.

A reprint was run of this issue and a limited number are still available.

Contact your local bookseller or  Batchelors Studios, Tennyson Street, Napier, and Market Street, Hastings.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – RICHARDSONS PHARMACY, Hastings

Page 28

Finalists in the Mother and Child competition who were guests at the Exhibition. From left, Mrs. J. Lander and Erroll, of Kaikohe, Mrs. V. Horton and Karen, of Christchurch, Mrs. B. Bell and Allison, of Runanga, and Mrs. O. Baker and Merryck, of Auckland.

Mrs. J. C. Ward of Martin brought to the Exhibition her dolls and miniatures.

Officials on stage at the opening ceremony, from left, Mrs. J. A. Creagh, Mrs. W. L. Atherfold, Mrs. Peter Tait, Mr. Peter Tait, Mr. W. L. Atherfold at “mike”, Mr. G. Rogers, Mrs. Knowles, Mrs. Rogers and Mr. G. S. D. Knowles.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – KNIGHTS THE CHEMIST, Hastings

Page 29

Valerie Austin (seated) of 2ZC’s women’s hour, records a fashion parade at the station’s exhibition studios. Models are from left, Niki Brown, Maureen Crowley and Jennifer Alderson.

Mrs. Gilchrist, Mr. W. Strong and Mr. W. Forsyth, operators in the amateur radio station maintained at the Exhibition. The transmitter and the receiver were situated in the Exhibition Hall and spectators were able to hear “Ham” operators from overseas making contact with this station.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – VOGUE (Hastings) LTD., Hastings

Page 30

First casualty at the Exhibition, Mr. John McCutcheon of Napier, being treated for lacerations to the thumb by Mrs. Finnemore and Mrs. Berrie of the St. John Ambulance.

Mrs. McDonald and her two children Roy and Maire receive attention from Post Office employee Gladys Mills in Exhibition Post Office.

Chris Stanley of Napier leads this section of the pets’ parade with his pet goat “Nini” at heel. “Nini” carried off the winner’s honours.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest –  VILLA D’ESTE SALON, Hastings

Page 31


Compare [Compere] Valerie Austin and models Pauline Eagle, Dianne Murray, Heather Young and Jill Watson modelling swim suits and shorts from Happs’ of Sydney (Napier) for Gaiety Theatre patrons.

Twice in recent months, Napier Theatre goers have been treated to a novel and entertaining addition to the evening’s programme by the appearance of local models on stage just before the main picture of the night. On the first night Gaiety Theatre patrons saw the latest in swim suits from Happs’ of Sydney (Napier) modelled by four lovely lasses and compared [compered] by Valerie Austin of 2ZC. On the second occasion the Gaiety Theatre stage was adorned with five models attired in “Baby Doll” pyjamas and “Shortie Nights” from the same firm. Arch Barclay gave zest to the show by singing appropriate songs as the girls came on stage.

Models Valerie Bayliss, Dianna Holmes, Pat Chapman, Jan Banfield, and Janice Marple.

The same group of girls (names reading from left as above) entertain the audience, and Arch Barclay with a song and dance routine.

Photos by Bruce MacConnell

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – CHARDS BEAUTY SALON, Napier

Page 32



Interior of the new and spacious showroom in Carlyle Street, Napier.

The Life Jacket manufacturing department of Foster’s new Ship Chandlery premises was transformed into a bar and buffet counter to cater for the 80 odd invited guests who attended the private function held to mark the opening of this new showroom.

LOWER LEFT. Mr. Foster and his family, from left, Nigel, Mrs. L. Foster, Mr. R. V. Foster and Diane Foster.

Staff member Bob Gannaway was roped in for the job of barman.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – BUNKERS LTD., Hastings

Page 33

A section of the showroom showing a 10ft. 9in. dinghy in the foreground of the comprehensive commercial fishing department.

At the close of the function Mr. R. V. Foster thanked all those present for their attendance. On Mr. Foster’s right is the Mayor of Napier, Mr. Peter Tait.

While the large and spacious tables in the Life Jacket department make an excellent bar and buffet counter they were specifically designed for the work here being carried out by, from left, Peggy Morris, Mrs. I. Jensen, Mrs. M. Smith, Mrs. C. Destounis and Betty McKay.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – HANNAHS SHOE STORES, Hastings

Page 34


By collecting the amazing total of 1,100 books and magazines, 10 year old Valerie Frew of 308 Tainui Street, Hastings, is now the proud owner of Budge’s brother – Budge of course is, the chatter box known and loved by school children throughout Hawke’s Bay per medium of 2ZC where he comes on the air every school morning at 8.10 am.

The 8,000 books were collected during a 2ZC competition sponsored by W. A. Shuker of H.B. Panel Beaters, Napier in which children collected as many books as possible over a 5 day period. The books were distributed to charity and as can be seen the response was outstanding.

Bill Shaker, and Valerie watch as Neville Chamberlain coaxes Budge No. 2 to say a few chirps.

The best dressed dog in Hawke’s Bay is “Ruff” owned by 13 year old Ronnie Joseph of Fernhill.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – MARTIN ALEXANDER LTD., Hastings

Page 35


Does It Swim, Fly or Walk? Is It Male or Female?

In actual fact it is Frank Scott of Hastings showing off the latest in hats, sunglasses and swimsuits in a fashion parade held on the occasion of Joan Skelton’s coming of age party.

Joan Skelton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Skelton of Townsend Street, Hastings, receives the “key of the door” from her father.

Another “fashion” model, Gordon Claypole – A fine upstanding example of womanhood.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – “ANNA BELLE” of Hastings

Page 36


“The Vagabond King”, presented in Napier and Hastings recently by the Napier Operatic Society could not be described as anything else other than an outstanding success having been seen by over 16,000 people, a record attendance for the operatic society

ABOVE. Cast of the opera takes a curtain call on the final night. .

BELOW. A gift of appreciation from the male lead, Mr. Robert Houston to the pianist Mrs. Winifred Quarrie of Napier.

Stars of the show, Miss Grace Tough and Mr. Robert Houston, both of whom played a big part in making this seasons presentation such a success.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – HAPP’S of SYDNEY, Napier

Page 37

GISBORNE – NAPIER  School Sports

Intermediate School sports tournament for the Hill Shield was this year won by Gisborne.

Napier Girls’ Hockey team drew with Gisborne 0-0. From left, the Napier team, Back row, M. Mollering, J. Smith, B. Chalklan, B. Smith, J. Elga, L. Fox, J. White, B. Jarvis, L. Tucker, C. Davidson, M. Watts, L. Cooper (Capt.), and in front is L. Stalky.

Napier “A” football team won their game. From left back row, B. Harrap, C. McLean, D. Thompson, D. Gilliland, S. Reaney, T. Barder, W. Owen, K. Picone and D. McNiven. Front row, L. Guilemot, W. Schofield, R. Dallimore, G. Burton, N. Caddy, K. Blair, L. Karatau and K. Hawkins.

Napier soccer team (back row) lost to Gisborne. From left rear, B. Dawson, A. Ennor, R. Stewart, R. Allen, K. Kite, R. Howell, (Goalie); M. Collinson, (Capt.); M. Hampton, K. Wilson, N. Sinton, I. Howard. Napier coach Mr. H. Norrie standing centre rear.

This photo shows both the Gisborne and Napier boys’ hockey team, Napier team in black and white striped jerseys. Gisborne won this match and with  four out of the five basketball games to their credit came out clear winners of the inter-school shield.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – McGRUERS LTD., Napier

Page 38


At the Napier High School Old Boys’ Gymnasium, Judith Ann Brownlee, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Brownlee of 28 Menin Road, Onekawa.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

Brian Winter, only son of Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Winter of Mokotuku.
Photo by Barretts Studio

Miss Noeline Young, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Young of Albert Street, Hastings.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

Miss Barbara Pointon, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. Pointon of Taradale.
Photo by Bruce MacConnell

Miss Pamela Kay Painter photographed on the occasion of her send off to Wellington where she is taking up a position of student dental nurse.

Pamela is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Painter of Douglas McLean Avenue.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – LOVELL-SMITHS of Hastings

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Boys Brigade H.B.-East Coast Drill Competition

Led by Maurice Bartlett of the Taradale Boys’ Brigade, five companies from Gisborne (two), Napier, Hastings and Taradale give a demonstration of precision marching as they parade through the main street of Hastings on their Sunday Church Parade.

Mr. Lewis Mitchell inspects one of the Gisborne Companies entered.

Two drill judges, Mr. Wade from Wairoa and Mr. Roland Hill of Havelock North, give instructions to a squad leader.

The Hastings company which took the honours of the day over the other four companies.

Photos by the Gisborne Battalion Publicity Photographer

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The Red Cross Hall Napier, for two nights, was recently the scene of a Cavalcade of Fashion show put on for the benefit of the Red Cross by Chards, a Napier Beauty Salon.

Main theme of the show was of course hair styles and the new spring line “Le Cygne” was introduced, but the outfits worn by the models were a fashion show on their own, being specially designed for and purchased by Chards of Napier for the occasion.

Mr. Newton, president of the Red Cross, (centre) has just received the £120 cheque from Mr. Chard (left). Mrs. Newton right.

Ballet girls from the Lilian Swan School of Dances forming a Decore for the new line “The Swan” danced excerpts from the Ballet “The Swan Lake”.

Basil Diack, Mrs. Chard and a realistic leopard in the “Haji Baba” scene.

Mrs. Mason’s French Poodle “Nicky” leads the way as Mrs. Chard introduced the “Swan Line”.

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Pat Merrick featured the new hair colour “Ballet Rouge”.

Rosemary Lang of Napier models the hair style “Signett”.

Brian Bates and Jennifer Cameron dancing the Charlston for the 1920 period.

A section of the over 30 strong cast who assembled on stage for the finale.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – H.M.V. HOUSE, Hastings

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Doubles Title to Napier Pair

A sport gaining rapidly in popularity, the darts championships were this year competed for by over 600 competitors, with finalists from the South and North Islands meeting in Napier to battle it out for top honours

Best doubles team in New Zealand, David Lowe and Bob Blaker of Napier.

New Zealand Singles champion, Barry Christensen of Taranaki.

North Island team, from left, back row, M. Antunovich, (Auckland); B. Christensen, (Taranaki); R. Blaker, (H.B.); Walsh, (Taranaki); D. Trowe, (Wanganui, Vice-Capt). Front row, E. Palmer, (Manawatu); A. A. Franklin, (Manawatu, Capt); Mr. Carpenter, (Team Manager); T. Benvin, (Wanganui); and V. Dillistone, (Waikato).

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Champion Four’s winners of the Memorial Tray, P. Workman, (skip); Mrs. H. Armitage, Mrs. P. Workman and John Workman of the Mayfair Club Hastings.

Winners of the Mixed Pairs, Mr. W. Barter and Mrs. R. Caulton of Hastings.

Mr. W. Quarrie, skip of the Wairere (Napier) team accepting the inter-club shield on behalf of his team who won it for the most wins over 12 games. 72 teams took part in the championships.

Mrs. I. Stephens and Mrs. M. Southcott of Hastings, Open Mixed Pairs winners.

Champion Mixed Fours, Mr W. Quarrie, Mrs R. Hannah, Mrs. P. Brady and Mr. K. Brady, of the Wairere Club.

Photos by Bruce MacConnell

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Something new for Hawke’s Bay has come to Hastings in the form of another way to spend that special evening. Mr. Geor has opened up a luxurious Dine and Dance establishment in Hastings’ main street named the “Casa Blanca”.

As its chef the “Casa Blanca” has the services of New Zealand’s leading exponent of the culinary art. Formerly Chef of the “La Boheme” Auckland, he has brought with him the most comprehensive menu seen in Hawke’s Bay.

Just before the opening night the proprietor entertained about 50 guests at a private function among whom were Dr. and Mrs. Ballantyne, Dr. and Mrs. Young, Dr. and Mrs. Whimsett, Mr. and Mrs. Pat Beecham, Mr. and Mrs. D. Brimer and Dr. and Mrs. Rountree.

Raymond Banks of Napier chats to Mrs Gregg.

Mr. A. Dysart, Mr. W.E. Bate, Mayor of Hastings, and Mr. Warwick Shutter.

Miss Russell and Mr. Fondere.

Slim Howell, who was a guest, entertained with his trumpet. John Mullany at the piano.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – WALLY IRELAND, Napier

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A night photo of Hastings’ main street shows the excellent effect of the new under-verandah lighting.

Ray Reid and Tom Devonport of Woolworths of Napier dressed up for Father’s Day.

At the Napier Harrier Club’s 25th anniversary held last month in the Napier High School Old Boys’ Hall, Mr. E. Vogtherr, Patron of the club, addresses those present. Others at the official table, are, from left, Messrs. W. Didcott, J. Eagle, D. Shattky, (Mr. E. Vogtherr), G. Denford, President; J. Frame, G. Foulds, and D. Derwin of Wellington.

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JONES – FARRELL Jullie Farrell, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Farrell, to Richard Jones, Fourth son of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Jones of Hastings.


At Bridge Pa Hastings, Thelma Wainohu, daughter of Mrs. and the late Mr. H. Wainohu of Bridge Pa, to William P. Heke, fourth son of Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Heke. Photo shows from left, bridesmaid, Rohina Wainohu, Bride and Groom, and best man, Leonard Heke.

Photos by Batchelors Studios

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Junior place getters, from left, Harvey Sinton, lst; Warren Eddy, 2nd; and Kevin Picone, 3rd.

Just a very small section of the 350 odd boys who took part in the two and one half mile event.

Senior place getters, from left, Graeme Stephens, 1st; Graham Burton, 2nd; and John Howell, 3rd.

School girls cheered them on at the finishing post.

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Mrs. Wallace, Graeme Wallace and Mr. G. Wallace on the occasion of Graeme’s coming of age party held in Hastings recently.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

Carolyn Morgan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Morgan of Otane, celebrated her coming of age party at the Otane Town Hall.
Photo by Max Moverley

Miss Beverley Hunt, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. Hunt of Bay View.

Miss Joyce Graham, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. Graham of Napier.

Photos by Batchelors Studios


Leonard Heke (18) has left Bridge Pa Napier, to study medicine at the Mormon University, Hawaii. Leonard is the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Heke of Bridge Pa and was dux of Paki Paki school at the age of 12.

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Lorraine Joyce McLeod, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. McLeod of Bedford Road, Marewa.
Photo by Bruce MacConnell

Don Jeffries, son of Mrs. D. McPhee, Arbuckle Rd., Hastings.
Candid Camera Studies

Patricia Scott, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. Scott, Stortford Street, Hastings.

Ron Raison, son of Mr. and Mrs. Raison of Cook Street, Hastings.

Douglas Harris, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harris of Grove Rd., Hastings.

Neville Long, son of Mr. and Mrs. V. Long, Gascoigne Street, Hastings.

Below Left. Phyllis Wall, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Wall, Murdock [Murdoch] Road, Hastings.

Lower Right. Ted Lincoln, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln of Churchill Street, Hastings.

Photos by Candid Camera Studies

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From left, Alison Gibson, Elese Maxwell, Pat Merrick, Shiela Hind (Tresses, Napier) and in front Royalla Longley.

Gale Banks of Napier

A capacity crowd attended this year’s Hairdressers’ Ball where a feature of the evening was a mannequin parade in which the ultimate in hair styles were displayed by models representing beauty salons from Hastings and Napier.

Elaine Eames of Napier

Elsie White and Kay Hopping of Hastings

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – LOACH & PRICE LTD., Hastings

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At the Ball, a Napier group, from left, Jill Manning, Jill Kelly, Colleen Tait, Jenny Kelly and Olivia Craike.

Jeanette Doran and Raewyn Fairbrother of Napier and Beverly Berrington and Wendy Clark of Hastings.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – H. & G. LINGERIE SPECIALIST, Hastings

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Dominion Conference of Town Womens Guilds

Held in the War Memorial Hall this was another important conference to be held in Napier this year with delegates from all parts of the Dominion spending the week-end there.

The retiring Dominion Executive.

Choir of the Marewa Town Women’s Guild entertained local and visiting delegates. Conductor is Mrs. Thelma Creagh of Napier.

Three conference committee members of Napier, Mrs. A. Plunket, Mrs. T. Creagh and Mrs. D. Verchafelt. [Verschaffelt?]

Mrs. Laggan of Marewa dispenses tea to conference delegates.

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To mark the occasion of its 18th anniversary the Sutcliffe Schools of Radiant Living (Hastings Schools Inc.) invited guests to a banquet held at “Paloha” Havelock North.

From left Mr. E. J. Keating, M.P. for Hastings; Mrs. W. E. Bate, Mayoress of Hastings; Dr. H. Sutcliffe, Foundation Principal; Mr. F. W. Frampton, President; Mrs. E. J. Keating and Mr. W. E. Bate, Mayor of Hastings.

Mrs. A. McKay, Mrs. G. Pizzey, Mrs. O. Barrow, Mrs. C. M. Sebley, and Sister E. J. Avery, Palmerston North President.

Mrs. W. E. Bate’s [Bate], Mr. Joll of the Humic Compost Society Hastings.

Mrs. A.M. Dean’s [Deans] (Hastings Town Women’s Guild) and Mrs E.J. Keating.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine. Girl” quest – H.B. FARMERS LTD.

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During Napier’s annual shopping week, Emerson Street, is turned into a race track for short periods of each day. The width of the track is somewhat restricted by the large crowds who flock into the city, and this year the sun was on the side of Napier’s 30,000 club, organisers of shopping week, and came out in gloriously clear skies for the full five days.

In the lawnmower race a slight catastrophe occurred when the winner (reclining centre) Pearce Williams of Westshore was run down by the following lawnmower.

Last but still determined to be in at the finish.

Some real high class machines in the trolley races.

Bicycle races for the tiny tots

The sun was a bit of a problem for some contestants

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Economy of design was no handicap

Skipping races . .

The children were given the chance to dress up in the fancy dress parade which marched up the main street.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – McARA’S LTD. of Hawke’s Bay

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An Introduction to Astrology with The Signs by “Red Cloud”

ARIES – March 21st to April 19th
Tread warily, especially until the 10th. At the same time make the most of inspirational ideas, high emotional uplifts 4th – 10th. Messages from afar may instigate your future distant trip but don’t go off the deep end in practical or romantic matters. Love, marriage and other kinds of alliances can be suddenly and happily concluded.

TAURUS – April 20th to May 20th
Keep alert, lest some partnership or emotional hocus-pocus cost you dearly in cash and disappointment, to 10th. Afterward, strive to consolidate your relations with others before 14th, when affairs slow down to a status quo until December 4th. Avoid upheavals, tempers, November 20th – 24th. But make the most of glamorous opportunities.

GEMINI – May 21st to June 21st
This is a month for weddings long planned or, if unattached, your opportunities for meeting some special candidate will manifest increasingly from here on into 1960. Other kinds of alliances with well-to-do people also should be part of your Daily life. Take care on the 20th – 24th that tempers don’t fly. Make haste slowly as needless accidents are possible while in transit.

CANCER – June 22nd to July 22nd
Complete all pending matters before the 15th, when another period of slow-downs could halt your progress until December. Good fortune of the 5th – 7th should not be marred by reckless moods or spending 20th – 24th. Sit tight!

LEO – July 23rd to August 23rd
Guard against emotional extravagance, poor judgement and a too endulgent attitude 1st -10th. Most favourable word concerning some special ambition of yours or in regard to children is due. Accent is on inspirational ideas and may be part of this pective 4th – 10th. Domestic upsets, accidents due to carelessness, suggest caution 20th – 24th. Romance is High.

VIRGO – August 24th to September 23rd
Your inspiration is high, use it 4th – 7th to find solutions to overcome personal home and family and particularly financial challenges lst – 10th. No power politics however! Prepare to take a discreet back seat after 15th until December, as slow-downs make progress difficult. Shop and mail early. Community family quarrels or those resulting from your own resentments can be explosive 20th – 24th, so don’t you explode!

LIBRA – September 24th to October 23rd
This is one of the most difficult months because misdirected power-drives, subversive factors in your own psychology or from people of hidden authority will require constant equilibration. Inspirations of the 4th – 10th and special business or financial increase but watch out for loss 20th – 24th. Love is renewed or new 29th – 30th. Don’t expect full answers or complete results until next month,

SCORPIO – October 24th to November 22nd
Even though you have the initiative now, this could be one of the most difficult month of the year. Another slow-down is indicated after the 15th until December. Don’t try to push matters, etc. Amid all this there are splendid opportunities for profitable and expanded business, good news and stimulating activities. Keep in mind the possibility of underlying upsets due to conniving people and to your own explosiveness especially 20th – 24th.

SAGITTARIUS – November 23rd to December 21st
Watch your step for here’s where you could be swiftly and harshly called to account, particularly the 20th –  24th. Splendid inspiration, money opportunities of 5th to 7th, should be acted upon. A friendly surprise, perhaps from a distance, brings delight 29th – 30th, despite the slow pace and delays prevailing after the 15th.

CAPRICORN – December 22nd to January l9th
Difficult situations similar to those of last March may arise again this month – no quarrels! Use your sixth sense 4th – 10th. Your “box office” receipts should be great but common sense may be lacking especially 20th – 24th. Gossip, upsets from the past, can be prevented if you are discreet. The month closes on a very happy note and a promise of better things to come.

AQUARIUS – January 20th to February 18th
The testings continue right on to the 10th. But a fine secondary influence 4th – 10th should help solve all those problems. Try to do so before the 15th when another slow-down becomes effective till December. Fortune, travel aspects, matters at a distance and – or groups and organisations are working in your favour now. Don’t let mishaps of haste interfere 20th – 24th. Love, joyous events should be yours to enjoy.

PISCES – February 19th to March 20th
The fireworks remain in full force as potentials until the 10th. However, simultaneous fortunate news and financial expansion along with good judgement can help the worthy 5th – 10th. You’ll have to penetrate these mysteries with clear intuition, not wishful thinking. Don’t balk at delays or things that seem to fall through after the 15th. They are blessings in disguise, especially on the 20th – 24th, when explosiveness on the job, in far reaching contacts are likely.

Printed photo-litho for the publishers by Swailes, Hurst & Co. Ltd., Napier

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New addition to the Hastings Memorial Hospital emerges from the scaffolding.
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