Hawke’s Bay Photo News 1960 – Number 024 November

Hawke’s Bay PHOTO NEWS
24th Issue

[Cover photo – Margaret Kersey, the 17-year-old lass out front, plays a part in this year’s Napier Frivolity Minstrels’ Production “Call Me Colonel”, as a secret agent. ]

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Front cover. Margaret Kersey, the 17-year-old lass out front, plays a part in this year’s Napier Frivolity Minstrels’ Production “Call Me Colonel”, as a secret agent.

Our picture shows Margaret, dressed in her rig for the first half of the bill, which has its opening in Napier on November 12th.

Back cover. Spring is here again, and all the lovely things that make it spring are symbolised on our back cover. Shirley Patterson of Farm Road, Waipukurau, holds tight to two frisky twin kids.

Photos by Batchelors Studios

Clearly the Best in Service –
Just Ring 39-057 or 5816
Napier’s Leading Service Station
As Usual – Away Out in Front

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When a ship completes discharge or loading and sails for her next port she is cast off with much the same procedure wherever she is in the world. In a sheltered haven she may have only one mooring cable to drop at bow and stern while at an open seaport like Napier she will need five heavy rope hawsers for’d and aft to guarantee her safety should a sudden squall arise. When the Danish vessel “Kaethe Jebsen” was due to sail from Napier we took the shot above – one mooring cable left to drop. . .

. . .and there it goes, twisting and uncoiling as the strain is released and it drops away, to be hauled back wet and dripping on to the wharf by tractor. Only the light warping line is left. As the vessel goes astern this line is used to control the bow and then to warp her round the end of the wharf. At this point the pilot boat in lieu of a tug takes up the challenge and nudges the bow round. . .

…and the “Keathe Jebsen” heads for the open sea flying her company flag and the Danish flag from the after masthead. The pilot’s flag still flies forward as the launch buzzes alongside waiting to pick up the pilot.

Page 2

[Photos of the “Keathe Jebsen” and the pilot boat]

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This trio of Hastings girls are all pupils of Miss Grant’s School of British Ballet. They are: left: Susan Anderson of St. Georges Road; right: Gillian Brodie of Beresford Street; and front, Rosslyn Attwood of Guthrie Street, Havelock North.
Photo by Max Schindel, Havelock North

Batchelors STUDIOS
Hastings & Napier

“I don’t want him you can have him” – try sideways and you might make it through the door . . . might?

Ah . . . it’s the Andrew Sisters doing the “Too Fat Polka” – well, three Waipakurau women doing their best to fill the bill.

Page 4

La Traviata

Principals and chorus in Act of Berdi’s opera “La Traviata” – the latest fare of the New Zealand Opera Company to tour local towns. The scene is a gay party thrown by Violetta at her Paris house. Among the guests is Alfred, son of the respectable provincial family who passionately loves Violetta and has his love returned. He persuades her to join him in the country where they live happily for some time. The cast from left: Alan Turner, Bernard Reade (behind), Jon Andrew (Alfred), Diane Holmes, Dorothy Hitch (Flora, Violetta’s friend), John Lindstrom, Eve Weir, Howard Marsh and Ruth Calson.

Alfred’s father is not all happy about his son’s relationship with Violetta, who is known to be rather a gay and questionable beauty of Paris society. He visits her and persuades her to give up Alfred. Mary O’Brien as Violetta, agrees to the request of Alfred’s father, Gearges Germont, played by Graham Gorton.

Violetta is heart broken at leaving her lover, but returns alone to Paris. Alfred returns to find her gone and not knowing the circumstances swears to take vengeance on her. He seeks her out at Flora’s house in Paris . . .

. . . where he reproaches her loudly and insults her in public. The result is a duel between Alfred and her new admirer. In this scene in Act II scene 2 we see, from left: Violetta, Pat Chapman, John Lindstrom. Dorothy Hitch (Flora), Diane Holmes, James Healey, Bernard Reade, Graeme Gorton, Stan Toby, Ursula Calson, Paul Person, Bernard Hill, Ruth Calson, Howard March, Eve Weir and Peter Baillie.

Page 5

During his visit to Flora’s house, Alfred gambles with his rival, the Baron. Paul Person as the Baron seated opposite Alfred (Peter Baillie) with standing from left: James Healey, Veronica Mursane, Dorothy Hitch, Bernard Reade, Ursula Calson, Stan Toby, Jon Andrew, Ruth Calson and Bernard Hill.

Jon Andrew as the gypsy, invades the scene and is surrounded by some of the guests, Dorothy Hitch (the hostess) and Stan Toby (obscured), Eve Weir, Ruth Calson and Bernard Hill.

Another scene in Act II – Scene 2 with, from left: Veronica Murnane, Alan Turner, Mary O’Brien, Jon Andrew, Pat Chapman, John Lindstrom, Diane Holmes, Dorothy Hitch (partly obscured), Peter Baillie (Alfred), James Healey, Bernard Reade and Paul Person.

After her break with Alfred, Violetta’s health (she is consumptive) declines rapidly and she finds herself in poorer circumstances financially.

In the last act when she is dying of tuberculosis, Alfred learns of her sacrifice to protect his family’s name. He seeks her out and she dies in his arms trying to console her lover and his father who is too late, prepared to accept her as his daughter-in-law.

Page 6

Marching GIRLS

The Junior Pioneer Team. Back row: Marie Nicholson, Sandra Johnson, Joclyn Redshaw, Andrea Cameron, Correen Diack (leader), Judy Gordon (instructor). Front row: Jill Whittleston, Sandra Stevenson, Marilyn Johansen and Elaine Fulford.

Mr. D. Singh, instructor of the Pioneers Senior Marching Team, Napier, receives the instructors Cup from Mrs. Williams, President of the H.B Centre of the Association, for training the Champion Hawke’s Bay Team. The function was held in the Higgins Street Hall. Perhaps their strong Junior and Midget teams are part of Pioneer’s success.

Leader of the Champion Senior Team, Janet Merrick, receives her trophies from Mrs. Williams.

And even the midgets were there, the strapping marching girls of tomorrow, Back row: Sandra Whittleson, Sharon Nicholson, Colleen Patterson (instructor), Ingrid Redman, Rhonda Spiller, Denise Johansen. Front row: Christine Hopkins, Andrea French, Karen Stevenson, Dale Jones (leader), Janet Scullin, Susan Hopkins and Cheryl Johnson

Batchelors STUDIOS

Page 7


An enterprising production in Hastings was staged recently in aid of the Save the Children Fund. The children of St. Martin’s Sunday School and Bible Class presented a mini – musical comedy written and produced by Penny Wadell. The excellent settings were painted by Jack Salzerger, normally a Herald – Tribune reporter.

Some of the cast in the Second Act Finale.

Story time brought the little ones into the picture. Though nervous they enjoyed their time on the stage as much as the bigger children.

Patricia Hoar, the dancing lead of “West With the Waggons” [Wagons], looks every inch the part as she does her Red Indian dance before sqaws and braves.

Youngest member the cast, Alison Waddell, aged three.

Page 8

Hastings Wedding


At St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Hastings. Phyllis Kathleen Wall, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Wall, Murdoch Road, Hastings, to Howard Milner Burnsen of Mr. and Mrs A. H. Burns, Lyndhurst Road, Hastings.

The wedding group from left: Eric Wall, Anne Brown, John Wall, Janice Lean, Groom and Bride, Norman Compton, Ruth Nesbit and Lorraine Wall. They will make their home in Hastings.

The beauty of the brides train and gown is seen to better advantage in this portrait with her husband.
Stuart Johnson photo

Page 9

21st Birthdays

Judith Peters held her 21st party at home where she is pictured with her mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. V. Peters, of Plassey Street, Havelock North.

Caroline, youngest daughter of Mrs. J. Kauheihei Snr., celebrated her coming of age at the Kauheihei Memorial Hall, Pukehau

Peter Wenman came in for a bit of musical praise when he held his party at Windsor Lodge, Hastings. He is the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Wenman, Heretaunga Street West, Hastings.
Batchelors Studios Photo

When Cynthia Roberston, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Robertson, Brookvale Road, Havelock North, celebrated her 21st, she also took a bigger step when she announced her engagement to Harold Manning, second son of Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Manning, Nelson Street South, Hastings.


Page 10

Miss Roslyne Earl of Haumoana is a shorthand-typist in Hastings.
Russell Orr photo

Miss Margaret Kersey of Waghorne Street, Ahuriri, is an office clerk in Napier. She is seventeen
Photo by A. W. Colley

Page 11

Miss Anne Winlove of Waipukurau.
Photo by Max Moverley

Miss Dorothy Boyd, Herrick Street, Napier, is a clerk-typist.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

A 20 year old clerk in the Post Office Savings Bank, Miss Dorothy Cardno, Miller Street, Hastings.
Robert Gardiner Photo

Page 12


Return Air Ticket from Napier to anywhere in N.Z.
Dickens Street, Napier
Free Fortnightly Shampoos and Hair Sets for One Year – £11/1/-
Heretaunga Street, Hastings
Natural Colour Framed Portrait – £10/10/-
Heretaunga Street, Hastings
Ladies Wear to the Value of £7/10/-
Heretaunga Street, Hastings
A 3-Light Fitting to the Value of £7/18/6
Market Street, Napier
A Tea Service to the Value of £7/7/-
Photographer – Karamu Road, Hastings
A 15 X 10 Coloured Portrait – £5/18/-
Emerson Street, Napier
An Order to the Value of £5/5/-
Heretaunga Street, Hastings
A Camera to the Value of £5/5/-
Hastings Street, Napier
A Pair of Fashions Shoes – £5/5/-
Heretaunga Street, Hastings
A Pair of Evening Shoes to the value of £5/5/-
An Evening Cape to the Value of £11/11/-
Villa D’Este Buildings, Heretaunga St., Hastings
An Electric Blanket – £10/15/6
Emerson Street, Napier
Pair of Hand-woven All-wool Blankets – £8-10/-
Emerson Street, Napier
A Jura Steam Iron – £7/18/6
Dalton Street, Napier
2 Permanent Waves – £6/6/-
Heretaunga Street, Hastings
Marcasite Brooch – £5/5/-
Heretaunga Street, Hastings
An Order to the Value of £7/10/-
Emerson Street, Napier
An Ultimate Iron to the Value of £5/5/-
Paint, Wallpaper and Picture Salon, Hastings
A Painting of your choice to value of £5/5/-
Hastings Street, Napier
A Photo Album plus Toiletries to value of £5/5/-
Heretaunga Street West, Hastings
A 12 x 15 Framed Coloured Portrait value £5/18/-

Page 13

Janice Marple, a 17 year-old stenographer of Douglas MacLean Avenue, Napier.
MacConnells Photo Service

Jennifer Roberts of Tainui Street, Hastings.
F.C. Fraser Photo

Maxine Jane Kitt of Stortford Street, Hastings, is a 15-year-old shop assistant.
Reader’s Photo

Page 14

Janet Allen is a nurse at the Hastings Memorial Hospital. Her address: c/o Nurses Home.

Eighteen-year-old Alison Gibson of Rutherford Road, Napier, is a hairdresser.

Readers’ Photos

Jillene Wendy Olsen, aged 18, of Peddie Street, Taradale, is a law clerk in Napier.
F.C. Baylis

Page 15

BALLROOM Girl Entries

Miss Judy Grant is a nursing-aide in Hastings.
Candid Camera Studies

Miss Gloria Boyd, a bank officer of Napier.
Batchelors Studios Photo

Because of the large number of entries received in the Ballroom Girl Contest, we have extended the closing time to include the pictures on this and the following pages. The results will be published in our next issue.

Page 16

NAPIER Weddings


At St. Augustine’s Church, Napier, Valma Orange, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R.A. Orange, Ellison Street, Napier, to Raymond McCleland, second son of Mrs. D. Mear, Richmond Street, Napier. The wedding group from left: Glynis Price, John Mear, Bride and Groom, Peter Wakeman and Joan Titter.


At the bride’s home, Joan Hargreaves, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R.E. Hargreaves, Tom Parker Avenue, Napier, to Edward Hopkins, elder son of Mrs. J.C. Hopkins, MacDonald Street, Napier. Future home will be Gallipoli Road, Onekawa, Napier.

Page 17

21st Birthdays

At her parents’ home, Grove Road, Hastings, Beth Stewart is seen cutting her 21st cake under the solemn gaze of an anticipant. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Stewart.

Janet Daniel celebrated her coming-of-age at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. Romanes, Hapuka Road, Hastings. She is pictured with her mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. H. Daniel of Apatu Street, Wairoa.

Tony Lyndon of Otara, Auckland, held his 21st at this brother’s home, Geddis Avenue, Napier. With him is Mrs. I. Lyndon.

Kay Thomas of Goldfinch Street, Ohakune, celebrated her 21st at the home of friends in Richmond Street, Napier.

Page 18

Scouting AFFAIRS

Five Napier and Taradale Scouts who have been chosen to attend the Jamboree at Sydney, next January. From left: Norrie Johnson and Lyndon Anderson, Patrol Leaders Greendale Troop; Michael Cresswell, Senior Patrol Leader and Colin McKenzie, both of Trinity Troop, Napier; and Jim Howell, Clive, of Napier South Troop.

These happy, healthy lasses belong to the Napier Red Shield Brownie Pack, which recently enrolled eight new recruits. The older members are seen below. Back row: Major Rundle, Elaine Harris, Carol Corry, Sharron Fox, Maureen Randell, Elizabeth Ackerman, Mashelle Mills, Ila North, Lois Rundle, Pamela George. Middle row: Gillian Workman, Lynette Ramsey, Lee Dunn, Joy Fitzwater, Mrs Kaye, District Commissioner of Guides, Patricia Fitzwater, Avis Garbett, Sharon Purdom and Girl Guide Chaplain Mrs K. Bevan. Front row: “Brown Owl” Raewyn Bevan, Diane Todd, Marriane Fox, Susan Wright, Helen Thomson, Cheryl Binnie and Jacqueline Cook.

Page 19


In rather wet conditions the annual Old versus Present pupils’ winter sports day at Hastings High School went with the usual zip.

G. Bushby dots one down for Old Pupils in the rugby match. Coming up from left: B. Lett, G. Greville, D. Baird, Richardson and J. Currie.

Although the basketball and shooting matches were cancelled, both men’s and women’s hockey teams took the field against School teams. Old Pupil, B. Hawkins breaks past School goalie, D. Cundy, with School players C. Menzies and Bainbridge behind.

The 1960 Old Pupils’ Rugby XV. Back row left to right: J. Currie, I. Cash, B. Bark, G. Littlewood, R. Frost, D. Elvidge, P. Tomoana, B. Morley, T. Wilson. Front row: J. Ponga, B. Davies, K. Brown, N. Wall, K. Ryan, G. Bushby and B. Lett.

A ball or a bath? A natural hazard in the Old Pupils’ goal mouth that proved as good as an extra player in the women’s hockey. Jackie Jackson (School centre) goes down for a drink as her shot missed the goalmouth. Others in the picture are Lotus Wong and Margaret Humphries, Old Pupils’, Merle Douglas, School, Beryl Hammond, Old Pupil, and the referee unidentified.

Page 20

Before the rugby began, the School XV gave a spirited haka which seemed to have the desired effect. They won 14-8.

Four committee members of the Hastings High School Old Pupils’ Association seen at a cocktail party held afterwards. From left: Mrs. and Mr. G. Anderson, Mr. G. Little and Mr. E.L. Mitchell. The evening proved such an unqualified success that it has already been set down as a fixture for next year’s sports day.


Napier’s Girl of the Week, Miss Jeanette Jensen, representing the Napier Wrestling Association, being presented with her sash for 1960 by last year’s winner, Miss Yvonne Spiller.

Jeanette being proclaimed Girl of the Week by Deputy-Mayor, Mr. W.L. Atherfold. She also received a cheque for £50 from the organisers, the Free Kindergarten Association.

Page 21

Girl OF THE Week

As a result of the week’s campaign, the right organisations that took part benefited by a total of £4100. Every means of money-raising was used, from games evenings to concerts, from aerial joyrides to wrestling bouts and gymkhanas. The Wrestling Association raised £1338.

Mrs. F.K. Malcolm, President of the Napier Kindergarten Association introduces contestants to an audience of 300 in the War Memorial Hall. The girls from left: Jill Robertson (Greendale Swimming Club); Phyllis Kee (Napier Aero Club); Elaine Fletcher (Citizens and Ratepayers Assn.); Jennifer Cameron, beside Mrs. Malcolm, (H.B. Revue Skating Club); Jeanette Jensen, with white hat, (Napier Wrestling Assn.); Penny Young (Highland Pipe Bands); Dairne le Quesne (Kindergarten Assn.); and in front, Marion Willis (Student Nurses’ Assn.).

Little Jennifer Prout was one of the children from the Napier Kindergarten who presented bouquets to the Girl of the Week entrants. She had some trouble with her curtsy when she presented the Kindergarten Association girl, Dairne le Quesne wither her bouquet. Dairne is a Kindergarten teacher.

Dairne le Quesne with some of her small charges.

Page 22

Napier Weddings


At St. Augustine’s Church, Napier, Merle Delugar, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Delugar, Papakura Road, Meeanee, to Colin Gavin McLean, son of Mr. and Mrs. A.J.W. McLean, Rutherford Road, Napier.
Photo by Batchelors Studios


At St. Patrick’s Church, Napier, Noela Monette Reilly, daughter of Mrs. D.L. Holland, Nelson Crescent, to Alan Victor Thompson, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. Thompson, Wi Pere Street, Gisborne.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

HUTT (CITY) Wedding


At Hutt City Methodist Church, Rhonda Hooker of Napier, to Leonard Sutton, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Sutton, Railway Avenue, Hutt City. The bride was given away by her guardian, Mr. Harris of Napier. The wedding group from left: Raymond Sutton, Kathleen Sullivan, Groom and Bride, Yvonne Sutton, John Hulston. Future home will be Petone.
Reader’s Photo

Page 23

21st Birthdays

A former well-known Hastings girl, Rayner Blinkhorne, recently celebrated her 21st in Rotorua. Her father Mr. R. Blinkhorne, presents her with her key while Mrs. Blinkhorne looks on.

A guest at the Blinkhorne party was former Hastings High School master, Mr. K. Rhodes. He now lives at Kawerau.

Jillian Jackson held her 21st at the James Banquet Lounge, Napier. She is seen cutting her cake while her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G.G. Jackson, Castor Bay, Auckland, look on.

Miss Marcia Sklenars of the Nurses’ Home, Napier, celebrated her 21st at the Clive Hall. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. Burrows live in New Plymouth.

Page 24


Each year the Taradale Primary School holds a pet parade in conjunction with it’s Gala Day, and each year pets arrive at the School in all their shampooed glory. The Parent-Teachers’ Association of this school has been extremely active over many years in raising funds and providing amenities for what is now one of the best-equipped primary schools in the district.

Winner of the first prize in the pet dogs’ section was ‘Toby” seen with his master, Raymond Knowles of Harpham Street, “Toby” is a son of “Pip” who is often mentioned in 2ZC’s morning session with ‘Budge”.

Bruce Baudinet of Waterhouse Street, won the cage-bird section with his budgie.

The largest of the pets on parade was this ram, “Sammy”, owned by Stephen White. Sammy gained second prize in the”other animals” section.

Page 25


The Prime Minister, Mr. Walter Nash, visited Napier recently to open the first real assembly hall the Napier Girls’ High School has had. Since it became a girls’ school in 1926, the pupils have had to make do with a grossly inadequate gymnasium bequeathed to them when the boys left the site and transferred to the southern end of the town.

Mr. Nash was escorted into the hall by the Chairman of the Napier High School Board, Dr. E.H.J. Berry, and the headmistress, Miss A. Naumann.

After the opening ceremony, Mr. Nash signed the school record. Miss Naumann stands beside him.

The official party entering the hall which was crowded with pupils and visitors.

Page 26


The traditional piping in one of the boar’s head set the seal on the annual Deerstalkers’ Dinner held in Hastings. This year it was a special occasion as it wound up the first conference of the New Zealand Association held in Hawke’s Bay, at Napier. Five hundred guests sat down in the Hastings Assembly Hall to 400 lbs of venison and wild pork, three cwt. of potatoes, 200 lbs of kumeras, two sacks of pumpkins and 100 lb of peas.

Borne aloft by Mr. L. McArthur in full regalia and supported by two pipers, the Boar’s Head made its dignified rounds.

Ann Colquhoun and Lois Hall grace an equally magnificent moosehead with a six-foot wingspan.

District Forest Ranger at Napier, Mr. J.I. Cook and his wife admire the third member of their party – world record-holder, Walter Wapiti, sporting his 27-point crowning glory.

Winner of the supreme Hawke’s Bay champion head, Mr. L.F. Turfrey of Koparakore Station receives his trophy from Mrs. A.M. Duncum, wife of the Hawke’s Bay Branch President. Mr. Turfrey belongs to the Hastings sub-association.

Page 27

Deer-roaring is quite an art as practised by our backwoodsmen. Many can call an animal to within a few feet simply by “roaring them up”. Ken Mudgway, Napier, in “full roar”.

Not to be outdone the women also tried their hands . . . well their voices. The results were well up to standard. Mrs. S. Wilson about to blow!

Miss B. Larkin was another starter in spite of the condescending smiles of the big-game hunters.

A memorable toast “to the Royal Red Stag”, was offered by Forest Ranger, Maurie Robson of Kuripaponga [Kuripapango].

We liked the look of this noble head so much that we could not resist printing another shot of the champion wapiti in all his regal spendour.

Rex Wilson of Hastings won the trophy for the best red stag head, ten-points and under. He was second in the open competition.

Pages 28 and 29

New Seasons Swim Suits

A display of women’s beachwear for the coming season was display recently by Happs of Sydney, Hastings Street, Napier, fashion house. This parade of swimsuits was presented in a Napier restaurant before a highly interested audience of both men and women. The swimsuits pictured on these pages are by the London House of Janet Dickinson and designed by Francesca Ponticelli of Rome. The material used for these most attractive swimsuits is a latex yarn known to the trade as “lastige”. As can be seen, Happs of Sydney have discovered some really distinctive swimsuits in this attractive and stylish Janet Dickinson range. The bikinis which are in short supply are a New Zealand adaptation by “Gaystyle”.

Barbara Heiford and Marcia Sparks model two “Scandal” bikinis by Gaystyle. Perhaps these come into the “itsy-bitsy, teany-weeny” class – hence the large wrap-around towels.

Barbara Heiford in another bikini from the “Gaystyle” range. This set giving slightly more coverage is known as ‘Double Dare”.

Marcia Sparks displays this attractive Dickinson swimsuit with all the style it deserves. This one called “Miss Supreme” is also in the Happs of Sydney offering.

Another of the distinctive and highly flattering Janet Dickinson swimsuits “Silhouette” from the Happs of Sydney range, modelled by comely Diane Murray.

The distinctive Ponticelli design is again apparent in this swimsuit “Treasure Trove” worn by Barbara Heiford.

Blonde Diane Murray looks quite fetching in this Gaystyle “Scandal” bikini.

A Janet Dickinson model of more conventional design, “Melody” is worn by Barbara Heiford with grace and charm.

Page 30


It was Napier’s turn to stage the Wildlife Exhibition this year held at the Majestic Ballroom during the winter holidays. Thousands of parents and children saw this attraction which reflected great credit on members of the Napier Branch of the Junior Naturalist Club, and their organser, Mr. Reg Williams. There were many live birds and animals in large cages built by the boys; as well as numerous projects and individual studies well displayed by members from all over the province.

Brian Smith clutches his pet wild piglet known to all as “Pee Wee Smith”. A great favourite with the children, he wore an attractive pigskin coat of dappled brown, fawn and black.

Two very cheeky keas provided regular performances for the delighted children – and adults. Keas are distant and rather common relatives of the famous notornis.

Another personality who caught the limelight was this little kid (on right) watched intently by Janette Moore of Napier.

Bambi, a young sika or Japanese deer, was just as gentle and shy as his film star cousin.

Page 31


The Grand March at the Meeanee School Ball.

Some of the fancy dresses at the Marewa Ball.

Page 32

NAPIER Weddings


At St. John’s Cathedral, Napier, Jean Clark, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.R. Clark, Onekawa, Napier, to Richie Lloyd, son of Mrs. and the late Mr. R.J. Lloyd, Miramar, Wellington. The bridal group from left: Mr. G. Ross, Wellington, Miss M. Clark, the Bride’s sister, Groom and Bride, Mr. R. Penfold, Wellington, Miss P. Gregory, Wanganui. Future home will be at Woburn, Wellington.
Photo by Batchelors Studios


At Trinity Methodist Church, Napier, Valerie Cook, daughter of Mrs. A.M. Cook and the late Mr. J.H. Cook, Ellison Street, Napier, to Bryan Barker, son of Mr. and Mrs. S.W. Barker, Wordsworth Crescent, Napier. The bridal group from left: Mr. J. Barman, Miss L. Cook, Groom and Bride, Miss M. Rossiter, Mr. L. Griffiths. Future home will be in Napier.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

Page 33

21st Birthdays

Adrienne Stoupe celebrated her 21st birthday with a party at the Windmill Coffee Lounge in Hastings. She is seen there with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.F. Stoupe of Ellison Road, Hastings.
Batchelors Studios Photo

Another young man of 21, Frederick George Allan, held his party in the ex-Navalmen’s Hall, Onekawa. He is a son of Mr. and Mrs. F.G. Allan, Rutherford Road, Marewa.

Photo by Batchelors Studios

Charles Ryan pictured at his 21st birthday with his mother. The function was held in the Otane Town Hall.
Photo by Max Moverley

At the Eskdale Hall, Peter Payne held his 21st. His parents are Mr. and Mrs. F.H. Payne, ‘Te Khai”, R.D.2, Napier. He is seen here with Helen Roach.

Photo by Batchelors Studios

Page 34


The pleasant garden and peaceful atmosphere pictured here are just the outward signs of the serenity that reigns inside Bethany Maternity Hospital, Napier. This home in its lovely setting stands quietly beside the broad expanse of Nelson Park with only the birds and the night sister to wake the patients each morning – oh yes – and an occasional cry from the nursery. Bethany Home has not always been in Morris Street. It began as a tiny home in Coote Road, early in the century then shifted to Fitzroy Road on top of the hill where it was given the name “Bethany”. This early home was run by Miss Alice Parve, a Seventh Day Adventist who sought to help unmarried mothers. In 1914 the Salvation Army took over the Home and later as the work extended to other towns, each hospital took the name of the original Napier Home ‘Bethany”. The earthquake of 1931 badly damaged the Fitzroy Road Home and forced it to close. It was not re-opened till 1942, at Morris Street, where bookings are now so heavy that extensions will be added this year. But although admissions of married mothers have increased, the main aim is to provide care, shelter, and medical attention for unmarried mothers, at all six Bethany Hospitals in New Zealand, where seventy-five are cared for at once.

The staff of “Bethany” Napier, from left: Nurse-aid Lita Rowlings, the newest member; Nurse-aid Elsie King, a Londoner who plans to re-visit her home next year; Captain Margaret Walker, Assistant Matron; Major Gladys Goffin, Matron; Sister Eva McIndoe, affectionately known as Sister Mac; and Nurse Merle Delugar, who has since left to become Mrs Colin McLean. (Wedding photo elsewhere in this issue.)

Baby Katherina being bathed. They are bathed each day, weight checked every second day.

Page 35

The lounge is a large, airy room where the staff can relax. It is here that they hold a friendly sing-song and prayers with their “family” of unmarried mothers. Captain Walker provides the music while Major Goffin holds Paddy, Mouser-in-Chief. Major Goffin has been Matron at Napier for 18 months. She comes from a family whose members have all been devoted to the Salvation Army cause. Her father and brothers are all well-known Salvation Army Bandsmen.

In the nursery the Matron checks baby Paul McAleer’s weight. This is usually done when the baby is awake for feeding. Last year 83% of admissions left the hospital fully breast feeding.

A patient, Mrs. Dillon with her daughter four days old. Mothers can have their babies beside them from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. if they wish. Patients can visit one another and can take their meals together or apart in their own single rooms. There seems to be an air of easy informality about the home where policy calls for as little regimentation as possible.

Page 36


We add another to the growing list of modern churches in Hawke’s Bay, with the recent opening ceremonies at the Napier Branch Chapel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The exterior show the usual clean lines in familiar white-painted brick, but the interior is equally simple and functional.

The view from the stage across the beautiful parquet floor of the auditorium to the Church section with the organ and choir stalls at the far end. Notice the special beam below the sloping ceiling carrying the lighting and air-conditioning. The eight adaptable lights at the top illuminate the roomy stage. The Church can be completely shut off from the auditorium and dance floor by heavy drapes.

A portion of the large crowd of Church members and guests who enjoyed the banquet, social and dance, on the Friday preceding the first Sunday services.

Page 37

Waipukurau BARN DANCE

Hardworking nursers at Waipukurau Public Hospital, let their hair down and relaxed at a Barn Dance held at the Nurses’ Home.

Just some of the girls. From left: Pat Heffernan, Gillian Grant, Lena Sutherland, Rene Taylor, Judy Smith.

Behind that hotdog is Jill Bennie.

Caught out of season? Michael Whitworth kept the goose-pimples at bay with some energetic dancing. Diane Riach wears the tartan trews.

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Waipuk Wedding


At St. Andrew’s Church, Takapau, Marilyn Bayliss, elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B.J. Bayliss, Takapau, to Trevor Jane, son of Mrs. C. Jane and the late Mr. Jane. Future home with be Marakeke. The wedding group from left: Ken Jane, Shirley Jane, Janice Hunt, Groom and Bride, Prudence Thomsen, Graham Lunt and Suzanne Bayliss.

Floral Display

This delightful miniature setting at St. Patrick’s Church, Napier, was made by the Catholic Women’s League Gardening Circle as their floral display entry for this year’s Spring Show of the Napier Horticultural Society. The space allotted was 5 ft. by 2 ft. 6 ins. and into this they worked a bride of 1860 and of 1960 each with two bridesmaids. St. Patrick’s Parish celebrates its centenary this year.

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80TH Birthday

Mr. E.J. Hodgkinson, a hale and hearty 80-year-old, celebrated his birthday with a family gathering at his home, 55 Riverbend Road, Napier. In the family group are his three sons and three daughters. Back row: Beryl (Mrs. Dawson); Ivan, Charlie and Jack. From left: Mr. and Mrs. Hodgkinson, Joan (Mrs. Roberts); and Nellie (Mrs. Kirkwood).


In a double ceremony at the Methodist Church, Hastings, two small boys were christened recently.

Baby Lance Swinerd with his parents, Graham and June Swinerd, c/o Whitiora Post Office, Hamilton.

Wayne Geary with his parents Shirley and Lockie Geary of Guthrie Road, Havelock North.

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Napier firemen seen on the job when they were called out recently to quell a fire in the partly finished St. Augustine’s Anglican Church at Maraenui, Napier.

Inset: The Rev. K.J. Mackie stands disconsolately watching the firemen dowse the flames, pouring gallons of water into the attractive new church.

Three days later the women of the parish undaunted, held this sale of work there to help pay for the damage.

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St. John Radio APPEAL

Co-operation between Napier Jaycees, 2YZ-2ZC and the Post and Telegraph Department was the recipe for a very successful radio and telephone appeal for funds for St. John Ambulance Headquarters in Hawke’s Bay. With their usual enthusiasm, Jaycees and Broadcasting aroused plenty of interest in the preceding ten days, and kept that interest alive throughout a five-hour, non-stop session of entertainment and acknowledgments of promised donations.

Nine telephones specially installed in a small talks studio kept a team of Jaycees busy all night. At back: Keith Monagan, Roy Friend. Front: Roy Viera, Jim Ronberg, Microphone for sound effects, Bob Boston and Stan Goldman’s watch.

Ann Pottinger and Pauline Thorpe, two of the high-speed typist who worked “flat out” all night typing details of donations before the announcers acknowledged them.

Senior Announcer, Neville Madden, who turned what could have been a dreary list of names into a fast-moving entertainment. Behind him are some of the studio audience who lent atmosphere to the evening, and enjoyed the live artists who entertained when the list of acknowledgements permitted.

Neville Madden takes a well-earned thrist-quencher while fellow announcer, Bryant Bell carried on the good work. Presentation Office Geoff Haggett (looking on) acted as general factotum and overseer. Technician Hilton Read, Station Manager, Ken Collins, who acted as a clerk, Programme Organiser, Roland Lavin, as pianist and announcers Neville Chamberlain and Arch Barclay, added to the evening’s success together with the guest artists.

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Hastings Party

Herbert Wong of Hastings recently opened new premises and celebrated with a fancy dress party. With him are Dave Simpson, Peter Hutchings and Ian Peerless.

Keith Bradford provided the music and he kept the party on the move.

Leo Cash wasn’t game to get dressed as the Fourth Test, but he would have gladdened Neville Lodge’s heart with this impersonation. A dromedary can be seen behind.

An unknown sheik was quite content to remain anonymous while, paradoxically, two members of his haren, Ngaire Bradford and Rita Yule quite unashamedly removed their veils.

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An attractive array of delightful, eye-catching styles were featured in the Spring Parades at the Jenny Lee Salons during Shopping Week in Napier and Blossom Week in Hastings. The wide variety of fabrics was viewed by large and enthusiastic audiences who were delighted by the exclusive styling of the frocks and gowns displayed. Many colourful florals were highlights of the parades.

Sais Russell looking delightfully fresh, modelled this charming navy and white embroidered linen dress.

This very pretty Bridget Bardot-flocked Gingham in taupe and brown was worn to advantage by Dianne Malcoaronne. [Malcuronne?]

Some of the parades were successfully staged in the window of the Napier Salon in Emerson Street. Elizabeth Frazer modelled this gay floral sundress by Peggy Wood of Honolulu.

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Some of the poses were more reminiscent of the ballet than the sports field when Taradale Rugby and Soccer Clubs staged a benefit match at Taradale Park for the St. John Ambulance appeal. With much skulduggery and not a little guile they provided onlookers with some bright, open something – even if it wasn’t football. After forty minutes of rugby they changed ends and the ball and besides having a lot of fun, cemented good relations between the two clubs.

Where’s the ball? There was a muffled shout from the bottom of this melee – “if you blow your whistle ref. I’ll get off the ball”.

“Oh . . . there ’tis!”

A good low tackle for a soccer player.

And a good slide for a rugby player.

A moment after this the bouncing round ball proved too much for Alex Fussell. He took it in his arms and ran.

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Back-seat driver.

Shamed. Diddled by a mere rugby player.

Hark! Who goes there?

Swans are so graceful.

It was love at first sight.

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Eskdale Wedding


At Eskdale Memorial Church, Elizabeth Zoe Olsen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.H.A. Olsebn, Bay View, to William Henry Beachen, son of Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Beachen, Taihape. The bridal party from left: D. Kaye, P. Beachen, H. Astbury, Bride and Groom, C. Olsen, P. Olsen, C. Nicol and L. Kaye. The couple’s future home will be Kaiwaka, North of Napier.

Napier Wedding


At St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church, Napier, Isla Lee, daughter of Mrs. W. Barker of Stratford, to Grahame David Marple, second son of Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Marple, Napier. The couple will live at Maraenui, Napier.

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Gwennyth Ferguson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Ferguson, Waipukurau, to William McLeod, son of Mr. and Mrs. F. McLeod, Dannevirke.

21st Birthday

Robert Scott of Waipawa recently celebrated his 21st at the R.S.A. Hall there. He is the second son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Scott.

Waipukurau WEDDING


Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Weeks after their marriage at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Waipukurau. The bride was formerly Miss Janet Ryder. They will make their home in Waipukurau.

Photos by Max Moverley

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Gold Star Presentation

Fireman-Driver M.J. Downing

Twenty-five years of service to the community were rewarded officially when Fireman-Driver M.J. Downing of Napier received his long service Gold Star from Chief Fire Officer, R.L. Harlen of Hastings.

But Driver J. Downing does not have his fire service on his own. From left: his brother, Station Officer R. Downing has 19 years to his credit, Mrs. Downing just basks in their reflected glory, Driver J. Downing, and his father Mr M. Downing with 31 years’ service.

But if the Downing family has an enviable record in the fire service, so too have the Driebergs. From left: Fireman A. Drieberg (six years); ex-Third Officer W.J. Drieberg (27 years); ex-Sub Officer H.F. Drieberg (20 years); ex-Fireman Driver J. Drieberg (43 years); and Fire Officer L. Drieberg (16 years) – just a mere 112 years service in the family, and if that is not a record it should be.

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And just to keep the record straight we had to include this photo of life members of the Napier and Ahuriri Fire Brigades. Back row, from left: Third Officer F. Thompson (Napier); Ex Frm. J. Drieberg (Napier); Ex frm. M. Downing (Port); ex Sub-Officer H. Drieberg (Napier). Front row: Ex Frm. A. Riddell (Port); Ex District Chief Fire Officer C.Robinson (Napier); Ex Fourth Officer J.C. Brock (Napier); Chief Officer T.L. Turner (Napier); and Frm. Driver J. Downing, the newest member of this elite band.


Young Pauline Haggett of Milton Road, Napier, found that Spring means more than just sulphur and treacle or lawns to cut. There are friends to make too.


A hard-working housewife with four sons (three still at school) Doreen de Garis of Taradale is one of those women who squeezes so many things into an already full life. For three years she was editor of Women’s Page on the Herald Tribune; she still writes book reviews, and till recently provided a weekly column under the name “Candida”. She has written children’s plays and stories for the N.Z.B.S; has had a one-act play, produced by the B.B.C. and last month, saw her first three-act play, “Corner Section” given it’s world premier by Hastings Group Theatre. But that is not all. Doreen de Garis also finds time to write magazine articles, and just to fill the odd afternoon she accepted the difficult job as one of the judges for the recent Mrs Hawke’s Bay contest. Yes – even she admits she leads a fairly full life.
Lovell-Smith Photo

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In atrocious conditions – it rained during much of the match – the Hawke’s Bay Hockey Representatives drew with the Auckland team 2 all, in one of the main fixtures of the Hawke’s Bay hockey calendar. In spite of the weather, or perhaps because of it, some bright, fast hockey was seen in the match.

An incident in the game showing H.B. players Kevin Rigby, Ian Ebbett (front), Colin Cassin and Athol Preston (behind), and Auckland Rep. M. Spicer.

A good action shot as Mike Lloyd swings left-handed to intercept K. Parker of Auckland. From left: Parker (who scored one goal), John Smith, Auckland (behind him); Mike Lloyd, Kevin Rigby (in the middle), who scored for Hawke’s Bay; and Clark Nicol. Clark’s brother, Ron Nicol, and Kevin Rigby, were both chosen to play for the North Island against the South.

It looks as though the referee’s whistle distracted the players as this shot was taken. S. Parker of Auckland still concentrates on the ball, while N. Hayde, Auckland, C. Cassin and D. Christensen look away. Hawke’s Bay Representative, N. Thompson is still at the ready.

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At St. Leonard’s Park, Hastings

Hastings Mayor, Mr. R. Giorgi, welcomed boys to the Provincial Soccer Tournament in Hastings. With visiting officials round them are A.H. Norrie, President of the Junior Council for H.B., the Mayor, and T.H. Philip, Chairman of the Tournament Committee.

Hawke’s Bay forward A. Watson, bustles the Manawatu goalie while centre-forward R. Williams, on left, waits for the ball to come loose. Hawke’s Bay won this match 5-0.

The Hawke’s Bay teach which came very close to winning the tournament. Back row, left to right: B. Allan, D. Parker, A. Watson, G. Drury, J. Bennett, B. MacDonald and R. Porter. Front row: D. Dawson, R. Williams, R. Marshall. C. Bower, T. Whittington, R. Liddington and A. Pere. R. Marshall (with glasses) from Taradale School, was selected for the North Island team at right back. A. Pere, who played at centre-half was chosen to Captain the “Rest” against the North Island. The Hawke’s Bay team was drawn from seven schools which in itself shows the steady growth soccer has been making in the junior grades.

In the tournament Hawke’s Bay won four games and lost one, giving them a tie with Wellington, who beat them on the play-off. Hawke’s Bay beat Waikato 1-0, Manawatu 5-0, Poverty Bay 3-2, Northland 1-0, and lost to Wellington only 0-1. In the replay with Wellington for the trophy they lost 0-4.

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Hastings WEDDING


At St. Matthew’s Church, Hastings, Barbara Rose Minty, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.O. Minty of Hastings, to Colin Eric Campbell, son of Mr. and Mrs. L.G. Campbell, Taihape. The bridal party from left: Ian Stirling, Gay Campbell, Groom and Bride, Wally Edwards, best man, and Thelma Minty. The flower girls were Jennifer Minty and Wendy Campbell. The couple will live in Hastings.

Feilding Wedding


At St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church, Feilding, Fay Bismark, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D.A. Bismark, Feilding, to Allan Bain, son of Mr. and Mrs. T.A. Bain, Napier. Future home will be in Napier.

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It was a black day, weather and all, for the Hawke’s Bay Reps, when they lost so disappointingly 3-17 to Poverty Bay following their fine showing on their Southern Tour.

David Bone’s “clean pair of hands” was not enough to stop Poverty Bay breaking through the lineouts far too often. The board tells the story. H.B. players in support are Pat Cooper, Derek Tombs, Pat McEwan, Neil Thimbleby and halfback, Colin Eddy (7).

Bernie Troy, H.B. five-eighth, kicks a short one ahead. H.B. players from left: Thimbleby, John McKinnon, Cooper, John Guerin, McEwan, and Bone behind Bernie Troy kicking.

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Hawke’s Bay outside left, J. Bennett, has his eye glued to that ball as it comes his way with a Manawatu player.

Half-time always brings those welcome oranges and a pep talk from the team manager on tactics for the second spell.


The Secretary, Pat Langford, donned her latest sack frock for the half-yearly fancy dress ball of the Junior National Party at Twyford.

Ever seen a leopard with a watch – or a leopard-tamer worth watching? Dianne Sullivan and Mike Wilson.

Though Rhonda Pirrie seems ready for bed, Tony Bone apparently wants to hit the high spots.

Just expelled. The “Misses” C. Person and D. Holmes.

Switch is switch? Mr. K. Brigham and Miss Frankie Cooper.

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Remember in our June issue this year we showed you “Musical Hats”. Well, here is another novelty game to brighten your party or social. We took these shots at Brian King’s 21st at St. Barnabas Hall, Hastings. Brian is the second son of Mr. and Mrs. P.F. King of Mangateretere.

First get your couples on the floor dancing, stop the music and give each pair a full (double) sheet of newspaper. Each time the music stops after that, the paper must be folded in half and the couple must stand on it. As the paper gets smaller you disqualify those who over-balance or put a foot on the floor. Paper can only be folded seven times – all right you’re a strong man – or eight times so it doesn’t take long to whittle them down. But you may have several couples left, so next month we’ll show you a novel way to find the winner.

Peter Martin (Wellington) and Beryl Preston.

Guest of the evening, Brian King, with Viviene Turner, Wellington.

Grahame King and Diane Sullivan.

Jocelyn Phipps and A. Thomas of Clive.

Grahame King and Diane Sullivan appear to be winners.

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Yes – this is the Iron Pot, Ahuriri, as it looked in the 1920’s. The North British Freezing Works stand in the distance on the Westshore side where modern flats stand today. The works were partially burnt down in 1917, but were repaired and operated till 1926 when completely gutted. Several of the vessels tied up will be familiar to old-timers of Ahuriri. On the left is one of the lighters that carried produce to “Homeboats” in the Bay. Tied alongside is “Coralie”, one of the tugs which towed the strings of lighters. Centre is the trawler “Result”, owned by Robert Beresford, who in those days had a fish shop in Emerson Street. The sailing ship “Piri”, ran ammunition and explosives round the coast for Nobels-I.C.I. At right is the trawler “Ohinemuri”, owned by George Lovell. She broke up on a bank near Westshore, and for years her funnel was visible near the yacht harbour. “B” shed was destroyed in the 1931 earthquake.

1960 . . . tells its own sad story.

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Anna Belle of Hastings

“Alice Edwards Italian” – the name that spells fashion for the young at heart.

Anna Belle is proud to be able to show you the wonderful range of Alice Edwards frocks.

Calpreta Cottons, as bright as Venice in summer; sophisticated tricels, inspired by London’s West End. Go west in Hastings, and you will find this famous brand name in frocks at Anna Belle’s.

Alice Edwards and Anna Belle have conspired to bring you the Italianettas for the woman under five feet two. There are over 70 styles in these lovely frocks, each with a detachable stiffened petticoat.

Anna Belle was the first to show the “Cheongsam” in Hawke’s Bay. But you will find these lovely Alice Edwards frocks in their full range only at the Anna Belle Dress Salons.

Nan can be seen wearing an Italianetta for the under-five-feet-two. Notice the perfection in design for the not-so-tall.

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