Hawke’s Bay Photo News 1959 – Number 014 December

Hawke’s Bay PHOTO NEWS
14th Issue
December 1959

[Cover photo – Napier’s Norfolk Pines on the Marine Parade make a lovely setting for our picture of Rosie Sang who is a nurse at the Napier Hospital.]

Inside cover page

Hawke’s Bay’s Own Pictorial News Magazine
Volume 2
No. 2

Editor H.D. Hanger

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Front. Napier’s Norfolk Pines on the Marine Parade make a lovely setting for our picture of Rosie Sang who is a nurse at the Napier Hospital. Rosie is the daughter of Napier’s well known Sang family.
Batchelors Studio Photo


Back. “Bluegum Plantation”. First prize in the Hastings Camera Club’s open monochrome competition was taken by B. Hammond.

Xmas Greetings from the Publishers of Photo News to our Many Readers


No Place like Napier – No Service like Firman’s

Page 1


With the red sweep second-hand of the studio clock governing the lives of every employee of the Broadcasting Service, there must be organisation and planning of the highest order. As far as listeners are concerned the internal efficiency and the creative ability of the Service can be enhanced or marred by the last links in the chain, the technicians and air staff.

2YZ, with 21 years of continuous service behind them, and 2ZC with two years of service to the community are justly proud of their record, both stations being blessed with announcers and technicians who have proved their ability and popularity.

Most of us know our announcers by voice only, now Photo News has the pleasure of introducing them and to show in pictures, glimpses of the day-to-day activities of the people who, morning noon and night, invade our homes, and an indication too of what goes to build up a Broadcasting Service in Hawke’s Bay, which is fortunate indeed to have both a National and a Commercial Station.

One of the radio masts which bring the “Voice of Hawke’s Bay” to your home.

Photos supplied by MacConnell Bros., Napier

“This is 2ZC, your Hawke’s Bay Commercial Station,” says Bryant Bell concentrating on twin turntables, gong and advertising copy, which keeps commercial announcers on their toes every minute of the day.

And just down the hall in another sound-proof room, Stephanie Opperman (Oh! When is T/V coming to Hawke’s Bay) announces, “This is the National Station 2YZ Hawke’s Bay”. No turntables, no gong, no advertising copy in this studio.

Page 2

In a quiet corner of 2YZ’s “Talks Studio”, Alister Hopkinson prepares his contribution to the Arts – “Music from Opera” – so popular with Mum, while Dad sneaks off to the bedside radio to listen in on “Men of the Sea” from 2ZC.

“Motoring With Robbie” heard over 2ZC every Saturday morning by part time announcer “Robbie” Robinson, a Transport Department vehicle Inspector. In preparation for T/V, Robbie tries to figure out which spanner to use for which plug.

Technician Peter Stevens at 2ZC’s ultra modern Control Consol with tonight’s feature – “Men of the Sea” – recorded on two 16in. diameter 33 1/3 r.p.m. discs.

Page 3

“Budge Budgie”, one of 2ZC’s most popular “announcers”, – with the 8.10 a.m. School Bell listeners anyway – practically runs the station and takes over the “Mike” every now and then.

When anything of interest is going on, outside broadcasts (OB’s to the staff) bring it to the listeners. Here Arch Barclay braves the elements to bring a description of a Veteran Car Rally to the listeners.

“Aunt Helen” has been conducting 2YZ’s Children’s sessions for more years than she cares to remember. She appears to enjoy the experience as much as these budding concert artists.

Page 4

Announcers must be prepared for anything, and here 2ZC’s Women’s Hour Personality, Valerie Austin, with Geoff Haggett, Presentation Officer, set out with their Portable tape recorder on a midnight “Reliability Trial”. They are recording highlights of the Trial while you and I are comfortable in our beds.

Amos McKegg has a telephone “Conference Call” every Saturday morning with colleagues from the far North to the deep South, seeking the latest in track conditions, scratchings, state of the ground and what have you, for “Sporting Roundup”

“Put it in again Barry” says Rugby Commentator, Joe Barry, as he brings the Shield game to the fireside and the hospital bed. Other half of the team is technician Gordon Hannon.

Talking of sports, announcer Shirley Anderson makes an attractive picture between breakfast and afternoon duty. Shirley, along with Jim Grant, is one of 2YZ’s top line golfers.

Page 5

Murray McKearney, formerly on the N.Z.B.S. staff as an announcer, is now an auctioneer in Hastings, but he still keeps his hand – or voice – in as a part-time announcer.

Versatile Neville Madden takes all aspects of broadcasting in his stride, even to “trying out” the quality of the goods he advertises in “Mainly for Men”.

The “infamous” pair of “Oh! Oh! Anything Goes”, David Ford and Neville Chamberlain. David left, Neville right) At the moment Neville is in a mess and has called David in, as the deadline for “Forty Top Tunes” approaches. After a hectic “run” of nearly 18 months the duo has now broken up with David Ford’s transfer to 2ZB.

Page 6

Valerie Austin (right) gives pre-broadcast advice to a group she interviewed during one of her “Women’s Hour” sessions. “There’s nothing to it”, says Valerie, “just relax and you will do fine”. “Oh yeah” says the doubting Thomas on left.

For the housewife who wants a special tool for the kitchen, or the latest news on where to get that hair style with “oomph”, Kath Harbidge visits her clients daily seeking that special bargain to tell you about in her 2ZC Personality Session – “Shopping Reporter”.

Eleven-ten p.m. “I’ve had it”, yawns Geoff Haggett, while Technician David Lindsay removes his “office coat” and ex-Fiji F.B.C. Technician Bill Ackland puts the pops to bed.

“At the same time, same station, tune in next month when we will bring you the men and women and their machines or the “back room boys and girls of 2YZ-2ZC.”

Page 7

A reader snapped young Susan Hodson of 227 High Street, Dannevirke, as she tried to make friends with a box full of feathery chickens and the temptation to put her finger between the bars was just too much for her.

Hitching post and bicycle stand. These parking meters do have a useful purpose after-all.

Young David Wilson of Hastings solves the problem of transport when mowing the lawns.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – STUART JOHNSON, Hastings

Page 8


Prizes to the value of £250



Approximately £50 in goods plus £20 Cash Prize


A Classic Coat from McGruers of Napier up to the value of £20


Prize to the value of £12

Remaining Prizes

will be given as Consolation Prizes, 1 prize to each runner-up

This is all you have to do

Send to Photo News, Box 470, Napier, a glossy print – size 6” X 3″ – of yourself in a bathing suit, shorts and top, playsuit, etc. Let your picture depict a happy shot in Hawke’s Bay’s famous sunshine.
Important – With your entry send name, address, occupation, age, and photographer’s name. (Top prize-winning amateur photographer will receive £3 of film from Batchelors Studios.)
Tell your photographer that the picture is for Photo News. Pictures by professional photographers or amateurs accepted. Photographs received become the property of Photo News and are not returnable.

If you are having difficulty in obtaining the services of a photographer, contact us and our photographers will make their services available.

A Special Midsummer Prize, sponsored by the retailers listed here will be given to the best entry received before the 10th of January.

ROACHES, of Hastings    A latest fashion swim suit of your choice    £6/6/-
“ANNA BELLE”, 227 W. Heretaunga Street, Hastings       A latest fashion frock of your choice    £6/19/6
DAVID GEOR, of Hastings and Napier       Latest fashion shoes of your choice    £5/5/-
HAWKE’S BAY FARMERS       A handbag of your choice    £6/6/-

The winner of this prize will be entered in the big contest to be judged at the end of the summer period

Page 9

GIRLS! Just read this list of wonderful prizes, generously donated by retailers of Hastings and Napier. Send in your photo NOW

Hawke’s Bay Photo News      A Cheque for … 20.0.0
Batchelors Candid Studios, Hastings      Camera complete with night photo attachment … 5.5.0
A. W. Bott Ltd., Hastings      Electric Toaster … 3.0.0
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Richardsons Pharmacy, Hastings      A set of Dorothy Gray Beauty Treatment up to … 2.2.0
Lovell-Smiths of Hastings      A 12 X 10 coloured portrait, with free sitting … 5.16.0
Knights the Chemist, Hastings     A complete Dorothy Gray Beauty Treatment … 3.10.0
Faircloughs Radio Ltd., Napier     An order to the value of … 3.3.0
Vogue (Hastings) Ltd., Hastings      Underwear to the value of … 2.2.0
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Russell Orr, Hastings       A 12 X 10 coloured portrait, with free sitting to the value of … 5.16.0
Mandarine Gift Shop, Hastings       A dinner set to the value of … 6.10.0
Garland’s Jewellers, Hastings      A 3-row Pompadour Pearl Necklace … 5.0.0
Stuart Johnson, Hastings      A 12 x 10 Coloured Portrait with free sitting … 5.16.0

Page 10


16 year old Joan Farquhar of Avenue Road, Hastings, is a Shop Assistant.

Girls this is your last chance to be in on the special midsummer prize sponsored by Roaches of Hastings, “Anna Belle” Hastings, David Geors, Hastings and Napier, and the Hawke’s Bay Farmers, who have offered a prize to the value of approximately £25.

Photographs must be received before the 10th of January to be eligible for this prize and all entries received before and after that date will be judged for the main prizes.

Amateur Photographers, don’t forget the prize of 3£ [£3] of film for the top amateur photograph received in this competition,

Miss Margot Gray of Eastbourne Street, Hastings, is a Sales Assistant.
Photo by Mrs. Lillian McIntosh

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – BON MARCHE LTD., Hastings

Page 11

21 year old Lorraine Joyce McLeod of Georges Drive, Napier.
Photo by Bruce MacConnell

Shorthand Typist, 16 year old Janice Neal of Tom Parker Avenue, Napier.
Photo by L. Marsden

Miss Leonie Christophersen, a 17 year old Machinist of Beresford Street, Hastings.
Photo by Julian Hollis

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – RODGERS PHARMACY, Hastings

Page 12


Mrs. E. McKay (seated left), who recently celebrated her 90th birthday in the Otane Town Hall, is here pictured at the christening of her great-great-grandaughter. At rear, from left, Mrs. E. C. Higgs and Mrs. A. Stevens. Seated right, Mrs. B. Gray and baby, Wayne Gray.


Patricia Minnis, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Minnis of Waipukurau.

Jacqueline Gaston, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. Gaston, Waipukurau.


“Now look what I’ve done, gone and ruined my first ever birthday cake.” Well that’s what one year old John Moverley could be saying.

Photos by Max Moverley

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – MILLS SHOE STORE, Napier

Page 13


Mrs. M. Watson receiving a medallion for three years service with the Brigade. Mr. and Mrs. Watson will shortly be sailing overseas.

Another prospective traveller, John Tobin, receives a farewell gift as he is going overseas for twelve months to further his studies as a “Piper”.

Paul Hawke and Ray Baxter receive a trophy from Mr. A. I. Rainbow, President of the Hastings Sub-centre.


Juliette Robinson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Robinson of 303 Tomoana Road, Hastings, recently sailed on the “Dominion Monarch” for England and the Continent where she will study dancing.
Photo by Robert I. Gardiner

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – HAPP’S of SYDNEY, Napier

Page 14


At Tauranga, Daphne Lorraine Graham, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. Graham of Greerton, Tauranga, to Bevan Stephen Langley, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. E. Langley of Hastings.

Two sisters of the bride, Misses Shirley and Patricia Graham attended as bridesmaids, the best man was Mr. Basil Heald and the Groomsman, Mr. Hilton Langley.
Photo by Nouwens of Tauranga


CURTIS – LAMBE  At Hastings, Fleur Lambe, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Lambe of Kautuku, to Bruce Curtis, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Curtis of Longlands, Hastings.
Batchelors Studios

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – Napier Battery and Electrical Co. Ltd.

Page 15


Mr. and Mrs. Barron, Hastings branch.

Mr. and Mrs. Balfour, Mr. and Mrs. Bragg of the Napier Branch.

Pat Lowe, Mr. A. Bowen (on the eve of his retirement) and Lorraine Burgess of the Hastings Branch.

Four members of the Dannevirke branch.

Dot Estaugh, Pat Lowe, Lorraine Burgess, Mr. A. A. Roberts, Mary Penman, Judith Webb and Laurel Spencer, all of the Hastings branch.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – JAN’S BEAUTY SALON, Napier

Page 16


“Just Married.” Marco (Sonia Durney) and Gianetta (Susan Baker) and Tessa (Diane Kilworth) and Guiseppe (Frances Swindell) in a scene from Gilbert and Sullivan’s Opera “The Gondoliers”, which was presented in the Sacred Heart College Hall, Napier, last month by the Form IV girls. Every girl in the class – forty-four in number – took part, and their wholehearted participation in this colourful, and bright Opera made the presentation a considerable success and this class has every reason to feel proud of its performance.

The Duke and Duchess of Plaza Toro present their daughter, Casilda to the Court. Left, Anne Sheehan as the Duchess, centre, Rosalind Taylor as Casilda, and right, Christine Luke as the Duke.

A curtain call for Casilda and Luiz (Patricia Grouden).

“His Distinction, Don Alhambra del Bolero, the Grand Inquisitor of Spain”, as played by Elizabeth Parker.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – McGRUERS LTD., Napier

Page 17

The “Flower Girls of Venice and the Gondoliers” take a curtain call on the final night. They are:

From left, rear. The two main Gondoliers of the show, Marco (Sonia Durney) and Guiseppe Palmieri (Frances Swindell).

Back Row. Pam Campbell, Judith Sharman, Lynette Samson, Mary McKay, Annette Sproule, Kathleen Clareburt, Pat Curtin, Janice Hartree, Patricia Magee and Mary Bourke.

Kneeling. Helen Foskin and Elizabeth Kearney.

Sitting, back row on left. Virginia Smith, Clare Ashton and Janet Patrick. On right. Shane Reehal, Lloma Sinclair, Cherrille Byrne, Margaret Sinden.

Middle Row, on left. Christine Larsen, Delice Winkley, Janice Collins and Vivienne Flack. On right, Susan Baker, Yvonne Laurent, Diane Kilworth and Margaret Mooney.

Front Row, on left. Linda Madden, Carole Goldfinch and Geraldine Feeney. On right, Marie Munroe, Celia Roche and Susan Durham.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – Corbett’s Wedding Ring House. Napier

Page 18


The Napier Frivolity Minstrel show has been delighting Napier audiences for many years now and being a non profit organisation they have been responsible for the raising of large sums of money for worthwhile causes. This year’s annual show was a show to beat all shows and the pantomine “The Shriek of Araby” received the support it richly deserved.

The “House Full” signs seen at each performance given in Hastings and Napier gives a good indication of the popularity of this band of entertainers.

The opening scene of “The Shriek of Araby”

Vic Viggers was at his best in a comedy skit “Dirty Dan the Garbage Man” and his reactions to a very dead cat found in his “trash can” never failed to “bring the house down”.

Jill Alsop, Dawn Mayo, Noeline Leonard and Joan Leonard warmed up the audience with their number appropriately named “Heat Wave”.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – BESTALLS LTD., Napier

Page 19

“Ah! Moon of my delight.” sighs Sulton Omar (Jack Stevensen) to Fatima (Len Dadson).

Sheik Abdul (Vic Viggers) received plenty of attention from his harem girls, Noeline Leonard, Margaret Langstone, Stella Astwood and Margaret Kersey. It looks like he enjoyed every minute of it too.

“On the Banks of the Wabash” sung by men of the company.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – MARTIN the JEWELLERS, Napier

Page 20


The Air Force must have its ground crew, and the back stage activities of a stage show can make or mar the performance. The “Frivs” are well catered for in this direction.

Max West, Sound System man.

Don O’Brian, Stan Hardgrave and Sid Hardgrave attend to the lighting.

Trade Mark of the “Frivs” is their “darky” show in the first half of the programme and Len Dadson is here in the process of transforming himself into “Mr. Bones”.

“It’s all done by mirrors,” says Len as he assists Trevor Dockery [Dockary] to make up for the part of Rastus.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – ROBT. G. NEWELL LTD., Napier

Page 21

Final touches. Stella Astwood and Margaret Langstone.

“Curtain going up – Lights” and Ira Owen acts on cue.


Highlight of the Napier Intermediate School’s Gala was the crowning of Queen Cameron (of Rimu House). From left, Russell Stewart (Lord Chamberlain), Eric Robinson (Archbishop), Yvonne Skinner (Rata House), Queen Bette Cameron, Susan Gerrard (Totara House), and Joan Jensen (Puriri).

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – MANDARINE GIFT SHOP, Hastings

Page 22


An aerial topdressing plane, piloted by Dick Grimes, added zest to the lolly scramble at the annual picnic of the Hawke’s Bay Fruit Growers’ Association. Held on the banks of the Tuki Tuki river, about 15 miles from Hastings on the Waimarama Road, this picnic was naturally quite a large affair being attended by over 500. After all Hawke’s Bay is the Fruit Bowl of New Zealand.

It is also a day out for 30 boys of the Hillsbrooke Home and everything is provided for them by the association including transport, lunches, etc.

Photos were sent to us by reader Stan Lane.

A stupendous effort in the balloon bursting competition.

All set for the wheel barrow race.

Graham Wake and Len Coker of the St. Georges Road (Hastings) team, take the strain during a tug-o-war contest.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – HANNAHS SHOE STORES, Hastings

Page 23

The winning team, which won the Ralph Painter Shield. Seen in the picture are, from foreground, Percy Woon, J. Sinclair-Thompson and Derrick Werry of the Haumoana team.

The picnic ground was a beautiful spot on the Tuki Tuki river where it passed through the property of Mr. Felix Campbell.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – LOVELL-SMITHS of Hastings

Page 24



At the All Saints Church, Taradale, Margaret Ann Langstone, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Langstone of Napier, to Trevor David Atkins, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Atkins, Taradale. Bridal party, from left, was Mr. Barry James, Mrs. Jean Bullock, Mr. Brian Otto, Miss Gay Williams, groom and bride, Miss Linda Gardener, Miss Barbara Bradshaw, Mr. John Dean, Miss Judith Ericksen, and Miss June Langstone.
Photo by Batchelors Studios



At St. John’s Cathedral, Napier, Elizabeth Anne Nielsen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Nielsen of Wharerangi Road, Greenmeadows, to William Leslie Redshaw, son of Mrs. and the late Mr. A. Redshaw of 118 Lucknow Street, Wairoa. Bridal party, was Bridesmaids, Janet MacDonald of Wairoa, Chief Bridesmaid, and Marie Parfit of Napier. Mr. John Nielsen was Best man and Mr. Bob Harris Groomsman.
Russell Yeulett Photo

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – FAIRCLOUGHS RADIO LTD., Napier

Page 25


At St. Augustine’s Church, Napier, Alison Jean Watts, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Watts of 92 Georges Drive Napier, to Bruce Stanely Carrad, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Carrad of 42 Herrick Street Napier. Bidal [Bridal] party, from left, Mr. Garth Spooner, Miss Christine Watts, bride and groom, Miss Ngaire Hall, Mr. Allan Carrad.


At St. Patrick’s Church, Napier, Marjorie May Rayner, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. N. Rayner of 225 Hastings Street, Napier, to Alan David Dawe, son of Mr. and Mrs. D. O’Shaughnessy of 25 Wellesley Road, Napier. Bridal party, from left, Barbara McDonald, Lorraine Dawe, groom and bride, Mary Anne Flett, John Greene and Glenys Flett.

Photos by A. B. Hurst & Son

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – LOCKYERS of Hastings

Page 26

Carved by Mr. Bob Gray of Napier, in the form of a crayfish, it was donated to the Port Ahuriri Bowling Club by Mr. J. B. Creagh of Napier, one of the clubs most popular and long-standing members.

Not a Guy Fawkes entrant, but Graham Stewart, “Daily Telegraph” press photographer, giving an idea of the facial expressions required to get a good picture.


Three of the six Clive identities who, having had long and close ties with the Clive Presbyterian Church, cut the cake during the Church’s 100th Anniversary celebrations held in the Church Hall last month.

First to cut the cake was Miss E. Rathie, oldest member of the Church present at the celebrations.

Mrs. N. Heynes of Clive, and Mr. R. Wilkinson.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – LEAH GOWNS of Hastings

Page 27

A group of ex-Bible Class pupils who attended the celebrations


Reader’s picture showing the Hastings Wesley Hockey Club team, winners of this year’s Hastings-Napier Senior Reserve Competition. Back row, from left, B. King, M. Wiersma, J. Izatt, A. Thomas, M. Payne, R. Turi. Middle row, B. Tonkin, B. Lissette, H. Hollier (Capt.), A. Preston and A. Edwards. In front, H. Dyer.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – COLUMBUS RADIO, Hastings and Napier

Pages 28 and 29

An aerial photo by Bruce MacConnell shows the circuit round the “pond” at Ahuriri where the Hawke’s Bay Car Club recently held a very successful meeting, the second to be held in Napier so far.

The first, organised by the Car Club in conjunction with the Centennial Committee attracted 33 entries and proved to be so popular with drivers that this year’s event saw over 50 cars racing.

Nearly all visiting and local drivers stated that this circuit was the best in New Zealand because all the natural hazards of a true road race were present and made for far more interesting racing.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – GARLAND’S JEWELLERS, Hastings

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – DAVID GEOR, Hastings

Page 30

In a saloon car event Dr R. B. Langley of Napier, driving a Simca, takes the corner wide and hits the protecting straw bales.

Len Gilbert of Hamilton in his Cooper Bristol had a good day.

Des McDonagh of Napier entered his home made sports car, the “Marshall”. Even though it had only travelled 120 miles at that time, he was very satisfied with its performance.

One of the two Cooper Climax’s which scooped the pool on the day, No 37 was owned and driven by D. D. Hulme of Te Puke. This car was the ex-Merv Neil car which had such success last year.

Kay Gillon of Napier in his Supreme Special, powered by a Ford V8 motor, the body is a “home made” effort.

Gavin Quirk of Te Awamutu, drove his 3 point 4 Jaguar with considerable success, it being the fastest car on the circuit.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – BISSELLS ELECTRIC, Napier

Page 31

Saloon cars showed the punishment they were capable of standing up to.

Two telephone operators, Lois Anderson and Judith Smith of Napier, were roped in on the communications set-up.

Bill Sutton of Hastings makes some minor adjustments to his Normac 2.

Photos by Bruce MacConnell

Taradale motoring enthusiast, Merv Hunt, entered his Ford V8 Coupe.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – DISABLED SERVICEMENS SHOP, Napier

Page 32

A feature of the meeting was the large number of entries received for the Saloon car events, and these races proved in many ways, more exciting than the Formula Libre racing cars. As the average Saloon car did not have the road-holding capabilities of the specially built cars, they gave a rather spectacular show as they rounded the sharp bends, sometimes two or three abreast.

Des Fenwick, Official Starter.

Shorts were the order of the day. Actually, Photo News photographer, Russell Spiller was there to take photos of the car racing, but …

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – NOEL WILSON PHARMACY LTD., Hastings

Page 33



At St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Waipukurau, Margaret Rae Walker, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. Walker of Waipukurau, to Douglas Arlidge, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Arlidge, Waipukurau.


At St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Waipukurau, Kathleen Ireland, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. Ireland of Waipawa, to William Giddens, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Giddens of Waipukurau. Bridal party, from left, Ron Giddens, Maisie Griffin, Arnold Giddens, Pamela Drayton, groom and bride, Shirley Gilbert, Les Giddens, Shirley Seipet and Bill Pratt.

Photos by Max Moverley

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – LOACH & PRICE LTD., Hastings

Page 34

Debutantes presented at Porangahau to the Rt. Rev. W. N. Panapa, Bishop of Aotearoa, at an end of season ball were:

Tangiwai Hokianga, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. Hokianga of Pa Road.

Mereana Tuhiwai, daughter of the Rev. and Mrs. T. J. Tuhiwai, Porangahau.

Marina Sterling Sciascia, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Labasse Sciascia, of Keppell Road.

Valerie Elisabeth Renall, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Renall, Tikokino.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – H. & G. LINGERIE SPECIALIST, Hastings

Page 35

Makere Kuru, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ara Kuru, Cook’s Tooth Road.

Mere Hira Tipene, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kaho Tipene, Cook’s Tooth Road.

Gloria Anne Hales, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Colin Hales, Porangahau.

Thelma Ngawaiata Hapeta, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hapeta, Hokianga, North Auckland.

Photos by Max Moverley

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – H.B. FARMERS LTD.

Page 36


Ex nurses and officials at the opening ceremony.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – WALLY IRELAND, Napier

Page 37

Nurses and ex-Nurses from all over New Zealand gathered in Napier recently for the Nurses Re-Union and Centennial celebrations of the establishment of a hospital in Napier.

Mrs. D. J. Fleming of Bay View, oldest member present had the honour of cutting the cake.

Sister A. Smith, committee convener, speaking at the opening of the re-union.

Committee members, all Napier trained nurses, were responsible for the success of the celebrations and re-union. They were, from left, back. Mrs. J. Hewitt, Mrs. R. J. Jeffares, Miss D. Hellyer, Mrs. M Cawston and Miss H. Neild. Front, Miss G. Robertson, Mrs. A. Smith, Miss I. H. Henderson and Mrs. M. S. Dentice.

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All ex-nurses of Napier who were in training at the time of the Napier Earthquake in 1931.

Attending the reunion were Mr. and Mrs. H. Steele of Napier. Mrs. Steele was Matron at the Napier Hospital from 1933 to 1952.


In a colourful and well organised ceremony, Miss Jillian Wilson (Transport Princess) was crowned Queen of Waipawa, thus climaxing an outstandingly successful fund raising Queen Carnival.
Photo by Max Moverley

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Nancy Elizabeth Scott, daughter of Mrs. B. M. Turner, 37 McGrath Street, Napier, to Cecil Johnson, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Johnson of St. Aubyn Street East, Hastings.
Batchelors Studios


Mr. and Mrs. S. Blennerhasett at their farewell from the Marewa School, Napier, after 45 years teaching, ten of which were spent in Napier.
Photo by Bruce MacConnell

The H.B. Aquarium Society recently presented Mrs L. Mills a life membership in recognition of her late husband’s services to the Society. In reply Mrs. Mills presented a large framed photograph of her husband to the Society.


Marcus Wonnocott, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Wonnocott of Te Rehunga, Dannevirke.
Reader’s Picture

John Watts, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Watts of 92 Georges Drive, Napier.
Batchelors Studios

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Many people in Hastings who have been patiently waiting, in some cases for years, for a telephone connection will soon be able to make that first call for the new and modern Hastings telephone exchange is nearing completion and should be “cut in” within 12 months.

Apart from its increased capacity (the new exchange will be able to cope with up to 8,000 subscribers compared with approximately 6,000 in the old building) equipment has been installed which will enable district toll calls to be made without going through a toll operator, thus enabling subscribers from Napier, Hastings, Clive, Taradale, Haumoana and Maeraekakaho [Maraekakaho] to dial each other direct.

In the early stages, technicians Ian Clark, John Savage and Clyde Anstis lay the base of the nearly 50ft. long main distributing frame

to which every subscriber’s line is connected to and identified. This frame is the connecting link between outside and inside equipment.

The construction of this equipment must be 100% accurate and here Clyde Anstis brings a theodolite into use.

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A £1700 bank of automatic equipment is winched up to the first floor under the watchful eyes of Arthur Hirtzel (Snr. technician in charge of the installation), Henry Rawlinson and Clyde Anstis.

It is then placed into a mobile cradle, wheeled into position and raised by a “rack erector”, here operated by Graham Harwood.

Graham Harwood tackles the mammoth task of connecting up thousands of wires on the traffic distributing frame.

While district subscribers will be able to dial each other direct, these meters will be ticking over the time and running up a bill relative to the distance of the call.

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In a “tunnel” under the new building, Colin Tibbenham connects up wires from the outside cables to wires from the inside equipment.

Graeme Sim and a colleague working on equipment which selects the final two numbers dialled and actuates the ringing of the called number.

While the equipment for this exchange is worth over £265,000 on its own, the supplying and laying of additional outside equipment exceeds this figure by £20,000. In fact, to replace the newly laid outside cable, etc., plus existing outside equipment would cost in the vicinity of two thirds of a million pounds. Quite a sizeable asset to have buried under the ground.

Some of the installation gang enjoy a “cuppa” during lunch break. From left, G. Thurston, R. Morris, A. Hirtzel, R. Giles, H. Rawlinson, C. Anstis, A. Leitch, I. Clark, J. Savage, S. Smith, I. Malloch (at rear) and B. Lockwood.

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Above the automatic equipment, miles of cables are carried on cable runways. Each of the cables pictured here holds 61 wires.

Ian Erkell of the construction gang working with a gadget similar to that of a mine detector ensures that their [there] are no water pipes etc. in the path of the ditch digger.

One of the department’s older models, it is never-the-less a far cry from the old pick and shovel system.

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With this issue we start a series of full page aerial pictures by photographers throughout the province. We will also accept photographs of this nature from amateurs and all photographs published will earn 10/- for the photographer concerned.

Taradale. The main route from Greenmeadows and Napier enters the picture from left centre, in the direction of top centre.
Photo by Russell Orr

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South-West Hastings. Looking North East across Hastings. Only a relatively few years ago this area was farmland which gives an idea of the growth of Hastings. Wavell Street, running between Norton Road (right) and Park Road (left) is designed in conformity with modern town planning trends.
Russell Orr Photo

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Light, yet roomy, this new Ambulance has long been awaited by the Napier St. John Brigade for use in the city.

Ambulance Transport Officer Mr. J. Savage, stands beside the new Ambulance.

After the Dedication Service the Very Rev. O.S.O. Gibson, Dean of St. John’s Cathedral, Napier, met members of the Brigade’s nursing division.

Mrs. B. Averson, Mrs. E. Hardy, Mrs. I. Trustrum, and Mrs. E. Moore, demonstrated the comparative spaciousness of this small ambulance.

During the dedication ceremony by Dean Gibson.

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Miss J. Patterson and Mr. G. Averill.

Dianne Leech, Graeme Bourgeois and Mr. and Mrs. Russell Leech.

Miss Paterson, Mr. Averill, Miss H. Cameron, Mr. E. Averill, and Miss I. Runciman.

Copies of Photographs published in this magazine can be obtained from
Tennyson Street, Napier and Market Street. Hastings
or from the Photographer whose name appears below the Photo


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A break for one of the gangs of volunteer workers who have, for the past 18 months, been working week-ends on a 100ft. swimming pool at the East Coast Farmers’ Fertiliser Works at Awatoto.

A joint effort by the management and staff, – the management supplied all the material, and the staff built it – the pool will be a popular spot for relaxing workers in both summer and winter, as water for the pool is drawn from the steam turbines cooling system and reaches the pool at a temperature of around 85 degrees.

This outsized concrete mixer made light work of the usually back breaking work of mixing the concrete.

Peter Grant, Joe Smith, and Jock Gordon working on the concrete surround.

Boy Royal mixes up paint and receives plenty of free advice from “Tup” Crarer, left, and Derek Minett, right.

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At St. Paul’s Cathedral, Napier, Louise Longley, daughter of Mr. R. Longley of Kaeo, to Graeme Hamilton, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Hamilton of Greenmeadows. Bridal party, from left, Len Hamilton, Charlene Ross, flower girl, Jennifer Ross, Groom and Bride, Fay Reid, flower girl, Beverley Ross and Ian Hamilton.
A. B. Hurst Photo



At St. John’s Cathedral, Napier, Janice Luana Watts, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Watts of 37a McDonald Street, Napier, to Michael Anthony Cooper, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. J. Cooper, Otane. Bridesmaid was Miss Heather Cameron of Napier, and Best man Mr. Joe Harty.
Russell Yeulett Photo

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Hawke’s Bay’s first Shell Traffic Trainer in operation at a demonstration at Nelson Park School, Napier. The children are Robyn Taylor (left). Tony Williamson (front car), Larry Dallimore (back car), and Trevor Charman (right).


A great deal of criticism has been levelled at what is termed as “Play-way” education, but here is one form of education that is best learned by fun and make believe. These youngsters, photographed at a demonstration at Nelson Park School, Napier, will, by the time they reach the age of driving a car, know more about traffic safety than their fathers ever did.

Lois Carew shows that “Lady-drivers” are just as capable as the boys, of learning the road rules anyway.

Pedestrian education is simplified by use of the Traffic Trainer. Dawn Renata and Brian Gee lead Jane Swinbourne, John Miller, Barbara Plowman and Pieter Hage. Names from left.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – VOGUE (Hastings) LTD., Hastings

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Over two hundred interested parents and others attended the Trainer’s first demonstration. This is the second Shell Traffic Trainer to be used in schools introduction and will be used in schools throughout Hawke’s Bay and Poverty Bay.

The Nelson Park School Patrol on Parade. From left, Bruce Basher, Judith Mayo, Josephine Clode, Russell Millington, Bill Montgomerie and Helen Player. The Traffic Officer is Road Traffic Instructor of Schools, C. W. Horniblow.

Judith Edwards and Warren Clark, followed by Heather Clark and Jeffery Hearfield, cross the road under the care of a school patrol.

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Probationary assistant teachers, teachers, parents and friends, listen to Professor C. L. Bailey, M.A., guest speaker at the teachers graduation ceremony held at the Hastings Intermediate School early this month.

Mr. John Izatt of Parkvale School (left) and Mr. Geoff Skeates of Napier Central (right) chat to Professor Bailey after the ceremony.

Graduated teachers (from left): Josephine Kale (Hastings), Juliette Daniell (Hastings), Jill Tankard (Napier), Judith Powell (Hastings) and Lindsay Gray (Napier).

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – KNIGHTS THE CHEMIST, Hastings

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From left, Margaret Fryer (Porangahau), Yuilleen Mitchell (Napier), Margaret Alexander (Waipukurau), and Adrienne Dwight (Tikokino).

Jean Robertson of Westshore receives her certificate.

Glenda Pedlow of Nelson Park School, Napier.

Valerie Liley of Mangateretere leaving the stage.

Dawn Phillip of Norsewood receives her certificate from Mr. D. J. McIvor, District Senior Inspector of schools, representing the education department.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – RICHARDSONS PHARMACY, Hastings

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At the annual display of the 1st Taradale companies of the Girls’ Life Brigade and Boys’ Brigade, Inspecting Officer, the Rev. J. Sands, greets Bernie Nicholls. With the Inspecting Officer is G.L.B. Captain, Mrs. D. Marshall.

During a relay race between the girls and boys.

Mr. R. Finnemore during a race on bicycles with oval wheels.

First Aid is being rendered to Jeanette James, by A. Finnemore, S. Parsons and J. McDonald.

Private Ken Andersen as a clown in the lighter side of the programme.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – A. W. BOTT LTD., Hastings

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Additions and renovations to the Salvation Army’s Hillcrest Eventide Home Annex in Lincoln Road, Napier, has provided accommodation for a further 12 elderly men, and brings the total accommodation of the Home up to 38.

The Annex, with the accent on brightness and airness – the alteration costs were between 4 and £5,000 – was recently opened by the Mayor and Mayoress of Napier, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Tait.

A beautiful view from the Home, looking down on to Napier and the Marine Parade with its Norfolk Pines.

Joy and Tricia Fitzwater presented sprays to the ladies of the official party. Here Joy curtsies to the Mayoress of Napier, Mrs. Peter Tait.

Page 56

by “Red Cloud”

ARIES – March 21st to April 19th
December and January. Keep practical all month even though prospects for unexpected good fortune are high and likely to be fulfilled directly after the holidays. Accent is still on distant matters and travel, stimulated intellectual conquests in business and social life. Bonus or a profitable gift. Avoid quarrels, foolish risks, New Year’s Eve and Day best in years.

TAURUS – April 20th to May 20th
The crown victory should be yours this month, or early in the New Year. Partnership matters are rewarding; expanded, solid and long lasting, worldly progress is yours. A powerful ally can establish or back you to new heights.

GEMINI – May 21st to June 21st
Difficult. Make no moves. Reserve your decisions till February. Too much opposition to your ideas. Sit tight. Avoid travel. Don’t sign papers. Be careful, writing correspondence, etc. Watch your change. Make sure you get receipts. Be careful legal documents. A month to be on guard. Avoid snap judgements. Start nothing new. Watch accidents.

CANCER – June 22nd to July 22nd
It is not so much what happens in December and January 1960, as the trends which begin to show in your affairs. Unless you get well organised, you will find yourself living and working at increasing pressure around Christmas and the New Year. Don’t leave shopping too late, as you will get poor value for money. From the 17th December onwards, some curious experiences. Could find yourself isolated from those you love, or tied down to family arrangements which involve a lot of work, which you are not interested in.

LEO – July 23rd to August 23rd
Quite early in December you will find responsibilities lifted, that you have more leisure time and greater freedom. A very amusing personality is inviting you out. Parties, shows, doing things in style. Under thirty, opportunities for a flirtation – watch your step! Danger!

VIRGO – August 24th to September 23rd
The first half of December, rather busy period. From the 15th onwards, the tempo will slow down. You will find yourself devoting more time to the home. A pleasant surprise to do with a gift; repayment of a loan, or the return of a good deed you have done in the past.

LIBRA – September 24th to October 23rd
This is the time when it should be possible to make arrangements which will help you increase your reserves. In other words, you ought to seriously consider the possibility of making new investments, taking out new insurance policies, etc. Travelling – short journeys – pleasing possibility of you getting to know one of your neighbours better.

SCORPIO – October 24th to November 22nd
A very good month. Best you have had in years. Financial increase, bonuses, and love, are yours. Invitations. Don’t let emotional upsets get out of hand. Surprises still. Things running in your favour.

SAGITTARIUS – November 23rd to December 21st
Going into the Golden year. A fairy tale twist of events. Jupiter now strenthens [strengthens] you to begin a wonderful twelve year period of your life. Get finances in order! You can gain or lose according to your common sense and preparations. A two-year cycle of stress and strain on your financial life. It’s all woth [worth] it. Go ahead!

CAPRICORN – December 22nd to January 19th
This is the time when goodwill you have built up in the past can be turned to advantage and when it is worth making enquiries, sending in applications and generally trying to get affairs moving along new lines. Your outlook will change. A thoroughly go-ahead phase. Early 1960 is going to be a very eventful time. New ventures. Big change in your way of living.

AQUARIUS – January 20th to February 18th
Very pleasing progress. Prepare and plan. A pleasing run of good fortune in the next few months. New ventures. If single, an attachment which formed in late 1959, may easily begin to blossom into a romance. “Friendly agreements” could be arranged.

PISCES – February 19th to March 20th
It looks as though you have an amusing time. Social interests and hobbies, will be widening your circle of aquaintances. A friend will bob up unexpectedly, or successes are likely through a spare-time interest, which could bring you into the lime-light, or result in your earning extra pin-money. Pleasing news about younger members.

Printed photo-litho for the publishers by Swailes, Hurst & Co. Ltd., Napier

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Bill Madore of Napier on the receiving end of a “sacrifice throw” applied by Mr. M. Yarrow of Wellington, during the North Island Judo Championships.

No holds barred – or so it seems as a strangle hold is applied.

Mr. Peter Tait, Mayor of Napier, presented cups and trophies after the contest. Mr. M. Yarrow, a Brown Belt holder, won the individual championship over 26 other contestants.

A large and appreciative crowd turned up for the event.

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[Back cover photo – “Bluegum Plantation”. First prize in the Hastings Camera Club’s open monochrome competition was taken by B. Hammond.]

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