Hawke’s Bay Photo News 1960 – Number 016 February-March

Hawke’s Bay PHOTO NEWS
16th Issue
FEB. – MAR. 1960

[Cover photo – Frimley Park, Hastings, was the setting for this lovely cover shot by Lovell-Smith, of 16-year-old Joan Farquhar, a sales assistant in the footwear department of H.B. Farmers, Hastings.]

Inside cover page

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FEB./MAR. 1960
Volume 2
No. 4

Hawke’s Bay’s Own Pictorial News Magazine

Editor H. D. Hanger

Postal Address
PO. Box 470, Napier

Telephone Enquiries
4274 Hastings and 3697 Napier

Published monthly by The Hawke’s Bay Publishing Co. Ltd. on the 4th Thursday of every month

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Frimley Park, Hastings, was the setting for this lovely cover shot by Lovell-Smith, of 16-year-old Joan Farquhar, a sales assistant in the footwear department of H.B. Farmers, Hastings.

Joan’s outfit, an iced coffee jacket frock in an Italian jacquard by Louette, created exclusively for Anna Belle of Hastings, Joyce shoes in red by David Geor’s of Hastings, and a handbag from the Hawke’s Bay Farmers, is part of the special prize donated for the best entry received before the 10th of January in our monster Sunshine Girl Contest.

OPPOSITE. Another lovely shot of Joan (it was very difficult to decide which photo to put on this month’s cover) in the swimsuit donated by Roach’s of Hastings.
Photo by Lovell-Smith


A photo by Russell Spiller of Batchelors Studios, of a placid scene at Napier’s Port with the Pilot launch anchored alongside three of Napier’s larger fishing trawlers.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – LEAH GOWNS of Hastings

Page 1

[Joan Farquhar in swimsuit donated by Roach’s of Hastings.]

Page 2

N.Z. Skating CHAMPS

For the first time since it was built, the H.B. Revue Skating Club Outdoor Rink in Whitmore Park, Napier, was the venue for the N.Z. Roller Skating Association Dominion Championships held earlier this year. With 370 competitors from all over New Zealand to look after, the club had a very busy time, but in spite of a bad stretch of weather in the early stages, the ten-day fixture went off according to plan. Unfortunately an exceptionally heavy downpour caused the official opening by the Rt. Hon. W. Nash to be transferred to the new Centennial Hall.

The Drill Hall and the Majestic Hall were put to good use by the club, but the major portion of the Championships were held on the rink, reputed to be one of the best in the Dominion.

First on the programme were the Roller Skating Hockey events, which took their usual toll of minor injuries. Being one of the fastest sports, this is to be expected, and the number of tumbles taken at full speed doesn’t seem to dampen the enthusiasm of these young players.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – HUNTS DRAPERY of Hastings

Page 3

The Tui Glen Marching Team, runners-up in the Junior Marching Championships. Marching on skates is one of the events that never fails to bring enthusiastic applause from spectators.

Photographer Bruce MacConnell gets a lovely smile from a lovely girl, Jule Allen, of the Tui Glen team, Auckland, was chosen as “Miss Roller Skating Queen” for the Championships.

After a heavy rain-storm, volunteers soon had the surface water off the rink and the championships were on again.

Speed skater Paul Jones, of the H.B. Revue Club, in action.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – H. & G. LINGERIE SPECIALIST, Hastings

Page 4

“We would like to take a photo for ‘Photo News’,” says Bruce MacConnell. “No trouble at all. How is this?” replies Lynn Whittle of Christchurch, who, at three years of age, was the youngest competitor at the Championships.

“How about a picture of my doll, too. She goes with me wherever I go.”

A really outstanding pair, and loudly acclaimed by the crowd who saw them on the final night, Barbara Corsil and John Benfold of Whangarei, took the honour in the N.Z. Freestyle Pairs Championships.

Junior half-mile place-getters were all Napier competitors: 1st, Derek Olsen; 2nd. J. Houseman; and 3rd. J. Olsen.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – BUNKERS LTD., Hastings

Page 5

A very happy group of immaculately dressed skaters mount the rostrum as place-getters in the dance pair championships. 1st, R. Pearson and W. Bundell (Hamilton); 2nd, M. Sycamore and R. Otto (Hamilton); 3rd, Jeanette Cameron and Michael Haley (Napier).

A well stocked shop was kept open from 8 a.m. till after midnight, staffed by Trevor Ansin and Mrs. Chambers.

Manawatu hockey players pose for “Photo News” with their trophies.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – McARA’S LTD., of Hawke’s Bay

Page 6

Jennifer Lord of Auckland, NZ. Ladies Freestyle Champion.

In the Junior Girls speed event, place-getters were: 1st, Carol Burgess, of Auckland; 2nd. Bette Cameron, of the H.B.R.S.C.; and 3rd. M. Whittle, of Christchurch.

Napier girl Fay Skinner, gained first place in the Novice Ladies speed event. 2nd place: N. Parata of Lower Hutt.

Hardworking officials: K. Charman, the H.B.R.S.C.’s secretary; Miss Power, of Christchurch; and Bill Houseman of Napier.
Photos by Bruce MacConnell

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Page 7

Brothers Marry in N.Z. & S.A.



At the Knox Church, Ahuriri: Joan Robson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. Robson of Coronation Street, Ahuriri, Napier, to John Clark, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Clark of Coote Road, Napier.

Bridal party, from left: Miss L. Dunnett, Mr. M. Franklin, Groom and Bride, Mr. S. Ennis and Miss D. McKenzie. The couple are to make their home in Onekawa, Napier.
Russell Yeulett Photo

Stellenhosch, South Africa


At St. Mary’s Church, Stellenbosch, South Africa: Martha Knott, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Knott, of Du Toit Street, Cape Province, South Africa, to Donald Clark, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Clark of Coote Road, Napier. The couple have made a temporary home in Claremont, Cape Town.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – ALAN GRANTS PHARMACY, Hastings

Page 8

30TH Annual BURNS Dinner

Chief P. J. Priest addresses those present at the dinner held at the Oddfellows Hall, Hastings, in honour of the memory of Robert Burns’ 201st anniversary of his birth. Left is Mrs. Priest, and right Mr. A.A. Lauchland. S.M.

Piping of the Haggis by Pipe Major D. Thorensen. Bearing the Haggis is Chieftain G. Martin, and Sword Bearer at rear is Ken Tobin.

Guests Mr. and Mrs. Whitlock, and Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Keating, M.P. for Hastings.

Chief G. Black of the Port Ahuriri Scot Society, who made the address to the Haggis. (Right) Mrs. Black.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – “ANNA BELLE” of Hastings

Page 9

Prizes to the value of £250
Approximately £50 in goods plus £20 Cash Prize
A Classic Coat from McGruers of Napier up to the value of £20
Prize to the value of £12
Remaining Prizes will be given as Consolation Prizes.
1 prize to each runner-up
This is all you have to do
Send to Photo News, Box 470, Napier, a glossy print – size 6” X 3″ – of yourself in a bathing suit, shorts and top, playsuit, etc. Let your picture depict a happy shot in Hawke’s Bay’s famous sunshine.
IMPORTANT – With your entry send name, address, occupation, and age.
Tell your photographer that the picture is for Photo News. Pictures by professional photographers or amateurs accepted. Photographs received become the property of Photo News and are not returnable.
If you are having difficulty in obtaining the services of a photographer, contact us and our photographers will make their services available.

Our Special Midsummer Prize, to the value of £24/16/6, has been won by Joan Farquhar of Hastings – an entry published in the December issue.

Page 10

GIRLS! Just read this list of wonderful prizes, generously donated by retailers of Hastings and Napier. Send in your photo NOW

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Richardsons Pharmacy, Hastings      A set of Dorothy Gray Beauty Treatment up to … 2.2.0
Lovell-Smiths of Hastings      A 12 X 10 coloured portrait, with free sitting … 5.16.0
Knights the Chemist, Hastings     A complete Dorothy Gray Beauty Treatment … 3.10.0
Faircloughs Radio Ltd., Napier     An order to the value of … 3.3.0
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Disabled Servicemens Shop, Napier      A picnic basket to the value of … 5.12.6
Napier Battery & Electrical Co. Ltd.      A Westlock Electric Clock … 3.7.6
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Mandarine Gift Shop, Hastings       A dinner set to the value of … 6.10.0
Garland’s Jewellers, Hastings      A 3-row Pompadour Pearl Necklace … 5.0.0
Stuart Johnson, Hastings      A 12 x 10 Coloured Portrait with free sitting … 5.16.0

Page 11

Sunshine Girl ENTRIES

Elizabeth Frazer, a 19 year old student nurse of Napier.

Judith Rose Affleck of Wavell Place, Hastings, is a 17 year old nurse of St. Mary’s Hospital, Napier.

Janice Ball of Tom Parker Avenue, Napier, is a 15-year-old student.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – MARTIN ALEXANDER LTD., Hastings

Page 12

Helena Hannah, an 18 year old clerk of Hastings.

Jill Kerr of Marewa, Napier, is a 17 year old receptionist.

Sais Russell, a 19 year old student nurse of Napier.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – RICHARDSONS PHARMACY, Hastings

Page 13

Melda Carter, a 17-year old Nurse of Hastings.
Photographed by Mr. Clapperton

Patricia Murphy, a 20-year-old Nurse.
Photographed by Mr. D. Robb of Hastings

GIRLS! Don’t be shy –
ENTER NOW for our monster
Entry is Free
At least 35 Entrants will receive Prizes varying in value from 2 guineas to £70
Contact any photographer or “Photo News” Photographers
Batchelors Studios, Hastings & Napier.
Max Moverley, Waipukurau

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – A. W. BOTT LTD., Hastings

Page 14


When Jumbo the elephant (pictured below) received her daily “scrub-down” during her visit to Napier with Bullens Circus troupe, large crowds gathered to listen in. She didn’t exactly purr, but most un-elephant-like music issued from her trunk as, believe it or not, Jumbo enjoys her dusting down so much that she plays a mouth organ to express her pleasure.

Another attraction to young and old alike were these two donkeys, Dodo, aged four weeks, and Lindy, aged four months. Tony, Dorothy and Mrs. Morris of Napier, are making friends fast.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – COLUMBUS RADIO, Hastings and Napier

Page 15


The word “twins” has been an every-day word to this family for the past 83 years, and it has started all over again, for 83-year-old Mr. George Fletcher is the twin brother of the grandfather of these two lovely twins, Sonia and Kathleen Ross, daughters of Mrs. C. L. Ross, of Waipukurau.


VANDERSPECK – DURHAM. At the Catholic Church, Takapau: Mary Ann Durham, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Durham of Ashley Clinton, to Kennedy Dale Vanderspeck, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. V. Vanderspeck of Westshore.
Photo by Max Moverley


Cutting her cake is Yvonne Rayner, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Rayner of Waipukurau, at her coming-of-age party held in the Masonic Hall, Waipukurau.
Max Moverley Photo

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – BATCHELORS CANDID STUDIOS, Napier

Page 16

Art Exhibition

Shown in both Hastings and Napier, this outdoor exhibition (photographed in Hastings) by local artists created a great deal of interest and comment from the general public.

An oil by S. St. Lawrence

By Joan Trollope.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – H.M.V. HOUSE, Hastings

Page 17

By Sutherland

Port Ahuriri by L. M. Theakstone

BELOW LEFT. Shakespeare Road on the Port side (Napier). An oil by N. Pallot.

Water colour by D. J. Ramage.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – CHARDS BEAUTY SALON, Napier

Page 18

Oil by S. Lawrence.

ABOVE LEFT: Oil by N. Pallot, of Eskdale Church.

Water colour by D. J. Ramage

BELOW LEFT: By M. D. Atkins

Water colour by G. Nelson

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” “quest – FRENCH GLOVE HOUSE, Napier

Page 19

21st Birthdays AT TAKAPAU

Photos by R. G. Patridge, a reader from Takapau.

Rangi Rupaha, son of Mr. R. Rupaha of Takapau.

Jennifer Johnson, daughter of Mrs. L. L. Johnson of Takapau.

John May, son of Mr. and Mrs. P. May of Takapau.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – BEGGS-LOCKYERS, Napier

Page 20

Hastings Weddings

JONES-GARDNER. At St. Matthew’s Church. Valerie Eve Gardner, only daughter of Mrs. N. Newcomb of Christchurch, and Mr. H. Gardner of Wellington, to Edward MacGregor Jones, son of Mr. and Mrs. A.E. Jones of Hastings.

Bridal party, from left: Colin Wake, Betty Cameron, Groom and Bride, Gail Smith, and Noel Jones. Couple are to live in Hastings.
Lovell-Smith Photo

McINTYRE – POTTER. At Iona Chapel, Hastings:

Pauline Janet Potter, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. T. Potter of Fernhill, Hastings, to Bevan James McIntyre, son of Mr. and Mrs. H.H. McIntyre, of Ormond Road, Hastings.

Bridal party, from left: Barbara Potter, Donald McLeod, Betty McIntyre, Groom and Bride, Gordon Wilson, Shirley Potter, Mervyn Harper.
Lovell-Smith Photo

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – LOACH & PRICE LTD., Hastings

Page 21


Fifty years ago a scout patrol was formed in Hawke’s Bay under the name of the “Weka” Patrol, and their camp was on the Weka Peninsula, Rissington. This was the beginning of scouting in Hawke’s Bay, and last month a new hut was opened at the camp, now a “central camp” for all Hawke’s Bay patrols. Senior scouters commented on the large number of people who took on the difficult trek into the camp to be at the opening ceremony.

Mr. J.R.H. Cooksey, M.B.E., of Rissington (Scout name, “Littlejohn”) is Headquarters Commissioner for special duties, and is the “Father” of scouting in this province.

Three of the original Weka Patrol, from left, Gilbert Howell, Ernie Welch and Dave Marake, march forward to break out the original Weka Patrol’s flag. The present day flag was also broken over the campsite, one of the colour party being Gilbert Howell’s son Jimmy Howell.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – WALLY IRELAND, Napier

Page 22

Scouts thoroughly enjoyed preparing a meal for the visitors to the opening.

Officials line up for a photo in front of the Chapel entrance. (In centre background is the Altar, hard up against the trunk of the tree.) From left are Messrs. Jack Agnew, Dominion Commissioner; J. A. Absolom; Major-Gen. L. K. Lockhart, Chief Commissioner for New Zealand; J.R.H. Cooksey, M.B.E.; C.G. Harker, M.P.; and Jim Hudson.

Three lads from the Pukeora Sanatorium came along in an ambulance and had a wonderful time. From left are Lyle Peterson, Eric Charles and Ray Manson.

Crossing the Maungoni River created no problems for these scouts as they carry Lyle Peterson safely across.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – HANNAHS SHOE STORES, Hastings

Page 23

Miss C. Pirie of Hastings serves tea to the Mayor and Mayoress of Hastings, Mr. and Mrs. R. V. Giorgi.

A power-driven wire ropeway lowers heavy gear across the Maungoni River to the camp site.

“Ava Rest” – a sign on the track down to the river – gives excellent advice to strangers.

Scouts try out a bridge specially built for the occasion.
Photos by Bruce MacConnell

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – BISSELLS ELECTRIC, Napier

Page 24


Mrs. Uren, Mrs. Merson and Mrs. R. G. Wilson, arranging flowers for the “Colourama of 1960”, recently shown in the Majestic Hall, Napier, by the Hawke’s Bay Gladiolus Society, in conjunction with the Napier Horticultural Society.

Mrs. R. A. Simmonds and Miss B. Simmonds, putting the finishing touches to one of the displays.

Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Davis, along with other exhibitors, went to a great deal of trouble to make their stand as attractive as possible.

Vases being shifted from the R.S.A. Hall by G. Snadden (foreground), D. Kemsley (left), K. Kirk and J. Walker (right).

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – MANDARINE GIFT SHOP, Hastings

Page 25

NAPIER Wedding


At St. Augustine’s Church, Napier, Rosemary Patrick, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick of Barnsley, England, to Raymond Baxter, son of Mr. and Mrs. Baxter of Vigor Brown Street, Napier.

Bridal party, from left: Miss Wells, Mr. Russell Reid, Bestman; Bridegroom and Bride; Teresa Coulson, Flowergirl; and Maxine Shaw, Bridesmaid.

The couple are making their home in Napier.
Batchelors Studios Photo

Takapau BRIDE


At the Presbyterian Church, Jean Mary Severinsen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. Severinsen of Takapau, to James Lamont McGregor, of Ruawai, Northland.
Stuart Johnson photo

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – LOCKYERS of Hastings

Page 26


ATTWOOD-WEBB. At Hastings: Leonie Webb, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. Webb of Avenue Road, Hastings, to Brian Attwood, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. Attwood of Davis Street, Hastings.

Bridal party, from left: Rodney Cotton, John Gemmell, Susan Webb, Groom and Bride, Frances Jaques and Jennifer Attwood.
Batchelors Studios Photo.

WEBB-GLENN. At St. John’s Church, Campbell Town, N.S.W.: Rita Glenn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Glenn, of N.S.W., to Murray Webb, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. Webb of Avenue Road, Hastings. Bridal party, from left: Michael Taylor of Hastings, Jan Bagnell and Mr. Glenn of N.S.W., Bride and Groom, Max Glenn, Maria Hann, Ray Glenn and Flower-girl Robyn Bagnell of N.S.W.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – KNIGHTS THE CHEMIST, Hastings

Page 27


A lesson in discipline was given by dogs and their masters in an obedience demonstration at the Sound Shell, Napier. The dogs, in most cases family pets, obey the command to “stay” as their masters (from left) Mrs. Dockery, Mr. Williams, Mrs. Pettifer, and Miss Lewis move off.

Mr. M. Shaw prepares to walk away, and from a distance command “Colonel” to (lower left) “stand”, (centre) “sit”, and (lower right) “lie”.

As the owners walk away some of the dogs take the opportunity to examine their surroundings.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – BECKS PHARMACY, Napier

Page 28


Old identities who have been closely connected with the Wairoa County A. & P. shows over the past 60 years and who were guests at the Society’s Diamond Jubilee show. They are from left: Messrs. S.A. Dickie, aged 82; A. T. Carroll, 69; S. C.Deacon, 76; Mr. D. D. Pryde, 89 (Mr. Pryde, who has never missed a Wairoa Show, says he’ll be seeing quite a few more yet) and H. Lyle, who was Secretary of the Society for 20 years.

Four young competitors from the Frazertown Pony Club, the eldest boy in the group was only 11 years old, were highly commended by the judges. From left, Brian Simpson, Graham Maxwell, Garth Trafford, and Tu Rangi.

Wairoa Readers !

Photographs for “Photo News” of your wedding, 21st, engagement, etc., will be accepted and forwarded by WATSON’S BOOK SHOP



A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – ROBT. G. NEWELL LTD., Napier

Page 29

Miss Margaret McKay of Wairoa.

Four very serious minded young Pony Club competitors, ready to enter the ring.

Mr. and Mrs. Powdrell, of Wairoa, must surely have been on a winner.

The Scotties were there, and are here represented by Glenice Middleton, Penelope and Lorraine Dick.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – MARTIN the JEWELLERS, Napier

Page 30


With the assistance of Watson’s Book Shop, we bring a few shots of visitors to the show.

The Wairoa Show lends itself admirably to picnic parties, and here Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Horne and family, of Gisborne, take advantage of a shady spot.

Summer dress was the order of the day for Helen Smith, Jackie Hendrick and Janet Clifton.

“Goodness me, can’t you let a girl enjoy her Candy Floss,” says girl on right.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – BESTALLS LTD., Napier

Page 31

One of the most popular attractions at the show from both the competitor and spectator point of view, was the chopping events.

Mr. B. Kent of Wairoa competing in the second heat of the 10in. Open Chop.

Chips fly from the axe of C. Smith of Ruakituri, Wairoa.

D. Herbison of Gisborne, winner of the main event of the day, the Jubilee Open Handicap, for the Sharpe and Telford Cup.

Barry Clayton-Greene of Wairoa gained 2nd place in the 12in. Open Standing Chop.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – Corbett’s Wedding Ring House, Napier

Page 32

2,000 SEE Go-Karts IN ACTION.

Sunday, January the 30th, and all roads led to the Westshore Domain, where the Hawke’s Bay Amateur Go-Karting Association held their second race meeting.

The first meeting drew about 900 spectators but the word spread that there was something really good – and on a Sunday afternoon too – with the result that over 2000 turned up for this meeting.

If this new sport continues to gain in popularity as early indications lead the association to believe, they intend to construct a special track and provide seating under shelter to enable them to run public meetings once a fortnight the whole year round. There will be no shortage of competitors, as already dozens of enthusiasts are either in the process of making a go-kart themselves or are having one made for them. “Dad, that motor on the mower will probably do the job nicely!”

A fine day, a large crowd, and the go-kart meeting was off to a good start.

Five go-karts go into a corner at a 20 m.p.h. clip.

Youngsters love this sport, and if normal precautions are taken, it’s as safe as houses. Fourteen-year-old Darryl Raisey receives assistance from Bill Shuker, president of the association.

A 98 c.c. chain-saw motor powers this vehicle.


Page 33

Bob Kite starts the motor for his son Keith.

Driving ability, or lack of it, is no advantage – or disadvantage – in this sport. Even Lloyd Duckworth of Napier wins races! He is sitting in front of a 250 c.c. two-stroke Villiers motor.

Tom Williams gets ready to create a new lap record.

It is absolutely amazing the number of different designs and ideas that go into the making of one of these miniature speedsters, but simplicity is the keynote. Ten-year-old Murray Kite is already to take on all-comers.


Page 34

The spectators fade into a blurred mass as thirteen-year-old Peter de Garis roars down the back stretch in a go-kart powered by a four-stroke 250 c.c. Royal Enfield motor.

Young twelve-year-old Richard Shuker looks businesslike at the wheel of his 147 c.c. Villiers

His father, Bill Shuker, while he may be very good at making a go-kart, looks as if he might be just a little bit on the tall side to be crammed into such a confined space.

A 125 c.c motor drives the go-kart, Garry Barclay drives the motor, and a steering-wheel, with three-quarters of its circumference missing, is the means of controlling direction.

Amateur photographer B. Hammond, supplied us with this picture of a four-wheeled vehicle converting to a three-wheeled model. The driver wasn’t told, so he carried on and expressed his disappointment with the motor’s “pulling power” at the end of the race. He was very surprised to learn of his recent loss.


Page 35

21ST Birthdays

Mrs T. J. Burrell, of 223A High Street, Dannevirke, presenting her youngest daughter, Janet Burrell with her 21st Mirror Key.
Photo by Barretts Studio

Audrey Powell, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Norman Powell of Hastings. Photo by Courtesy of F. Frazer, Herald Tribune photographer.

Brian Bushett, son of Mr and Mrs S.A. Bushett of Waipawa, at his coming of age party held in the R.S.A. Hall, Waipawa.
Max Moverley Photo


By courtesy of the Gisborne Photo News comes this photo of the engagement of Rosalie Rita Didcott, youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs W.F. Didcott of Napier, to Brian Arthur Bound, eldest son of Mr and Mrs A.T. Bound of Gisborne.


Page 36

NAPIER Surf Carnival

Reelmen control the flow of the life-line during the Senior Beltmen’s Race, an important event of the second Pacific Surf Life Saving Club’s carnival, held over two days, the 23rd and 24th of January, on the Marine Parade, Napier. In foreground is Island Bay, next Waimarama, then East End, New Plymouth.

Teams from New Plymouth, Wanganui, Wellington, Gisborne and Hawke’s Bay again demonstrated their high standard of efficiency before a very large crowd.

Most of the spectators would readily agree that these life savers knew their business but, as one of the officials said, “It is amazing how little heed is taken of the well-meant advice of beach patrols. Two classic examples of this occurred recently at Napier and Westshore. when life savers advised would-be swimmers not to go in because of rough seas (at Napier) and not to use Li-los because of high winds (at Westshore).

A number of swimmers ignored this advice, and even went as far as to tell the patrols “where they could go”. These people were shortly calling on life savers to risk their lives to come to their rescue.”

We have been asked to make an appeal on behalf of all life saving clubs. “TAKE THE ADVICE OF THE LIFE SAVING PATROL. THEY ARE THERE TO PROTECT YOU, NOT TO SPOIL YOUR FUN.”

Members of the Gisborne Ladies Team, winners of the “Pania Cup”. carrying their “patient” from the water under the watchful eyes of the judges.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – BALDWIN & SWANWICK LTD., Hastings

Page 37

K. Van den Bosch, A. Gempton, K. Griffin, C. Mardon, and J. Baker, members of the Pacific Senior Team and winners of the Challenge Shield for the most aggregate points gained in the Senior Grade at the carnival, await the starter’s gun in the Senior Beltmen’s Race.

The Westshore team sprint into action. They were second placegetters in the Reliance Cup Competition for the junior team with the most aggregate points.

Who said the Marine Parade beach was not a popular spot?

The two ladies’ life saving teams were just as efficient as the men, and if the attention they received from the crowd is any criterion, then they were a whole lot better!

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – McGRUERS LTD., Napier

Page 38


At the Presbyterian Church, Napier: Margaret Kummer, daughter of Mrs. M. Felton, Columbo St., Christchurch, to Barrie, son of Mr. J. A. Church, Avenue Road, Hastings. Bridal party, from left: John M. Penton, Rotorua; Bride and Groom; Nicola Dennis, Flower-girl, Peel Forest, Mid- Canterbury; Jan Reid, Petone. All members of the party are school-teachers. Future home will be in Porangahau.


At St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Hastings: Marie Ann Golds, daughter of Mr. J. K. and the late Coral Golds, Hastings, to Maxwell Fraser, son of Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Fraser, Mahia Beach.

Bridal party, from left: Ronald Raison, Mary Dawson, Bride and Groom, Ronald Fraser, and Ngaire Schaffer. Future home will be in Napier.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – FAIRCLOUGHS RADIO LTD., Napier

Page 39

Elsthorpe SPORTS DAY

At the Elsthorpe sports picnic day, the young “Kiltie Miss”, Gayanne Munson, found her kilts somewhat of a handicap in the girls under 16 race.

Mr. Jan Selby puts his heart and soul into the winning of the single men’s race.

Mr. Colin Harvey of Waipukurau, who was judge for the day, hands first prize to Paul Nelson.

An attractive picture of six lovely lasses. From left, back row, Patricia Hoar and Barbara Williams of Hastings, and Heather Lester of Tutira. Front row, Mary McCourt, Susan Munson and Gayanne Munson of Hastings.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – JAN’S BEAUTY SALON, Napier

Page 40

We wonder if the sunglasses didn’t help Mrs. S. Young of Hastings win the married ladies race.

Second place honours were shared by Mrs. Joan Buckey and Mrs. A. Evans.

The average man finds it difficult enough to drive a nail in straight, but it was no trouble at all to Mrs. R. M. Kenderdine.

Brian Chittick of Waipawa, and Miss Angela August of Patangata, waiting for their turn to enter the ring.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – BON MARCHE LTD., Hastings

Page 41

Wherever you go you can always depend on the St. John Ambulance to be represented.

Standing by on this day were Mr. D. Staladi, of Otane, and Mr. R. Bawden, of Elsthorpe.

Paul Nelson, of Maraekakaho, Francis Dooney, of Waihau, and Stuart McKenzie, of Otane.

Stuart was the best boy rider in the under-12-years section.


Elder Joseph Watts, a member of the L.D.S. Mission Basketball team, has been chosen for an L.D.S. team making a 30 day tour of New Zealand. Their Napier game will be on the 30th March. Elder Watts was a prominent player in the United States where he played for Utah.

In our last issue we said that Cheryl Wells was the winner of the 5 year old section of the Juvenile Bathing Beauty contest. With apologies to young Heather McKay, here they are in their correct order, from left: Heather McKay of Napier (1st), Cheryl Wells of Gisborne (2nd), and Billy Saxon of Napier (3rd).

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – VOGUE (Hastings) LTD., Hastings

Page 42


Miss Julie Kelly of Hastings, while on a tour of the South Island, has her picture taken by a Hastings reader, beside one of the famous Moeraki boulders, situated between Palmerston South and Oamaru. A near perfect sphere, this boulder is one of the best examples of its type in the world.


Sent in by Dorothy Glynan of Wairoa. It shows, from left: Stuart Evans, Stan Clark and Nick Johansen of Wairoa, after a good day’s schnapper fishing.

Even a donkey has his moments! Miss Carol Payne of Hastings, who is a lover of horses (and can be seen in the small hours of the morning, before she goes to work, exercising race horses on the Hastings track) decided to make friends with this donkey and found that the latter was only too willing to do so.

Miss Patterson of Albert Street, Hastings, persuaded Jimmy Grant to model his Christmas present – a pair of shortie pyjamas – out under a street light in Albert St.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – LOVELL-SMITHS of Hastings

Page 43


Pony club members of the Otamauri, Puketapu, Okawa, Maraekakaho, Keruru and Eskview clubs gathered recently on the property of Mr. A. Low, at Otamauri for their bi-annual training camp. The purpose of the camp was to train members in the principles and aims of pony clubs, the care of ponies, and instruction in riding techniques. Sportsmanship was also high on the list during the school.

Miss Judith Simmonds instructing a class on the care of ponies.

Karen and Jamie Lowry, two members of the school, move back to the “classroom” after watering their ponies.

A peaceful and shady spot for a lunchtime break.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl.” quest – H.B. FARMERS LTD.

Page 44

“Keep those heels down”, calls Mr. Bill Sherratt, as ponies and riders cover the Cavalletti course. The idea of this particular section of the school is to encourage both the horse and rider to settle down.

To gain correct balance and “seat”, the jumps are taken while the riders hands are on his or her knees.

When the above exercise has been completed, the riders go a stage further and jump with “crossed irons” – that is, without benefit of stirrups and still with their hands on their knees.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – VILLA D’ESTE SALON, Hastings

Page 45

This horse was inclined to veer off course, so other riders line up their ponies on each side.


Plums, biscuits and orange drinks made a welcome snack for “afternoon tea”.

Misses Allison Wooding and Beverley Wooding of Mohaka, and Janet Haliburton of Tutira, relax with a “cuppa”.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – RODGERS PHARMACY, Hastings

Page 46

At day’s end, instructors and pupils wend their way home through the picturesque countryside.


Well, we will say it is anyway. North of Napier on the Napier-Wairoa Road (just before the “Devil’s Elbow”), the Kaiwaka club’s cricket pitch is, in our eyes, quite unique, as boundary hits return to the pitch of their own accord. At the time of this picture a game between Kaiwaka and Tutira was in progress.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – NOEL WILSON PHARMACY LTD., Hastings

Page 47


LAND-RUSSELL. At Iona Chapel, Havelock North: Shirley Land of Hastings, to Lex Russell of Christchurch. Bridal party, from left: Peter Andrews, from Christchurch; Anne Masters, Feilding; Janice Hammond, Hastings; Cheryl Flannagan, Christchurch; Groom and Bride; Bruce Russell, of Christchurch; and Delma Bramwell. Waipawa.
Batchelors Studios Photo

HAGGITT-FRIIS. At Devonport, Auckland: Maureen Jean Haggitt, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. N. Haggitt, 8 Kitchener St., Milford, Auckland, to Keith B. Friis (late of Napier), son of Mrs. Friis, 31 Hilary Crescent, Takapuna, Auckland.



At the St. Aiden Church, Hastings: Charlotte Frost to James Gullick, of 505 Madras Street, Christchurch.
Batchelors Studios Photo

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – DISABLED SERVICEMENS SHOP, Napier

Page 48


Patrons at this year’s Waipukurau Show, were treated to a special and truly amazing example of complete understanding between a man and his horse. Johnny Rodgers and his pony “Tony” held the full attention of the crowd from start to finish, with a series of tricks equal to that of a famous film star team.

This entertaining is a little strenuous, so lets take a nap for a while.

Then of course, we could just go on a “sit down strike”.

A quick sketch of Sir Edmund climbing Mount Everest.

A small boy joins the act and is given a see-saw by Tony who, once he has been led onto the seesaw, finds his own point of balance and see-saws without assistance from his master.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – Napier Battery and Electrical Co. Ltd.

Page 49

Tony makes a complete circuit around an upturned drum without moving his front hooves (notice the crossed legs).

Mention the word “Hitler”, to this Kiwi and he really “goes up in the air”.

Poetry in motion, as Susan Talbot and “Limonite” clear a fence during the Hack and Hunters event.

Michael and Susan Pumphrey came all the way from the Waikato to compete at the show.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – HAPP’S of SYDNEY. Napier

Page 50

An interesting but unscheduled interlude was a demonstration of the abilities of the Waipukurau Fire Brigade, who had to fight a scrub fire that was threatening parked cars.

A “Busman’s Holiday” for Hastings fire brigadesman, John Hunt, who took the day off to visit the Waipukurau Show, and found himself sweating on the end of a flail.

His good deed for the day done, Wayne Bowman, of the Waipukurau Scout Troop, keeps an eye on the smouldering scrub.

Batchelors Studios
NAPIER – Phone 3697
HASTINGS – Phone 4274
Copies of photographs published can be obtained from the above or from the photographer whose name appears on the photograph.

A sponsor in our “Sunshine Girl” quest – MILLS SHOE STORE. Napier

Page 51

JONASSON – McLEAN. At St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Waipukurau: Elizabeth McLean, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Perkins of Waipukurau, to Brian Jonasson, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. E. Jonasson of Bayswater, Auckland.

FORSTER – FRYER. At St. Mary’s Church, Waipukurau: Elizabeth Fryer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Fryer of Waipukurau, to Bryan Forster. son of Mrs. Forster of Waipawa.
Photos by Max Moverley

Page 52


Tourist Motors Staff was there in force at the 21st birthday party of Ian Inglis (top right) held in the Old Folks’ Hall, Hastings.

Ian receives the “key of the door” from his father, Mr. G. Inglis of Havelock North.
Photos by Batchelors Studios

Mrs. Kath Miller, of 513 Whitehead Road, Hastings, presenting her son Ross with “The Key” at his recent let birthday party.

Printed photo-litho for the publishers by Swailes, Hurst & Co. Ltd… Napier

Page 53


Misses Dianne Cooper, Betty Thomsen and Judith Cooper, three Wairoa punters of the pin-picking variety.

Mrs. C. Redshaw in the care of her two daughters: left. Miss Verna Redshaw, and right, Miss Janice Redshaw.

Two jockeys arrive at the course: left, R. Coley of Woodville, rode Lake Gippin: and G. O. Smith of Hastings, who rode Salt Spray in the big race of the day.

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