Hawke’s Bay Photo News 1960 – Number 017 March-April

Hawke’s Bay PHOTO NEWS
17th Issue
March – April 1960

[Cover photo – 22-year-old Sandra Cook, a Dental Nurse at Marewa School]

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Hawke’s Bay’s Own Pictorial News Magazine
MAR./APR. 1960
Volume 2
No. 5

Editor H. D. Hanger

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P.O. Box 470, Napier

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4274 Hastings and 3697 Napier

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“Photo News” Photographer Russell Spiller was down on the beach the other day and spotted lovely 22-year-old Sandra Cook running out of the surf. Sandra, a dental nurse at Marewa School, is a recent arrival in Napier and is one beach girl who believes in getting wet. She is a keen swimmer and a member of the local ladies’ surf club.


Life Saving Club in Miniature. The very efficient looking reelman on this month’s back cover is 10-year-old John Harris of Napier, a member of the specially formed Junior Junior Section of the Pacific Surf Life Saving Club. Under the guidance of Pat Chalmers, this club was formed to satisfy the terrific enthusiasm for surf life saving of the younger fry. Watch our next issue for an article showing these youngsters in action.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

At Napier’s Leading Service Stations you can always rely on Super Service
JUST RING 72-453 or 5294

Many of their customers ask who Firman’s Servicemen are, so over the next few months we will be introducing them to you.

MAURICE DEWAR gives that little extra service for which the Taradale Station is noted.

CLARRIE FRAME, in the Lubrication Bay of the same station, at which efficiency is the keynote.

Page 1


Sandy Triggs (pictured here with his wife Jessie) who, after two and a half years with Selwyn Toogood, will shortly be compering his own quiz show for Nestles. The premiere will be at the Hastings Municipal Theatre on Saturday, March 26th, and the show will also be staged in the Napier Municipal Theatre on Monday 28th. All prizes are in cash and the biggest single prize which be won is 400 pounds, while over 1,000 pounds could be won during either or both evenings.

Eleven year old Sharron Hastings, of Latham Street Napier, has no need of a doll, she has a real live Pekinese to mother. Tina-Marie just loves to be dressed up and put to bed in her bassinet. There is only one jarring note, Tina has a real man size snore and will persist in sleeping with her paws stuck in the air.

Page 2


It was Hastings turn to see the Go-Karters hurtle round the track when the Hastings’ Club held their official opening performed by the Mayor of Hastings, Mr. R.V. Giorgi, on the 28th of February.

An amazing feature of this new and fast growing sport is the variety of motors used to drive these miniature racing cars. It seems that the type of motor used is only restricted to its c.c. rating.

Drivers race to their Karts in the seven lap Le Mans start event.

A Villiers Industrial engine

A McCullock Chain-saw motor

A Morrison motor-mower engine.

Page 3

The club must have made a terrific financial success of the day with Dawn and Joan Whittle of Hastings as gate keepers.

A large and enthusiastic crowd turned up to see the Hastings boys in action.


History may be in the making as far as Go-karts are concerned, but this 1915 Excelsior “Big X” motor cycle, owned by Mr. R.H. Scarrott of Hastings, already has quite a history of its own. Believed to be one of the only two such machines in the world today, it was built in Chicago and brought by Limbrick Bros. of Waipawa in 1917, and later sold to Mr. Cliff Wyman who used it continually until 1946. Mr. R.H. Scarrott took over ownership in 1959 and restored it to its present immaculate condition. The tyres on the machine at present, are only the second set it has had.

Motor is definitely not available for Go-karters.

Page 4


Clive Square, Napier, a beautiful park in the centre of the busy city.

Encased in a steel jacket, the tower of the nearly completed St. John’s Cathedral has been photographed from just about every conceivable angle and Photo News here adds its contribution to the collection.

Holiday visitors to Napier try their hand on the Marine Parade’s 18 hole putting green. Golfing enthusiasts have only one complaint – there is no nineteenth.

Page 5


Some time ago a Japanese ship, the “Celebes Maru”, tied up alongside a Napier wharf and as the first logs were slung aboard a new and tremendous trade in logs with Japan commenced.

That first loading met with many teething troubles including a shortage of logs brought about by bad weather slowing up road transport of the logs from the bush to the ship, and since that time a huge stock pile has been steadily building up adjacent to the wharves. Our picture shows a log transporter, dwarfed by the stock pile, hauling another load.

As the logs arrive at the stock pile they are unloaded by a fork lift and when a ship has berthed ready for loading, the fork lift again comes into use loading a trailer which is towed round to the wharf.

Page 6

Slings make short work of transferring the logs from the wharf and

down into the hold of the ship where they are expertly manhandled into position.

Page 7

A view of the vessel “Celebres Maru” during a break in loading operations.
Photo by Bruce MacConnell

Page 8



At St. John’s Anglican Church, Dannevirke, Miss Valerie Gadsby of Dannevirke, to Mr. J. R. Hislop. Couple are to live in Eketahuna.
Photo by Barretts Studios

NAPIER Wedding


At St. John’s Cathedral, Napier, Mary Jennings, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jennings, 13A McDonald Street, Napier, to Richard Tanser, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. Tanser, Ranui Flats, Marine Parade, Napier. Bridal party, from left, Alan Lyford, bestman; Jenny McLellan, flower girl; Groom and Bride, and Edrienne Transer, bridesmaid. Couple are to live in Napier.
Batchelors Studios Photo

Page 9

GIRLS! Just read this list of wonderful prizes, generously donated by retailers of Hastings and Napier. Send in your photo NOW – you could be among the top prize winners.

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Mandarine Gift Shop, Hastings       A dinner set to the value of … 6.10.0
Garland’s Jewellers, Hastings      A 3-row Pompadour Pearl Necklace … 5.0.0
Stuart Johnson, Hastings      A 12 x 10 Coloured Portrait with free sitting … 5.16.0

Page 10

15 Sunshine Girls ENTRIES

Miss Kerre Anne McDonald of Napier

Miss Janice Walden of Whakatu

Miss Enid Sauter, a 16 year old typist of Hastings

Page 11

Annabell Fisher, a 19 year old hairdresser of Taradale

Miss Maxine Kitt, a 15 year old of Hastings

Doreen Hannah of Hastings

Page 12

Mrs. Jocelyn Ireland, a 22 year old of Haumoana

Miss Beverley Dagg, an 18 year old machinist of Hastings

Miss Robyn Monks, 15 year old of Hastings

Page 13

Beverley Berrington, of Napier, is a 17 year old hairdresser.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

Margaret Foster, a 16 year old shop assistant of Taradale.

Typist, Helen Carrington of Hastings
Photo by Mrs. R. Carrington

Page 14

Diane Richardson of Hastings, is a 16 year old shop assistant.
Photo by R. Clapperton

An 18 year old hairdresser of Napier, Pat Merrick.
Batchelors Studios Photo

Cynthia Baines, a 23 year old waitress of Napier.
Photo by John Bottomley

Page 15


At St. Matthew’s Church, Hastings, Judith, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Dixon, 1014 Francis Street, Hastings, to Sydney Charles only son of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Taylor, of 916 Nelson Street, Hastings.

Bridal party, from left, Groom and Bride, Mr. Thomas Wilson, Miss Margaret Keith, Mr. M. Dixon, and Miss Marlene Russ, all of Hastings.


At St. Patrick’s Church, Napier, Pamela Joan Fairbrother, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Fair-brother, 132 Wellesley Road, Napier, to Donald MacKay, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. Mackay of New Plymouth. Future home will be in New Plymouth.
Batchelors Studios Photo.

Page 16


Recently we featured one of Hawke’s Bays well known services, that of broadcasting, and now with the excellent co-operation of the National Airways Corporation’s Branch Manager, Mr. Ross Banks, we feature another service, which plays a very important and vital part in the life of this province. The growth of air traffic in New Zealand over a very short time, is nothing less than incredible, and Hawke’s Bay has helped and benefited from this growth , and now, each year sees many thousands of passengers, together with vast quantities of air cargo, passing through the province’s “Beacons” Airport at Napier.

Today the quick dispatch of Airmail is taken for granted by the sender, so freight officer Bob Wotherspoon and Bill Davies work to a strict time schedule, to ensure that the letter writers are not disappointed.

Page 17

Opened only recently the new Airport terminal is one of the most modern and well equipped for its size in New Zealand. In the background the cafeteria serves the refreshments much appreciated by the traveller.

The delays caused by normal telephonic communications would disrupt the N.A.C. service entirely, but a bank of the latest type teleprinters, here operated by Miss Dorothy Gray in the Napier office, ensures continuous and immediate contact with all other airline centres throughout the country.

Don Mills in the reservation section of the Napier office, which is geared to handle reservations at a speed which air travel demands, handles an inward telephone call.

Page 18

In the seclusion of his lofty sanctum in the control tower, the Duty Air Traffic Controller prepares to give a clearance to a departing N.A.C aircraft.

After a remarkably short time in the air, passengers disembark and their journey is over.

But for the N.A.C. staff, it’s normal routine, and within the space of 15 minutes, this airliner is unloaded, reloaded, refuelled, and taking off with another compliment of passengers.

A Napier businessman making final arrangements with Miss Margaret McKenzie, for a 35,000 mile, eight weeks, tour of the world, laughs over the uncommon length of his “ticket”. N.A.C., a member of the International Air Transport Association, can issue a ticket with which will be honoured by any airline in the world.

Page 19


When these pictures were taken, the occasion was a notable first in New Zealand air transport. Napier’s, and New Zealand’s leading nurserymen, J. N. Anderson & Sons, specialists in the growing of indoor decoration pot plants, had chartered one of N.A.C.’s Douglas D.C.3 freighters, specially designed for the carriage of heavy and bulk cargoes. This was the first time that an aircraft had been completely loaded with pot plants. 1,960 of them, all going direct to Christchurch. The venture was so successful that now Anderson & Sons pack pot plants in cartons and have a daily service by air to all parts of New Zealand.

Page 20

Readers Pictures

Mrs. Herbinson and Mrs. Lack (sent in by Mrs. Lack of Whakatu), enjoy a paddle at the Clifton Beach.

Enjoying a barbecue are, from left, Keith Wilson, Don Wright, James Carpenter, Diane Browne, Michael Cunningham, Garry Anderson, Raemon Anderson, and John Cunningham. Picture was send to us by Garry Anderson.

This picture appeared in our last issue, with the names apparently the wrong way around. The three boys from the Pukeora Home for Disabled are, from left, Ray Manson, Lyle Peterson and Eric Charles. Our apologies.

Page 21

By Courtesy of “Gisborne Photo News”


Boys enjoying sea bathing

Three or four hundred boys, drawn from Hawke’s Bay and Poverty Bay, again enjoyed the healthy outdoor life of “Camp Opoutama”, on the neck of land which joins Mahia Peninsula to the mainland, during the three camps which were held in the school holidays. Under the direction of Mr. S. Ray Whiteman, of Hastings, the boys enjoyed a variety of outdoor activity which included sports of skill and muscle, trail camping, and sea bathing on the renowned Opoutama beach, only a few yards from the camp. Each group of 130 boys spend two weeks under canvas.

Some of the tents among the pines.

Mr Whiteman with some of his young charges.

Page 22

Graham Cheer (Dannevirke) and Garry Fraser shoot off during a marksmanship contest on the camp’s rifle range.

Evan Jones (Napier) and Neil McKenzie (Waipukurau) try their skill at archery.

Three pictures at left show Graeme Prince (Gisborne), demonstrating on the camp’s miniature trampoline.

Outdoor badminton was a popular pastime.

Page 23

PUKETAPU Picnic Sports

A good grip, the proper tongue motion, and they’re off in the sack race.

Gae Wheatley of Pahiatua, gains 1st prize in the under 8 year old highland fling event.

Place – getters in the best pony event, from left: M. Glenside (1st); S. Cawston (2nd); and P. Cohart (3rd).

Jan Byrne of Hastings

Bon Lapdel [Lopdell] of Bay View, Bill Kirkpatrick of Puketapu and Patrick Barry of Poraite, indulging in the farmers favourite past-time.

Page 24


The Napier branch of the world wide Business and Professional Women’s Club each year, hold a simple but impressive international night at which candles are lit as a gesture of good will. This ceremony is duplicated by similar organisations throughout the world.

Members of the club grouped around the lighted candles, with two visitors from Papua, Mr. and Mrs. David Raka in centre.

Mr. and Mrs. David Raka of Papua.

Mrs. A. M. Andersen, M.B.E. and Mrs. Whitlock.

M. Stephens, U. Harvey, G. McQueen, M. Vollans.

Page 25

Around Hawke’s Bay BY AIR

Looking North along Omahu Road, Hastings where orchards and windbreaks present a pleasing pattern from the air.
Russell Orr Photo

Page 26

Gown of the year contest.

Eight entries in the second annual “Gown of the Year” contest, organised and compered by Jan Cochrane of Auckland, were presented to a large audience in the Napier War Memorial Hall recently. Six top Auckland mannequins modeled the gowns, which are being judged on a popularity basis from votes made by audiences throughout New Zealand.

“Enchantment” modelled by Glenis Cope. In background is the sponsor-compere, Jan Cochrane.

“Crystal Falls” made from 140 yards of sheer fabric, and modelled by Bobby James.

Page 27

“Athenia” modelled by Judith Hayes.

“Camellia” modelled by Deidre Smith

A rather startling effect on the audience this coat

Covered “Fascination” modelled by Francis Slater.

Page 28

The Coat and Gown “Clare De Lune”, a gleaming silver slipper satin was presented as one and modelled by Judith Hayes.

Page 29

“Serenade” modelled by Leasa Metcalf.

“Black Magic” modelled by Glenis Cope.

Page 30

MODELS visit McGruers

Judith Hayes speaks into mike during a discussion with Miss Mary Wallace (Paul Duval’s senior beauty consultant) in the stores new cosmetic bar.

When New Zealands leading mannequins from the “Gown of the Year Contest” made a personal appearance in McGruer’s of Napier, to model exclusive Gainsborough Millinery . . .

. . . a large and enthusiastic crowd turned up for this special occasion.

Page 31

Napier Weddings


At the Trinity Church, Napier, Sheila Suzanne Burling, daughter of Mrs. Freemantle, of Napier, to Leon Balmer Speakman, son of Mrs. M. Speakman and the late Mr. J. Speakman, Westshore. Bridal party from left: John Speakman, Phyllis Burling, Jeannette Moore, Groom and Bride, Allison Doran, Neroli Wilton, and Selwyn Roberts.
Batchelors Studios Photo


At St John’s Cathedral, Napier, Jean Baillie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Baillie of Gladstone Road, Gisborne, to John Speakmam, son of Mrs. and the late Mr. J. B. Speakman of Meeanee Quay, Napier. Bridal party, from left: Fay Kayser, Leon Speakman, Groom and Bride, Kevin Palmer, and Helen Baillie.
Photos have been supplied by MacConnell Bros., Napier

Page 32

Polo Contest

Principle event of the year in Hawke’s Bay is the contest for the Dewar Cup, held at the Polo Grounds “Irongate” Hastings. This year’s series, attracted approximately eight teams, who brought over 100 polo ponies to the ground. Poverty Bay came out the final winners with a one point victory over Hawke’s Bay.

During a Hawke’s Bay v’s Poverty Bay game, in foreground from left: Wyn Sherratt, P.B.; Dudley Chambers, H.B.; and Woody Sherratt, P.B.

Goalkeeping is one job that doesn’t suffer from a rush of applicants, even though the horses are trained not to run down the light wicker goal posts.

Mike Belleby (W) gallops in to save a score during the Hawke’s Bay v’s Wanstead game.

No sport for the hesitant. Here is a good example of “riding off”.

Page 33

J. Barnett of Wanstead and B. McKenzie of Hawke’s Bay, execute a quick change of direction.

M. Coop and Ginger Nichol of the Tuki Tuki team.

to Represent N.Z. in ROME

Sole representative of New Zealand at the Rome Equestrian Olympic sports this year will be “Telebrae”, who with his rider Adrian White of “Creaghe” Hawke’s Bay, has just left New Zealand on their way to Rome. “Telebrae” is owned by Mrs. J. D. McDonald of Taupiri and is on loan to Colonel Bolger of Hastings.

Page 34


Mr. and Mrs. Besevich and Mr. and Mrs. Lassen.

Miss I. Cameron

In foreground, Witold Barclay and Mrs Barclay, others from left: Ian Kelt, Eileen Kettlewell, Jim Roberts, Mrs Kelt, Tom Heeney and Mrs Heeney.

Page 35


A boast often heard in Hawke’s Bay, is that anything will grow here. To add credence to this statement, here is a picture of oats drying on Harper Bros. property, “Pinecroft”, at Fernhill.

After the oats have dried sufficiently, the sheaves are stacked in the same manner as a haystack. Mick Harper is “tossing the sheaves”. Catching is Norman Harper, and centre, Murray Kupa stacking.

Page 36


The Hastings’ Rotary Club excelled themselves as host to the 294th District Rotary Club’s Conference held at the Tomoana Showgrounds in Hastings, when it came to entertaining the guests.

The Palmerston North Y.M.C.A. group.

With a few deft strokes, lightning artist Harold Bardon, sketched this picture of a cat, and then with a twist of the board, and a few more strokes, he turned it into a dog. (right)

Turn this upside down and you will see the picture on left.

Page 37

Miss Warnes and her friend, two lovely lassies who presented each lady with a spray of flowers.

John Holderness and Jack Seton of Hastings, get into the act with Napier’s Cabaret singer, Patricia Chapman.

An impressive display by the “Fireflies”.

A picture of rapt attention, Jack Seton makes a point to Mr. Fitzgerald and Mr. Garland.

Page 38


Just how small can a pony get and still be ridden. Maurice Beatson is dwarfed by other horses during the Grand Parade.

“Pakowhai Gayful” V.H.C. champion jersey and champion cow of all breeds, from the Estate of Fourneau and Sons, led by Mr D. A. Lean at the Dannevirke A. & P. Show.

Four year old Jillian Bayer and “Frosty” are already veterans of the show, as Jillian started to ride two years ago.

Highland dancing judge, Miss Annette Smith of Hastings.

Page 39

Mrs. W. R. Harper on her champion hack “Skymaster”, and Miss Susan Dodds, on the reserve champion hack.

The home cooking section as usual drew a very large entry, and Mrs. Resima, steward; and Mrs. Miller, judge; were kept very busy. Both ladies are from Dannevirke.

First in the pet lamb section, Alan Ferguson.

Miss Margaret Larkey, Miss Valerie Ealem and Mrs. Janet Scott greeted visitors to the Williams & Kettle stand with a cup of tea.

Have you any negatives that would be of interest to Photo News?
Do you want to have some pictures taken for Photo News?
Give Batchelors Studio a ring 3697 Napier or 4274 Hastings
Better still – Call on them in Market St., Hastings, or Tennyson St., Napier.
A letter to the Editor, P.O. Box 470, Napier, will also bring results.

Page 40


At rehearsal, Sir Lancelot Spratt (Rex Harwood) puts the query, “Which one of you fellows is my nephew?” Vera is played by Judy Hullet; Tony Grimsdyke (right) by George Foster; and Mick Jones, takes the part of Simon Sparrow.

The film that had theatre patrons rocking in their seats, to be presented on stage by the Hastings Group Theatre. Produced by Dorothy Holderness, the play will be opening in the first week of April, at Hastings.

“Did you ask for any sox?”

The young medical student is asked to “Please take a look at my swollen ankle, Doctor”.

Page 41


Napier – Packed stands at the Napier Municipal baths for the Boys’ High School, Colenso High School, and Nelson Park School annual swimming sports.

An excellent action shot as two competitors take to the air in a racing dive.

Hastings – P. Bone diving before the large crowd which attended the Catholic Primary Schools annual swimming sports held at St. Joseph’s baths, Hastings.

Record breakers, from left: J. Girling-Butcher, P. Wehi and N. Keenan.

Page 42

the OLD and the NEW

Mr. and Mrs. C.D. Olsen walk down the aisle of the new St. John’s Cathedral, Napier. Mrs. Olsen, formerly Miss Nancy Beth Atherfold, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Atherfold of 5 Hukarere Road, Napier, and Charles Deryck Olsen, son of Mr. and Mrs. C.F. Olsen of Takapau, were married on the first Saturday after the Cathedral’s dedication by the Bishop of Waiapu, the Right Rev. N. A. Lesser, on Wednesday, the 24th of February.

Another picture taken in exactly the same spot before the first Cathedral was totally destroyed in the 1931 Earthquake.

Photos by Batchelors Studios

Page 43

The old but beautiful Cathedral which was a landmark in Napier until February the 3rd, 1931, when it was totally destroyed by the Earthquake. The building of a new Cathedral was discussed almost immediately and on February 24th of March this year . . .

. . . the new Waiapu Cathedral with a 130 foot tower was dedicated after nearly 30 years of struggling and planning. Although not fully completed – there is still one of three stages to be completed and a 15 foot neon lighted Cross is to be added to the top of the tower – the Cathedral is an imposing sight of Monumental dignity.
Photos by Batchelors Studios

Page 44

Hastings Photographer Russell Orr, took this outstanding picture of the T.M.V. Vineyards in Hastings, while in the background is “Peloha” a prominent homestead in the District.

Page 45


On the command – to the left – single file, quick march – members of C. Company of the 1st Hawke’s Bay Regiment move off after receiving their equipment preparatory to a gruelling six weeks of intensive training in the Wakarara Range, Central Hawke’s Bay. An ideal area, the training ground, with the two extremes of thick jungle-like under-growth, and patches of clear tussock land, with little or no cover from “the enemy”, proved to be no holiday hike for the territorials – never-the-less – or perhaps because of it, with such realistic wartime conditions and nights spent out in the bush, C. Company is reputed to have the strongest territorial strength in Hawke’s Bay.

Ready for anything, Privates W. Allison and B. Algar, both of Hastings, burst through a billowing smoke screen with rifles at the ready.

One of the large four wheel vehicles, laden with troops, negotiates a difficult stretch of country.

A rather tired but alert group move back to camp after a hard day’s exercise.

Pge 46

Reader’s Pictures


Two harbour tankers which spent the winter at the base became ice-locked until the summer.

Mr. Peter Le Quesne of 24 Higgins Street Napier, spent from the 20th December 1958, to March, 1959, at Scott Base as a member of the New Zealand Antarctic Research Expedition. These pictures, kindly supplied to us by Mr. Le Quesne, were taken off films developed at the base without the benefit of running water and under extreme temperature difficulties.

Peter Le Quesne seated under the Memorial Cross to Capt. Robert Falcon Scott, on top of Observation Hill.

No necessity to build wharves here – ships simply keep going until they can go no further and that is where they are unloaded. At right is the bow of the New Zealand supply ship, the “Endeavour”.

Page 47

“Well, well, what have we here”, says “Blue”, one of the Huskies under Peter Le Quesne’s care. (Peter was also a technician with the expedition). A stray seal and Blue make friends.

The same seal is not quite so friendly with one of the Americans attached to the New Zealand party. The hammer was not being used on the seal, the American had been using it to build a frame.

Great activity, as an American geological party arrives back after a three months survey into the interior.

A far cry from the days of Scott. An unusual shot of a helicopter landing on an ice flow.

(“Photo News” will always be interested in photos from local men who visit the South or North Poles, the Moon, or any other out-of-the-way spots.)

Page 48


The shores of Lake Tutira (North of Napier on the Napier-Wairoa Road) with its prepared picnic areas at strategic points, are a popular place for picnickers and travellers looking for a peaceful and shady spot to spend a few pleasant hours.

Page 49

Central Hawkes Bay PONY CLUB . . .

Last month we featured an article on a training school for Pony Club riders of the Northern Hawke’s Bay clubs. In this issue Photo News’ photographer Max Moverley, brings pictures of a similar school for the Central Hawke’s Bay Club, held at Porangahau Station by courtesy of Mr. J. Humphries.

Barbara Walsh, a Dannevirke member, puts into practice what she has been taught.

Little girl, little horse. Elizabeth Humphries was the youngest rider at the camp and could have taught some of the older riders a thing or two.

Page 50

At this school also, care of the pony was high on the list. Juliete Harding see that her pony’s hoof is clear of stones.

Another member from Hawke’s Bay’s southern most centre, Miss Heather Martin of Dannevirke.

As good as they are, accidents happen, so Mrs Munro gives a lesson on first aid.

Page 51


A strong club, the Central Hawke’s Bay group require a large number of instructors, and this is one club that has no lack of support from riders with the necessary know how. Here are the group of instructors at this, the second annual camp, photographed in front of the club’s headquarters.

From left, Mr. M. Cammock, T. Atcheson, J. Balfour, N. McCormick, P. Sutton and K. Simpson. At back, Mrs. Munro, Mrs. Ross, Mrs. Banbury, Mrs. Simpson and Mr. R. Bayer.

With saddle and bridal, Susan Von Dadelzen moves off after giving her pony a rub down.

A young enthusiast learns how to sit properly, and how to be in complete control of her mounts movements.

A well disciplined group of ponies.

Photos by Max Moverley

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Sent to us by Mrs. S. Teale of Hyla Street, Haumoana, this photo shows a group of children having fun in the garden in preparation for a more important date. Bridegroom is Delwyn Butcher; Bride, Heather Clark; Chief Bridesmaid, Edith Tearle; Second Bridesmaid, Jualiane Butcher; and Page Boy, Michael Butcher.

The Waimarama Surf Life Saving Team, winners of the London Shield at the H.B. Surf Life Saving competitions at Westshore. From left are, P. Hannah, J. Stephans, G. Grooby, D. Crawford, B. Cotteril, and B. Horton.

An up-and-coming Napier band combination are “The Jesters” who recently gained third place in the “Give It a Go” competitions on the Marine Parade, Napier. They are, from left, Kevin McElroy, Peter Bearsley, Lindsay Lock, Desmond Gibson and Michael Angland.

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21st Birthdays

In the Old Boys’ Hall, Hastings, Douglas John Whitfield, son of Mr. and Mrs. Whitfield, Pakowhai, celebrated their son’s 21st birthday.

Celebrating his 21st birthday at home, is Warren Fuller, eldest son of Mrs. and the late Mr. Clive Fuller of Heretaunga Street East, Hastings.

At the Twyford Hall in Hastings, Graham Clare, only son of Mr. and Mrs. S. Clare, 207 Gallien Street, Hastings, cuts his birthday cake.

Elizabeth Monica Russell of 63 McGrath Street, Napier, celebrated her 21st birthday.

At the Red Cross Hall, Napier, Patricia O’Brien, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. O’Brien, Waipapa Terrace, Wellington.
Batchelors Studios Photo

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Railway Picnic

Loaded to the baggage racks with Railway personnel and their families and friends, a train load of fun and frolic heads out to Eskdale for the Railwaymen’s Annual Picnic.

It’s business as usual for the bookstall attendant, but only until the train leaves for the picnic grounds.

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At the District assembly of Jehovah’s witnesses, new candidates and hundreds of onlookers gathered around the swimming pool at the residence of Mr and Mrs Ernest Coombe (whose son James is at present a missionary in Thailand). They had come to witness the ordination of 31 new ministers, during which they undergo baptism by water immersion which was conducted by Mr. Leonard Herbert.

Over 960 delegates and members of the public attended the conference and bakers were kept busy providing bread.

The group’s presiding minister, Mr. B. B. Mason of Auckland, delivers the main talk to delegates.

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Big Day FOR 21 YEAR OLD AND Monarch Motors

Colleen Hannan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. Hannan of 166 Vigor Brown Street, Napier, whose 21st birthday coincided with the “birthday” of Monarch Motors latest model de luxe Anglia, poses for our Photo News photographer beside Monarch Motors’ “new baby”.

The firm were so confident of the new arrival keeping strictly to schedule that they were able to advertise a specific date for the announcement, Friday the 26th of February, with the result that a large crowd turned up for a close inspection of this new addition to the Ford family.

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[Back cover photo – The very efficient looking reelman on this month’s back cover is 10-year-old John Harris of Napier, a member of the specially formed Junior Junior Section of the Pacific Surf Life Saving Club.]

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