Hawke’s Bay Photo News April 1962

Hawke’s Bay PHOTO NEWS
41st Issue
APRIL 1962

[Cover photo – Attractive Laurel Daley of Hastings, a trained fashion model, has just returned from Wellington and is successfully conducting her own model and charm school.]

Extra length … finer filter … and best of all is the tobacco.

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Vol. 4
APRIL 1962

Editor and Photographer Philip Moore

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Front Cover. Attractive Laurel Daley of Hastings, a trained fashion model, has just returned from Wellington and is successfully conducting her own. model and charm school.

Back Cover. Miss Judith Nichol on Youllia. Judith, who is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. Nichol of Havelock North, was judged “Lady Rider of the Year” at Christchurch recently.

This striking evening gown in purple facecloth is a sheath. flowing to fullness below the knee. It is worn with a long matching stole lined With gold brocade. Modelled by Betty Hunt it is from the 1962 N.Z. Wool Board’s Awards.

Page 2


The Hawke’s Bay – Poverty Bay Track and Field Championships which were held at McLean Park recently, were a great success, with many records being broken and equalled. Above we see H. Twigley of Gisborne clearing the bar at 5 feet 11 inches.

The last hurdle and breasting the tape in the first heat of the women’s 80 metres hurdles. S. Haydon, Gisborne, 1st; M. Wilson, Taradale, 2nd; and B. Halford, Waipukurau, 3rd

J. Leppien commences her run to the high jump bar and clears it at 4 feet 9 inches.

Page 3

The field gets under way in the three mile event. This was won by R. Wilton (Taradale) who beat his own record.

Margaret Riggs (Napier) finishes strongly to win the 440 yards women’s final. Margaret equalled the existing record for this race and in the evening set a new time for the 880 yards.

Page 4

WHARTON – PAINTER. At Napier, Pamela Kay Painter, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. MacDonald, Douglas McLean Avenue, to Grahame John, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wharton, Kennedy Road. The bridal group from left are Groom and Bride, Wendy Painter, David Jackson, Ainsley McClure, Brian Wharton, Shirley Painter and flower girl Carolyn Hamilton.
Batchelors Studios Photo

JONES – BEARD. At Christ Church, Taumaranui, Barbara Helen, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Beard, “Otataka”, Ongarue, King Country to Alan Rodney, second son of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Jones, Napier Road, Havelock North. Attendants from left are, Andrew Beard, Bruce Curtis, Brian Turnbull, Diana Mason, Kathleen Jones and Heather Craig. Flower-girl is Carey McDonald.
Photo by G. C. Seccombe, Taumaranui

Page 5


A recent Fashion Show, held in the Municipal Theatre, Napier, and organised by the NZ. Wool Board and the Napier Lions Club was to help raise monies for the “Save the Children” fund. Above we see the premier wool award for 1962 – a man’s coat – which just goes to show that men can reach the dizzy heights in the world of fashion, but we think the girls can fill them better. Mannequins are Norma MacDonald (Wellington), a member of the Pacific Life Saving Club (who stood in at the last minute and who wishes to remain anonymous) and Diana Broadhead (Wellington).

Make-up, Millinery and Accessories by Blythes Ltd.

Pat Briasco and another member of the Pacific Life Saving Club modelling clothes from the collection.

Norma in a green sweater.

Page 6


On this and the following page we present further garments from the collection, all award winners. Models are, Norma MacDonald (Wellington), Pat Briasco (Napier), Dairne Le Quesne (Napier), Diana Broadhead (Wellington), Margaret Hurst (Napier), and Betty Hunt (Hastings).]

Page 7

On this and the following page we present further garments from the collection, all award winners. Models are, Norma MacDonald (Wellington), Pat Briasco (Napier), Dairne Le Quesne (Napier), Diana Broadhead (Wellington), Margaret Hurst (Napier), and Betty Hunt (Hastings).

Page 8


Selwyn Toogood sits beside eleven year old Robyn Shirley of Napier, who is crippled, and when Selwyn heard that Robyn wanted very much to see his show, he arranged to have a chair in the wing of the theatre for her. We feel it must have been a great thrill for Robyn and know she thoroughly enjoyed herself.

Page 9


The “Magic Carpet” competitors take the stage to try for air trips.

Dr. P. Fleischl endeavours to win a trip to London.

Mrs. Rachel Kittow walks happily from the stage after winning her N.Z. air trip.

Page 10


JOHNSON – CLARK. Maureen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. Clark, Shackleton Street, Maraenui, Napier, to Doug Johnson.
Batchelors Studios Photo

SMITH – COOMBS. Beverley, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Coombs, Hastings, to Ronald, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Smith.
M. Greer, Photographer

JOHNSON – WHISTON. Gail, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Whiston, Shamrock Street, Napier, to Bob Johnson.
Batchelors Studios Photo

COLLISON – WARREN. Anne May, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Warren, to David, son on Mr. and Mrs E. S. Collison.
Candid Camera Studios

Page 11

The Vigor Brown (boys) and Knapp Shields (girls) for Life Saving competition in post primary H.B. schools were both won this year by Colenso High School. All competitors must be under 16 years of age on 1st October of the competition season.

Pat Thompson and Vicki Wynn with the Knapp Shield.

Graham Coombes, Ron George and Ian Watson with the Vigor Brown Shield. Absent, Ian Greenhalgh.

Page 12


“Anything Goes – Again”, started off. with a clatter and clang, as tin baths, trick bikes and left-handed bagpipes descended on the Mayfair Theatre from all directions. Above, we caught this well filled bath tub being bundled in through the trades-men‘s entrance, escorted by Hayden Shirley, John Minty and Joe Corry. The gorgeous contents are Mrs. Kerri Rowell and Mrs. Helen Cornliesse who, incidently, won the Scavenger Hunt. Pretty good scavengers, eh!

The internal machinations started with a solo “Twist” up and down the aisle by Tommy Taewa.

Keith Richardson makes a rumbling sound which John Minty records for posterity.

Page 13

During the course of the Show a Twist competition was held and these pictures show some of the movements of this fascinating dance. Above are the winners of the competition, Herbie Pawhau and Donna Cotter. Below we see Dennis Ango and Beverly Murfhitt.

Page 14

After the Twist proper, we come to the Twist impromptu as performed by John (moments like these) Minty and Keith (spinning disc) Richardson, later known as “Slipped Disc” Richardson.

John, proving he can do two things at once, twists and gives himself a towel down at the same time.

Same action, rear view.

Keith, really getting down to a low roll.

Looks like the Richardson version of Boomps-a-Daisy, or perhaps somebody has nailed his boots to the floor.

Page 15

A duet, note the knee action of the chassis.

The fun ended with Keith and John having a custard pie duel for the honour of being the biggest (sorry, best) twister.

The audience thoroughly enjoyed the show.

Page 16


SMITH – PAINE. At Saint Augustine’s Church, Napier, Joy Anita, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Paine, McGrath Street, to Robert James, son of Mr. and Mrs J. Smith, Cardiff, Wales. The bridal group from left is, Bride and Groom, Susan Paine, Sonya Martin, Adrian Wiig and Wendy Clarke.
Batchelors Studios Photo


Annette, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Ryder, Argyll East, pictured with her parents.
Candid Camera Studies

Bryan, son of Mr and Mrs. Z. Holdsworth, of Hastings, receiving the traditional key.

Rodger, son of Mrs and the late Mr. G. Gate of Hastings.
Candid Camera Studies

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Page 18


Maraenui Golf Club got away to a good start this season with a mixed Stableford at the club’s links at Awatoto. A large number of players were on the course and above we see a small section waiting to tee off.

Below is the presidents group. Left to right, Mr. W. Harvey (Hastings President) and Mrs. Harvey, Mr. S. Parsons (Napier President) and Mrs. Parsons, and Maraenui President, Mr C. Holland and Mrs Holland.

Page 19

Another happy group trundling around the course, from left to right John Mullany, Pani August, Audrey Mullany, Ian MacDonald, Stuart Jones (captain of the H.B. Team which won the Freyberg Rose Bowl last season) and Shirley Jones.

A very promising young player, Miss Heather Booth of Gisborne, has a handicap of 13.

Joe MacGrath lets drive the first ball of the season.

Page 20


“Come on Dad” was the cry as old timers showed their paces at a light hearted swimming evening held at the Mahora Baths, Hastings.

Some of the old timers had very queer starting positions.

Young R. Ayres (on his uncle’s knee) cheers his dad on.

Dads, lined up for a leisurely 50 yard sprawl (sorry, crawl). Te. McCracken was first, folowed home by M. Littlejohn.
Photos by Batchelors Studios

Page 21

50 yards seems to have been a little too much for these two old boys as they are hauled rather unceremoniously from the water. This is what comes of sitting back and watching Mum mow the lawn.

Miss Walford and two ring-ins “Mrs Pickering” and “Mrs. Gregory” about to take the plunge.
Batchelors Studios Photo

Page 22


The Australian stable proved to be a popular draw at the New Zealand Horse Society’s tenth annual Show at Tomoana Showgrounds recently. Below we see a group of youngsters watching a member of the Australian team grooming his horse.

Members of the Australian Equestrian Team who have been touring New Zealand. From left to right, Peter Wintom (Brahmin), Bill Hyem (Coronation), Hugh Wood, Manager (Ocean Foam), Miss Margery Coombs (Pleasure), Kevin Bacon (Kimberley), Miss Bridget Macintyre (Lookout).

The 1962 N.Z. Horse of the Year (Coronation), with R. W. Hyem up.

Page 23

Pleasure (Equestrian Federation Australasia), ridden by Miss M. Coombs.

Miss A. Talbot a well known H.B. rider on Gilbert.

Saba Sam ridden by G. O. Hansen of Gisborne.

Miss B. Macintyre on E.F.A. horse, Lookout.

Page 24

A few moments of anxiety for rider and horse were caused when Kimberley the Australian horse, crashed a fence and the rider Kevin Bacon was suspended over the animal’s head.

Page 25


The bank of the Ngaruroro River at Clive was crowded with people and boats for the Heretaunga Power Boat Club’s annual regatta.

The boats roar down the straight, churning the river into a seething mass.

These three boaties may look at though they are enjoying a cool game of cards but in actual fact they are looking for a boat.

And here she comes up from the deep. Vega, driven by P. Mudgway struck a submerged log and sank, with a hole torn in the bottom.

Page 26

The Wairoa boat “Dutchie” at speed.

The big boy of the show was R. Whitwell’s “Polaris”, developing 3,000 h.p. and a speed of 75 m.p.h. in the straights, it was able to lap the field in the major event.

Page 27

“Can Can“ fighting it out on the turn amid blinding spray.

“Can Can” boxed in and narrowly missed by “Autocrat” and “Superace” was forced to stop hecausse of a fire in the air intake. The driver fortunately managed to smother the fire with his crash helmet.

Page 28


With fantastic speed, fire spread through a large section of Wattie’s food processing plant in Hasting causing untold damage, but fortunately, no loss of life. The city of Hastings immediately swung into action with fire fighters, pofice, civil defence personnel and Wattie’s own staff and averted what could have been a major disaster for province and country.
Lovell-Smith Photo

Page 29


A close look at the burning inferno.

The maze of fire hoses in King Street.

Photos by courtesy of Lovell-Smith

Page 30


As soon as it was possible, men moved in, and started to clean up. “Back into production”, was the order of the day and the scene next morning was incredible as men with trucks, bulldozers and front-end loaders frantically tore at the debris in an effort to get the factory going again.

Page 31

This twisted mass of iron and steel was still hot when this photo was taken.

Broken and burnt machines, mute evidence of disaster.

Page 32

Within hours, machines were being serviced and made ready for production again. Here we see Mike Ellingham and John Bell working on a machine.

A front-end loader (left) removing a stack of damaged cans and (right) a welder engaged in cutting away the still hot steel girders.

Page 33

Three Days Later

In a matter of days the damaged section of the factory was back in production and on this page we see girls packing cans of pears as they come off the line.

Page 34

Mrs. Garnett, Mrs. Mackintosh, Marie Waish, Mrs. Lister and Mrs. Mona King, mark and pack cans ready for labels. The labelling at this stage was being done by hand as the machines were lost in the fire. “Photo News” would like to congratulate all the little people who turned this near disaster into a personal triumph.


The men who are always in the “Dough”. Members of the Master Bakers Federation who recently held their annual conference in Napier.

Page 35


After five years of planning and hard work, the Napier South Scout Troop has finally reached its goal in the completion of the new Rewi Smith Scout Hall.

Above: A few hours before the opening ceremony members of the troop were busy erecting all those things so dear to boy scouts everywhere. The toilers, Paul Leatic, Graham Weaver, Alen Wyndham and Michael Howell were putting the finishing touches to a quite remarkable entrance.

Other members lashing together the framework of observation tower, prior to erecting it.

Page 36

Littlejohn (Mr. J. R. Cooksey) declares the hall (or to use Littlejohn’s own words “the Den”) open. The official opening unfortunately owing to rain had to be performed inside.

Mrs. Avis Dawson receives a “Thanks Badge” from Patrol Leader Howell for her untiring efforts in helping to make this hall a reality.

Page 37

A feature of this hall is the Memorial Maori Gateway over the fireplace which belonged to the troop’s first King Scout, John Daniell, who gave his life trying to save another. In front of the arch are Mr. and Mrs. J. Daniell with Littlejohn and Kea Angove,the troop’s present Scout Master.

At the completion of the ceremony the guests adjourned outside while afternoon tea was prepared. It was then that Littlejohn decided to try out the Flying Fox, built by the boys.

Page 38


In an effort to raise funds for the “Save the Children” fund, the Napier Lions Club in conjunction with Blythes and Selwyn Toogood organised the Napier section of the national peggy- square knitting contest.

At 9.30 in the mornimg the only sound to be heard was the click of 31 pairs of needles as the ladies got down to business. Strange to say, not one was talking.

Mrs. Duncan of Napier, the winner, who knitted in conventional manner at a fantastic speed.

Mrs. Mills of Hastings, a very close second, who knitted continental style.

Page 39

To help pass the time and raise extra cash for the fund, Selwyn offered to demonstrate the “Twist” for a pound a time.

The big man twists

Same man, rear view.

Patricia Cummings of Women’s Hour tried to interview Selwyn but only got hauled into twisting.

Patricia in reverse.

Page 40


The first 1962 major production of the Napier Repertory Player’s, “The Shifting Heart” marks the official opening of the Little Theatre in McGrath Street. Produced by May MacDonald the play covers a wide range, from comedy to tragedy and is the story of an Italian family of immigrants in a poor class suburb in Melbourne and their struggle for acceptance as dinkum Australians.

Bill Corfield, who plays Poppa Bianchi, had to learn to play the harmonica as well as act the part.

“Will you control your dago temper”. The word “dago” lies between Italian Maria and Australian Clarry like a perpetual challenge.

Page 41

Producer May MacDonald finds it harder work watching than the cast do acting.

Properties are begged, borrowed or stolen. In charge of this department, Patricia Swindell and Margaret White are quite happy with the Christmas tree Gino gives to his Momma. They don’t even mind Garry’s empty beer bottles, but they do dislike being responsible for the ancient piece of fish that Bianchi’s next door neighbours throw over the fence.


This rather battered and cabless truck toppled into the Iron Pot recently while working on the remains of the old J.D.O. Dredge.

Page 42


When the travelling Drama Quartet of the New Zealand Theatre Company visited schools in the province recently, they were playing to the most appreciative and possibly the most critical of audiences an actor or actress can face – children. It can be safely said that the group held the audience spellbound at all times. Excerpts from many plays were presented.

Simple demonstration of the art of mime was shown to the children and here we see a homely winter scene, with one girl sitting on the floor in front of a fire, while the second girl knits and the two men play chess.

A theatrical shot of the quartet, left to right, Eric Wood, Raeburn Hirsch, Barbara Laurenson and Doug Nottage.

A scene from the play “Androcles and the Lion” shows Androcles played by Doug Nottage and the Lion by Eric Wood.

These three youngsters appear to be living the parts.

Page 43

During the course of the plays the telephoto lens was turned on the audience and here we see some of the many expressions registered as the children intently watched the plays.

Thank you, Barbara, Doug, Eric and Raeburn.

Page 44


Lindsay. eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Davies, Charles Street, Hastings, celebrated his 21st birthday at Windsor Lodge. He is seen here with his parents.

Kathleen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs S. H. Baker, Avenue Road, Hastings, celebrated at the Baptist Hall. Kathleen is pictured with her brothers Gordon and Stan.

Photos by Batchelors Studios

The 21st birthday party for John, son of Mr. and Mrs. Krey, 8 Coronation Street, Napier, was held in the Sailing Club Hall.
Batchelors Studios Photo

Richard John Spence, who is shown with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Spence, Latham Street, Napier, held his party in the Merchant Navy Rooms.
Batchelors Studios Photo

Robert, son of Mrs. M. Taylor, Hastings celebrated his 21st birthday in the Twyford Hall. Robert (right), is pictured with Peter Tomoana and Godfrey Tuki. The three boys have just returned from a nine months singing tour of Australia.
Photo by A. W. Colley

Page 45


This four generation photo was taken on, the occasion of the Golden Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. H. I. Price, Omaha Road, Hastings. Pictured are R. W. Price (grandfather), B. J. Price (father), H. J. Price (great- grandfather) and young Philip Price.

Here we see Mr. and Mrs. Price Snr. cutting their “Golden Wedding“ cake at a function which was held in the H.B. Farmers Tea-rooms.
Batchelors Studios Photo

This four generations picture was taken at the christening of Julie Ann Ross. She is shown with her father, Bob Ross Jnr. (standing), grandfather, Bob Ross Snr. and great-grandmother Mrs. Ross.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

IF you wish “Photo News” to cover any function
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39-931 NAPIER (Night)
These are Our Only Phone Numbers

Page 46


An International Exhibition of the art and craft work carried out by boy and girl members of the Junior Red Cross throughout the world shows local crafts, art work and costumes of their countries, thereby creating better understanding of the ways of life in places which are little more than names on a map to the boys and girls of this province. By the time the doors closed on the exhibition, which was held in the Assembly Hall, Hastings, nearly 3,000 children apart from adults had viewed the display.

Above. Pride of place went to the N.Z. exhibit of toys etc., made by Junior Red Cross members for the less fortunate children of our hospitals.

Three year old, Ingrid Erickson handles a toy destined for some child in hospital.

Elizabeth Brickson and Kathy Evens (both aged eleven) examine an album of Korean national costumes.

Page 47

A Red Cross worker, Miss Gladys Hardy of Hastings conducts a party of children around the exhibition pointing out various items of interest.

Beverley Allen, Denise Brodie, Jennifer Enright and Robyn Rissette hold an interesting discussion about a Red Cross poster.

Wayne Badland takes a keen interest in the art section.

Page 48

A complimentary dinner was given to the girls of the Hastings Leopard Senior Marching Team, by Mr. B. Buchanan. of the Stortford Lodge Hotel. The girls successfully won awards given by the Marching Association. and were also winners at both Hastings and Hawke’s Bay fixtures. The team is pictured here with members of the H. B. Executive. The trophies shown are, Hastings Challenge Shield, Woolworths Challenge Cup, Onward Cycle Challenge Cup, Moverley Photography Leader Challenge Cup and Luttrell Diamonds and Shield.
Lovell-Smith Photo


Between Christmas and New Year Graeme Snadden of Hastings acted as a guide to these four members of the Westshore Surf Life Saving Club on a tour of the west coast of the South Island. Left to right are Syd Jago, Barry Jones, Barry Dennahey and Brian Duggan.
Photo sent in by S.A. Jago

Page 49


ROY – ANSIN. At Trinity Methodist Church, Napier, June Margaret, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Ansin, Nelson Crescent, Napier, to Robert Glyn, son of Mr. and the late Mrs. E. K. Roy, Bowling Road, Greenmeadows.
Batchelors Studios Photo

BOWLY – GILL At “Peloha”, Havelock North, Gwen, daughter of Mrs. M. and the late Mr. W. Gill, Stratford, to Charles, son of Mrs. and the late Mr. F. W. Bowly, Brisbane, Australia.
Photo by A. W. Colley

McALLISTER – ROWE. At Saint Augustine Church, Napier, Beverley Joan Rowe, grand-daughter of Mr. and Mrs H. Clifford, Napier to Hugh Charles, son of Mrs Haye, Hastings.
Batchelors Studios Photo

To keep wedding photographs in proportion to other material in Photo News. we ask you to send in a 3 x 4 glossy print of the couple only.
However, for those who particularly want a 6 x 4 wedding group Photo News will publish such groups on receipt of a ten shilling postal note with a 6 x 4 glossy print.

Page 50


With the season almost over, “Photo News” had a difficult time keeping up with all the school swimming sports, but selected Wycliffe (a comparatively new school) to represent the whole and perhaps see if there are any future stars among the pupils. Young J. Scott appears to have a swimming future if she sticks at it. Above we see the male section really cheering the competitors on.

The winners of the diving gave an exhibition during the afternoon T. Karatu and J. Scott making dives from the one metre board.

Page 51

Novelty pyjama races were held (one each for boys and girls) in which competitors had to swim a width of the baths, don pyjamas and swim back, not very easy to do when wet. Here we see two of the girls struggling manfully and a boy taking the plunge, good training in a light hearted manner against the possibility of these youngsters ever having to swim with their clothes on.

The field in the Junior Girls’ breaststroke race makes an interesting water pattern.

Page 52


The ex Prisoners of War picnic which was held at Eskdale Park on Sunday, 11th February, was well attended by young and old and a lot of fun was had by all. Above. The field in the 5-8 years race breasting the tape. The winner was Bruce Parnell. Below. Girls who won their 8-10 years race were, Ist, Andrea Black; 2nd, Beverly Saunders; 3rd, Robin Mclnnes.

Page 53


A fire which threatened two wards of the Napier Hospital in the late afternoon of Sunday, 18th March and preceded by a deafening explosion, completely destroyed the hospital’s large wooden workshop, containing the splints and boot department and hearing aid clinic. Firemen working with speedy efficiency brought the blaze under control in half an hour. Because of their proximity to the outbreak, the patients (26 women and 30 children) in Margaret and Shrimpton Wards were removed to the safety of other parts of the hospital. As well as valuable mechanical and surgical equipment lost, there were three cars destroyed and one badly damaged in the blaze. Above: Firemen working on the east side of blazing building.

One of the cars lost in the blaze. Some fear was expressed at the time in case the petrol tank exploded.

Page 54

Firemen arrived in various modes of dress.

Fire touches Shrimpton Ward. Firemen and helpers at entrance.

A very young baby being removed to safety.

Page 55

Patients being removed to safety.

Volunteers, off-duty staff and staff, removing equipment.

Page 56

As usual the crowd arrived in force, causing a traffic hazard by leaving their cars parked anywhere, even in the middle of the road.

Aerial of disaster taken next morning.
Photo by A. W. Colley.

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[Back cover photo – Miss Judith Nichol on Youllia. Judith, who is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. Nichol of Havelock North, was judged “Lady Rider of the Year” at Christchurch recently.]

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