Hicks Family Tree

From grave stones in St Matthew’s Churchyard
St Wenn, Cornwall

William Hicks of Penhellick (1754-1828)
Margaret, his wife (1757-1832)

(It seems probable that William and Margaret Hicks of Penhellick were the parents of Richard, Thomas and John. It is known at least that Emily and Hart were first cousins)

Richard Hicks, Yeoman of Penhellick (1797-1882)
Kitty, his wife (1806-1893)

Thomas Hicks of Prince Park (1795-1877) m. Jenifer Roberts of Mawgan in the Vale of Lanherne (1800-1879)
(Thomas and Jenifer had 8 sons and 5 daughters – order of birth not known)

John Hicks of Demelza (1791-1869) m Jane, his wife (1797-1875)

Joseph ( -1913) m. Catherine Lanyon ( – 1923)
Francis (1839-1911) (migrated to N.Z. in 1859 in ship “William Watson”) m. (in N.Z.) Mary Allan (1857-1939) [see rest of his line further down page *1]
Thomas (b. 1823) [see rest of his line further down page *2]
Three Sons (emigrated to Canada – No Record)
Amelia m. .. Spear
5 sons, one daughter m.
Ethel m. …Whale
Daughter (name not known)
Ellen m. Walter Verran [see rest of her line further down page *3]
Emily (1843-1925) m. Hart (1834-1924) 1864 [see rest of her line further down page *4]

Francis (1839-1911) (Emigrated to N.Z. in 1859 in ship “William Watson”) m. (in N.Z.) Mary Allan (1857-1939)
John Allan (Jack) (Killed World War 1)
Francis (1894-1930) m. Ella
Edmund (Ned)
Grace m. Bert Claridge
Charlotte m Cedric Peake
Mary m. Fred Silverton
2 daughters
Mary (Millie) (unmarried)
Jennifer (1889 -1969) m. Wilfred Walker 1919 (1854-1975)
Maurice 1927 m. Barbara Heslop (1959)
Maud unmarried (1924)
Robert m. 1995 Doreen Bennett
Betty m. (1) Lindsay Hay (2) Ernest Peake
2 daughters
Helen (Dotty) m. Henry Black
2 sons and 2 daughters

Thomas (b. 1823)
3 daughters
Tobias William (1845-1923) m. Annie (1844-1926) Dunn (emigrated to N.Z. in 1891 on ship “Alhambra”)
Florence m. John Blackwood
Thomas Alhambra (not married) (1871-1934)
George Wilfred (not married) (1875-1927)
Charles (1873-1931) m. Margaret Cooper (1878-1920)
Trewanion Marcus  (b 1908) (1989) [?] m. Beatrice Sands (no children)
Margaret (1911-1936) m. Bernard Magee
Terence (b 1936) m. Juliet 1964
Charles m. Renee Pepper
Katherine (Kitty) (1889-1972) not married

Ellen m. Walter Verran
Ellen (Nellie) m. Thomas Key
Mary m. Walter Hicks (No relation to other Hicks) (No children)
Margaret m. Howard Jesty
Joyce m. Clifford Richard
Paul (b. c. 1960)
Caroline (b. c. 1964)
Marjorie m. Kenneth Browne
2 sons & 2 daughters
Laura, Thelma twins
Annie m. Jack Ross
1 son & 3 daughters
Joan m. Reginald Pickett
James m. Shirley [?]
Betty m. Robert Peake
Mona m. Thom Ogier

Emily (1843-1925) m. 1864 Hart (1834-1924) [Handwritten – Cousins]
Migrated to N.Z. in 1864 in ship “Mary Warren”
Emily was youngest daughter of Thomas Hicks of Prince Park
Hart was 4th son of John Hicks of Demelza
John Thomas (Tom) (1867-1943) m. Annie Cooper (1872-1960) 2-12-02
William m. Alwyn Beedell
1 son and 6 daughters – Shirley, Roseanne, Elizabeth, Vivienne, Meg, John, Esme, Marie
Mary m. John McCathie (no children)
Frank m. Caroline Foster
1 son, 2 daughters – Virginia, Philippa, Geoffrey
Dudley m. Muriel Young (no children)   [** see Additional Information]
Hart m. Jean Watt
2 sons, 2 daughters – David, Richard, Janet, Bridget
Marcus m. Martyn Mayston
2 sons, 1 daughter – Basil, Beverley, Noel
Maud m. Edward Shuter
Emily-Ethlawyn m. “Tom” Pickering
Thomas m. Susan Lott
4 children
Neville (Not married)
Ruth m. A. “Squif” Lockett
Margaret m. Warwick Nicoll
Clara m. George Harris (no children)
Emily Rose m. Frank Wildsmith Harrison
Sarah Emily (Nancy) (b 1912) m. Eric Hood (b. 1908)
2 sons and 1 daughter (see separate parties)
May (1880-1972) m. Bert Cooper (no children)

John Hicks of Demelza (1791-1869) & Jane, his wife (1797-1875)
Hart (1834-1924 – Hart was the 4th son of the Hicks of Demelza
William (1822-1843)

1 son (Name and age not known) George m. [unknown]
Hart m.
1 Richard Wilfred
2 Gladys Mary
3 Marian d 25th Nov 1968
4 Eddie Polglase
5 Edgar John
[2,4 and 5] all unmarried of Brynn Mill Farm, Parish of Roche

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** Information received from Andrew Chalton, April 2016 –

Dudley m. Muriel Young. (no children) His full name is Thomas Dudley Hart Hicks (1907-1987). About 1943 he married Murielle Wood Young (1910-1981). Murielle’s parents were Alice May Young and Arthur Edward Young. Thomas and Murielle are both buried (together) at Hautapu Cemetery in Cambridge.

Information received from Jennifer Browne, February 2018 –

Thomas (b.c. 8th Aug1795) was a younger brother of John (c. 30th Dec. 1790. Their parents were William Hicks and Margaret Hore. John’s son Hart, married his cousin Emily (Francis’s sister) and they migrated to NZ.

NB for more accurate information about the Hicks family see [www].lizandstu.com/yelland

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