Hinerua School 1909-1924

H.B., N.Z.

Helen M Swinburn
Onga Onga

Blackburn-Ruahine School

Feb. 12. 1909.   This school was opened for the first time, by the undersigned, on Wednesday February 10th, 1909.  There was an attendance of 26; – 12 boys, 14 girls.  On the whole the children are not far advanced for their ages and standards, owing to having had a long distance to go to school before attending this school, and many of them have been unable to attend at all. With good attendance fair progress may be made.

Ethel Woodham

Feb. 19.   A fire was lit one day during the week and then chimney smoked so badly that the fire had to be put out.  After the recent rain the fireplace and hearth were flooded.
The above has been reported to the committee.

Feb. 26.   Two boys from Makaretu school were admitted on Monday, making a roll number of 28.


Mar. 5.   The necessary books for the children have not yet come to hand, causing a certain amount of inconvenience, and the work generally cannot go on fully.  Application to the Board has been made for Regulations and Syllabus of Standard work, there being none in the school.

Mar. 10.   Three of the committee spent to-day levelling the ground round the school.  This was very necessary as there was no suitable place to drill the children (the road being used for that purpose).

Mar. 12   Abacus came to hand to-day.

Mar. 16.   Wet day but attendance good, only 2 being absent.

Mar. 17.   Rain still falling; 4 absent.

Mar. 18.   No improvement in weather; 3 absent.

Mar. 19   Heavy rain this morning & 10 absent.

Mar. 26   Nothing to record this week.

Mar. 29   Very wet; attendance 17. Fire had to be put out on account of the smoke. Fireplace flooded.

April   School closed for Easter holiday.

9th.   Standard 4 girl been absent for 3 weeks, having a bad leg. Standard 5 boy not attended for 2 weeks; kept home to work.

Ap. 13.   School reopened after Easter holidays.

Ap. 22   One new pupil admitted to-day.

Ap. 30.   Highest average attendance for week since school opened.  Std.4 girl still unable to attend.

Inspected this school today when 24 pupils were present.

Miss Woodham is in temporary charge.  Roll 29

H Hill
Insp of Schools

May 4th, 1909

May 7   Term examination in progress this week.

May 14   School closed this afternoon for term holidays.  Attendance poor this week on account of wet weather.

May 25   School reopened after Term Holidays.

May 28   This is the first day this week drill has been taken, as the ground has been too muddy round the school – the only available drilling ground.

June 3   Received permission from Chairman to close tomorrow instead of to-day in honour of Prince of Wales’ birthday.

June 8   There was no school held yesterday on account of the wind.  I made an attempt to

come but was unable to get far.  What few children came were send home by the Chairman. The latter came and told me that it would be impossible to stay in the school as there was a window broken.

This morning when I came into school I found pictures had blown down, and the floor was strewn with slate dusters.  The chimney was blown down during the night.

Inspector’s report was handed to me yesterday.  Report satisfactory.

June 9.   Received “The Education Act” to-day, from Chairman.

June 11   Good attendance to-day, all being present but one girl who has been absent for 12 weeks.

Ethel Woodham

June 14   Have this day taken up duties as teacher of this school, found that chimney has been blown down and window blown in by recent gale otherwise all seems in working order.  I intend to alter Time Table from today.  Cannot see my way clear to allow P Classes to dismiss at 11.30 for I think there are too many in those classes and much work could be done in that time.

Only two children are absent.

A. Eggleton

June 15.   Good attendance though weather bad.  Altered Time Table to day.  All children came in before 9.30 and say table. also I have given home work.

June 16   First day of drill this week.  I have promoted Frank Reeves to St IV and also Sydney Dennis to P II.  Home work not objected to by parents.

June 17   Only 1 child absent to day.  The school is very cold without a fire, especially for children who have ridden a long way.

June 18   This morning, when I opened school, another window was blown in, and one of the maps torn.  The floor was also strewn with things off the walls. I have reported the matter to the chairman. Several children are absent owing to the gale.

June 21   Good attendance to day.  It being shortest day measurement of shadow was taken from stick in playground.

June 22   To day the committee have helped to mettle the school paths.  Four children are absent one girl has never attended since I opened school.  To day I started lessons on the body.

June 23   The day being very rough and stormy a good many of the children are absent.  Received quarterly returns and truant officer’s return forms.  I only gave half hour for lunch and dismissed school at 2.30 instead of 3.

June 24   A miserable wet day but attendance very good only 5 absent  Not being able to light a fire the room is exceedingly cold so cold indeed that I consider it cruel to ask children to sit in it till 3 and until the chimney is repaired on such days as these I intend to give 1/2 hr for lunch and dismiss at 2.30

June 25.   For the week attendance is 24.2 remarkably goood considering the weather. To day only 2 children are absent.  Singing was taken for first time this week.

June 28   Attendance very fair. No fourth or fifth class present. I have promoted two girls from 2nd P Class to 3rd P Class. 1st standard came in at 9 a m. for reading.

June 29   So cold to day that I have let the children out early. The latch was broken off the gate yesterday caused by the gale. Though the school is extremely cold the attendance is good. I cannot get on with some of the subjects for want of material, and have applied to the board for Plasticine paper, and brushwork materials.

June 30   End of the 2nd Quarter. To day the Truant Returns were made out  A number of childrens names have been put down. The returns show an, average of 24.54 out of 29 children. I think this could be improved. It also seems a pity that an, average of 26 could not be carried for by doing so the school would be classed in grade III [three]. Several children are absent to day. I have asked that notes be sent in as to cause of absence

July 1   Beginning of a new quarter, 25 children were present. The chimney was rebuilt today.

July 2   Fire lit today for the 1st time for three weeks or a month.  Report of school made out for the committee who meet July 3rd.  No 4th & 5th class are present to day.  The 5th boy has only attended one day this week.

July 5th   Good attendance to day. only two boys and 1 girl being absent  3rd Prep Class came in at 9.am. for reading.

July 6th   Complaint today re children being punished for disobedience.  If parents are sympathizing with children in regard to difference between teacher and children in regard to school discipline then the teachers command is nil.

July 7th   Attendance very good today although the weather is bad.

July 8th   A number of children came late to day.  Only 2 children absent.

July 9   Average attendance for week is 25.7 Two bigger boys have not attended well. this week.  The weather is very wet

July 12   6 children absent owing to bad weather.  Round the school is very dirty one can hardly walk about

July 13   Man came to finish school repairs. today.

July 14th   Though a beautiful day four children are away.  Three out of the standards fourth and fifth.  This upsets the timetable and makes things difficult to manage and work most irregular besides the children do the teacher no credit for coming one or two days a week. only pulls down the average and the children learn nothing.

July 15   Six children absent today weather beautiful.

July 16   Average attendance this week is 26.8.  I have entered on the register 3 children as visitors.  They are all over age and of course are forced to attend school.

July 19   Twenty seven present today.

July 20   Weather being bad five children are absent from school.

July 21   Arbor Day.  The chairman suggested a holiday but we decided it was not necessary and so opened school.

July 22   The first time every child has been in time for school.

July 23   For the week the average is 28.  A full attendance today though weather bad.

July 26   Received notice that Inspector’s Annual Visit will be on 2 August a week to day.

July 27   This is the first day all the pupils have been present since I took up duties.

July 28   Received foolscap from committee today.
The children only had half hour for lunch to day but were allowed out at 2.30.  Chairman gave permission for this. Yesterday the children were dismissed ten minutes before time owing to the clock being fast, but as school opened by time of same clock, full time was put in.

July 29  Thirty children present to day.

July 30   The average attendance for the week is 30 children.  Held an examination to day.

Aug 2   No examination was held to day as the Inspector did not arrive owing no doubt to the inclemency of the weather, it being very stormy.

Aug 3   Received word that annual examination will be held tomorrow.

Aug 4   Inspector’s Examination held today all children present.  Half a holiday was given.  The examination finished about 11 a.m.

Aug 5   Six children absent to day.

Aug 6   Weather very bad consequently many children are absent.  This week the register shows an average of 26.  I only gave 5 min interval and 15 min Lunch and allowed children out at 2.15 to day as it was so boistrous [boisterous].

Aug 9   Several  children absent.

Aug 12   A great deal of sickness in district causing absence of several children.

Aug 13   The average for the week is 27.1.

Aug 16   A number of children absent to day.

Aug 17

Aug 18   Snow, many children away owing to bad weather and sickness.

Aug 19   The children who have been under doctors orders, returned to day.

Aug 20   The Average attendance was rather less than previous weeks owing no doubt to ill health of some children  Average 25.0.

Aug 23   The children are attending most irregularly and I have sent a report to truant officer.

Aug 24   Every child present today.

Aug 27   Average attendance for the week is 29.  The fifth boy has only attended one day this week.

Augt 30   Two scholars who have attended the school as visitors left today.
Received Plasticine, boards and tools by mail.

Aug 31   Term examinations started today 1st and 2nd Standards being taken.  Many children are absent.

Sept 1   Examination of 3rd & 4th Standards.  First lesson Plasticine today.  Only 24 children present

Sept 2   Fifth Standard absent could not have examination.  Has only been 1 day in a fortnight.  Many children are absent owing to inclemency of weather.

Sept 3   Average attendance only 22.3 this week.  The School closed to day for the term holidays.

Sept 13   School opened to day after the term holidays  Twenty six children were present.

Sept 14   The fifth class has not attended school for some weeks, this is unsatisfactory for both teacher and pupil.

Sept 15   Only one child absent to day.  I have begun working the children in subjects in the higher classes to which after Christmas they will be promoted.

Sept 17   The average for the week is 26.9

Sept 20   Started 2nd Prep reading out of the 3rd Primer.

Sept 20   Received from board a Map of Europe, Drawing Cards and a metric chart.

Sept 21   Many of the children are absent owing to the wet weather.  I allowed the children out at 2.30 but made the time up by only allowing 1/2 hr lunch.

Sept 23   Only one child absent to day.  First time Geographical readers have been taken. A relief map was made in plasticine of Europe.

Sept 24   The average for the week is 25.4.  The girls attending much better than the boys.

Sept 27   Received cards of N Zealand Flora.  Though the weather is bad the attendance is Very Fair.

Sept 28   I have started 3rd Prep Class reading out of St I reader St II in St III and so on through the classes.  The children could do the work and I do not think it necessary to keep them going over and over work they could do.

Sept 29   The average for the week is 26.7 and for the quarter 26.5.  Seven names were sent into the Truant Officer for irregular attendance.

Oct 4   The children are now supplied with new books.  Have stopped Exercises until I get reply from Secretary of the Board in regard to some complaints about exercises raising lumps on children which in my opinion is nonsense. Have advised medical inspection of children

Oct 7   Twenty seven children present.

Oct 8   The average for the week is 25.3.  A half holiday was given today for the Shoot.  Only 20 children are present this morning so it is well school closed for many were going this afternoon.

Oct 11   Many children are absent and lately the attendance is most irregular.

Oct 12   Owing to the gale only 7 children were present this morning. but this afternoon 14 are present.
The Rasmussens left Ruahine School today.  Their parents having shifted from the district.  The roll now numbers 25 children.
Yesterday I discovered that some of the children have spots and sores on the bodies.  It looks very like Chicken Pock but as I do not know for certain I cannot prevent them from coming to school among the others.
The use of the towel has been stopped

Oct 15   Average for week is 20.8
A disease similar to Chicken pock is going through the school I do not know [this sentence has been crossed out.]  A parent lodged a complaint in regard to disease before mentioned and as it seems to be infectious she is quite justified in doing so.

Oct 20   All the children are better but the attendance is most irregular and if does not improve I intend to report to officer.

Oct 22   Average this week is 22.1

Oct 25   Received notice to continue exercises as they were approved of by board.

Oct 26   The inspectors report was received but is most unsatisfactory.  Mention is made re previous teacher’s scheme of work not followed.  Previous teacher never left any scheme of work to be followed and explained to me her reasons for not doing so.  Some mistake has been made by inspector.

Oct 29   The average for week is 21.5.  Two children are absent to day.  Church is to be held in school for on Sunday.

Nov 2   The School is now in Grade III.  Several children are absent owing to bad weather

Nov 4   Weather still bad and attendance therefore irregular.

Nov [?]   The average for week is only 20.4.  The weather being bad has prevented some attending in other cases there is no excuse whatever.

Nov 8   The attendance is much better to day.

Nov 10   A holiday was given yesterday in honour of the Kings Birthday.  Today I took children to top of hills to view surrounding district for purpose of understanding Geography.

Nov 15   Owing to the parents busy shearing many children are absent. Received the School Journals for November.

Nov 20   The average for the week is only 20.6

Nov 23   The attendance today is very bad and I am sending word to the truant officer for in many cases there is no excuse for being absent.

Nov 26   Average for week is 20.8.

Nov 29   Received classification book and Primary Education from Wellington.
Weather very stormy called school in at 12.30 dismissed 2.30.

Nov 30   Weather still stormy and many children absent.

Dec 3rd   Average for week is 18 – bad weather has been cause.

Dec 7   Examination of standard 1 & 2 today.  Received papers from board re 6th examination but this school has no 6th.

Dec 8   Examination of 3rd & 4th standard.

Dec 9   Exam ended to day and has been very satisfactory and in some cases very good.  Two are very weak one in St I and 1 in St III but the remainder are quite capable of doing the work of the class to which they are promoted

Dec 12   Received circulars from board.  Filled in Examination papers and forwarded to board
I also received two First Class Certificates

Dec 17   The average attendance for quarter is 21.215.  The register closed for the quarter. today and returns are made out.
Received illustrations from School Journal.  Report of School also sent into committee which meet Saturday evening Dec 18.

Dec 19   Many children are absent today.

Dec 21st   School closed for Summer vacation today. 17 children are present.  I gave 1/4 hr for lunch and took five minutes off interval and allowed children out at 2 pm  School left in good order.

Ada Laurina Eggleton 1909

Winifred E. Halls

Feb. 7th 1910   I have his [this] day, commenced duty here as a relieving teacher.  This school is in excellent condition.  Three scholars were absent, & I have admitted two others. The children seem well behaved, but slow of comprehension.

Feb. 16th   The water tank has been emptied and cleaned, today.

Feb. 17th   I have, this day, received a note from the parents of Frank Reeves, St IV, explaining the reason for his absence on Feb. 7th Feb. 14 & Feb 15 respectively.

Feb. 21st   Dorothy Elizabeth Hansen, 6 yrs. was admitted this day.

Feb. 24th   The scholars of the Blackburn school are having their annual picnic tomorrow, February 25 and I have leave from the Committee to close this school for that day.
Frank Reeves, mentioned above, has not attended at all, this week.

Mar. 1st   Church service was held in this school on Sunday.  The School Journals for March arrived yesterday.  Acting on the consent of parents, I intend giving the children a little Scriptural instruction each afternoon, commencing this day.  I shall not detain them later than 3.20 P.M. as the Time Table made by Miss A. Eggleton, and which I am trying to work by, closes at 3.0 PM.
Mar. 3rd  A drowned bird was rescued from the tank, this day.

March 4th   The average attendance for this week is 22.5.  This has been such a wet day that I have opened (?) afternoon school at 12.30, and dismissed the children at 2.30 PM, without detaining them for Scripture.

March 11th   The average attendance for this week is 23.

March 14th   The wind is rising rapidly, and there is every indication of a fierce gale; I have therefore dismissed the children at 2.30 PM, having commenced afternoon school at 12.30.

March 18th   The average attendance for this week is 23.2.

March 22nd   A fire was lit in school this day.

March 23rd   A fire was lit in school this day.(?)

March 24th   The school will be closed, tomorrow (Friday) and Monday, it being Easter-tide.
The average attendance for this week is 23.8.

April 2nd 1910   (Saturday) Arrived here yesterday at 4.30 P.M. Received a letter from Miss Halls – relieving teacher saying that she was unable to attend school on Thursday 31 March owing to severe weather.  I have made out the quarterly returns today. Average attendance for quarter ended March 31st is 22.8.

April 4th   Opened school today.  Roll no. 27. Present 26.

April 8th   Children received prizes today for attendance & progress during year 1909.  Classes were dismissed at 2.30 P.M. according to the wish of the Committee.  Weekly average 26.

April 11th   Wet morning. Only 17 children present. Many suffering from colds.

April 13th   Victor Adams in class with Std I, has been using Std III Arith. Bk, but as I find that he cannot do the work through not knowing his addition and multiplication tables, I have today put him back into Std II sum book, which Std I are using.

April 14th   Fierce gale today.  Blind blown down in school though all windows & doors were shut.  Walls could be seen to sway.  Gave about 20 minutes for lunch hour & then took scripture lesson instead of after school.  Dismissed classes at half past two.

April 15th   Terrific wind blowing.  With great difficulty I got as far as Mr Alder’s – a member of the Committee – who advised me not to go further as the children would not be present. Therefore there was no school.

April 18th   Found map blown down.  Map of Australia torn.  Clock blown open and things blown off the mantelpiece.  Gate also broken.
This is a beautiful day and I took advantage of it to give a lesson in outdoor marching and so altered my afternoon time-table to suit.

April 20th   Half holiday taken because of local wedding to which children were going.  Wet morning – only 18 present.

April ?   23 children present.  Examined children – taking Arith from a book lower than they are at present using.  Nobody obtained half mark.  Spelling very bad also.

27th April    Received from Ed Board notice of term holidays from 20th to 30th.  Also notice of agricultural classes to be held at  Waipawa.
All members of the School Committee kindly spent this day working at the school – mending roof, windows, gate & forming paths.

29th April   Average attendance for week 25.2.

29th April   Average attendance for week 25.2

6th May   Weather has been beautiful throughout the week and attendance good.  Frank Reeves has had to stay home 3 days as his father is ill.

10th May   Very wet day. 17 present.

13th May   Average for week 21.9.  This is most satisfactory considering the weather.

19th May   School closed today for 1st term holidays.  Wind and rain have been trying this week but children have attended well.  Average for week is 22.  Tomorrow (20th) is to be observed as holiday on account of the funeral of King Edward VII.  Extra day to be taken as holiday was not observed after his death through telegram arriving too late.

June 1st   Re-opened school with attendance of 24.  Some children suffering from eye-blight.  Committee did not think it necessary to keep them away.  Some also suffering from severe colds.

June 3rd   Average for school 24.8.

June 6th   24 present.  Rain & wind.

June 7th   27 present.  Dismissed school 10 minutes early because of the strong wind.

10th June   Took 25 minutes for lunch & dismissed the majority of the scholars at 2.30 P.M because of the gale. Average attendance for week is 25.4 which is very good considering the weather.

17th June   Average for week 25.9.  Day so cold that I dismissed the children who had far to go immediately after lunch. Snow, wind & rain. Fire smoked so badly that the children’s eyes and mine suffered severely.  The remaining children spent the afternoon in knitting and painting, which subjects I chose on account of their eyes.

20th June   Full attendance.

21st June   Four children kept home to help parents and one absent with eye blight.

24th June   Average for week 25.8.  Children are getting to school late.  This is no doubt due to the coldness of the mornings and the long distances some of them come. It is now generally 9.45 before a good start is made. This interferes with the time table, & daily one or more lessons are crushed out.  I have been dismissing the little ones at 2.30 P.M. owing to the cold and also because of eye blight, toothache etc.  The school day seems very short at this time of the year and of course progress in some subjects is very unsatisfactory as they get so little attention.  I am endeavouring to give Reading, Writing and Arithmetic their full time.

29th June   Cold wet day. 26 children present.  Little ones were very cold & fire smoked so badly that it was impossible to work according to time table.

30th June   Weather better.  Rain came on again in afternoon so dismissed most of the scholars between 2.30 and 2.45 P.M. Older girls remained to do some knitting.

1st July   Average for quarter ended 30th June 24.5.

4th July   Very wet day. 14 children present – that is exactly half the roll no. so that the attendance does not not fall among the excepted half days.  Much time spend in getting the children dry and warm enough for work.

5th July   Wet day – 21 children present.  Time again spent getting them warm and dry.  Time table could not be carried out.  Received globe and wall chart on form from Ed. Board.

6th July   Strong winds and rain.  I had difficulty in getting to school because of the wind.  Eighteen children present.  Worked on slates around the fires.

7th July   25 children present.  Weather better.

8th July   Very wet day.  The heavy rain came while the children were on their way to school. 25 present.  Much time spent getting their clothes dry.  All this week no morning interval has been taken, but a short dinner hour taken at 11.45 a.m. & the children have been dismissed between

2 and 3 o’clock – the infants getting away at two.

11th July   Full attendance.   Very frosty morning.  The majority of the children did not get here till between half past nine and ten.  The order of the work has been very interfered with from various causes lately – mainly eye blight and the weather.  When the time table cannot be adhered to, the day’s work is unsatisfactory.

13th July   Very wet day. Only 16 children present.  Yesterday was wet also and only 21 children present.  Both days, I gave no morning interval & only a short lunch hour and dismissed the children between two & three o’clock.

14th July   Very wet day. 12 children present.  Had hard work to light a fire as rain gets through between chimney & wall as well as inside the chimney & soaks the fire place.  Then fire smoked badly & for some time school work was impossible.  Did not follow the time-table, but took Tables, Arithmetic, Recitation, Reading, Grammar Notes, Geography, Drawing & Knitting.

18th July   Very strong winds.  Only 13 children at school. Many suffering from severe colds. 16 children present in the afternoon.

19th July   Beautiful day.  Only 20 children present & many of them suffering from severe colds.  Chairman has given a holiday tomorrow as the bricklayers are taking down the chimney.

21st July   Only 18 present.  Wet day & children suffering from severe colds.  As we could not have a fire until afternoon (owing to bricklayers working on chimney) I sent those suffering from bad colds home, but counted them present, as some of them are trying to make full attendance.  I thought it would be wrong to keep them in school without a fire as their colds are very bad.  Only 18 present.

22nd July   Very wet day.  Only 8 present & two of these seemed so unwell that I sent them home at lunchtime, but marked them present.  I do not know whether they are getting whooping cough.  Average for week 18.4.

23rd July   7 present in morning & 8 in afternoon.  A serious epidemic is prevalent.  It seems to be influenza accompanied with some of the symptoms of whooping cough.

26th July   7 present in the morning & 6 in the afternoon.  Did not do regular school work. Girls helped to to cover the free books granted by the Ed. Board & boys attended to blind & wall maps.  All did Arithmetic except 2 girls.

27th July   20 children present.  Committee have granted leave to take the term holidays now as there is much sickness in school & my sister is ill.  The members of the Committee are today planting trees in the school grounds.

17th Aug. 1910   Reopened school today with an attendance of 21.  Most of the children have recovered from their colds, but the weather is cold.

18th Aug   21 present.  Wet day.

19th Aug.   Terrible wind made almost impossible to get to school, and the driving rain was bitterly cold.  Eighteen pupils were present.  Throughout the day, I found it very difficult to speak so as to be heard above the noise of the wind.  Average for week, 20.

22nd Aug.   24 present.  Time table not fully carried out in afternoon as drawing lesson took extra time. Geog. lesson from Std III & IV omitted.

24th Aug.   25 present.  Time table not carried out last hour of the afternoon as I gathered the  children round the map of the world, and read to them Mr Hill’s letter which appeared in the Hawke’s Bay Herald of 18th inst., the heading “Impressions of Travel.”

26th Aug.   Average for week 24.8.  Three children who usually ride to school had to walk today & did not get here till between eleven & twelve.  I counted them present & allowed them to do some of the work they had missed during the lunch hour.

29th Aug.   Bitterly cold day.  23 present.  Dismissed infants at 2.45.  Fire smoked badly nearly all day.

31st Aug. 1910   Twenty four present.  As Mr & Mrs Reeves are still ill, their children have not been able to attend school regularly for some time.  The other pupils are attending well, though some are suffering from sore throats.

1st Sept 1910   25 present.  Children are starting a garden today, to be worked on their intervals, but I cannot find time to help them as I am busy all lunch hour correcting spelling & seeing that mistakes are written out & that sums are got right.  Almost everyday 1 lesson allowed for on time table gets crushed out through help being needed with the work arranged on time table to be done without teacher’s aid. Reading is very bad, and it seems impossible to give more time to it and get in all the other subjects.

2nd Sep. 1910   Average for week 24.

5th Sep. 1910   26 present. Cold day.

6th Sep. 1910   23 present.  5 children kept home to help parents.

7th Sep. 1910   25 present.  Dismissed most of the children at 2.10 P.M. as four had to get away early, and I was not well.  A few children who had work to get right were in school till 3 o’clock.  Committee supplied school with a box of open nibs.

9th Sep. 1910   26 present.  Average for week 25.2.  All the girls did not have sewing today as some were busy cleaning out the cupboard, washing its shelves, etc.

12th Sep. 1910   22 present.  Timetable not adhered to, as children were given half an hour to put in some plants which had been brought to school.  This work would have been left until lunch only that we could see that the rain was likely to come.  The afternoon proved very wet and windy.  I do not purpose giving school time to gardening as I do not find time enough for the important subject – reading. One boy, Victor Adams was not able to come to school until eleven o’clock, but as he worked during the lunch hour I marked him present morning and afternoon.

13th Sep. 1910   23 present.  Dorothy Hansen came to school early – about 8 o’clock.  At half past nine her little brother. aged 4, came with Joe & Magnus Koch.  It was evident that he had come without his mother’s knowledge, and as I knew she would be alarmed at his disappearance, I sent Dorothy home with him, but marked her present for the day, as the distance is too far for her to return.  Dorothy cried because she had to lose her day at school.

14th Sep. 1910   24 present.  We took a short dinner hour, and after school spent an hour at knitting and darning (2.30 to 3.30 P.M.)  We hope to do his every Wednesday.

16th Sep. 1910   Average for week = 23.  As I find it impossible to give separate reading lessons to so many classes (5 standards & 3 infant classes). I am now taking Stds III & II together

in Std II Graphic Reader.  I have sent for Standard IV Graphic Reader for the 2 Std V pupils, so that I can take them with Std IV.  Reading throughout the school is very backward.

19th Sep. 1910   On Saturday (17th) the school chimney was blown down and a pane of glass broken in the window nearest the door.  As some time had to be spent by the children and myself in tidying up after the gale, I did not take physical exercises this morning.

20th Sep. 1910   A terrible gale blowing with cold showers. 10 children at school.  We could not have a fire because of the chimney.  I got to school with great difficulty.  Did not follow time table. Gave extra time to arithmetic and mapping.  Dismissed children at 2 P.M.  Told the children that if the following day was as bad, they need not come with broken chimney & broken window.

21st Sep   18 children came as day seemed a little better in morning.  However the weather got worse during the day & again I told the children they need not come on following day if weather did not improve.  Did not keep to time table, as we began about half an hour later than usual.

22nd Sep.   14 children present.  Day slightly better.  I did not come to school until half past nine.  The Chairman of School Committee minded the window temporarily.

23rd Sep.   15 present.  Weather very bad again and children very cold in school.  15 present.  I did not reach the school till half-past nine.  Average for week 17.3

26 Sep.   Half holiday given – Dominion Day.

27th Sep.   24 present.  Many suffering from severe colds – some appear to have influenza.  It was hard to teach with so much coughing in the room.  As some of the children wanted to get home early, I dismissed all at 2.45.  We did not have geography today, as I wanted to go over some Grammar with the upper classes as a preparation for their home work.  Trees are being planted in the playground by Mr Johnstone.

28th Sep.   25 children present.  Many still suffering from influenza, so dismissed them at 2.45. The Chairman of school Committee today received a flag for this school from the Ed. Board.  We were not able to keep strictly to the time table today as the boys were engaged for nearly an hour this morning moving the fire-wood as it came in by way of the tree planting which is being done by Mr Johnstone.  At noon the Foreman of Works for the Education Board came to see what repairs the school needed.

29th Sep.   25 children present.  Began quarterly examination.  As the sky was very cloudy at two o’clock & rain seemed to be coming, I dismissed the children at 2.30, as many of them were suffering from severe colds.

30th Sep. 1910   Average for quarter 22.28.  Twice during this quarter the district has been visited by influenza & every family has suffered so that the attendance has fallen to an average of 22.

3rd Oct. 1910   25 present.  Examination in Writing & Grammar (Composition).

4th Oct. 1910   Strong winds with driving showers.  11 children present.  Many children are ill with severe colds.  Boys washed ink wells, put lines on the B. Board etc.  Girls spent morning sewing.

5th Oct.   14 children present.   The zinc plate with which the broken window was mended has been blown away by the gale & the rain has been driving through that window most of the day.  The day has been very bad and as we could not have a fire, it has been very cold in school.  The girls spent 2 hours at sewing, while the bigger boys finished painting the lines on the B Board.  I took Reading, Spelling, Arithmetic, Tables (Infants) & Printing.

6th Oct.   10 present.  Day bitterly cold in school.  Terrific gale blowing with driving showers.  Pane still out of window.  Cannot be out in while the gale lasts.  On account of the broken chimney, a fire cannot be lit.

7th Oct.   Weather improved.  22 present.  Completed term examination.  Geography, Reading & Recitation .  Average fro week 19.6.

10th Oct.   24 present.  Adhered to time table until 2.30 P.M. when as rain seemed likely, I thought it best to dismiss the children as several are still suffering from severe colds & some had teeth drawn by the dentist yesterday.  Promoted Primer III to work with Std 1 today, and Sydney Dennis to work with Std II.  I do not consider Sydney quite ready for Std II, but he is ahead of the other pupils in Std I, so I think it will be better for him to work with Std II.

11th Oct.   16 present.  Cold wet day – very cold in school with window pane out & chimney broken.  Adhered to time table.

12th Oct.   23 present.  This morning was pleasant when the children came to school, but wind and rain came, so I dismissed the children at 2 o’clock.

13th Oct.   5 children present.  Day bitterly closed [cold].  Closed school at mid-day as it was too cold to remain longer.  Told children not to come tomorrow unless weather improved for with broken chimney and open window & the draught through the ventilator good work is impossible on such a cold wet day.

14th Oct.   I did not get to school till 10.15 a.m., as I thought the day was going to be as bad as yesterday.  However, it improved so I came to school: found that a window which had been fastened had been

forced open by the wind.  Only two of the windows have fastened since my arrival, as the fasteners need attention. Cupboard door wad forced open by last night’s wind, as it had not been fastened with the little catch.  The clock face was also blown and the clock had stopped.  Dirt from the chimney was blown all over the floor.  four children present today.  Average for week 21.

17th Oct.   Cold wet day. 12 present.  Could not open inner door of school, as the school has suffered through the wind.  Mr Adams, member of Committee kindly opened it for us.

18th Oct.   Beautiful day.  24 present.  Adhered to time table, except that Geography lesson was left out, as I spent that half hour giving out new books “Words & Sentence Building” & explaining to children how to use them for home work.

20th Oct.   26 present.

21st Oct.   23 present. Average for week = 24.2

24th Oct.   20 present.  Cold, wet day. Very cold in school as chimney & window have not yet been attended to.

25th Oct.   23 present.  It was so cold in school that good work was impossible.  I felt ill with the cold, & closed school about 2.30 P.M.  Did not adhere to the time table in the afternoon.

26th Oct.   21 present.  Heavy showers during the day & rain was blown in through the open window.  Dismissed infants at 2.30 P.M. because of the cold.  It is now nearly a month (28th Sep.) since the Foreman of Works for the Ed. Board called and said our chimney would be done in a few days.  It has been a most trying month.

28th Oct.   23 present.  A gale blowing – Very hard to teach in school n the morning because of the noise. Therefore did not adhere to time table.  Average for week 22.2.

31st Oct   23 present.  Strong wind blowing at intervals during the day.  Open window very trying.

1st Nov.   19 present.  Many children suffering from colds.

2nd Nov.   25 present.  Very cold day in school.  School work again interfered with by the cold.  Under present conditions – broken chimney & broken window – good work seems impossible.  The past month’s work has been most unsatisfactory.  Dismissed school today at 2 o’clock.

3rd Nov.   22 present.  Cold day.  I dismissed the children at 11.30 a.m. as I am suffering from a severe cold.  I will not again attempt to hold school on cold days until the chimney & window are

mended, as good work is impossible & the children and I are suffering in health through the cold draught.

7th Nov.   Did not hold school on Friday as the day was doubtful.  Mr Adams, a member of the School Committee, got a new pane of glass for the window and put it in.  Mr Adams had previously got a pane, but as it was not a straight one, he determined not to put it as the Foreman of Works to the Education Board said, when here on 28th Sep. that Mr Coles of Onga would be here in a few days & would do the window, the Committee of course left it for Mr Coles to do.  As our Chairman is absent, I have written to the Secretary of the Education Board explaining the present state of the school.  The letter was forwarded by Mr Doar, member of the Committee.
They [There] were 25 children present today.  In the lunch hour I took them to the creek to see some pretty wild flowers.  We got back to school at 1.15 P.M. & had first some exercises in oral composition as to what had been observed.  Then written composition was given.

8th Nov.   A gale blowing. 18 children present.  As the noise was too great for our ordinary work, I took the girls for sewing and

gave the boys Arithmetic.  Then all the classes had drawing from the B. Board. One little girl had to go home for her lunch so I told her she need not return, as I intended closing school early on account of the gale.

Another girl was not well so I sent her home at lunch time with her little sister.  As these children were sent home I allowed them their attendance mark for the afternoon.

9th Nov.  Holiday Later King Edward’s Birthday.

10th Nov.   22 present.  Beautiful day.  Received reply from Ed Board on Tuesday (8th) saying that the contractor has been ordered to re-erect chimney before end of present month.

11th Nov.   Average for week 22.2

16th Nov.   16 present.  Very showery day.  Dismissed infant classes at 2 P.M.

18th Nov.   23 present. Children are sometimes kept home now because of the extras work caused by shearing.  Average for week – 21.

21st Nov.   26 present.  Beautiful morning, but thunderstorm came on before noon.  Dismissed children at 2.30 P.M.  Bottle of black ink and roll of Blotting paper received from the Committee.

22nd Nov.   15 present.  Wet day.  Girls spent morning sewing & boys did arithmetic.  Dismissed children at 2.30 P.M. when weather seemed clearer.

24th Nov.   24 present.  Rain and thunder came about 3 o’clock. Sent some of the children away at 2 o’clock & some at half past 3.  Children today very kindly brought me a present – a spirit lamp & copper kettle.

25th Nov. 1910   Average for week – 22.

28th Nov. 1910   23 present. Percy Dennis, Winnie Reeves, Eric Freemantle all very late this morning – required to help parents.  Victor will be absent the greater part of this week because of shearing.

29th Nov. 1910   22 present.  Storm threatened so dismissed children at 2 o’clock except some girls who remained knitting till 3 o’clock.

30th Nov. 1910   22 present.  Work in the upper classes is suffering through irregular attendance, but the bigger children are required to help at home at present.

1st Dec.   21 present.  I sent Sydney Dennis home at 10 o’clock as a thunder storm seemed likely.  I dismissed the other scholars at half past two.

2nd Dec.   25 present.  At lunch hour I took the children to the creek.  We got back at 1.5 P.M. & then spent a little time examining the children’s treasures – flowers, berries, native shrubs & some crayfish.

7th Dec   29 present.  One girl Bertha Reeves, who had had to be absent for the last few month owing to her mother’s illness, was able to come today.

& helped with the infants instead of doing her standard work, as she will not be able to attend school at present.

9th Dec.   Prizes were to be distributed in the afternoon at 2 o’clock, but as a heavy thunderstorm came on with showers of large hail, I gave the prizes out between 11 & 12 a.m. & then let the children home as soon as the weather cleared.  Most of them got away about 1 o’clock.  Average for week 27.1.

12th Dec.   25 present. Quarterly Examination begun. Arithmetic taken in Stds I – V.

13th Dec.)   Examination continued.
14th Dec.)

15th   Rain so heavy that only 6 children were present.  Had short lunch hour and closed at 2 P.M.

16th Dec.   Attendance for school year closed today.  Average for quarter 22.8.  Posted quarterly returns.

19th Dec.   22 present.  Myrtle Adams, whose fifth birthday was on 14th inst. is present today, but as I have not yet heard what is to be done with this week’s attendances, I did not enter her name in admission register, in case this week is not added on to the new school year, which must begin with the roll number of the present year.

20th Dec.   Did not adhere to timetable. In case, tomorrow should be stormy we put away the pupils’ books & slates today – to be left in the

cupboard during holidays.

21st Dec. 1910   25 present.  Took arithmetic [?] B. Board
Geography, Recitation, Drawing, & Reading (Infant Class).  Closed school in the afternoon for Mid-summer vacation.

6th Feb. 1911   Re-opened school today with an attendance of 22.  One Family (J. Koch) has left the district.  Std VI pupils are unable to attend at present.

9th Feb.   The school Committee has decided to hold the annual school picnic at Blackburn tomorrow, & so a holiday has been given.

Average for this week is 21.3.  The weather has been cold.  The chimney has not yet been re-erected.  The school paths have become overgrown with weeds – chiefly Californian thistle during the holidays.  Tools are required so that the boys can clear the grounds.

17th Feb.   Average for the week is 22.8.

20th Feb.   One child is suffering from what may prove to be mumps.  Another child has been complaining of pain in one side of her neck today.  21 present in morning, 23 in afternoon.

21st Feb.   A cold wet day.  I did not come to school as so many children are suffering from bad colds and I did not think it right to hold school under these circumstances without a fire.  The Committee decided at last meeting that school should be closed on wet days until the chimney is rebuilt.

22nd Feb.   20 present in morning & 21 in afternoon.  One

child worked in the dinner hour in order to get home in the afternoon and help her mother who was not well. I counted her present as she is trying for an attendance prize.  I also sent two little children home with a telegram and counted them present.

24th Feb.   Average for week 22.1.

27th Feb.   22 present.  Received from Ed. Board the 21 missing nos. of the School Journal for January.

28th Feb.   20 present. Morning was wet, and so some of the children were doubtful as to whether there would be school or not, see note 21st Feb.  Many came late.  Did not work according to time table.  Bigger girls engaged covering school books and arranging cupboard.  Closed school at 2.15 P.M. but worked with some pupils till 3 P.M.

1st March   23 present.  Most of the bigger pupils were required home early as their parents were absent at a sale, so I closed school at 2.30 P.M. but worked on with some pupils till 3 P.M.

6th March   Friday (3rd March) was so wet that school was not held. Average for week ending 3rd March is 22.

8th March   Received School Journal for February Part I. 22. Part II. 5 Part III. 1.  I have applied for an alteration in our supply, but so far have received no answer.

9th March   A heater for the school today.  Sydney Dennis, who has been absent owing to his mother’s illness returned to school yesterday.  25 present yesterday and today.

10th March   This is such a cold wet day that I have not counted it a school day, as the children have been told that they need not come to school on wet days until we are able to have a fire.  Those who came to school spent the time sewing, reading & painting drawings done during the week. The chimney is down & the opening just closed over with boards & tin, so that day has been particularly cold in school.
Average for week. [no figure given]

13th March   24 present.  Several children complaining of headaches and not feeling well.  Two pupils have white spots on their skin – do not know if it is chicken pox.  Dismissed the majority of the children at half past two.

14th March   As I believe Bertha Reeves is suffering from chicken pox, I did not allow her to come to school today, but am marking her present until I can find out the wish of the Committee.  Ronald Fargher is almost better.

15th March   I kept Bertha Reeves away again & during the day heard that the Committee do not think it necessary to keep the children away.  The Chairman of the School Committee is absent and also one new member of Committee, but Mr. Fargher and Mr. Adams have talked the matter over & decided to let the parents please themselves about sending the children who are suffering from chicken pox.

16th March   21 present.  As rain seems to be coming I dismissed school at 2.30, and also took sewing

this afternoon in case tomorrow should be wet.

17th March   24 present.  Heater is being put in the school by one of of Mr. Cole’s men.
Average for week 24.  One boy, Joe Morrison, was only able to spend 1/4 hour at school this afternoon as his parents are going to Hampden. I marked him present.

20th   27 present.  One little girl – who has been out of the district for all this quarter – returned today & we had a full attendance.  We used the new heater & found the heat unpleasant, but I think that was owing to the smell from the black paint of the heater.  Several of the children were not well in school – I think this is because of the chickenpox.  I dismissed most of the children at half-past two.

24th   All this week, the children have not been well and I have allowed most of these to go at half past two.  Today as several of them seemed to have developed chicken pox properly I kept them out of doors in the sunshine.  The girls did the sewing & the boys arithmetic and all read from School Journal.  The only lessons taken in school were Tables and Drawing.  I dismissed most of the children at 2 P.M.  Average for week is 25.

27th   Only 19 present – a beautiful day – but most of the children suffering from chicken pox.
Blotting paper supplied by the Committee.  Window fasteners supplied by Mr Coles from the Ed. Board.

28th March   Committee meeting held in evening. Again asked the Committee to supply, if possible, tools for cleaning the paths, also a new bucket.

29th March   Mr Freemantle, chairman of Committee called & told me that the Committee would supply the school with a spade and a hoe & also asked me to expend pounds 2.10.0 on school prizes for the children.

30th March   24 present, though many are still suffering from chickenpox.  At mid-day the sky clouded over and I thought it right to send home all who are at present suffering from chickenpox in case they got caught in the rain.  I marked them present this afternoon.  The rain did not come.

31st March   25 present.  Average roll number for this quarter 27.75.  Average attendance 23.  12 pupils made full attendance this quarter.  Had it not been for the outbreak of chickenpox others would also have made a full attendance.  I have not yet held the quarterly examination but hope to do so next week if the children have sufficiently recovered from chickenpox.  Last year I kept a daily record of work done in this school, but this quarter each days seems to have brought some extra work after school, so that, though my average time for leaving school has been 4.30 P.M., I have not been able to fill up my daily record book.  I hope to do so again next quarter.

Work in the higher classes is greatly hindered by the fact that the pupils in Stds IV & V are required to help their parents.  In all the cases, their help is really necessary.  The parent send them as regularly as they can, but very often the children come to school late and have to leave early (2.30 P.M.)

3rd April   19 present.  Boys cleaned walls & ceiling – brushed down all cobwebs, & put up the maps & new temperance charts, filled inkwells etc.  Day is wet and so the children who have had chickenpox recently were not allowed to attend.

4th April   25 present. Thunder came in the lunch hour & as I thought a thunder storm was coming, I hurried away all those who have had chicken-pox.  Posted away today the quarterly returns and a note about the instruction in singing. A copy of this note is attached to the duplicate return in the drawer.

5th April   25 present.  Took quarterly examination in Arithmetic.  As a rule we do arithmetic on slates, to save the buying of so many books.  The children took far too long over their work today, because it was on paper.  I must try and have a weekly examination on paper to accustom them to it. School journals came today & picture cards entitled “British History in Picture”.  They will be very helpful in our history lessons.

7th April   Wind blew in strong gusts, occasionally shaking the school.  At such times the heater smoked very badly.  Average attendance for week 23.8.

10th April   A spade and a bucket were today provided by the school committee.  The bucket does not look very strong, but was, I understand the best that could be got at Onga.  The school boys have now begun clearing the paths, which are very untidy.  They could not do them before as we had not spade.

11th April   24 present.  Timetable not adhered to in the afternoon.  The older pupils required help with their drawing lesson and so I could not take reading in Stds III & IV. I seldom give time to the drawing lessons, as I cannot get away from the reading lessons.  Almost everyday there is something to hinder the time table from being exactly carried out. Lessons set to be done without the teacher’s help such as arithmetic, grammar, etc. cannot be done by all the pupils – perhaps through irregular attendance, and so my time is taken up helping those pupils & the lesson arranged for on the timetable gets only a little attention.

13th April   27 present.  Prizes given by the School Committee.  School closed for Easter holidays until 19th April/

19th April   A wet day but 25 present.  Gave only 3/4 hour for lunch and dismissed classes at 2.45 P.M.  Instead of composition, the upper classes had extra time for drawing – preparing class

lists for present quarter.  Some school journals for March received – these were additional copies, which I applied for.  They had been delayed through being sent to the wrong school. School was scrubbed yesterday (18/4/11).  Ink wells filled after school today.

20th   Very wet day. 23 present. In afternoon allowed children to continue their class lists, and then dismissed them at 2.45 P.M.

21st   Very wet day.  21 present. Most of the children got wet coming to school, so that boots, stockings & coats had to be dried by hanging on forms around the heater.  This interfered very much with our school work.  Average for week 23.

24th   Wet day. 21 present.  Dismissed most of the classes at 2.30 P.M. because of the weather.

26th   23 present.  Received copy of the Education Act & some truancy schedules. – also some of the free books ordered at the beginning of this month.  Supply is now completed.

28th   Average for week 22.

4th May   I thought a thunderstorm was coming at 1.30 P.M. and so hurried some of the children away.  Inkwells filled.

5th May   Weekly average 22.

11th May   South wind affected the heater, causing it to smoke so badly that I had to send the children out of school.  The wind lessened & we got on a good fire & were not much troubled with smoke during the remainder of the day.  Four boys were

absent a great part of the morning helping with a neighbour’s cow.

12th May   Average for week 22.1

15th May   22 present.  Very wet day. Short lunch hour. Closed school 2.30 P.M.

16th May   23 present.

17th May   23 present.  Very wet day. Dismissed children 2.15 P.M. when rain ceased for a short time.

18th May   Very wet day. 12 present.  Albert Adler was so wet that I sent him home again.  We lit a fire in the heater, but it smoked so dreadfully that we had to let it out.  It will be useless to come to school again on such a day.  I have decided not to count today’s absence against the first attendance prize, as some of the children thought there was no school.  They were watching for me to pass, but I stayed last night at Mrs Morrison’s opposite the school.  Dismissed the children as soon as they had had their lunch as the school room was too cold. School closed until 29th inst. for 1st term holidays.

29th May   Reopened school – only 19 present.  All the older pupils required at home through sickness.

30th May   23 present.

31st May   25 present.  Afternoon timetable not fully carried out.  Extra time given to Stds IV & V for Grammar lessons as they could not do the exercise without my help.  A visitor also occupied some of my time.

2nd June   Average for week 23. One pupil – Ada Fargher has been absent from school for 5 weeks through a bad leg.  Bertha Reeves is absent through her parents’ illness & Clare Adams is keeping house during her mother’s absence from home.  Red & black ink supplied by Committee.

6th June   22 present.  did not observe holiday on 5th June (King’s birthday) as I had an extra day (19th May) during 1st term holiday.

9th June   Average for week 23.  Only 1 pupil in Sds 4 & 5 has been present this week.  The others are required at home.

12th June   A strong gale blowing in morning & cold showers, so I thought it useless to go to school (see 18th May). However, the weather changed so I came to school, arriving here at half-past nine. Mr Adams’ and Mr Alder’s children were present, but all the other children came about ten o’clock. There were 22 present.

13th June   I came to school at 8.30 a.m. & lit a fire in the heater.  A southerly wind was blowing & this so affected the heater that volumes of smoke poured forth until 9.30 by which time the fire was nearly out.  I do not attempt to put on any more wood as it was useless to try & have a fire.  Occasionally the flames shot forth from the door of the heater with a great noise.  The room was filled with smoke.  This was most trying after walking 1 1/2 miles in the rain & wind.  I decided not to hold school in the room

was too cold without a fire & most of the children would come long distances in the rain.  Therefore as soon as the first scholars came I sent them to meet the others and send them home.  I kept two girls at school – Bertha Reeves, who came for the 2nd time this quarter & Ida Adams, who sweeps the school.  These 2 pupils spent the day sewing knitting & reading, while I helped them and attended to the school sewing & knitting until 3 P.M.

14th June   A very cold storm came on just before school closed, so I hurried most of the children away at 2.45.  Then the heater began to smoke badly.  Two of the parents came to have a look at it.  I had work to do after school & had to sit in the cold porch, because the schoolroom was full of smoke.  It is very awkward to be living so far from the school.  I stay after school to do all extra work, and as the school has to be swept at the same time, I have to do my work in the dust, which is very unpleasant – especially at this time of the year when the room gets so dirty.

16th June   Average for week 24.6.  A full attendance today in case the Inspector should come.

Examined this school today when 28 pupils were present.

Mistress in charge:  Miss Moore D.

W Hill   Insp. of School

June 17th 1911

17th June (Saturday)   Inspector Hill examined this school today & requested that a holiday be taken the following week, as school was opened on a Saturday.  Next week there will be 2 holidays, Thursday & Friday being observed as holidays on account if coronation.  Saturday’s attendance at examinations will be marked on Friday 23rd June.

23rd June   Friday & yesterday taken as Coronation Holidays.  Attendance on 17th marked today.  Average for week 25.5.

26th June   During Coronation holidays, two of the school windows were broken by a severe gale.

28th June   Very cold today.  Heater very troublesome – smoke & flames blowing out.  Mr Adams put in two window panes.

4th July   Received from Inspector Hill the name of the fungus found in the playground at the time of his visit (17th June) “Physarium Cinercum”.

5th July   After school the members of the School Committee & their wives assembled at the school & gave the children afternoon

tea & presented me with a beautiful dressing case.  Chairman handed me Inspector’s report.  See copy on opposite page.

7th July   Average for week 24.2.  36 sheets blotting paper (4/6) supplied.

10th July   Very bad weather. 23 present.  Window-lock broken.

11th July   23 present.  Received School Journals for July.

12th July   20 present. Weather very bad in morning.  Time-table not fully carried out.  Children were so cold that we placed forms around the heater and had the children seated there until 10.15 a.m.  We took tables at this time.

14th July   Average for week 21.8

17th July   Several of school children sick.

19th July   The Committee supplied the school with a clothes horse on which to dry the children’s overcoats, stockings etc on very wet days.

21st July   Average for week 22.4.  Some very wet days.

24th July   School scrubbed by Clara Adams on Saturday 23 July.  21 present today.  Sickness prevalent.

25th July   Only 20 present.  A wet morning & sickness still prevalent among the children.  Dismissed little ones at 2.30 P.M. as soon as the heaviest showers were over.

27th July   Cold wet day.  Southerly wind. Heather smoked so badly that I took the children to the sheltershed at 10.15 A.M. to try & work there.  It was too cold to sit there so I played games there


Hawke’s Bay Educational District.
Inspector’s Annual Report Form.
School. Ruahine.  Date of Examination June 17th 1911.
Roll 28.  Present 28.   Regularity.  Good.
Staff. Miss Moore.  D2.

I  Ground.  Well situated and much improved.  A roadway to the offices should be provided.

II  Buildings.  In good repair.  The stove that has replaced the chimney is quite useless during southerly winds.  On several occasions the pupils have been sent home owing to the intense cold in the school room.
The desks and apparatus are in good order and everything is clean and tidy.   The shed supplied a great want at the school.

III   28 children belong to the school and all of them were present at examination.
Some of the pupils are old and backward but this is in consequence of living far away from a school. Since the erection of the present building the attendance of the older pupils has been very fair. The younger children are the most regular.

Good Teacher   The school is in the hands of an earnest and capable mistress.  The tone is excellent and the progress made by the pupils is very satisfactory.

(continued on next page)

All the records have been carefully kept, the scheme of instruction is well outlined and everything is being done by the mistress for the improvement and well being of her pupils.

Gardens:  The little gardens made by the pupils are neat and tidy and the grounds have been planted with several varieties of pines for shelter and ornamental purposes.

House wanted.  Altogether the school is in a healthy working condition, but the mistress complained of the distance of her lodgings from the school and express a fear that she must ask for a transfer unless suitable accommodation can be provided.

H. Hill
Inspector of Schools
June 17th 1911.

27th July (continued)   with the children until 11 a.m., when the smoke had gone.  Then we returned into school to work.  Between 1 and 2 the rain was so heavy that I thought it right to dismiss the children at 2.30 p.m. while weather was clearer.

28th July   Average for week 20.6.  Sickness & wet weather have caused this drop in the average.

2nd Aug.   Received School Journals for August.

3rd Aug.   Classes III.  II. I & Prep. getting new Reading Books & Stds II & I new Arith. Books for promotion into higher class.

4th Aug.   Average for week 23.4.

7th Aug.   21 present.  A cold southerly wind blowing.  Heater was lit before school, but we had to let it go out as it smoked so dreadfully.  Children kept their overcoats on, and we worked till half past two.

8th Aug.   As I came to school I called at Mrs Alder’s and told her that I thought it would be better not to send the little ones, as owing to the rain they would get wet coming to school & I did not think there was any hope of having a fire because of the cold Southerly wind.   Mrs Alder therefore kept the 3 little ones & the 2 bigger ones came with me.  There were 21 at school, and we were able to have a fire – though once we had to go to the shelter-shed for half an hour.  As we were able after all to hold school, I thought it right to count Mrs Alder’s children.

present, as I had hindered them from coming, through thinking that we would not be able to hold school.

10th Aug.   21 present.  Storm came up & South Wind made heater smoke so badly that I dismissed most of the children at 2 o’clock.

11th Aug   Average for week 22.3.

14th Aug.   Beautiful day.  4 pupils (Victor, Clara, Albert & May) required home to help & one pupil (Alfred) still sick.  23 present.

17th Aug.   Attendance better this week, but some children suffering from severe colds.  25 present.

18th Aug.   Average for week = 24.1

21st Aug.   Cold Southerly wind blowing.  Could not use the heater.  Dismissed some classes at half past one (Juniors) and other children at two o’clock.  Took short lunch hour.  Marked Elsie, Harry & Fred Alder present as a message was brought to school asking me to send for them if we were able to hold school.  I did not send for them, as the school was so cold for little ones.

22nd Aug.   Received Inspector Smith’s report on schools in H.B. District for 1910.

25th Aug.   Average for week 23.1

28th Aug.   A cold wet day.  Southerly wind blowing so that we could not use heater.  Some of the children did not come thinking we would not be able to have school.  As the children have been told not to come on such days, I have only marked

the roll in lead pencil, and think it better not to count the day as a school day.  We do some work in the porch as the school was full of smoke.  Then we let the fire out & did some work in school.  Dismissed children at 1.30 P.M.  I do not intend coming to school on such a day again, as it is only a waste of time.

29th & 30th Aug.   22 present.  Some children absent through influenza.

1st Sep.   31st Aug. was such a rough day that it was impossible to have school.

One of the end windows was broken by the gale and several maps blown off the school walls.  The school clock was moved a little and stopped.  The cupboard door was blown open.  Weekly average 22.6

4th Sep.   20 present.  So many are suffering from Influenza that it has been decided to take the term holidays from tomorrow 5th to Wednesday 13th Sep.  Children worked during lunch hour today and got away at 2.15 P.M. as a storm seemed to be coming.

13th Sep.   Re-opened school with an attendance of 23.  It is a pity that we have re-opened this week as so many of the children are very bad.  At lunch time dark clouds gathered over, and so I sent all Mr. Freemantle’s & Mr. Fargher’s children home & 3 of Mr Alder’s as they are all suffering from severe colds.  Kept the other children till two o’clock, but have not marked the afternoon’s attendance, as I am not yet clear how to mark it.  Decided to mark afternoon same as morning – children who were sent home having to make up the time in lunch hours.

14th Sep.   Weather too bad for any of the sick children to be at school.  Exactly half the roll number present.  I sent a note to Mr. Adams nearest member of Committee, as Mr Freemantle, Chairman, is absent, telling him I thought it advisable to postpone the re-opening of our school until Monday 18th & asking him to consult with Mr Alder.  Mr. Adams thought the Committee had no power to do this, and so we did not consult with Mr Alder. The day was too wet for me to send messages to any other members, so I have taken no further steps.  At lunch time I sent a note to Mrs. Morrison, whose children had to go home to lunch, saying that I thought school would be closed till Monday, & that it was so wet she need not send the children back unless she wished.  Mrs. Morrison therefore kept her two little ones home, but as school was not closed, I think it would not be right to count Myrtle’s & Gordon’s absence against the attendance prize.  I have made a note on the daily register.  After school i stayed to place some sewing, but was smoked out.

15th Sep.   A better day – no rain – but cold wind prevented Mr Fargher’s children & Mr Freemantle’s from attending, as they are still sick.  Eric Freemantle was present.

18th Sep.   25 present

19th Sep.   23 present.  A cold wet day.  Heater smoked so badly that we could not keep to the time-table but had to work part of the day in the porch.

20th Sep.   19 present.  Cold not have a fire.  Day colder than yesterday.  Snow.  Many children coughing.  Closed school at 12 o’clock.

21st Sep.   Cold Southerly wind still blowing.  Could not have a fire.  14 children present.  Did not mark the attendance, but am sending a letter to Secretary, Education Board telling him that the children cannot attend on such days unless we can have a fire.

22nd Sep.   20 present. – a beautiful morning – at 11 a.m. the South wind again blew and the heater smoked so badly that I took the girls to the shelter-shed for sewing.  We let the heater go out.
Mr Alder’s family had to go home for dinner and as they are just getting over influenza I thought it would not be right to bring them back in the afternoon, as the day had turned so cold and we could not have a fire.  I am not marking the afternoon’s attendance as I do not know what to do in such cases until I hear from the Board.

25th Sep.   Dominion Day. 17 present.  Many children sick.

26th Sep.   16 present.  Many children still sick.  A very bad day.  I am suffering from influenza

and have not been able to take our ordinary lessons.  My throat is too sore to allow me to speak much, but I have taken reading, drawing, writing, sewing& tables.  Mr Fargher, a member of the Committee, kindly sent me word to close the school if not well enough. I closed at noon as the weather cleared and I though it right to send the children, many of whom are just recovering from Influenza, home while it was fine.  I have told the children that we will not hold school on wet days this week.

27th Sep.   A very bad day – rain almost incessant – school not held – am informing Secretary, Ed. Board.

28th Sep.   A beautiful day – 21 present.  Sydney Dennis returned to school after an absence of nearly 5 weeks caused through bad weather & sickness.

29th Sep.   A very bad day – incessant rain & snow. Did not have school, see note for 26th.

3rd Oct. 1911   Average for quarter 22.28.  Posted quarterly returns away Tuesday 3rd Oct.  Same day received from Secretary, Ed. Board, a reply to my letter informing him that the heater was interfering with our work and with our attendance, and asking if the children who could have attended if we had had a fire, would lose their attendance certificates.  The Secretary regrets that there can be no deviation from the Board’s regulations

concerning attendance certificates, and has instructed Messrs Coles of Onga to alter that chimney at once.  This work was done yesterday (Monday, 2nd Oct.)

6 Oct.   Attendance has been better this week. Weather has been beautiful and children are recovering from influenza.  Average for week 23. Received circular of date 26/9/11 “Physical drill to be taught without apparatus”.

9th Oct.   Began quarterly examination.  This should have been taken in September, but attendance was too bad & children & teacher suffering from influenza.

10th Oct.   24 present.  Time-table was not adhered to because of examination.

11th Oct.   Received School Journals for October and a Public School Register of Daily Attendance.

13th Oct.   In lunch hour went with the children to get some flowers.  An unexpected heavy shower came.  we sheltered in an empty cottage, and I gave the children today’s history lesson while there.  We got back to school at 1.50 P.M.  Average for week 23.3

16th Oct.   A very rough day.  21 present. Dismissed some of the junior classes at 2.30 p.m. as weather cleared then for a short time.

17th Oct.   A terrible gale.  23 present in morning.  24 resent in afternoon.  Two children (Winnie & Alfred Reeves) came nearly to school, but the wind was so dreadful on Crombie’s hill that they went back.  We could not do our ordinary

work, so I had to keep the children away from the windows – which generally get broken in the gales.  We could not hear each other because of the noise.  Much time was spent in Arithmetic, Sewing & Knitting.

18th   Heavy rain & wind.  25 present.

19th   23 present.  Very wet day.

20th   23 present.  Held school for 1 1/2 hours & then took several children to the dentist as Mrs Reid’s – a long walk from the school.  10 children had teeth extracted.  Got to Mrs Reid’s at noon & left them there about 3 P.M.  Have not marked today’s attendance in the register.  Clara & Victor Adams, Percy Dennis, May Adler & Alfred Reeves absent today.

25th   24 present.

26th   A very wet day.  Only 16 children present.  As this was not a cold or a windy day I do not think so many children should have been absent although the rain was heavy.  None of Mr Alder’s family (5) were present. Marry & Nellie Freemantle, not very well, absent.  Bertha & Alfred Reeves, sick, absent.  Percy & Sidney Dennis, cannot come on bad days because of the river.
Clara Adams (14) required at home.

27th (Saturday)   School scrubbed out by Clara Adams.

30th   22 present.  3 children sick & 3 of older pupils home to help parents.

31st Oct.    Mrs Morrison’s Baby is suffering from a sore throat which Mrs Morrison described to Dr. Reid

by telephone.  The Doctor pronounced the case to be mumps, but this may be a mistake as the case appears more like enlargement of the glands.  Mrs Morrison was willing to keep her 3 school children home if the parents were afraid of the infection, but some of the parents do not think this necessary unless a school child gets it, so I told Mrs Morrison that that her children could come today, and I have sent short notes to find out the wishes of other parents.

1st Nov.   No one thinks it necessary for Mrs Morrison’s children to be kept at home.

2nd Nov.   Elsie Alder came to school suffering with sore throat and ear ache.  Her mother thought she might be getting mumps.  I therefore sent her home with a note asking her mother to keep her home until we are sure whether she be suffering from mumps or not.

3rd Nov.   Average for week – 22.3

7th Nov.   Percy Dennis returned to school – 1st attendance since 25th August.  This pupil will be leaving shortly.  He is 14 years of age.  His parents need his help.  He is just beginning Std VI work.

8th Nov.   A rough gale in the morning prevented some of the children from attending.  22 present.

9th Nov.  22 present.  Such a terrible gale came on just after we got to school that it was impossible to work in school.  We worked in the porch for half a day.

10th Nov.   Another gale though not so bad as yesterday.  Weather got worse after we got to school & did not clear until mid-day when it was a little better for an hour.   I thought it right to send all the younger children home during the lunch hour.  Some of the older pupils remained here covering the free books.  I marked the attendance register for half a day.  Average for week – 22.1

14th Nov.   There is again sickness among the children – seems to be a form of influenza – only 19 present in morning, 20 in afternoon.

15th Nov.   A gale.  Wind & rain.  As I was not well, I did not come to school in the wind.

16th Nov.   16 present.  Much sickness again.  Mrs Fargher’s family all ill.

20th Nov.   Only 18 present in morning.  This is owing to sickness & windy weather.

21st Nov.   21 present.  A fierce gale came on before noon.  I sent the children home after lunch, and do not have school in the afternoon.

23rd Nov.   A very stormy day. 13 children in morning. 14 in afternoon.

24th Nov.   Average for week 18.5 – exceptionally low for November.

27th Nov.   21 present.  Some of the older pupils required at home to help during shearing.

29th Nov.   20 present.  A very stormy day – rain, hail, wind & thunder.  Dismissed scholars at 2.45 as sun was shining & rain had ceased.

30th Nov.   20 present.  The morning was so very cold that I allowed the children to sit around the heater for half an hour & gave the girls needlework.

1st Dec.   Average for week 20.2.

4th Dec.   A very strong gale in the morning.  I started for school at 8 a.m., but the gale was so bad I returned home.  At 9 a.m. the wind seemed to have gone down a little so I started for school, & found 14 children present.  Throughout the morning 9 others came – all having waited until till the weather was calmer.  Those who were very late worked during the lunch hour, and so I counted their morning attendance.

5th Dec.   22 present. Started quarterly examination.  Took writing in all classes.  Reading and recitation in Stds IV & V.

7th Dec.   25 present.  Annual examination continued.  Received quarterly returns from Ed. Office.

8th Dec.   Average for week 23.9.  Received form of requisition for Manual & Technical instruction & another form for particulars of Public School Classes.  Filled these & posting them by Tuesday’s mail (12th Dec.)

12th Dec.   Such a heavy gale was blowing that neither the children nor I came to school.

13th Dec.   Only 19 present.  Mrs Freemantle’s family suffering from influenza.  Older pupils kept home to help.

14th Dec.   Closed the attendance registers for the year – having received word from the Secretary that the returns must be posted on 15th inst.

15th Dec.   23 present.  One pupil was not able to come until 10.45 a.m.

18th Dec   19 present

19th Dec   One of our little pupils – Myrtle Adams died early this morning.  It was impossible to hold school as we all so deeply felt this sudden parting with this beloved little child.  Myrtle has been 1 year at school and I have never known her to give a moment’s trouble.

20th Dec   20 present in morning.  13 in afternoon.  We did no school work, but spent the day putting away things, cleaning desks etc. & children made some floral crosses to place in their little schoolmate’s coffin.  Closed school for summer vacation.

5th Feb.   Reopened school with an attendance of 25.  Received School Journal Pictures, “British History” Nos. 25-48.  These were posted 24th Jan.  Have not received School Journals yet.

7th Feb.  Received from School Committee Blotting Paper & box of white chalk. Received School Journals.

9th Feb.   Average for week 24.1. Percy Dennis (Std VI) & Bertha Reeves (Std V) have not been able to attend since re-opening of school.

13th Feb.   24 present.

14th Feb.   7 Std. IV Readers (Pacific), 4 Std. IV S.C. Arithmetic, 2 Std. V S.C. Arithmetic, 1 Std. VI S.C. Arithmetic received from the Board.
Wrote to Mrs. Reeves stating that Bertha could

not be absent from school except in cases of necessity while her name remains on the school roll.  Bertha is over 14 years of age.  She has not been present since the re-opening of school & today her mother sent me a note saying that Bertha is going to the Whakarara picnic today.

16th Feb.   Average for week 24.6

19th Feb.   24 present.

21st Feb.   A terrible gale blowing.  24 present.  During the morning we though the school windows might break.  Just after lunch the day improved a little, so I thought it wise to close school & send the children home. Counted it as half day.

22nd Feb.   23 present.  Average for week 23.7.  On entering the school this morning, I found that the chimney piping inside the school had been blown down by the gale.

23rd Feb.   School picnic held at Blackburn School.

26th Feb.   25 present.

27th Feb.   24 present.  Closed school early soon after 2 P.M. because day changed – rain seemed near – children are suffering from colds & had not brought cloaks because of fine morning.

28th Feb.   Mr Adams had chimney piping soldered at Onga & boys put it together today & we had a fire to dry wet clothes.  Sent little children home at 2.30 because weather cleared a little.  Got reply from Secretary, Ed. Board re Free School Bks.

28th Feb.   Received copy of the Geography Course drawn up by the Hawke’s Bay Teachers’ Institute and approved by the Board’s Inspectors.

1st March   Average for week 25.  This was a very hot day which changed to a thunderstorm.  At 2 o’clock I sent the majority of the children home as the rain ceased for a time.

4th March   21 present 8 (absent).  George Fargher & Willie Freemantle have sore toes.  Sydney Dennis & Harold Hadyn kept home through weather. Winnie Reeves – bad cold.  Clara Adams, Bertha Reeves & Percy Dennis required to help parents.  Sent all the younger children home at half-past two, as bad weather appeared to be coming, and so many have colds.

6th March   Only 21 present.  Several children suffering from very bad colds  Sent Joe Morrison home at lunch hour yesterday because he was not well enough for school.  Today sent Ada & Leslie Fargher & Leonard Adams home at 1.15 P.M. As these three worked during lunch hour I marked them present this afternoon.

8th March   Average for week 20.5.  This is the lowest average since the opening of school.  There is so much sickness about.  The Foreman of Works for Education visited this school today.  Told him that chimney piping had blown down on 22nd Feb.  After his visit, the piping again

fell down. 11th March I have written to the Chairman of our Committee asking him to report this matter to the Secretary.

12th March   Have begun working from a new time-table.

13th March   Committee meeting held last evening.  24 present today.

14th March   Heavy rain poured down chimney piping.

15th March   Average for week 23.8.  Dismissed infants soon after 2 P.M. as I was busy with girls finishing sewing & big boys cleaning desks etc.

18th March   Committee supplied 2 tins of disinfecting powder, & some foolscap paper.

21st March   23 present.  Dismissed infants at 2 P.M. because of the rain.

22nd March   Average for week 23.2

Visited this school today when 24 pupils were present out of 25 on the roll.
Sole Teacher:  Miss E. Moore
JA Smith Inspector
March 26th 1912

1st April   Average for quarter ended March 31st 23.52.
The Board’s painters are now painting the school.  Some of the children complained of feeling ill through the smell of the paint, so I dismissed most of the children at 2 P.M.

2nd April 1912   Closed school at 2 P.M. as painters were working in porch.

3rd April   Took children to the bush, as painters were in the school.

4th Ap.   Regular work not done.  cleaning up after painters.  School closed for Easter Holidays

10th Ap.   23 present.

12th Ap.   Average for week 23.5

16th Ap.   Dismissed most of the children at 2 P.M. because of the gale.

19th Ap   Average for week 24.  A good deal of time has been spent in the gardens by the older pupils this week, so as to get them into order for the little ones.

22nd Ap.   In the afternoon no lessons were taken because of the prize-giving.

23rd April   Received from the Chairman, Inspector Smith’s report written after his visit, 26th March

Copy:  “A well taught. well conducted little school.  the desks and furniture are beautiful, clean, and free from scratches and disfigurements.
This little school is in a most commendable state of general efficiency. The attendance is very good notwithstanding many obstacles to good attendance.  Order and discipline and manners and behaviour are very satisfactory.  Time tables, schemes of work, and school records are all very satisfactory

Buildings are comparatively new and grounds and fences are generally satisfactory.  A blackboard ruler and set squares are required.  It would greatly improve the appearance of the grounds to asphalt a place around the school.  Books: Graphic & Pacific Readers, Southern Cross Series Arith; History & Geography, Collins Atlas (to be supplied).”

26th Ap.   As there has been a gale I did not come to school – having been advised by the Chairman of our School Committee not to come out on such days.

30th Ap.   Received 3 copies of “Highroads of History”‘ posted from Hastings on 15th April – have been to Dannevirke & elsewhere.

3rd May   Average for week 23.4.

10th May   Average for week 25.

13th May   27 present.  Bertha Reeves returned to school.  Has been present 4 days since 20th Sep 1911.  Her eyes were bad in 1911, & this year she has been kept home to help her parents and to go to Wellington.

16th May   Average for week 26.

20th May   Received from Ed. Board per Foster Brook,
1 Philips’ Pictorial Pocket Atlas & Gazetteer, 3 copies of “Our Empire Overseas”.

23rd May   Received Historical Cards in connection with school journal (Nos. 49-72), also Public School

Summary of Attendance Register.
Report on Technical Work in Hawke’s Bay 1st March
Report on Schools in Hawke’s Bay 2nd Feb.
Letter from Secretary – re Books supplied by Foster Brooke.

23rd May

Posting reply to Secretary re Free Books & advising Mr Foster Brooke of shortages.
Closing school for term holidays.  Average for week 26.

4th June   Re-opened school – weather very bad – school floor very wet through rain coming down between chimney piping & roof & through rain being driven in windows on western side of school.  19 children came some got very wet – tried to get their clothes dry around the heater – had sacks on the damp floor & children seated on forms around heater to get warm.

5th June   After I arrived at school the gale got much worse.  Decided that it would be better not to have school.  Sent some pupils who had come to tell others not to come.  Later on 8 children came from Mrs Fargher’s & Mrs Freemantle’s family – kept them till noon.  Girls sewed & boys read.  Am not marking the register as I sent word to the others not to come.
Received notice that the Inspector would examine this school on 21st inst.

7th June   Mr Freemantle, Chairman of School Committee posted to Sec. Ed Board, my request that leaking between chimney & roof, also leakage under window sashes, & school door be attended to as soon as possible.  Applied also for board ruler.  Average for week 20.3

14th June   Average for week 24.

17th June   Received from Sec. Ed. Board reply to my letter re chimney etc.  Secretary states that some time has elapsed since Messrs Cole Bros. were instructed to remedy the defects complained of.
On arrival at school this morning I found that a window had been broken by the severe gale yesterday (Sunday), the chimney piping was on the floor, the maps down & torn.

19th June   Mr Coles has started strengthening the school.

Examined this school today when 25 pupils are present out of a roll of 26 pupils.
Mistress in charge Miss Moore
W Hill
Insp of Schools
June 20th 1912

21st June   Gave children an easy day after examination.  Day was spent in drawing, gardening & playing games.  Average for week 24.8

24th June   24 present.  Ground covered lightly with snow.

25th June   25 present.  A beautiful day. Had promised to take children first fine day to get strawberry plants & to see the river, so after spelling lesson we all went to the river returning at 3 P.M.  Had observation lessons while out.

27th June   Mr Coles working at school – strengthening the building.

28th June   Posted letter to Secretary asking if Mr Coles could put up window guards while here & also asking if Mr Coles is to make the lavatory granted by the Board.
Have not adhered to time table this week.  Children have had extra time for freehand drawing as some are entering drawings in a competition being held in Blackburn school this afternoon.  As many of my scholars wished to leave school at 1 P.M. for the Bazaar being held in the Blackburn School, it was decided that we would take no interval & only a few minutes for lunch hour & let the

children away at one o’clock.  I was busy from noon till one o’clock arranging the children’s papers for competition & so I have counted the day as a half day – reckoning the after as a holiday.
The average attendance for quarter ending today is 24.3.

1st July   Received supplied for “School Journal” for July. started work from new Time table  today.  Many children late for school because of cold.  Took no interval and could not get in the Writing Lesson (copy books).

2nd July   In afternoon Std IV & I measured the fences etc as the Ed. Board has requested a plan of school grounds to be made.  I left Ida Adams in charge of the lower classes, who were drawing.

3rd July   25 present.  In afternoon time table not adhered to. Measurements continued of school, sheltershed, gardens, out houses etc.

4th July   26 present. Dismissed most of the children at 2.30 p.m. as many had head aches (probably through colds) & one family of 5 were required home early.

6th July    (Saturday) Came to school to complete plan of school grounds & school buildings for the Board.  Received notice of blackboard ruler which is at Mr Adam’s. Signed the memo and am returning with it the memo – re writing

charts (date 19/7/1910) & reply to my enquiry (8/9/1910) & informing Sec. that the new charts have never come & asking if Mr Craig was unable to procure them.
Received paper to be filled in for Defence Dept. who wish to know the names of boys over 14, who left school during 1911.  Have filled in paper.
Average attendance from week ending yesterday was 25.1

8th July 1912   Received from Chairman,  the  Secretary’s reply re windows & lavatory.

Copy         3rd July 1912
Replying to your letter of the 27th ultimo, I have to say that the Foreman has arranged for the erection of handbasins when the residence is being erected.
Re Window Guards. The Foreman states that gauze fine enough to check the wind would not stand through the gale, but he is of the opinion that if 21 oz glass was properly fitted it would stand the pressure.  Perhaps cheap light glass has been used .
G. Crawshaw

11th July   Mr Coles finished strengthening the school.  Has not yet done the chimney

12th July   Mr Adams kindly got tin basin at his own expense for the temporary corner bracket created by Mr Coles.  Mr Adams also brought up from Mr Coles a sheet of asbestos for the chimney piping – so as to protect mantel-piece.  Average fr week 25.4.

16th July   Very wet day.  23 present.  Dismissed Infant Classes & Std 1 at 2.30 P.M. yesterday & today because of weather.

17th July   Part of the afternoon was spent in planting native shrubs to commemorate “Arbor Day”.  The July School Journal Part 1 was read.  Received a parcel of school books from J. Chadwick.

23rd July   Mr Fargher kindly brought posts for garden fence.

24th July   Garden fence started by E. & B. Adams.  Very cold day.  Dismissed infants at 2.15 P.M. so that they might get home without rain.  Committee supplied 24 sheets blotting paper (4/-).

25th July   Very cold wet day. 24 present. Dismissed infants at 2.15 P.M.

26th July   Average fir week: 25.

29th July   25 present.  Dismissed infants early.

2nd Aug   Mr Coles worked at chimney to try & prevent leakage.

5th Aug   Chimney still leaks.

7th Aug   Received from Ed. Board a set of Writing Charts.

8th Aug   Received from Mr A E Freemantle the Inspector’s report.

Copy   Preparatory classes   Bright & intelligent pupils
Standards    The classes work well.  they are doing capitally in the studies – the progress throughout being very commendable.
Summary of special subjects
Needlework:  Excellently taught.
Elementary Agriculture:  Gardens are kept neatly & with success.
Handwork:  Plasticine P. Classes (I think this must mean upper classes, who use plasticine for mapping. E. Moore)
Grounds & Conveniences Good except improvements about buildings have been badly carried out & drainage underneath school.
Buildings   Good
Apparatus & Appliances (General) Good, Easel & B. Board wanted, also reading tablets.
Apparatus & appliances (Technical)  None provided.

Free School Books.  All provided except S5 Pacific Readers & some Atlases.
Registration  Very good.
Records  Satisfactory throughout.
Organisation.  Very good.
H. Hill

I have nothing but commendation to bestow on this school.  It is excellently handled and a fine tone pervades the entire working.  The work shown as the results of the first term are of fine promise.  A little increased attention might be given to phrasing, precision and enunciation in reading Std. III but otherwise all the work examined gave evidence that the children are well in advance of the requirements.
Attention is called to the state of the buildings.  A gale on Sunday last, tried the building very much.  Several panes of glass were blown out of the windows.
The end boards forming part of the w. gable have parted in the places shown  the nailing having been insufficient & the nails too short.

The porch has parted 1 inch from the school.  2 1/2 inch scantling fixed in the corner of the porch and nailed to the main building would make this place safe.
The levelling carried out was imperfectly done and the water runs underneath the building & flows from the N.W. corner.
The rain and wind have bespattered the building., which otherwise has a neat and attractive appearance.  Metal is necessary for the roadway to the closets.  The school should have a set of objective tablets for the use of the lower pupils.
(Sgd.)  H. Hill
Inspector of School.

16th Aug.   A very wet day.  Did not do our regular Friday’s work today.
Average for week 24.5

23rd Aug.   Average for week 24.7

26th Aug.   Trees provided by the Committee were planted by the children.

27th Aug.   As many children are suffering from severe colds & as rain was threatening – the day having changed from a beautiful morning I sent many children home at 1 P.M. The others

worked with me in the playground protecting the newly planted trees with sticks etc.

29th Aug.   26 present.  Some children suffering from what appears to be Influenza.  Allowed them to work during lunch hour and go home at 1 P.M.

3rd Sep   Closing school at 2 P.M.  Not well.

4th Sep   A very wet day.  19 present.

6th Sep   Average for week 20.8 – the lowest for a considerable time.  This is owing to sickness & wet weather.

9th Sep.   Closing closing for week’s holiday.  At my request the chairman altered the holiday to 10th to 17th Sep in order to suit mail days.  In this way I am having an extra day which I hope to make up later on.

18th Sep.   Reopened school after week’s holiday.  Very stormy day – gale – impossible for Mr Fargher’s family to get from Onga as they intended doing.  3 members of this family had not previously broken their attendance.  17 pupils present.

20th Sep   Average for week 22.3

23rd Sep   Dominion Day.  Did not close school as I wished to make up for the term holidays.  Explained Dominion Day to the children, who then saluted the flag.  Spent part of the day in games.  25 present.

4th Oct   Average for week 25.12

11th Oct   Average for week 25.4

15th Oct   3 children left the school today through their family moving to Onga.

18th Oct  Average for week 22.2

23rd Oct   Day – exceptionally wet.  16 children came, but we all had wet boots & stockings, which took hours to dry around th heater.  Could not do our usual work, as desks had to be pushed back & forms brought round the heater in order to keep the children warm.  The wet coats were hung on the clothes horse, but did not get very dry, as they were so very wet.  The girls sewed & the boys had drawing, reading & some arithmetic.
Occasionally the heater smoked and for a time we had to stop our work.  I told the children not to come on the following day if the rain continued, for some of them have very bad colds & I thought it probable that their coats would not be dry.

24th Oct   A cold wet day, but not as bad as yesterday.  I though it best not to hold school – fearing a repetition of yesterday’s work. 13 children came to school, but I was not here.

25th Oct   A beautiful morning, but the day changed

to a severe gale.  I hurried some of the children away at half past two.  Average for week 19.75

1st Nov   Average for week 21.4

7th Nov   22 children present.  A very fierce gale in the afternoon.  Told the children not to come tomorrow if gale too severe.  Arranged to place a signal at the window, if I came to school.

8th Nov   Came to school, but had such a dreadful time getting here that I decided not to signal for the children to come.  Some children came & girls spent day in sewing & boys – arithmetic, reading & drawing.  Did not count this as a school day because it was too bad a day to expect children to come out & those who were to watch for the signal are trying for an attendance prize.  Average for week 21.75.

14th Nov   Replied to Secretary’s letter to Chairman, School Committee – asking for information re size and position of school gardens.  Forwarded plan.

15th Nov   Average for week 21.2.

18th Nov.   A very cold day – strong wind & rain.  Chimney elbow broken.  Sent word to some families not to come to school as it was too cold without a fire.  Had school until 11 o’clock

18th Nov (cont)   with those who came.  Wrote to Secretary, Ed Board re chimney & forwarded letter to Mr Freemantle.

19th Nov   Too wet for school.

20th Nov.   A doubtful day because of cold winds.  Most of the children came, but I did not count it a school day as the others evidently thought it too cold without a fire.  Girls spent most of the day in sewing,  Boys spent some time gardening.

21st Nov   A cold day.  Had school til 2 P.M. & then took the girls to Mrs Adams to sew as it was to cold to remain longer at school.  Did not mark roll as children had been told that they need not come on wet or cold days.

22nd Nov.   21 present.  Weather present.  Mr Borland (Foreman of Works) & Mr Loten called at the school.

28th Nov.   Yesterday (27th) was a very wet, though not a cold day.  As we could not have a fire & would get very wet coming to school, no one came.
The chimney was mended today.  19 present.

2nd Dec   First load of timber for school residence arrived.

4th Dec   Received Collins’ Australasian School Atlas – 4 copies.

6th Dec   Wrote to Sec. Ed. Board – acknowledging 4 copies of Atlas & mentioning free books

still to be received: notified him that timber had arrived for school residence – one load . – requested examination schedules to be sent – requested that Insp Hill’s Reading Charts & a box of coins be supplied.

7/12/1912   Received examination schedules.

9th Dec   A very hot day. just before lunch hour rain threatened & as children had not brought their coats, we took a short dinner hour & dismissed school at 2.30 P.M. – some classes at 2.  Rain had not come by 3 P.M.

13th Dec   Register closed for the year.  Posted exam. results.

16th Dec.   Posted quarterly returns, technical returns & return of Maoris.

18th Dec.   A small picnic held at the school  A few of the mothers were present to judge the sewing.

19th Dec.   Closed school for summer vacation. Chairman of Committee granted leave to close today so that I could get away by tomorrow’s coach.

E. Moore

3rd Feb. 1913   Re-opened this school with an attendance of 24.  all present.

7th Feb.   There has been a full attendance all week. Average 24. Received daily attendance register, examination register, good attendance certificates, attendance register for Manual & technical instruction; regulation re military drill, copy of chief Inspector’s report on Std VI examination.

14th Feb.   Average for week 23.3

21st Feb.  Average for week 23.8.

25th Feb   23 present.

28th Feb   Average for week 23.8.

1st March   School picnic held.

5th March   A gale and bush fired all round.  Did not have school.  Timber which had been stacked for residence again blown away.

7th March   Average for week. 24.

14th March   The day was spent gardening.  Mr Adams kindly lent us a horse & sledge to cart soil from the sheep dip yards, so the children took the plants out of their gardens,  put on a good top dressing of the new soil & then planted their gardens.  Average for week 24.

17th-20th March   Much time has been given to gardening this week so as to get the gardens into order for the year.  The digging is very hard and there are not many children strong enough for it.  At present gardening is interfering with our regular school work but I am hoping that once the gardens are formed the children will be able to keep them in order in their intervals & dinner hours.  Half an hour’s gardening is done by Std V each week from 10.30 to 11.
Closed school today for Easter holidays.

26th March   Reopened school.  Older pupils spent morning trying to finish strawberry beds.

31st March   Average for quarter 23.36.

4th Ap.   22.5 Average

11th Ap.   Average for week 23.4

15th Ap.   Stds 5 & 4 spent part of the afternoon gardening.

18th Ap.   Average for week 24.4

25th Ap.   20 present.  Closing school in afternoon to enable children to visit H.M.S. New Zealand.

28th Ap.   21 present.  Several of the children seem to be suffering from influenza & be hardly fit to be a school.  As the day became showery I sent the sick children home about 2 p.m.

2nd May   A very cold wet windy day.  Only 18 present.  Many of those present are suffering from severe colds.  Average for week 20.

12th May   School has been closed for a week because the children and I have had Influenza.  Inspector Hill visited the school on 7th inst. but found it closed.  Word had been sent to the Secretary by previous day’s mail.

13th May   Began quarterly examination.

15th May   Just after we began the afternoon’s work, the gale got so bad that I considered it dangerous to keep the children in school.  Dismissed them at 1.45.  Did not mark afternoon attendance.

19th May   In the morning the upper scholars (Std 5) & I were busy planing climbing plants from H.C. Gibbons –  3 roses – 3 passion flowers – 1 clematis, 1 virginian creeper – 1 variegated ivy.

20th May   Received notice to attend Winter classes for Physical Culture in Napier.  Mr Freemantle began clearing ground for school residence yesterday.

23 May   Received Inspector Hill’s report.
Remarks  This school was visited by me on Wednesday May 7th when I found it closed.  On inquiry I was informed that Miss Moore was suffering from influenza & that most of the children were suffering from mumps.  The grounds are in fair order, there have been struts fixed on the N.W. side of the school for support, but the ground about the building drains the surface water under the school.
Good health of the children can hardly be expected under the conditions.
The children’s gardens are neatly arranged and pansies, phlox, petunias, violets and several other varieties of flowers were in full bloom.  Several beds of strawberries are neatly laid out & everything is ready for Spring.
The tools are put away in the shed.  The should be numbered & each tool should have a school mark.
I saw the mistress on my return & was informed that sickness was prevalent & that she had suffered from influenza.
The residence is still unbuilt.
Chief Inspector

30th May   The children in Stds 4 & 5 spent most of the morning in gardening as I wanted the strawberry beds to be finished as soon as possible.  They are not finished yet.

3rd June   Holiday – King’s Birthday.

4th June   A hurricane of Monday night (2nd) blew much of the residence timber away and broke it to pieces.  The Board’s foreman arrived today & saw the damage.

5th June   Closing school today so that I may get away to Teachers’ Physical Training Class in Napier.

30th June   Reopened school.  Started with the new course of physical drill.

4th July   I have given more than the usual time to physical drill this week.  We have no place suitable for drill but the schoolroom & so we have to move the desks each night & replace them after drill in the morning.  Average for quarter 22.57.

9th July   Starting an evening class for physical culture for young people.

11th July   Average for week.  23.1

16th July   This is Arbor Bay.  Instead of taking a holiday we spent most of the morning at physical culture & tidying up.  In the afternoon each child planted a tree or shrub.

18th July   Average for week 22.9.

24th July   Closed school in afternoon so that children could go to Blackburn school to be vaccinated.

25th July   By a foolish mistake I marked the attendance for yesterday aft. in my register & made up the summary before discovering my mistake, which is probably due to the fact that we could not use our schoolroom today because of the wind & so I brought all the children (24) to the residence where we spent the day reading, arithmetic, drawing & sewing.  I did not bring the registers to the cottage but made them up after school.
I shall not try again to teach all the children in the cottage, but on a windy day such as this would be pleased to take the older pupils in the residence.

28th July   A gale raging in the morning.  As it is impossible to stay in school at such times I have told the little ones not to come to school.  The bigger ones can come to the residence where the girls can sew & the boys have arithmetic etc.  On such days I cannot mark the register as the little ones would come if we had a suitable building.  Today we spent the morning at the residence & the afternoon here.

30 & 31st July, 1st Aug.   Very little work done as most of the children are suffering so severely from the effects of vaccination.

4th Aug   School closed in afternoon as children went to Blackburn school to be examined by doctor – re vaccination.

5th Aug   Many children still suffering from effects of vaccination.

4th-8th Aug   Regular school work could not be done this week as many of the children present are hardly fit to be at school through vaccination & severe colds.
Average for week 21.3.

8th   Received notice today of the Inspector’s visit to take place on or about Aug. 19th at 1 p.m.  This notice having been addressed “Ruahine” had gone to Wellington province.
Received notice re Library Books.

11th   Children suffering from most severe colds.  Many of them are hardly fit to be at school.

12th   A very wet day.  20 children present but many of of them are far from well.  Took a short lunch hour – dismissed infants at 1.45 p.m. & standards at 3 p.m.

13th   21 present, but the majority are not well.

15th   Average for week 21.4.  Very little work has been done this week because of sickness.  Dr South thinks the children are suffering from a form of gastric influenza.

Examined this school today when 22 pupils out of the roll of 24 were present.
Mistress: Miss Moore. D2
H Hill
Insp. of School.

Aug 19/13.

25th Aug.   Stds 4 & 5 spent about 1½ hrs in moving & stacking the wood to prepare for the vegetable garden which the Committee kindly hope to start this week.

27th Aug.   School Committee spent day digging a vegetable garden.

29th Aug.   Average for week 21.2.

3rd Sep.   A very strong gale blowing so I sent all the children home at lunch time & we did not have school in afternoon. The plumber is putting in taps in school lavatory.

6th Sep. (Saturday)/ Mr Scott & his men bolted & painted the stays in school & also attended to windows – put felt on them to try & prevent rain from driving in. School is now closed for 2nd term holidays.

5th Sep.   Received from Ed. Board supplementary Readers
4 copies of “The Andersen Reader”.
4 copies of “The Lay of the Last Minstrel”.
4 copies of “The Coral Island”
4 copies of “Swiss Family Robinson”.
5 copies of “The Land of Do-As-You-Like”.
5 copies of “Sinbad the Sailor”.

12th Sep.   Received from Ed. Board a supply of Vegetable & Flower Seeds.

15th Sep.   Re-opened school.  Will spend five days this week in getting in vegetable seeds.

12th Dec.   Closed school registers & posted all returns to Education Office.

19th Dec   Closed school for Summer vacation.

10th Feb.   Reopened school.  A strip of ground all round the school has been asphalted.  One new pupil enrolled.

13th Feb.   Average for week 23.7.

20th Feb.   Average for week 23.5.

27th Feb.   Time-table has not been followed this week.  Have been giving much extra time to sewng in order to get it finished in time for prize-giving.  Average for week 28.6.

3rd March   Mr Loten visited this school.  Two rakes, two trowels, two spades & a Dutch hoe received today.

6th March   School picnic held & prizes given out.

9th March   Time-table not carried out.  Tidying school after picnic.

13th March   Attendance has not been as good this week.  One boy has been to Napier, three girls absent through sickness, one girl kept home to help because of sickness.  Average for week 20.7.
Received copy of regulations for inspection & syllabus of instruction.

18th March   Received small quantity of plasticine, crayon books & crayon books from Ed.Board.  Parcel was torn when received.  Did not follow time-table as day was suitable for gardening.

20th March   Average for week 21.

26th March   Gardening not taken as day was wet.

27th March   Stds 6-4 spent most of the day gardening as we wanted to move the strawberries while the ground is soft after the rain.  Average for week 20.  There has been much sickness among the children – very severe colds.

31/3/14   Visited this school today
Pres. 19.  Roll 25.  Three others arrived late.
Miss E.S. Moore in charge
D.A. Strachan

3rd April   Average for week 22.6

9th April   Average for week 21.75.  Closed school for Easter holidays.  Took gardening

on Tuesday instead of Thursday as weather was suitable for moving strawberries, as advised by Mr. Loten.  Yesterday I posted the quarterly returns & forms re boys over 13, also a second application for gardening register & an application for new admission register.

13th April   Am posting application to Sec. Ed. Board Napier asking for alteration in supply of School Journals as follows
Std. 6 – 5 pupils
Std. 5 – 3 pupils
Std. 4 – 2 pupils        10 pupils  Applied for 11 copies Part 3
Std. 3 – 6 pupils
Std. 2 – 2 pupils        8 pupils    Applied for 9 copies Part 2
Std. 1 – 3 pupils        3 pupils    Applied for 4 copies Part 1

17th April   Average for week. 21.3  Yesterday was such a very wet cold day that most of the morning was spent with School Journals around the heater.

Copy of Inspector Strachan’s report 31/3/14
II Satisfactory.  III Admission Roll obsolete.  Quarterly – some omission; other registers full & neat.  4. Satisfactory – distances are great & storms severe.  5.  Time-table tentative – no summary, it appears to work well in practice. 6-9  Schemes – incomplete owing to the late arrival of the syllabus.  Except in Std. 6.  arithmetic is well advanced

The pupils read & spell under monitors; they work well & happily.  Writing fair to satisfactory.
Composition – good methods are adapted.  Geography – scheme still under review.  Drawing – pencil work good. brush – very good.  Gardening – by limiting the area to half the present ground the children would get more satisfaction from their efforts; they have displayed fine enthusiasm and energy in this direction.  In general I was much pleased to find in this remote locality a school operating with such efficiency.  Tone & discipline are of the best & manners excellent.
10. A square about the school has been asphalted with appreciable effect on the neatness & comfort of the surroundings.  A few loads of metal should be supplied for the path between the residence & the school.
11.  Sufficient.  12.  Room & desks very neat & tidy. Requirements. A box of coins, box of letters, a fire brick for the stove (necessary for the safety of the building) a handwork register for agriculture the latest form of Admission Roll. 13.  As usual in Hawke’s Bay.  16.  The Committee are very helpful in promoting the interests of the school.

23rd Ap.   Boys did their gardening (cleaning up old strawberry beds).  Day was too cold for girls as they are not very well (Dorothy & Ada bad sides), Winnie (back) May (rheumatism)

29th Ap.   Mr Brewer (dentist) from Waipawa came to extract teeth about 2 P.M., so school was then closed.  Eleven school children had teeth extracted,

1st May   As this is a cold day it has been decided not to hold school as so many have sore mouths after the extraction of teeth.  Average for week 20.25.

6th May   As this is a beautiful day, I am taking gardening in case tomorrow is not suitable.

8th May   Average for week 22.6

15th May   Closed school for Ist term holidays.  Average for week 22.1

25th May   Reopened school.

29th May   Average for week 23.2

1st June   Very wet day.  Children spent most of the morning round the heater – girls sewing. boys arithmetic.

2nd June   Another cold wet day – children very cold.  Again most of the morning was spent round the heater – girls sewing boys – reading School Journals.

3rd June   Holiday   King’s Birthday.

5th June   Average for week 21.25.  Did not take gardening this week as the ground was too damp on Friday – the only suitable day.

11th June   Did not take gardening – weather cold & wet.

12th June   Average for week 22.1

18th June   Upper classes (Stds 6-4) spent all morning at gardening & boys 1/2 an hour in afternoon planting bank with strawberries.

24th June   Morning turned so cold with heavy snow storm that Mr Fargher (member of Committee) came to school at noon & advised closing the school for afternoon in case the snow storm got worse.  I therefore sent all the lower classes home at lunch hour.  Some of the upper pupils remained for brush work & organ practice.  we did not take a holiday on Prince of Wales’ Birthday (22nd June).

25th June   Stds 4-6 gardening in morning for an hour.  Ada did not spend full time gardening as her throat was sore.  Winnie & Dorothy put scrim over the special sweet peas which have been planted.

26th June   Average for week 21.4

30th June   Average for quarter 21.88.

4th July   Members of committee kindly placed new fire brick in school heater.

10th July   Took gardening today (Friday) as yesterday was cold & wet.  Average for week 22.5.

14th July   No school held.  There is a severe epidemic of influenza among the children & the day is very cold with rain and snow.

15th July   Only 16 present.  Beautiful day.  Nearly half of those present are sick & not fit to be at school.

16th July   17 present – several unfit to be present.  Beautiful day. Gardening not taken.

17th July   Very cold day. 13 present.  Much time spent around the heater with the story of Livingstone until children got warm.  Rest of morning spent in drawing & painting as some children are unfit for work.
Average for week 15.5.

20th July   21 present.

24 July   Wrote to Editor, School Journal, informing him that our supply had not been altered as promised & requesting alteration this week.  Applied to Secretary, Ed. Board, for map of Africa & box of coins.  Have applied many times for box of coins since coming here.
Took gardening today.  Winnie absent (Wellington).  Average for week 21

30th July   Gardening taken – Hector worked indoors at seed book as he was not well.  Winnie absent.

31st July   Average for week 21.

5th Aug   Miss Heritage visited the school & kindly helped the children with their exercises in physical culture & also taught them new games.

6th Aug.   Gardening taken.  Winnie & Ida absent.

7th Aug.   Average for week = 21.2

10th Aug.   A very wet windy day.  Only 16 present.

11th Aug.   20 present.  Many suffering from severe colds.

13th Aug.   Too cold & wet for gardening.

14th Aug.   Gardening taken.  All present but Winnie.  Received from Ed. Board a supply of vegetable & flower seeds.

18th Aug.   Received from Ed. Board maps of Africa, Asia, Europe, British Isles, Australia & the World.

20th Aug.   Very wet day.  Could not take gardening.

21st Aug.   Average for week 21.8.  Day very wet.

25th Aug.   Gardening today instead of Thursday last.

28th Aug.   Average for week 22.

Examined this school today when 22 pupils out of twenty-seven were present.
Mistress:  Miss E. Moore
W. Hill
Inspector of Sch.

Aug 27/14

31 Aug   Gardening taken instead of Thursday last.  Flower seeds from Ed. Bd. planted.

3rd Sep.   Gardening taken. Sweet Peas planted around school netting. Closing school for term holidays.

Inspector’s Report 27th Aug. 1914
Environment.  The externals of this school are highly commended to the Committee, Mistress and pupils.  The flower gardens are full of primroses in full bloom & form a pretty sight adding a charm to the surroundings.  There are beds of strawberries & the plantations are in good order & present a healthy appearance.  The tarring about the school is spoilt.  The work appears to have been done whilst the material

was wet.
This small outlying school continues to present features of special interest in the training of children.  The family life is fostered, and there is a delightful tone in the school.  All the external arrangements are a reflex of the internal.  The children are happy and work with diligence and fair success.
Of the 27 pupils on the roll five are classed in Std. 6, but they are somewhat weak as the new regulations require advanced work in English & Arithmetic, but the reading & recitation lack thoroughness & should be strengthened up to the departmental requirements.  The other class subjects are of good promise & particular mention must be made of the sewing done by the girls; of the writing which shows much improvement and of the composition, which is satisfactory.  Physical training is excellently taught & the

method adopted in the singing lesson in which a class pupil accompanies the singer on the organ is an excellent feature that deserves to be encouraged.
The training in preparing a table for the children’s lunch is worthy of general adoption in all country schools.
H. Hill
Chief Inspector

4th – 13th Sep.   Term Holidays.

17th Sep.   Gardening taken.

21st Sep.   Extra gardening done to get vegetable garden in order.

30th Sep.   Average for quarter [no figure given].  Another outbreak of influenza.

28th Sep.   Dominion Day.  Children assembled at usual time.  At 10.30 there was a talk about Dominion Day & then the children saluted the flag & were dismissed.

1st Oct.   Gardening taken.

2nd Oct.   Average for week 20.  Influenza prevalent.

5th Oct.   As I dismissed school at 3.30 p.m. such a severe gale was blowing that some little children could not get home.

6th Oct.   Gale continued all night.  We met at

school this morning but the gale was so bad for a time that it seemed dangerous to be in the school. The whole building swayed & one child was ill with fright.  We closed school.  All day the gale continued & bush fires caused much trouble to the settlers.

7th Oct.   As the gale was still bad in the morning it was considered advisable not to hold school.  Much of the asphalt has been carried away & our gardens have suffered badly.

8th Oct.   The day was so hot & the ground so dry after the wind that I decided not to take gardening.

12th Oct.   Gardening taken today instead of Thursday.

15th Oct.   Gardening taken today instead of Thursday.

16th Oct.   Average for week = 22.5.

23rd Oct   Gardening taken today.  Average for week 22.8

29th Oct.   Gardening taken.

30th Oct.   Such a severe gale was blowing in morning at school time that parents thought it wiser not to send the children to school.  Later on the gale went down so some girls came.  They cleaned the school desks &

did some sewing at my residence.  Ada Fargher, Std 6, spent the day in school work at my cottage.  Average for week 21.12.

30th Oct.   Vegetable seeds which children had planted have been blown away during gale – the potatoes & artichokes which were planted from 5 to 6 ins. deep were uncovered.

2nd Nov.   21 present.

3rd Nov.   Another gale has again uncovered the potatoes & destroyed the beans that were up.

5th Nov.   Gardening taken.

6th Nov.   At dinner time I sent 5 little children home as the weather looked very bad.  I marked them absent. (Irene & Derrick Doar, Edie & Rose Alder, Alex Adams).  Average for week 21.5.

12th Nov.   Gardening taken.

16th Nov.  Gardening taken today instead of Thursday (19th).  Thistles need cutting down.

17th Nov.   As Mr Hunter held a political meeting in the school at 3 o’clock, the children were dismissed at 2.30 p.m.

18th   No school because of gale.

20th   Average for week 21.25.

24th   As Mr Jull held a political meeting in the school at 3 p.m. the children were dismissed soon after 2 p.m. with the exception of Std VI

26th Nov.   Gardening taken.  Ada absent at scholarship exam.  Ada Fargher left yesterday for Hastings, where [she] is sitting for Ed. Board Junior Scholarship.  I am marking her present on 25th, 26th & 27th Nov. as these days are used for travelling & scholarship exam.

27th Nov.   Average for week 21.3.

3rd Dec.   Gardening taken.  (Ada & Leonard busy with exam.  Time to be made up.)

4th Dec.   Std. VI Synchronous exam should have been held today but as the examination papers have not come, it cannot be held.  I have notified the Secretary.

7th Dec.   I have been very ill during the night with a neuralgic head-ache & do not feel able for school today.  I am taking Std. VI for an exam & sending results to Education Office as Std. VI exam. papers have not yet arrived here.

10th Dec.   School was closed in the afternoon because of the raging gale.  School during the morning was very trying owing to the noise caused by the wind.  Some of the little ones were very frightened.

10th Dec   Some logs in Mr Adams’ paddock adjoining the school caught fire – presumably from sparks from school heater.  The fire spread quickly & Mr Adams, Victor Adams, Mr Fargher & school boys (Stds 4,5, & 6) had difficulty in putting out the fire.  Logs began to smoke again in afternoon & Ernest & Victor Adams put the fires out.

11th Dec.   Girls spent most of the day sewing, so as to get finished before holidays.  Posted Dec Truancy return away today.

14th Dec.   Gale is so bad that we could not hold school.  I spent the day at my returns & the following is a copy of returns re Manual & Technical work.

Form M  5   Return of Attendances at P.S. Classes Hinerua School.

The classes, the average attendance at school which is given below, received regular instruction in accordance with the Regulations for Manual & Technical Instruction during the year ending 31st Dec. 1914

(a) Elementary Handwork (Regulations 19.20 & 20):
1. Regular instruction was given during the year for 40 weeks.
2. The average attendance was according to the Register of Daily Attendance & was for P. to Std.2  7; Std 3 . s/4
S.5 to S7.
Forwarded to Ed. Board 12th Dec. 1914
E. S. Moore.  Head Teacher

In connection with the foregoing I wrote to the Secretary as follows:

“I cannot say that this is an exact return. For various reasons I have not been able to keep exactly to my time-table this year.  Sometimes the infants have had more than 1 1/2 hrs. per week at handwork & sometimes less.  I hope next year ro keep a separate register for this work & to take a note of any irregular days.  I believe my return is correct as regards crayon work.  With regard to plasticine, I gave each child a portion of the new supply of plasticine at the beginning of the year.  This portion was added to the old plasticine which the child had been using the previous year.  This is evidently a mistake as the mixture became hardy and crumby; the children found it so hard to work that they lost all pleasure in its use.
Kindly let me know if there is any way of cleaning plasticine so that the portion which one child has been using can be made clean before passing it to another child.
Thanking you
Yours faithfully
E. Moore
14th Dec 1914.

Re Manual Work – Stds 4 – 6

Public School
14th Dec. 1914

The Secretary
Education Board

Dear Sir,
I am sorry to say that I was not supplied with a register for Elementary Agriculture this year though I wrote twice [underlined] for one and also applied otherwise.
I have not been able to get in 40 weeks of instruction in gardening this year as the weather has very often not been suitable on gardening day.  This school has never [underlined] received any manures from the Ed. Board. I am grateful for the tools supplied at the beginning of the year & for the seeds supplied in August.
I hope that we can be supplied with a wheel barrow for next year’s work.
Yours faithfully
E. Moore

Public School
14th Dec. 1914

The Secretary
Education Board

Dear Sir
Please send me
1 Public School Register of Daily Attendance.
1 Public School Admission Register.
1 Public School Summary of Attendance Register.
4 First Class attendance certificates.
2 Second class attendance certificates
1 Time-table form
(Teacher note in margin: Received towards end of December ’14 E.M.)
A memo from you of date 30/9/11 notified that schools would be supplied with folios for the Education Act, Departmental Regulations & Circulars.  I have never received any & would be grateful for some for next year’s use.
(Teacher note in margin: Not received. E.M.)
Thanking you
Yours faithfully
E. Moore

Form M3

For the year 1915

Particulars of P.S. Classes proposed to be held in connection with Hinerua School

Std  Class   Subjects Instruction  Programme of Work in each subject  No. of hrs per week in each class   Duration of lesson in each branch   Roll no. of pupils under instruction   For use of Dept.

P to Std 2   Crayon Book   1   1 1/2 hrs   1/2 hr   P – 6 pupils   5 (Alex, Frank, Rosie, Doris, Edie)
Brush Work   Std 2. 4 pupils   1 (Fred)

Std 3   Brush work   1 hr   1/2 hr   Std 3. 3 pupils    3 (George, William[?], Harry)
Std 4   Plasticine   Std 4. 3 pupils   4 (Alfie, Vera, Elise, Eva)

Stds 5  Elementary   1 hr    1 hr   Std 5 – 2 pupils (Elsie & Nellie)

Stds 5  Design & Colour work   Std 6 – 5 pupils (Ronald, Hector, Leslie, Mary, Dorothy)

Dec. 14th 1915

Could not make this out in duplicate as directed as only one form was sent to me.

Forwarded to Ed. Board 14th Dec

E.S. Moore. Head Teacher

Drawing & Handwork

I based the particulars on preceding page on following regulations from syllabus of istruction Dec. 1913.

Infants – 6 on roll –
Representation of very simple familiar objects with coloured crayons.
Modelling in clay or plasticine.
elementary pattern making; drawing lines of given length with rulers: brush & pencil not to be introduced till reasonable skill in handling crayons has been acquired by pupils.

Stds 1 & 2   4 on roll (all Std. 2)
Free drawing with coloured crayons, chalk, brush or pencil in mass & in outline of familiar objects containing curved or straight lines.  Imaginative drawing. Elementary practice with ruler & set-squares.

Std. 3 & 4.   6 on roll (3 in Std 3 & 3 in Std. 4) Representation with chalk, pencil or brush of simple natural & fashioned objects, of flat shapes cut out in large scale in card board: memory drawing; drawing to scale in plan & elevation; simple straight lined objects; Elementary design & colour work.  Modelling in plasticine.  Instrumental drawing should be associated with brick-laying or card-board work.

Form M I B.  School Classes

Particular of School Classes to be held at Hinerua:

Dist. No. of Class:   Std. Class or Form:   Subject of Instruction:   Roll No. of Class   No. of weeks in which instruction is to be given   Date of commencement of instruction   Days in which class meets   Hours of Meeting   From To   Time given to individual practical work each meeting.   Name of Instructor (surname first)

Std 4 – 6   Elem. Agriculture as per Board’s scheme of Work.   12   40   4th Feb. 1915   Thursday 11.15  12.15   1/2 hr   Moore E.

Programme as approved    9 (Dec 14th 1915)   8.2.16   1/2 hr.   Dec 13th 1915

Same for 1916, but probable roll no. 9.  Forwarding form with this information Dec. 18th, 1915

E.S. Moore.  Head Teacher   12th Dec. 1914

Note attached

As the Board’s memo (25th Nov.) containing instructions re Technical returns states that only the day in which the class meets and the hour of the meeting are to be filled in, I have written any other information in lead pencil so that it can be erased if necessary.
E.S. Moore

H.B. Manual & Technical

Schedule of Material on hand

Suppliers on hand 31st Dec. 1914

Elementary Agriculture.  Implements 5 spades, 1 potato fork, 2 rakes, 3 hoes, 1 watering can, 3 trowels, 2 small forks.
Dairy Science   a. apparatus  b. materials  Nil.
Elementary Science   a. apparatus  b. materials  Nil.
Meteorological instruments.  nil.
Handwork.  Brush drawing – a. Drawing Books  b. Brushes c. Colour boxes d. Colours (tubes) e. “Radiant ” inks  f. Saucers  g. demonstration colours.  Nil.
Crayon work.  Brown Drawing Bks 8  Boxes of Crayons 8
Modelling. Plasticine (coloured) –  Plasticine (grey) A small quantity which is useless through being mixed with old plasticine.
Boards.  28 straw boards – some of them rather dirty.
Tools.  11 tools with needle-like points.  These tools arenot suitable for infants unless the teacher is with the class all the time.
Cardboard materials. Knives, Scissors, cutting Boards, cardboards (sheets).  Nil.
Miscellaneous materials.  Paper (folding), sticks (sticklaying) Bricks (boxes), Sets of letters.  Boxes of coins. Nil.

12th Dec. 1914

Education Board Classes

at, & required for Hinerua School

Requirements for 1915

Elementary Agriculture.  wheelbarrow
Dairy Science –
Elementary Science –
Meteorological Instruments. Barometer, Thermometer & Rain Gauge.
Handwork.  Brushdrawing. Drawing Bks. 10 (P. to S.2) Brushes 16 (p. to Std 4)
Colour boxes 6 (Stds 3 & $) Colours (tubes) Yellow 3  Red #  Blue 3 for P. to S.2.
“Radiant” Inks (tins) 1 Red, 1 Yellow, 1 Blue for P. to Std 2.
Saucers. 20 for P. to Std. 2.
Demonstration Colours (tins) 1 Red, 1 Yellow, 1 Blue.
Crayon Work
Brown Drawing Bks.  10 for P. to Std.2.
Boxes of Crayons 10 for P. to Std. 2.
Plasticine (coloured) Sufficient for 16 children
Plasticine (grey) Sufficient for 16 children including Stds 3 & 4
Boards Sufficient for 6 children – Stds 3 & 4.
Tools Sufficient for 16 children (P. to Std. 4)
Cardboard materials –
Miscellaneous materials (Paper (folding.) – Sticks (sticklaying) –
Bricks (boxes) Please send me 1 box as a sample.
Sets of letters. 3
Boxes of Coins.  I have made several applications for a box of coins during past 3 years.
E.S. Moore

Posted at Waipawa 15th Dec & marked Urgent.

Public School
14th Dec. 1914

The Secretary
Education Board

Dear Sir

We have been having such severe gales here lately that the door of our school is out of order and wil not close.  We tie it with rope but unless something is done at once, greater damage & therefore additional expense will probably be the result.  I wrote a couple of months ago to the Foreman of works about the asphalt around our school and also about the front door lock of my residence.  The asphalt work done at the school last holidays was not a success, as Insp. Hill pointed out in his last report on this school.  The top-dressing wore off, and the metal which formed the foundation was thus exposed to our severe gales.
I therefore wrote to Mr Borland on behalf of my school committee & asked for advice as to what should be done.


My letter to Mr. Borland must gone astray as I have not received any reply.  Much of the metal has, as I feared, been blown away and the clay which used to be such a trouble around the school is again exposed to view in many patches. Before the ground was asphalted we always had trouble through the gales blowing away the earth at the N.W. corner of the school and so forming a hole where water lodged.  This was of course most unhealthy.  I am sorry to say that the hole is forming again through the asphalt not having been a success.  Unless something is done soon, there will be no asphalt left at the front of the school, where it is most needed.  I sincerely hope that something can be done.  This piece of asphalt was the only suitable place I had for taking the classes for physical exercises.  It is not suitable now, for the rough metal is becoming more and more exposed.
The asphalt was a great boon to this little school which has many difficulties to contend with, and I shall be most grateful if the Board can have it remedied.
I am sorry to say that the front door lock of my residence is broken, It may

have been damaged before it was put in, as a piece suddenly fell out one day.  I tried to get a similar lock at Onga but could not.  Will you kindly send me a new lock before the holidays, and I will pay for it if necessary.  This diagram may help Mr Borland to know what lock to send me.
Thanking you
Yours faithfully
E. Moore

15th Dec.   My return was posted at Waipawa today by Mr Fargher.  Day was not spent in regular school work.  Some girls were finishing their sewing & other children drew & coloured a Christmas card to send to their schoolmate in Wellington Hospital  (Winnie Reeves).

The average attendance for the quarter ended 11th Dec was 21.46.
Average for year 22.7

16th Dec.   Such a gale came up in the lunch hour that I sent the little ones home with the boys at about 2.15 p.m. & the bigger girls sewed at my cottage.

17th Dec.   Gales was so bad that we could

not hold school.

18th Dec.  Gales still bad though not as bad as yesterday in early morning.  A few children came to school & we empited the desks.  I though it wiser for the children to take their books home in case anything happens to the school through the gales.  The gale was so bad at noon that the children had difficulty in getting home.  Closed school for Christmas Holidays.

19th Dec.   Received by last night’s mail the Std. VI exam questions which should have come before Dec. 4th.  I received no word with them as to whether to hold the exam now or not.

Feb. 1st 1915

Received from Ed. Bd.
called 6 boxes
5 Students Colour Boxes (Reeves’ No 52) 8 colours. 2 brushes
1 H.B. Board of Ed. Brushwork Box – containing 3 tubes (Crimson Lake, Gamboge, Prussian Blue), 1 brush|
10 brushes. size 6 Reeves’ Mincat.
4 Tubes Gamboge. 3 Prussian Blue. 3 Crimson Lake
10 Brush Dr. Bks.  10 saucers
10 Chalk Dr. Bks 9no chalks)
8 Sets of letters.
1 box of Cardboard coins.

Received parcel of books – 2 copies “The Tail of a Duck”
2 copies “A Prank in the Dark”

2 copies of “A Doggy Diary”
2 copies of “A Tabby & I Diary”
1 copy each of “Off to the Sea”
“The Naughty Young Sparrow”
“Madcap Maisie”
“Soldier John”
“The Three Giants”

Copy of letter forwarded to Secretary, Ed. Bd.
Public School
Feb. 1st 1915

The Secretary
Education Board

Dear Sir

I have received some of the material applied for, for the Manual & Technical Classes.  The Chalk & Bks have come for the Infants, but there are no boxes of crayons in the parcel.
I have not received any plasticine.
Will you please send me a special register for Elementary Agriculture & kindly let me know whether the wheel barrow applied for will be granted.

The gardens & schoolgrounds are in a dreadful state with California thistle etc. & a wheel barrow is required at once.
Will the barometer, thermometer & rain gauge applied for be supplied?
Thanking you for the material I have received.
Yours respectfully
E. Moore

Feb. 2nd 15   Re-opened school with an attendance of 17. Did not do regular work.

3rd   Scheme of work not ready yet.  Giving attention to reading, Spelling, Arithmetic & Tables particularly

5th   Spent nearly all day gardening as rain seemed probable & gardens are in a deplorable state.  Found it necessary to lift nearly all the plants in order to remove weeds.  We are greatly in need of a wheelbarrow.  Rain did not come so much watering was necessary.

6th   (Saturday)
Received from Mr. Loten last evening a special register for last year’s classes in Elementary Agriculture & following letter.

Education Office

Dear Miss Moore

Under special cover I am

forwarding an agricultural register for your class for last year.  I shall be obliged if you will complete the entries as soon as possible & return the roll to me.  Under the amended regulations no special register is required for your agriculture class during 1915.
Respectfully yours
Ernest G. Loten

I wrote twice for this register last year & received word that it would be forwarded but it never came.

8th Feb.   Spent all day gardening – for as we had taken all plants out, the garden had to be put in order again.  Little ones worked in school under a monitor.

9th Feb.   Spent an hour in the garden.

10th Feb.   Received last evening a wheel barrow for the school.

Sat. 13th Feb.   Received last evening
3 dozen boxes crayons
5lbs pf grey plasticine
3lbs of coloured plasticine.
Received from Sec. list of goods for manual work sent to this school this year 10 brushes, 36 boxes crayons

Average for week 17.3

17th Feb.   Received from Sec. Ed. Bd. Memo (12th Feb.) that general examination schedules should not have been forwarded in duplicate & that duplicate examination schedules will not be returned.
Memo (12th Feb.)  Not necessary now to keep special attendance registers in connection with school classes in manual & technical subjects.
Memo re subsidy on school libraries during 1914.

18th Feb.   Gardening not taken – day not suitable.

24th Feb.   School closed for picnic.  As some families wished to Whakarara Sports, it was decided that instead of having the usual school picnic all the children should be taken to the Sports.

26th Feb.   School boys cleaned out the tank in afternoon.  Top of tank requires attention.  Dead mice & dirt were in the tank.  Have written to Mr. Adams today to see if he can get something at Onga to prevent mice from getting into the tank.  We did not do our usual school work this afternoon.  The girls sewed in the shelter shed & the little ones had plasticine there so that I could direct the boys who were cleaning the tank.
Average for week 19.5

March 4th   Weather bad – not suitable for gardening.

March 5th   Wrote on 12th Feb. to Secretary- Ed. Bd. re Ada Fargher’s proficiency certificate – no reply yet.
Average for week 18.2

March 11th   Gardening taken – Californian thistle cleaned out of school garden.

12th   Average for week 18.4.

15th   A gale sprang up. Rain beat in the western windows badly.  When the weather improved about 2.30 p.m. I sent all the children home.

17th   Three children absent with very bad colds today.  As many children are suffering from colds and rain seemed probable, I closed school at 3 o’clock.

18th   Very wet day.  Only 6 present.  Did not run usual work.  Upper classes covered books – filled in weather calendars, had arithmetic, drawing & plasticine.  I spent part of the morning placing school sewing.

19th   Average for week 17.25.

23rd   Posted letter to Secretary, Ed. Board, requesting reply to my letter of 12th Feb. re Ada Fargher’s Proficiency Certificate.  Very wet day.  Nine present.

24th   Very wet day – nine present

25th   Very wet day – eight present.  Too wet for gardening.

26th   Boys did half an hour’s gardening as ground was easy to work after the rain.  I thought the ground too damp for the girls.
There were 18 at school today.  This is the only satisfactory attendance since Monday, and so I will take most of the work planned for this week, next week, God willing.  At 2.30 today heavy rain seemed probable & I thought it advisable to send most of the children home.

27th   Received forms for quarterly returns.
Memo re Correspondence Course (uncertified teachers).
Memo re term & summer holidays.  15th to 24th May; 4th to 12th Sep; 18th Dec to 31st Jan.

April 1st   Sent Ada Fargher’s scholarship results to Inspector Hill.  Gardening taken.

April 7th   Reopened school after Easter holiday

April 8th   Gardening taken.

April 14th   Having had influenza in a severe form, I was not able to hold school on Monday & Tuesday.  We had school for a few hours today from 10 a.m. to 2.30 p.m.

April 15th   Morning too stormy for gardening.  Three children were sick and had to be sent home from school at lunchtime.  Seem to be suffering from gastric influenza.
One child was sent home yesterday.

April 16th   Only 13 present owing to influenza.  Some of those present are far from well. Took gardening – cleaning strawberry bed.  Average for week only 14 owing to influenza.

April 20th   Received copy of Education Act 1914.

April 23rd   Only 15 [?] present owing to influenza.  Three big boys spent 1 1/2 hrs in morning washing front of school.  As the majority of the children bring their lunch and must eat it either in the porch or school on wet cold days, these rooms are getting very dirty through little ones dropping bread & butter on the floor.
As the day turned cold & wet I sent the little ones home at 2.30 and older pupils remained to clear the desks.

April 27th   6 present yesterday & 7 today owing to influenza.

April 28th   5 present.  Very wet day in early morning & from 2.45 p.m..  As it was a suitable day for transplanting, I allowed the 2 boys (Stds 5 & 6) to spend part of the afternoon working in the strawberry bed.

April 30th   On every day this week the attendance has been below half owing to influenza.  Today there were nine present and as a heavy gale sprang up about 1.45,

I sent most of the children home at 2 o’clock in case the gale grew worse.  We have not made much headway with our school-work this month owing to influenza.

May 3rd   A beautiful day.  Those who have been ill returned to school but were allowed to go home at 2.30 p.m.

May 4th   17 children at school.  The morning was fair but in the lunch hour the weather looked very threatening & the day became very cold.  A gale and rain seemed to be coming.  I hurried children away in the lunch hour.  Then the day changed again and the sun shone.  Under the circumstances I though it better not to mark the afternoon attendance.  Upper pupils worked till usual time.

May 7th   Attendance has been better this week than it has been for a month, but the average is only 16.4.  Received School Journals.

May 12th   As this was a beautiful day, I thought it advisable to take gardening today instead of tomorrow as weather may change.

May 13th   A cold wintry day.  Time-table not carried out in afternoon.  Children made paintings of a Japanese anemone from natural flower and sent them to a schoolmate in Waipawa Hospital, who is recovering from a serious operation.

May 14th   School is now closed for 1st term holiday.  Today was added to the holidays in order to enable 3 pupils to get away with the mail coach.  We hope to make this day up by not taking a holiday on King’s Birthday.

May 24th   Reopened school today to make up for Friday 14th.  Owing to a mistake some children came without their lunches thinking that there would be a holiday in afternoon (to make up for a half day we had not taken).  I therefore decided to count the afternoon a holiday but all the children, who had brought their lunches remained at school & wrote letters to a sick schoolmate. & looked at the ar pictures in the “Auckland Weekly”.

May 27th   Gardening taken.

May 28th   Dismissed children a little earlier than usual as the weather cleared a little.

May 31st   Ronald Fargher appears to be suffering from measles so the Committee think it would be advisable to keep Mr Fargher’s family from school.  The Doctor is expected this evening & we shall then know whether Ronald is really suffering from measles.
There were only 12 at school today.

June 1st   Committee decided last evening to close school for a fortnight.  The following is a copy of a letter sent to the parents.

June 1st 1915

To the Hinerua parents

I understand from what Dr Dick said that the only benefit in closing the school for a fortnight is this.  Other children besides Ronald, may have already contracted measles, but the disease will not show itself for a fortnight.  If the children all mingle together any who, unknown to us have already contracted the disease, may give it to others.  If, at the end of a fortnight no other cases have developed, we may by keeping away from Mr. Fargher’s family, prevent the disease from spreading.
Now, it is quite plain from this that if the children mingle together away from school, it will be useless to close the school.  The Committee have closed the school to give the children a possible chance of escaping, but have decided that it is not necessary to close for more than a fortnight for the reasons above stated.  Mr Fargher is kindly disinfecting the school today.

June 15th   School was to be reopened today but owing to severe gale and to measles there was no one present.

Examined June 16/15
H. Hill

June 16th   Should Ada Fargher be prepared in the subject in which she obtained fewer than 50 per cent in the J.C. Examination & a recommendation made on her behalf in December to the effect that in the opinion of the Mistress, the pupil is qualified to meet the requirements in those subjects viz English, Arithmetic, general paper 2 & Drawing 2, a proficiency certificate will be issued in place of competency.
H. Hill
Head Insp.
June 15/15

June 17th   Only 4 present.

June 18th   Weather so bad that no one came to school.

June 21st   Only 3 present.

June 22nd – 25th   Weather bad & majority of children suffering from measles. No one came to school.

June 28th   8 present.

June 30th   Average for quarter 16.28.  Owing to influenza in April and Measles in June. I am applying for a substitution of average for quarter just ended.

July 2nd   Received School Journals & supply of vegetable & flower seeds from Ed. Bd.

July 8th   A beautiful day – extra time given to gardening in morning.  Because of sickness & damp weather we have not had our gardening lessons for some weeks. Weeds & grass have made headway in the flower gardens & on the paths.

July 9th   Time given to weeding gardens in the afternoon.  Our 3 boys in Std 5 are not well (probably effects of measles) so I thought light work in the sunshine was best for them.

July 12th   Ronald Fargher has not been well for a few days.  As he had a rash on him Mr Fargher thought it advisable to get the Doctor & also to keep the rest of his family at home in case Ronald was suffering from an infectious disease.

Dr Dick came at mid-day & pronounced the case to be one of German measles. Ronald has just got over English measles.  The Doctor says that these 2 forms of measles are two distinct diseases.  He does not think it necessary to keep Mr Fargher’s family from school, as so many children here have had measles just lately & some of the cases appear to have been German measles.

July 18th   Only 6 present because of wet weather.  Parents are afraid to send the children who have just recovered from measles

July 14th   A beautiful day.  13 children came to school, 3 returned for first time since measles, 3 others were far from well. As rain came on at lunchtime, I sent these 6 children and a little girl home before weather got worse.

July 15th   Gardening not taken.  Ground too damp after heavy frost melted.

July 20th   Only 7 at school.  Morning was windy & so parents did not like to send children who had just recovered from measles.

July 22nd   Only 1 pupil present – Dorothy Alder.  The rain is very heavy today.  Dorothy spend the day at he school sewing.  She got very wet coming to school, so I kept her at my cottage instead of lighting the school fire.

July 23rd   Only 8 present. Spent 1/2 hour in afternoon weeding the garden.

July 30th   There have been very few at school this week owing to German measles.  I have not been at all well today & had to dismiss children very early.

Aug. 23rd   I have been absent from school for 3 weeks through illness.  Reopened school today – 13 present.

Aug. 25   Gardening taken today as weather was beautiful.

Aug. 26th   Hurried children away at 2.30 p.m. as the day turned very cold & rain seemed to be coming with cold winds.

Aug 27th   Received from Sec. Ed. Board copy of Hawke’s Bay By-Laws.
Memo re seed collecting.
Copies of regulations a. subsidies on voluntary contributions b. School & class libraries.
Received notice that annual examination of this school will be held on Monday Sep. 27th.
Posted letter card to Mr Loten asking for information re artificial manures.

Sep. 2nd   Day not suitable for gardening.

Sep. 3rd   Gardening taken today.  Attendance has been much better this week.  One boy is still absent through fear of infection.  His parents think of allowing him to return to school next Monday.

Sep. 6th   All the children who are able to attend school are present today – the best attendance for 4 months.
There is only 1 child (Elsie Alder) unable to attend now. She is recovering from an operation.

Sept 10th   Average for week 17.7 – the best average since May.
No reply received from Mr Loten yet re artificial manures .
Received today after some delay Dominion Arithmetics for Std 2.  We have been using S.C. Arithmetics in this school, but as they get worn out, I am ordering Dominion Arithmetics.  Have had trouble obtaining geography books this year, but last week secured a supply of new Pacific geographics.

Sep. 14   Recd today reply from Mr Loten re artificial manures.  “Most satisfactory way of dealing with manures in Primary School gardens will be to mix them in the proportions given and dig them into the plot before sowing the seeds.”
Children spent part of the morning (1/2 hr.) gathering flowers which they carried with a letter of welcome and gratitude to a returned wounded soldier.

Sep. 17th   Equinoctial gales.  No one came to school until about 10 o’clock.  Then 9 children came.

Sep 21st   Elsie Alder (Std III) returned to school after an absence of over 5 months owing to serious illness.

Sep 23rd   Mr Loten – Director of Technical Education visited this school today.

27 Sept/15   I visited this school today.
Roll 19  Present 19
Teacher in charge   Miss E.A. Moore
D.A. Strachan

Oct 6th   As examination was held on Dominion Day, Inspector Strachan said that the holiday might be taken another day.  It was taken on 6th Oct., when a Sunday School picnic was held at Mr. Reeves.

Oct 7th   Wet day.  Mr. Freemantle’s family suffering from colds.  Not present.

Oct 8th   Wet day.  Mr. Alder’s family sick. Only 8 children at school.

Oct 14th   Took short dinner hour & left school at 2 p.m. with all the children & visited a pretty bush scene on Mr. Alder’s property.  Mr Alder had kindly sent us word that several native trees were now in blossom.

Oct 18th & 19th   Rough stormy day. Only 9 present each day.

Oct. 14th   Planted the 4lbs of potatoes sent by Education Board.  Used the manures in the following proportions

1 1/3 lbs Blood & Bone manure
4 lbs Superphosphate
1 2/3 lbs Sulphate of Potash
Dug the manures into the plot according to Mr Loten’s advice.
Size of plot.

Nov 8th   Very wet day.  Only 7 present.  Received on Nov 5th memo for examination schedules – also forms for annual examination.

Nov. 11th   As day was very wet & only 4 children able to come to school (because of colds) & as I was suffering from sore throat we arranged by telephone not to have school.  One girl – Dorothy Alder Std 6 came & spent the day at my cottage finishing her knitting.

Nov. 14th   Received from Ed. Bd. examination tests for Std. 6.

Nov. 17th   Holding Std. 6 exam.

Nov. 12th   Owing to Thursday’s gale, the rain was blown through the western wall of the school.  Many books in the cupboard were wet and much

time had to be spent today in getting things in order again.  Things in the cupboard have been damaged on previous occasions, but never as badly as this time.

Dec 9th   Most of my school class went to the Onga Show today.  I gave permission for them to go so that they might see the school work exhibited there.  I had 7 pupils at school.

Dec. 10th   School registers closed today.

Public School
Dec 11th 1915

The Secretary
Education Board

Dear Sir

Please send me
1 Public School Register of Daily Attendance
1 Time-table form
A memo from you of date 30/9/11 notified that schools would be supplied with folios for the Education Act, Departmental Regulations & Circulars.  I have never received any & would be grateful for some for next year’s use.
Thanking you
E. Moore

H.B. Educ[ation]

Manual & Schedule of Apparatus

Supplies on hand 31st Dec. 1915

Elementary Agriculture – 5 spades, 1 potato fork, 2 rakes
Implements  3 hoes, 1 watering can, 1 trowel, 2 small forks, 1 wheelbarrow.
Dairy science a. apparatus b. materials  Nil
Elementary Science a. apparatus  b. materials  Nil
Meteorological instruments
a. Drawing Bks  1
b. Brushes  10
c. Colour boxes 5 tapes in each of which half of the colours have been used.  There is no gamboge, crimson-lake, or sap-green left in any of the boxes
d. Colours (tubes)  Yellow –  Red –  Blue 2
e. Radiant Inks (tins) –
f. Saucers  10
g. Demonstration Colours (tins) –
Refills for China Pans. 1. Yellow  2. Blue  3. Red
Crayon Work
Brown Dr. Bks  Have used the 10 books supplied this year.
Boxes of Crayons  24
Plasticine (coloured) A small quantity – about 2 lbs.
Plasticine (grey) A small quantity – about 4 lbs.
Boards 28 straw boards – some of them old & worn
Tools 1
Cardboard Materials (knives etc.)  Nil
Miscellaneous Materials (paper folding – sticks – bricks
Sets of letters  8
Boxes of coins 1

[Educ]ation Board

Technical Classes

Material on Hand & required for Hinerua School

Requirements for 1916
Elementary Agriculture. 7 trowels.  The Californian Thistle is so bad in our garden that the trowel seems to be the most useful implement for weeding.
Dairy Science  a. apparatus  b. materials –
Elementary Science  a. apparatus  b. materials
Meteorological instruments.  Barometer, Thermometer & Rain gauge.
a. Drawing Books 12
b. Brushes  10
c. Colour boxes 6
d. Colour (tubes)  Yellow 10, Red 6, Blue 3
e. Radiant Inks (tins) –
f. Saucers 10
g. Demonstration Colours (tins)
Refills for china pans
1. Yellow 5  2.  Blue –  3.  Red  5  Crimson Lake
Crayon Work   Brown Dr. Bks 12   Boxes of Crayons
Modelling.  Plasticine Coloured) 6lbs.
Plasticine (grey) 20lbs to be used for mapping as well as for plasticine.
Boards 6
Tools 20
Cardboard materials (knives, scissors, cutting boards, cardboard sheets
Miscellaneous materials (paper folding) sticks, bricks, sets of letters, boxes of coins -)

E.S. Moore, Head Teacher
Hinerua School

Attached to Return of Attendances at Public School Classes

Public School
Dec 14th 1915

The Secretary
Education Board

Dear Sir

Owing to epidemics & to my illness, I am sorry to say that this school has been closed for several weeks this year.  I cannot say that manual instruction has been regular during the 38 weeks the school has been open.
Very often through gales, or wet weather, or through other causes we have not had regular work.  Wherever possible I have allowed the children to give extra time to gardening on suitable days.
Yours respectfully
E.  Moore

Form M-5

a. Elementary Handwork (Registrations 19, 20, 21)
1. Regular instruction was given during the year for 38 weeks.
2. The average attendance according to the registrer of Daily Attendance was for classes S.4   S.5   S7 – 7.15
Dec 14th 1915
E.S. Moore

Form M-5

a. Elementary Handwork (Regulations 19, 20, 21)
1. Reg. instruction was given during the year for 38 weeks
2. The average attendance according to the register of Daily Attendance was for
Classes P. to S.2    5.7
S.3 to S.4   5
S.5 to S. 7
Dec 14th 1915
E.S. Moore

Dec 22nd   Closed school for Summer vacation at 3.00 p.m.

Reopened school on Feb. 8th 1916.  18 pupils present.

Feb 9th   21 pupils present.  Roll no. 21.

Feb 10th   Received from Ed. Board
6 Brushwork Boxes each containing 6 tubes & brush
10 paint saucers  10 brushes
10 gamboge tints, 10 gamboge tubes, 3 Prussian blue, 6 Crimson lake tubes
12 Brush Drawing Books
12 Chalk Drawing Books
12 boxes of drawing chalks
6 boxes of coloured plasticine
6 boards (plasticine)
20 tools (plasticine)

Feb 11th   School was closed in the afternoon to allow the children to attend a circus at Waipawa, and see the animals.  Average attendance for week – 20.1

Feb. 25   Received from Ed.Bd.
Circular memo re Teachers’ Library. & memos re Summer vacation 1915/16
memo re Dates of holidays 1916

First Term Vacation 22nd to 26th May – both days inclusive
Second Term Vacation 4th to 8th Sept – both days inclusive.
Summer Vacation from 3 p.m. on Thursday 21st Dec. to 9 a.m. 6th Feb. 1917

Signed G. Crawshaw

March 3rd   Received from Ed. Bd.
Memo re Saturday Training Classes
Memo re Correspondence Course

March 3rd   An epidemic (called by some summer sickness) has affected several children this week.  Today so many were sick at school that our regular work was not carried out.  Average for week 18.3

March 13th   Regular time table not adhered to.  Some work done for Tikokino show.

March 14th   Children had to hurry home just before 3 p.m. because of great thunder storm.

March 17th   Holiday given by Committee, so that parents could take their children to Makaretu Sports held in aid of wounded soldiers.

March 20th   Received from Ed. Bd. 8lbs of plasticine

March 21st   As the equinoctial gales began, I thought it advisable to dismiss the children at  half past two.

March 29th   Most of the scholars are suffering from influenza.  As the weather changed & children had not brought their coats, I sent the sick ones home during lunch hour.

March 31st   Wet day.  As so many are suffering from influenza., only eight are present.
Average for quarter 19.22

21st 24th & 25th April   Easter Holidays

May 12th   Very wet day.  Only 7 present.

May 15th   Term examination held.

May 19th   Closing school at noon for 1st term holiday.  Permission has been given by Chairman of School Committee to close at noon in order to enable me to get away by the motor bus at 1.25 p.m.

May 29th   Reopened school after 1st term holiday.

June 5th   School closed for King’s Birthday.

June 9th   Three Onga pupils have been at school this week, but I did not enrol them, as they will probably be returning to Onga next Monday.

June 26th   A very wet day.  Found out by ‘phone that only 2 pupils were able to come to school, as some were suffering from a cold. As I was also suffering from a cold, it was decided not to hold school.

June 30th   A gale was raging in the morning.  No one came to school until eleven o’clock when 3 pupils came.  In afternoon 7 more came.  The gale caused the residence chimney to catch fire. This is the second time it has caught fire during a gale.  Each time the chimney pot has been cracked by the fire.

6 July/16   I visited this school today.
Roll: 22  Present: 18
Teacher in charge  Miss E. Moore
D.A. Strachan

July 12th   Children allowed to leave school at 2.00 p.m. because of farewell social to be tendered to 3 recruits.

July 13th   School opened an hour later than usual as scholars were all up very late on previous evening.

July 28th   Attendance has not been so good owing to severe colds.

Aug. 2nd.  Very cold day.  Heavy fall of snow.  Only 12 present.

Aug. 3rd   Very cold wet day.  Snow lying heavily on ground.  No one came to school.

Aug. 4th   Cold wet day.  Only 6 present.  School floor very wet owing to storm having driven rain in through ventilator and other places.

Copy   Received reply from Sec. Ed. Bd. re. chimney elbow.

Napier Aug 1st 1916

Hd. Teacher
Public School

Dear Miss Moore

Replying to your letter of the 27th ult. I have to say that on looking into the matter I find that a new elbow was ordered on 10th Jul, and was consigned by rail to Waipawa and

addressed to Mr. Summerville, carrier, Onga Onga.  I trust it will have reached you ere this.
Yours faithfully
G. Crawshaw

Aug. 7th   As elbow has not arrived, I am forwarding above letter to Mr. Summerville

Aug. 7th   Elbow arrived by today’s coach.

Aug. 21st   Very bad weather.  No pupils came to school.

Aug. 22nd   Weather still bad.  6 present in the morning. 5 present in the aft.

23rd   Day seemed better and 8 came to school, but the gale got worse and we were advised to close school about 10.45 a.m.

24th   Weather better.  11 present.

25th   A good day. 17 present.  This has been a very bad week for schoolwork.

Aug. 28th   Posted request to Secretary asking if term holidays could be taken from Oct. 16th to Oct. 20th.
Posted letter to Secretary informing him that chimney is broken at residence, leakages in roof, spouting broken by weight of snow & back door troublesome.

Aug. 30th   A bad day.  Only 13 at school.

Sep. 1st   Received telegram from Secretary giving permission to alter the holidays.

Sept. 8th   Some of the children have been suffering from eye-blight this week.

Sep. 12th & 13th   Mr. Cole’s man came from Onga to make repairs at school residence.  Put on earthenware chimney top, attended to roof, spouting and back door & left for Onga in a gale on Sep. 13th.

Sep. 14th   The gale increased in violence & was accompanied by rain.  There were many leakages at the residence.  There were only 7 at school today as gale still continues

Sep. 15th   Ground covered with snow which melted early (about 10.30 a.m.).  9 present in morning, 10 in aft.

Sep. 25th   Dominion Day
In accordance with the Board’s Memo 57/150/9/16, the morning was spent in celebrating Dominion Day.  Children saluted the flag.  An address on the N.Z. flag was given by the teacher, also a short address on the discovery of New Zealand by Capt Cook.  The children were questioned as to the part N.Z. has taken in assisting the mother- country.  The children sang their school songs & also a verse of the National Anthem.


The scholars began to clean round some of the trees planted on the school hill, but rain came on and prevented this work from being finished.  Each scholar named the tree he was cleaning round, after one of our soldiers.  As three local soldiers will be returning home shortly on final leave, it was decided to take the holiday when they are home instead of to-day.

Sep. 28th   A thunderstorm came on in the lunch hour and as some of the children were frightened, I dismissed the little ones at about 1.20 p.m. as the weather improved then.

Oct. 10th   Inspector Strachan examined this school.

Oct. 13th – 20th   Term Holidays & Dominion Day taken instead of at prescribed time.

Oct. 23rd   Re-opened school.

Nov. 15th   Dismissed little children shortly after lunch hour because of approaching thunder storm.

Nov. 24th   Owing to shearing the attendance has not been so good this week.  Children have been required to help their parents as it is so hard to get men owing to the war.

Nov. 22nd   Std. VI exam was held here today.  Two boys, Ronald & Leslie Fargher were examined.

Nov. 30th & Dec. 1st   Leslie Fargher is in Waipawa for Scholarship Exam so I have marked him present.

Dec. 6th   I gave permission to the children to attend the Onga Horticultural Show if their parents wished to take them.  We therefore had only 13 present today.  Our school entered maps, freehand drawings, brush work & writing in the children’s competitions at the Show and secured prizes.

Dec 16th   Manual Instruction Form M-5.

Return of Attendances at Public School Classes, Hinerua.
The classes, the average attendance at which is given below, received regular instruction in accordance with the Reg. for M. & T. Instruction during the year ending 31st Dec. 1914.

(a) Elem. Handwork (Reg. 19, 20 & 21) –
1. Key instruction was given during the year for 40 weeks.
2. The average attendance according to the Register of Daily Attendance was
P – Std 2   4
S3 – Std 4   5
Std 5 – S.7  4
Agriculture & Dairy Science 4-6    5

Forwarded to the Ed. Board  Dec 16th 1916
E.S. Moore

H.B. Education Board

Manual Instruction
Hinerua School

Particulars of Handwork Classes to be held during 1917

Standard or Class   Subject   Day & Hour of meeting

P – S. II   Brushwork &  plasticine   Every day 11.00 – 11.30

Std III – S. 4   Brushwork   Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday 2.30 – 3.00

S.5 – 6   Brushwork   Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 2.30 – 3.00

E.S. Moore  Head Teacher
16th Dec. 1916

Classes to be eligible for capitation under the Regulations for Manual & Technical Instruction must have received instruction during the year
a. 1 1/2 hrs per week in classes P to Std 2
b. 1 hr per week in classes Std 3 – Std 7

Public School
Dec. 16th 1916

The Sec. Ed. Bd. Napier

Dear Sir

I cannot say that this is an exact return, I believe it to be approximately correct.  There have been irregularities from various causes.  The weather is not always suitable for gardening on the day appointed, but I think that the time lost on such days has been made up by the extra time I have given the pupils on suitable days.
E. Moore

Hawke’s Bay

Manual & Schedule of Apparatus & Materials

Supplies on hand 31 Dec 1916

Elementary Agriculture – 5 spades, potato fork
Implements  2 rakes, 1 hoe, 1 watering can, 1 trowel, 1 wheel barrow.
Dairy Science  nil.
Meteorological Instruments
Handwork. Brush drawing  Brushes 15
Colour boxes 11  (Some of the colours have been used up.  5 boxes with pans & 6 for tubes)
Colours (tubes)  Yellow  Read  Blue 1
Refills for china pans
1. Yellow  –
2. Blue   –
3. Read  –
Radiant inks (tins) – Saucers 20
Crayon work – Boxes of crayons 1 dozen
Modelling, Plasticine  (coloured) –
Plasticine (grey) about 7 lbs.
Boards 27, straw boards, 6 boards
Tools 14
Cardboard material
Miscellaneous materials  Paper (folding)
Sticks (stick laying)
Bricks (boxes)
Sets of letters  8
Boxes of coins  1

Dec 16th 1916

Education Board

Technical Classes

on hand and required for Hinerua School

Requirements for 1917
Elementary Agriculture 2 push hoes, 2 Dutch hoes
Implements: 1 potato fork, 4 trowels, 4 small forks
Dairy Science  nil
Meteorological Instruments  Barometer, Thermometer & Rain gauge
Handwork Brushwork Brushes 6
Colour boxes 6
Colours (tubes) yellow 2 dozen, Red 2 dozen, Blue 1 dozen.  11 dozen to refill colour boxes & 1 dozen for lower classes  (1 doz. tubes of burnt sienna & 1
doz of sap green are required to fill the empty colour boxes.)
Refills for china pans
1. Yellow 10
2. Blue  –
3. Red 10
Radiant inks (tins)  1 of red Saucers   – Demon. colours
Crayon Work.  Boxes of crayons –
Modelling   Plasticine (coloured)  6 boxes
Plasticine (grey)   –
Cardboard materials nil
Miscellaneous materials Paper (folding)
Sticks (sticklaying) sets for 2 children
Bricks (boxes)  2 boxes
Sets of letters  –
Boxes of coins  –

E.S. Moore

Form M. 1B

Manual Instruction

Particulars of classes for manual instruction to be held at Hinerua

Dis. No of class   Std class or form   Roll No. of Class   Subject as in Reg. for Manual Instruction   Date of Commencement of Instruction   Duration of Course   Duration of each lesson

Std. 4   3    Elem. Agric.   6.2.17    40   1

Std 5   2   Programme as approved in 1915.

Std. 6   4

E.S. Moore

Feb. 6th 1917   Received from Ed. Bd.
6 Brushwork boxes
6 brushes
(10 Gamboge refills
10 vermilion refills – crimson lake was required)
1 dozen tubes Gamboge instead of 2 dozen.
2 dozen tubes Prussian Blue instead of 1 dozen
23 tubes of Crimson Lake instead of 24 tubes
1 box of Crimson Brushes (radiant ink)
6 boxes of coloured plasticine.

There was no school today as weather was very rough.

Feb. 8th   The parents assembled at the school at lunch time & a school picnic was held in the afternoon.  A photographer from Waipawa was present in order to take school photos.

Feb. 12th   The day was so very wet, and there was no dry wood for a fire, that is was arranged by phone not to have school.  The rain got into the school & into the residence through leakages in the roofs.

Feb. 19th   I dismissed most of the children at 2.30 p.m. as the rain cleared then.  I have not been able to do justice to my school work since my return as I am suffering from varicose ulcers on the legs & get such sleepless nights.  I hope, God willing, soon to be better, or else I must ask for leave.  I am not taking physical culture classes at present.

Feb. 21st   As this was a very wet day & as I was not well, it was decided not to have school.

Feb. 23rd   Mrs Alder took some of her children to Waipawa today to have their teeth attended to.

Dates for Holidays for 1917 (Feb. 15th 1917)

First term vacation 26th May – 4th June, both days inclusive.
Second term vacation 8th Sep. – 16th Sep.
Summer vacation 3 p.m. Wednesday 19th Dec to 9 a.m. Tuesday 5th Feb. 1918


Public School
via Onga Onga
March 3rd 1917

The Secretary
Ed. Bd.

Dear Sir

In the schedule of apparatus required for manual & technical classes at Hinerua School during present year, I applied for some gardening tools, but have not received any.  Our gardens are in a dreadful state, as the Californian thistle has made such headway during the holidays.

The children are making good use of the tools we have, and we shall be grateful if the tools applied for can be granted.
I applied for 2 push hoes, and 2 Dutch hoes for cutting down the thistles, 1 potato fork for getting the thistle out of the metalled paths, 4 trowels & 4 small forks for use in the flower gardens.
I applied for 2 dozen tubes of gamboge water colour paint & 1 dozen of Prussian Blue.  By mistake 1 doz tubes of gamboge were sent to me and 2 doz of Prussian blue.  Will you kindly send me another dozen tubes of gamboge, & also let me know whether to return the extra dozen of Prussian blue, or to keep it for next year.
Thanking you
Yours faithfully
E. Moore

March 15th   Inspector Bird and Mr Boland visited this school today.

Copy of memo forwarded to Secretary March 26th 1917

I have this day received the following in order
2 Dutch hoes, 2 push hoes, 1 potato fork, 4 trowels, 4 small forks.
I am sorry to say that the handle of the potato fork has a crack in the top of it and therefore may not last long.  The fork supplied to us a few years ago is stronger and has square pointed prongs, which are more suitable for our work than the flat prongs of the new fork.  If you think I should return this fork to Williams & Kettle, Waipawa, please let me know.  I could keep it until a member of our committee is going to Waipawa, and he could choose us a better fork.
Signed E. Moore
Place & Date March 23rd 1917

March 29th   Mrs. W. Freemantle of Onga Onga is staying at Mrs Fargher’s.  Her little one is not well & the doctor thinks it is a case of German measles.  All Mrs. Fargher’s children (seven) are to be kept home to see

if they develop the sickness.

April 6-10th   School closed for the Easter Holidays.

Ap. 11th   Mrs Fargher’s family returned to school – none having developed measles.

Ap. 18th   No school as I was not well. E. Moore.
School Journals for April only arrived this week.

Ap. 23rd   Posted letter to Secretary, Ed. Board, Napier asking permission to take term holidays this week instead of in May, as my leg is so painful.

Ap. 10th   Two carpenters (Messr Powell from Otane) attended to leakages round school heater chimney, also to back door of residence & to leakages in residence roof.

June 4th   School closed for King’s Birthday.

June 11th – 13th   No school because of heavy rain.  Floods in Hawkes Bay.  Many leakages in school & residence.

June 19th   Dismissed children almost immediately after lunch on account of heavy gale.

June 27th   Half holiday given for school party as holiday was not taken for Prince of Wales’ birthday.

July 4th   Dismissed children early in the Aft (about 2 p.m. when all got away) as a heavy gale with rain came on. Sent two children home in lunch hour.

July 19th   Word having been received that a soldier from this settlement had been wounded in France & was now dangerously ill in Boulogne Hospital & as this soldier’s father is at present extremely ill, it was though advisable that I should spend afternoon with the family.  We shall make up this half day, God willing, on some future holiday.

24. vii.17   Hinerua visited.

Roll 20  Present 17
Teacher in charge  Miss E.S. Moore
D.A. Strachan

July 26th   No school as I was not well.  E. Moore

Aug 21st & 23rd   School was closed because of the death of Mr. Reeves. These days are to be made up in the term holidays.

Aug. 29th   Received from the Board
7lbs superphosphate
7lbs sulphate of ammonia
7lbs blood & bone (Tomoana)
7lbs lime
7lbs potatoes (Early Rose)

Sep. 10th – 12th   School closed for Term holidays.  The full holiday was not taken as two days had to be made up.

Sep 17th   Rec’d from Ed. Bd. a supply of supplementary readers – 6 copies of

“Lays of Ancient Rome”
2 copies of “At the Seaside”
4 copies of “Swiss Family Robinson”
2 copies of “The Hawthorne Reader”
2 copies of “Norse Stories”

Sep. 24th   Dominion Day was observed.  Flag saluted.  Story of first N.Z. flag told to the children and then we had a talk about Dominion Day, about the part N.Z. is taking in present great War & about the new title of Governor- General.

Sep. 26th   The Secretary of Ed. Bd. & two members of the Board were to visit this school this afternoon, but as the weather was not very good, they did not come down from Blackburn.  The Secretary spoke to me from Blackburn by ‘phone and I asked him if there was any hope of getting a relieving teacher for this school.

Sep. 29th   Average attendance for the quarter ending Sep. 28th 16.17
Eight days in this quarter the attendance has been just a little over half owing to wet days while children were suffering from colds.  One scholar, Elsie Adler, is very delicate & has only been present 35 times in the quarter.
Vera Adams (over 14) has been present 65 times
Dorothy Alder (now left) has been present 48 times
Ronald Fargher (over 14) has been present 51 times
These three pupils have all been required to help at home.

Oct. 5th   I was not well enough for school.

Oct. 8th   Mr Coles’ man (Mr. Ansell) attended to leakages in roofs (school & residence) put up a new school tank & placed new piece pf flat iron under heater.

Nov. 14th   Rec’d Std VI Exam papers today.

Nov. 15th   No school, as I was not well. School Journals for November not here yet.


Form M 24D

Manual Instruction

Return of Attendances at Public School Classes.

The classes, the average attendance at which is given below, received regular instruction in accordance with the Regulations for Manual & Technical Instruction during the year 31 December, 191

a. Elementary Handwork Regulations 19,20 & 21
1. Regular instruction was given during the year for weeks 35 weeks (1918)
2.  The average attendance according to the Register of Daily Attendance was for classes
P. to S.2: 6         6
S3, S4: 5.5          7  1918
S5 to S7: 5.5      5.5

Forwarded to the Ed. Board   Dec 18th 1917
E.S. Moore

Form M. 24.   Copy

Particulars of Classes for Manual Instruction to be held at Hinerua

(1) Distinguishing No. of Classes   (2) Standard, Class of Form.   (3) Roll No. of Class.   (4)   Subject, as in Regulations for Manual Instruction.   (5) Date of Commencement of Instruction.   (6) Duration of Course (in weeks).   (7) Number of Lessons per Week.   (8) Duration of each lesson.   (9) Name of Instructor   (10) Remarks.

IV   VI   9   Elementary Agriculture   Feb 1918   40   1   1 hr.

9 (probable number for 1919)

Copy for 1921   4-6   6 (Alex, Leonard, Bertie, George, Doris, Edie)   Elementary Agriculture   Feb 1921   40   1   1 hr   ES Moore

Attached to Form M. 24 D

Dec 18th 1917

The Secretary
Education Board

Dear Sir

In the attached return I have not filled in the number of weeks in which regular instruction was given.  I am sorry to say that owing to my ill-health there have been many irregularities in my work this year.  Very often the brush-work lessons were not taken owing to my not being able to get through the full time-table.  Extra time was given to brush-work at the end of the year when my pupils were preparing for the Onga-Onga Show, where they took all the prizes for brush drawing.  Regretting that my work has not been regular.
Yours faithfully
E.S. Moore


Manual & Technical Classes

Supplies on hand 31st Dec 1917   Requirements for 1918   Material First Half-year   Supplies Sed-cond Half-year

Elementary Agriculture Implements
4 small forks   1 rake
4 trowels, 5 spades
2 Dutch hoes, 3 push hoes, 2 potato forks, 1 rake
1 watering can
1 wheel barrow

Colour work
a. Brushes   21 (some rather poor)  0 1 dozen   recd 19/7/18   20/3/18 recd
b. Colour boxes  16   0 3 boxes   Recd 12 little brown
c. Colours (tubes) Yellow – 4 dozen   3 dozen
Red  2   2 dozen   14 tubes
Blue 9   –   1 doz came
d. Saucers  20   –
Boxes of crayons   –   1 dozen

Plasticine (coloured)   –   6 boxes
” (grey)   about 7 lbs   6 lbs   not weighed yet
Boards   30  –
Tools   10   –

Cardboard Materials
Knives, Scissors   –
Cutting Boards   –
cardboard (sheets)
Gloy   –   1 bottle
Miscellaneous Materials
Paper folding   –   6 packets came
Script letters   –   0   4 sets
Chalks a. white   4 boxes   2 boxes
b. coloured   0   4 boxes

Dec 18th 1917
E.S. Moore

Feb 5th 1918   Reopened school today with an attendance of 18. Roll number 19.

Feb 12th   As the Blackburn school has not yet re-opened 3 pupils from there have enrolled at this school (Ronald, Leonard & Evelyn Ireland)

Feb 21st   Blackburn school has re-opened, so two of the pupils just mentioned have returned to their own school. Mr Ireland thinks it advisable to keep the eldest boy at this school as there are no children of his own age to compete with at Blackburn. I pointed out to Mr Ireland the advisability of securing as large an attendance as possible for the Blackburn school, as Ronald may yet return there.

Feb 16th Saturday.   Mr A.E. Freemantle, Chairman of School Committee, & Messrs Fargher & Adams, members of Committee, attended to school blinds & window of which sash cord is broken. Were not able to finish repairing window as new cord must be got. Put up new blind at central window.

Feb 18th   Leslie Fargher, who obtained his Proficiency Certificate in December, has today started an agricultural course at the Napier Technical School.

Feb 22nd   Boys in upper standards washed the school wall & put up framed photos of Hinerua boys who have served or are

serving at the Front.
Received from Secretary, Ed. Board, Memo re Technical Materials, Supplementary Readers, War Bursaries, Std 6 Exam & Sewing Syllabus.

Feb. 27th   Wrote to Sec. Ed. Bd, requesting that chimney pipe should be covered with asbestos & leakage at roof where pipe passes through repaired.

March 1st   Memo from Mr. Boland requesting the no. of the heater & othe particulars.

March 2nd   Replied to above, sending rough sketch of heater & chimney.

March 1st   Rec’d from Sec., Ed.Bd. circular memo re Saturday training classes, re sewing samplers

March 4th, 5th, 6th   No school owing to very bad weather.

March 11th   Rec’d word from Sec. re Stove Pipe (see Feb, 27th) Foreman has rec’d instructions for the fitting of a heavy iron pipe to be properly fitted and flashed.
Rec’d Journals for March.

March 15th   Holiday given for Makaretu Sports.  On March 14th Alex Adams, 4 years of age, was absent owing to his brother’s wedding.  I am not entering his absence on the February returns.

March 20th   Rec’d supplies for Manual Technical classes.  The parcel was open on arrival at Hinerua P.O.

& the goods scattered.

March 27th   Two boys kept home to help parents with sheep & cattle – could not be done without Harry Alder & Alfred Reeves.  Am not entering such cases in Truancy return.

March 27th – Ap. 8th   Easter & Terms Holidays taken. Permission to do so granted by Ed. Bd.

Ap 9th   Reopened school.  A plumber Mr Luke from Napier fitted iron chimney in school.  Attended to leakages in school & residence roofs – attended to residence tank pipe from spouting.  Tried to prevent tap over copper boiler from leaking but was not successful.  Worked here Ap 8th, 9th, 10th.

Ap 18th   Received rake from Ed. Bd.  Our school spade has been missing ever since we reopened the school.

Copy of memo forwarded to Sec. Ed.Bd.22/4/18 “the rake received is a very weak one, compared to our old one.
Last year I received a potato fork of same make & applied on a form similar to this (March 26th) for permission to get it changed at Wms. & Kettle’s, Waipawa, but rec’d no reply to my application.  We use the fork occasionally, but it is practically useless as the prongs bend if we attempt ordinary work with it.  Please let me know what to do with the rake.”

Memo re holidays (Ap 8th 1918)

First term  May 18th – 26th (both days inclusive)
Second term  Aug.31st – Sep 8th (both days inclusive)
Summer vacation Friday 3 p.m. Dec. 13th 1918 – Monday 9 a.m. Feb 3rd 1919.

Ap 30th   Rain & wind.  Only 2 boys present.  Harry Alder absent Ap. 29th, Ap. 30th & May 1st – hindered from returning fro Makaretu owing to bad weather.

May 6th – 10th   Ordinary school work hindered a good deal through preparation for a  “welcome” to two returned soldiers, – Pte Frank Reeves, & Pte. Ernest Adams.  Extra time given to recitation & singing.  Welcome was given on Saturday May 11th, in the school.

May 13th   Alfred Reeves required to help with sheep work.
Requisition for seeds & manures for school gardens 1918.

May 15th   Swedes 2 packets   Beet 1 packet
Broad beans 2 packets   Tomatoes 1 packet
French beans  2 packets   Cucumber 1 packet
Peas  2 packets   Melons 1 packet
Onions  2 packets   Pumpkins 1 packet
Cabbage  2 packets   Squash 1 packet
Cauliflower  2 packets   Parsnips 1 packet
Leeks  2 packets   Potatoes  20 lbs
Lettuce  2 packets
Carrots  2 packets

May 15th   Pansies  1 packet   Salvia 1 packet
Sweet peas 4 packets    Poppies 1 packet
Nemesia  1 packet   Zinnias  1 packet
Canterbury Bells  1 packet   Larkspur  1 packet
Candy tuft  1 packet   Daisies 1 packet
Gallardia  1 packet   Clarkia  1 packet
Superphosphate  14 lbs
Sulphate of Ammonia  14lbs
Blood & Bone 14 lbs
Lime 28 lbs

May 15th   Hinerua Shool children are responsible for a Fund, called “The Lance Memorial Fund” for the benefit of our soldiers in France.  This Fund has been raised in memory of Pte. L.W.W. Hardy, who after 9 mths in action in France, was killed in action on 26th July 1917.

The proceeds of the Fund are to be forwarded monthly to the Salvation Army & to the Y.M.C.A. alternately to be spent in providing refreshments for our soldiers.  The first month’s money 1.5 pounds is being forwarded to Commissioner Hodder today.



via Onga Onga
May 21st 1918

The Secretary
Education Board

Dear Sir

I am sorry to say that the new chimney-pipe which was put in our school on 9th ult. causes the heater to smoke badly when a South wind blows.
As this is always a cold wind and necessitates a fire, it is necessary to have the matter remedied as soon as possible.  It is probably the flat covering which has been placed on the top of the new iron pipe which is causing the trouble.   The old tin pipe had a cover like this,  [small indecipherable diagram] which was slightly tilted toward the South.  It is either the new flat hood that is causing the trouble or else the fact that the vent at elbow of the iron chimney pipe is smaller than in the old tin pipe.
We would be grateful if the matter could be attended to as soon as possible because the cold weather is now settling in.
Yours faithfully
E. Moore

May 24th   Attendance has been very bad this week owing to very bad weather.  Many childen are suffering from head colds.  Have therefore postponed term examination until next week.

June 3rd   Holiday – King’s Birthday.

June 11th   Mr Adams & Mr Farhher (members of committee) repaired school window (cord broken) took the hood off chimney & put on a new piece of piping with curved hood, which Mr Boland sent up last week.

June 20th   Rec’d from Ed. Bd.
11 Supplementary Readers
1 copy “Children of the New Forest” by Capt Marryat.
1 copy Stories from the “Canterbury Tales” by Geoffrey Chaucer.
2 copies “Fairy Stories from Africa” Florence Tapsell.
1 “Tales of the North men”
1 “Jack Tar” by Mrs. L.E. Banks
1 copy “Lorna Doone” by R.D. Blackmore
1 copy “Adventures of Capt. John Smith” J.B. Marshall
1 copy “The Last of the Mohicans” by J. Fennimore Cooper.
1 copy “The Exploits of Don Quioxote” by Miguel Cervantes
1 copy “David Copperfield” by Chas. Dickens

June 24th   Alex Adams absent.  His mother asked permission to take him to Waipawa to meet his brother Pte. B. Adams, who is coming home on final leave.

June 27th   Posted a letter to Ed. Bd. requesting a

grant for metal for the yard at back of residence.

July 1st   It was decided not to hold school so that it could be scrubbed, walls cleaned etc.  This work is generally done on a Saturday or during holidays, but as Mrs Fargher is away from hone through ill-health, her children did the cleaning under my supervision.

July 2nd   Recd reply from Sec. Ed. Bd. granting 25/- for metalling at residence.

July 17   I visited this school today. The attendance was satisfactory consdiering the weather.  School was in progress at my arrival and work was being proceeded with in a satisfactory manner.  I was pleased to note that members of the Committee were showing thier interest in the school in a practical way.
William W. Bird
Senior nspector

July 15th & 16th   School closed through Teacher’s illness.

July 19th   Recd from Ed. Bd. 1 doz. water colour brushes & 1 doz. small water colour boxes (the litle grey hound).

Aug. 6th   Recd from Ed. Bd. a supply of vegetable and flower seeds as follows,
1 pansies, 2 anemone, 2 sunflower, 1 sweet pea, 1 portullaca mixed, 1 phlox drummondi, 1 wallflower, mixed zinnia

1 coreopsis mixed, 1 gypsophila elegans, 1 comet acter, 1 columbine, 1 cosmea.
Vegetables – 3 onion, 2 cabbage,, 2 tomato, 2 parsnip, 1 rock melon, 1 carrot, 2 pumpkin, 2 cauliflower, 3 swede, 2 lettuce, 2 beet, 3 butter beans, 9 broad beans.

Aug. 31st – Sep.6th   First Term Holidays taken.

Oct. 4th   Mr. Loten visited this school.

Oct. 14th – Nov. 8th   School closed for a month owing to my illness.  Ed. Bd. could not supply a relieving teacher.

Nov. 11th   School was to have reopened today, but owing to inlfuenza in Hinerua, the committee decided not to re-open this week.

1 doz tubes of gamboge
1 doz. tubes prussian blue
1 doz. tubes crimson lake
sent as a result of Mr. Loten’s visit.

On Aug. 13th
14 lbs superphosphate
14lbs blood & bone
28lbs lime &
20lbs potatoes
were sent us by Ed. Bd. but as they were lying some time at Onga we did not get them till about September.

Nov. 27th 1918

Manual & Technical Classes

Supplies on hand Dec. 1918   Requirements for 1919

Elementary Agriculture Implements
4 trowels, 4 small forks
2 rakes (1 a poor one), 4 spades
2 potato forks (1 a poor one)
2 Dutch hoes, 3 push hoes
1 watering can, 1 wheel barrow

1 strong potato fork
1 strong rake
1 spade
1 shovel for the drains

Meteorological Instruments
Rain gauge


Colour Work
(a) Brushes   1 doz good ones & some poor one
(b) Colour boxes   16 & 1 doz “Little Grayhound” boxes
(c) Colours (tubes) Red   14 Tubes   2 doz
Yellow   11 Tubes   3 doz
Blue   28 Tubes
(d) Crayons   4 Boxes   1 doz

(a) Plasticine   6lbs of gray   8 boxes of coloured
(b) Boards   6 Boards. 24 straw boards   2 boards (not straw boards)
(c) Tools   10

Paper Work
Paper folding (square, 6 ins. x 6 ins.)   2 sets
(squares, 4 ins. x 4ins.)   2sets
(oblong 5 ins. x 2 1/2 ins.)   2 sets

Cardboard (sheets)   1 doz sheets
Scrip Letters (boxes)   2 boxes
Chalk (white)   2 boxes

Feb. 4th 1919   Reopened school.  Received by today’s mail 4 boxes script letters, 4 rolls of grey plasticine, 1 doz. sheets cardboard.
1 rake & 1 potato fork received, but as they are not strong they will not be suitable for the metalled paths.

Feb 10th & 11th   School closed on 10th because of the death of Mr Adams, a member of the school commttee,  School closed on 11th because of the funeral.  Mr Adams has always been ready to help our school in every way he could.

Feb. 18th   Recd barometer, thermometer & rain-gauge.

March 1st   Recd from Ed. Bd. following books
Wonder Book – Nathaniel Hawthorne – Grade 6
Tom Brown’s School Days – Thos. Hughes  Grade 6
Tanglewood Tales:  Nathaniel Hawthorne  Grade 6
Ancient British Heroes I. G. McGuire  Grade 6
Lamb’s Tales from Shakespeare   Grade 6
Here & there in America  Senior
Here & There in Asia  Senior
Here & There in Africa  Senior
The Last of the Barons.   Lord Lytton  Grade 5
A Christmas Carol. Chas. Dickens  Grade 5
Five Weeks in a Balloon. Jules Verne  Grade 5
Barnaby Rudge.  Chas. Dickens  Grade 5
Little Women. Louisa M. Alcott  Grade 4

Then & Now Stories “Three Crosses,One Flag”.  Intermediate
Then & Now Stories “Europe, Then & Now”  Intermediate
Then & Now Stories “Life in England, Then & Now” Senior
Then & Now “Government, Then & Now”  Senior
“Harold” by Lord Lytton  Grade 5
“The Cricket on the Hearth” Chas. Dickens Grade 5
King Arthur & His Knights of the Round Table”  Malory Grade 5
“Quentin Durward” Sir Walter Scott  Grade 4
The Story of Hiawatha. H.W. Longfellow  Grade 4
Rip Van Winkle & the Legend of Sleepy Hollow  Grade 4 or 5
William Tell.  J.R. Marshall Grade 4
The Talisman. Sir Walter Scott  Grade 4
Ivanhoe  Sir Walter Scott  Grade 4
The Children of the New Forest. Capt Marryat  Grade 4
In Far-Away Africa. Florence Tapsell  Junior
Garden & Desert (Arabia & Persia) Florence Tapsell  Junior
At the Edge of the Desert (Egypt, Morocco & Algeria) Junior
Under Eastern Skies (Palestine & Turkey) Junior
The Motherland (England & Wales) Junior
Pampas & Wilds of the South (Argentine & Patagonia) Junior
Giants & Fairies of Today  Junior
Cinderella: Puss in Boots  Junior
Legends of the North  Junior
True Tales by Sir S.W.Baker  Intermediate
Holidays Here & There in the Homeland  Intermediate
Untidy Molly & other stories  Std. 1
Mrs Blue Tit   Std. 1
Teddy (2 copies)  Primer
Two Brave Men  (two copies)  Primer

March 7th   Recd school journals for March.

March 28th   Wrote again to Secretary, Ed. Bd. re the unsuitable potato fork, as I have recd no reply yo my letter of 20th inst.

April 8th   School closed in afternoon as all the children were invited to Mr Hastie’s to pick blackberries.

April 10th   As I had an opportunity of being motored to Waipawa to have some teeth extracted the committee gave permission to close the school today.

April 14th   Inspector Whetton visited this school today.
School vacations for 1919.

First term – 18th April to 30th April, both days inclusive
Second term – 30th August to 7 Sept, both days inclusive
Summer vacation – for 3 p.m. Friday 19th Dec, 1919 to 9 a.m. Monday, 9th Feb,1920

April 15th   Posted letter to Secretary, Ed.Board informing him that my school committee has kindly given permission to close school on Wednesday 16th & reopen on April 30th, so that I may get away on Thursday.

April 30th   Reopened school after term holiday.

May 14th   Mr. Alder took the new gardening fork to Williams & Kettle, Waipawa, to exchange it for a stronger tool.  Permission to do this was given by Mr Loten.

May 20th   The day was so wet no one came to school.

May 23rd   Recd 1. notice of Teachers’ class at Waipawa

2. Requisition form for seeds and manures
3. Empire Day Essay Competition. – June 3rd
4. Inspector Whetter’s report o this school.

May 30th   Received from Ed. Board
1 doz. squirrel hair brushes (Reeves’ No. 5)
1 doz. tubes of Gamboge water colour
1 doz. tubes of crimson lake water colour
1 doz. tubes of prussian blue water colour
1 doz. tubes of sepia water colour
3 dozen boxes of Reeves’ pastels (crayon-work.)

June 7th   Sending requisition for seeds & manures for 1919.
Swedes 1 packet
Melons 1 packet
Broad beans 3 packets
Pumpkins 1 packet
French beans 3 packets
Squash 1 packet
Peas 3 packets
Carrots 2 packets
Onions 2 packets
Parsnips 1 packet
Cabbage 2 packets
Cauliflower 2 packets
Leeks 1 packet
Lettuce 1 packet
Beets 1 packet
Tomatoes 1 packet
Cucumbers 1 packet
potatoes 20 lbs
1 packet each of pansies, nemesia. canterbury bell, candytuft, gallardia,salvia, poppies, zinnias, larkspur, daisies, clarkia, 2 packets sweet peas
superphosate 14 lbs, sulphate of ammonia, 7lbs.
Blood & Bone 14 lbs.

June 11th   As a fierce gale is blowing and there are log fires all-around the S.W. no one came to school today.

June 18th   No school work done in the afternoon as the prizes were given out by Rev. C.A. Foston of Waipawa.

June 25th & 26th   Very heavy snowfall. No one came to school.

June 27th   Only 5 present in morning, 6 in afternoon.  Snow lying about 6 ins.  Closed register for this term today as advised by circular memo of date 17th inst.

July 15th   Recd seeds
2 packets red beet
1 packet pumpkin
3 packets radish
2 packets cabbage
2 packet parsnip
1 packet tomato (Earliana)
3 packets French beans
3 packets Peas
3 packets Broad Beans
2 packets Carrot
3 packets Cauliflower
2 packets lettuce (iceberg)
2 packets onion (brown Spanish)
2 packets swede (crimson king)
4 packets sunlower
1 packet sweetpea
1 acket gypsophila
1 packet anemone
1 packet coreopsis
1 packet wallflower
1 packet portulaca
1 packet stock (10 week)
1 packet nemesia
1 packet zinnia
1 packet aster
1 packet aquilegia

July 21st   Holiday for peace demonstration.

July 22nd   Only 7 present as the majority of the children have not yet returned from the peace celebrations at Onga.  Miss Gore Martin arrived at the school at 3 o’clock, but I had just dismissed my 7 pupils.

Aug. 12th   School was closed becuase of the funeral of a highly respected resident of the district, Mr J McLeod.

Aug 11th 15th   Mr A.P. Andersen has been repairing the spouting at the school & at the residence & laso attending to leakages.  He as placed in position the rain gauge supplied by the Board.

Sep 1st   Received on Friday from Wms & Kettle the following manures.
Basic Slag
Blood & Bone
7 lbs Maori chief potatoes
7lbs Game keepers
7lbs Dakota red

Sep 2nd   Heavy snow storm – no school.

Sep 3rd   Very bad day & as I am suffering from neuritis in left arm, it was decided not to hold school.  Phoned to Ed. Office for relieving teacher.

Sep 4th   School held.  No work done in afternoon as a “Welcome Home” was held in the

schoolroom to welcome two returned soldiers, Pte. T.A. Glenny & Pte Archie Ireland.  The latter was not able to be present.

Sep. 5th   Received word from Secretary Ed. Board to close school owing to my suffering.  Relieving teacher will be sent as soon as possible.

Oct. 6th   Re-opened school today.  Heater smoked so badly that I wrote to Chairman, School Committee about this & about a lock for window, which blows open in the gales.
On Sep. 26th Inspector  Whetter examined this school.  I was not present – being absent on sick leave.

Oct 9th   Wrote again to Chairman, School Committee, re heater smoking & also blockage in drain pipe in boys’ out house.

Oct 23rd   Bush fires are raging & a gale blowing so there are only 7 pupils at school today.  As most of them were up the greater part  of the night helping to put fires out, I am closing school earlier than usual.  The school was in danger last night but neighbours watched the grounds all night.

Nov. 21st   Std 6 Synchronous exam. held. Mrs Fargher acted as supervisor.  Two pupils – George Fargher & Willie Freemantle examined.

Dec 2nd   No school in morning as gale was very bad.  In the afternoon the girls came to get their sewing finished for the Onga Onga Show.

Dec. 10th   A holiday was given to enable the children to attend the Onga Show.  They took 22 prizes altogether for mapping, writing, freehand drawing, brushwork & doll dressing.

Hawke’s Bay Education Board

Manual & Technical Classes

Supplies on hand Dec. 1919   Requirements for 1920   Material supplied at Half Year   2nd half year

Elementary Agriculture (implements)   4 trowels, 3 rakes, 1 push hoe, 2 Dutch hoes, 4 spades, 3 potato forks, 1 watering can, 1 barrow.   4 small forks, 1 watering can   1 potato fork, 1 rake
Dairy Science  –
Elementary Science  –
Colour work (a) Brushes   1 doz   1 doz
(b) Colour boxes 1 doz. “Little Greyhounds” boxes. 1 doz larger boxes which have been in use some years   1 doz. large boxes   1/2 doz
(c) Colours tubes Red   –   2 doz   1 doz   1 doz
Yellow   –   3 doz.   1 doz   1 doz
Blue  9   1/2 doz   1 doz
Refills for china pans    –   1 doz. gamboge
(e) Crayons   3 doz. boxes   3 doz. boxes Reeves’ pastels
(f) Drawing folios (Std V & VI only)   21
(g) Cartridge paper (20 sheets per pupil)   100 sheets
(h) saucers   19
(a) plasticine   6lbs of grey   2lb g. grey   4 rolls grey
(b) plasticine (coloured)   6 boxes of coloured
(c) boards   6 boards   24 straw boards
(d) tools


Supplies on hand Dec. 1919   Requirements for 1920   Material supplied 1919   First half year   Second half year

Paper Work
Paper folding (squares 6in x 6in)   410 (1920)   6   about 300
squares, 4 in x 4in.   166 (1920)
oblong  5 ins x 2 1/2 ins   754 (1920)  6   6 sets about 100 in each
circles diameter 3 1/4 in   191 (1920)   6   about 100
Cardboard (sheets)   9   1 doz.
Gloy (10 oz. bottles)   1 bottle
Coins (box)  1 box   1 box
Chalk (white)   2 boxes
Binding tape for cardboard work   3 rolls

Dec 12th 1919
E.S. Moore
Hinerua School

Feb. 19th 1920   Reopened school today.  11 present.
Received from Ed. Board
2 copies of The Story of Lady Greensleeves” I
2 copies of “Little Tom & the Water-folk”  II
2 copies of Granny’s Wonderful Chair”  II
2 copies of “The Plan hunters”  III
2 copies of “Martin’s Adventures in Brazil”  IV
2 copies of “The Cottage in the Forest”  III
2 copies of “The Treasure of Monte Cristo”  IV
3 copies of “The Last of the Barons” V-VI
2 copes of “David Copperfield’s Youth” IV
2 copies of Geoffry Hamlyn in Australia” Senior

March 4th   The flower gardens have become so overgrown with Californian thistle that I have had to give extra time togardening this week, soas to get the place cleared a little.

March 5th   Received from Ed. Board
1/2 doz. colour boxes each containing 6 tubes of colour
1 doz brushes – squirrel – No/ 6
1 doz. crimson lake tubes
1 doz gamboge tubes
1 doz gamboge pan refills
1/2 doz prussian blue tubes
2 lbs of grey plasticine, 6 packets of coloured plasticine, 3 rolls of binding tape, 1 bottle gloy, Squares, oblongs & circles for paper folding, 2 drawing folios, 38 sheets cartridge paper.

March 29th   Heater smoked so badly that I had to dismiss the children at noon.  Sent letter to chairman of committee rquesting thst heater-chimney received immediate attention.

March 23rd   Inspector Strachan visited this school.

March 25th   Dr. Sands & Sister Noonan visited this school.

April 12th   School vacations for 1920

First term 15th May to 23rd May, both days inclusive
Second Term 28th Aug to 5 Sep. both days inclusive
Summer Vacation. From 3 p.m. Friday 17th December 1920 to 9 a.m. Monday 7th Feb. 1921.

April 12th   Requisition for seeds, manure & tools
Swedes – 2 packets, Melons 1    Zinnias 1
Maize 1   Pumpkin 1   Larkspur 1
Broad Beans 3   Squash 1   Clarksia 1
French Beans 3   Carrots 2   Anemone 1
Peas 3  Parsnips 1   Ranunculus 1
Cabbage 2   Sweet Peas 3  Blood & Bone 14 lbs
Cauliflower 2   Nemesia 1  Sulphate of Potash 14 lbs
Leeks 1   Canterbury Bells 1    Agric.lime 20 lbs
Lettuce 1  Candytuft 1   Spades 3
Beet 1  Gallardia 1   Forks 4 small
Tomatoes 1  Salvia 1    Draw hoes 2
Cucumbers 1  Poppies 1   Garden lime 2
Potatoes 7lbs Dakota Red  7 lbs Maori Chief
7 lbs Northern Star.

Ed. Office
31st March 1920

The Director of M. & T. Institution would be pleased to receive a copy of the plan of your school garden (foolscap size with scale) & the aim of this years experiments to be a permanent office record for reference.  This will enable discussions to be carried on in re-experimental work in view.
In all school gardens it will be necessary to limit demonstration work to one or two but not more than three classes of crops.
There are many problems still unsolved with onions or potatoes or maize or marigolds according to the district. It is these problems that ought to be tackled in the school garden & the estimates obtained ought to be of use to the community.
In estimating the amt. of manure required it is well to remember that in very few cases no more than 4 cwt. per acre applied to any crop.  Estimates for school garden use should be based accordingly.

May 6th   School was closed to allow pupils to attend the funeral of a former scholar, Reginald Hansen.

May 11th   Very wet day. no school.

May 14th – 21st Term Holidays.

May 28th   Heater smoked so badly that we could not have school.

June 4th – 25th   School closed owing to Influenza.

July 29th   School closed to allow pupils to attend the funeral of one of our old scholars, May Alder.

August 13th   Very wet day – no school.

August 20th   Very wet day – no school.  Received from J.T. Horton, Seedsman, Hastings box of seeds etc ordered by Education Board.

Sept. 13th   Reopened school after term holiday.  I had an extra week’s holiday owing to my mother’s serious illness.
Received from Ed. Board
3 potato forks, 2 Dutch hoes, 3 spades
7lbs New Era Potatoes.
7lbs Maori Chief Potatoes.
7lbs Dakota Red.
7 lbs Superphosphate.
7lbs Bone & Meat.    Lime.
Anemone 1 packet  Shasta Daisy, Clarkia
Ranuncluus 1 packet  Nemesia, Canterbury Bells
Pansy 1 packet  Candtuft,  Larkspur
Sweet Peas 1 packet  Zinnia, Salvia, Gallardia
Shirley Poppy 1 packet
Parsnip, Pumpkin, Carrot, Onion, Lettuce, Beet – 1 packet of each.

Hawkes Bay Education Board Manual & Technical Classes

Numbers on roll at present
Prep.   4
Std. 1.  3
Std. 2.  1
Std. 3.  2
Std. 4.  –
Std. 5.  5
Std. 6.  2      Total 17

Dec 4th 1920.

Material   In Stock   Required for 1921   Material   In Stock   Required for 1921.
Paint brushes   19   1 doz. (No6)   Plasticine   6 lbs   –
(3-6)   1/4 lb per pupil
Colour boxes for tubes   1 doz.   –   Coloured   –   8 boxes.
Colours. Red   –   2 doz.   Plasticine boards   21   –
Gamboge   –   4 doz.   Tools   –   1 doz.
Prussian Blue   1 doz   1 doz   Paper – squares (5×5)   –   3 packets.
Sepia   –   2 doz   Oblong (5 x 2 1/2)   6 packets   –
Burnt Sienna   –   2 doz   Circles (4 inch)   2 packets   –
Chinese White   –   2 doz   Carton Paper (IV – VI)   9 sheets   1 doz.
Colour boxes for solid paints   4   –   Scissors for carton work   –   1/2 doz.
Refillls.  Red   –   1 doz   Adhesive Linen   3 rolls   –
Gamboge   –   1 doz   Gloy   –   1 bottle.
Yellow Ochre   –   1 doz   Brown Paper Books   –   2 dozen.
Prussian Blue   –   1 doz   Spades   5
Burnt Sienna   –   1 doz   Forks   6
Sepia   –   1 doz   Dutchhoes   4
Chinese White   –   1 doz   Drawhoes   1
Saucers for paint   16   1/2 doz   Rakes   3
Crayons   26 boxes   –   Trowels   4
Pastels (non-smudge)   –   1 doz   Weeding forks   –   3
Coloured chalk for infant work   –   1 box   Garden Lines   1   1
Drawing folios   2   4   Meterological instruments   1 barometer   1 thermometer   1 rain gauge
Cartridge paper   1   120
(20 sheets per pupil)

E.S. Moore

Dec. 10th   Posted returns in Onga.

Feb, 7th 1921   Reopened school.

Feb. 11th   School picnic held in Bolt’s plantation & prizes given out.

Feb. 14th   Received from Ed. Board,  1 copy each of
The White Fawn
Bunny & Furry
Willy Black (2 copies)
The Three Bears
Tommy’s Trek
The Adventures of Carlo
Red Snow
Guy of Warwick
Manco, the Peruvian Chief
The World of Ice
Roland the May Bird
Sahib’s Birthday
The Little Runaway
Dolly’s Christmas Tree
The Sheep on the Mountain
The Lost Fairy
The Golden Key
The Lost Dog
At Lathom’s Siege
Sasha, the Serf
The Butterfly’s Party
A Highland Chief

Katy’s Misfortune
An Indian Raid
The Sea King’s Son
Wilful Willlie
The Two Prisoners
The King of the Golden River
Little Grey Coat

March 9th   School closed to allow children to attend Makaretu Sports.

March 16th   School closed to allow children to attend the wedding of a former scholar.

March 25th, 28th & 29th   School closed for Easter holidays.

School vacations for 1921

First term Friday 13th May (3 p.m.) to 9 a.m. Monday 23rd May.
Second Term Friday Aug. 26th (3 p.m.) to 9 a.m. Monday 12th Sept.
Summer vacation Friday Dec 16th (3 p.m.) to 9 a.m. Wednesday Feb 1st 1922

April 22nd   Recd supply of school material
1 bottle gloy, 1 doz paint brushes, 1.2 doz pairs scissors, 1 box white chalk
1 doz crimson lake refills, 2 doz gamboge
1 doz prussian blue, 1/2 doz sepia, 1/4 doz Chinese white
1 doz sheets carton paper, 220 squares (5 x 5

May 20th   Mr Coles & his plumber repaired the tanks at the residence.  They were instructed to repair the roof also but Mr Coles found that it cannot be remedied without felting.

May 27th   Owing to whooping cough the attendance has been very poor this month.

June 20th – July 1st   School closed owing to the death of the Teacher’s Mother.

July 11th   Following seeds received from Ed. Bd. 1 packet sweet peas, Shasta daisy, correopsis, Pansy, Sunflower, swede, onion,(Brown Spanish), Pumpkin, Broad Beans (Carter’s Leviathan), Peas (Daybreak.)

July 6th   Painters arrived to paint the school.

July 12th   Mr Boland visited this school this afternoon 1.30 – 2.30 p.m.

Aug 24th   Recd word from Sec.Ed.Bd. to postpone our holiday until after Sep. 5th probable date of Inspector’s visit.

Aug 26th   No school in afternoon. A farewell social to Mr. & Mrs. Alder & family was held in the school in the afternoon.

Sep. 6th   Inspector Whetten examined this school.

Sep. 16th – Oct 3rd   Term Holiday.

[duplicate page]

Dec 12th 1921

Schedule of Apparatus and Material on hand at, and required for Hinerua School

Material   In Stock   Material   In Stock   Material   In Stock

Teachers Demons Brushes   –   Mauve   –   Dutch hoes   4
Paint Brushes   10   Black   –   Drawhoes   1
Colour boxes (tubes)   11   Brown   –   Rakes   3
Colour (tubes) Red   –   Pastels (non-smudge)   –   Trowels   5
Gamboge Yellow   –   Boxes (assd colours) to Std 2   –   Received May 22nd 1922
Prussian Blue   –   White chalk for Inf. Work   2   1 Teachers Demonst. Brush
Sepia   1 tube   Coloured   –   12 Paint Brushes
Burnt Sienna   –   Drawing folios (V – VI only)   2   2 Colour boxes for solid paints
Chinese White   –   Cartridge paper   –   4 Red refills
Colour boxes for solid paints   4   Plasticine (1/2 lb per pupil)   6 lbs   6 Gamboge   3 Yellow Ochre
7   Coloured plasticine   –   4 Prussian blue   4 Burnt Sienna
Refills for above Red   –   Plasticine Boards   33   4 Sepia   4 Chinese White
Gamboge Yellow   1 refill   Plasticine Tools   –   3 boxes Crayons
Ochre Yellow   –   Paper square (5 x 5)   491   1/2 box Coloured chalk
Prussian Blue   1 refill   1 refill   Oblong Paper (5 x 21/2)   500   1 lb Plasticine (grey)
Burnt Sienna   –   Circles   4 inch   166   1 lb Plasticine (coloured yellow & green)
Sepia   –   Carton paper (IV – VI)   –   4 Rulers.   10 Tools.
Chinese White   –   Scissors   6   72 sheets Carton Paper
Saucers for paint   16   Knives for carton   –   4 knives for carton work
Crayon – boxes   21   Adhesive Linen   3 rolls   1 bottle of Gloy
Refills for above. Green   –   Gloy   –   6 Brown paper books for crayon
Blue   –   Brown paper Books   19
Red   –   Spades   6
Yellow   –   Forks   6

Dec 12th 1921

Form M24D
Hinerua School

(a) Elementary Handwork (Regulations 19, 20 & 21)
1. Regular instruction was given during the year for 31 weeks
2. The average attendance according to the Register of Daily Attendance
P. – Std 4  5.5
S3-S4  2.75
S5 – S7  3.25
Elementary Agriculture 5.25

Form M.24

Particulars of Classes for Manual Instruction to be held at Hinerua during 1922:

Distinguishing no. of classes   Standard, Class or Form   Roll No. of Class   Subject (i.e. Programme)   Date of commencement of Instruction   Duration of Course in weeks   Number of lessons per week   Duration of each lesson   Name of Instructor   Remarks

–   4 & 5   2   3   Leonard, William, Alex   Elementary Agriculture Public School Series by T.W. Kirk   Feb. 1922   40   1   1 hr   E.S. Moore

13th Dec.   Posting all returns to Ed. Office.

Feb. 1st 1922    Reopened school with a roll of 4.

Feb 14th   School Journals for this year have not yet arrived so that reading, spelling & poetry are all hindered.

1st – 7th March   School closed owing to Teacher’s illness.

March 28th   Holidays for 1922 are fixed as follows:

Easter vacation Friday 14th April to Tuesday 18th April
First Eterm Monday 15th May to Friday 19th (inclusive)
Second Term Monday 28th Aug to Friday 8th Sep.(inclusive)
Christmas vacation: Wednesday 20th Dec, 1922 to Friday 2nd Feb. 1923 (inclusive)

May 15th – 19th   School closed for 1st Term Holiday.

May 23rd   School gate mended by Ernest Adams – new strainer was necessary.

May 24th   School fence was repaired by Ernest Adams.  During term holidays, our Chairman had a good supply of fire wood brought to the school.

Public School
May 29th 1922

The Secretary
Education Board

Dear Sir

In reply to your request of 19th inst. for a statement showing the receipts from the sales of produce grown in the school gardens, I am sorry to say that we had nothing to dispose of but some broad beans which brought in two shillings.

Owing to the decrease in the roll number at this school, I had only 2 pupils for practical gardening towards the end of last year.  They could not cope with all the work that had to be done in keeping the flower garden, vegetable garden & paths in order and so the Californian Thistle in the vegetable garden made such headway that the swedes, broad beans, onions & pumpkins, which were planted did not produce any crop.
Some broad beans were sown in the vegetable garden at my residence & brought in 2/-.  This year I have 2 pupils in my Agriculture class – one girl & one boy.  The girl’s parents do not wish her to do practical gardening as her back is not strong, so the boy has all the gardening to do.  I think it is useless for him to attempt any gardening in our large vegetable garden, which is overrun with Californian Thistle. The junior classes are helping

him to keep the flower garden in order.
I am enclosing in stamps the 2/- received from sale of broad beans and request that you will procure for this school 8 packets of seeds as follows:  1 each of coreopsis, gaillardia, pansy, zinnia, daisy, sweet peas, salvia, cosmea.
I am not applying for any vegetable seeds, as I think it would be a waste of labour and seeds for 1 boy to attempt anything in our large vegetable garden, which is full of Californian Thistle.  Please let me know if this is approved of.
Thanking you
Yours faithfully
E. Moore

Received the 8 packets of flower seeds above on July 25th 1922

Information forwarded to Ed. Bd 29.5.22

The number of wooden plasticine boards now in your school which are in serviceable condition. 6
The number of plasticine boards, other than wooden, at present in the school which are in serviceable condition. 24 The number of sheets of drawing paper at present in the school and unused. 0
The number of drawing folios in the school which are in a servicable condition 2
The number of packets of colour film supplied to your school last year. 0
Information regarding a. boys b. girls taking practical agriculture & the tools in use

Boys.   Girls.   Implements.   In Good Condition.   Broken.   Able to be mended.

1   –   Spades   6
Forks   5   1   One prong broken
Dutch hoes   3   1   Yes
Draw hoes   1
Rakes   3
Trowels   4
Weeding Forks   –
Garden Lines   –
Others   –

E.S. Moore


July 12th   Received from Ed. Board.

Drawing Folios & 90 drawing sheets.  A set of 3 transparent colour films.  No school today as Teacher is suffering from Influenza cold.

July 14th   Owing to influenza colds and bad weather, the attendance has been very bad this week.  Alex & Mavis Adams have been the only pupils present during the week.

Aug. 4th   Hinerua was covered with snow for 1st time this year.  No pupils came to school.

August 23rd   Recd memo from Ed. office asking me to forward 3 digging forks and 3 spades to Napier.

Aug 25th   Forwarding the above tools to Napier today.  Children are making a second sowing of garden seeds today.  The first sowing was made on July 26th Pansy, Gaillardia, Zinnia, Corepopsis, Sweet peas, Shasta daisy, Cosmea, Salvia Bonfire.

Aug 25th   Closed school for Term Holiday.

Nov. 10th   Annual exam held by Inspector Brunton.

Nov. 13th – 17th   School closed for week as Teacher was allowed special leave to visit her sister who is seriously ill.

Dec 12th   Received 3 small gardening forks evidently sent by Ed. Board.

Copy of return posted 19.12.22

Manual Instruction 1922

Subject.  Stds.   Average Attendance

Elementary Agriculture   4-6   1
Dairy Science   –   _
Elementary Experimental Science   –

Date Dec 15th 1922       E.S. Moore

Two pupils in Std 5 (Lillian Cork & Alex) have had lessons in Elementary Agriculture but as Lillian cannot do practical gardening because of her back, I have entered only 1 in the average attendance above.

List of Material   Quantity in stock on 31.12.22

Brushes, Paint, Teacher’s    1
Brushes, Paint, Student’s    12
Colour boxes for Tubes   10
Colours, Tubes    –
Colour Boxes, Solid Paints   2
Refills for above, Sepia   2
Crimson Lake    2
Gamboge   1
Ochre Yellow  1
Prussian Blue   1
Burnt Sienna  1
Chinese White   –
Saucers, mixing   15
Crayons, boxes   20
Crayons refills  –
Tinted Paper Books for Crayon   19
Colour Films   1 set
Chalk white, boxes 8
Chalk, coloured boxes  2 small
Drawing folios   1
Cartridge paper, sheets  41
Plasticine, Grey, lbs  7
Plasticine, coloured lbs  7
Boards, plasticine, cardboard  27
Boards, plasticine, 3 ply   6
Paper Squares (5 x 5)  163
Paper squares (4 x 4)  143
Paper oblongs (5 x 2 1/2)  600
Paper circles 4 inch  129
Scissors, paper cutting  6
Carton Paper sheets  64
Foot rules, carton work  1
Knives, carton  6
Glucive Bottles  1
Forwarded Dec. 19th 1922
E.S. Moore

Feb 5th 1923   Reopened school.  Only 3 present.

March 30th   Average attendance for quarter 6.01

April 4th   An extra day (Wednesday 4th) was granted me our School Commissioner to enable me to get to Palmerston & back during Easter Holidays.

April 8th   Our school flower garden was all dug over by Messrs B. & V. Adams, as it requires to be freshly laid out.

April 9th   A snow fall – no one came to school.

April 10th   My companion – Miss Futcher is suffering from bronchitis & I could not leave her today & so could not take school.  I hope to arrange for someone to be with her tomorrow so that I can resume school duties.

May 7th   Posting schedule of school furniture (desks – cupboards – table – chair – clock) & Truancy return for April to Ed. Office.

May 9th   Day was so very wet.  No one came to school.

May 11th   Lillian & Myrtle Cook have been absent all week as the river is to high to cross.
Closing school for Terms Holiday.

8th June 1923
D.A. Strachan



via Onga Onga
June 12th 1923

The Secretary
Education Board

Dear Sir

In answer to your circular memo of 16th ult re School Gardens, I have to state that we  had no vegetable produce to sell for the 12 months ended 30th April 1922.
We doi not apply for any vegetable seeds last year, because, as I explained in my letter of May 29th 1922, we have only 1 boy at school, & our large vegetable garden is over-run with Californian Thistle.
As we have no fund for seeds, I am applying herewith for seeds to the amt. of 5/- as advised in your circular of 16th ult.
Thanking you
E. Moore

1 Coreopsis, 1 Gaillardia, 2 Pansy, 1 Larkspur, 1 Wallflower, 1 Zinnia, 2 Aster, 1 Sunflower, 3 Sweet Peas, 1 Snapdragon, 1 Godetia, 1 Salvia, 1 Cosmea, 1 Peturnia, 2 Stocks.

School holidays for 1923, as approved by Education Board.

Easter vacation  From Friday 30th March to Tuesday 3rd Ap. 1923

First Term Vacation From Monday 14th May to Friday 19th May.
Second Term Vacation:  From Monday 27th August to Friday 7th Sept. 1923.
Summer Vacation From Wednesday 19th Dec. 1923 tp Friday 1st Feb. 1924. (both days inclusive)

10.7.23   Received handwork supplies
1 tube of seccotine
51 sheets of drawing paper
1 ruler
1 Reeves’ Greyhound Pastels
4 Paint Brushes (2 No. 5 & 2 No. 3)
2 Water Colour Tablets
2 Chinese White
2 Sepia
2 Burnt Sienna
1 Roll of plasticine
2 Crayon Drawing Books
1 set of 4 inch papers for paper folding.
1 set of 5 inch papers for paper folding.
1 set of 5 x 2 1/2 inch papers for paper folding.
1 set of 4 inch circular for paper folding.
1 set of colour films
1 paint box – Reeves containing 4 tablets & a brush

Recd a supply of garden seeds (flowers) Ed. Board per Arthur Simmonds – 1 Salvia, 1 Gaillardia, 2 Pansies, 2 Ten Week Stocks, 1 Coreopsis, 3 Sweet Peas, 2 Asters, 1 Wallflower, 1 Larkspur, 1 Cosmea, 1 Pwtunia, 1 Zinnia, 1 Antirrhinum, 1 Godetia, 1 Miniature Sunflower.
Planted these seeds today.

25.7.23   Children planted some onion seeds (Cooper’s brown onion) & Lettuce seeds (Cooper’s All the Year Roand) in the tanks & planted some cress seeds in blotting paper or flannel for experiment.  Planted cress in our little vegetable garden.

Mr John Alder & Mr Tom Adams placed the heater in the cement floor sent from Coles’ for this purpose.

8.23   Some carton paper arrived from Ed. office on Friday 4th –
26 sheets
Mr John Alder – Commissioner, purchased a new wheel barrow for the school out of the Committee’s funds.  He obtained permission from the Ed. Board to do this,

8.23   Planted peas, turnips, swede, & spinach.

8.23   Lillian & Myrtle Cook have been absent with influenza.
Inspector Strachan inspected this

Aug 27th – Sep 7th   School closed for 2nd term holiday.

Sep 24th   Dominion Day.  I forgot about this holiday & so did not announce it.  Evelyn & Eileen Ireland took the holiday as their parents remembered it was Dominion Day.

Oct. 10 & 11   There days were so very wet that no one came to school.

Oct. 18th   Instead of taking a holiday today for Hastings Show, our Commissioner has given us permission to take it on Tuesday, as we are having a holiday for Labour Day on Monday. We are taking Labour Day because we did not take Dominion Day.

Oct 24th & 25th   Weather was so bad that no one came to school.

Dec .7th   Mr Morris, Agricultural Instructor visited this school today 9 a.m. – 10.15 a.m.

Dec 11th   Applying for School Register of Daily Attendance, School Register for Summary of Attendance, 1 Log Book & 1 Time Table Form for use in this school next year.


Return of Annual Average Roll of Classes in Agriculture 1923

Elementary Agriculture  Std 5  Average Roll  1.75

Date Dec 14th 1923

Knives Carton  4
Glucine Bottles 1

[?] 1924   Reopened school with an attendance of 4.  Received from the Ed. Board a School Register of Daily Attendance, a School Register for Summary of Attendance, a Log Book aand a [?].

Feb 6th   The School was used in the afternoon for the wedding of two old scholars.  Permission was obtained from Sec. Ed. Bd.

Feb 20th   Our school Commissioner gave permission to close school so that I could accompany my companion, Miss Futcher to Waipukurau – she has been recalled to Australia by cable owing to her sister’s serious illness.

March 18th   Recd from Ed. Board
2 drawing folios, 53 cartridge paper sheets, 1 bottle glucine, 1 tube seccotine, 2 tinted books for crayon, paint refills – 3 sepia, 6 crimson lake, 6 gamborge, 4 yellow ochre, 3 prussian blue, 3 burnt sienna, 3 chinese white.

March 28th   Inspector Brunton visited this school today.

Requisition for Handwork Materials & Apparatus to be used during 1924

List of material to be supplied   Quantity in stock 11.12.23   Quantity required for 1924

Brushes, Paint Student’s   10 in use fairly good   3   0
Colour Boxes, Solid Paints   1 not used   5 in use   –
Refills for above:
Sepia   3
Crimson Lake   6
Gamboge Yellow   6
Ochre Yellow   6   4
Prussian Blue   3
Burnt Sienna   3
Chinese White   3
Pastels. boxes 10 sticks   17   –
Yellow etc.
Tinted Paper Books for Crayon   1   2
Chalk white, boxes   3   0-
Chalk, Coloured, boxes   2   –
Cartridge Paper sheets   –   20   53
Plasticine Grey. lbs.   5   –
Plasticine, Coloured, lbs   1   –
Boards, Plasticine 3 ply   26 straw  6 wood   –
Paper Squares, 5 x 5 sheets   189
Paper Squares  4 x 4 sheets   175
Paper Oblongs 5 x 2 1/2 sheets   673
Paper Circles 4 inch   191
Scissors – paper cutting   6
Carton paper – sheets   33

Public School
via Onga Onga
March 31st 1924

Mr W.C. Morris
Supervisor of Agriculture
Education Board

Dear Sir

By last mail I received a copy of your report on your visit to this school on 7th Dec. last.
I would like you to know that your visit was the means of arousing my scholars to a fresh interest in their gardens.  We had grown negligent after the last boy left the school – we had no boy to dig for us, but the girls set to work on the day following your visit and cleared their gardens & tools & are keeping them in good order this year.
Your talk with them about the weeds and grasses has awakened in them a keen interest in the weeds & this year they are making a collection of weeds & grasses.
In their “Nature Calendars” they make

notes about some of the weeds.
The school used to be supplied years ago with Agricultural leaflets, which were very helpful in making a study of weeds & grasses.  This school has never had a supply of these leaflets.  Do you think it would be possible for me to get a supply now?
I am this year following out the Syllabus on pages 10 & 11 of “Man & Nature”. but when making out my scheme of work in February, I replaced the experimental part of this syllabus by a study of the birds, weeds, vegetation diseases & insect pests found in this neighbourhood & by some lessons from “Kirk’s Elementary  Agriculture”.  In your report you kindly say that if I am prepared to work with the “Man & Nature” syllabus experimentally, a standard supply of the necessary apparatus will be forwarded to this school on application.
As I have never had any experience in using the apparatus I think it would be necessary for me to take a course of lessons in

experimental science before I could carry out the syllabus.
I have a copy of Andrew Gray’s “Aids to Experimental Science” & Furneaux “Elementary Chemistry” which I studied many years ago, but I have never actually made any experiments myself.  I have never studied Dairy Science.
I shall be grateful for your advice.
Thanking you
Yours faithfully
E. Moore


First Term Vacation  From Friday 18th Ap. to Friday 2nd May 1924, both days inclusive.
Second Term Vacation. From Monday 25th Aug to Friday 5th Sep. 1924. both days inclusive.
Summer Vacation from Monday 22 Dec 1924 to Friday 30th Jan 1925 both days incusive.

May 5th   I applied to the Ed. Bd. for leave to be absent from school on Ap 17th as I had an oppportunity of getting to Onga & so proceeding to Palmerston North for the holiday.  I told the Secretary that if I did not receive a telegram before 3 p.m. on Wednesday 16th April I would understand that the leave had been granted.  As no telegram came I left for Palmerston North on Thursday morning.  A telegram came after I

left declining all applications for leave on 17th.  I am afraid my letter did not reach the Secretary in time & I am very sorry about it.

May 5th   Reopened school today after term holiday.  Only 2 pupils present as the day is very wet.

May 8th   As our school commissioner, Mr E. Adams, has received word that the Ed.Bd. is of opinion that this school should now be closed as the average attendance has fallen to 3, a meeting of settlers is being held in the  school at 4 o’clock this afternoon to discuss the situation.

May 30th   I have been appointed to Makaretu North School & am leaving for these tomorrow.
E. Moore

Potato Plot 1920

A. Row of Maori Chief, planted by George Fargher, who used Bone & Meal, Sep 24th 1920
B. Lower Half Maori Chief, planted by George Fargher without manure.  Sep 24th 1920   13 1/2 lbs dug 20 & 21 3. 21
B. Upper half New Era, planted by Willie Freemantle, who used Superphosphate.  Sep 28th 1920
C. Upper third – same as B.
C. Lower two-thirds “Northern Star” Superphosphate.  Willie
D & E Dakota Red, planted by Fred Alder with stable manure, Sep 29th  16lbs dug 30.3.21
F. Row of Maori Chief planted by Bertie Cork, who used stable manure  Oct 12th 1920  16lbs dug 20.3.21
G. Row of mixed potatoes planted by Leonard Ireland, who used stable manure with upper half, no manure with lower 13/10/20   6 1/2 lbs dug 30.3.21

Row A   8 1/2 lbs
Row F   4 1/2lbs
Row H   Cecil mixture  10 lbs
Row I  Alex  8 lbs

Sep. 9th 1918   Gardening
Potatoes  5lbs “Dakota Red”
5lbs “Beauty of Hebron”
5lbs  “Robin Adams”
5lbs “Up to Date”

By mistake boys mixed these potatoes when sent to weigh them

Alf Willie  Dip manure & 7lbs lime  4 lbs blood & bone.
George Leonard  3lbs lime  7lbs superphosphate
Fred Alex  5 1/2 lbs blood & bone  5 1/2 lbs superphosphate
Ronald Harry  4lbs lime  4 lbs blood & bone  4 lbs superphosphate.

Recd from Chadwick May 14th 1919
8 copy Bks  1 doz. brown drawing bks (crayon) 1 tin of red ink powder (Committee.)

Recd from Chadwick Aug 15th 1919
1 tube of Chinese White  1 reel of gum paper,1 box of letter clips
1 Lessons in English (6 & 7)  1 doz. 3 ? notes books, 1 doz/ ex. books (interlined)

Aug. 31 1917

Leslie & Hector   Potato Plot (10 ft x 11 ft)
Manures 1 1/2 lbs Blood & bone
3 1/2 lbs Superphosphate
3 1/2 lbs yield

Alfred R & Harry  Potato Plot (10ft x 11 ft)
Manures 1 1/2 lbs sulphate of ammonia
3 1/2 lbs superphosphate
3 1/2 lbs yield  63 lb for Dec-Feb.

Alfred F & Fred   Onion Plot (about 5 x 6)
Manures 2 5/6 lbs Blood & Bone
2 5/6 lbs sulphate of ammonia
Came on rather late

George & Willie  Turnip Plot (10 ft x 10 ft)
Manures 2 5/6 lbs Blood & Bone
2 5/6 lbs sulphate of ammonia.

Dick, Rosie, Bert, Alec, Harry, [?], Cecil, Les. Hec. Ger. Vera. Elsie F.  Elsie A, Alf F.  Fred.

Received from Chadwick  Ap. 26th 1918
1 Agriculture 2/3  6 copy Bks @ 4d  2/-
1 Std 5  G??y  1/10  2 Std 6  G??y @ 2/-  4/-
1 doz chalk  7 Bk @ 3d  3/-
2 pds @ 1/-  2/-
1 doz lead pencils @ 3d  3/-
Postage 1/6


The Officer Commanding
No. 75 Company Senior Cadets
Defence Office

12th Dec  Applying for
2 rakes
2 spades
1 Dutch hoe
2 trowels

27th May    11 Part 1
9 Part 2
4 Part 3

7thAug   Eric 4. 8
Leonard  4.  6
Ronald  11. 17
Hector  13.  14
Leslie  12.  18
Alf 10
Harry 9.   19
Fred 1.  16
George  3   15 both missing
Willie  2

Oct 14 1915   Potatoes
1 1/3 lbs Blood & Bone
4 lbs Superphosphate
2/3 lbs Sulphate pf Potash

watering can
5 spades
2 rakes
3 hoes
2 forks
1 large fork
4 trowels
1? plasticine boards?

19.9.22   A glorious day.  Girls (Evelyn, Eileen & Mavis) dug over Leonard’s old garden & planted seed (Gypsophila (we hope), but the seed we saved from last year – unnamed.)
Nemesia – new seed (Yates)
Ten Week Stock new seed (Yates)
Lobelia new seed (Yates)
Mignonette new seed (Yates)
Coreopsis, Salvia, Cosmea,  Gallardia, Zinnia, (the remainder of Horton’s seeds sent by Ed. Bd.

Alex planted shallots in my garden.

Horton’s seeds as above
Ten Week Sl[?]


[Extract from New Zealand Gazette, 30th October, 1913.]

Education Amendment Act, 1912.

LIVERPOOL, Governor.
At the Government House, at Wellington, this twenty-ninth day of October, 1913.

Present :

IN pursuance and exercise of the powers and authorities vested in him by the Education Act, 1908, and its amendments, His Excellency the Governor of the Dominion of New Zealand, acting by and with the advice and consent of the Executive Council of the said Dominion, doth hereby make the regulations hereto annexed ; and, with the like advice and consent, doth prescribe that this Order shall come into force on the date of the first, publication thereof in the New Zealand Gazette.


l. Physical Drill. – The physical drill for all boys and girls attending public schools shall consist of such suitable exercises as are contained in the ” Syllabus of Physical Exercises ” issued by the Board of Education, Whitehall, London, and in any appendices or notes thereto or in any abstracts thereof that may be issued from time to time with the authority of the Minister of Education.

2. Time to be allotted to the Subject. – At least one period of not less than fifteen minutes during school hours in each day should be devoted to physical drill ; and, in addition, a breathing exorcise should be given at the close of each hour or lesson period in every class of the school.

3. Junior Cadet Corps. – In public schools in which there was, prior to 1st January, 1913, a duly equipped Junior Cadet corps or detachment, such corps or detachment may be recognized for the purposes of instruction in military drill under the conditions hereinafter prescribed.

4. A corps shall contain not less than forty-eight boys who are pupils of the school ; a detachment not less than ten; provided that if any corps or detachment shall for twelve months fall below ten the corps or detachment shall be disbanded. No boy shall be included on the roll of any corps or detachment who is less than twelve years of age, or more than fourteen years of age, unless he is still on the roll of the public school, or in the case of a district high school on the roll of the primary department of such school.

5. There must be a qualified instructor on the staff of the school in charge of the corps. For the purpose of this clause an instructor shall be held to be qualified if –
(a.) He holds a commission in the Defence Forces or in the Senior Cadets.
(b.) He was gazetted as an officer in the Junior Cadets before 1st January, 1913.

6. Instructors qualified under paragraph (b) of clause 5 hereof may not wear uniform unless they are also qualified under paragraph (a).

7. Applications for recognition for such corps or detachments must be sent before 31st December, 1913, to the Secretary of the Education Board, who shall, if the Board approves thereof, forward them to the Director of Physical Education before 31st January, 1914.

8. Rifle Shooting. – Pellets or cartridges, as the case may be, may on application through the Education Board be issued to any recognized corps or detachment that is provided with the necessary equipment for target practice.

Clerk of the Executive Council.

Ministry of Works
New Zealand

District Office
Government Bldg. Shakespeare Rd.
Box 143, Napier
Telephone 58 196

Our Ref:   Date:  19th Sept     Enquiries to:

Dear Helen
Thought I’d better mail this is case I can’t get out there this week.  Sorry you had to chase for it.

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Hinerua School

Hinerua School (originally called Blackburn-Ruahine School) was a sole charge school situated at the base of the Ruahine Ranges about 20 kms from Onga Onga, Hawke’s Bay.

It opened on 12 February 1909 with a roll of 26 pupils and was closed in May 1924 by the Hawke’s Bay Education Board because pupil numbers had fallen to three.

There were four teachers during the fifteen year life of the school: Miss Ethel Woodham (February – June 1909) Miss Ada Eggleton (June – December 1909) Miss Winifred Hall (February – April 1910) Miss Elizabeth Moore (April 1910 – May 1924)

The Logbook/diary was kept by the teacher. The first entry is 12 February 1909 and the logbook continues with almost daily entries until closure of the school in 1924. It is not a personal account, but is a record of facts and figures covering attendance figures and roll numbers, maintenance issues, weather problems, variation of school hours and closures because of special events and pupil illness. While attendance registers and other correspondence would have constituted the official records of the school, this logbook appears to have had a semi-official status, as it was always signed by the School Inspector during his annual visit to Hinerua School.

Although not a personal record, the logbook does reflect the frustrations and difficulties of teaching in such a remote, isolated area. Miss Moore spent many years battling both the cold, miserable weather and the bureaucracy of the Education Board in her efforts to secure a warm environment for her pupils. She appreciated the needs of the local farming community, understanding that the sometimes recurring absence of pupils from school was because they were required to help with farming duties. Her predecessor, Miss Eggleton, on the other hand, felt no such compassion and reported pupil absences to the truant officer.

Although essentially an information register, the logbook does offer insights into rural life in early twentieth century New Zealand: the consequences of illness on the children, the effect of World War One on a small, united community and the resilience of people coping with life in a harsh environment.

Miss Moore transferred to Makaretu North School (near Onga Onga) on 1 June 1924. On retirement, she settled in Ada Street, Palmerston North. She died on 22 June 1942 at the age of 67 and is buried in Kelvin Grove Cemetery, Palmerston North.

Official records of Hinerua School including Inspectors’ reports, annual returns and examination reports are held as part the Hawke’s Bay Education Board records at Archives New Zealand, Wellington.

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