History of the Heretaunga Club 75th Jubilee 1906-1981



1906 – 1981



1906 – 1981


President B.C. Kaye
Vice-Presidents: C.W. Needham, H. Mockridge.
Committee: D. Dutton, R. Nisbet, K.G. Bainbridge, B. Rodgers, I. Beck, K. Coombe, M. Marsh


W. McGavock (Chairman) D. G. Rae (Vice-Chairman) D McMillan, K. G. Bainbridge, G. Hadwen, K. Coombe, D. Finlayson, B. Kaye, V. Morris, W. Needham, H. Mockridge, D. M. Taylor, N. Hadwen (Secretary).


1906 – 1910 Carlton Club Hotel
1910 – 1937 Heretaunga St West
1937 – 1960 Market St North
1960 –   Victoria Street


I would like on behalf of the members of the Heretaunga Club, to express our thanks to all those responsible for the organising of the events and functions which are taking place during our Jubilee year. Not only those on the executive committee, the sports committee and the social committee, but also those on the Jubilee Committee especially set up to organise our festivities. Special thanks also to those responsible for the gathering of material for this magazine which gives us a brief picture of our past and will be of great value in our future years.

We have reached a milestone in our history and we can look back to some bright and some gloomy periods in our past, but as we enter our fourth quarter century, with the buildings and facilities we now own, I foresee a very bright future for the Club. We owe our existence to past members with resolution and wisdom and I am confident that our present and future members will maintain that high standard and keep this Club an institution to which we are all proud to belong.

Barney Kaye.


In a small city such as Hastings, seventy five years is a long time and many changes are evident. Few organisations have been able to celebrate 75 years of continued activity. To do this, much time, effort and hard work must be put in by many people over a lengthy period. The Heretaunga Club is such a body and has been most fortunate over the 75 yeas of life to have been blessed with a steady flow of able and efficient officers and administrators. On the sporting side the Heretaunga Club has achieved quite a reputation for good sportsmanship.

A 75th anniversary is perhaps a time when one is inclined to dwell a little too much on the past but this is human nature and understandable. However we should ever be forward looking and provided each generation makes its own contribution and does not rest on the past achievements the future of the Heretaunga Club should be assured.

Congratulations to the Club on its Jubilee and I wish it continued success in the next 75 years.

Neil Dorreen

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This brief history of the Heretaunga Club has been compiled solely from old minute books which have fortunately survived three changes of premises, seventy five different committees, a flood and an earthquake, and are now among the most valued possessions of the club. The records, in places barely legible through indifferent handwriting or faded print have survived the years and provided us with sufficient facts to be of interest to many of our members. Only matters of historical interest have been included, personalities and opinions have been avoided.


The Heretaunga Club owes its existence to a group of citizens who, learning of the moving of the Hastings Club from rooms in the Carlton Club Hotel, seized the opportunity to form a new club to take over the vacated rooms.

The first minutes of the club were as follows …

“A meeting convened by M/s A.L.D. Fraser and W.J. Stratton was held on May 30, 1906, at the Carlton Club Hotel, Hastings, the following being present: A.L.D. Fraser (chair), E. Cameron, G.F. Roach, J. Blake, E.B. Jones, W.C. Maddison, W.J. Stratton, A.L. Ryan, A. Miller, Capt A. H. Russell and M. Morrison.

It was decided that a club be formed to take over the rooms lately occupied by the Hastings Club. (Card room, Stranger room, Reading room, Billiards room).

Mr J.D. Rivers, proprietor of the Carlton Club Hotel attended and agreed as follows … Rent to be ₤78 per annum … Club to pay all gas bills… Club to have all receipts from billiards table … club to pay for all papers … Lessor to provide firing, cleaning and attendance … In the event the club not being in a financial condition to pay the full rent at the end of the twelve months, the lessor Mr Rivers, to receive the balance of receipts for the year. Proposed A.L.D. Fraser, Seconded G.F. Roach. That these conditions be accepted. Carried. Proposed A.L.D. Fraser, Seconded W.C. Maddison. That A.L. Ryan be appointed secretary pro tem.

A sub committee of A.L.D. Fraser, W. J. Stratton, D. Scannell and the Hon Secretary were appointed to prepare a draft of rules to submit to a meeting to be called for June 7. Proposed E.B. Jones, Seconded A. Miller. That the club be called The Heretaunga Club.

It was decided that for the present two copies of the three local daily papers be ordered.

The first General Meeting of the Heretaunga Club was held in the clubrooms on Friday, June 8, 1906. Present D. Scannell (chair), G. F. Roach, E. R. Cameron, W. C. Maddison, J.T. Blake, M. Morrison, A. Miller, E. Basil Jones, W. J. Stratton. The following officers were elected: President: A. L. D. Fraser, Vice-Presidents: G. F Roach, W. C. Maddison, Hon Secretary-treasurer: A. L. Ryan. Committee: A. H. Russell, A. Gregory, E. Basil Jones W. J. Stratton, C.L. Mackersey D. Scannell, E. R. Cameron. The following were elected as foundation members of the club: G. F. Roach, Major Gascoigne, A. Weaver, G. P. Donnelly, W. Robertson, James T. Wellwood, F. L. Bone, Victor R.  Roach, A. Dillon (M.H.R.), J. Holden, J.J. Boyd, J. R. Gillespie, A. Reid, T. Lindsay, J. S. McLeod, J. H. Lowry, F. D. Luckie, P. Hunter, A. Shields, M. E. Groome, A. Gregory and V. Hoadley. Proposed W. C Maddison. Seconded G. F. Roach That no entrance fee be charged for three months from May 31st or until such time that the membership reaches fifty in numbers.

Mr D. Scannell desired it to be noted that the committee was elected from the material that was at the disposal of the meeting.

The rules as drafted by the sub committee appointed were read by Mr D. Scannell and on the motion of Mr G. F. Roach, seconded by Mr E. R. Cameron, they were adopted provisionally. Proposed W. J. Stratton. Seconded G. F. Roach. The secretary be instructed to have the club connected to the Hastings Telephone Exchange with switch attachments. Carried. Proposed W. J. Stratton. Seconded D. Scannell. That the club bank be the Bank of New South Wales.

It was decided to call a general meeting of

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the foundation members for Thursday 14th, inst. at 8 o’clock pm and a committee meeting for 7.30 on the same evening. Confirmed W. C. Maddison. Chairman.”

And so The Heretaunga Club was born in the Carlton Club Hotel on the corner of Heretaunga St and Karamu Rd seventy five years ago with a membership of thirty three.

Photo caption – The Carlton Club Hotel, first home of the Heretaunga Club. Picture taken about 1908


“In making their first annual report your committee has pleasure in congratulating members on the success the club has attained in the first year of its existence. The balance sheet shows a credit balance of ₤111 14s 11d. One hundred pounds of this amount has been invested in the Hastings Building Society at 3½ per cent, and at the end of the financial year, the interest had accumulated to 18s and will continue to accumulate from day to day until the principal is withdrawn. This 18s is accumulative and is not therefore included in the balance sheet. The club has assets in cards, stationery etc. amounting to ₤10, and the outstanding accounts were ₤2 2s 6d. This left the club on May 31 with an actual credit of ₤112 12s 11d (including interest on the ₤100), and an excess of assets over liabilities of ₤120 10s 5d.

During the year seven committee meetings were held, the attendance being as follows:- W. C Maddison 7, W. J. Stratton 7, E. R. Cameron 6, G. F. Roach 6, E. Basil Jones 5, C. L. Mackersey 3, A.L.D Fraser 2, D. Scannell 2, A. Gregory 1, and A. H. Russell 1.

Four General meetings were held.

The billiards revenue has been most satisfactory, and a contract has been let by Mr Rivers for the extension of the club premises so as to admit of another table, as one table has been unable to satisfy the demand. In this regard you are recommended by your committee to accept Mr Rivers’ proposal to erect new billiards room, card room, etc on the following terms … The yearly rental of the club to be increased from ₤75 to ₤150 per annum from the date the contract is completed, the lease to be from year to year terminable by twelve months notice on either side from any of the quarterly dates on which the rent is payable.

The members roll includes 117 names, which is quite as many as the present premises can accommodate, but when the club is

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enlarged an increased membership may be looked forward to.

The reading room is well supplied with papers from all over the Dominion, besides literature from the Australian Commonwealth and England.

The card room is well patronised but the revenue from this portion of the club is very unsatisfactory, which is a matter which may well engage the attention of the meeting.

The introduction of strangers into the club is also conducted in a very loose manner and the members should assume an immediate and firm stand on this matter.
A.L.D. Fraser. Pres.”



₤  S  D
Subscriptions   232.3.0
Entrance fees   6 6 0
Billiards (including Bragge’s display)   93 0 11
Telephone fees   2 19 9
Sundries   3 0
334 12 8


₤  S  D
Telephone (rent and installation)   9 8 8
Telephone (bureau fees)   3 8 6
Printing stationery and stamps   31 14 2
Newspapers   20 14 8
Cards   3 2 0
Mantles (gas)   3 18 0
Gas   48 1 8
Rent   78 0 0
Clock   1 5 0
Bragge (fee)   5 5 0
Alteration and erection new Billiards table   14 0 9
Refund (Macfarline)   1 1 0
Invested Hastings Building Society   100 0 0
Sundries   1 16 4
Bank Exchange   0 9 6
Bank charges   10.0
Cheque book   2 6
Balance at bank   11 14 11
344 12 8

Invested Hastings Building Society   100.0.0
Bank Balance   11 14 11
111 14 11

I have examined the books and vouchers of the Heretaunga Club and find them to agree with the balance sheet.

H. Dawson

Arthur L. Ryan
Hon Secretary

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And so the club’s first premises were situated in the Carlton Club Hotel, an old wooden building recently demolished to make room for the Lion Tavern.  They consisted of a card room, reading room, billiards room, containing one table, and a strangers room where visitors can be entertained. There was no bar room, but members could receive refreshments by ringing a bell and having the publican or his deputy attend to their needs.

By February 1907 the membership had risen to 110 and attention was drawn to members that they would have to look out for larger premises and it was hoped therefore that the club “would be economical in its expenditure without being parsimonious.” A letter was sent to the landlord, Mr D. J. Rivers requesting him to provide a room big enough for two billiards tables, other wise the club would be forced to seek other premises. They also suggested that he move a table from his public billiards room to the club room and re-cloth “the total cost not to exceed ₤12.”

These seemingly harsh measures by the club produced the required results as Mr Rivers replied offering to erect new billiards and card rooms. In consideration, he agreed to cancel the existing lease and substitute a fresh one at a rental of ₤150 per annum (instead of ₤75) on a year to year basis and to be terminated by twelve months notice on either side. The club accepted these terms and six months later a letter of appreciation was forwarded to Mr Rivers stating the members were well satisfied with the manner the new rooms were finished and furnished.

In 1909 the hotel was taken over by Mr Samuel Charlton who was not prepared to enter into a long lease with the club but agreed to only six months notice on either side. However the following year a letter was received from Mr Charlton’s solicitors stating that owing to clauses in the newly introduced Licensing Act it was advisable that Mr Charlton should resume

Reading room of club within Carlton Club Hotel, 1908.

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Top floor of this building in Heretaunga Street, was club’s home from 1910 to 1937

occupation of the rooms. So arrangements were made to secure space in the “Ferro Concrete Building” in Heretaunga Street West, which was owned by Mr J. N. Williams. It later changed hands to Lady Russell and after that to Mr D. Donovan. The lease was for three years and the rental thirty five shillings per week.

An overdraft was arranged with the bank and was guaranteed by several club members. Its purpose was to purchase furniture for the new club rooms which included two Wright Ravish Champion billiards tables.

The official opening took place on November 30, 1910. A ladies’ afternoon was held and in the evening members of the Hastings Club were invited to a billiards tournament. After fitting and furnishing had been completed, the president Mr M. Johnson in his report of 1911 claimed “There are not anywhere in the Dominion more comfortable or better fitted rooms than our club here.”

Great excitement was evident when in May 1913 it was decided that the electric light be installed in the club rooms and the Hastings Borough Council’s tender of ₤22 15s was accepted.

It appears that many happy years were spent in these rooms in Heretaunga Street and excellent relations were maintained with all three landlords. Mr Donovan even considerably reduced the rental “for the duration of the war and one year thereafter.”

On October 31, 1936 a special general meeting was held to discuss leasing the whole of the first floor of a building to be erected by Mr D. H. Newbigin in Market St. North (now occupied by Crown Furnishers) It was moved, seconded and carried that the rooms be leased on the following conditions …

1.   The rent would be ₤6 per week.
2.   Term to be ten years.

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The Club took up the whole of the upper storey of this building in Market Street from 1937 to 1960.

Prior to purchase of Victoria Street property, suggestions were made to build on Queen Street section. This one by D.G. Rae



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3.   Club would need right of renewal for a further ten years.
4.   The club would loan to Mr Newbigin the sum of ₤1500 at 4½ per cent for five years secured by a second mortgage over land and building.

This was agreed to by the owner and the following year the club moved into the new premises

It seems that no provision was made for rent increases for in 1949 a new lease was drawn up with the solicitors of Mr Newbigin for five years at a rental of ₤9 per week with a right of renewal for a further five years. The club was to remain in Market St until 1960 when they moved into the present situation in Victoria St. Now for the first time the club occupied its own freehold property.


Many prior attempts had been made however to own their own premises, the first dating back to 1908 when a special meeting was held to discuss purchase of a section upon which new rooms could be erected. Four months later it was decided that this section was too small for adequate club rooms and it was resold for about the same price.

The next purchase was made in 1911 of a section and house on the corner of King and Eastbourne Streets, owned by Mrs Youngson. The purchase price was ₤1350 which was purchased by a deposit of ₤400 plus a Promissory Note made out to the vendor and a mortgage of ₤650 by a Mr Robson. This property was subsequently tenanted to Mr G. Luttrell who remained there until it was disposed on by the club. At the Annual General Meeting in 1917 when the club was comfortably settled in their rented rooms in Heretaunga St., it was agreed that their freehold premises in King St. be offered for sale at ₤2000. An offer of ₤1750 was made by Mr J. W. White, but the sale for some reason was never finalised. The property was eventually disposed of in 1919 for ₤1500 to Messrs Napier and Ogilvie.

It seems that throughout the history of the club the members were divided into two groups. One group desired ownership of premises and the other was content with renting, together with the usual few swingers who unable to decide, swayed the voting from one side to the other.

In 1915 the Hastings Borough Council offered for removal their old Council chambers on the corner of Heretaunga and Hastings Streets to make way for the construction of the new Municipal Chambers. The club gave serious consideration to purchasing the building for ₤100, moving it to their section in King St., and offering same to the council to rent until the completion of the new chambers. However the club’s legal advisers recommended that no action be taken and so another attempt at ownership of premises failed.

It was not until 1944 that the club again purchased a property with the view to erecting their own premises. This time a section was bought in Queen St W from Messrs Phillips and Wright for ₤1100. This section lay unoccupied for 10 years before it was decided to rent it to Messrs Murray Roberts & Co. The annual rental was to be equal for the rates payable and the clearing of the section was to be done on a fifty-fifty basis.

In 1956 members were asked to submit plans of their thoughts of what a new building should consist of for club rooms to be erected on the Queen St site. A building sub committee was formed who reported discussing plans with an architect who advised that the cost of same would be about ₤30,000. It was resolved that they discuss a new plan which would be within the scope of the club’s finances. However nothing more eventuated from this move as the club was now negotiating with Mr D. Newbigin for the purchase of his property in Victoria St. Thee Queen St section was eventually sold to Messrs Williams and Kettle Ltd for ₤4500.

A victory was won by the “ownership” element in the club when in December 1959 the executive was not only authorised to purchase Mr Newbigin’s property on the corner of Victoria and Hastings Streets for ₤9500, but also to raise a mortgage in order to “make such renovations, alterations and additions to the building as may be considered necessary by the committee to provide a high standard of club amenities for the convenience and comfort of the members, on such terms and conditions as

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This picture shows the sunken garden in flood. This is the side of present bowling green.

the committee thinks fit.” This motion was passed unanimously and possession was to take place in 28th February, 1960.

The members now at last had their own property and no time was wasted in carrying out the renovations and additions. The property consisted of a large house on one acre of land which included a sunken garden, tennis court and swimming pool. The first job was to remove some interior space to provide bar space and toilet facilities, and erect a new games room. The alterations had to comply with not only the wishes of the members but also with the regulations of the city building inspectors the Health Dept, and the Licensing Control Commission.

A tender was accepted from Messrs E. W. Wilson & Sons, builders, and work was soon under way. At the next quarterly meeting an appeal was made to members to take part in working bees to work on the new property. The response was magnificent and labour, tools and machinery were forthcoming in abundance to help with the project. The members were congratulated on many occasions for the willing effort made at this time of need. The future of the club was not in doubt when so many answered the call so generously. All the alterations and additions were completed in time for the official opening which took place on 12th November 1960, less than twelve months after the decision was made for the purchase.

The sunken garden and tennis court were demolished to make way for a bowling green which will be discussed later. The swimming pool which was under where the indoor bowling floor now lies, lasted a few years longer, but eventually proved too much of a hazard. It was resolved in 1963 that no children be allowed in the pool unless under the supervision of an adult and a ₤10,000 public risk insurance was taken out to cover possible accidents. Mainly through lack of use by members, the pool was filled in in 1965.

With the passage of time and the growth of membership, the games room which contained four billiards tables and space for six bowls mats

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Main entrance to club 1981, Victoria Street. Part of old Newbigin home.

Hastings Street entrance.

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Main bar.

Indoor bowls floor.

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was considered inadequate and in 1966 discussions took place over proposals for further extensions to the club premises. Several plans were produced and displayed until finally one was chosen which would provide indoor bowling space for 10 mats and thus would allow three more billiards tables to be erected in the old room. The new extension would also allow a large carpeted area for lady visitors and escorts and provide extra toilet facilities. At a special general meeting in February 1971 authority was given to the executive to proceed with the building and a tender of $28,000 was accepted from Wilson Construction. Construction work was carried out expeditiously and the new room was officially opened in November of that year.

Parking of vehicles was now becoming a problem and it was expected that no further building extensions could be permitted by the City Council unless adequate off-street parking arrangements were made. For this purpose the club purchased in 1973, land diagonally opposite which was the inly land available in the near vicinity of the club, at a cost of twenty thousand dollars for a half acre. This was soon sealed and marked out with spaces for 98 cars. Decorative plants and lighting were added later.

In December 1976 requests were made to the members to take out debentures to help finance yet another extension to the building. This was to include the most up-to-date facilities for providing meals and seating for members and their families and friends. This building was erected in such a manner that it could be added to or built upon in future years. As this is being written another extension is being added to this dining room to provide extra toilets, more kitchen space and provision for a staircase for future development upstairs.

As the club goes into its seventy-fifth year, the members may look with pride on the club rooms and facilities they now possess. It is certainly a far cry from the few rented rooms occupied in the Carlton Club Hotel.


The club’s assets began to grow slowly right from the beginning and after being in existence for only eight months had sufficient surplus to be able to invest ₤100 on fixed deposit with the Hastings Building Society at 3½ per cent. This investment had increased to ₤300 by May 1909 and was used as deposit on the club’s first section in Market St. By 1912 the balance sheet showed a surplus of assets over liabilities of ₤1019.

Private investments were also made as the records show that in 1919 a loan to Mr A.W. Allen of Tomoana of ₤600 at 6½ per cent.

In 1932 the balance sheet showed that the club had invested ₤500 in fixed deposit with the Bank of N.S.W. at 4 percent, ₤500 with the Hastings Building Society at 5 per cent and ₤100 with the Mutual Building Society at 4½ per cent. It also showed that the net profit for that year was ₤239.15.11 which to date was a record. Most of the club’s profits have been spent on improving amenities and facilities and, apart from investments in various sections of land little was left to be placed on deposit outside.

The great change in the club’s assets took place after the Victoria Street property was purchased. From then on the assets of the club leaped ahead until the club now owns property to the approximate value of half a million dollars.


The club got away to a start with thirty three foundation members and a great effort was made to increase that number as soon as possible. By February 1907 the roll was 110. It had reached 201 by 1913 but thereafter seemed to slip again until in 1934 the membership was as low as 134. In 1914 a reciprocal agreement was made with the Napier Workingmen’s Club whereby members of one club could use the facilities of the other without payment of extra subscriptions. This only remained in force until the following A.G.M. The club was apparently struggling for members during the first world war for at the Annual General Meeting in 1917 the president Mr Thos Styles intimated that he would donate a trophy of ₤2.2.0 to anyone who secured the greatest number of new members for the club during the ensuing year.

However in later years the problem has reversed and there is always a list of prospective members wanting to be admitted. After moving into Victoria St in 1960, it was decided to keep membership to 350 but it gradually crept up and after the new addition in 1972, permission

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Left to Right Standing: J.McGoldrick – A.E. O’Meara – J. Flynn – G.G. Stephenson – S. S. Oliver – S.I. Dixon – J. B. O’Sullivan – R. W. Jones.
Sitting: F. Baird – H.P. Stratton – F. Howard – M. Johnson – A. Murley – A. O. Wellwood – G. L. Cameron.
In Front: N. H. Beatson – W. G. Jaegar – S. Baird.

This photograph was presented to Fred D. Jones by members of the Club when he left Karamu in 1913 to take up training in Featherston.

was granted from the licensing Control Commission to raise the membership to 800. This has been extended since the extension of the new dining room and the limit at this time is 900.


The first entrance fee of ₤1.10.0 and subscription of ₤2.2.0 would together equal a good week’s pay for those times. Today with the entrance fee at $35 and the subscription at the same amount they would collectively be equivalent to about half of an average week’s pay. Therefore comparatively it is cheaper to belong to the club now than it was at the beginning.

These early subscriptions remained the same until 1918 when the amount for town members was raised to ₤3.3.0 and country members remained at ₤2.2.0. They stayed at this level until 1933 when they were actually lowered to ₤2.2.0 and ₤1.1.0 to help members over the Depression. After having been restored to their former amount the following year, subscriptions remained the same until 1960 when they were raised to ₤5.5.0.

An attempt was made in 1963 to further increase the subs to ₤7.7.0. The motion was however defeated by 91 votes for to 57 against (a two third majority being required) The following year another attempt proved successful by 78 votes to 39 against (Exactly

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two-thirds as required). 1970 saw the subs raised to $20 and the nomination fee to the same figure the year following. Four years later in 1975 subs were raised to $30 and to $35 in 1978 as were the nomination fees.

In the early years, country members paid cheaper subs than town members as it was argued that those from out of town would not use the facilities as often as their urban counterparts. To qualify for country subscription one had to reside outside a three mile radius of the club Probably because of the advent of faster methods of transport this was altered to a six mile radius in 1937. About 1950 the system was changed and all members paid the same subs except those living outside the Hawke’s Bay Province. The club now has no country membership ad everyone pays the same subscription.


A major part of early club life was the reading of papers and magazines. Before radio and television this was the only way to catch up with the news of the world, and what better place to do this than in the privacy of one’s own club? The club’s first reading room was of course in the Carlton Club Hotel where the first papers ordered were …”Life Magazine,” “London Weekly Times,” “Punch” (Colonial Edition) “Illustrated London News,” “Daily Telegraph” (Napier), “Standard” (Hastings), “N.Z. Times,” “Weekly Press” and the Auckland “Weekly News.” As time progressed many other periodicals were added to the list but naturally after a few years stocks had built up tremendously and it was at first decided to send anything over six months old to the old men’s home. This system lasted until 1932 when it was decided (probably due to the depression) that an auction of all surplus reading material take place at the A.G.M. each year. Funds thus raised would assist in the purchase of fresh material for the reading room.

When the club was moved to Victoria St it was decided that the reading room was no longer required and so was discontinued. The only papers now provided by the club are the two local daily newspapers.


The playing of cards within the club has always been provided for. This facility is made use of by a minority of members but is still considered a necessary part of club life. The collection of a small fee from players to cover the cost of cards and maintenance of furniture has always been a problem as can be seen by the records.

At the Annual General Meeting in 1907 it was proposed and seconded that two honesty boxes be placed in the card room and each player contribute one shilling for an evening’s play. The motion was lost. It was proposed and seconded that the same apply with sixpence per player. Lost again. Next it was moved and seconded that contributions be left to the discretion of the players. The secretary reported that revenue from the card room was nil.

In 1916 it was resolved that the following charges be made for card players.

Morning session up to 12 noon 6 pence
Afternoon session up to 6pm 6 pence
Evening session up to 11pm 6 pence.

About 1930 a card room committee was formed to take care of fees and maintain law and order among the players. A notice was placed in the card room announcing “No player may sit behind any player in this room without first receiving the player’s permission.” The duties of the committee were later transferred to the games committee who also looked after snooker and bowls. Many changes in fees and rules were made throughout the years and many problems occurred for the committees in trying to maintain rules regarding closing hours and the collection of fees.


The most popular form of recreation in the club is the playing of snooker and billiards. At the time of the club’s foundation billiards was by far the most popular. In fact no mention of snooker was made in the records until 1918 when a billiards tournament was arranged with the Napier Workingmens Club and it was resolved that a “billiards and snooker” match be arranged for a future date. Since then snooker has gradually taken over in popularity from billiards.

Page 16

Present billiard room showing 17 tables.

When the club took over the rooms in the Carlton Club Hotel the billiards room contained only one table, but it was soon evident that it was not sufficient and so the proprietor Mr Rivers was asked to provide a larger room and move a table from the public billiards room and re-cloth it at a cost to the club of not more than ₤12” Mr Rivers obliged and from then on the club had two tables.

After moving to Heretaunga St in 1910 some members submitted their names as guarantors and an overdraft was arranged at the Bank of N.S.W. in order to furnish the rooms. The committee was then authorised to purchase two Wright Ravish “Champion” billiards tables and fittings at a total cost of ₤227.1s.6d. These are now tables two and six in the present billiards room. A third table was purchased second hand upon moving to Market Street in 1937 which is now table No 1. After movement to Victoria St a fourth table was necessary and on 16/8/60 it was resolved that the purchase of a billiards table from Te Aute Trust Board for ₤12.10.0 be approved. The table was in fairly poor condition but was soon brought up to standard and is now table No. five.

Upon completion of the new bowls floor in 1971 room was made for yet more tables and two more were purchased second hand from Auckland. These are present numbers three and four. The last to be installed was table No. seven at a cost of three thousand dollars. The club has progressed after seventy five years from one gaslit table to seven fluorescent-lighted well maintained tables, and at peak hours there is still a long list of members waiting to play.

Collection of fees for tables was always a problem. In 1906 it was resolved that billiards be charged one shilling per hundred and other games three pence per cue, “on a strictly cash basis” No mention was made of how the money was to be collected until the next year when it was resolved that “the secretary be instructed to have printed a stock of dockets in bank form and numbered with blocks and that it be made a rule that winners of all games each take a docket at the conclusion of play, collect the table fee from the loser, fill in the amount

Page 17

and sign the docket before placing it together with the money in the box placed for the purpose.

No mention of alteration to this system was made until 1947, but in 1935 the secretary reported that: “In certain instances the privilege of occasionally putting I.O.U. slips in the billiards box was being abused.” It was moved and seconded that the members concerned be written to requesting the discontinuance of such practice. In 1947 a special billiards room steward was appointed whose duty was to keep custody of billiards and snooker balls. He was to put same on table after collection of fee and remove again afterwards. The next recorded change came in 1961 when honesty boxes were placed out for collection of fees. All games to be sixpence a cue. The billiards and snooker revenue took on a remarkable improvement with the installation of light meters in 1972.

The club has been visited by many famous players over the yeas, both amateur and professional. These included a billiards display by Bragge in 1908, A visit by billiards professionals Gray, father and son, also in 1908 at a fee of ₤7.7.0. In 1914 exhibitions in billiards were given by a Mr Taylor and a Miss Roberts. Clark McConachy first visited the club in 1925 at which members were charged 2/6d and visitors 3/-. Seven guineas was the fee for a visit by Melbourne Innman in 1933. Further visits by Clark McConachy were enjoyed in 1934. 1936, and 1946. Horace Lindrum appeared with McConachy in 1935 and visited several further times. In 1948 Peter Mans from South Africa gave a billiards and snooker exhibition in the club. More recently Eddie Charlton has visited the club: 1966, 1967, 1974 with Ray Reardon and again in 1979 at a cost of $320. Exhibitions have also been given recently by Statish Mohan and Paddy Morgan.

Tournaments, both amateur ad professional have been held in the club recently and the members have enjoyed the experience of watching top players in action.

During the year several break registers have been introduced but unfortunately all the old ones have disappeared. The first one was started in 1908 in which all billiards breaks over 25 were to be entered. In 1912 a gold medal was donated to the club to be presented to the first member to make a break of 60 points or more. Unfortunately there is no record of who was its recipient.

Various incentives have been offered members to improve their game and it is interesting to note that at a billiards and snooker tournament held in 1933 it was resolved that the following prizes be donated.

1st   15/-   2 bottles wine   2 bottles beer
2nd   10/-   1 bottle wine   2 bottles beer
3rd   5/-   3 bottles beer

Many trophies have been donated for play within the club and for interclub competition but a large percentage of members now enjoy the game whether in competition or just as a “friendly” game.


The first indoor bowls mat was purchased in 1948 and the game was introduced in the club. The following year the club became affiliated to the Indoor Bowls Centre. The floor in the Market Street rooms was not very suitable and it was not until moving into Victoria St that the game took on in earnest. Provision was made on the western side of the billiards room and the floor was suitably built to accommodate six mats At the completion of the new lounge and bowls room in 1971, the indoor bowls section was moved over and there is now provision for 10 mats.


In the early days of the club a “Strangers Room” was provided for the entertainment of visitors. They were granted admission to only this part of the club. An exception to this rule was apparently made to the travelling magistrate, Mr S. E. McCarthy, who was invited in 1908 “to make full use of the club on occasions of his visits to Hastings.”

Admission of visitors has long been a matter of contention. Many early members were reprimanded for abusing visitors rules. It has always been held that visitors who pay no subscriptions should not have the same privileges as members who do.

The club over the years has been visited by many dignitaries. The Governor General Sir Cyril Newall called in 1943. There have been visits by All Blacks, other visiting sportsmen and politicians from both sides of the House.

Page 18

The club has been regarded by many conservative members as a sanctuary for the male gender only, and the first mention of ladies in the club was made in 1910 when partners of members were permitted to attend an afternoon function when the new rooms in Heretaunga St were officially opened. A rare privilege indeed. No further mention is made of lady visitors until in 1944 in the Market St rooms when it was resolved that “ladies will be admitted to the club, but not for the purposes of entertainment. Only for the purposes of awaiting their husbands or escorts, and under no conditions may visitors from dances or similar functions be admitted to the club and that the services of the steward be not available for the entertainment of ladies.” It was decided that the reading room be partitioned off at the north end for the purpose of providing a ladies’ room.

A great controversy seemed to arise as to just how welcome lady visitors were for the records show such items as …. 1945 “No ladies be permitted to the club as from tonight” and 1951 “Ladies room to close at 5 pm on Sundays” and “Ladies room to be used to ladies only.” (No men allowed).

It was not until the club got to Victoria St that permanent provision was made for lady visitors. In 1962 a work force of members prepared a room in the old house with its own entrance especially for members and partners. Decorations and furniture were donated by members and a small bar was manned by members of the committee on Saturday afternoons. This proved most popular to members who wished to bring their ladies to the club and it functioned well without interfering with members in other parts of the club.


From 1906 to 1910 while the cub was situated in the Carlton Club Hotel, refreshments were supplied to members by the publican by means of a room service system. However upon the club renting its own premises in Heretaunga Street in 1910, lockers were installed and rented to the members for 5/- per week. An early attempt to obtain a charter for the club was made in 1924 when Mr G. McKay, M.P. for Hawke’s Bay was asked todo his best to secure a charter for the Heretaunga Club. Mr McKay replied that the club should first make application. This was however not done until 1959 when the club was granted a charter by the Licensing Control Commission.

Before the charter was granted many alterations had to be made to the rules and to the premises to come up to the standard required by the Licensing Control Commission, and the Department of Health. On April 16 1959 all was ready and it was resolved that sale of liquor commence under charter rules on Friday April 17 and that no “off sales” be permitted. It was also ruled that opening the club on Sundays be discontinued. The club now belongs to the N.Z. Chartered Clubs Association and the N.Z. Association of Workingmen’s and Cosmopolitan Clubs.


As mentioned in the last paragraph, drinks were first available to members by way of room service by the proprietor of the Carlton Club Hotel where the club rented its first rooms. After the licensing laws changed in 1908, members were deemed to be on licensed premises after hours and so moves had to be made for new arrangements. After moving to Heretaunga Street, lockers were provided for the members. Liquor was purchased by the club secretary and placed in the lockers by him and charged to the respective members. Aerated waters however were resold by the club at the following prices:

Soda water   3d
Lemonade   3d
Ginger Ale   3d
Waironga Waters   6d
Dry Ginger Ale   6d
Puriri   6d

In 1924 some limits were put on members requiring liquor for their lockers. “No more than half a dozen ale or stout to be placed in members’ lockers.” “Limit of members’ credit to

Page 19

be ₤1.10s.0d for refreshments.” It was also resolved “that the price per dozen for quarts of ale be 13/- to take effect from April 7, 1924.” A great step forward was made in 1927 when the club procured an ice chest which could hold two dozen ale. If members required a cool bottle of beer they could simply exchange one from the chest with one from their locker.

Draught beer was first introduced in 1958. The Leopard Brewery offered to install a cool room with facilities to handle supplies of draught beer at a cost of ₤470 of which approximately ₤420 would be redeemable on shifting to new premises. On moving to Victoria Street the club purchased its own second hand beer tanks which sufficed until the new tank room was installed in 1978. Liquor prices like all other prices have increased greatly during the last few years. In 1962 jugs of ale in the club cost 3/-. 35 cents in 1971 to $1.10 in 1980. Similarly spirits which were 15 cents in 1971 had increased to 40 cents by 1980.


Mr J. Watt was appointed the club’s first steward in 1910 at a salary of ₤2.10s. 0d per week. He was replaced upon his death three years later by Mr G. Brunsden. A second steward, Mr W. C. Webb was engaged the following year at 15/- per week. There is no record of what his hours of duty entailed. In 1916 the steward was granted one week’s holiday, plus a further week if provision was made by himself (as regards wages) for a substitute. Another generous gesture was made to the stewards in 1918 when it was decided that all empty bottles became their property. Inflation began to rear its ugly head in 1924 when the head steward’s wages leapt from ₤4 to ₤4.10s. 0d. Another raise was issued in 1940 when it was decided “that the second steward be asked to work on Friday and Saturday nights and his wages be increased to the extent of 5/- per week to cover this extra duty.”

Stewards’ dress has always been a subject for discussion among committees. White monogrammed shirts, bow ties, white jackets have been some suggestions. A decision was made in 1934 to purchase black coats for the stewards. “Price not to exceed 24/6” The general opinion expressed throughout the years was that the stewards should always be at least as neat and tidy as the members themselves. Over seventy five years the club has employed many stewards and more recently stewardesses some for many years and some for but a few months. Generally the standard of service has been very high.


During its lifetime the club has suffered several adversities. Namely two world wars, flooded premises, an earthquake, a depression and a burglary.

Members who joined the expeditionary forces during the 1914 – 1918 was were exempted from paying subscriptions and were made honorary members until their return. An honours board was presented to the club by the president Mr J. T. Blake, and was to be kept for the purpose of recording the names of members or members’ sons who had given their lives to the empire. One good feature arising from the gloom was that the landlord of the club’s rooms agreed to reduce the rent for the duration and one year thereafter.

Immediately following the first world was cane the great influenza epidemic and in November 1918 it was resolved that a notice be placed on the notice board to the effect that not more than ten members be allowed in any one room during the epidemic and that the special general meeting called for November 28, 1918 be adjourned owing to instructions issued by the Public Health Department.

On the night of August 19 1920 some mysteriously unidentified person left a tap running all night in the club, causing severe damage to club property and also to property in the drapery shop directly below owned by Mr W. Jaegar. A considerable quantity of material was damaged by water and the club was ordered to pay damages to Mr Jaegar of ₤552. However some of the material proved salvageable and the club recovered ₤126 by selling this material to its members at a greatly reduced price.

The only reported damage to the club’s property during the 1931 earthquake was stock to the value of ₤58 8s 3d. This was however sufficient to prompt the executive to order a rail to be erected in the strong room to prevent further stock from falling to the floor. Minor damage must have been done to the building because the secretary was “deputised to wait on

Page 20

the landlord, Mr Donovan, and endeavour to get a rebate on the rent of the club premises owing to earthquake damage and consequent loss of the club’s earning power.” It was also resolved that no salary be paid to the stewards for two weeks from February 3, as the club’s premises were unoccupied. A Miss Edwards was presented with one guinea as a mark of appreciation for her action in rescuing the club money from the secretary’s office. As soon as the club was back in business offers were made to the County Club and the National Service Club for their members to use the facilities of the Heretaunga Club until their own premises were usable again after earthquake damage was repaired.

The club fell on hard times again during the Depression of the early 1930’2. Members could not afford to use the club’s facilities and indeed many fell behind with their subscriptions. In 1932 the president Mr C. Brook, pointed out the advisability of reaching some finality re outstanding subscriptions and then moved “that members in arrears shall be granted the following concession … Payment to be made to the secretary at the rate of 10/6 per month commencing September 30, 1932 and to be carried on until all arrears are paid up.” Carried.

During the second world war the club rooms along with all other premises had to be blacked out according to the regulations and often a visit was made by the local street warden to try to enforce a stricter observance. Many farewell functions were put on by the club for members on their way overseas. In fact even visitors were who were on final leave were given members’ privileges free. Members who were on active service all received a gift of ₤4 which was sent over by the club. Many fund raising bodies sprang into existence to help with the war effort and the club was a good contributor to this cause. Even after the war a “Food for Britain”: scheme was organised by the Mayor of Hastings and the club decided to donate the sum of ₤25.

The only burglary of any consequence that the club has experienced occurred on the night of 30th July, 1969. ₤532  in cash was taken which at that time was not covered by insurance. The policy was quickly altered however to cover the

Bistro Bar

Page 21

loss of cash by theft. Fortunately the need for a claim has not yet arisen.


The first record of food being available in the club was made in 1910 when it was resolved that biscuits and cheese be placed in the locker room at nine o’clock each evening. An attempt to provide members with lunches was made in 1942. It was thought that with petrol rationing members who worked in town would take advantage of this amenity. The meals were cooked and served by the head steward. Unfortunately this service soon fizzled out through lack of support. For many years in the Market Street premises lavish suppers were provided free to members on Wednesday and Friday nights in a bid to encourage more members to take advantage of the facilities All general meetings were also followed by suppers and musical entertainment. In later years counter lunches of various types have been available to members, but more recently this has been replaced by biscuits and cheese which is available at all times. Hot pies, soup and sandwiches have been provided at times in the past.

In 1968 a room in the old building was set aside for lady visitors and also for meals. Hot lunches were provided and served by the secretary-manager. This service was also discontinued after some time through lack of support. However evening meals continued on Friday and Saturday nights and soon became very popular for members and lady visitors. Deep frying vats and grill plates were installed in the old kitchen and it soon became a place of much activity on meal nights. The popularity of this service soon proved the facilities inadequate and pressure from the health authorities to make some improvements soon prompted the executive to act towards erecting the new dining room and bistro service that exists today.


Some of the young “radicals” in 1926 thought it was about time the club invested in one of

New dining room.

Page 22

those modern devices, a wireless set. At a quarterly meeting it was proposed that the committee be instructed to purchase one complete with loudspeaker on the most advantageous terms. This was “carried with enthusiasm”. The executive were however still undecided and they put it to the members again at the AGM. During the discussion the purchase was thought by some “unnecessary” and “non revenue producing” and the proposal was lost by 18 votes to 16. It was not until 6 years later in 1932 that the purchase of a wireless set was approved and the executive bought an “S.T.C.” set for ₤43.10s.0d “fully equipped and installed.”

The club’s first piano was purchased from the Hastings Operatic Society for ₤37.10s.0d in 1925. A very popular activity in the club was the old “sing song” around the piano and many evenings were enjoyed in this manner.


Over the years the club has organised many events, when members of other clubs, lady visitors, or local dignitaries have been invited. In early days this mainly took the form of billiards tournaments with other clubs. On special occasions such as farewell to members going overseas, opening of new premises, the club has been the scene of much revelry. In 1928 a send-off was held for a member, Mr Bert Grenside, prior to leaving on tour to South Africa with the All Blacks. All other local members of the squad were also invited.

Ladies nights were introduced about 1945 when the club hired a hall and an orchestra and held dances for members and partners. Upon moving to Victoria St, these social evenings were held more regularly and within the club.

In February 1953 the first club picnic was

This photograph was taken at Dartmoor after a Cricket Match between the Heretaunga Club and the Napier Cosmopolitan Club about 1923. It was presented to the club by Mr N. B. Fippand [Fippard?] who has only been able to identify a few of the players.

STANDING: 4th from left Arthur Toothill, 5th from left J. Johnston, 11th from left Keith Bull, 14th Norm Fippand, 15th Bill Pearson, Right end W. M. Watson.
SITTING: 1st left Chas Stubbs, 5th from right R.M. Hewitt.

Page 23

Jubilee Year Committee 1955 – 56
V. Patterson, L. Bone, G. Hadwen, L. Cameron, M. Taylor, L. Broughton, G. McGavock.
W. Hollings (Secretary). G. Martin (Auditor), C. Slater (Vice-Pres) N. Dorren [Dorreen] (President)
R. Pearson (Vice-Pres) M. Pullen (Treasurer).

held and this event has been continued annually ever since at many different venues. A very popular event originally intended to treat wives and children, but also enjoyed with enthusiasm by members themselves, especially towards the end of the day when the president “shouts”.

Another popular event for children is the annual Christmas Party. This began in 1955 and Father Christmas has since then arrived at the venue by many various means of transport, including sleigh, helicopter and fire engine.

1961 saw the introduction of “housie” evenings which were held every second |Saturday night. This was successful for a year or two until popularity waned and the event had to be abandoned. Picture evenings were also held in the club on Sundays. A projector was hired and a screen erected and members could bring their wives and families to enjoy the entertainment.

One of the greatest social events in the club’s history was the occasion of the Golden Jubilee in 1956. A dinner was held in the HB Farmers Tearooms to mark the occasion on 30th May, fifty years to the day after the club was formed. Invitations were extended to the Mayor of Hastings, representatives of the Police Force and presidents of other clubs.


Many and varied have been the rules relating to the closing of the club and not many issues

Page 24

have been more controversial. In 1908 a committee member brought up the matter of members staying on the premises after hours to finish billiards or to talk and he called attention to the fact that this practice would create “a certain amount of unnecessary scandal in connection with the club” and in the discussions that followed it was pointed out that the rules prohibited members from staying after hours and that the matter might be safely left in the hands of those concerned that the  rules would not be violated. There is no record of what “after hours” was but probably referred to the closing time of the hotel. After taking up residence in the Heretaunga St premises a notice was erected in all rooms to let members know that one shilling per hour would be charged to all who stayed after 11pm.

In 1941 it was decided that the club close at 12.30am on week nights and 10.45 pm on Sundays unless a member of the general committee was present and such member was prepared to remain at the club and to accept the responsibility for the conduct of any members in attendance. Another alteration in 1944 stated that the club close at 11.30 but members wishing to stay on provided there was a member of the executive present to lock up.

With a few variations this rule remained in force until the club obtained its charter in 1959. After this hours of trade were governed by the Licensing Control Commission and have been strictly adhered to ever since.


On moving to Victoria St it was found that the property contained sufficient area to lay down a full sized outdoor bowling green. Some of the club’s members were enthusiastic bowlers and they were given permission by the executive to form an outdoor bowling section of the Heretaunga Club. Unfortunately there was already in existence a Heretaunga Bowling Club and so a new name had to be found. Although it was temporarily called “Mayfair Outdoor

View of the club from bowling green.

Page 26

Interior of pavilion.

Bowling club pavilion.

Page 27

Bowling Club”, “Karamu Bowling Club” was eventually decided upon and under that name was duly registered.

Working bees were formed and the mammoth task began of creating a bowling green from an area where existed a tennis court and a sunken garden. Members gave generously of their labours and their machinery and under the watchful eye of a few experts a green was formed and was playable by the 1961-62 season.

The first committee meeting was held on March 21, 1960 and was chaired by Mr L. Brough. Funds were quickly raised by raffles, sweeps and debentures offering 3½% interest. The first subscription was ₤2.2s.0d reduced to ₤1.10s.0d for prompt payment. The costs of materials for the pavilion were covered by the main club, but all the labour was provided free by members. Mr J. Linnell was the main contributor in this respect and supplied gear as well as some materials and much time.

Since its foundation the green has improved greatly year by year thanks to painstaking hours spent  by various committees and greenkeepers. The pavilion has also been improved and enlarged and the Karamu Bowling Club (Inc.) is now something of which all members may be justifiably proud.

Page 27


Up to 1980 there have been 72 who have been awarded life membership for meritorious service to the club.

1916   R. M. Gattenby
1927   J. T. Blake
1928   M. Johnson
1929   R. Stanley
J. Hiron
1931   G. Land
W. J. Robertson
A. Wells
1933   W. Jones
T. Donovan
A. Murley
1937   V. Colello
1938   W. Hart
1940   C. Stubbs
C. P. Flowers
Foster Brook
1941   R. M. Hewitt
G. E. Evans
F. King
J. Phillips
1942   T. H. Lowry
H. M. Campbell
1943   F. Howard
L. Goldfinch
1944   R. M. Egan
A. Wilson
1945   C. Brook
C. H. Slater
C. Cook
R. Harris
1947   A. E. Hill
H. Burfield
1951   V. Marsh
B. O. Simmonds
J. Halsall

1952   R. E. Pearson
1953   J. W. Martin
J. M. Cameron
O. Burge
1954   C. Arthur
1955   W. M. Pearson
J. N. Dickenson
1956   R. P. Tabley
J. Donnelly
1957   A. B. Johnson
1959   N. Dorreen
1960   E. Singleton
M. Pullen
J. B. Young
1963   G. Hadwen
S. T. Tong
1965   G. S. McGavock
J. E. Murphy
1966   D. M. Taylor
L. G. Bone
1971   A. W. Reeves
A. Boyd
1972   M. C. Campbell
1973   G. Plumley
R. C. Wallace
1974   L. Broughton
J. Gillies
G. Rutter
1975   I. A. Mason
L. Evans
1976   W. L. Pedersen
1977   D. G. Rae
1978   W. McGavock
1979   R. E. Deane
1980   A. C. Barclay
M. F. Taylor

Page 28


President: A.L.D. Fraser (M.H.R.)
Vice-Presidents: G. F. Roach, W. C. Maddison.
Committee: A. H. Russell, A. Gregory, E. Basil-Jones, W. J. Stratton, C. L. Mackersey, D. Scannell, E. R. Cameron.
Secretary/Treasurer: A. R. Ryan

President: W. C. Maddison.
Vice-Presidents: A .L. D. Fraser, G. F. Roach.
Committee: W. Robertson, W. J. Stratton, H. C. Dawson, A. Murley, J .R. Gillespie, H .K. Thomson, M. Johnson.
Secretary/Treasurer: A. L. Ryan.

President: G .F. Roach.
Vice-Presidents: E. Basil-Jones, M. J. Johnson.
Committee: J. R. Gillespie, W. J. Stratton, H. K. Thomson, H. C. Dawson, T.W. Dent, A. Murley, W. J. Robertson.
Secretary/Treasurer: A. L. Ryan.

President: W. J. Stratton.
Vice-Presidents: E. Basil-Jones, M. J. Johnson.
Committee: H. K. Thomson, G. F. Roach, J. T. Blake, J. R. Gillespie, T. W. Dent, H. C. Dawson, J. Hogg.
Secretary/Treasurer: A. Murley.

President: M. J. Johnson.
Vice-Presidents: E. Basil-Jones, J. R. Gillespie.
Committee: J. T. Blake, W. G. Gould, G. F. Roach, H. K. Thomson, F. Howard, J. G. Parker, W. J. Stratton, W. Robertson.
Secretary: A. Murley.
Treasurer: M. J. Johnson

President: E. Basil-Jones.
Vice-Presidents: J. R. Gillespie, K. Thomson (resigned), W. Robertson.
Committee: G. F. Roach, F. Howard, J. T. Blake, W. Robertson, W. J Stratton, M. J. Johnson, J. A. Hogg, G. Land.
Secretary: A. Murley.
Treasurer: M. J. Johnson.

President: J. R. Gillespie.
Vice-Presidents: W. Robertson, J. T. Blake.
Committee: R. N. Gattenby, E. Basil-Jones, M. J. Johnson, F. Howard, H. P. Stratton, Thos Honnor, Jas Grant.
Secretary: A. Murley.
Treasurer: M. J. Johnson.

President: M. J. Johnson.
Vice-Presidents: J. T. Blake, R. M. Gattenby.
Committee: F. Howard, W. Robertson, J. A. Grant, H. P. Stratton, Thos. Honnor, J. McGoldrick, A. O. Wellwood.
Secretary: A. Murley.
Treasurer: M. J. Johnson.

President: J. T. Blake.
Vice-Presidents: J. E. McIvor, M. J. Johnson.
Committee: W. J. Robertson, T. Styles, G. L. Cameron, F. Howard, C. P. Flowers, W. G. Jaeger, R. M. Gattenby.
Secretary: A. Murley (Temp. H. P. Stratton).
Treasurer: M. J. Johnson.

President: J. T. Blake.
Vice-Presidents: T. Styles, A. J. Ellingham.
Committee: F. Howard, R. W. Jones, G. Hartshorn, W. J. Robertson, J. Flynn, M. J. Johnson, C. P. Flowers.
Secretary: A. Murley.
Treasurer: M. J. Johnson.

President: J. T. Blake
Vice-Presidents: T. Styles, A. J. Ellingham.
Committee: W. G. Gould, W. Robertson, M. Johnson, R. W. Jones, C. P. Flowers, J. Flynn, G. A. Luttrell.
Secretary: A. Murley.
Treasurer: M. J. Johnson.

Page 29

President: Thos. Styles.
Vice-Presidents: A. J. Ellingham, W. Hart.
Committee: R. W. Jones, R. M. Egan, W. J. Robertson, C. P. Flowers, J. A. Gallagher, J. T. Blake, Thos. Honnor.
Secretary: A. Murley.
Treasurer: R. M. Egan.

President: Thos. Styles.
Vice-Presidents: A. J. Ellingham, W. Hart.
Committee: C. P. Flowers, T. A. Hill, T. Honnor, M. Johnson, R. W. Jones, T. Pickett, A Wilson.
Secretary: R. S. Carty.
Treasurer: R. M. Egan.

President: T. Styles.
Vice-Presidents: W. Hart.
Committee: J. Flynn, C. P. Flowers, T. Hill, M. Johnson, T. Pickett, A. A. Stanley, R. Stanley.
Secretary: R. S. Carty.
Treasurer: R. M. Egan.

President: W. Hart.
Vice-Presidents: J. W. Shaw, R. Stanley.
Committee: J. Johnston, H. J. King, C. P. Flowers, T. Hill, J. Hiron, E. W. Watson, T. Pickett.
Secretary: A. Wilson.
Treasurer: R. M. Egan.

President: G. McKay.
Vice-Presidents: J. Hiron, R. Stanley.
Committee: H. J. King, E. J. Warren, J. P. Fix, W. Bartle, J. Pickett, J. Tate, J. H. Raleigh, E. W. Watson.
Secretary: A. Wilson.
Treasurer: R. M. Egan.

E. W. Watson.
Vice-Presidents: C. P. Flowers, J. Flynn.
Committee: N. E. Watson, T. Pickett, C. Cook, C. Golding, G. M. Spencer, C. H. Slater, L. Wall.
Secretary: A. Wilson.
Treasurer: R. M. Egan.

President: E. W. Watson.
Vice-Presidents: T. Pickett, C. H. Slater.
Committee: T. Johnston, J. W. Shaw, C. Cook, C. Golding, N. E. Watson, A. L. Davies, H. Smith.
Secretary: A. Wilson.
Treasurer: R. M. Egan.

President:C. H. Slater.
Vice-Presidents: J. Hiron, T. Honnor.
Committee: R. M. Hewitt, A. L. Davies, , M. Johnson, C. A. Cook, T. Johnston, C. Golding, J. Johnston.
Secretary: A. Wilson.
Treasurer: R. M. Egan.

President: T. Honnor.
Vice-Presidents: R. M. Hewitt, F. King.
Committee: T. Johnston, R. B. Holmes, M. Johnson, C. A. Cook, C. H. Slater, C. P. Flowers, G. Golding.
Secretary: A. Wilson.
Treasurer: R. M. Egan.

President: R. M. Hewitt.
Vice-Presidents: T. Honnor, R. B. Holmes.
Committee: E. Wall, B. Poppelwell, T. Johnston, C. Stubbs, A. L. Davies, G. Evans, C. P. Flowers.
Secretary: A. Wilson.
Treasurer: R. M. Egan.

President: R. M. Hewitt.
Vice-Presidents: J. Hiron, T. Honnor.
Committee: B. Poppelwell, C. A. Cook, T. Johnston, C. P. Flowers, Harold Smith, G. P. Evans, R. B. Holmes.
Secretary: A. Wilson.
Treasurer: R. M. Egan.

President: R. M. Hewitt.
Vice-Presidents: R Stanley, R. B. Holmes.
Committee: C. Brook, C. L. Vidal, J. Johnston, J. A. Wright, E. Wall, T. Johnston, G. R. Salmon.
Secretary: A. Wilson.
Treasurer: R. M. Egan.

Page 30

President: C. Brook.
Vice-Presidents: R. M. Hewitt, W. R. Jones.
Committee: B. O. Simmonds, J. A. Wright, D. S. McLeod, C. L. Vidal, E Ware, E. Wall, F. Cowlrick.
Secretary: A. Wilson.
Treasurer: R. M. Egan.

President: C. Brook.
Vice-Presidents: R. M. Hewitt, W. R. Jones.
Committee: E Ware, B. O. Simmonds, G. R. Salmon, D. S. McLeod, J. A. Anderson, F. Cowlrick, J. A. Wright.
Secretary: Harold Smith.
Treasurer: R. M. Egan.

President: C. Brook.
Vice-Presidents: R. M. Hewitt, W. R. Jones.
Committee: B. O. Simmonds, T. Honnor, D. S. McLeod, S. Taylor, E Ware, J. Anderson, J. Wright. Secretary: H. Smith.
Treasurer: G. R. Salmon.

President: C. Brook.
Vice-Presidents: R. M. Hewitt, B. O. Simmonds.
Committee: W. Jones, D. S. McLeod, J. A. Anderson, T. Honnor, S. Taylor, B. Poppelwell, C. Arthur.
Secretary: H. Smith.
Treasurer: G. R. Salmon.

President: C.H. Slater.
Vice-Presidents: W. Jones, S. Taylor.
Committee: B. O. Simmonds, C. Arthur, J. Hennah, J. Halsall, A. Toothill, D. S. McLeod, J. A. Anderson.
Secretary: H. Smith.
Treasurer: G. R. Salmon.

President: C. H. Slater.
Vice-Presidents: R. M. Hewitt, A. Davies.
Committee: J. Hallsall, J. Anderson, B. O. Simmonds, C. Stubbs, Vic Hudson, C. P. Flowers, J. E. Hall.
Secretary: H. Smith (dcd), C. Arthur.
Treasurer: G. R. Salmon.

President: C. H. Slater.
Vice-Presidents: R. M. Hewitt, A. Davies.
Committee: A. Toothill, V. Hudson, C. P. Flowers, C. Cook, J. N. Walker, D. S. McLeod, B. O. Simmonds.
Secretary: C. Arthur.
Treasurer: G. R. Salmon.

President: C. R. Slater.
Vice-Presidents: R. M. Hewitt, C. Brook.
Committee: J. Hallsall, J. N. Walker, D. S. McLeod, V. Hudson, C. P. Flowers, B. O. Simmonds, C. A. Cook.
Secretary: C. Arthur.
Treasurer: A. Toothill.

President: R. M. Hewitt.
Vice-Presidents: J. Hall, A. Toothill.
Committee: J. W. Martin, A. B. Johnson, J. N. Walker, D. S. McLeod, T. Johnston, L. Goldfinch, C. Cook.
Secretary: C. Arthur.
Treasurer: A. Toothill.

President: R. M. Hewitt.
Vice-Presidents: J. E. Hall, J. W. Martin.
Committee: A. B. Johnson, R. Tabley, G. Spencer, C. Bushby, T. Proffitt, P. Wake, L. Goldfinch.
Secretary: C. Arthur.
Treasurer: A. Toothill.

President: C. H. Slater.
Vice-Presidents: J. W. Martin, C. Brook.
Committee: R. W. Hewitt, B. Simmons [Simmonds], R. P. Tabley, C. Cook, V. Hudson, R. Pearson, C. P. Flowers.
Secretary: C. Arthur.
Treasurer: A. Toothill.

President: C. Brook.
Vice-Presidents: R. M. Hewitt, C. H. Slater.
Committee: B. O. Simmonds, C. Cook, C. Pankhurst, J. Young, J. Martin, C. Arthur, F. E. Evans.
Secretary: C. Arthur.
Treasurer: A. Toothill.

Page 31

President: C. Brook.
Vice-Presidents: C. H. Slater, J. W. Martin.
Committee: J. Young, C. Arthur, J. Wilcock, C. Pankhurst, C. Cook, B. Simmonds, A Briggs.
Secretary: R. P. Tabley.
Treasurer: J. W. Martin.

President: J. W. Martin.
Vice-Presidents: C. Brook, T. Naisbitt.
Committee: C. Pankhurst, B. O. Simmonds, C. Arthur, J. Young, A. B. Johnson, J. Wilcock, P. Mitchell.
Secretary: R. P. Tabley.
Treasurer: C. Arthur.

President: J. W. Martin.
Vice-Presidents: C. Pankhurst, C. Arthur.
Committee: N. Doreen, A. Murphy, A. B. Johnson, G. McGavock, W. Hollings, J. Young, C. Brook.
Secretary: R. P. Tabley.
Treasurer: C. Arthur.

President: J. W. Martin.
Vice-Presidents: C. Pankhurst, W. Hollings.
Committee: J. Dawson, C. B. Taggart, V. Marsh, T. Naisbitt, A. D. Murphy, T. Proffitt, B. O. Simmonds.
Secretary: R. P. Tabley.
Treasurer: A. D. Murphy.

President: J. W. Martin.
Vice-Presidents: C. Pankhurst, W. Hollings.
Committee: A. Murphy, R. Pearson, N. Doreen, E Singleton, R. Tapper, C. Brooks, G. McGavock.
Secretary: R. P. Tabley.
Treasurer: A. D. Murphy.

President: J. W. Martin.
Vice-Presidents: C. Pankhurst, W. Hollings.
Committee: N. Doreen, R. E. Pearson, E. Singleton, G. McGavock, W. Pearson, V. Marsh, L. Broughton.
Secretary: R. Tabley.
Treasurer: R. E. Pearson.

President: C. Brook.
Vice-Presidents: W. Hollings, C. Pankhurst.
Committee: N. Dorreen, W. Pearson, J. Martin, V. Marsh, L. Broughton, E. Singleton, C. Thomson.
Secretary: R. P. Tabley.
Treasurer: R. E. Pearson.

President: C. Brook.
Vice-Presidents: W. Hollings, C. Pankhurst.
Committee: W. Pearson, N. Dorreen, V. Marsh, L. Broughton, E. Singleton, C. Cook, T. Naisbitt.
Secretary: R. P. Tabley.
Treasurer: R. E. Pearson.

President: C. Pankhurst.
Vice-Presidents: W. Hollings, R. E. Pearson.
Committee: W. Pearson, C. Slater, M. Pullen, D. Cochrane, C. Arthur, N. Dorreen, D. R. Bach; D. M. Taylor.
Secretary: R. P. Tabley.
Treasurer: C. Brook.

President: C. Brook.
Vice-Presidents: C. H. Slater, R. E. Pearson.
Committee: C. Pankhurst, E. Singleton, M. Pullen, C. Arthur, W. Hollings, D. Cochrane, I. Kelt.
Secretary: R. P. Tabley.
Treasurer: W. J. Pearson.

President: C. Brook.
Vice-Presidents: R. E. Pearson, E. Singleton.
Committee: M. Pullen, T. Greig, L. Evans, C. Arthur, G. Hadwen, W. Burnett, R. Wallace.
Secretary-Manager: W. Hollings.
Treasurer: C. H. Slater.

President: C. Brook.
Vice-Presidents: M. Pullen, C. H. Slater.
Committee: W. Burnett, L. Evans, G. Hadwen, E. Meissner, R. C. Wallace, L. Cameron, T. Greig.
Secretary-Manager: W. Hollings.
Treasurer: C. Arthur.

Page 32

President: C. Brook.
Vice-Presidents: M. Pullen, N. Dorreen.
Committee: R. E. Pearson, S. T. Tong, L. Cameron, G. Hadwen, J. Collins, T. Greig, G. McGavock.
Secretary-Manager: W. Hollings.
Treasurer: C. H. Slater.

President: N. Dorreen.
Vice-Presidents: M. Pullen, R. E. Pearson.
Committee: L. Cameron, M. F. Taylor, G. Hadwen, L. G. Bone, V. A. Patterson, W. Reeves, E. Singleton.
Secretary-Manager: W. Hollings.
Treasurer: C. Brook.

President: N. Dorreen.
Vice-Presidents: R. E. Pearson, C. H. Slater.
Committee: L. Cameron, G. Hadwen, L. Bone, M. F. Taylor, V. Patterson, G. McGavock, L. Broughton.
Secretary-Manager: W. Hollings.
Treasurer: M. Pullen.

President: M. Dorreen.
Vice-Presidents: R. E. Pearson, M. Pullen.
Committee: C. H. Slater, S. T. Tong, V. Patterson, G. Hadwen, L. Cameron, J.B. Young, J.N. Gillies.
Secretary: W. Burnett.
Treasurer: C. Brook.

President: N. Dorreen.
Vice-Presidents: C. H. Slater, C. Brook.
Committee: S. T. Tong, J. N. Gillies, J. B. Young, G. Hadwen, L. G. Bone, V. Patterson, J. G. Martin.
Secretary: K. Coleman.
Treasurer: M. Pullen.

President: N. Dorreen.
Vice-Presidents: C. H. Slater, J. G. Martin.
Committee: J.  N. Gillies, J. B. Young, G. Hadwen, D. Rae, L. Cameron, E. Sanko, L. Todd.
Secretary: K. Coleman.
Treasurer: G. McGavock.

President: C. Brook.
Vice-Presidents: G. Hadwen, J. Gillies.
Committee: R. I. Harrison, M. Pullen, D. Rae, S. J. Russell, E. Sanko, E. Singleton, L Todd, E. W. Wilson.
Secretary: H. H. Norwell.
Treasurer: L. G. Bone.

President: G. Hadwen.
Vice-Presidents: S. T. Tong, D. G. Rae.
Committee: L. E C. Brough, J. N. Gillies, R. I. Harrison, I. A. Mason, S. J. Russell, D. M. Taylor, E. W. Wilson.
Secretary: H. H. Norwell.
Treasurer: D. G. Rae.

President: G. Hadwen.
Vice-Presidents: S. T. Tong, A. W. Reeves.
Committee: L. Brough, M. Campbell, R. I. Harrison, I. A. Mason, D. M Taylor, E. W. Wilson,
Secretary: H. H. Norwell.
Treasurer: D. G. Rae.

President: G. Hadwen.
Vice-Presidents: G. McGavock, D. M. Taylor.
Committee: J. Begley, M. Campbell, R. I. Harrison, I. D. Crawford, G. Douglas, O. McLeod, K. Oman, G. A. Rutter.
Secretary: H. H. Norwell.
Treasurer: D. G. Rae.

President: G. Hadwen.
Vice-Presidents: G. McGavock, M. Campbell.
Committee: J. Begley, L. G. Bone, I. D. Crawford, G. A. Douglas, W. McGavock, L Pederson, G. A. Rutter.
Secretary: H. H. Norwell.
Treasurer: D. G. Rae.

President: G. Hadwen.
Vice-Presidents: M. Campbell, L Pederson [Pedersen].
Committee: L. Bone, I. D. Crawford, G. Douglas, W. McGavock, A. McKenzie, M. Pullen, G. A. Rutter.
Secretary: H. H. Norwell.
Treasurer: D. G. Rae.

Page 33

President: G. Hadwen.
Vice-Presidents: L. Pederson, L. G. Bone.
Committee: G. A. Rutter, A. McKenzie, M. Pullen, J. Robinson, W. J. Kelly, R. C. Wallace, B. G. Lecky.
Secretary: D. E. Olsen.
Treasurer: M. Campbell.

President: G. Rutter.
Vice-Presidents: L. Pedersen, M. Campbell.
Committee: W. Kelly, G. Hughes, D. Elliott, B. Pedersen, B. Lecky, R. Fergusson, I. Crawford.
Secretary: D. E. Olsen.
Treasurer: G. Hadwen.

President: G. Rutter.
Vice-Presidents: D. G. Rae, V. Morris.
Committee: C. J. Bartlett, J. Begley, I. Crawford, R. E. Deane, R. D. Fergusson, F. Harris, G. Hughes.
Secretary: D. E. Olsen.
Treasurer: G. Hadwen.

President: G. Rutter.
Vice-Presidents: D. G. Rae, V. Morris.
Committee: G. Hughes, F. Harris, R. E. Deane, C. Bartlett, J. Begley, R. Fergusson, Ian Mason
Secretary/Manager: B. Baker.
Treasurer: G. Hadwen.

President: G. Rutter.
Vice-Presidents: V. Morris, M. Campbell.
Committee: G. Hughes, Ian Mason, R. E. Deane, J. Begley, C. Bartlett, D. Finlayson, R. Kirke.
Secretary/Manager: B. Baker.
Treasurer: G. Hadwen.

President: M. Campbell.
Vice-Presidents: J. Begley, W. McGavock.
Committee: D. Finlayson, P. Walden, Ian Mason, K. Murphy, R. E. McDowell, R. E. Deane, D. A. Haggerty.
Secretary/Manager: B. Baker.
Treasurer: G. Hadwen.

President: M. Campbell.
Vice-Presidents: J. Begley, W. McGavock.
Committee: D. Douglas, D. Finlayson, D. Haggerty, W. Kelly, R. E. McDowell, K. Murphy, N. K. Rodgers.
Secretary/Manager: B. Baker.
Secretary: G. Hadwen.

President: W. McGavock.
Vice-Presidents: D. Finlayson, N. Rodgers.
Committee: A. Barclay, D. Douglas, D. Haggerty, B. Kaye, I. Linnell, R. E. McDowell, B. Wishnowski.
Secretary/Manager: T. Holder.
Treasurer: G. Hadwen.

President: W. McGavock.
Vice-Presidents: D. Finlayson, D. Rodgers.
Committee: A. Barclay, C. R Campbell, D. Douglas, B. Kaye, R. McDowell, L. A. Ward, B. Wishnowski.
Secretary/Manager: T. Holder.
Treasurer: G. Hadwen.

President: W. McGavock.
Vice-Presidents: D. Finlayson, R. McDowell.
Committee: N. Rodgers, B. Kaye, C. R. Campbell, R. A. Wright, D. Shepherd, C. McLanachan, G. Withey.
Secretary/Manager: T. Holder, G. Hughes.
Treasurer: G. Hadwen.

President: W. McGavock.
Vice-Presidents: C. R. Campbell, C. McLanachan.
Committee: R. A. Wright, D. Shepherd, R. Nisbet, H. Mockridge, B. Kaye, D. Finlayson, N. Rodgers.
Secretary/Manager: G. Hughes.
Treasurer: G. Hadwen.

President: N. K. Rodgers.
Vice-Presidents: C. R. Campbell, R. A. Wright.
Committee: D. Finlayson, R. Nisbet, B. Kaye, H. Mockridge, D. Shepherd, D. McMillan, D. B. Rodgers.
Secretary/Manager: G. Hughes.
Treasurer: G. Hadwen.

Page 34

President: N. K. Rodgers.
Vice-Presidents: R. A. Wright, H Mockridge.
Committee: D. B. Rodgers, C. F. Powell, D. Shepherd, B. Kaye, R. Nisbet, D. McMillan, K. G. Bainbridge.
Secretary/Manager: G. Hughes.
Treasurer: G. Hadwen.

President: N. K. Rodgers.
Vice-Presidents: R. A. Wright, H. Mockridge.
Committee: D. McMillan, K. G. Bainbridge, R. Nisbet, D. B. Rodgers, D. Shepherd, K. Coombe, I. Beck.
Secretary/Manger: G. Hughes.
Treasurer: G. Hadwen.

President: N. K. Rodgers.
Vice-Presidents: B. Kaye, D. J McMillan.
Committee: K. G. Bainbridge, R. Nisbet, D. B. Rodgers, I. Beck, K. Coombe, D. Dutton, W. Needham.
Secretary/Manager: G. Hughes.
Treasurer: G. Hadwen.

President: B. C. Kaye.
Vice-Presidents: H. Mockridge, W. Needham.
Committee: K. G. Bainbridge, R. Nisbet, D. B. Rodgers, I. Beck, K. Coombe, D. Dutton, M. Marsh.
Secretary/Manager: G. Hughes.
Treasurer: G Hadwen.

Page 35


President: G. Brough.
Vice-President: W. Bull.
Committee: L. Bone, G Hadwen, V. Patterson, A. Donovan, M. Campbell, I. A. Mason, C. Mackie, L. Evans, T. Greig, D. M. Taylor.
Secretary: A. Briggs.
Treasurer: L. Bone.

President: L. Brough.
Vice-President: S. T. Tong.
Committee: A. Donovan, R. Wallace, J. Gillies, B. Russ, E. Taylor, O. McLeod, P. Francis.
Secretary: A. Briggs.
Treasurer: H. H. Norwell.

President: I. A. Mason.
Vice-President: D. M. Taylor.
Committee: I. Crawford, H. Spence, S. Tong, L. Weaver, L. Hannigan, E. Taylor, R. Wallace.
Secretary: G. Plumley.
Treasurer: H. H. Norwell.
Green-Superintendent: T. Greig.

President: I. A. Mason.
Vice-President: D. M. Taylor.
Committee: W. McGavock, H. Spence, B. Russ, E. Taylor, L. Broughton, L. Weaver, R. Wallace.
Secretary: G. Plumley.
Treasurer: H. H. Norwell.
Green-Superintendent: H. Spence.
Coach: T. Naisbitt.

President: D. M. Taylor.
Vice-President: H. Spence.
Committee: T. Byrne, V. Morris, M. Pullen, A. Mason, W. McGavock, L. Pedersen, B. Russ, I. Stewart.
Secretary: G. Plumley.
Treasurer: H. H. Norwell.
Green-Superintendent: T. Naisbitt.
Coach: T. Naisbitt.

President: L. Broughton.
Vice-President: W. Baxter.
Committee: T. Byrne, H. Spence, L. Weaver, L. Pedersen, I. Stewart, M. Pullen, D. M. Taylor.
Secretary: G. Plumley.
Treasurer: H. H. Norwell.
Green-Superintendent: H. Spence.
Club Captain: H. Spence.

President: L. Broughton.
Vice-President: W. Baxter.
Committee: D. Elliott, H. Spence, I. A. Mason, V. Morris, I. Stewart, L. Weaver.
Secretary: G. Plumley.
Treasurer: D. Olsen.
Green-Superintendent: H. Spence.
Coach: H. Spence.
Club Captain: W. Baxter.

President: G. Hadwen.
Vice-President: V. Morris.
Committee: T. Byrne, J. Hutchinson, B. Pedersen, R. Wallace, R. Watson.
Secretary: G. Plumley.
Treasurer: D. Olsen.
Green-Superintendent: H. Spence.
Coach: H. Spence.
Club Captain: B. Pedersen.

President: G. Hadwen.
Vice-President: V. Morris.
Committee: T. Byrne, A. Fiorentino, J. Hutchinson, H. Spence, J. Symes, R. Watson, L. Weaver.
Secretary: J. Symes.
Treasurer: V. Morris.
Green-Superintendent: H. Spence.
Coach: H. Spence.
Club Captain: L. Weaver.

Page 36


President: G. Hadwen.
Vice-President: R. Watson.
Committee: T. Byrne, J. Symes, V. Morris, P. Walden, M. Pullen, H. Spence, W. L. Pedersen.
Secretary: J. Symes.
Treasurer: V. Morris.
Green-Superintendent: H. Spence.
Coach: H. Spence.
Club Captain: T. Byrne.

President: G. Hadwen.
Vice-President: L. Bone.
Committee: S. Russell, T. Pritchard, P. O’Neill, T. Byrne, D. Rae.
Secretary: H. Spence.
Treasurer: V. Morris.
Green-Superintendent: H. Spence.
Coaches: H. Spence, L. Brough.
Club Captain: T. Byrne.

President: R. E. Deane.
Vice-President: D. Rae.
Committee: L. Broughton, I. A. Mason, T. Byrne, J. Hutchinson, D. Pullen.
Secretary: H. Spence.
Treasurer: V. Morris.
Green-Superintendent: H. Spence.
Coaches: H. Spence, L. Broughton.
Club Captain: G. Hadwen.

President: R. E. Deane.
Vice-President: D. Rae.
Committee: B. Wishnowski, D. Saephero, C. H. Symons, J. Andrews, T. Byrne.
Secretary: H. Spence.
Treasurer: V. Morris.
Green-Superintendent: H. Spence.
Coaches: W. Baxter, L. Broughton.
Club Captain: G. Hadwen.

President: R. E. Deane.
Vice-President: D. Rae.
Committee: J. Andrews, W. Baxter, T. Byrne, L. Broughton, D. Shepherd.
Secretary: H. Spence.
Treasurer: B. Wishnowski.
Green-Superintendent: A. Fiorentino.
Coaches: W. Baxter, I. Mason.
Club Captain: G. Hadwen.
Greenkeeper: J. Andrews.

President: R. Hunter.
Vice-President: C. H. Symons.
Committee: J. Andrews, V. Morris, L. Rendle, D. Shepherd, R. Wrigh.
Secretary: H. Spence.
Treasurer: B. Wishnowski.
Green-Superintendent: A. Fiorentino.
Greenkeeper: J. Andrews.
Club Captain: W. Baxter.
Coach: C. H. Symons.

President: R. Hunter.
Vice-President: L. Rendle.
Committee: J. Andrews, S. Ellis, H. Mockridge, C. H. Symons, R. Wright.
Secretary: H. Spence.
Treasurer: B. Wishnowski.
Green-Superintendent: A. Fiorentino.
Greenkeeper: J. Andrews.
Club Captain: R. Watson.
Coach: L. Evans.

President: V. Morris.
Vice-President: M. Breed.
Committee: T. Byrne, D. Shepherd, F. Harris, S. Ellis, C. H. Symons.
Secretary: H. Mockridge.
Treasurer: R. Beswick.
Green-Superintendent and Greenkeeper: J. Andrews.
Coach: L. Evans.

Page 37

President: V. Morris,
Vice-President: M. Breed.
Committee: T. Byrne, D. Shepherd, F. Harris, S. Ellis, L. Rendle.
Secretary: H. Mockridge.
Treasurer: R. Beswick.
Green-Superintendent and Greenkeeper: J. Andrews.
Coach: H. Spence.

President: V. Morris.
Vice-President: L. Rendle.
Committee: T. Byrne, F. Harris, R. Hunter, D. Shepherd, S. Ellis.
Secretary: H. Mockridge.
Treasurer: R. Beswick.
Green-Superintendent and Greenkeeper: J. Andrews.
Coach: H. Spence.

President: V. Morris.
Vice-President: L. Rendle.
Committee: F. Enright, T. Byrne, R. Hunter, S. Ellis, C. Maras, D. Rae, G. Julius.
Secretary: H. Mockridge.
Treasurer: R. Beswick.
Green-Superintendent and Greenkeeper: J. Andrews.
Coach: H. Spence.

President: D. Rae.
Vice-President: R. Hunter.
Committee: G. Julius, F. Enright, S. Russell, T. Pritchard, C. Maras, W. McGavock, T. Byrne.
Secretary: H. Mockridge.
Treasurer: R. Beswick.
Green-Superintendent and Greenkeeper: J. Andrews.
Coach: H. Spence.

Page 38


This list of past and present members has also been drawn up from the minute books as old club registers are no longer in possession.  The year of each member’s introduction has been included, but the year of his resignation or death has not been recorded.  This is only as accurate as records permit and probably contains some errors.

F = Foundation Member.

Abbott H.   1918
Adams C. C.   1946
Adamson S.   1917
Addis B. P.   1972
Addis P. T.   1968
Addis Peter   1958
Adie K. W.   1962
Adie R.   1961
Agnew D.   1957
Agnew James   1930
Agnew J. A.   1954
Agnew T.   1954
Agnew Thos.   1929
Ainsworth H. J.   1970
Aitchison L. M.   1964
Aitchison W.   1943
Aitken A.   1934
Albitson T. W.   1931
Alderman D. W.   1966
Alderson D. H.   1961
Aldridge T.   1951
Alexander D. A.   1969
Alexander J. R.   1972
Alexander J. W.   1966
Alexander W. A   1907
Allen A.   1927
Allen J. B.   1972
Allen P.   1969
Allington K.   1946
Allott M. F.   1972
Allsop T.   1962
Almond B.   1965
Almond R. W.   1964
Amner M.   1963
Anderson B. J.   1971
Anderson D. H.   1956
Anderson E. C.   1947
Anderson G. R.   1945
Anderson J. A.   1922
Anderson J. A.   1972
Anderson J. N.   1909
Anderson J. S.   1976
Anderson K.   1962
Anderson L.   1962
Anderson R. G.   1979
Anderson S. R.   1966
Anderson T. S.   1979

Anderson W.   1939
Anderson W. H.   1925
Anderton G. D.   1979
Andrews B. L.   1971
Andrews D. J.   1979
Andrews J. W.   1970
Ansford G.   1969
Ansin R. I.   1969
Apperley W. A.   1912
Appleyard R. G.   1974
Archibald W. P.   1908
Armstrong D. B.   1979
Armstrong H.   1944
Armstrong   1969
Armitage W. F.   1970
Arnold A. L.   1975
Arnold D. W.   1972
Arnold E. J.   1977
Arnold Geo.   1918
Arnold M. R.   1974
Arrell J.   1921
Arthur C.   1934
Ashcroft H. R.   1976
Atchinson B. D.   1960
Atkins K. F.   1974
Atkins P.   1943
Atkinson C.   1966
Atkinson R.   1972
Atkinson T.   1910
Attley G. A.   1952
Attree J. R.   1977
Attwood E. C.   1968
Attwood J. H.   1947
August W. P.   1977
Augustine W .G.   1974
Aurisch J. E.   1957
Ausin G.   1971
Avison O. D.   1910
Ayre A. M.   1969
Ayres H. R.   1925
Ayres L. J.   1922
Ayres R.   1951

Bach D. R.   1945
Bacon G. R.   1977
Bacon R. C.   1978
Bagshaw R. G.   1964

Baikie D.   1960
Baillie E. S.   1929
Bainbridge C. F.   1920
Bainbridge J. W.   1965
Bainbridge K. G.   1965
Bainbridge R. G.   1969
Baird D. J.   1968
Baird Fred.   1912
Baird G.   1906
Baird Martin   1906
Baird M. C.   1961
Baird S   1911
Baird W. G.   1913
Baird W. H.   1933
Baird W. R.   1918
Baker Brian   1972
Baker G. S.   1979
Baker H. C.   1959
Baker J. W.   1922
Baker N. G   1976
Baker T. J.   1970
Baker W. J.   1965
Baker-Gabb D. A.   1914
Ball E.   1946
Ball John   1912
Bambry I. W.   1960
Banks D.   1912
Bannatyne A.   1921
Barber D. J.   1971
Barber M. B.   1979
Barcham S. R.   1979
Barclay A. C.   1962
Barclay C.   1941
Barclay G. J.   1964
Barclay G. R.   1965
Barclay L. J.   1955
Barker S. W.   1945
Barnes J. H.   1926
Barnett G.   1923
Barr H. H.   1972
Barrett P.   1944
Barry G.   1946
Bartholomew J. S.   1978
Bartle W.   1920
Bartlett C. C.   1944
Bartlett C. J.   1961
Bartlett R. A.   1979

Page 39

Bartlett R. G.   1959
Basher J. S.   1974
Bassett A. E.   1977
Batchelar W. P.   1972
Bateman W. W.   1957
Bates J.   1974
Bates J. W.   1910
Batson E.   1945
Bauld I. R.   1974
Bauld R. C.   1957
Baxter B. W.   1971
Baxter T. E.   1942
Baxter W.   1947
Bayley M. C.   1977
Bayliss L. R.   1924
Bayliss P. R.   1978
Beach G. A.   1945
Beach J. A.   1976
Beacham Pat   1952
Beal D. A.   1977
Beale A.   1953
Beale C. W.   1977
Beard R.   1955
Beard R. J. N.   1969
Beard R. N.   1962
Beatson N. H.   1913
Beattie A. C.   1972
Beattie C. W.   1972
Beattie I. A.   1975
Beattie J.   1927
Beattie M. J.   1978
Beauchamp G.   1952
Beaumont W. R.   1972
Beaven R. A.   1969
Beavis O.   1910
Beck B. J.   1979
Beck I. S.   1972
Beck W. H.   1920|
Beckett R. E.   1954
Beckett E.   1951
Beere P. H.   1977
Begley J.   1954
Begley L. J.   1969
Bell A.   1943
Bell H.   1945
Bellamy A.   1908
Benbow J. E.   1914
Benge H. J.   1942
Bennett Chas.   1907
Bennett F. W.   1950
Bennett Thos.   1906
Bennett T. J.   1913
Bennett W. D.   1941

Bennington H.   1909
Benseman C. R.   1976
Benson B. G.   1975
Bentley F.   1918
Benton R. D.   1972
Beran B. A.   1969
Berkahn D.   1959
Berkahn W. D.   1970
Berkahn N.   1941
Berkahn R.   1954
Berkett M. D.   1966
Bernie J. R.   1974
Bernie R. F.   1960
Bernie R. W.   1972
Bernie T. C.   1974
Beswick R. S.   1966
Betts J. A.   1908
Beuth   1939
Beveridge W.   1941
Bicknell J. W.   1917
Bicknell S.   1922
Bigg P.   1950
Biggs D.   1975
Binning R. J.   1965
Birch M. J.   1974
Bishop A. O.   1907
Bixley D. G.   1961
Bixley M. G.   1976
Blackett C. J.   1944
Blackett J. G.   1917
Blackledge D. W.   1976
Blackledge R.   1976
Blackmore H.   1941
Blair A.   1978
Blair A. W.   1969
Blair G. R.   1962
Blair N.   1969
Blair W. A.   1974
Blake J. T.  F   1906
Blake P. M.   1915
Blake W. V.   1923
Blakey J.   1961
Blewett J.   1919
Blummont J.   1963
Blummont T. F.   1968
Blyth C. W.   1958
Blyth R.   1954
Boal J.   1966
Bockett A.   1909
Boese E. N. J.   1967
Boese S. P.   1967
Bollinger G. W.   1914
Bond E. W.   1927
Bone Chas.   1922

Bone C. N.   1955
Bone F. L.  F   1906
Bone L. G.   1950
Bone M. G.   1977
Bone P. M.   1955
Bone R. G.   1957
Booth J.   1931
Borsboom C. J.   1965
Borsboom W. J.   1965
Boston J.   1961
Bouzard R.   1945
Bower A.   1944
Bower K. H.   1970
Bowker P.   1970
Bowker W. J.   1925
Bowles R. J.   1972
Bowman B. J.   1964
Boyce C. A.   1979
Boyce M. G.   1977
Boyce O. E.   1978
Boyce P. M.   1979
Boyce R. T.   1974
Boyce T. G.   1977
Boyd Allan   1933
Boyd Arthur   1910
Boyd Geo.   1910
Boyd J. G.   1979
Boyd Gordon   1937
Boyd J. J.  F   1906
Boyland P.   1920
Boyle T. H.   1955
Bradley G. J.   1918
Bradley J.   1942
Bradley J. L   1946
Bradley P.   1972
Bradshaw L. E.   1970
Bradshaw R. A.   1979
Brain T.   1940
Braithwaite T.   1931
Brandon D.   1979
Brandon H. J.   1929
Brandon S. F.   1913
Brausche C.   1912
Brausche L. E.   1933
Braxton J. T.   1956
Breed R. M.   1964
Breen G.   1962
Brehaut H.   1944
Bremner D. J.   1969
Brennan F.   1935
Brennan J. P.   1921
Brennan T.   1937

Page 40

Brewer P. M.   1970
Briasco C.   1927
Bridgman C.   1957
Bridgman J. A.   1960
Briggs A.   1940
Brinsley R. W.   1952
Brinson T.   1965
Bristow D.   1972
Bristow G. J.   1976
Bristow J.   1944
Bristow W.   1941
Broadbent N.   1967
Brodie A.   1912
Brodribb E. J.   1969
Brogden K. R.   1972
Bromley D. W.   1968
Brook Foster   1912
Brook Cyril   1922
Brooke-Taylor A.   1906
Brooker R. A.   1969
Brooker W. H.   1969
Brookes D. W.   1975
Brookes W. D.   1972
Brough D.   1959
Brough L. E. C.   1957
Brough P.   1972
Broughton J. R.   1968
Broughton L.   1945
Brown A.   1937
Brown Alf   1961
Brown C. R.   1976
Brown F. H.   1915
Brown Geo.   1917
Brown J.   1967
Brown J. M.   1934
Brown J. T.   1967
Brown M. R.   1962
Brown P. J.   1978
Brown P. H.   1937
Brown R.   1971
Brown R.   1966
Brown R. A.   1957
Brown R. B.   1969
Bruce A. A.   1972
Brunton G. B.   1942
Brunton I. T.   1970
Bryant J. A.   1972
Bryon P. T.   1957
Buckley C.   1943
Bull W. R.   1953
Bulled P. C.   1977
Bullock A.   1950
Bullock D. T.   1972
Bullock J. J.   1945

Burden J. E.   1979
Burden T. L.   1918
Burfield D. R.   1952
Burfield F. A.   1942
Burfield H. T.   1937
Burge O.   1925
Burgess C.   1944
Burgess K. R.   1977
Burgess S. T.   1955
Burne R. W.   1979
Burnell K. F.   1964
Burnett B. M. J.   1976
Burnett W.   1950
Burns J. W.   1969
Burns K. D.   1964
Burns R. W.   1957
Burnside R. G.   1964
Burnside R. J.   1923
Burrell E. T.   1961
Burridge M. A.   1976
Burridge M. J.   1957
Burridge R.   1971
Burrow A.   1923
Bushby G. W.   1970
Butcher F. T.   1966
Butcher L. J.   1968
Butcher M. J.   1974
Butcher P. S.   1964
Butler K.   1969
Butson R.   1954
Butterfield J. D.   1941
Byers N.   1943
Byford J. H.   1970
Byrne F.   1913
Byrne T. F.   1914
Byrne T. R.   1955
Byrnes M.   1964

Caccioppoli G. M.   1979
Calder K. L.   1967
Calder W. J.   1932
Caldwell N. S.   1979
Caldwell T. J.   1962
Callaghan E. J.   1963
Callahan H. J.   1942
Calnan V.   1970
Calnan W. V.   1979
Calver J.   1961
Cameron A.   1979
Cameron C. J.   1959
Cameron E. R. F.   1906
Cameron Geo.   1913
Cameron H.   1972
Cameron H. D.   1961

Cameron J. E.   1951
Cameron J. M.   1912
Cameron J. M.   1934
Cameron L.   1947
Cameron M. A.   1979
Cameron R. G.   1978
Campbell A. W.   1978
Campbell C.   1929
Campbell C. B.   1972
Campbell C. M.   1964
Campbell C. R.   1956
Campbell C. S.   1971
Campbell E. J.   1969
Campbell G.   1968
Campbell H. M.   1906
Campbell K.   1945
Campbell L. I.   1960
Campbell M. C.   1945
Campbell M. M.   1971
Campbell T.   1971
Card R. H.   1970
Carlson C. E.   1934
Carlyle A.   1970
Carran A. K.   1970
Carrington L. G.   1977
Carrol  C.   1970
Carrol J. M.   1959
Carrol  J. W.   1957
Carrol  P. W.   1979
Carter  A. G.   1930
Carter  F. C.   1945
Carter  G.   1969
Carter  J.   1954
Carter  N.   1968
Carter W. A.   1906
Carthew  E. R.   1970
Cartwright  J. H.   1907
Carty R. S.   1917
Cashmore  B.   1972
Cassin F.   1913
Cassin M.   1979
Cater  D. C.   1974
Cater R.   1967
Cater T. C.   1947
Catherall J.   1910
Caulton E.   1937
Caves G. E.  1954
Caves V. A.   1960
Chadwick D. G.   1972
Chalmers L. G.   1979
Chambers John   1906
Chaney W. J.   1924
Charlton S.   1911
Charlton Fred   1917

Page 41

Charlton F. W.   1962
Charlton L. F.   1966
Charters W.   1924
Chaplin W. T.   1918
Chapman C.   1945
Chapman R. G.   197O
Cheer D.   1953
Chenery H. W.   1979
Chenery P. M.   1978
Cherne K. C.   1977
Chilton F. C.   1972
Chilton R. W.   1967
Chote D. J.   1963
Chote P.   1952
Christie H. M.   1936
Christison J.   1938
Christensen M.   1953
Christensen P.   1951
Clapperton C.   1954
Clare G. S.   1972
Clare J. D.   1971
Clare R.   1966
Clark A. F.   1967
Clark H.   1955
Clark J.   1945
Clark R.   1972
Clarke D. N.   1971
Clarke F. H.   1961
Clarke S. F.   1977
Clayton R. H.   1966
Cleary J. A.   1975
Clifton W. G.   1943
Clothier L. S.  1951
Clough A. L.  1965
Cockerill M. S.   1966
Cochrane D.   1939
Cockroft J. B.   1977
Codyre M. J.   1979
Coe D.   1950
Coker L.   1950
Cole  F.   1937
Cole L. C.   1977
Coley P.   1927
Coleman K.   1945
Coleman P.   1967
Collett N.   1979
Collin R. R.   1967
Collin S.   1970
Collinge P. A.   1974
Collins D. J.   1967
Collins Gordon   1914
Collins J.   1944
Collison E. D.   1977

Colman B.   1977
Colvin F.   1956
Commin E. L.   1913
Compton D. G.   1970
Compton J.   1961
Conaghan N.   1965
Conaghan N. J.   1976
Condon I. C.   1974
Connor M.   1915
Connor R. E.   1965
Connolly P. W.   1958
Connolly  W. D.   1952
Conole J. S.   1954
Cook A. E.   1931
Cook C.   1920
Cook F.   1906
Cook N.   1950
Cook Russell   1914
Cook W. H.   1911
Cooley M.   1958
Coombe K. R.   1970
Coombe R. N.   1975
Cooney H.   1979
Cooper L.   1938
Cooper N. A.   1978
Cooper N. G.   1974
Copeland G. A.   1907
Coopersmith D. A.   1957
Corkery L.   1951
Cornelius J. A.   1969
Cornish G.   1950
Cornish J. E.   1977
Cotterill P.   1969
Cottle H. L.   1931
Coughlan H. J.   1947
Coutts W. H.   1976
Cowan Jas.   1907
Cowan J.   1921
Cowan W. D.   1968
Cowles P. T.   1971
Cowdrick F.   1926
Cox N.   1970
Cox R. D.  1978
Craft D. J.   1978
Craig J.   1911
Craig J.   1927
Craig S.   1969
Craigie N.   1971
Craigie N. R. A.   1979
Craik C. T.   1979
Craike G. O.   1940
Craike J. H.   1940
Craike J. O.   1906
Craven E. A.   1927

Craven W. F. C.   1969
Crawford A. C.   1979
Crawford F. H.  1963
Crawford G. A.   1972
Crawford I. D.   1955
Crawford M. L.   1968
Crawford W. J.   1921
Crawford W. R.   1975
Cresswell Jos.   1907
Croker Cyril   1913
Crooks C.   1924
Crothers C.   1930
Crowe P. J.   1974
Cruikshank H.   1961
Cudby E.   1936
Cullen E. L.   1936
Cunningham H. W.   1976
Cunningham I. W.  1978
Cunningham T. C.   1913
Curd R.   1965
Curd R. G.   1969
Curline F. H.   1920
Curline H. J.   1920
Currie A.   1931
Curtin J. K.   1977
Curtis N. R.   1972
Curtiss B. L.   1976
Cushing H. W.   1937
Custance J.   1945

Daily F.   1954
Dalby Chas   1913
Daly C.   1977
Dance J. R.   1974
Daniel E. R. B.   1921
Daniell C.   1977
Daniell L. I.   1957
Dansby R. J.   1969
Danvers A. T.   1906
Danvers A. V.   1938
Darby T. O.   1962
Dasent B. R.   1910
Dasent G. P.   1909
Davey F.   1934
Davey J. F.   1970
Davey R.   1968
David B.   1944
David G.   1950
David J. H.   1950
Davidson D. W.   1952
Davidson K. R.   1969
Davidson N. E.   1976
Davidson N. K.   1937
Davies A. L.   1920

Page 42

Davies J. L.   1925
Davies T. L.   1957
Davis A.   1945
Davis A. R.   1975
Davis C. R.   1976
Davis D. E.   1906
Davis E. R.   1957
Davis H. R.   1968
Dawson A.   1937
Dawson F.   1938
Dawson  J.   1938
Day D. C.   1970
Day M. P.   1979
Deacon C. A.   1970
Deakin E. P.   1975
Deakin G.   1938
Deane R. E.   1951
Deane R. J.   1969
Death P. R.   1927
Deighton H. A.   1908
Delaney K. R.   1956
de Lange N.   1979
de Lautour C. W.   1978
Dent T. W.   1907
Dentice M.   1955
Denver A. J.   1957
Derby W.   1926
de Ridder E. H.   1977
Desha W. F.   1920
Desmond B.   1956
Devine A.   1945
Dew E. E.   1954
Dewson R. G.   1961
Dickinson J. N.   1941
Dickson R. H.   1976
Dickson W.   1932
Dillon A. F.   1906
Dillon B. J.   1970
Dillon D.   1970
Dillon H.   1923
Dillon M. J.   1972
Dinglestad J.   1961
Dingley F. S.   1978
Dixon B. L.   1919
Dixon G. R.   1921
Dixon H.   1972
Dixon M. R.   1970
Dixon P.   1970
Dixon S. J.   1913
Doak N. J.   1952
Doak R. J.   1975
Dobson E. R.   1911
Dobson J.   1944
Dodds B. S.   1964
Dodds V.   1920

Dodson H.   1957
Doleman G. S.   1913
Don W.   1940
Donaldson J. A.   1964
Donnelly F. L.   1947
Donnelly G. P. F.   1906
Donnelly M.   1977
Donnelly J.   1926
Donovan A. G.   1943
Donovan D.   1923
Donovan J.   1910
Donovan M.   1945
Donovan P. J.   1958
Donovan T.   1912
Donovan T. P.   1969
Doole J.   1945
Doole R. C.   1951
Dorreen J.   1955
Dorreen N.   1937
Dossett F. W.   1937
Douglas A. F.   1906
Douglas Bruce   1929
Douglas Chas   1906
Douglas D. A.   1962
Douglas F.   1941
Douglas G.   1960
Douglas I. R.   1970
Douglas Ralph   1955
Douglas Ray   1967
Douglas S. R.   1970
Douglas W. J.   1906
Dow W.   1924
Dowell R. G.   1952
Dowley L. J.   1913
Downes A. E.   1922
Downey J. G.   1951
Draper O. S.   1972
Draper R. N.   1972
Drew K. M.   1966
Driller F. S.   1920
Drinkwater G. J.   1974
Drinkwater I. W.   1979
Drinkwater J. R.   1979
Driver D. J.   1958
Drummond J. M.  1970
Drury D.   1964
Duck K. G.   1970
Dudley C. F.   1974
Duff A. G.   1949
Duff C.   1943
Duff Wm.   1931
Duff W H.   1979
Duigan F. L.   1936

Duncan A.   1907
Duncan C.   1953
Duncan R. F.   1965
Duncan R. J.   1972
Duncan S. P.   1979
Dunlop J. R.   1957
Dunlop R. I.   1978
Dunn A. H.   1928
Dunn David   1928
Dunn D. W.   1954
Dunn J. A.   1946
Dunn L. W.   1950
Dunn R. J.   1972
Dunn W. J.   1928
Dunningham C. S.   1912
Dutton D. N.   1966
Dykes L. J.   1943
Dysart K. M.   1976
Dysart R.   1919

Eastwood A. J.   1954
Eastwood W. N.   1969
Eaton A.   1910
Ebbett D. J.   1968
Ebbett E .   1906
Ebbett G.   1909
Ebbitt P.   1976
Edgar R.   1945
Edilson T.   1952
Edlin C. V. R.   1961
Edwards E. P.   1967
Edwards H.   1931
Egan R. M.   1913
Elers T. W.   1974
Elers W.   1971
Ellingham A.   1910
Elliott D. R.   1953
Elliott E.   1961
Elliott Geo.   1906
Elliott J.   1951
Elliott T. E.   1923
Ellis B.   1970
Ellis Geo.   1906
Ellis S.   1974
Ellison D.   1917
Elsworth G.   1927
Elvy E. L.   1957
Elvy L. C.   1957
Emmerson B. T.   1976
Emmerson G.   1937
Emmerson Geo.   1926
Emmerson W. J.   1967
England G. K.   1968
Enright F. T.   1971

Page 43

Epplett D.   1947
Epplett R.   1945
Epplett R. H.   1958
Erickson B. W.   1969
Erickson O. G. E.   1924
Esam W.   1945
Estcourt W. E.   1969
Espagne L.   1910
Evans A. E.   1934
Evans B. W.   1978
Evans D. E.   1940
Evans F. E.   1926
Evans F. J.   1911
Evans G.   1925
Evans Geo.   1910
Evans G. E.   1937
Evans G. P.   1969
Evans L.   1946
Evans P. F.   1974
Evans R.   1966
Evans S. W. R.   1927
Evans W.   1946
Everard K. S.   1974
Ewart C.   1960
Ewing J. J.   1931
Eyles G. A.   1979

Fail R. H.   1917
Fair H.   1952
Fairchild P.   1970
Falconer J.   1926
Falconer R. F.   1979
Fallwell O. G.   1978
Fannin A. W.   1952
Farger N.   1973
Farmery D. C.   1963
Farquhar W. P.   1910
Farrer D. F.   1974
Farrow F. C.   1911
Faulkner J. J.   1906
Fawcett A. C.   1916
Fear J. L.   1962
Fenton R. F.   1949
Fergusson J. A.   1977
Fergusson N.   1975
Fergusson R.   1963
Fergusson W. T.   1966
Ferkins M.   1939
Ferrier J. V.   1916
Fieldsen H.   1951
Finlayson D.   1966
Finlayson S.   1922
Fiorentino A. C.   1952
Fippard N. B.   1941

Fisher B. E. M.   1926
Fisher L J.   1961
Fisk V. H.   1976
Fitch T. H.   1919
Fitzpatrick F.   1924
Fitzpatrick J. G.   1976
Fix J. P.   1921
Flack B. T.   1979
Flanders J. H.   1964
Flashoff D. S.   1978
Fleming B. W.   1979
Fleming C. H.   1930
Fletcher J. B.   1934
Flint R. P.   1976
Flowers C. P.   1913
Flowers R. J.   1969
Flynn John   1913
Foddy A. J.   1978
Foley G. P.   1906
Forbes A.   1971
Forbes D. M.   1965
Forbes W. H.   1979
Forde J. N.   1966
Forster L. G.   1961
Fortune R. G.   1966
Foster J .  1951
Foster L.   1972
Fothergill W.   1914
Fouhy E. A.   1975
Fourneau A.   1951
Fowler C. P.   1945
Fox D. W.   1939
Francis E. G.   1971
Francis P. G.   1957
Francis T. P.   1968
Franklin B. I.   1961
Franklin Ford   1910
Franklin G. J.   1953
Franklin O.   1944
Franklin T. W.   1974
Fraser A. L. D. F.   1906
Fraser B. M.   1963
Fraser J.   1909
Fraser K.   1947
Fraser P. J.   1970
Fraser R. B.   1954
Fraser S.   1964
Frater A.   1961
Frater K.   1961
Freeman S.   1926
Freeman S.   1948
Freeman S. J.   1906
Freeman S. P.   1970
Freemantle K. R.   1972

Frizzell J.   1962
Frogley J.   1943
Frogley J. M.   1977
Frumerin P. B.   1970
Fryer J. A.   1906
Fryer S. H.   1934
Futter G. J.   1977

Gabites E.   1954
Gabites E. W.   1934
Gabriel M. R.   1924
Gallagher J. A.   1909
Gallien F.   1932
Galloway M. E.   1979
Gandy L. S.   1922
Gardiner A. D.   1971
Gardiner R.   1928
Gardiner T.   1967
Gardner E.   1960
Gardner J.   1964
Garnett A.   1912
Garnett E. W.   1944
Gascoigne Major  F.   1906
Gattenby J. R.   1909
Gay J. B.   1968
Gebbie C.   1944
Gee G. W.   1955
Gee L.   1972
Gee P. M.   1977
Geenty G. R.   1975
Geor D. P.   1957
Geor F.   1952
Geor G.   1943
Geor M.   1943
Geor R.   1945
George A. A.   1950
Georgetti Gus   1913
Gerard M. W.   1957
Gerbes J. F.   1979
Gibb C. D.   1979
Gibbs G. J.   1925
Gibson B. J.   1977
Gibson R.   1963
Gichard R. L.   1972
Giffney A.   1979
Gilbert C.   1913
Gilchrist M. R.   1961
Gilfedder M.   1921
Gill R.   1979
Gillespie H.   1979
Gillespie J. R.  F.   1906
Gillespie T.   1927
Gillies J. T.   1969
Gillies John   1949

Page 44

Gillies Joseph   1920
Gillies M. F.   1967
Gilman S. J.   1923
Gilmour G. S.   1944
Glazebrook H.   1909
Glen A. E.   1974
Glen W. S.   1971
Glenn E.   1953
Gloyn F.   1950
Godber G.   1945
Godfrey C.   1926
Godwin A.   1969
Goldfinch L.   1920
Goldfinch L. A.   1934
Golding J.   1929
Golding R. J.   1974
Golds R. M. J.   1971
Goldwater C.   1923
Goodall G. W.   1965
Goodall R.   1945
Gooder N.   1934
Goodwin R. A.   1975
Gooseman R.   1910
Gordine M. P.   1976
Gordine V. R.   1976
Gordon B. C.   1969
Gordon D. E.   1976
Gordon F. T.   1969
Gordon J.   1912
Gorman P. J.   1906
Gould C. E.   1907
Gould W. G.   1906
Goulding J.   1952
Graham C. D.   1921
Graham D. A.   1907
Graham D. M.   1972
Graham J. W.   1954
Graham K. J.   1972
Graham W.   1913
Grandstrom H.   1937
Grant A.   1969
Grant A.   1972
Grant A. E.   1915
Grant J. A.   1909
Grant J. P.   1970
Grant W. H.   1969
Grant W. R.   1958
Grapes A. H.   1979
Gray A.   1966
Gray A. G.   1962
Gray C. D.   1977
Gray R.   1930
Gray W. M.   1976

Grayling W. W.   1968
Greeves S. N.   1927
Gregory A.  F.   1906
Gregory A. R.   1956
Green A. R.   1978
Green C.   1919
Green C. D.   1979
Green H. A.   1955
Green W. H.   1975
Greenall L. R.   1976
Greening C. M.   1961
Greenwood J.   1963
Greer N.   1971
Greig B. W.   1961
Greig G. A.   1963
Greig T.   1947
Grenside B. A.   1927
Grenside  E. A.   1929
Grenside M.   1937
Greville T. J.   1974
Griffin G. F.   1949
Griffin L. A.   1979
Griffin  R. T.   1967
Griffith B. A.   1977
Griffith H.   1965
Griffiths F. C.   1915
Griffiths R. D.   1971
Griffiths S. D.   1965
Grogan J. W. G.   1979
Groome M. E. F   1906
Groome T. H.   1911
Grover P. S.   1977
Growcott D. E.   1961
Gruzning R. F.   1976
Guerin J. M.   1969
Guerin P. J.   1974
Guild J.   1970
Gumbley C. J.   1917
Gunn D. H.   1953
Guthrie C. H.   1917
Guthrie  L. F.   1963
Guthrie R. A.   1914
Guy D. M.   1966
Guy R.   1962
Gwillin T. A.   1980
Gyde T.   1971

Hackett J.   1924
Hadwen G.   1947
Hadwen N. G.   1970
Haggerty D. A.   1966
Haggerty  E. J.   1953
Haggerty R. H.   1962
Hakiwi A.   1971

Haldane C.   1912
Haldane J.   1961
Hale J. W.   1978
Hall B. A.   1964
Hall F.   1921
Hall J. E.   1909
Hall J. E.   1933
Hall R. J.   1963
Hall T. L.   1979
Hall T. J.   1979
Hall W. H.   1909
Hallett J. M.   1912
Halse R.   1910
Halstead A. R .  1939
Halstead B.   1961
Halstead N. J.   1959
Halstead P. B.   1972
Halstead W.   1937
Hamilton G. A.   1969
Hamilton G. H.   1911
Hamilton J. R.   1921
Hand T.   1970
Hanger D. H.   1956
Hanlon F.   1911
Hannah P. A.   1979
Hannan C.   1943
Hannigan J.   1944
Hannigan L.   1961
Hansen B.   1970
Hansen B. A.   1974
Hansen P. L.   1966
Harbottle A. J.   1974
Harbottle J. A.   1967
Harding  E. D.   1969
Harding G. E.   1974
Harding G. T.   1979
Harding H. T.   1966
Harding J.   1974
Harding J. C.   1947
Harding R.   1914
Harding R. T.   1930
Hardy J. F.   1930
Harford W. G.   1961
Harker A.   1931
Harker G. B.   1953
Harkness J. A.   1976
Harkness J. R.   1921
Harland T.   1957
Harley D. H.   1976
Harman G.   1949
Harman R. T.   1972
Harper W. T.   1912
Harris A.   1945

Page 45

Harris  C. B.   1969
Harris F. G.   1965
Harris G. K.   1980
Harris J. H.   1907
Harris R. R.   1921
Harrison A.   1964
Harrison C.   1972
Harrison N. W.   1979
Harrison R. I.   1955
Harrison R. W.   1974
Harrison T.   1945
Harrison W. J.   1942
Hart Doug   1958
Hart D. J.   1939
Hart J.   1940
Hart John   1909
Hart M.   1939
Hart W.   1911
Hart  W.   1924
Harte H. F.
Hartitzch I. von   1969
Hartshorn F.   1906
Hartshorn G.   1922
Hartshorn Geo.   1910
Harvey H.   1945
Harvey Len.   1912
Hasler B.   1951
Hastie J.   1969
Hastings J.   1972
Haswell C. F.   1977
Haswell K. C.   1969
Haswell W. F.   1969
Hatton S.   1966
Hawke V.   1938
Hawkins D. W.   1971
Hawthorne H. M.   1946
Hay A. S.   1961
Hay B.   1978
Hay I.   1965
Hay I. A.   1974
Hay I. W. G.   1965
Hay R.   1917
Hay R. E.   1924
Hayes R.   1971
Hazelwood  W. F.   1972
Heald C. A.   1906
Healey W. J.   1975
Heaps E. W.   1967
Heatley C. B.   1906
Hedgeman A.   1942
Heeney J.   1925
Heeney R. J.   1970
Hefferman N.   1946

Heighway S.   1943
Helleur D. R.   1958
Helm B.   1961
Helm F. E.   1966
Hembrow D. R.   1969
Hemmingway B. J.   1969
Henderson A. W.   1966
Henderson B.   1962
Henderson D.   1906
Henderson E.   1969
Henderson H. A.   1940
Henderson J. D.   1969
Henderson R. S.   1975
Hendrey K. S.   1970
Hennah J.   1924
Hennum B.   1945
Henry J.   1943
Henry J. A.   1961
Henry Les.   1945
Henry R. A.   1967
Henry S. J.   1964
Hensman H.   1963
Hensman I. H.   1979
Herbert   1938
Herbert H. F.   1943
Herbert I. T.   1967
Herdson C. H.   1913
Hermanson P.   1972
Herries M.   1957
Herries  W.   1941
Heslop W.   1918
Hewitt L. H.   1917
Hewitt R. M.   1922
Hewittson R.   1954
Heyder H.   1947
Heyward J.   1924
Hibbert J   1974
Hickling A.   1912
Hienman H   1926
Hill A. E.   1918
Hill A. E.   1929
Hill A. G.   1942
Hill A. K.   1960
Hill A. L.   1929
Hill A. R.   1969
Hill T. A.   1916
Hill W.   1919
Hill W. J.   1906
Hillson A. G.   1957
Hinde Wm   1911
Hinder E. B.   1970
Hinder L. J.   1975
Hinder M. A.   1978
Hindmarsh G. M.   1941

Hine A. R.   1906
Hingston P. J.   1972
Hinton   1957
Hiron H.   1921
Hirons Jos.   1912
Hirst A. J.   1978
Hislop D. E.   1968
Hoadley V.  F.   1906
Hobart D.   1969
Hobbs A. V.   1972
Hoben S. F.   1906
Hodd D. G. R.   1972
Hodder L. D.   1961
Hodge A. W.   1908
Hodge E.   1925
Hodgkinson H. E.   1961
Hodgkinson R. W.   1971
Hodgon A. B.   1926
Hodgon C. R.   1978
Hogg J. A.   1906
Holden J.  F.   1906
Holden John Jnr.   1910
Holden R.   1943
Holder A.   1970
Holderness H.   1907
Holdsworth Jas.   1910
Holdsworth J. K.   1976
Holland A. L.   1920
Hollings W.   1939
Hollis T. R.   1977
Holliver E. R.   1938
Hollomby R. H.   1962
Hollow Thos.   1910
Holly G. L.   1968
Holmes H. G.   1966
Holmes K.   1930
Holmes R. B.   1906
Holt H. C.   1944
Holt J.   1906
Honnor D. H.   1970
Honnor Thos.   1909
Hood D.   1917
Hook G.   1938
Hooker C. W.   1949
Hope G. T.   1979
Hope M. R.   1960
Hope T. A.   1971
Horn L.   1969
Hornby V.   1969
Horne A. E.   1916
Horne J. P.   1952
Horton G. E.   1916
Horton G. E.   1978
Horton J. H.   1954

Page 46

Hough M. A.   1979
Houston R. W.   1911
Howard E. C.   1911
Howard F.   1906
Howard G. C.   1977
Howard G. M.   1966
Howard P. C.   1926
Howell F. H.   1941
Howell P. R.   1964
Howes S. J.   1962
Howman N. J. S.   1967
Howie N.   1964
Hoy A. J.   1958
Hudson Jos.   1908
Hudson V.   1933
Hughes Burnard   1924
Hughes Chas.   1906
Hughes C.   1927
Hughes D. C.   1977
Hughes D. J.   1976
Hughes H. G.   1961
Hughes M. E.   1965
Hughes P. L. F.   1976
Hulena K. C.   1966
Hull F. A.   1945
Hume B. L.   1972
Hume D. B.   1979
Humphrey S. I.   1978
Hunt J. A.   1972
Hunt J. V.   1945
Hunt Reg.   1958
Hunter B. D.   1974
Hunter M.   1971
Hunter Paul  F.   1906
Hunter R. D.   1966
Hunter S. J.   1961
Hunter T. G.   1955
Hutchins D. B.   1947
Hutchinson T. R.   1960
Hutchison G. A.   1954
Hutchison J.   1953
Hyde A.   1911
Hyde H. J.   1918
Hyett K.   1966
Hylton E.   1951
Hynd W. M.   1976

Inder R. H.   1935
Inglis C. K.   1972
Ingram R. B.   1972
Innes F. S.   1962
Ireland D. E.   1934
Irwin D.   1961

Irwin D. R.   1976
Irwin M. J.   1966

Jack R.   1972
Jaeger W.   1911
Jago Henry   1913
James A. K.   1979
James C.   1965
James E.   1925
James R.   1960
James R. F.   1974
Jamison H. J.   1930
Jane A. A.   1977
Jans B. W.   1972
Jarden R. P.   1976
Jarrett J. P.   1913
Jefferd Wm.   1911
Jeffrey P. G.   1916
Jeffreys S.   1908
Jeffries T. L.   1979
Jenkins D. A.   1922
Jenkins J.   1921
Jenkins J. C.   1978
Jenkins M. J.   1955
Jenkins T.   1954
Jenkinson A. J.   1969
Jenner H. J.   1966
Jennings I. W.   1974
Jensen A.   1944
Jinks P.   1957
Joby R. T.   1959
Johns K.   1961
Johnson A. B.   1933
Johnson B. B.   1942
Johnson H. J.   1974
Johnson J.   1916
Johnson J.   1945
Johnson K. D.   1979
Johnson L. S.   1974
Johnson Matthew   1906
Johnson W. D.   1977
Johnston C. M.   1961
Johnston G. I.   1976
Johnston J.   1927
Johnston R.   1945
Johnston Richard   1934
Johnston T.   1919
Johnston T. I.   1978
Johnston W.   1912
Johnston W. A.   1970
Jolly A. A.   1946
Jolly P. J.   1972
Jones A.   1960
Jones A. E.   1955

Jones D. S.   1972
Jones E. Basil P.   1906
Jones E. B. Jnr.   1906
Jones F. D.   19;
Jones Geo.   1915
Jones H. G.   1929
Jones H. K.   1972
Jones J. L.   1976
Jones L. S.   1957
Jones M. K.   1979
Jones N. W.   1979
Jones P. J.   1966
Jones R. W.   1910
Jones R. W. Jnr.   1912
Jones S. G.   1966
Jones T. G.   1988
Jones W.   1957
Jones W. B.   1906
Jonson G. O.   1964
Joseph J.   1945
Jowsey C. R.   1929
Jowsey W. J.   1929
Julius G. W.   1978
Jull A. E.   1910
June R. A.   1955

Kale D. W.   1970
Katranski A.   1939
Kawan A. J.   1970
Kawan J. R.   1970
Kawan P. E.   1970
Kay A. J.   1979
Kaye B. C.   1964
Kaye D. C.   1979
Kaye J. A.   1976
Kearney W. F.   1932
Keenan D. K.   1974
Keighley D. W.   1968
Keith A.   1917
Keith W.   1918
Kelliher D.   1945
Kelly B.   1941
Kelly B. E.   1970
Kelly E. T.   1942
Kelly F. T.   1912
Kelly J. C.   1938
Kelly L. E.   1962
Kelly W. J.   1962
Kelt I.   1945
Kelt M. J.   1946
Kemp R. C.   1971
Kendall S. D.   1977
Kenderdine J. A.   1954
Kennedy D.   1944

Page 47

Kent A.   1941
Kerins P. M.   1974
Kerley M.   1963
Kershaw G. T.   1977
Kershaw W.   1911
Kessell B. M.   1911
Kessell W.   1911
Killkelly F. J.   1946
Kilpatrick T.   1953
Kimpton N. J.   1970
King A. E.   1977
King C. B.   1974
King C. H.   1927
King D. D.   1970
King F.   1938
King Fred   1913
King H. K.   1919
King R.   1945
Kinnear G. S.   1976
Kirk A.   1957
Kirk G. N.   1977
Kirk W. B.   1947
Kirkby R.   1944
Kirke B. R.   1975
Kirke R.   1962
Kirkham A. H.   1911
Kirkland R. B.   1930
Kirkwood R. H.   1964
Kisschberg B.   1944
Kirschberg H. M.   1945
Kirschberg K.   1945
Kirschberg M. H.   1924
Kirton G. W.   1974
Kitching N. T.   1971
Kleehammer B. J.   1979
Knight H. B.   1920
Knight O.   1979
Knight S. H.   1906
Knight S. H.   1920
Knowles P.   1979
Kovaleski F. N.   1977
Krauter N.   1979
Krough Oscar   1909
Kugn E.   1954
Kyle B. D.   1970
Kyle K. J.   1970
Kyle R. J.   1979
Kyle W. E.   1974
Kyle W. J.   1957
Kyle W. S.   1975

Ladbrook M. A.   1971
Ladbrook W. H.   1943
Lake S. H.   1953

Lamberton J.   1943
Lambie W. T.   1963
Lancaster J.   1951
Lancaster J. R.   1970
Land Geo.   1906
Land S. J.   1935
Landells Jas.   1910
Landman J.   1972
Lane J. E.   1906
Lane W.   1909
Lane W. L.   1954
Lang A. E.   1938
Lange N. K.   1970
Lange R. K.   1977
Lannon G. D.   1957
Laredo F. W.   1945
Lark J. T.   1970
Larranze J. R.   1906
Larson A.   1921
Larson A. G.   1950
Larson J. P.   1939
Laskey R.   1951
Laughlin D. R.   1972
Law D. R.   1976
Lawler T. H.   1911
Lawrence B.   1967
Lawrence E. C.   1964
Lawrence H. L.   1966
Lawrence T. W.   1964
Lawrence V.   1969
Larence W. J.   1962
Lawrie J. B.   1922
Lawrie T. B.   1953
Lawson I. D.   1969
Lay W.   1955
Leary R. M.   1910
Lecky B. G.   1954
Le Claire R. D.   1972
Lee A. G.   1947
Lee B. C.   1979
Lee B. W.   1969
Lee M. W.   1979
Lee N. F.   971
Lee R. A.   1979
Leech H. J.   1965
Legge R. P.   1961
Leicester R. F.   1976
Le Quesne R.   1908
Leslie J. H.   1977
Le Sueur J. H.   1923
Lett J.   1940
Levington A.   1913
Levington W. J.   1913
Levitt C. P.   1972

Lewis G.   1951
Lewis G. J.   1970
Lewis L. A.   1960
Liddington M. A.   1947
Liley A. D.   1978
Liley L.   1941
Limbrick E.   1923
Lincoln W. W.   1912
Lindergreen C. P.   1909
Lindsay A.   1955
Lindsay T. E.  F   1906
Link M. R.   1979
Linnell I. J.   1967
Linnell J. W.   1961
Linnell P. M.   1975
Linnell S. R.   1974
Linton I.   1951
Lipinski   1946
List O. L.   1963
Little A. B.   1927
Little G. L.   1974
Little R.   1979
Little W.   1951
Livingston C.   1913
Livingston Colin   1917
Lloyd A.   1951
Lloyd L.   1954
Lochead S. J.   1977
Lockie A.   1906
Logan B.   1962
Lomas R. J.   1977
Long B.   1972
Long G.   1938
Longhurst A. D.   1972
Longhurst D. J.   1979
Lord Wm.   1931
Lork E.   1957
Lorkin M. A.   1971
Lorrigan C.   1944
Lorrigan P.   1951
Lougher W. T.   1965
Loughnan B.   1921
Loussion C.   1925
Lounton B.   1966
Love D.   1964
Lovegrove R. F.   1959
Lovejoy W. J.   1979
Lowe D. P.   1953
Lowe D. G.   1972
Lowe P.   1943
Lowe T.   1964
Lowes C. W.   1968
Lowes J. H.   1961
Lowry T. H. F.   1906

Page 48

Lowry T.   1959
Loye K. N.   1970
Luckie F. D. F.   1906
Ludlow N. E.   1964
Ludlow W. R.   1954
Lumsden I. A.   1947
Lundy S.   1957
Lush J. M.   1974
Lush M.   1943
Luttrell G.   1907
Luttrell  G. A. S.   1931
Luxton R.   1947
Lyall A. L.   1969
Lynch J. A.   1924
Lynn T. D.   1979
Lyons B. D.   1977
Lyons G. D.   1961
Lyons P.   1968
Lyver H. O. B.   1963

McAllister C. K.   1961
McArthur L. D.   1965
Macaulay J. T.   1975
McAvenue H.   1938
McAvenue T. P.   1972
McBeath C. M.   1956
McCabe M. R.   1966
McCabrey P. D.   1969
McCaffrey G. F.   1971
McCallum L. C.   1978
McCarthy J. H.   1966
McCarthy P.   1920
McCarthy P. J.   1963
McClurg W. K.   1943
McCormick B. C.   1909
McCormich Graham   1936
McCormick M.   1929
McCormick W.   1911
McCracken I. J.   1969
McCrea J. C.   1920
McCullogh S.   1937
McCurragh G. G.   1973
McCurrock I.   1972
McCutcheon C.   1924
McCutcheon G. O.   1940
McDermott V.   1942
McDonald A. E.   1934
McDonald A. W.   1962
McDonald H. F.   1962
McDonald J.   1967
McDonald J.   1951
McDonald J. V.   1913
McDonald P.   1919
McDonald R. L.   1961

McDonald W. D.   1933
MacDonald A. D.   1977
MacDonald G. B.   1966
MacDonald I. F.   1957
MacDonald I. S.   1964
MacDonald N. B.   1971
MacDonald R. M.   1979
McDougall A.   1930
McDowell D. R.   1979
McDowell R. E.   1961
McDowell W. C.   1920
McElroy D. H.   1956
McElroy H.   1955
McElroy J.   1930
McElroy J.   1951
McElroy W. J.   1941
MacFarlane J. A. F.   1906
McFarlane B.   1926
McFarlane J. A.   1953
McGaffin Robt.   1906
McGavock G. S.   1941
McGavock M. W.   1979
McGavock S. J.   1976
McGavock W.   1955
McGill W. J.   1941
McGoldrick   1910
McGowan  A. J.   1976
McGowan J.   1945
McGowan R.   1950
McGregor D.   1972
McGregor D. P.   1960
McGregor-McDonald C. I.   1971
McGruddy K. J.   1972
McGurk B.   1977
McHardie J.   1944
McIlroy J. L.   1906
McIntosh C. M.   1979
McIntosh R. D.   1979
McIntosh S. J.   1979
McIntyre D.   1961
McIntyre D. E.   1978
McIntyre R.   1932
McIvor E. A.   1970
McIvor J.   1925
McIvor J.   1969
McIvor J. E.   1912
McIvor P. D.   1964
McKain A. G.   1952
McKay D.   1958
McKay Gilbert   1919
McKay J. B.   1965
McKay P. D.   1943

McKay P. R.   1922
McKay R.   1927
McKay R. D. A.   1971
McKay R. H.   1929
McKay R. J.   1922
MacKay C. G.   1971
MacKay S. R.   1924
McKearney M.   1951
McKee Jas.   1913
McKee S. J.   1934
McKeesick J. C.   1955
McKenzie A. F.   1959
McKenzie D.   1921
McKenzie G. R.   1930
McKenzie John   1933
McKenzie M. S.   1963
MacKenzie J. A.   1975
McKeown R.   1921
MacKereth L. C.   1978
Mackersey C. L. F   1906
Mackersey N.   1919
McKibbin T.   1911
Mackie C. H.   1951
McKinnon B. C.   1979
McKinnon W. M.   1922
Mackintosh J. A.   1945
Macklow J.   1926
Macklow K.   1954
Macklow S. B.   1959
McLagen D. D.   1959
McLanachan C.   1957
McLaren R.   1970
McLaughlan A. C.   1944
McLay R. D.   1965
McLean Allan   1913
McLean A. G.   1920
McLean C. A.   1970
McLean Donald A.   1910
McLean J.   1946
McLellan R.   1945
McLennan D.   1913
McLeod D.   1910
McLeod D. H.   1924
McLeod D. J.   1968
McLeod D. S.   1917
McLeod G. J.   1979
McLeod J. S. F   1906
McLeod K. T.   1964
McLeod Owen   1958
McLernon H.   1921
McMillan D. J.   1954
McNab P.   1954
McNab W.   1919
MacNamara D.   1908

Page 49

McNee H. G.   1963
McNee R. E.   1965
McNeilage D. A.   1960
McNeill A. C.   1968
McNeill J.   1964
McNicholl D. R.   1979
McPhee D.   1929
McPhee J. L.   1963
McPherson G. D.   1964
McPherson W.   1953
MacPherson J. L.   1979
McQuade D. C.   1977
McQueen A.   1916
McVicar D.   1961
McVinnie K. M.   1976
Maddison G.   1906
Maddison W. C.  F   1906
Magill W. J.   1906
Magin P. J.   1961
Mahoney A.   1938
Maindonald S. G.   1976
Major A. C.   1911
Makirere T. N.   1977
Makris H. G.   1970
Mander M.   1947
Mander W.   1945
Maney A. M.   1971
Manghan G.   1964
Mann C.   1940
Manning H. E.   1972
Manning N. V. G.   1976
Mapahui A. W. D.   1968
Maras C. I.   1972
Marcharnt Frank   1906
Marnoch T. J.   1974
Marsden R.   1941
Marsh A. E.   1954
Marsh D.   1956
Marsh H. J.   1957
Marsh M. E.   1968
Marsh V.   1932
Marshall B. R.   1974
Marshall C. W.   1980
Marshall D. E. J.   1968
Marshall H. L.   1957
Marshall K. A.   1974
Marshall R. G.   1966
Marshall R. E.   1970
Martell S.   1913
Martin C. W.   1967
Martin G.   1961
Martin Gordon   1954
Martin J. G.   1948

Martin J. W.   1935
Martin R.   1952
Martin R.   1968
Martin T. R.   1960
Martin W. A.   1957
Martin W. T.   1977
Mason I. A.   1955
Mason Ian   1963
Masters C. C.   1972
Masters F.   1945
Masters J. W.   1945
Masters R. G.   1979
Mathews H. W.   1921
Mathewson H. P.   1922
Mathewson J.   1944
Mathie W.   1945
Mathieson C.   1940
Matthew A. L.   1945
Matthews C. W.   1974
Matthews W.   1922
Mattison G.   1941
Maule A. R.   1974
Maultsaid V. J.   1977
Mawson D. L.   1956
Mawson H.   1952
Mawson H. R.   1968
Maxwell D.   1955
Mayberry R.   1971
Mayhead R. G.   1970
Meadlarkin P. E.   1976
Meads E. A.   1962
Meads L. A.   1937
Medcalfe F.   1922
Medcalfe F. W.   1928
Meech W. H.   1912
Meehan D. C.   1964
Meisner E. F.   1943
Meisner F.   1935
Meisner F. W.   1910
Melling F. N.   1970
Mellville T. J.   1964
Menzies J. H.   1924
Mercer D. J.   1979
Mercer G.   1955
Mickleson T. E.   1969
Mickey H. M.   1925
Middleton H.   1975
Mihell G. J.   1978
Millan C.   1958
Miller A.  F.   1906
Miller J. A.   1910
Miller R. C.   1972
Miller R. D.   1970
Miller T.   1964

Miller T. S.   1969
Mills H. C.   1965
Mills Joe   1932
Mills J W.   1954
Millsom L. B.   1920
Millsom J. S.   1977
Millward T.   1941
Miln E. L.   1974
Miln Les.   1936
Milne G. D.   1977
Milne G. E.   1969
Milne M. G.   1969
Milne R. J.   1967
Milne T. B.   1949
Minchin A. H.   1979
Minogue P. F.   1972
Minto F. W.   1964
Minton R. C.   1979
Minton S.   1977
Minty H.   1956
Mitchell A. R. H.   1974
Mitchell H.   1960
Mitchell J. A.   1975
Mitchell W. R.   1941
Mitchell W. V.   1948
Mockridge H. J.   1966
Mollier H.   1937
Mollier J.   1925
Mollier J.   1937
Monson A. C.   1959
Monteith J.   1914
Monteith J. H.   1906
Monteith S. R.   1968
Moore B.   1929
Moore B. L.   1971
Moore C. B.   1958
Moore C. D.   1970
Moore G.   1974
Moosman D. C.   1950
Moray A. S.   1918
Morgan L.   1965
Morgan R. A.   1965
Morgan T. E.   1976
Morgan Thos.   1910
Moriarty N. P.   1962
Morley I. A.   1966
Morley J. A.   1970
Morley J. G. R.   1966
Morley J. J.   1910
Morley R. J. W.   1957
Morris G.   1972
Morris G. T.   1977
Morris H. R.   1966

Page 50

Morris T. G.   1968
Morris V. H.   1962
Morrison E.   1977
Morrison G.   1947
Morrison M. F.   1906
Morrison M.   1920
Mortensen E. A.   1966
Mortensen V.   1953
Mortensen W.   1954
Morse J. A.   1978
Morse R. T.   1971
Morton L. E.   1962
Moseley N. M.   1974
Mossman G. R.   1974
Mossman Rex   1972
Motley B. K.   1979
Moulden J. P.   1979
Mudgway C. G.   1964
Mudgway R. A.   1970
Mudgway R. R.   1978
Mullacrane R. A.   1963
Mulligan T. E.   1976
Mullooly B. P.   1979
Mulvanah E.   1944
Munn Jas.   1910
Munro D. R.   1966
Munro G.   1920
Munro Ivan   1935
Munro W. W.   1934
Murdie J. M.   1977
Murfitt B. G.   1965
Murfitt E. D.   1971
Murfitt G.   1930
Murfitt G. K.   1954
Murley A.   1906
Murley D. I.   1959
Murphy A. D.   1938
Murphy B. A.   1967
Murphy B. G.   1970
Murphy Jack   1926
Murphy J. J.   1906
Murphy J. M.   1939
Murphy K. E.   1964
Murphy K. J.   1947
Murphy P. B.   1931
Murray D. K.   1961
Murray D. R.   1908
Murton P. L.   1976

Nairn C. G.   1959
Naisbitt T. W.   1940
Nankervis A. W.   1960
Nankervis H. C.   1938
Nash D. F.   1979

Nathan B.   1964
Nathan L. J.   1952
Naylor L.   1921
Naylor L.   1940
Naylor R. M.   1939
Neagle F.   1940
Neagle H.   1913
Neal B. G.   1978
Neale R. C.   1957
Needham C. W.   1972
Neil S. J.   1974
Neill B. R.   1951
Neill D. R.   1959
Neill L. F.   1955
Neilson G. R.   1978
Neilson P.   1946
Neilson R. C.   1945
Nelson S.   1913
Nelson W. J.   1974
Nesbit W. J.   1943
Nestor T.   1920
Newcombe N.   1954
Newman J. F. J.   1960
Newrick C.   1926
Newsom M. V.   1972
Newton I. A.   1978
Nicol J. P.   1967
Nicoll P.   1924
Nikera J. K.   1952
Nilsen P. H.   1977
Nilsson J.   1972
Nilsson M. P.   1978
Nilsson T. J.   1970
Nimmo J. A.   1962
Nisbet L. J.   1972
Nisbet R. B.   1974
Noble G. R.   1970
Noble R. M.   1918
Nordolf R. R.   1979
Nordolf R. W.   1977
Norris N. B.   1920
Northe F. S.   1951
Northe R. S.   1937
Nugent W.   1926
Nutsford W.   1978
Nuttall E.   1911
Nutter F. E.   1931

O’Connor B. F.   1977
O’Connor P. J.   1976
O’Connor R.   1957
Odlum E.   1919
O’Donaghue E.   1945
O’Dowd T.   1940

O’Halleran G. J.   1966
O’Kane A. D.   1965
O’Keefe P. M.   1957
Oldfield G. B.   1941
O’Leary K. J.   1978
Oliver A.   1954
Oliver A. P.   1950
Oliver C. J.   1951
Oliver J. R.   1955
Oliver S. S.   1911
Olsen D. E.   1965
Olsen L. R.   1963
Oman K.   1951
Oman M.   1957
O’Meara A. E.   1911
O’Meara D.   1911
Omesher W.   1922
O’Neill J. T.   1948
O’Neill P. J.   1968
Orange L. A.   1967
O’Regan T. K.   1971
Organ L. A.   1950
O’Rielly Dan   1910
Ormerod K.   1979
Ormerod J. D.   1939
O’Rourke J.   1961
Orr C. P.   1946
Osborne B. J.   1977
Osborne G. J.   1972
Osborne J.   1963
O’Shaughnessy W. B.   1955
O’Shaughnessy I. A.   1954
O’Sullivan D. J.   1957
O’Sullivan J. B.   1911
O’Sullivan K. P.   1963
O’Sullivan M.   1970
Overend J. D.   1968
Overend R. D.   1978

Pago K.   1948
Painter L. N.   1979
Palleson R.   1970
Palmer G.   1951
Palmer G.   1969
Palmer M. R.   1970
Palmer N. R.   1961
Palmer T. E.   1970
Pankhurst C.   1938
Pankhurst J.   1945
Paramore K. J.   1969
Park R. F.   1939
Parker E.   1939

Page 51

Parker F. H.   1979
Parker J. C.   1923
Parker J. G.   1906
Parker K. J.   1967
Parkhill G. H.   1971
Parkhill R. J.   1970
Parkhill R. S.  1 972
Parkin A. R.   1924
Parlato E.   1961
Parry E.   1974
Pascoe K. J.   1972
Passmore R. G.   1959
Patrick J. F.   1925
Patrick T. J.   1975
Patterson A.   1931
Patterson E. J.   1969
Patterson J.   1928
Patterson J. E.   1979
Patterson R.   1972
Patterson V. A.   1951
Pattison J.   1945
Patton G.   1960
Pattullo P. R.   1960
Paul J.   1945
Paul J. C.   1974
Payne E. A.   1961
Payne M. A.   1975
Payter T.   1917
Peach John   1922
Peacock P. L.   1934
Pearse R. S.   1970
Pearson E.   1961
Pearson R. E.   1932
Pearson R. G.   1965
Pearson R. W.   1952
Pearson W. J.   1934
Pedersen B. L.   1959
Pedersen C.   1979
Pedersen R. Y.   1979
Pedersen W. L.   1961
Pedler T. W.   1966
Peebles R.   1946
Peebles R. G.   1968
Peebles R. J.   1953
Pemberton E. E.   1930
Peni P. C.   1974
Penney M. J.   1971
Pepper N.   1962
Percival G. W.   1967
Percival K.   1950
Percy K. S.   1974
Pareka P.   1979
Perkis E.   1921
Perry C.   1969

Perry J.   1969
Perry W. B.   1941
Peryer D. A.   1960
Peters M.   1943
Peters W.   1913
Petersen A. J.   1955
Petersen E.   1957
Petersen P. M.   1979
Petersen R. J. E.   1967
Petersen R. L.   1974
Petersen R. H.   1951
Phelan H. N.   1946
Phillip T.   1953
Phillips Jos.   1910
Phipps F.   1971
Pickett T.   1917
Pierce R. T.   1956
Pilcher P. A.   1920
Pinfold M. M.   1965
Piper K. M.   1975
Piper R. E.   1974
Pitcailthly R.   1918
Plank M.   1928
Plant A. V.   1954
Plant S.   1977
Plumley G.   1944
Polhill R.   1918
Pomeroy R.   1952
Pope I.   1972
Poppelwell B.   1924
Portas M.   1974
Porter A.   1963
Porter A. H.   1977
Porter J. B.   1961
Pothan J. A.   1912
Pothan R. J.   1921
Potter M. J.   1979
Potts Ambrose   1906
Potts G.   1971
Potts G. L.   1945
Poulgrain D.   1970
Poulson A.   1972
Poulter E. F.   1964
Powell C. F.   1961
Powell W.   1927
Presswood A. L.   1946
Preston-Thomas E. H.   1912
Pretious A. A.   1976
Price A. A.   1926
Price A. N.   1952
Price B. P.   1965
Price W. S.   1972
Priest G.   1923

Pritchard B. A.   1977
Pritchard E. L.   1974
Pritchard T. A.   1962
Privett G.   1979
Proffit T.   1940
Prout M. J.   1963
Provan D.   1948
Prujean W. P.   1931
Pryce D.   1976
Pryor E. N.   1943
Pu R.   1976
Puckey N. W.   1979
Pulford R.   1977
Pullen D.   1970
Pullen M. F.   1945
Purdey L. J.   1978
Purdon J. R.   1952
Purser P. R.   1917
Puschell W.   1910
Pyne K. C.   1972
Pywell A. B.   1964

Quarrell D. B.   1952
Quigley F. M.   1913
Quigley W. E.   1914
Quinlivan K. H.   1956
Quinlivan T.   1945
Quinney M. P.   1975

Rabone P. L.   1922
Radanovich B. L.   1979
Rae B. G.   1974
Rae D. G.   1952
Rae D. J.   1974
Rae J. H.   1959
Rae K. B.   1959
Rae M.   1943
Raeside A.   1923
Rainbow A. I.   1941
Rainey J.   1935
Ralph A. W.   1957
Ramsay J. H.   1967
Ramsay Jim   1970
Ramsay P. J.   1974
Rapley F. R.   1972
Rashleigh J.   1919
Ratcliffe W.   1927
Rawcliffe D.   1964
Rayner L.   1952
Razos J. S.   1969
Reading L. D.   1914
Reddy S.   1968
Redstone H. E.   1960
Rees G. N.   1934

Page 52

Reese H. M.   1979
Reeves A. W.   1949
Reid A.  F   1906
Reid A.   1971
Reid T. M.   1970
Rendle B. R.   1976
Rendle L. E.   1971
Rendle T. L.   1972
Renwick A.   1946
Revell R.   1971
Reynolds L. J.   1925
Rhodes L. B.   1932
Riach G. A.   1971
Rice M. B.   1970
Rich L. B.   1936
Richardson A.   1915
Richardson F.   1951
Richardson J. L. S.   1907
Richardson K. W.   1970
Richardson M.   1960
Richcoeur B. F.   1971
Richmond L. F.   1952
Ricketts J.   1925
Riley C. M.   1977
Riley E.   1930
Ritchie B.   1954
Ritchie Thos.   1910
Rivers E. E.   1933
Rivers Jos.   1910
Rixon D. E.   1953
Roach F. H.  921
Roach G. F. F   1906
Roach G. H. F   1906
Roach S. J.   1923
Roach, T. H.   1922
Roach V. R. F   1906
Roberts E.   1913
Roberts E.   1969
Roberts L. H.   1928
Robertson C. B.   1955
Robertson C. W.   1980
Robertson D.   1948
Robertson D. W.   1977
Robertson H. A.   1968
Robertson T.   1971
Robertson W.   1911
Robertson W. J. F   1906
Robinson G. P.   1971
Robinson H. D.   1979
Robinson J. R.   1961
Robinson T.   1943
Robson G. O.   1979
Robson W. J.   1945
Rodgers D. B.   1972

Rodgers H. N.   1965
Rodgers N. K.   1968
Rodgers T. B.   1978
Rodgers W.   1963
Rodgers W. J.   1976
Roe Thos.   1914
Roe W. A.   1966
Roff N. C.   1979
Rogers F. A.   1968
Rogers H. F. A.   1969
Rohleder B.   1970
Rohloff N. P.   1979
Roil W. H.   1940
Roper H. A.   1957
Roper M. J.   1970
Ross A.   1974
Ross A. G.  1972
Ross Carl   1952
Ross D.   1960
Ross D. M.   1969
Ross H. M.   1976
Ross N. A.   1972
Rosser C. W.   1952
Roulston A.   1920
Roulston T. S.   1912
Round F.   1947
Round L.   1970
Rourke W.   1951
Rout D. M.   1928
Rowe L.   1941
Rudset E.   1958
Rule M. A.   1979
Russ C. H.   1953
Russ W. A.   1954
Russell A. H. F   1906
Russell C. P.   1975
Russell H. F.   1974
Russell K.   1957
Russell K. R.   1974
Russell R. T.   1974
Russell S. F.   1952
Russell S. J.   1954
Russell W. A.   1918
Russell W. L.   1954
Russell W. P.   1971
Rutter G. A.   1955
Rutter M. J.   1977
Ryan A. J.   1946
Ryan A. L. F.   1906
Ryan B.   1945
Ryan G.   1945
Ryan W. T.   1947

Salmon E. L.   1917
Salmon G. R.   1927
Salmon R.   1970
Sampson P. W.   1909
Sampson R. D.   1974
Sandford W.   1946
Sandford W.   1964
Sandilands K. E.   1979
Sands C. K.   1961
Sangster F. L.   1951
Sanko E. A.   1955
Sanko R. N.   1977
Sant K.   1946
Sarchett A. L.   1972
Satherley R. W.   1958
Satterthwaite T.   1964
Saunders F.   1912
Saunders G. G.   1979
Saunders G. I. F.   1932
Scandrett C.   1910
Scannell B.   1922
Scannell D. H. F   1906
Scarfe G. A.   1977
Scarfe W. A.   1970
Schollum P. F.   1957
Scot-Kerr R.   1962
Scotland A.   1938
Scott A.   1956
Scott A. L. P.   1959
Scott A. V. F.   1970
Scott C.   1931
Scott G. J.   1979
Scott G. R.   1972
Scott L.   1955
Scott N. D.   1970
Scrimgeour S. W.   1945
Scully D. J.   1976
Seam K.   1945
Searle L. L.   1968
Sefton  P. J.   1916
Sellars P. K.   1979
Semmens C. K.   1954
Semmens S. M.   1952
Sephton F.   1963
Seymour R.   1968
Shadbolt B.   1911
Shakespeare M. D.   1976
Shand W.   1976
Sharp J.   1925
Sharpe J.   1938
Sharpe M. J.   1980
Shaw J. W.   1917
Shaw M.   1980
Shaw N. R.   1976

Page 53

Shearsby A.   1915
Shellem H.   1933
Shelly M.   1935
Shepherd D. W.   1970
Shepherd E.   1958
Shepherd W. S.   1962
Sherry M. E.   1970
Shields A. F   1906
Short G. S.   1913
Short T.   1909
Shotter F.   1930
Shrimpton R. W.   1927
Shuker S. G.   1966
Shigley L. G.   1975
Simmis T.   1961
Simmonds J. C.   1971
Simmonds M. H.   1976
Simmonds P. H.   1979
Simmons B.   1928
Simmons G. R.   1935
Simon F.   1945
Simon R. D.   1976
Simons J. A.   1978
Simpson E. A.   1929
Simpson H. Ian   1908
Simpson J. A.   1949
Simpson R. G.   1922
Simpson W. K.   1958
Sims H.   1965
Sinclair J.   1916
Single I.   1961
Single J. C.   1972
Single P. C.   1967
Singleton E.   1944
Sivewright M. K.   1978
Skudder A. N.   1975
Slade J. G.   1963
Slater C. H.   1920
Slater F.   1922
Sleeman M. C.   1963
Smaill F. S.   1927
Small A.   1908
Small C. E.   1911
Small F. N.   1974
Small J. W.   1906
Smart G. J.   1977
Smart J.   1945
Smart R.   1965
Smart W. W.   1910
Smethurst J.   1927
Smiley J.   1934
Smith A. G.   1976
Smith A. J.   1969
Smith Alex. J.   1970

Smith B. R.   1966
Smith C.   1951
Smith C. J. C.   1952
Smith D. H.   1965
Smith E. J.   1976
Smith F. S.   1918
Smith G. S.   1976
Smith H.   1919
Smith H.   1924
Smith H. S.   1944
Smith J. A.   1906
Smith J. P.   1976
Smith L. B.   1966
Smith M. M.   1971
Smith P. L.   1970
Smith R.   1918
Smith R.   1977
Smith R. A.   1979
Smith R. Mc.   1954
Smith Ross A.   1970
Smith S. J.   1916
Smith S. J.   1975
Smith T. B.   1976
Smith V.   1906
Smith W. H.   1906
Smith W. M.    1970
Smyth B. R.   1966
Smythe J.   1964
Snedden A. J.   1964
Snee L. L.   1910
Snell A. T.   1965
Sollit F.   1913
Solvander D. K.   1959
Soppit A. G.   1945
Soppit G. J.   1974
Sorensen D. P.   1957
Sorensen N. J.   1969
Sorensen W.   1941
Southcott J. V.   1949
Southcott W. D.   1916
Sowersby K.   1978
Sowersby M.   1955
Sowersby P.   1974
Sowersby R.   1968
Sowman L. M.   1979
Spargo A. W.   1952
Sparling M. W.   1963
Spence H. L.   1961
Spencer D. P.   1964
Spencer Geo.   1916
Spooner B.   1968
Sprott R. M.   1911
Stacey N. D.   1964
Stacpoole P.   1913

Stafford W. H.   1909
Standing S. R.   1943
Standish G. D.   1965
Stanley A.   1909
Stanley F. J.   1965
Stanley R.   1909
Stanton A.   1912
Stapleton G. N.   1976
Stark C. D.   1967
Stark S. W.   1950
Starkey E. H.   1915
Starkey R.   1915
Steele J.   1961
Steenson C. R.   1971
Steenson J. E.   1976
Steenson W.   1944
Steevens  C. J.   1965
Steevens  W. H.   1964
Stent G.   1972
Stephens W. E.   1963
Stephenson G. G.   1912
Stephenson P. D.   1971
Stephenson W. J.   1970
Stevens G.   1951
Stevens H.   1971
Stevens W. D.   1966
Stevens W. O.   1952
Stevenson A.   1951
Stevenson B. E.   1977
Stevenson B. O.   1910
Stevenson B. W.   1969
Stevenson H. V.   1923
Stevenson J.   1976
Stevenson R. C.   1977
Stewart Alex.   1962
Stewart A.   1965
Stewart G. H.   1965
Stewart H. N.   1909
Stewart I. D.   1963
Stewart J.   1945
Stewart J. C.   1944
Stewart J. P.   1930
Stewart M. J.   1964
Stewart R. W.   1963
Stewart T. H.   1910
Stichbury J. V.   1969
Stobie B.   1966
Stokes S. O.   1911
Stone K. B.   1971
Stone W. R.   1919
Storer S.   1924
Storring A. H.   1915
Storry J. J.   1927
Story B. S.   1910

Page 54

Stothart B.   1971
Stowe B.   1978
Stowe B. C.   1969
Stowe K. O.   1978
Strachan I. R.   1971
Strachan J.   1922
Strang N. W.   1945
Stratton H. P.   1907
Stratton V. P.   1913
Stratton W. J. F   1906
Street A. W.   1977
Street J. S.   1922
Strickland J. A.   1967
Struthers G.   1925
Struthers H. T.   1941
Stubbs C.   1910
Stunt P. J.   1976
Sturrock F.   1934
Sturrock F. J.   1927
Styles Thos.   1911
Suckling E. V.   1921
Sudfelt L.   1961
Sudfelt R. C.   1969
Sullivan E. J.   1957
Sullivan J. C.   1946
Sutcliffe E. J.   1954
Sutcliffe J. E.   1954
Sutcliffe R.   1954
Sutherland J.   1919
Sutherland J. G.   1922
Sutherland J. M.   1924
Sutherland M. M.   1979
Svendsen R. R.   1960
Swailes E.   1930
Swallow H.   1939
Syder T. B.   1978
Sykes G. J.   1974
Sykes J.   1969
Sykes W.   1946
Symes D. J.   1967
Symes H.   1909
Symes L.   1963
Symes L.   1979
Symes O.   1906
Symonds D.   1954
Symons A. W.  1919
Symons C. H. M.   1969
Symons P .  1974

Tabley R. P.   1937
Tacon P.   1947
Taggart C. B.   1944
Taggart R. H.   1971
Taggart W. J.   1962

Tahau G.   1976
Tahau H.   1974
Tait A.   1951
Tait J.   1950
Tait J.   1954
Tait T.   1954
Tait Thos.   1918
Talbot J. B.   1962
Talbot M. R.   1972
Tall G. A.   1978
Tankersley R. E.   1970
Tankersley W. E.   1929
Tanser C. R.   1941
Tapper Robt.   1943
Tapper R.   1971
Taranaki Te Ua   1906
Tasker B. L.   1979
Tate T. W.   1919
Taylor A.   1923
Taylor A. D.   1927
Taylor A. G.   1943
Taylor B. W.   1969
Taylor D. M.   1943
Taylor D. R.   1956
Taylor E. L.   1945
Taylor G. W.   1970
Taylor J. A.   1969
Taylor J. B.   1977
Taylor J. J.   1969
Taylor K. R.   1959
Taylor L. J.   1977
Taylor L. M.   1950
Taylor M. F.   1952
Taylor M. J.   1970
Taylor P.   1967
Taylor P. J.   1975
Taylor R. H.   1928
Taylor R. J.   1926
Taylor S.   1928
Taylor T. H.   1962
Taylor T. J.   1971
Taylor T. L.   1944
Taylor W. A. H.   1954
Taylor W. R.   1970
Taylor W. S.   1964
Terry G. H.   1977
Terry R. G.   1979
Thayers C.   1944
Therkleson A. P.   1967
Thew J. T.   1963
Thodey R. D.   977
Thom A.   1961
Thom J.   1960

Thom M.   1939
Thom R. K.   1941
Thom S.   1924
Thom W.   1935
Thomas A. L.   1969
Thomas C.   1940
Thomas G. T.   1972
Thomas H. W.   1927
Thomas J. A   1914
Thomas M. J.   1959
Thomas N. K.   1965
Thomas R. K.   1979
Thompson B. B.   1977
Thompson C. S.   1945
Thompson D.   1958
Thompson D. F.   1972
Thompson D. N.   1944
Thompson G. L.   1979
Thompson H.   1925
Thompson J.   1957
Thompson  J. D.   1954
Thompson J. S.   1969
Thompson R. J.   1979
Thompson T. J.   1906
Thompson W.   1951
Thoms K. A.   1963
Thomson H. K.   1906
Thomson H. K.   1916
Thomson J. G.   1976
Thomson J. M.   1912
Thomson N. A.   1965
Thomson T. P.   1977
Thorn K. F.   1969
Thrussell B. A.   1978
Thyne M.   1964
Tickner A.   1957
Tickner A. M.   1926
Tickner H. R.   1964
Tilling D.   1938
Timms T.   1928
Tindall M. T.   1969
Tinker H. A.   1919
Tipping C. J.   1917
Tobin J. S.   1976
Tobin W.   1937
Todd B. M.   1970
Todd L. A.   1954
Tolley M. C.   1959
Tombs P.   1912
Tombs S.   1910
Toms L. C.   1961
Tong S. T.   1906
Tong S. T.   1951
Tonkin A. S.   1933

Page 55

Tonkin F. J.   1908
Toogood F. C.   1921
Toogood M. C.   1921
Toothill A.   1925
Toothill A. E.   1913
Torr E.   1952
Totty L.   1970
Townsend J. A.   1945
Townsend R. J.    1962
Tracy J.   1911
Traill D.   1964
Treacher G. R.   1966
Treadwell G. T.   1979
Trevor R. J.   1964
Trilford B. N.   1961
Trott S. E.   1961
Trotter R. A.   1919Trousdell P. M.   1979
Trumper K.   1946
Tuck R. J.   1970
Tucker C. W. J.   1965
Tucker L.   1947
Tucker L. J.   1961
Tucker N. J.   1971
Turnbull D. H.   1966
Turnbull G. R.   1969
Turnbull W. J.   1968
Turner B. N.   1972
Turner D. C.   1977
Turner D. S.   1966
Turner H.   1920
Turner R.   1979
Turner S. G.   1970
Turpin R.   1908
Tuxford I. H.   1919
Tweedie M.   1974
Tyson S.   1958

Udy D. O   1965
Underwood T. W.   1945
Usherwood J. A.   1979

Valler M. A.   1976
Vaughan W.   1974
Vercoe F. G.   1972
Vesty J.   1939
Vesty N. P.   1965
Vickers F.   1913
Vidal C. L.   1927
Vidal F.   1938
Vincent R. H.   1969
Vincent R. G.   1969
Vogtherr C. L.   1947

Waddell S.   1908
Waddington E. B.   1913
Wade A.   1911
Wain H. B.   1979
Waite G. K.   1961
Waite M. D.   1975
Wakeley A. J.   1978
Waken A.   1949
Walden F.   1912
Walden P.   1935
Waldon P. B.   1941
Waldron E.   1952
Walford D. N.   1977
Walford S.   1970
Walker A. E.   1964
Walker D. G.   1952
Walker D. J.   1976
Walker Gordon   1939
Walker G.   1944
Walker J.   1964
Walker J. N.   1927
Walker J. S.   1920
Walker K. C.   1977
Walker R.   1939
Walker R. L.   1969
Walker R. M.   1965
Walker W. Z.   1921
Wall A.   1972
Wall E.   1921
Wall E. J.   1932
Wall L.   1921
Wall R. J.   1972
Wall R. P.   1971
Wall T. J.   1976
Wallace B. A.   1964
Wallace D. J.   1952
Wallace F. M.   1906
Wallace K. N.   1977
Wallace R. C.   1947
Walls P.   1971
Walmsley G.   1972
Walmsley R.   1968
Walmsley S.   1969
Walsh   1938
Walsh K. P.   1979
Walter D. J.   1970
Ward A. M.   1943
Ward C. G.   1977
Ward I. A.   1979
Ward J. A.   1946
Ward G. J.   1978
Ward L. A.   1968
Ware E.   1912
Ware F. G.   1940

Ware H. F.   1925
Warner A. V.   1979
Warren A.   1923
Warren E. J. T.   1918
Waterhouse A. E.   1975
Waterhouse C. A.   1979
Waterhouse F. S.   1906
Waters W.   1927
Waterson A.   1944
Waterworth Dr.   1912
Watkins C   1925
Watkins L. R.   1976
Watkins V. W.   1957
Watson A. J.   1977
Watson C.   1938
Watson C. H.   1966
Watson C. G.   1944
Watson D.   1964
Watson E. B.   1943
Watson E. W.   1920
Watson F. A.   1910
Watson Henry   1913
Watson J. D.   1947
Watson L.   1957
Watson N. E.   1920
Watson P. R.   1945
Watson P. R. D.   1934
Watson R. L.   1961
Watson W.   1966
Watson W. B.   1948
Watson W. M.   1910
Watt C. G.   1954
Watt E. J.   1906
Wattie James   1930
Wattie N.   1952
Wattie N. D.   1968
Wattie R.   1955
Watts R. T.   1935
Weathered J.   1924
Weaver A F   1906
Weaver D.   1945
Weaver E. A.   1970
Weaver J. N.   1964
Weaver L. L.   1960
Webb C.   1971
Webb M. G.   1974
Webber H. J.   1906
Webber R.   1927
Webley C.   1939
Webster B.   1929
Wedd J. C.   1943
Wedd M. J.   1955
Wedd S.   1970
Weine J. A. E.   1937

Page 56

Wells A.   1913
Wells E. G.   1959
Wells H. G.   1977
Wellsmore T. R.   1974
Wellwood A. O.   1909
Wellwood A. T.   1909
Wellwood J. T. F   1906
Wellwood R.   1906
Wellwood N.   1906
Wellwood W.   1906
Wemyss M. J.   1964
Wenman C. J.   1942
West J. S.   1961
Westhall J.   1961
Whale C. H.   1919
Whale F. H.   1970
Wheeler R. A.   1960
Whetstone G.   1909
Whillans A. W.   1921
Whitburn R. W.   1975
White A. T.   1969
White B. G.   1972
White C. W.   1941
White E. D.   1962
White D. W.   1964
White E. L.   1969
White F. L.   1965
White G. B.   1970
White G. F.   1961
White G. H.   1921
White J. R.   1965
White J. W.   1906
White J. W.   1914
White K.   1917
White L. T.   1964
White R. D.   1965
White R. G.   1971
White Wm.   1919
White W J.   1906
Whitehead R. W.   1971
Whitehouse M.   1976
Whiteley W.   1910
Whiting D. W.   1976
Whitlock W. A.   1913
Whitlock W. C.   1907
Whittaker G. B.   1954
Whittaker W.   1919
Whittington B.   1969
Whittington R. W.   1964

Whyte J. A.   1947
Whyte T.   1970
Wiffen M. D.   1975
Wiggins R. W.   1971
Wiggins S.   1963
Wilcock J.   1938
Wiley N.   1962
Willans G.   1961
Williams B. A.  1978
Williams C.   1945
Williams D.   1967
Williams E.   1959
Williams H. A.   1915
Williams J. R.   1952
Williams K. D.   1979
Williams K. J.   1977
Williams M. L.   1970
Williams Robt.   1913
Williams T. C.   1923
Willis D. A.   1979
Willis H.   1912
Willis H. R.   1976
Willis L. M.   1934
Wills B.   1930
Wilson A.   1915
Wilson C. G.   1968
Wilson C. J.   1979
Wilson E.   1940
Wilson E. W.  1951
Wilson F. W.   1913
Wilson G. A.   1972
Wilson G. L.   1979
Wilson G. S.   1971
Wilson G. S. Jnr.   1979
Wilson G. W.   969
Wilson H.   1951
Wilson J. A.   1969
Wilson J. H. N.   1970
Wilson J. R.   1969
Wilson J. W.   1976
Wilson K. A.   1978
Wilson L.   1917
Wilson L.   1945
Wilson L.   1975
Wilson L. G.   1961
Wilson N. E.   1969
Wilson R. B.   1971
Wilson R. C.   1979

Wilson R. G.   1962
Wilson R. J.   1961
Wilson T.   1978
Wilson W.   1943
Wilson W. J.   1964
Wilson W. R.   1955
Winchester R. W.   1959
Winter A. F.   1977
Wishart A. E.   1949
Wishnowski B. A   1951
Withers L. R.   1971
Withers R. R.   1958
Withers S. P.   1976
Withey G. G.   1964
Withey H. G.   1959
Withey L. R.   1974
Wood M.   1912
Wood N. H.   1972
Woodfield J. A.   1952
Woodham A. J.   1979
Woodham C.   1969
Woodham C. F.   1942
Woolard R. D.   1968
Woon H.   1940
Wratt B. J.   1976
Wray K. D.   1976
Wrenn P.   1945
Wright A.   1966
Wright G.   1923
Wright J.   1913
Wright J. A.   1918
Wright J. A.   1927
Wright R. A.   1969
Wright W.   1913
Wrightson T. G.   1961
Wrigley G. S.   1977
Wrigley I. J.   1972
Wrigley W. S.   1972
Wyatt D.   1920

Yates C. S.   1960
Yates J. D.   1976
Yeo A.   1945
Young C. E.   1963
Young J. B.   1945
Young V. B.   1972
Young W. B.   1943
Younge G. S.

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