John Heslop Junior 1838-1929

John Jnr 1838 – 1929 (90yrs)
Son of John and Ann Heslop

John Heslop (Jnr)​ was born in 1838, in Northumberland, England and is the son of John Heslop and Ann Richardson.

He emigrated with her [his] family at the age of 19, to New Zealand on the clipper Indian Queen from Liverpool in November 1856, arriving in Wellington on 30th January 1857.

Marriage-HB Herald June 1868
HESLOP – STEEL at Patangata on 4th June at residence of bride’s father Fern Bank Patangata, by the Rev Alexander SHEPHERD, Mr John HESLOP Esq, farmer Puketapu, to ​ Jane Isabella STEEL, youngest daughter of Mr Alex STEEL late of Dumphail Morayshire Scotland.

Jane was 17 while John was 27. She gave birth to ​Annie Eleanor​ and then had 2 sons who died in infancy. She was 22 when she died 1 week after giving birth to the 2nd son. He died 2 weeks after her. They are both buried at Puketapu Cemetery.

John left Hawke’s Bay leaving Annie Eleanor in the care of his sister Annie Wellwood.

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MR. JOHN HESLOP. J.P., ​was for several years Chairman of the Hawera County Council. He was born in the year 1838, at the Cheviot Hills, Northumberland, England, near the source of the North Tyne. His father, the late Mr. John Heslop, who died some years ago, was, in his later years, a well known resident of Puketapu, near Napier.

Educated at Ridsdale, near Bellingham, Mr. Heslop was brought up on the farm of his father, with whom he came to New Zealand by the ship “Indian Queen,” and landed in Wellington in February 1857.

Chart –

John Heslop
1838 – Deceased

Jane Isabella Steel
1851 – 1873

John Mackrell

Annie Eleanor Heslop
1869 – Deceased

Joseph Alexander Heslop
1871 – 1872

John Heslop

John Heslop
1838 – Deceased

Cassandra Southcombe Goodson
– 1946

Stanley Reid Heslop
1875 – 1965

Andrew McWilliam

Ethel Elizabeth Heslop
1877 – Deceased

Geoffrey West… Richards
– 1947

Dora Cassandra Heslop
1882 – 1966

After an experience of sheepfarming on a run near Castle Point, belonging to the late Mr. John. Sutherland, Mr. Heslop managed the Hatuma estate for some time. Then the son joined the father in a farming venture at Patangata, on land that was chiefly swamp, lying between the Kaikoura and Patangata rivers. Unfortunately, the Waipawa river, in a heavy flood, broke over its banks at the head of Homewood Valley, made a new course, and formed a lake over most of the land, which had to be given up after ruinous losses.

In 1873 Mr. Heslop left Hawke’s Bay, and settled near Wanganui, where for ten years he carried on farming. While there he was a member of the Wanganui Agricultural Association and Jockey Club, and was elected to a seat on the first Wanganui County Council, of which he continued a member until he left that district.

In 1883 he moved to his present property at Mawhitiwhito [Mawhitiwhiti] which consists of 623 acres. As chairman of the Goat Valley and Matapu school committees, Mr. Heslop has worked hard in the cause of education. It was mainly through his efforts, that the school at Matapu was erected, and he also induced the settlers to clear the land and sow it down in grass. Mr. Heslop has ever been ready to give the benefit of his experience as an old colonist to land and forest conservation boards, pastoral and agricultural institutions, and other public bodies.

He is a member of the Taranaki and Board and Land for Settlements Board, the Forest Conservation Board, a steward of the Jockey Club, and of the Agricultural and Pastoral Association, and a member of the Licensing Committee. He has acted as a judge of cattle and horses for more than thirty years at shows in the Wairarapa, Hawke’s Bay, Palmerston. Wanganui, New Plymouth, Waikato, Christchurch, Nelson, and Auckland. On several occasions Mr. Heslop has been asked to enter the House of Representatives. He stood for Patea when Mr. George Hutchison resigned, and lost the election by one vote.

As a volunteer in the old days Mr. Heslop saw active service on the East Coast. At the memorable fight at Omaranui [Omarunui] , he had a very narrow escape, as a bullet passed through the rim of his hat. He was one of the first to enter the pa, and has a relic of the incident in the shape of an old Maori musket. For some years, he was corporal of the Waipawa Cavalry, and is the holder of the New Zealand war medal.

As a pioneer settler, few have done more hard work than Mr. Heslop. As far back as 1863, in conjunction with Mr. S. Thorpe, he chartered the steamer “Bangitira” for her first trip in New Zealand, and took, amongst other items of freight, three teams of working bullocks from Napier to Port Chalmers. It was their intention to cart stores to the Dunstan goldfields, but the outlook being less bright than they expected, they sold out and returned to Napier, where they conducted the business of carriers to and from sheep stations in Hawke’s Bay for some years.

Mr. Heslop was one of the first to ride through the Manawatu Gorge, and to bring stock by that route, which he did with great difficulty in 1872. His knowledge of the country

Photo caption –

Mr John Heslop, one of the best known Taranaki pioneers, whose death has occurred.

in the North Island is most extensive. He has travelled through to the Waikato, via Mokau, Awakino and Te Kuiti, returning down the coast by way of Kawhia, Waitara. Hunterville, Taumaranui [Taumarunui], the Wanganui river and other routes. On one occasion he was one of three who successfully climbed Mount Egmont.

For many years past he has been a recognised land valuer; he has valued the land of the Hawera county for Property Tax purposes, and he has been largely employed by the Government Life Insurance Office, the Public Trustee, Advances to Settlers Department, banks and other corporations.

As a breeder of Shorthorn cattle Mr. Heslop has made a name for himself, but he is now crossing with Holsteins for dairying purposes, combined with size and constitution. In 1874 he married the eldest daughter of the late Mr. M. J. Goodson, who was one of the earliest settlers on the Coast, and has one son and two daughters. His eldest daughter is married to Mr. A. McWilliams [McWilliam], late manager of the New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Company’s Maungatoki Dairy Factory, but now sheep-farming in the back blocks: and his son is managing the farm at Waverley. His second daughter married Mr. J. W. Richards, of Popokura.

We hear that a buggy accident befell Mr. J Heslop to-day, fortunately without any serious consequences. While journeying towards Hawera, with Miss Goodson in the buggy, the king-bolt came out, and the horse with the two front wheels got away, Mr. Heslop and the other occupants, being left behind. Mr Heslop was pitched or dragged out and shaken, but not much hurt. The horse with the two wheels pulled up at Mr Fantham’s gate, no damage being done, and in due course was harnessed afresh and came on to town.




The death occurred on Tuesday of Mr. John Heslop, at the age of 90. He was one of the best known of the Taranaki pioneers. He came to New Zealand in 1857, and after farming successfully in Hawke’s bay, the South Island, Hawke’s Bay again, and the Wanganui district, he finally became established in Taranaki. Amongst the host of public positions he was for 27 years a member of the Taranaki Land Board. He was a member of the first cavalry regiment raised in Hawke’s Bay, went through the Maori War, and possessed the New Zealand medal. He was the Government member of the Assessment Court and arbitrator for the Public Trustee in the west coast leases dispute.

Mr. J. Heslop.


The death occurred suddenly at New Plymouth last night, at the age of 90, of Mr John Heslop, a well-known New Zealand pioneer, who had a remarkably creditable career as a member of numerous public bodies. He was a member of the first cavalry regiment raised in Hawke’s Bay, went through the Maori War, and possessed the New Zealand medal. He acted as arbitrator for the Public Trustee in connection with the West Coast leases, and was a member of the Taranaki Land Board for 27 years – a record period of service. Mr Heslop is survived by his widow, one son – Mr S. R. Heslop, Hikutaia, Thames Valley – Mesdames A. McWilliam, Eltham, G. W. Richards, Otorohanga, and Cleary, Hastings. There are sixteen grandchildren, including Mr Hugh McWilliam, late of New Plymouth and now of Hawera, and two great grandchildren – the children of Mr and Mrs Hugh McWilliam.

Annie Eleanor

Had a child called Thomas with father unknown in 1888. A Thomas Heslop died at the age of 3 in 1897 (but it could be a typo mistake and could have been 1891.

A quiet but pretty wedding was celebrated in the English Church, Hastings this afternoon, by Rev. John Hobbs, when Mr George Timms, of Tomoana, was united in matrimony to Miss Annie Heslop, also of Tomoana.  The bride, attired in a cream dress, with satin ribbon and lace, hat en suite, and the orthodox orange blossoms, was presented to the groom Mr Charles Timms, and she was attended by Misses Edie Timms and K. Heslop, sisters to the bridegroom and bride respectively. Mr Charles Bold discharged the functions of groomsman, and at the conclusion of the ceremony the parties left the church porch amidst a deluge of rice and the hearty congratulations of a large number of friends who assembled to witness the service.

This could be the same Annie

804670   MAJOR
DIED   17.7.1958   AGED   64 YRS

Son Huia Heslop – fought in both WW1 and WW2.

John Mackrell
Deceased   LYH2-KSL
Marriage: 1 July 1893
New Zealand

Annie Eleanor Heslop
1869-Deceased   LYH2-GTL

Children (2)
Huia Heslop Mackrell
1893-1958   LH71-T9T
Annie Isabella MacKrell
1895-1977   LYH2KW1

Annie Eleanor Heslop
1869-Deceased   LYH2-GTL

Children (1)
Thomas Heslop
1888-Deceased   LB6F-2XZ

Stanley Reid Heslop
1875-1965   LB67-P5P
Marriage: 1906
New Zealand

Ella Zelea Gertude Harrison
1882-1930   KHZ9-5T8

Children (3)
Eric John Heslop
1909-1979   LHX5-514

Vivian Sydney Heslop
1912-1989   9Z9G-88F

Keith Kitchener Heslop
1915-1988   9Z9G-88F

Stanley Reid Heslop
1875-1965   LB67-P5P
Marriage: 1932
New Zealand

Mary Ellen Jobe
1886-1977   LKR5-2BM

John’s daughter ​ Ethel Elizabeth​ married Andrew McWilliam​ in Hawera in 1895 and they had 5 sons of which

– Hugh Stanley McWilliam​ – he fought in WW1 and was permanently injured.
– John Quentin McWilliam​ – fought in WW2 and died of natural causes in Bari, Italy. He is buried in Bari War Cemetery, Italy.

John’s daughter ​ Dora Cassandra​ married ​ Geoffery [Geoffrey] Richards​ in 1904 and they had 3 children Dorothy, Leslie and Miriam

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  • Ann Heslop, nee Richardson
  • Annie Eleanor Heslop
  • Cassandra Southcombe Heslop, nee Goodson
  • Dora Cassandra Heslop
  • Ethel Elizabeth Heslop
  • Jane Isabella Heslop, nee Steel
  • John Heslop
  • John Heslop Junior
  • Joseph Alexander Heslop
  • Stanley Reid Heslop
  • Thomas Heslop
  • Annie Isabella Mackrell
  • Huia Helsop Mackrell
  • John Mackrell
  • Andrew McWilliam
  • Hugh McWilliam
  • Geoffrey West Richards
  • Reverend Alexander Shepherd
  • Alex Steel
  • S Thorpe

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