Konini Races Notice 1883

Konini Races –

To be held on the 24th of May –

Stewarts [Stewards] –
Messrs Wm Jones, Rt Hughes, Wm Tod – R. Peene [?]
Jos. Bicknell. Ge Stouses [?] – O. Everest

Judge – James Dove Esq –
Clerk of the Scales – Mr F. Kite.
Starter – Handicapper. Mr Wm Dobbs –
Clerk of the Course – A Williams –

Rules & Regulations
1st All horses must be of Bona fide property –
2nd No one allowed to run a horse if not subscriber of one pound (£1-.) towards the Races –
3rd No horse allowed to run if not at least a month in the District.
4th Not horses allowed to run that won publish money
5th Any protest or dispute must be left to the decision of the Stewards.
6th No protest can be entered if not accompanied with £1 – (one pound) wich [which] will be forfeited if the protest can’t be sustained.
7th The decision of the Stewarts shall be final for any dispute or protest entered.


To include – Willow Brook – Harkaway – Rissington
Dartmoor – Woodthorpe – Okawa – Tunanui –
Whana-whana – Glenross – Kuripapanga [Kuripapango]
Mangawhare – Mangatutu. Puketitiri –
Patoka – Hawkstone – Waiahu [Waihau] and Waikonini

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