Letter About Investiture 1979


Private Bag,

3 September 1979

Dear Mrs Curtis,

The Governor-General desires me to inform you that he will be holding an Investiture at Government House, Wellington at 10.30 a.m. on Friday 9th November 1979 at which His Excellency would like to present to you the Queen’s Service Medal for Community Service.

I should be grateful if you would let me know by 1 October whether you will be able to attend, in which case further information would be sent to you. Dress will be day dress for ladies, and morning dress or lounge suit for gentlemen. Service recipients should wear uniform.

The Governor-General has asked me to add that invitations would also be sent to two relatives or friends of each recipient. A form is enclosed which should be completed and returned with your reply to this letter.

His Excellency holds Investitures only in Government House, Wellington. This ceremony will therefore include recipients from all over New Zealand.

Yours sincerely,

C Glyn Clear
For Official Secretary

Mrs Audree C. L. Curtis, QSM,
c/o Mount Erin Road,
Pukahu R.D. 2,




1.   Recipients are required to arrive at Government House (Ballroom Entrance on driveway) between-9.50 a.m. and 10.00 a.m. Car parking will be available in the Grounds

2.   Please present the enclosed card on arrival and you will be shown to the rooms where the recipients will be assembled.

3.   The procedure at the actual Ceremony is simple and will be explained to you beforehand.

4.   Dress for recipients will be:

CIVIL   Ladies – Day Dress (Customary to wear hats)
Gentlemen – Morning dress or lounge suit.

NAVY   Officers – No. 3
Ratings – No. 1

ARMY   Officers – Service Dress, Sam Browne
Other Ranks – Service Dress

AIR FORCE   – No. 5 Tropical Service Dress

Service recipients who wish to avail themselves of any Travel Warrants to which they or those accompanying them are entitled, should present this advice to their Unit Administration who would arrange the issue of the Warrants.

5.   It is requested that you inform those accompanying you that they should be seated in the Ballroom by 10.25 a.m. and that, after the Ceremony, all present will be received by Their Excellencies and refreshments will be served.

6.   After Their Excellencies have received all present, a commercial photographer, Mr J. Hughes, Photo News 1969 Ltd., P.O. Box 11 444 Wellington will be in the Ballroom to take family group photographs at your request. Proofs would be sent to you by Mr Hughes about a week later.

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3 September 1979

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  • C Glyn Clear
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