Letter from Bill Greer 1951

County Club,
Hawkes Bay, N.Z.

11 Oct. 1951

The Manager Secretary,

Dear Sir,

For the past twenty five years I have enjoyed a quiet rest in the reading room of this Club, usually between the hours of 1 & 2 PM.

This happy state of affairs has been seriously interrupted this last week or so, by an individual armed with a discrepit [decrepit] looking duster who seems to take delight

in flicking the thing around the room, and over members as they endeavor to read or rest. He seems to succeed only in disturbing the peace of the members as the dust seems to lay (except that lodged over me & in my hair) just as thickly as before the entry of this most unwelcome member of the staff.

I have put up with this treatment wishing that something would

be done about the pest before now.

I have just had the experience of a quantity of dust, as well as a dirty duster wielded by an untidy man in closer proximity to my being than I can any longer bear.

To fin I regret to have to warn you if something is not done to stop the nuisance there will be a tragedy in the Club.

I won’t put up with it any longer, and the individual concerned had better look out if he tries that on again.

Sorry to have to worry you in this matter but it’s serious.

Yours ever tolerant
(up to a point)
Bill Greer

[Reply to letter – no original available]

12 October 1951

W. A. Greer Esq.,
P. O. Box 89

Dear Bill,

I was very grieved to learn that you had cause for complaint in connection with one of the Stewards indiscretions in disturbing the peace of one of the Members in the Reading Room.

I took immediate steps to have the nuisance abated and I am sure that the Committee will regret very much that the new member of the staff failed to realise that the work that he was doing should only be carried out when the room is unoccupied.

Yours sincerely,

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County Club (Inc.)

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11 October 1951

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  • Bill Greer

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