Letter from Herbert E Grainger 1894

July 20/94

Messrs F. Wilson & Co

Dear Sirs

I write to inform you that I shall not need to trouble you this time for a cheque as the Bill of ₤75 is provided for. I just got my pass book today & find it is so.

This is the worst week for trade that I have had since I opened here & so far only have taken ₤5.14.7 & it looks like rain tomorrow. I lost sale of a pair of Elastic Sides this morning. I only had 1 pair of 4’s & they did not fit were too narrow.

Yesterday I had the offer of a shop on the opposite side of the street, one that Mrs O’Brien of the boarding house, is building it is the same size as this shop with no dwelling attached the rent ₤1 per week, 1 year’s lease. There is

a sort of passage 16 x 5ft 6in at the back of the shop; lit by window, which she would have let go with the shop for another 1/6 per week.

I thought this a good opportunity to approach Rasmussen Younghusband’s agent re reduction of rent but the only concession I could get was a reduction of 5/- per week till 1st Nov, by which time Mr Younghusband will have returned and I will have to make further arrangements with him.

I am afraid that if Mr Y. has an offer from anyone to lease this shop for a term of years, he would do so at once; therefore I feel very insecure, as we might get a month’s notice to quit anytime after the 1st Nov.

Do you think it would be safe to lease this shop for say 3 years if I

could get it at 30/- per week.

There is a building site just at the other side of Clark’s stationers shop belonging to a man named Smith on which a good large convenient shop could be built, & I hear that he is open to build, but I suppose he would want it leased for at least five years and might want a high rent as he gave a lot of money for the land.

Mr Wratt has some sections a little lower down his terms are lease of ground with improvement clause for 21 years.

I should prefer staying here if we can get a short lease at 30/- per week.

Please do not make any bills for larger sums than ₤75 for the two months; at least just at present.

I am
Yours faithfully
Herbert E Grainger.

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Typed letter is a copy of handwritten letter.

Possibly Herbert Edwin Grainger, 1869-1951
[Information from Department of Internal Affairs – Births, Deaths and Marriages Online]

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20 July 1894


  • Herbert E Grainger
  • Mrs O'Brien
  • Mr Wratt

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