Life History Book 2016

Joseph John King


Joseph John King


Joseph John King
Son, Husband, Father, GrandDad
Great GrandDad, Friend

Te Pohue

Old Te Pohue Hotel
Photo inscription – “Old Te Pohue Hotel Burnt down 1897.  JJ King”

Lake Hotel Te Pohue
Photo inscription – “LAKE HOTEL POHUI.”

The Mill

The King Family

Tom Harvey, JO King, Sam Crowther

Thomas King 1878-1959
Alice King (Brown) 1896-1984

Te Pohue School
Photo inscription – “TE POHUE SCHOOL, JUNE 1930”

Spot Joe

Photo inscription –
“Te Pohue School Centenary
1897  1930   1940   1997”

Joe King

Peter King

[Family photos]

Peter, Jean, Joe, Una, Alice, Esta, Thomas, Jessie

[Reunion photos]

Photo inscription bottom left – “BROWN REUNION”

Napier Boys High School

Text on rugby ball – possibly “2nd XV 1941”

[Photo – possibly Napier Boys’ High School]

[Photos of Joe King]

[Photo of man in military uniform]

[Four males in Napier Boys’ High School? uniform]
Nelson Wallac [Wallace?], Flap Young, Joe King, Willy Rickett

[Four men standing beside plane in Airforce uniform]
?, Rex Ansin, Joe King, Bill Annan

[Two males in wedding party? Possibly taken at an RSA]

Rex, Amy, June, Yvonne, Fred, Trevor Ansin

And then came Yvonne Ansin

[Wedding group photo – Joe and Yvonne King]

[Wedding photos – Joe and Yvonne King]

The Children

Joe and Yvonne King

Janet, Yvonne, Joe, Dennis

Dennis, Janet, Rhonda, Heather

[Family photos]

with Auntie Annie Lopdell

with Alice King (Gran)

[Family photos]

and then came Perry

[Family photos]

[Family photo]

[Family photos]


The Farm and Houses

First house opposite Te Pohue School

Ohope Holiday House

Te Pohue house built 1964

104 Thompson Rd Napier

[Photos of houses and buildings]

[Photos of rural scenes]

[Photos of countryside covered in snow]

[Photos of sheep, cattle, farm dogs]

[Photos of horses, donkey, goats]

Photo inscription – “KINGSVINEYARD”

Family Weddings

Dennis and Yvonne King

Janet and David Rothwell

Rhonda King and Rick Jones

Heather King and Charlie Wrigglesworth

Perry and Kate King

and then came the grand children…

Kelly and Tessa Rothwell

Kelly, Tessa and Greg

Claudia and Fraser King

Sarah Jones

Annie and Fred King

Emma and Jessie Wrigglesworth

Jessie, Emma, Annie, Fred

[Family photos]

and the grandkids grew up

Kelly Rothwell

Tessa Rothwell

Greg Rothwell

Claudia King

The Rothwells

Claudia, Rhonda, Sarah and Tim Jones

Annie and Fred King

Emma and Jessie Wrigglesworth

and the grandkids had kids and generally got on with life!

[Family photos]

Travels and Friends and Cigars

[Hunting photo]


[Travel-themed photos]

[Travel-themed photos]



Joe and Patricia Dick

[Cigar-related photos]

[Cigar-related photos]

[Yvonne and Joe King]

[Joe King]

Happy Birthday Joe, a pleasure and a privilege to share the day with you.   Hugh and Lesley

Happy birthday. Lovely to be here with you today.   Ester & Tom

Have an awesome day Uncle Joe. It was great catching up with you. You are looking really great. Thank you for the invite. Many Happy Memories. Great health to you. Arohanui   Brad & Robyn O’Brien XXX

A very happy birthday Uncle Joe. Its so great to see you so well. Love Adrian & Chris

Happy Birthday Great Grandpa Jo.  Was an honour to know you and your family. A man who has created so much and is still so humble.   Love Paul, Kelly & Isabela

Happy birthday Joe. We had a lovely day and it was so good catching up with cousins and family.   Danny & Sue O’Brien XXX

Happy Birthday Dad. You are a wonderful person & thanks for being such a perfect wonderful Dad. Love Heather XXXX

Happy Birthday Uncle Joe. Congratulations on reaching 90. It was wonderful catching up with everyone.   Murray & Delia   XXX

What a special day Uncle Joe. Very happy birthday. Great seeing distant family again. Love Ann & Jim

Darling Joe.  Such a wonderful gathering of all the Kings/Fooces.  Thank you for including me & I will always be here to keep you company. Lots of love, Patricia

Birthday wishes from Peter & Frankie

Happy Birthday Grandad, Its been lovely catching up, been so long since the days smoking cigars and snoozing during lunchtimes on the vineyard. Great to see you. Love Greg and Ann

Happy Birthday Granddad! What a special day, its been great fun celebrating with you today. Lots of love, Fraser & Tessa XOX

Dear Joe, Congratulations and Happy 90th Birthday. Thank you for the invitation to celebrate with you, it was a real privilege to be here. Love Cathy &  Graeme

Many happy returns Joe. We’ve had a lovely weekend – spreading Dennis’s ashes on Saturday & your 90th birthday on Sunday. Dennis would have loved it  Yvonne XXX

Happy Birthday Granddad Joe!! Thank you for being such a beautiful soul.   Jenna XXX

Happy Birthday Grandad Joe. Thanks so much for being such a great person and brilliant role model.   From Tim

Happy Birthday Granddad!  Thank you for being such a great granddad and hope you enjoy your day.  XX Sarah

Happy birthday Granddad!   Such a lovely day with all the family – another great family gathering. Lots of love – Emma X

Happy Birthday Dad!   Thank you for being here and such a wonderful Dad.   Love Rhonda XXX

Happy birthday Granddad!   Hope you have a fantastic day with the family and many, many best memories to come. Much love, Jessie XOXOXO

Happy Birthday Granddad!   I feel so fortunate that we’ve had you in our lives and I hope you have a 90th to remember! Love, Annie X

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18 December 2016

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Album of photos


  • Bill Annan
  • Rex Ansin
  • Trevor Ansin
  • Sam Crowther
  • Patricia Dick
  • Tom Harvey
  • Rhonda Jones, nee King
  • Rick Jones
  • Sarah Jones
  • Tim Jones
  • Alice King
  • Annie King
  • Claudia King
  • Dennis King
  • Fraser King
  • Fred King
  • Joe King
  • Joseph (Joe) John King
  • Kate King
  • Perry King
  • Peter King
  • Thomas King
  • Yvonne King, nee Ansin
  • Yvonne King
  • Annie Lopdell
  • Brad O'Brien
  • Danny O'Brien
  • Robyn O'Brien
  • Sue O'Brien
  • Willy Rickett
  • David Rothwell
  • Greg Rothwell
  • Janet Rothwell, nee King
  • Kelly Rothwell
  • Tessa Rothwell
  • Nelson Wallace
  • Charlie Wrigglesworth
  • Emma Wrigglesworth
  • Heather Wrigglesworth, nee King
  • Jessie Wrigglesworth
  • Flap Young

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