Meeting Minutes 1981


PRESENT:   K.W. Lawrence, H.N. Amner, R. Fitzwater, K. Treseder, R. Ebbett, G. Richards, C. Jackson, J. Foreman, J. McPherson.

MINUTES:   On motion Mr G, Richards, seconded Mr J. Foreman, the Minutes of the previous meeting were taken as read and confirmed.

MEMBERSHIP:   Letters of resignation were received and accepted from:-

M.J. Beeby   W.R. Ellis
D.H. Irving   A. Hutton
C. Waller   T. Wrightson
V. Welch   K. Jurgens
A.J. Bridgeman   P. Stewart
T. Donovan

Applications for membership were received and accepted from:

R. Guerin   R.C. King
S. Laffey   C. Thompson
J. Trotter   D.J. Green
R. Watson (Country)   G. Dickie
R. Lousich

FINANCE:   Mr Lawrence reported that he had been approached by Mr G. Kittow, requesting payment of his debentures in full. It was decided to put this matter off until the March meeting for discussion.
Moved Mr J. McPherson, seconded Mr G. Richards that the Financial Report for October, November, December 1980 and January 1981 be adopted.

SPORT:    Mr Lawrence reported on

Bowls: Fisher Pairs – H. Hylton Smith, Lead.
J.R. Tucker, Skip.

Tennis: Eastella Shield – County
After discussion on how the Club Tennis Team is selected, it was decided that in future years, a sheet of paper would be put up on the Notice Board, enabling members who wished to play, to put their names up.

Mr B.G. Smith and Mr G. Wall requested permission to play a Veteran’s Snooker Tournament between the County Club and the R.S.A. Club, permission was granted.

GENERAL:   Moved Mr G. Richards, seconded Mr J. Foreman, that Mrs A. O’Connor be appointed Secretary-Manager, on a Salary of $12,750.00 inclusive of allowances plus actual expenses per annum, the salary being subject to annual review.    Carried.

Suggested by Mr G. Richards that a key register be kept. To be done.

Moved Mr G. Richards, seconded Mr J. Foreman, that tea and coffee making facilities be made available in the Ladies’ Room. Carried.

Mr J. Foreman reported that the Snooker Handicaps need readjusting; it was decided that Mr Foreman and Mr C. Jackson get this task done as soon as possible, maybe with a bit of assistance of out-side help.

Mr Lawrence reported that the first Friday night Smorgasbord for the year will be on 27th March, he also mentioned that liquor prices would need to be reviewed at the end of February.

On the subject of a round table for the dining room, Mr J. McPherson said that up till now nothing suitable could be found, but was still looking.

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting closed at 8.52 p.m.


PRESENT:   K.W. Lawrence, H.N. Amner, R. Fitzwater, K. Treseder, R. Ebbett, C. Jackson, J. Foreman, J. McPherson.

APOLOGIES:   Received from G. Richards.

MINUTES:   The minutes of the previous meeting were taken as read. Proposed by N. Amner seconded by R. Fitzwater.

MEMBERSHIP:   Twelve proposed new members who were nominated and accepted at the February meeting to go forward for Ballot. Thirty standing members votes will be required for Ballot to be legal.

FINANCE:   It was proposed by J. Foreman and seconded by K. Treseder that the lunch meals be increased to $3.00. It was also proposed by G. Jackson and seconded by R. Fitzwater that lunch meals be increased to $2.50. This was left in abeyance to be reviewed at the next meeting.

Bar prices to be held.

Staff wages to be increased by 14.6% as per the Chartered Club Award, backdated to 18th February, 1981.

SOCIAL ACTIVITIES:   Bowls 9th April – Begley Cup at Whakatu.

GENERAL BUSINESS:   Assessment of leaks in the roof to be made and quotes obtained to repair.

A new electric jug has been ordered for the visitors room.

New Coloured combs for the Gentlemans room.

As there was no further business to discuss the meeting – closed at 6.22 p.m.

Next Committee Meeting to be held on 13th April, 1981 at 5 p.m.

[Handwritten –

Peter Buckingham   Member
John Gillies]



PRESENT:   K.W. Lawrence, H.N. Amner, R. Fitzwater, K. Treseder, C. Jackson, J. Foreman, J. MacPherson.

APOLOGIES:   Received from R. Ebbett.

MINUTES:   Minutes of the previous meeting were taken as read. Proposed by J. MacPherson, seconded by N. Amner.

MEMBERSHIP:   After being proposed, nominated and accepted, Mr Dickie declined membership. It was suggested he offer an explanation. Proposed new members could be issued with honorary card, subject to Committee approval. Moved K.W. Lawrence, seconded R. Fitzwater.

Proposed new members being –


FINANCE:   It was proposed by J. MacPherson, seconded by N. Amner, that the smorgasbord be increased to $5.00 and lunches to $2.50.

Repairs to roof were being carried out and tenders to be called for painting when repairs are completed.

SPORT:   The annual shoot was held on Sunday 22 March. Although poorly attended a good day was had. Unfortunately, Hastings Club took the trophy 150-168. Last time they held it was 1963.
Roy Sorensen won the independent shoot of the day.

Snooker Dash – County v Waipukurau on Wednesday 13 May.

GENERAL:   Characture [ Caricature ?] for Mr R. Richmond has been subscribed to by his fellow members and club.

The meeting came to a close at 6.21 p.m.

Next Committee Meeting to be held at 5.15 p.m. 18 May 1981.



PRESENT:   K.W. Lawrence, H.N. Amner, R. Fitzwater, R. Ebbett, K. Treseder, J. Foreman, J. MacPherson, G. Richards.

APOLOGIES:   Received from C. Jackson.

MINUTES:   Minutes of April meeting were taken as read. Proposed G. Richards, seconded R. Fitzwater.

MEMBERSHIP:   Proposed new members; –

D.H. SMITH   Wrightson N.M.A.
DAVID GREEN   Royal Insurance

Moved K.W. Lawrence, seconded G. Richards.

FINANCE:   Operating report was discussed at length. The Secretary was asked that last years figures be to date in place of month to date. Moved N. Amner, seconded K. Treseder.

Cost of repairs to roof by Mackerseys amounted to $401.

Tenders to be called for repainting of roof. Approximate cost estimated $2000.

Mr G. Kittows debentures were discussed at his request. Part settlement will be made at the usual time in September.

SPORT:   Snooker Tournament – County v Waipukurau
County being winners of cup. The evening was a success for hosts and visitors.

Golf – Hastings Club v County Club at Bridge Pa Friday 22 May. Mr G. Amner organising the tournament.

GENERAL:   The smorgasbord will not be held this month as support has not been as good as in the past, also being a long weekend a number of members go out of town. Further discussion to the viability of the smorgasbord evenings to be discussed at the June Committee Meeting. Moved G. Richards, seconded J. Foreman.

Proposed K.W. Lawrence, seconded G. Richards that stag parties would not be held in the future. The meeting came to a close at 6.46.

Next Committee Meeting to be held at 5.15 p.m. 15 June 1981.



PRESENT:   K.W. Lawrence, H.N. Amner, R. Ebbett, Fitzwater, J. Foreman, K. Treseder, J. MacPherson, G. Richards, C. Jackson.

MINUTES:   Minutes of the last meeting were taken as read. Proposed H.N. Amner, seconded K. Treseder.

FINANCE:   Tenders for repainting of Club Roof were received and accepted from Ted Laxon Decorators Ltd, tendered price being $1760. Moved C. Richards, seconded J. MacPherson.

MEMBERSHIP:   Proposed new members are: – DAVID ELLIOTT   P.A. PRICE   D.A. POPE

Accounts will be sent out to members whose subscriptions are now overdue.

A good report has been received from the Department of Health after the annual visit of the Health Inspector. The only request was to upgrade the bar floor area with new lino. It was agreed that quotes be obtained for this purpose. Moved J. MacPherson, seconded C. Jackson.

SPORT:   Snooker Tournament – Napier Club v County Club, County Club being hosts for the evening.

Mr B.G. Smith and Mr G. Hall have kindly donated a cup for a Snooker Tournament to be contested between R.S.A. and County over 60s. R.S.A. won first match – 50 points up.

Golf Tournament will be played against Hastings Club at Bridge Pa on 29 June.

A suggestion that Club Snooker Dash evenings be the last Wednesday each month as some felt it would be easier to remember, therefore resulting in better attendance.

List for Snooker and Billiard Draw Handicap to be the same as last year.

Mr A. Berry to be approached on this matter. H.N. Amner and J. Foreman to be handicappers.

GENERAL:   Owing to the recent increase in spirits and beer we will have to increase our bar price spirits to be 50¢ nip, jugs $1.25. Moved H.N. Amner, seconded R. Fitzwater.

The old radio in the bar has been faulty for some time and it has been requested that it be evaluated for repairs by Bacham Projects.   [Handwritten – Radio Repairs $40]

After much thought, discussion, resistance and apprehension, a smorgasbord will be held this month on 26 June. Proposed C. Jackson, seconded K. Treseder.

Two members of committee requested that a mobile bar be placed in the visitors room for the convenience of wives and friends.

R. Fitzwater proposed and K. Treseder seconded, that consideration be given to the life membership of Mr G. Amner.

Clocks throughout the Club need attention urgently for repairs and, in some cases, replacement.

Meeting ended 7.03





PRESENT:   K.N. Lawrence, H.N. Amner, R. Ebbett, R. Fitzwater, J. Foreman, C. Jackson, J. MacPherson, K. Treseder.

MINUTES:   Taken as read and accepted. Referring to Bar in Visitors Room; moved J. Foreman, seconded K. Treseder.

FINANCE:   J. MacPherson suggested that members with subs still outstanding be approached by the Secretary personally.

Figures in the financial report were queried by J. Foreman. The Secretary assured him that the to date figures were correct, but as she has had problems in these figures his query was justified but hopefully this report will be more accurate in the future.

MEMBERSHIP:   Proposed new members accepted were: –


The fee for proposed new members admitted on an Honorary Card is $6.00 per month.

GENERAL:   It was accepted that the Club roof be painted dark brown which will tone in with overall exterior colour scheme.

Tenders for new flooring in Bar area has been accepted from Farmers Trading. Moved J. MacPherson, seconded R. Ebbett.

Request by J. Foreman, seconded by K. Treseder, that the motion regarding the Bar in Visitors Room be amended to read mobile bar to be available on Wednesdays and Fridays from 4.00 p.m. provided a member is in attendance. Carried

SPORT:   Snooker Dash held on 17 June was very poor, only 10 attended, however, slightly better attendance on 15 July, when 14 enjoyed a good evening. Winner D.J. Birrill [ Birrell ], Second B. Rabbitte, Wooden Spoon J. Klingender.

Great support was marred slightly by rain for the Golf played on 29 June at Bridge Pa against Hastings Club. Many thanks to Mr J. Newbigin for his generosity in donating considerable prizes of liquor – also to Vidals Wines & Spirits for donations for prizes.

Mr B.G. Smith was thrilled when County Club won new cup in Snooker Tournament played against R.S.A. Club over 60’s teams.

Nights for snooker to be left on. Change to be left for discussion at A.G.M.

Meeting ended 7.13 p.m.



PRESENT:   K W Lawrence, HN Amner, R Ebbett, J Foreman, C Jackson, J MacPherson, K Treseder, G Richards.

APOLOGIES:   R Fitzwater

MINUTES:   Taken as read. K Treseder, (2) C Jackson

DISCUSSION ON MINUTES:   Outstanding subs had been coming in quite regularly without contact. Roof has been painted, Bar floor has been recovered.

FINANCE:   The state of the Club’s financial position was discussed in depth by the committee. The financial report was discussed and some discrepancies are to be attended to.

MEMBERSHIP:   Application was received from MURRAY D H CROOKS and accepted.

SPORT:   Mr Foreman reported on last snooker dash which was a tremendous success. 39 attended. (1) B Rabbitte, (2) D Birrell, (3) Arthur Harris.

GENERAL:   Mr Treseder requested more glasses (and refreshments) to be on hand in the Visitors’ Room, especially on Smorgsbord   [Smorgasbord] nights.

Mr Jackson suggested a cash box be placed on the mobile bar instead of cigar box.

It was also suggested that a tea wagon be purchased to place the glasses and drinks on.

Cup engraving to be looked into.

Mr Foreman suggested that extra food be purchased in case, on future Club nights, the food runs out. If this food was not used it could be used on a Friday night following – also could some hot dishes be available.

It was discussed that the minimum number of votes for a ballot be dispensed with – to be referred to the A.G.M.

Snooker championships draw up (A Grade). B Grade sheets to be put up again till the end of August – J Foreman to do this.

A Grade and Open, also Billiards first found to be played by the end of August. Any of these games not played, both players will be scratched.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 6.51 p.m

   /   /81



PRESENT:   K.W. Lawrence, H.N. Amner, R. Ebbett, J. Foreman, R, Fitzwater, C. Jackson, J. MacPherson, K. Treseder.

APOLOGIES:   G. Richards.

MINUTES:   Taken as read, Proposed K. Treseder seconded R. Ebbett.

FINANCE:   Owing to price increases N. Amner proposed seconded B. Fitzwater that jugs be increased by 10 cents to $1.35. Spirits up 5 cents proposed J. MacPherson seconded J. Foreman. Increases to take effect from 1st October.

Suggested that more publicity be given for lunches as more members using the dining room would save having an increase in prices, also a slightly smaller meal seems to be adequate.

BILLIARDS:   A notice reminding members to pay for their games may help to increase income.

GENERAL:   Price for smorgsbord to be increased to $6.00 per head after September. Proposed R. Ebbett seconded C. Jackson.

SPORT:   Town verses [versus] Country Snooker Night unfortunately was not very well attended (27).

Winners: B. Smith, D. Birrell, S. Richmond.

Bar in Visitors Room will be in place at 4p.m. on a smorgsbord night.

Milk for visitors is available on request.

MEMBERSHIP: Resignations have been received from B. Hartley and R.G. Hopkinson.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 6.47p.m

/    / 81



PRESENT:   K.W. Lawrence, H.N. Ammer, R. Ebbett, R. Fitzwater, C. Jackson, J. Mac Pherson [ MacPherson ], G. Richards, K. Treseder.

APOLOGIES:   J. Foreman.

MINUTES:   Taken as read. Proposed G. Richards seconded C. Jackson.

FINANCE:   Reminder notice in snooker room to be left to R. Fitzwater to organise.

Debentures to be paid out when applicable.


Peter Moffat   Grower
John Earnest Shaw   Brewery Property Controller

Both proposed by B.K. Newport and seconded by F.O. Johnson.

SPORT:   All snooker games to be played by mid November.

GENERAL:   Nominations to be posted up for committee.

A proposed honesty bar in snooker room left for discussion by incoming committee.

Newsletter, Presidents Report, Balance Sheet and Notice of Annual General Meeting to be sent out in November.

A recommendation by committee that G. Amner be made a Life Member would be on the agenda of Annual General Meeting.

Hours for Labour Weekend:
Friday (Show day)   2p.m. – 6p.m.
Saturday   2.p.m. – 6p.m.
Monday (Labour Day)   2p.m. –  6p.m.

Proposed K. Treseder seconded G. Richards that owing to Labour weekend and the following short week there would be no smorgsborg in November.

As there was no further business the meeting closed at 6.17p.m.




PRESENT:   K.W. Lawrence, H.N. Amner, R. Ebbett, R. Fitzwater C. Jackson, G. Richards, K. Treseder

APOLOGIES:   J. Macpherson  

MINUTES:   Taken as read. Proposed R. Fitzwater seconded N. Amner.

A vote of thanks to R. Fitzwater for notices in snooker room.

FINANCE:   A suggestion that some members pre pay subs which would total approximately $20.000 to settle Debentures also this would be a saving of interest amounting to about $2.500 per year. It was decided that this suggestion be left for future discussion at a later date.
Proposed N. Amner seconded R. Fitzwater that tickets for Christmas Smorgsbord be $10.00 each.

MEMBERSHIP:   New members proposed.

Michael Porter
Chris McCool
Patrick Allan.

SPORT:   Napier v County Club golf – a good day was enjoyed by participants.

GENERAL:   Notices to be posted on board by 25th November advising of A.G.M. to be held on 16th December 1981 at 8 p.m.

Proposals.   Mr. G. Amner   Life Member.

Change in ballott for new membership.

Increase in subs from October 1982.

The meeting closed at 6.48 p.m.


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  • Patrick Allan
  • G Amner
  • H N Amner
  • M J Beeby
  • A Berry
  • D Birrell
  • A J Bridgeman
  • Peter Buckingham
  • G Dickie
  • T Donovan
  • R (Ron) Ebbett
  • David Elliott
  • W R Ellis
  • R Fitzwater
  • J Foreman
  • David J Green
  • John Gillies
  • R Guerin
  • Arthur Harris
  • B Hartley
  • N V Hawthorne
  • W Hoffman
  • R G Hopkinson
  • A Hutton
  • H Hylton Smith
  • D H Irving
  • C (Campbell) Jackson
  • F O Johnson
  • K Jurgens
  • C R Kidd
  • R C King
  • G Kittow
  • J Klingender
  • S Laffey
  • K W (Bill) Lawrence
  • Ted Laxon
  • R Lousich
  • Chris McCool
  • J McPherson/MacPherson
  • J (Jim) Newbigin
  • B K Newport
  • Mrs A O'Connor
  • D A Pope
  • Michael Porter
  • P A Price
  • W D Price
  • B (Brian) Rabbitte
  • R Richmond
  • S Richmond
  • G Richards
  • B G Smith
  • D H Smith
  • Roy Sorenson
  • P Stewart
  • R M Stone
  • R J Struthers
  • R C Thomas
  • J R Tucker
  • C Thompson
  • K (Ken) Treseder
  • J Trotter
  • G Wall
  • R Watson
  • V Welch

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