Meeting Minutes 1982


PRESENT:   K.W. Lawrence, H.N. Amner, H. Christie, G.C. Jackson, J.L. MacPherson, G.R. Richards, M.J. Thomson, G. Wenman.

APOLOGIES:   R. Ebbett

Mr. K.W. Lawrence welcomed Messrs. H. Christie M. Thomson and G. Wenman as new committee members. 

MINUTES:   Taken as read. Approved G. Richards seconded N. Amner.

FINANCE:    Mr. Lawrence gave a brief summary of his suggestion of pre paid subscriptions to reduce debentures.

The gross margin in liquor trading is down mainly due to Cut Price Liquor Stores that are now operating in our area.

It was suggested that members be made aware of the fact that we can supply them with all their liquor needs if they like to order a day in advance and where possible at a more competitive price. A suggestion to cut back bar staff after 8p.m. on a Friday night and a committee member to assist the remaining stewardess to lock up at 10p.m. would be one way of reducing a little of the costs. A few ideas and suggestions from committee members would be welcome.

There has been a slight increase in members coming to lunch, it would be ideal if members were encouraged to bring guests in for lunch.

MEMBERSHIP:   Proposed new members:
B.G. Foulds   Co manager   proposed S.G. White   seconded G. Reid.

As Mr. Foulds has not been resident in Hastings the required six months the committee could waive this rule. Mr. J.L. MacPherson proposed that the committee accept the proposal seconded by Mr. G. Wenman.

S.J. LeGris    Contractor   Proposed G. Wenman   seconded C.P. Sorenson.

SPORT:  ESTELLA TENNIS SHIELD to be played on Sunday 14th February. This year Hastings Club would be hosts.

GENERAL:   Mr. G. Richards proposed and Mr. C. Jackson seconded that the reminder cards in snooker room be removed but stored in case of future use.

Food for counter tea on Friday nights is not adequate. This will be increased and perhaps a better method of serving be tried.

After discussion a sub committee were formed. The President and Vic President would naturally be part of each sub committee.

Finance:   J. MacPherson and G. Richards.

House:   H. Christie, R. Ebbett,

Sport:   C. Jackson, M. Thomson, G. Wenman.
Proposed C. Jackson   seconded G. Wenman.

Mr. G. Wenman to be responsible for wood this winter.

The meeting closed at 6.52p.m.



Present:   K.W. Lawrence, H.N. Amner, H.O. Christie, R.G. Ebbett, M.J. Thomson, G Wenman.

Apologies:   J.L. MacPherson, G.R. Richards

Minutes:   Taken as read   proposed H.O. Christie   seconded N. Amner.

Finance:   Financially March was not a good month.

Mr. M. Thomson proposed and N. Amner seconded that increases in bar prices should be made.  Jugs up from 1.35 to 1.40. Spirits up 5 cents except gin. These increases to take effect from Monday 26th April. Increases in subscriptions to be on agenda at half yearly meeting.

Mr. J. Newbigins proposal of discounts paid annually to the club if members buy from him was discussed and it was decided that in the best interest of the Club it wasn’t really a good idea.

Mr. H. Christie would discuss same with Mr. Newbigin.

The upkeep of snooker tables is being done by Phil Smyth, and payment would be $20.00 per week. Proposed by M. Thomson seconded G. Wenman.

Catering for a ladies night on a Saturday in July would be approximately 7.10 per head.

[Handwritten – Saturday 17th 7am]

A Cocktail hour would be arranged for the 28th May. [Handwritten – $3 each]

Bar for visitors room – mobile or fixed? R. Ebbett moved that an L shaped bar be considered.

A raffle on Friday nights could be run to help pay for bar.

Sport:  The annual shoot was held on the 4th April. Club won the trophy.

Bowls. County v Napier. County retained the Cup.

Bus organised for snooker trip to Waipukurau on 5th May departing the club at 7p.m.

General:   With the increase in wages on ordinary week nights the bar would have to close on time and not be kept open for two or three members.

Meeting closed at 6.40 p.m.

[Handwritten – Snooker Dash Wed 23rd   (Cones)]


PRESENT:   K W Lawrence, H N Amner, H O Christie, R G Ebbett, J L MacPherson, M J Thomson, G Wenman.

APOLOGIES:   G R Richards

MINUTES:   Taken as read.   Approved
H O Christie   seconded G Wenman

FINANCE:   A discussion on a possible increase in Bar prices also being able to get the best discount from the Liquor Merchants.

A suggestion that members be invited to nominate suitable men to become new members, also some method of uplifting the Club to encourage members to use the excellent facilities.

The increase in prices of magazines and newspapers is such that perhaps some that are not read should be discontinued.

Ladies Night Saturday 17th July. Menu and price to be arranged by M J Thomson.

A Cocktail Hour has been organised for May 28th at 6 p.m.

Mr M J Thomson recommended that the quote of $549.00 for a Bar in the Visitors Room be accepted, seconded M L MacPherson.

MEMBERSHIP:  Proposed new member:   Keith John Stinson.

Resignations were received from:
M Campbell, A F Bohn, D R Bone

SPORT:   Waipukurau were very hospitable hosts for snooker on 5th May. Very enjoyable evening.

Sponsored pairs tournament 19th May. Napier to host snooker on 9th June, also Golf Tournament on 14th June.

GENERAL:   A letter received from K Boyle regarding dress for Club snooker nights. H O Christie moved that a good neat standard of dress is required at all times, older members could set example.

It was suggested that Rules for snooker be obtained from Hulena Bros.

Vote of thanks to N Amner for organising bus to Waipukurau.

The meeting closed at 6.54 p.m.

[Handwritten –

Sat 25th
Ladies Night

Subs Increase to $95 with rebate of $5]

   /   /82


PRESENT:   K W Lawrence, R G Ebbett, J L MacPherson, C Jackson, G R Richards, M J Thomson, G Wenman.

APOLOGIES:   H N Amner, H O Christie

MINUTES:   Taken as read. Moved G Richards, seconded J MacPherson

FINANCE:   Rules   A proposal by G Richards, seconded M Thomson, that Entry Fee and Subscriptions be set by committee and reported at the half-yearly meeting. Half-yearly meeting be held not later than 30th June in any year with power of adjournment. Also change Rules at AGM to read no later than three months after end of financial year’.

Car Park
A proposal by G R Richards regarding car park (attached) was favourably received by committee. A proposal by M Thomson, seconded by C Jackson, to get an option then go to Club members.

Bar prices   Increase in Bar prices from 1st September. Moved M Thomson, seconded G R Richards.

MEMBERSHIP:   New proposed members are –   

Newton Godsiff
John McNaughton
Ian Smith
Jon Benson
Michael Pearse
Vic Hawthorne
David O’Sullivan

SPORT:   Hastings Club were hosts to 27 players on 18th August.
Waipukurau to visit County on 25th August.
Havelock North Club to host a snooker dash 1st September.
Championship games to be played outside of busy nights.

Ladies Night to be held on 9th October. Invitations will be sent out as soon as possible.

Meeting closed 7 p.m.

[Handwritten –
Napier Club
29th Sept

6th Oct Hastings Club]

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  • H N Amner
  • Jon Benson
  • A F Bohn
  • D R Bone
  • K Boyle
  • M Campbell
  • H Christie
  • R G (Ron) Ebbett
  • B G Foulds
  • Newton Godsiff
  • Vic Hawthorne
  • G C (Campbell) Jackson
  • K W (Bill) Lawrence
  • S J LeGris
  • J L MacPherson
  • John McNaughton
  • J (Jim) Newbigin
  • David O'Sullivan
  • Michael Pearse
  • G Reid
  • G R Richards
  • Ian Smith
  • C P Sorenson
  • Keith John Stinson
  • M J Thomson
  • G Wenman
  • S G White

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