Meeting Minutes 2001



President Dawn Blackburn welcomed all present and moved that she vacate the Chair and ask Suzanne Berry to chair the meeting.
Seconder – Ken Wyley / Carried
Accepted Apologies: Phyllis Milne; Peter Wood; Heather Scrimgeour; Hilary Marlo.

Suzanne welcomed the 26 Members, and introduced the 3 new Members present.

Suzanne reminded all Members present on the Club’s Constitutional voting rights.

Referring to the Club’s future, she presented a review of the Club’s investigations over the last two years; the outcomes being the 6 options before the Club today.

She asked for questions, from the floor, on anything within the written material.

SECONDED: Ann Bowden

Discussion was called, with David Curtis querying the motion, as presented, before a vote. He asked what significance it held, without, he presumed, another motion regarding land being considered first. Suzanne acknowledged that a further motion was to come but it was in order to pursue the one on the table.

Jessie Hunter asked how was a ‘lease’ at Kia Toa to be met with subscription fees amounting to less than the presumed lease. Margaret Hussey explained how monies were available in our present situation to cover this. When sale proceeded, the interest earned would apply then.

Ru Davis said his preferred option had remained the ‘part-sale’ option; if only to retain the boutique club concept on this site. However, his next option was No.6.

Suzanne asked Ken Wyley to explain the reasons for preferring a total, rather than a part-sale on the land. He noted responses from real estate agents had implied the difficulty of knowing what could occupy the area. The entire Stortford Lodge area was well serve by clusters of petrol / motels & fast food outlets, though he understood Gulf petrol was looking for sites. He surmised that the two halves could sell for different proposals but still tie together; the back for residential and the front-commercial. All indications had been for selling as one lot; two offers we had received had been for the entire property.

Ian Caird suggested discussion was necessary on all options before a vote.

Suzanne replied that the members were not unacquainted with the issues – there had been two previous special general meetings that Ian had not attended and these had adequately covered the issues in hand. She said the Committee feels it is well time to make decisions.

Ian Caird asked that more discussion was had, and that voting should be conducted at the end of the that.

Margaret Hussey was asked by Chair to read the Motion aloud again.

David Curtis said he still had difficulty in considering this motion when he was sure a following motion should proceed it. Suzanne thanked David for his comments but stated an A.G.M. was due to follow today, where a new committee would be elected

and they have to have a mandate to sanction an option or otherwise

Margaret Hussey added that perhaps a signed lease may only be considered following a land sale. David added he still thought the motion was premature.

Brenda Waring suggested the motion was actually in two parts – ‘negotiate’ was one thing, and ‘enter an agreement’ another – the Club may need more information before they can make a decision.

Ian Caird again asked that full discussion was desired to talk about all the options. He stated that some of the information presented to our Club about Te Mata was incorrect. He described the present situation of on-going leases assuring the Club to 2022, with rights of renewal after that, and for rights to consider additional portions of land. If the Reylands should sell, the purchaser would not be bound by these leases. He said he did not necessarily want to present another Motion. On the financial side – Ian said there was no fund-raising required – their annual surplus was $1100 and their fees were moderate. The same conditions applied to Option 4. He stated that the Te Mata Club was definitely not interested in a single Hawkes Bay Croquet Centre.

Joyce Barry replied that our financial knowledge of Te Mata was only what was told from meeting Don Reyland.

The Chair asked for any further discussion on the options.

Jessie Hunter said that the present discussion was really about whether we wished to purchase Te Mata or not.

With no further discussion from the floor Chair asked that the Motion be re-read.

John van de Water said he was worried about the one lawn. Chair asked Secretary Joyce Barry to relay the outcomes of the meetings with the Bowling Club so the conditions were known. A summary of the background and the possibilities there were outlined, including the playing and joint playing opportunities and the advantages of the paid care covered by the lease.

Treasurer Margaret Hussey said the pressures here, now included increased rates.

Dulcie asked whether the Club identity would be lost. Margaret Hussey replied that the Club remains fully autonomous and the name and constitution remains.

David Curtis requested that the presumed second Motion was at least shadowed; so as to guide the voting on the first.

Chair asked Ken Wyley to read the second MOTION: ‘THAT THE CLUB DIRECTS THE COMMITTEE TO SELL OUR EXISTING ASSET IN ENTIRETY FOR THE HIGHEST PRICE POSSIBLE’ – as was intended to follow the first Motion.

President asked for any discussion and there being none, asked for the first Motion to be read again. Chairperson requested a vote to be taken.
All in favour 21
Against 1/ Carried.

Ken Wyley was asked to re-read the second Motion as noted above.

Chair asked for comments on this – there being no immediate, Ken outlined the present portions of land specified in the Shanley and Co. report, and added that the whole property would be included in the sale description if the Motion was passed.

Margaret Hussey said that in the first instant, if passed, both Clubs had tentatively agreed to a 3 year lease; so as not to predetermine future trends.

David Curtis disagreed with the ‘entirety’ aspect of the Motion; especially since it implied all our balls and hoops and equipment. He thought that the land was the relevant asset. Joyce Barry suggested that if it was a problem, the word ’appropriate’ could be prefixed to the sale. Ru Davis added that the wording should remain as it is – it implied a totality about it without being caught with fine detail.

Jessie Hunter asked about the giving ‘irrigation system to Te Mata’ in the written summary. Chairperson Suzanne Berry assured the meeting that trust in the sale process must rest with the Committee. They were not likely to sell our equipment and would be using common sense in allowing anything to stay, or sell. The Te Mata issue was history; discussed in that context only with no resolution taken.

The second Motion was then re-read and MOVED by Ken Wyley: SECONDED by Margaret Hussey and the Chair called for any further discussion.

Dulcie Fuller asked when the shift would occur and Joyce Barry replied that timing was up to many factors at present – including the official sanction from the Bowling Club. We did not envisage a lengthy sale process – we have reserves in the interim and under the worst scenario, it was possible to raise a mortgage against the land. Ru Davis said he wish to sound the Last Post in recognition for his entire croquet career enjoyed there. Jessie Hunter agreed and the meeting sentiment was mutual. It was added that the Committee had a challenge ahead but it would be a positive one. Nancy Mills outlined a significance in past croquet history – a croquet club had first started at a bowling club in 1909 and we held a board that pertained to a later Kia Toa Croquet Club.

Jessie Hunter asked what plans were in place for the sale proceeds to be administered. Margaret Hussey replied that with professional guidance, trustees and a Club solicitor will be appointed. Our aim was to invest the bulk of the sale proceeds and live off the interest only. Suzanne assured the meeting that the Constitution bound the Committee to all conditions under the seal in the event of investing and similar.

Ken Wyley reiterated that the Club identity and conditions apply as always.

Chair directed Ken Wyley to re-read the MOVED and SECONDED MOTION as noted, and for the Members present to vote on it.
For – 19
Against – 1
Abstained -2 / Carried.

With both MOTIONS PASSED, Chair asked Joyce Barry to give a run-down on the available facilities and activities expected at Kia Toa. This included the geography, and the shared sport and social interaction to be offered.

Chairperson Suzanne Berry assured all Members that they will be kept up to date with details as they unfold.

There being no further business, the Meeting was called to a close at 11: 52 a.m. and the President Dawn Blackburn thanked Chairperson Suzanne Barry [Berry] for the manner in which she had conducted the meeting.



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