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Summerset in the Orchard – Residence Newsletter

July 2009

from the managers desk

Having been here for just a few weeks I am starting to get the feel for Summerset in the Orchard and settling into the villa. Without doubt the most exciting aspect of this position is the new people I am meeting and slowly starting to know. T look forward to growing our relationships and welcoming new people into the Village.

I am very keen to get a active social committee started so events can be organized that suit you all. Kerry has done a great job of putting together the events calendar overleaf but any extras you organize will only add to the vibe of the village. Let me know if you are interested in being part of a vibrant and enthusiastic social committee.

I must apologise should our cat ‘Ian’ wonder into your home over the next few months, he is very nosey and sociable. If you are happy to have him in your home it’s OK but if not, I am happy for you to boot him out. If he becomes a nuisance please let me know.

Don’t be alarmed should you hear me ‘putting’ around on my Vespa scooter. It’s a bit of a weakness of mine and I will sometimes do a night check of the property on it, I hope hearing me ‘putt by’ will make you feel even more secure in your home.

Finally, I would like to say what a great job Kerry has done over the last few months. She has really held the place together and instigated a number of events and items in the Rec Room such as books from the library and games. I look forward to working with Kerry into the future.

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July 2009


Schedule of Events for July

Friday 3rd van trip to new world Hastings 11am to 1.20pm
Friday 3rd Happy Hour from 4pm
Friday 3rd Fish and Chips night, get your orders in
Monday 6th bingo @ Napier leaving 12.30pm
Thursday 9th, Aftemoon Tea and then a Trivial Pursuit session game
Friday 10th van trip to new world Hastings I lam to I .20pm
Friday 10th happy hour with Napier residents from 4pm
Sunday 12th Bingo Mania from 2pm
Monday 13th Movie Monday film showing The holiday @ 2pm
Friday 17th van trip to new world Hastings llam to 1.20pm
Friday 17th Happy Hour from 4pm fight off winter with a small glass of Mulled Wine (Allan’s shout)
Monday 20th bingo@Napier leaving at 12.30pm
Wednesday 22nd Morning Tea@ 11 am
Friday 24th van trip to new world Hastings I lam to 1.20pm
Sunday 26th Bingo Mania from 2pm
Monday 27th Movie Monday film showing amazing grace from 2pm
Friday 31st van trip to new world Hastings I lam to 1.20pm
Friday 31st happy hour with Havelock North residents from 4pm

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van trip
We have arranged with Havelock North to come through the village every Friday to pick up the residents who would like to go to New World Hastings to do their shopping.
The van will be coming to pick you up at 10.55 / 11am and you will return from shopping about 1.20ish.
If you like to take advantage of this trip please let Allan or Kerry know and we can arrange this with Havelock North

the summerset car
As I am sure you are aware we now have a car on site for the use of Village staff and residents.
The car is available for residents for any function organized by Summerset. So, if you want to go to the Bingo in Napier you can use the company car. Or go to the bowls in Havelock North or fancy a game Of cards. Generally the social committee would organize events and the car would be available for these events. As we don’t have a committee as yet (remember I am keen to set one up) we will work off the event calendars from the Summerset Villages. The summerset car policy is on the residents notice board.
If you feel you would like to be a nominated driver please bring your drivers licence into the office and I will photocopy for the ‘Car’ file. I recommend everyone with a driver licence do that so if you would like to use the car you can.
With only Allan and Kerry on site it will become increasingly difficult forr us to drive to functions as we need to remain on site. That is why it is important you all work together to organize events so driving duties can be shared. Feel free to discuss further with Allan if you are unsure of when the car is available

bay tours
As discussed at our brief one on one catch up I have booked everyone into a company called Bay Tours.
As we are such a small group the resources are limited for social events until more people arrive when we will have a very active social committee, I’m sure. Hopefully this will help to fill a possible void. If you don’t want to receive their information please let Allan or Kerry know and we will cancel immediately.

A big thanks to Noel Hansen for sorting the Bingo board out for us. The reality is if he hadn’t helped sort
the board we would have been scrambling on the floor in search of lost numbers, Kerry has instigated the Bingo events after a great time was had in Napier at their Bingo event. $0.20 per card adds a bit of spice and who know you may walk away with an extra dollar or two. Please come and support Kerry with this initiative – the more people the more fun. We will also ask if anyone from Napier or Havelock North want to join us.

we want your input
This is your newsletter and while Kerry and Allan have put together this newsletter we want your input. If you have any news (new grandchildren, jokes, story’s about current or old pets, travel story’s, anything) please Iet us have your story to include. We want this to be your newsletter, fill the fruit bowl
(not only that but it’s hard to come up with something new every time)

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Summerset invite you to join us for a ‘Mid Year Christmas Dinner’ All the residents are invited along with Kerry’s husband Wayne, Allan ‘s partner Sally and hopefully Dave and his wife will be able to join us also. Should be fun with some traditional Christmas touches and hopefully good food also.

Bring your Christmas CD, party cloths [clothes] and fun attitude and lets make it a night we can remember. We have decided to do a secret Santa. You will draw a name and you will have to buy a $5 or less present for that person. Should be a lot of fun and it’s OK to buy fun, silly presents.

Date: Friday 24th July
Where: The Rec Room
Time: 5.30pm
Bring: BYO, $5 present – food supplied

We will try and do something like this every month how about a pot luck dinner next time????

other news

Speed limit
Remember the speed limit is 15km per hour. Please let all your visitors know. It is very important we get into the habit, especially as the village fills with people.

One way
Also let all your guest know there is a one way system on the roads

New ideas
Don’t be afraid a [to] express any ideas you may have. Allan and Kerry are ALWAYS available to discus any ideas you have. In fact we are ALWAYS available to discuss any issues you may have.

If you were not aware the front gates are now closing at 6pm and opening again at 6.30am. This will allow more security during the winter months and we will look at changing the times again for the summer.

I have some information regarding an insurance company recommended by RVA (Retirement Village Association). So if you are unhappy with your current arrangement Allan has details in his office

Places to go
Miss Saigon – On at the Napier Municipal Theatre. The Napier Operatic never disappoints and there is no reason to believe this will be any different.

Volume I, Issue I

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