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22 June 1981

Dear Members,

It is with pleasure that I am able to write that the Club is in good heart and a greater interest seems to have been taken in recent weeks by members becoming more active in Snooker Dashes, golf, and generally attend the Club more frequently than in the past.

Last week 7 new members were introduced and I know that they also will enjoy the friendship that prevails amongst all who are members of this fine Club.

The Club was recently inspected by the Health Department during a routine check and a letter was received remarking on the high standard of cleanliness which had been maintained, and I take this opportunity to thank our Secretary Manager and her staff for their services to the Club.

A statement of Club activities has been contributed to this Newsletter by the members of the Committee who are in charge of House and Sport and attached herein.

In closing I wish all members a prosperous year and trust that your association with the County Club will continue to be a pleasure to you in the years ahead.



P.O. Box 403,


Dear Members,

As we now have less than three months left before the end of our 1981 year I thought that a further newsletter concerning sports fixtures and other matters of interest to all members would be in order.

Recently, due to the rise in the prices of beer and spirits, Club prices were increased but are even now comparable with any other Club in town – also take away supplies of most brands are readily in any quantity.

Visitor’s Room:
Ron Ebbett & C. Jackson. Your Committee has discussed at some length the question of making drinks available to members and their wives, or partners, in the Visitors’ Room by means of an honesty system whereby the member or members present would be responsible for the correct money being returned for what had been consumed.

It was obvious that any decision had to conform with the Licensing Laws regarding dispensing liquor to members in chartered clubs.

The manual provided by the Licensing Authority states that liquor may be sold in any room in the club provided a member is present. This being so it was decided that on Wednesdays and Fridays after 4 p.m. a tray or trolley of drinks would be made available for this purpose by a member presenting himself at the Bar and requesting this from the staff who would then take it to the Visitors’ Room. This would mean that those in the Visitors’ Room would not need to come to the bar area for their drinks, thereby assisting the staff in that there would be less to serve during a busy time.

It is not envisaged that this dispensation would be extended to members anywhere else in the Club, namely the Card or Snooker Rooms.

A quote has been accepted for the painting of the Club roof. This should be completed in the near future.

Recently the Inspector of Chartered Clubs visited and commented favourably on the cleanliness of the premises. However, he noted that the floor covering in the Bar needed renewing – this is also being attended to.

Another of these is to be held on 31 July from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Owing to the area available the number able to be catered for is about fifty. Tickets at $5 each may be purchased from the staff. A good meal is assured.

A ballot box and papers is at present outside the office in the Hall to vote on nine prospective new members. As a certain number of votes are required before an election is valid it would be of considerable help if any member would exercise his right in this matter.


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The last two snooker dashes have not been well supported – on one occasion 10 members took part and on another 14. The suggestion has been put that a night other than Wednesday be introduced. I would like any comments from members on this.

Snooker with other clubs this year resulted in wins for County against both Waipukurau and Napier. We still have to meet Hastings and Havelock North.

This year the shoot was won by Hastings who also won the Golf by a narrow margin.

An additional Trophy this year was a Cup donated jointly by Mr B.G. Smith and Mr G. Wall to be competed for by those over 60 from the County and Hastings R.S.A. clubs. R.S.A. won the first round but County won the second round and the Cup now rests in our trophy cabinet at least until next year.

Also I would like to mention that the forms for Club Championships both snooker and billiards are now on the board in the Snooker Room. Prospective champions are reminded that entries will close on 31 July after which the draws will be put up.

That is about all of interest at present. In closing I would like to thank all members for the congenial atmosphere which prevails in the Club and also to the staff for the courteous service which they provide.


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