Newspaper Article 1903 – Children’s Carnival

Children’s Carnival.

Despite the short interval which has elapsed since the Children’s Carnival was first given, there was a large attendance at the Drill Hall on Wednesday evening when it was repeated in aid of the Ladies’ Guild of Holy Trinity Church. The children enjoyed themselves thoroughly and went through the evolutions of a grand march and the various figures of square dances, and several round dances very prettily indeed. The pretty costumes worn shewed up splendidly in the brilliantly illuminated hall, and the scene was a very pretty one. After the children had had a couple of hours’ enjoyment several choruses were given by the choir, and an adults’ dance wound up a very happy evening’s entertainment. Supper was provided by members of the ladies’ guild.

Following is a list of the fancy costumes worn: –

Miss Lena Scott, Ivy.
Miss Madeline Dixon, Sea Nymph.
Miss Gregory, Summer.
Miss Muriel Scott, Ireland.
Miss C. Grinlinton, Grandma.
Miss Gladys Wigzell, Buttercup.
Miss Ada Spink, Red-Riding Hood.
Miss Alice Spink, Scotch Lassie.
Miss Katie Lovell, Red Riding Hood.
Miss Lila Lovell, Ivy.
Miss Jennie Lovell, Evergreens.
Miss May Bowden, Spanish Dancer.
Miss May Sutton, Court Lady.
Miss Gertie Bailey, Ireland.
Miss Ivy Davies, Bo-Peep.
Miss Dot Hewitt, Bridesmaid.
Miss Annie Bowden, Maid Marion.
Miss Nellie Hewitt, Bride.
Miss Ethel Rathbone, Bridesmaid.
Miss Grace Thomas, Rosebud.
Miss Trixie Sutton, Red Riding Hood.
Miss Nita Sutton, Bo-Peep.
Miss Eva Bailey, Red Riding Hood.
Miss Rosie Hewitt, Ivy.
Miss Doris Grinlinton, Red Riding Hood.
Miss Emily Wilde, Summer.
Miss Constance Nelson, Boulogne Fishwife.
Misses Ebbett, “Two little Maids.”
Miss Dorothy Grant, Spanish Dancer.
Miss Ethel Dew, Violets.
Miss Daisy Barkwith, Red, White and Blue.
Miss Jessie Teasdale, Queen.
Miss Margery [Marjorie] Grant, Cherry Ripe.
Miss Freda Burnett, Bo-Peep.
Master Stacy Grinlinton, Tom Thumb.
Master Des. [Desmond] Grant, Toreador.
Master Percy Wigzell, Footballer.
Master D. Nicholson, Little Black Coon.
Master A.  Barkwith, Highlander.
Master Gordon Rabone, Sailor.
Master Martin Eccles, Robin Hood.
Master Noel Grant, Naval Cadet.

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