Newspaper Article 1918 – Results in School Section


The awards in the schools section of the Spring Show have already been made and are as follow : –

Essay writing. – Olive Hammonds, Hastings High School, 1; G.R. White, Havelock North, 2.

Writing, Standard I. – A. McCormack, Hastings North, 1; Marjorie Pike, Maharahara West, 2; B. Brown, Napier South, 3; J. Doherty, Hastings North, v.h.c. ; M. Brown, Napier South, h.c.; N. Hobson, Hatuma c.

Writing, Standard II. – H. Clark, Gisborne, 1; Wilfred Crosswell, Gisborne, 2; Mildred Watts, Napier West, 3; Molly Le Quesne, Hastings High, v.h.c. ; May Fairey, Napier West, h.c. ; Raymond Brown, Napier South, c.

Writing, Standard III. – Frances Clegg, Napier South, 1; Melba Duncan, Napier Main, 2; Daisy Morgan, Napier South, 3; Edith Packer, Napier Main, h.c. ; Veda Exeter, Napier Main, h.c. ; Evelyn Hoyle, Port School, c.

Writing Standard IV. – Flo Pratt, Hastings High, 1: Grace Symonds, Hastings High, 2 ; Dolly Chadwick, Mangateretere, 3 ; Mangu Otene, Fernhill, v.h.c.,  Doris Bell, Port School, h.c. ; Hope Hodge, Napier South, c.

Writing, Standard V. – Roma Anderson, Hastings North, 1 ; L. Vogtherr, Hastings High, 2 ; Thelma Cooper, Napier West, 3; James Nikora, Gisborne North, v.h.c. ; Alfred Pollock, Gisborne, h.c. ; Muriel Graham Hastings North, c.

Writing. Standard VI. – Albert Smith, Napier West, I ; Mavis Gamman, Napier Main, 2 ; Mary Percy, Hastings High, 3; Eileen Read, Meeanee, v.h.c.; Phyllis Boland, Napier Main, h.c. ; Victor Rouse, Napier West, c.

Drawing Standards V and VI. – Airini Bonnor, Port Thuriri [Ahuriri], 1 ; H.G. Barden, Hastings High, 2; Jessie McVicar, Port Ahuriri, 3; W.C. Carr, Hastings High; v.h.c. ; Maurice Kain, Hastings North, h.c. ; D. Ratima, Opapa, c.

Brush – drawing, Standard IV. – George Claridge, Hastings West, 1; Ronald Bowie, Hastings North, 2; Walter Cooper, Fernhill, 3; Gipsy Gumbly, Fernhill. v.h.c. ; Rhoda Rosall, Fernhill, h.c.; Isabel Ibbotson, Hastings North, c.

Brush-drawing, Standard V.—Norma White, Hastings West, 1; Fred White, Hastings West, 2; Lily Holland, Napier Main, 3; Nancy Forsyth, Napier Main, v.h.c ; Athol White, Hastings West, h.c. ; Ethel Garratt, Napier West, c ; Alex. Cooper, Mangateretere, c.

Brush-drawing, Standard Vl. – Freda Blackert, Hastings High, 1 ; Edna Fraser, Napier Main, 2 ; Gwen Sisson, Hastings West, 3; No. 449 (name not given in catalogue, v.h.c. ; Doris Haste, Napier Main, h.c. ; R. Monteith, Hastings West, 3; Roy North, Hastings North, 3.

Brush drawing, Standard IV., tile pattern. – Earl Connor, Hastings West, 1 ; Mangu Otene, Fernhill, 2 ; Walter Cooper, Fernhill, 3 ; Avis Hawkes, Hastings West, v.h.c. ; Vera Adams, Hinerua, h.c. ; George Flanders, Mangateretere, c ;  Alice Rollo, Hastings North, c ; Edith Alder, Hinerua, c.

Brush drawing, Standard V., tile pattern. – Kathleen Stubbs, Hastings West, 1 ; E. Heyworth, Gisborne, 2 ; Oscar Rossall, Fernhill, 3; Myrtle Bull, Napier Main, h.c. ; A. Gundy, Gisborne North, c.

Brush drawing, Standard VI., tile pattern. – Freda Blackert, Hastings High, 1 ; Edna Fraser, Napier Main, 2 ; Edna Herbison, Hastings High, 3 ; Doris Haste, Napier Main, v.h.c. ; W. Carr, Hastings High, c. ; Elsie Farquhar, Hinerua, c. ; R. Monteith, Hastings North, c.

Instrumental drawing, Standard V. – Charles Dean, Dannevirke South, 1 ; Clarence Bott, Dannevirke North, 2 ; [?] Verran, Waipawa, 3 ; R. Jones, Hastings High, v.h.c.; Leonard Loved, Woodville, h.c. ; Nellie Farmer, Port Ahuriri, 3. ; B. Pothan, Convent, Hastings. c.

Brush drawing. Standard VI., cow tail. – Harriet G. Barden, Hastings High, 1 ;  W. C. Carr, Hastings High, 2 ; E. Jensen, Dannevirke North, 3; A. Jamieson, Gisborne Central. V.h.c. ; Alfred Roake, Dannevirke. h.c. ; Irene Magill, Port Ahuriri, c. ; V.L. Mu[?]ery, Hastings High, c.

[The delay in publishing the above prize list was occasioned by the fact that it was supplied from the secretary’s office, in Napier, in advance, to both our Napier contemporaries, and the “Tribune ” was totally ignored, whether deliberately or through negligence remains to be explained. As a protest against this unfair treatment, we declined to publish it all but, as many residents of Hastings have asked us to reconsider the matter, we have acceded to their desire and now publish the results.—Ed. H.B.T.)

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