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Depart By Train For Karitane Home



Going To Karitane Home In Wellington


In the absence of Mr E. L. Cullen, M.P., and at the request of the Hastings Plunket Society, the Hon. W. E. Barnard has made arrangements with the Acting-Prime Minister for the two nurses who are taking the Anderson triplets to the Karitane Home in Wellington, on Monday, to have a special compartment on the express train, free of charge.

Following is the text of a telegram received by Mr Barnard from the Minister of Railways, the Hon D.G. Sullivan. – “The acting-Prime Minister has referred to me your telegram asking for free passes for two nurses who are bringing the triplets to Wellington. In view of the special circumstances I have been pleased to arrange free accommodation for them, and a compartment has been reserved on Monday’s Napier-Wellington express. The nurses are also to be treated as the Department’s guests at Palmerston North, and light luncheon will be served in their compartment. Please ask them to call at this office regarding the return trip.”

The Hastings triplets, Mary, Rose and Elizabeth Anderson, left by the express train this morning for their stay in the Karitane Home at Wellington and that their departure was an event of more than ordinary importance was shown, not only by the fact that there was a large crowd of people on the station platform to bid them a happy send-off, but also by reason of there being two members of Parliament, one the Speaker of the House, present, and as the train left on its southward journey, the engine celebrated the occasion by cheers given on the whistle.

Before the train left, hearty cheers were also given for the triplets and the mother, whilst the father, who was present, was also included with a cheer all to himself, and the Hon. W. E. Barnard, M.P., and Mr E. L. Cullen, M.P., lustily joined in the cheers.

Comfortably placed in small baskets, and in the charge of two nurses, the triplets had a sleeping compartment of the carriage to themselves, and although they were not visible to the general public, their presence in the carriage was sufficient to excite undue interest, and many glances were made at the  compartment in the hope of catching a glimpse of the famous children.

After the departure of the triplets Mr Cullen informed a Daily Telegraph reporter that he had taken up the matter of securing the King’s Bounty for the children, and had now made an application for this award.

Mrs Anderson, the mother of the triplets, was expected to leave the nursing home today to return to her home at Kahuranaki, but her health has not been of the best since the birth of the children and it will probably take some time for her to pick up again. The children, however, are all very healthy, and both parents are very appreciative of what has been done for them by the people and the Government.

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