Newspaper Articles 1964 – British Women’s Overseas Club

[March 1964]

Overseas Club holds meeting

The annual meeting of the British Women’s Overseas Club was held recently.

Mrs H. W. Wilson presided in the absence of the president who is overseas. The secretary, Mrs M. Sowman, presented her report on the year’s activities.

The following officers were elected: President, Mrs [Miss] Edith Bannister; vice-president, Mrs K. Mason; committee, Mesdames W. Bannister, Carding, Harbottle, Isaacson, M. Massie, Mundie, Neilson, Pavior [Paviour], M. Smith, Sowman, Taylor and Walker.

Members were entertained by an account of Mrs K Menzies’s visit to Japan.

Competitions were won by Miss E. Wilson and Mrs Stewart.

[April 1964]

Many visitors at birthday party

Visitors from England, Australia, Kenya and Canada were among the large gathering of members and friends welcomed by Mrs H. W. Wilson to the 18th birthday party of the British Women’s Overseas Club, held at the St Matthew’s Guild Room.

Mrs Roy Symonds gave a demonstration on the making of gift novelties and Mrs R. T. Woodburn sang two songs accompanied by Mrs S. Butters.

An amusing game, “Where have you been and what have you seen,” was presented by Mrs J. Sunley and won by Mrs J. Wallace.

A spray was presented to the hospital visitor, Mrs J. McLean.

Mrs L. Swindell, women’s radio announcer, was present to record members’ impressions of the club.

The afternoon ended with the cutting of a red, white-and-blue decorated birthday cake by the club’s founder, Mrs Malcolm Mason.

[June 1964]

Meeting told of Oberammergau

The Oberammergau Passion Play was the subject of a talk, illustrated with coloured slides, given by Mr Eric Mason at the June meeting of the British Women’s Overseas Club.

The meeting was presided over by Mrs H. W. Wilson at the St Matthew’s Guild room.

A cake stall conducted by Mrs M. Massie and Mrs M Burt did a brisk trade in aid of club funds.

A competition was won by Mrs C. Carding. Mrs J. Sunley held the lucky seat and Mrs Eric Mason the lucky cup.

Members were able to hear a tape-recording of a recent radio programme concerning the club.

[August 1964]

Exhibition of dolls

An exhibition of dolls from many parts of the world, owned by Mrs H. W. Wilson was one of the highlights of the afternoon’s entertainment for children and grandchildren of British Women’s Overseas Club member at St Matthew’s Guild room recently.

The acting president, Mrs Wilson, and Mrs M. Sowman arranged games and competitions which were enjoyed by a vary larger gathering of children of all ages. Winners were Delyth Sunley, Lorraine Charlesworth and Sally Burt.

Children who provided entertainment were Derek Lowe, who played a piano medley, Marion Trevor, who dance a highland fling and Irish jig, and Lorraine Charlesworth who played two piano solos.

[September 1964]

Husbands and friends at social

Husbands and friends of members were among the large gathering at the British Women’s Overseas Club’s annual social at St Matthew’s Guild room, recently.

The acting president, Mrs H. W. Wilson, welcomed visitors and introduced an entertaining programme which included mimes by Graeme Milne, banjo selections by Myra and Judy Woodham, and travel films on South America and Great Britain by Mr D. Mills.

Competition winners were: Mrs Bennett sen, and Mrs E. Elms. The lucky cup was held by Mrs F. Sutherland and the lucky seat by Mrs H. Middleton.

[November 1964]

Difficult task judging mad hatters’ parade

Judges faced a difficult task when choosing the most original hats in the “mad hatters’ parade” at the British Women’s Overseas Club’s Christmas party. The first prize was awarded to Mrs S. Taylor, with Mrs F. Carpenter and, Mrs Bennett the runners-up.

St Matthew’s Guild Room was gaily decorated for the occasion and more than 60 members exchanged Christmas gifts and enjoyed carol singing.

On behalf of the club, the president, Miss Edith Bannister, made a presentation to Mrs E. Lack who is leaving shortly for a trip to Britain. Mrs Lack was also asked to cut the Christmas cake which had been made and iced by Mrs F. Jones.

A competition was won by Mrs N. Mundie, and the musical parcel by Mrs, S. Craven. Mrs Fasnacht held the lucky seat and the lucky cup was held by Mrs J. Harbottle.

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  • Miss Edith Bannister
  • Mrs W Bannister
  • Mrs M Burt
  • Sally Burt
  • Mrs S Butters
  • Mrs C [Betty] Carding
  • Mrs F [Helen] Carpenter
  • Lorraine Charlesworth
  • Mrs S Craven
  • Mrs E [Ethel] Elms
  • Mrs J [R] Harbottle
  • Mrs F Jones
  • Mrs E Lack
  • Derek Lowe
  • Eric Mason
  • Mrs K [Annette] Mason
  • Mrs Malcolm [Vera] Mason
  • Mrs M [Margret Massie
  • Mrs J McLean
  • Mrs K Menzies
  • Mrs H [Irene] Middleton
  • Graeme Milne
  • Mrs N [Nellie] Mundie
  • Mrs M Smith
  • Mrs M [Joyce] Sowman
  • Delyth Sunley
  • Mrs J [Noel] Sunley
  • Mrs F Sutherland
  • Mrs L Swindell
  • Mrs Roy Symonds
  • Mrs S [Joan] Taylor
  • Marion Trevor
  • Mrs J [Ivy] Wallace
  • Miss E Wilson
  • Mrs H W Wilson
  • Mrs R T Woodburn
  • Judy Woodham
  • Myra Woodham

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