Newspaper Article 1968 – Bone again wins HB singles

Bone again wins H.B. singles

Hawke’s Bay’s consistent winner of the single skulls, Tony Bone, won again at the Hawke’s Bay Rowing Club’s regatta, on the Ngaruroro river, Clive, on Saturday.

Place-getters J. Brown (Union) and R. Andrew (Hutt Valley) were quickly outpaced by the Hastings rower, who gained more than a length at the start of the 1 ¼ mile race.

Bone continued to increase the gap as he sent his craft skimming along the slightly joggled water to win at a distance of over seven lengths.


The single sculls win was an easy victory for the 28-year-old oarsman, who has raced against Saturday’s competitors in previous years.

Bone came second in last year’s national championships when he rowed against the winner, David Molesworth, of Whakatane. Last week he beat Molesworth at Rotorua.

Bone’s next big event will be the Auckland championships, on February 17, to be followed by the national championships, at Karapiro, in March.

Hawke’s Bay lost the senior pairs title by two feet after a sustained battle to beat Union’s John Brown and Glen McKay.

A brisk following easterly breeze helped speed four contesting craft in the 1 1/4 mile race, and Hawke’s Bay’s Allan Austin and Lawrence Sunde led for the first 400 yards.

Union crept up to capture the lead and hold the other pair at half a length. Hawke’s Bay chased the lead and narrowed the gap but their final 100-yard dash was snatched away at the finish line.

Hutt Valley’s R Joyce and R. Collinge followed 1½ lengths behind and Petone’s T. Abbott and W. Gibb were fourth.

The Hutt Valley fours, R. Joyce, M. Erwin, R. Collinge and R. Andrew won the senior fours after jumping away at the starting line and staying in top position. They are the champion fours of New Zealand, and won the event from Petone by three lengths. Hawke’s Bay tussled for second place but lost by half a length.


Junior singles: Hutt Valley No. 1 (A. Andrew) 1, Union No. 1, 2; Aramoho No. 1 and Hawke’s Bay No. 2, 3 equal; two lengths and two lengths.

Lightweight fours: Petone (J. Mowlem, M. Bognuda, L. Croft and C. Garrood) 1, Aramoho 2, Union No. 1 3; three lengths and three lengths.

Senior pair (coxless): Union No. 1 (J. Brown and G. McKay) 1, Hawke’s Bay 2, Hutt Valley 3; two feet and 1½ lengths.

Maiden four: Aramoho No. 1 (D. Vipond, L. Gibbs, G. Smith and R. Hall) 1, Star No. 2, 2; Star No. 1, 3; five lengths and one length.

Junior pairs (coxless): Aramoho No. 1 (M. McDonough and G. Minnell) 1, Star No. 1, 2; Hawke’s Bay 3; 1½ lengths and six lengths.

Senior single: Hawke’s Bay (A. Bone) 1, Union 2, Hutt Valley 3; a distance.

Youth four: Aramoho (P. Sweeney, D. MacDonald, G. Anderson and A. Hewitt) 1, Petone No. 1, 2; Petone No. 2, 3; 1½ lengths and two lengths.

Senior eight: Hutt Valley (R. Joyce, R. Collinge, W. Noakes, M. Erwin, J. Frandi, A. Leiper, P. MacAuley and R. Andrew) 1, Petone 2, Star 3; two lengths and two lengths.

Novices four: Petone No. 1 (B. Harlen, G. Bevan, W. Quinn and G. Lind) 1, Petone No. 2,2; Aramoho No. 1, 3; a distance.

Junior four: Aramoho No. l (M. McDonough, S. Prescott, G. Minnell and R. Brider) 1, Aramoho No. 2, 2: Star No. 2, 3; five lengths and one length.

Maiden eight: Star (J. O’Brien, I. Lees, W. Sharp, C. Thodey, R. Harnor, T. Castle, S. Adams and B. Willis) 1, Aramoho 2. Union 3: three- quarters length and three lengths.

Senior four: Hutt Valley No. 1 (R. Joyce, M. Erwin, R. Collinge and R. Andrew) 1, Petone 2, Hawke’s Bay 3; three lengths and half length.

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29 January 1968

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  • T Abbott
  • S Adams
  • G Anderson
  • A Andrew
  • R Andrew
  • Allan Austin
  • G Bevan
  • M Bognuda
  • Tony Bone
  • R Brider
  • John Brown
  • T Castle
  • R Collinge
  • L Croft
  • M Erwin
  • J Frandi
  • C Garrood
  • W Gibb
  • L Gibbs
  • R Hall
  • B Harlen
  • R Harnor
  • A Hewitt
  • R Joyce
  • I Lees
  • A Leiper
  • G Lind
  • P MacAulay
  • D MacDonald
  • M McDonough
  • Glen McKay
  • G Minnell
  • David Molesworth
  • J Mowlem
  • W Noakes
  • J O'Brien
  • S Prescott
  • W Quinn
  • W Sharp
  • G Smith
  • Lawrence Sunde
  • P Sweeney
  • C Thodey
  • V Vipond
  • B Willis

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