Newspaper Article 1972 – Wind causes havoc at Clive regatta

Wind causes havoc at Clive regatta

Strong winds and rain caused havoc at the Hawke’s Bay Rowing Club’s regatta on the Ngaruroro River at Clive on Saturday. The winds were so strong that many boats were blown right across the river and there was great difficulty in getting the races started.

Two races, the youths eights and the novice eights, had to be broken into two divisions because it proved an impossibility to get the boats started. This caused the programme to run up to 30 minutes late at one stage, but after the rain the river became like a mill pond and the time was caught up.

All races, with the exception of the women’s fours, were raced over a 2000-metre course.

Hawke’s Bay was the most successful club with 10 wins.

However, the Wanganui clubs of Union, Aramoho and Wanganui, had 11 wins between them. Petone had five wins and Porirua two.

Hawke’s Bay had victory snatched from it in the last, few metres of the women’s fours. Leading by half a length with about 500 metres to go, the Hawke’s Bay women tired and Union edged through to gain a three-foot win.

It was a magnificent effort by the Union four as it was the first time it, had competed in a competition race and it is also the first women’s crew in the Union Club.

Hawke’s Bay’s Tony Bone was so much superior to the rest of the field in the senior single sculls it just didn’t matter. He went straight to the front at the start and as he came under the road bridge he was clear by eight lengths. He just glided the last 500 metres to the finishing line an easy winner.

The Wairoa junior, Mike Johnson, came in second well clear of Aramoho’s Alan Luff.


Hawke’s Bay No. 1 had a good win in the junior eights. With three quarters of the race completed, the battle was on between Hawke’s Bay, Wanganui and Aramoho.

Hawke’s Bay held a narrow lead and over the final 200 metres they responded to their cox’s berating and pulled out that little extra to win by half a length.

The second division of the junior fours provided the most exciting finish of the day. Petone No. 1 was leading from Hawke’s Bay No. 1 and Union as the three boats came under the bridge.

Putting in a great spurt Hawke’s Bay swept to the front right,on the line and won by the very narrow margin of two feet. Only another two feet separated Petone and Union.

In the senior eights Wanganui outclassed Hawke’s Bay, its only opposition to win by two lengths.


Petone caused an upset in the senior fours when their maiden crew beat the Hawke’s Bay senior oarsmen by a good two lengths: Results:

Women’s fours: Union (C. Mercer, C. Sutherland, J. Tasker, J. Bell) 1, Hawke’s Bay No. 2 2, Wairoa 3.

Senior single sculls: Hawke’s Bay (A. Bone) 1, Wairoa (M. Johnson) 2, Aramoho (A. Luff) 3.

Schoolboy fours, first. division: Wanganui H.S. (C. Murphy, R. Limpus, G. Hill, R. Brock) 1, Hastings H.S. 2, Wellington H.S. 3; second division, Tawa College (P. McCormick, B. Collier, D. Jennings, C. Kelly) 1, Petone Technical 2, Colenso H.S. 3

Junior eights: Hawke’s Bay No. 1 (A. Blades, C. Nilsson, D. Holland, G. Hall, H. Jensen) 1, Wanganui 2, Aramoho 3.

Novice fours, first division: Porirua No. 1 (G. Gregory, D. Munro, C. Gunn, R. Down) 1, Aramoho No. 1 2, Star No. 1 3; second division, Hawke’s Bay No. 1 (C. Melluish [Melhuish], F. De Boer, J. Lavery, J. Harris) 1, Wairoa 2, Porirua No. 2 3; third division, Petone No. 1 (M. Turley, K. Smith, A. Ward, B. Humphries) 1, Union No. 1 2, Hawke’s Bay No. 2 3.

Junior single sculls: Aramoho No. 2 (R. Cole) 1, Star (R. Darlow) 2, Aramoho No. 3 (E. Noble) 3.

Junior fours, first division: Aramoho No. 2 (D. Vipond, G. Eastabrook, I. Angus, W. Jones) 1, Petone No. 2 2, Aramoho No. 1 3, second division, Hawke’s Bay No. 1 (A. Blades, C. Nilsson, D. Holland, G. Hall) 1, Petone No. 1 2, Union 3.

Youths eights, first division: Union (S. Donaldson, W. Ashworth, G. Tasker, P. Anderson, J. Channon, B. Rylord, A. Shenton, E. Couchman) 1, Star 2, Aramoho 3; second division, Hawke’s Bay No: 1 (I. Hodges, E. Pryor, M. Cross, D. Kennerley, G. Toms, D. Seton, G. Ewing, B. Perry) 1, Wanganui 2, Hawke’s Bay No. 2 3.

Maiden fours, first division: Petone No. 1 (C. Garrood, P. McDonald, R. Lightfoot, J. Sheehan) 1, Petone No. 2 2, Star No. 1 3; second division, Hawke’s Bay No. 1 (G. Woodcock, D. Meredith, J. Glengarry, A. Hollyman) 1, Aramoho No. 2 2, Star No. 2, 3. third division, Aramoho No. 1 (C. Howells, R. Mathieson, J. Sicily, R. Clark) 1, Petone No. 3 2, Hawke’s Bay No. 2 3.

Novice eights, first division: Porirua (G. Gregory, R. Down, C. Gunn, P. Brocklehurst, D. Wood, D. Munro, L. Anstis, B. Schooch) 1, Petone 2, Union 3; second division, Hawke’s Bay No. 1 (C. Melhuish, F. De Boer, J. Lavery, J. Harris, B. Milne, K. Fraser, N. Lister, B. Bartlett) 1, Star 2, Hawke’s Bay No. 2 3.

Youths fours, first division: Hawke’s Bay No. 1 (A. Rodda, R. Presling, N. Pulford, M. Hill) 1, Wanganui No. 1 2, Petone 3; second division, Union (S. Donaldson, T. Ashworth, G. Tasker, D. Anderson) 1, Hawke’s Bay No. 2 2, Wanganui No 2 3.

Maiden single sculls, first division: Union No. 1 (R. Tonks) 1, Aramoho No. 2 (E. Noble) 2, Hawke’s Bay No. 1 (W. Caldwell) 3; second division, Wairoa (M. Johnson) 1, Aramoho No. 1 (A. Luff) 2, Star No. 3 (C. Iremonger) 3.

Senior eights: Wanganui (T. Johnson. P. Wood, B. Thomas, J. Knofflock, C. Adams, R. Hart, D. Corps, F. Stewart) 1, Hawke’s Bay 2.

Lightweight fours, first division: Aramoho (D. Vipond, G. Eastabrook, I. Angus, W. Jones) 1, Star 2, Hawke’s Bay No. 2 3; second division, Petone No. 1 (C. Garrood, P. McDonald, K. Lightfoot, J. Mowlem) 1, Petone No. 2 2, Union 3.

Maiden eights, first division: Wanganui No. 1. (C. Adams, P. Wood, B. Thomas, R. Hart, G. Thompson, F. Stewart, D. Corps, W. Osborne) 1, Petone 2, Porirua 3; second division, Hawke’s Bay No. 1 (J. Glengarry, D. Meredith, G. Woodcock, C. Johnson, R. Osborne, J. Gibb, P. Bastion, A. Hollyman) 1, Union 2, Aramoho 3.

Senior fours: Petone (J. Harland, D. Lock, T. Wright. J. Mowlem) 1, Hawke’s Bay 2.

Open double sculls: Hawke’s Bay No. 1 (A. Bone, E. Fergus) 1, Aramoho 2, Union 3.

Novice schoolboy fours: Petone Technical (M. Turley, K. Smith, S. Edmonds, S. Brough) 1, Hastings H.S. No. 2 2, Wanganui H.S. 3.

Photo caption – HAWKE’S BAY’S TONY BONE, who won the single sculls event by a wide margin under difficult conditions at the Clive Rowing Club’s regatta at Clive on Saturday.

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  • B Bartlett
  • P Bastion
  • A Blades
  • Tony Bone
  • W Caldwell
  • F De Boer
  • E Fergus
  • K Fraser
  • J Glengarry
  • G Hall
  • J Harris
  • M Hill
  • D Holland
  • A Hollyman
  • H Jensen
  • Mike Johnson
  • J Lavery
  • A Luff
  • N Lister
  • C Melhuish
  • D Meredith
  • B Milne
  • C Nilsson
  • R Presling
  • N Pulford
  • A Rodda
  • G Woodcock

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