Newspaper Article 1982 – Pets have their day at Waiwhare parade

Pets have their day at Waiwhare parade

Pigeons, lambs and dogs were among the pets brought to Waiwhare School on Monday last week for the annual pet day.

Waiwhare is the remotest school in the Gazette’s circulation area. It is just off the Taihape Rd past Otamauri.  There are 31 pupils.

Lambs and dogs dominated the day and formed the basis of the lamb races, trick events, best-groomed and ugliest pets competitions.

The fancy-dress and lamb-drinking competitions were most popular. Thirty parents watched the morning’s events.

Indoor flower show-type activities also took place. First, second, third, very highly commended and highly commended prizes were awarded.

Results were. –

Junior school

Indoor activities. – Miniature garden: Philippa Kay 1, Rachel Kay 2, Nichola Hays 3, Gavin Sparkes VHC, Peter Ward HC.   Landscape: Nicola White 1, Elizabeth Gordon 2, John Huff 3.   Handcraft: Mark Barnett 1, Aaron Wallis 2, Philippa Kay 3, Michelle Davidson VHC.   Sandposy: Michelle Davidson 1, Lucy Arthur 2, Mark Barnett 3.   Vegetable novelty: Jamie Adams 1, Gavin Sparkes 2, Michelle Davidson 3, Nichola Hayes VHC, Rachel Kay HC.   Hobbies: Lucy Arthur 1, Peter Shield 2, Mark Barnett 3, Rachel Kay, Philippa Kay and Dallas Bennett, HC.

Outdoor activities. – Lamb race: Aaron Wallis 1, Lucy Arthur 2, Philippa Kay 3.   Trick: Jessica Arthur 1, Mark Barnett 2, Rachel Kay 3, Philippa Kay VHC.   Best groomed: Nichola Hayes 1, Dallas Bennett 2, Gavin Sparkes 3, Nicola White VHC.   Leading: John Huff 1, Gareth Hawkins 2, Nicholette Eatwell 3.   Ugliest pet: Aaron Wallis 1, Elizabeth Gordon 2, Peter Shield [Sheild] 3.   Miscellaneous: Michelle Davidson 1, Nichola Hayes 2, Elizabeth Gordon 3, Mark Barnett VHC.

Senior school

Indoor activities. – Fudge: Toni Wallis 1, Aaron White 2, Campbell Vette 3, Jono Kyle VHC.   Vegetable novelty: Anna Wilkins 1, Campbell Vette 2, Tony Worsley 3.   Hobbies: Ian Drayton 1, Susan Sparkes 2, Aaron White 3.   Handcraft: Jenny Drayton 1, Ian Drayton 2, Rebecca Hawkins 3, Trudy Sheild VHC.   Floral arrangement: Derek Hair [Hain] 1, Susan Sparkes 2, Tony Worsley 3.   Chocolate cake: Jason Davidson 1, Rebecca Hawkins 2, Andrew Gordon 3, Susan Sparkes VHC.   Pikelets: Toni Wallis 1, Aaron White 2, Jason Davidson 3.   Miniature garden: Campbell Vette 1, Toni Wallis 2, Jason Davidson 3, Anna W [Wilkins].   Miscellaneous; Philippa Drayton 1, Jason Davidson 2, Mathew Wilkins 3, Susan Sparkes VHC.

Open classes

Fancy dress. – Dion Henderson 1, Susan Sparkes 2, Diane Drayton 3, and Campbell Vette, Annette Huff and Peter Ward VHC.

Lamb drinking: Campbell Vette 1, Nicholette Eatwell 2, Lucy Arthur 3, Peter Ward, slowest; Anna Wilkins, near miss.

Photo caption – “And they’re off”… 22 lambs in the Waiwhare drinking competition slurp and suck their way through bottles of warm milk.

Susan Sparkes (left) entered her dog Jim and the Glencross [Glenross] taxi service in the pet fancy-dress competition.

They won.

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[From an eyewitness – “near miss” refers to the fact that the lamb inhaled too much air because of its owner squeezing the bottle while feeding it, causing it to collapse and was revived by means of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation by the owner’s mother.]

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November 1982


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  • Jamie Adams
  • Jessica, Lucy Arthur
  • Mark Barnett
  • Dallas Bennett
  • Jason, Michelle Davidson
  • Diane, Ian, Philippa Drayton
  • Nicholette Eatwell
  • Andrew Gordon
  • Derek Hain
  • Gareth, Rebecca Hawkins
  • Nichola Hayes
  • Dion Henderson
  • Annette, John Huff
  • Philippa, Rachel Kay
  • Jono Kyle
  • Peter, Trudy Sheild
  • Aaron, Toni Wallis
  • Peter Ward
  • Aaron, Nicola White
  • Anna, Mathew Wilkins
  • Tony Worsley

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