Newspaper Article 1983 – 100pc turnout at Waiwhare pet day

100pc turnout at Waiwhare pet day

All families with children at Waiwhare School turned up for the school’s annual pet day.

The day was dominated by lambs and dogs. Other notable pets were pigeons, goldfish and cats.

“The large turnout of parents representing all 26 families was pleasing to note,” said school principal Mr Dave Wallis.

A relieving teacher and district resident, Mrs Pam Gunson, judged the entries.

“The children put in many hours of hard work with the indoor exhibits while their knowledge of pet care was also a feature,” Mr Wallis said. All children received an award in nearly 30 sections.

A morning tea was held and the show concluded at mid-day.

Results were: –

Juniors. –

Miniature garden/landscape: Rachel Kay 1, Aaron Wallis 2, Mark Barnett 3, Peter Ward 4.
Hobbies: Jessica Arthur 1, Michelle Davidson 2, Gavin Sparkes 3.
Handcraft: Vicki [Vicky] Barnett 1, Rachel Kay 2, Aaron Wallis 3, Nicola Lawrence 4.
Sandposy: Michelle Eatwell 1, Jessica Arthur 2, Deon Holgate 3, Mathew Croad 4.
Vegetable novelty: Dean Adams 1, Vicki Barnett 2, Jamie Adams 3, Michelle Davidson 4.
Lamb race: Deon Holgate 1, Peter Ward 2, Aaron Wallis 3.
Tricks: Mark Barnett 1, Jason Goulding 2, Aaron Wallis 3.
Best-groomed lamb: Rachel Kay 1, Vicki Barnett 2, Deon Holgate 3.
Best-groomed other pet: John Huff 1, Nicola Lawrence 2, Jason Goulding 3, Michelle Davison [Davidson] 4.
Leading: Mathew Croad 1, Peter Ward 2, Aaron Wallis 3.
Fancy dress: Rachel Kay 1, Jessica Arthur 2, Nicola Lawrence 3.
Miscellaneous: Nicola [Nichola] Hayes , Caroline Hain 2, Gavin Sparkes 3.

Seniors. –

Three pieces of fudge: Toni Wallis 1, Elizabeth Gordon 2, Jason Davidson 3.
Vegetable novelty: Tony Worsley 1, Jono Kyle 2, Susan Sparkes 3, Kylee Holgate 4.
Hobbies: Nicholette Eatwell 1, Derek Hain 2, Susan Sparkes 3, Jacqueline Huff [Holgate] 4.
Handcraft: Philippa Kay 1, Diane Drayton 2, Trudy Shield 3, Annette Huff.
Floral arrangement: Trudy Shield 1, Philippa Kay 2, Jacqueline Holgate 3, Diane Drayton 4.
Chocolate cake: Jacqueline Holgate 1, Jason Davidson 2, Toni Wallis 3, Susan Sparkes 4.
Pikelets: Nicola White 1, Aaron White 2, Nicholette Eatwell 3.
Miniature garden/landscape: Philippa Kay 1, Lucy Arthur 2, Nicola White 3.
Lamb race: Diane Drayton 1, Toni Wallis 2, Anna Wilkins 3.
Trick: Philippa Drayton 1, Toni Wallis 2, Susan Sparkes 3.
Best-groomed lamb: Jono Kyle 1, Phillipa Kay 3, Anna Wilkins 3.
Best-groomed other pet: Peter Shield [Sheild] 1, Jacqueline Holgate 2, Nichotte [Nicholette] Eatwell 3, Andrew Gordon 4.
Leading: Ian Drayton 1, Aaron White 2, Nicola White 3.
Fancy dress: Diane Drayton 1, Trudy Shield 2, Nicola White 3, Elizabeth Gordon 4.
Miscellaneous: Nicholette Eatwell 1, Anna Wilkins 2, Jacqueline Holgate 3.

Open events. –

Lamb drinking: Jono Kyle 1, Rachel Kyle [Kay] 2, Elizabeth Gordon 3.
Ugliest pet: Jamie Adams 1, Michelle Eatwell 2, Michael Ward 3, Dion Henderson 4, Annette Huff 5.

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14 November 1983


Hawke's Bay Gazette


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  • Dean, Jamie Adams
  • Jessica, Lucy Arthur
  • Mark, Vicky Barnett
  • Mathew Croad
  • Jason, Michelle Davidson
  • Diane, Ian, Philippa Drayton
  • Michelle, Nicholette Eatwell
  • Andrew, Elizabeth Gordon
  • Jason Goulding
  • Mrs Pam Gunson
  • Caroline, Derek Hain
  • Nichola Hayes
  • Dion Henderson
  • Deon, Jacqueline, Kylee Holgate
  • Annette, John Huff
  • Philippa, Rachel Kay
  • Jono Kyle
  • Nilcoa Lawrence
  • Peter, Trudy Sheild
  • Gavin, Susan Sparkes
  • Aaron, Dave, Toni Wallis
  • Michael, Peter Ward
  • Aaron, Nicola White
  • Anna Wilkins
  • Tony Worsley

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