Newspaper Article 1984 – Waiwhare makes strong bid for supremacy

Waiwhare makes strong bid for supremacy

Waiwhare School emerged as a force to be reckoned with when it challenged Crownthorpe School for supremacy in the annual Taihape Road schools’ swimming sports at Sherenden School.

Waiwhare won 15 of the 57 events, close behind Crownthorpe’s 18 first places.  Sherenden won 11 events, Pukehamoamoa nine and Otamauri, the smallest school, four.

Sports organiser Mrs Jackie Gregory, Otamauri School, said it was a successful day and “a marvellous turnout of parents.”

There were 150 competitors and between 50 and 100 parents. The number of competitors was down on past years.

Results were (abbreviations: C-Crownthorpe, O-Otamauri, P-Pukehamoamoa, S-Sherenden and W-Waiwhare): –

5-year-olds. – Girls: Walk, Vicki [Vicky] Barnett (W) 1, Sarah Collins (S) 2, Sarah Mathews [Matthews] (S) 3.   Ball push, Vicki Barnett (W) 1, Sarah Mathews (S) 2, Michelle Eatwell (W) 3.   Flutterboard, Sarah Mathews (S) 1, Nicola Connor (S) 2, Kylie King (P) 3.   Kick on back (girls and boys), Ben Kent (C) 1, Nicola Connor (S) 2.   Boys: Walk, Dean Adams (W) 1, Jason Goulding (W) 2, Michael Ward (W) 3.   Ball push, Ben Kent (C) 1, Dean Adams (W) 2, Michael Mooney (S) 3.   Flutterboard, Ben Kent (C) and Jonathon Ward (S) equal 1.

6-year-olds. – Girls: Walk, Kathryn Paton (O) l, Margot Lowry (S) 2, Catherine Mueller (C) 3.   Ball push, Nichola Hayes (W) 1, Toni Gunderson (P) 2, Alecia Oldfield (O) 3.   Flutterboard, Margot Lowry (S) 1, Toni Gunderson (P) 2, Jessica Arthur (W) 3.   Kick on back, Toni Gunderson (P) 1, Margot Lowry (S) 2, Catherine Mueller (C) 3.   Width freestyle, Toni Gunderson (P) 1, Margot Lowry (S) 2, Catherine Mueller (C) 3. Boys:   Walk, Nicholas Dorward (P) 1, Henry Helmore (C) 2, Travis Le Comte (C) 3.   Ball push, Gavin Sparkes (W) 1, Henry Helmore (C) 2, Travis Le Comte (C) 3.   Flutterboard, Henry Helmore (G) 1, Peter Ward (W) 2, Nicholas Dorward (P) 3.   Kick on back, Henry Helmore (C) 1, David Joll (C) 2, Nicholas Dorward (P) 3.   Width freestyle, David Joll (C) 1, Henry Helmore (C) 2, Travis Le Comte (C) 3.

7-year-olds. – Girls: Width freestyle, Fiona Jurgens (C) 1, Kim Parkinson (P) 2, Nicola White (W) 3.   Width flutterboard, Fiona Jurgens (C) 1, Kim Parkinson (P) 2, Bridget Lowry (S) 3.   Width kick on back, Louise Sidney (C) 1, Fiona Jurgens (C) 2, Jemima Helmore (C) and Sally Patrick (C) equal 3.   Length freestyle, Fiona Jurgens (C) 1, Sally Patrick (C) 2, Bridget Lowry (S) 3. Length backstroke, Fiona Jurgens (C) 1, Bridget Lowry (S) 2, Kirsty Hunt (P) 3.   Boys: Width freestyle, Rue-Matiki Clarkson (C) 1, Jamie Adams (W) 2, Mark Barnett (W) 3.   Width flutterboard (first race) Aaron Wallis (W) 1, Jamie Adams (W) 2, Phillip Connor (S) 3.   (Second race) Angus Agnew (S) 1, Rue-Matiki Clarkson (C) 2.   Kick on back, Angus Agnew (S) 1, Michael Harper (C) 2, Aaron Wallis (W) 3.   Length freestyle, Angus Agnew (S) 1 , Rue-Matiki Clarkson (C) 2, Michael Harper (C) 3.

8-year-olds. – Girls: Width freestyle, Elizabeth Gordon (W) and Lucy Arthur (W) equal 1, Bridget Lowry (S) 2, Sarah Sherwood (O) 3.   Length freestyle, Sonya Neill (S) 1, Jewel Ferris (P) 2, Stacey Williamson (C) 3.  Length backstroke, Sarah Sherwood (O) and Jewell Ferris (P) equal 1, Kylie [Kylee] Holgate (W) 2.   Boys: Width freestyle (with 9-year-olds), Carl Gunderson (P) 1, Jason Davison [Davidson] (W) 2, Tim Peni (P) 3.   Length freestyle, Peter Shield [Sheild] (W) 1, Stuart Oliver (S) 2, Ross Kent (C) 3.   Length backstroke, Tom Helmore (C) and Ross Kent (C) equal 1, Duncan Harper (C) 2, Nicky Beeby (C) 3.

9-year-olds. – Girls: Length freestyle, Anna Wilkins (W) 1, Toni Wallis (W) 2, Amanda Pocock (S) 3.   Length backstroke, Tracey Cotterell (C) 1, Debbie Sherwood (S) 2, Rachel Allan (C) 3.   Boys: Length freestyle, Guy Aitchison (S) 1, James Patrick (C) 2, Jeremy Hunt (P) 3.   Length backstroke, James Patrick (C) 1, Guy Aitchison (S) 2, Nigel Yule (C) 3.

10-year-olds. – Girls: Two lengths freestyle, Sarah-Jane Lewis (S) 1, Vanessa Kaa (S) 2, Phillipa Drayton (W) 3.   Two lengths backstroke, Sarah-Jane Lewis (S) 1, Vanessa Kaa (S) 2, Kelly Neil (S) 3.   Boys: Two lengths freestyle, Shayne O’Connor (P) 1, Marc Bridgman (C) 2, Mark Jurgens (C) 3.   Two lengths backstroke, Mark Jurgens (C) 1, Shayne O’Connor (P) 2, Marc Bridgman (C) 3.

11-year-olds – Four lengths freestyle, Julie Clapp (P) 1, Vanessa Gunderson (P) 2, Jacqueline Holgate (W) 3.   Two lengths backstroke, Vanessa Gunderson (P) 1, Annette Glover (C) 2, Trudy Shield (W) 3.   Boys: Four lengths freestyle, Craig Roil (P) 1, Aaron Parkinson (P) 2, Derek Hain (W) 3.   Two lengths backstroke (and 12-year-olds) Jono Kyle (W) 1, Chris Eddy (C) 2, Andrew Gordon (W) 3.

12-year-olds. – Girls: Four lengths freestyle, Michelle Lett (O) 1, Jenny Peni (P) 2, Catherine Jurgens (C) 3.   Two lengths backstroke, Sheree Kaa (S) 1, Catherine Jurgens (C) 2, Jenny Peni (P)   Boys: Four lengths freestyle, Jono Kyle (W) 1, Chris Eddy (C) and Jason Roil (P) equal 2.

10 years and over length, Lyree Orchard (O) 1, Maree Woods (C) 2, Kirsten Evans (S) 3.

Boys’ open two lengths backstroke, Chris Eddy (C) 1, Craig Roil (P) 2, Shayne O’Connor (P) 3.

Four-person medley (three strokes), Waiwhare 1, Pukehamoamoa 2, Crownthorpe 3.

Junior relay (length) Sherenden 1, Waiwhare 2, Crownthorpe 3. Senior relay, Waiwhare 1, Crownthorpe 2. Pukehamoamoa 3.

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