Newspaper Article 1993 – Girls Brigade – June 22 to 28

Girls Brigade – June 22 to 28

The Girls Brigade is holding its annual fund-raising drive this week. Since Tuesday, June 22, and finishing on Monday, June 28, girls will be knocking at doors selling chocolate almonds. This Saturday, between 10am and midday girls will also be outside Trust Bank Central and Deka in Hastings. Proceeds from the sale will be used to buy a video recorder for Hastings Girls Brigade to show educational videos.

The second Hastings company also have vacancies for girls in their junior section aged five to eight years. The company can be contacted on 878 5915. A contact number for the third Hastings company is 877 5031.

How it all began

The history of Girls’ Brigade began on a chilly Saturday afternoon in 1893.

The girls of Sandymount Presbyterian Church, near Louth in the Irish Republic had met, as usual, for their singing practice. The day of the annual Sabbath School meeting was approaching and there were songs to be rehearsed.

On this particular day the girls were feeling the cold. The wind blowing off the nearby Dublin Bay was harsher than usual.

Because of this the girls’ conductor Miss Lyttle decided that a physical, drill would warm up the members of the group.

The effect was immediate. The girls were delighted and soon began to ask that this drill be a regular part of their Saturday programme.

Word spread as some of the girls told their brothers in the Boys’ Brigade about the drill. Soon after one of the girls suggested that the group all themselves “The Girls’ Brigade”.

Out of this spontaneity the name for what has become a great world-wide organisation began.

Miss Lyttle could never have imagined that the Girls’ Brigade would, in years to come, be represented in five continents by flourishing companies of girls from many countries.

The Girls’ Brigade programme is based on Luke Chapter 2:52. Taking in the four aspects of Jesus’ growing years. He continued to grow in wisdom (educationally), and stature (physically), in favour with God (spiritually) and man (socially).

The Girls’ Brigade motto is “seek, serve, and follow Christ”.

Girls are welcome to attend a company for four to six weeks as recruits so that they can find out about Girls’ Brigade before becoming a full member.

At the end of that time, a recruit would be entitled to enrolment and would wear the uniform of her age group.

For further details about Girls’ Brigade phone Melva on 878 5915.

Happy is the Brigader

Happy is the Brigader who can be trusted in all things, for she will be a strength to many.
Blessed is the leader who has not sought the high places.
Happy is the Brigader who has heard the call of Christ and follows this call, for hers is the Kingdom of Heaven.
Blessed is the leader who knows where she is going, why she is going and how to get there.
Happy is the Brigader who is always ready to help; she will gain more than she gives.
Blessed is the leader who surmounts discouragement.
Happy is the Brigader who knows the true meaning of love, for love is of God.
Blessed is the leader who knows how to lead without being dictatorial.
Happy is the Brigader who forgets herself for others; she will never know the meaning of loneliness.
Blessed is the leader who develops leaders while leading.
Happy is the Brigader who has respect for all living things; she will find God everywhere.
Blessed is the leader who leads for the good of all concerned and not to satisfy her own desires.
Happy is the Brigader who has learnt to obey gladly; for she is fit to lead.
Blessed is the leader who seeks the best for those she serves.
Happy is the Brigader who can laugh when life is dark; for her sun will always shine.
Blessed is the leader who though her head may sometimes be in the clouds, always her feet are on the ground.
Happy is the Brigader who knows the true value of everything, for she will never want for anything.
Blessed is the leader who sees leadership as an opportunity to serve Christ.
Happy is the Brigader whose life is pure, for she will bring light into dark places.

Photo caption – Left to right: Rowena Austin, 1st Napier; Janice Zahn [Zachan], lst Taradale; Denise Dawson, 2nd Taradale; Melva Mildenhall, 2nd Hastings; Frances Gifford, 3rd Hastings; and Brenda Gilson, 5th Napier.

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