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Veterans draw

The women’s golf 50th veterans tournament qualifying round draw for Monday, March 3, at the Waipukurau Golf Club.-

No. 1 tee, 8.30: J. Whitehead (Man), A. Hosking (Wha), B. Parker (F), J. Carter (N). 8.37: T. Ellis (O), B. Jones (Lin), H. Grant (M), D. Walker (H). 8.44: J. Lomas (M), S. Price (NS), P. Ingram (D), A. Wilmshurst (Mk). 8.51: E. Hill (H), M. Harman (K), I. Mills (Wpk), J. Jones (D). 8.58: D. Evans (O), R. Werner (M), T. Ancell (K), J. Lee (TA). 9.05: K. Puke (Mk), P. Birdsall (Wpk), D. Smallbone (A), E. Ellis (H). 9.12: Starters time. 9.19: B. Beachen (OO), B. Hill (R), B. Kingi (F), B. Henderson (L). 9.26: P. Mann (H), D. Rennie (T), G. Camping (MM), M. Goss (Rs). 9.33: L. Hey (MM), P. Oakley (Mi), V. Glover (M), P. Emmerson (Tp). 9.40: P. McHardy (Tp), J. Newton (U), H. Andersen (N), H. Smith (A). 9.47: L. Ballam (Tm), O. Steptoe (Mi), A. Bell (PB), M. McLean (MP). 9.54: B. Murchison (Ho), A. Walker (D), E. Toms (Tp), I. Duxfield (K).

No. 10 tee: 8.30, E. Martin (D), J. Rowe (M), L. Stevens (B), L. Clarke (Hok). 8.37: M. Bishop (Wpk), M. Betts (R), N. Tucker (M), R. Trafford (PB). 8.44: S. Strathern (QP), C. Scott (MM), C. Elliot (N1), A. Van Dam (C). 8.51: M. Howse (N), M. Leggoe (Hok), N. Montgomery (M), A. Cliff (C). 8.58: P. Kilford (N), J. Vial (P), L. Mills (F), R. Fair (Wpk). 9.05: Starters time. 9.12: N. Fergus (P), B. Graham (M), M. Stephens (F), N. Ridgen (G). 9.19: P. Danaher (Rm), P. Wilding (MM), B. Rotherham (N), E. Manera (Hok). 9.26: I. Anderton, (Wpk), A. Tucker (N), E. Greensmith (Nl), J. McCormick (Tk). 9.33: G. Mills (M), S. King (OO), J. Piper (N), J. Wilson (F). 9.40: P. Morton (M), M. Foote (Win), M. Lee (Fl), N. Blakeaway (Mir). 9.47: V. Marshall (M), A. Rasmusen (D), H. Annetts (Wpk), A. Reeks (Wpw). 9.54: J. Boyle (M), B. Moore (Wpk), S. Simpson (D), A. Fearn (BP).

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Surnames in article – Ancell, Andersen, Anderton, Annetts, Ballam, Beachen, Bell, Betts, Birdsall, Bishop, Blakeaway, Boyle, Camping, Carter, Clarke, Cliff, Danaher, Duxfield, Elliot, Ellis, Emmerson, Evans, Fair, Fearn, Fergus, Foote, Glover, Goss, Graham, Grant, Greensmith, Harman, Henderson, Hey, Hill, Hosking, Howse, Ingram, Jones, Kilford, King, Kingi, Lee, Leggoe, Manera, Mann, Marshall, Martin, McCormick, McHardy, McLean, Mills, Montgomery, Moore, Morton, Murchison, Newton, Oakley, Parker, Piper, Price, Rasmusen, Reeks, Rennie, Ridgen, Rotherham, Rowe, Scott, Simpson, Smallbone, Smith, Stephens, Steptoe, Stevens, Strathern, Toms, Trafford, Tucker, Van Dam, Vial, Walker, Werner, Whitehead, Wilding, Wilmshurst, Wilson.


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