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The R.M.S. Marama went into the stream at 3.55 p.m. yesterday, but owing to all the firemen not being available for work  she was unable to sail last night. She was expected to get away in the early hours this morning.

She will take the following passengers: – First saloon: Misses L. E. Anderson, Burley, Beauchamp, Burns, Chambers, G. Court, Fountaine, Helm, Leavy, Moore, McLeod, Moore, Nelson, E.J. Port, M. Port, Perry, L. Taylor, H. Wilson, Mesdames Allen, E. C. Burley, Borgen, H. S. Cowan, Cleghorn, J. Chilow, C. Court, Evans and 2 children. Gibson and infant, Goldberg, C. Hack, F. Harris, Haddon, Hume, Leavy, E. C. Mead, Mathews and child, McBryde, Nicholson, L. Nelson, Pietzeken,  Perkins, Perry, Reece, E.W. Spragg,  F. H. Smith, Seerle, F. Thompson, F. H. Wilson, Wilson, Webber, W.H. Wallace, G. Wirth  H. Whelstone, Dr. Perry, Dr. Scott Shepherd, Messrs. Allen, Borgen, H.S. Cowan, J. Clulow, C Court, Crane, Callender, Evans (2), Gibson, Goldberg, C. Hack, P. Hyams, H. Hyams, F Harris, Helm, A. M. Harris, A .S. Knight, E. C. Little, G. H. Meyers, Mathews, McKenzie, Morton, H. E. McCartney, Mitchell, McBryde, V.P. Nicholson, L. Nelson, J.A. Pietzeken, L. A. Rhodes, Reece, F.H. Smith, Harrison, Smith, Sharood, Seerle, H.C. Tucker, F. Thompson, WalIis, F. N. Wilson, Wilson, R. Watson, R.H. Watson, G. Wirth (2), H. Whelstone. C. Whittle, Master Burley.

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Allen, Anderson, Beauchamp, Borgen, Burley, Burns, Callender, Chambers, Chilow, Cleghorn, Clulow, Court, Court, Cowan, Crane, Evans, Fountaine, Gibson, Goldberg, Hack, Haddon, Harris, Harrison, Helm, Hume, Hyams, Knight, Leavy, Little, Mathews, McBryde, McCartney, McKenzie, McLeod, Mead, Meyers, Mitchell, Moore, Morton, Nelson, Nicholson, Perkins, Perry, Perry, Pietzeken, Port, Reece, Rhodes, Seerle, Sharood, Smith, Spragg, Taylor, Thompson, Tucker, Wallace, Wallis, Watson, Webber, Whelstone, Whittle, Wilson, Wirth


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