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It is always a pleasing thing to hear the words of praise given with regard to Napier, and such words coming from the lips of strangers to the town should be treasured as golden.

An amusing story was told to a “Herald” representative late last evening, when a police officer related how he had been accosted by an officer of a ship in port who asked him the way to the nearest hotel. On being informed that he would probably find that the Masonic Hotel would be the handiest, the officer thanked the detective, who was in plain clothes, and informed him that it was his intention of getting a drink.

“But you cannot get a drink at this time of night, as our hotels are closed to the public after 6 o’clock,” remarked the detective.

Not realising how near the brink of turmoil he was, the officer replied: “Oh, that is all right, it is the easiest matter out to get a drink after hours.”

The detective then pointed to the thirsty man that he would find it an impossible feat to obtain a drink at an hotel in Napier, after 6 o’clock.

On appreciating that his informer was quite serious, the officer replied “Well, sir, I don’t know who you are, but I would like to tell you that I have a great respect and admiration for this beautiful city of yours. This is my first visit, and I have travelled the world, and yet I can say that, without exception, the licensing laws in your town are more strictly adhered to than in any other city I have been in. In cities I have visited it is the easiest thing in the world to get a drink at any hour of the night. I know that what I say is right, for, before I met you, I tried to get a drink at various hotels, but without any success.

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