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The visit of Mr Holyoake to Canberra for the vital Anzac defence talks go off to a jolly, laughing, back-slapping start when he arrived. In a powerful display of transtasman friendship and bonhomie, Mr Holyoake and Mr Holt shook hands, hugged each other, swapped jokes… “Good to see you, Harold,” boomed Mr Holyoake. “You’re always welcome, Keith, “ grinned Mr Holt. – News item.

“It’s good to see you, Harold,” –
“You’re always welcome, Keith!”
Those were the Words they carolled,
With happily smiling Teeth.
They hugged and they slapped each Other,
Their Joy was so complete.
Brother and long-lost brother
Were never so glad to meet.

Our two Great Nations gazed, Sir,
On that affecting Scene.
Were Anyone’s Eyebrows raised, Sir?
A Cynic’s might have been, –
Only a Cynic, racked, Sir.
By the Acid in his Craw,
Could say it was All an Act, Sir.
And sneer at What he saw.

And I am not One of Those, Sir.
And I’m sure (I hope) YOU’RE not!
But I can’t forbear to pose, Sir,
The baffling Question, WHAT –
What on this anguished Earth, Sir,
As those great Chieftains paired,
Was the CAUSE of all that Mirth, Sir?
What was the Joke they shared?

It wasn’t the Balance of Trade, Sir,
Or the Cost of War that rises, –
Whatever it WAS that made (Sir)
Them happy as Kids with Prizes, –
With the Worst there is to fear, Sir,
and the Best that can be done, –
If only They’d make it clear, Sir,
and let ALL of Us share the Fun.

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