Newspaper Article – Woodville Plunket Annual Meeting

Woodville Plunket Annual Meeting

Mrs A.J.C. Allott presided at the annual meeting of the Woodville Plunket Society sub-branch, welcoming those present, who included E.C. Horne, an ex-president and life member and the nurse, Mrs J.H. Glassey.

The annual report and balance sheet showed continued progress, Mrs E.J. Harding congratulating the committee on a very successful year.

The Plunket Nurse’s report gave the number of new baby cases as 70, visits to home to babies, 402, visits of babies to rooms, 403, visits of pre-school children to rooms, 164. Car mileage, 1,329 miles.

The president thanked the committee, advisory board, auditor and all who had helped during the year. Sprays made by Mrs D.E. Quick were presented to the president, Mrs L.L. Pearse. Mrs Quick and Mrs H.R. Johnston had arranged the flowers in the hall.

Mrs Horne gave an interesting travel talk about her voyage on a Norwegian ship in the Spitsbergen Archipelago, where she saw the most northerly post office, and visited a Lapland encampment, where she was impressed with the healthy looking children. Mrs Horne was thanked with a spray.

Election of officers: President, Mrs A.J.C. Allott (re-elected); vice-presidents, Mesdames H.R. Johnston, E.S. Klein, K.D. Hutchings, J.S. Patterson, D.E. Quick; secretary-treasurer, Mrs L.L. Pearse (re-elected); Advisory Board, Dr. D.E. Quick, Messrs J.S. Thomasen, R Mathieson, H.R. Johnston; committee, Mesdames E.E. Beale, D.E. Beagley, A.T. Bradley, M.G. Brown, K. Busch, B.H. de Boer, R. Fulton, E. Goldsworthy, N.J.C. Grimes, P. Herrick, G. Judd, A. Knight, R.B. Longstaff, R. Mabey, R.T. Managh, C.E. McKinlay, O. Miller, G.R. Morgan, K. Morris, R. Orange, W. Poulton, J.F. Quigan, G. Ramsden, C. Squires, B. White and L.J. Worboys; auditor, B.H. de Boer; trustees, Mesdames Allott, Patterson, Quigan and Pearse; delegates to branch committee, Mesdames Allott, Quick and Pearse.

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