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[February 1957]

Overseas Club

At the February afternoon meeting of the British Women’s Overseas Club, held at St. Matthew’s Hall and presided over by Mrs Wainscott, members enjoyed a lecture given by Mrs M. Mitchell on floral art. Mrs Mitchell accompanied her talk by demonstrating some beautiful vase arrangements and sprays.

A “White Elephant” stall was conducted by committee members to augment club funds, and nominations were taken for the new committee to be elected at the annual meeting later this month.

[March 1957]

Overseas Club Gets Angles on Games

The Olympic Games in Melbourne, seen from both a spectator’s and a participant’s viewpoint, was given to members of the British Women’s Overseas Club in Hastings recently.

Miss Margaret Stuart joined the New Zealand team at Christchurch, and flew direct to the games. Miss Jeanette Laws travelled leisurely by sea from Auckland to Sydney, and from thence on a three-day bus trip to Melbourne.

Whereas Jeanette was able to come and go as she pleased at her hotel, Margaret was provided with a chaperone, and at night a sentry stood guard outside the 10ft. wire fence which surrounded the women’s quarters in the Olympic village.

The two girls illustrated their talks with slides.

At the annual meeting which followed the following officers were elected: –

President, Mrs. J. Sunley; vice-president, Mrs. L. H. Wainscott; committee, Mesdames Stuart, Watson, Grahame, Fielding, Sowman, Eyles, Charlesworth, Herries, Harbottle, Middleton, Val Mason and Ann Mason.

[April 1957]

Overseas Club Holds 11th Birthday Party

The 11th birthday party of the British Women’s Overseas Club was held at St. Matthew’s hall on Wednesday.

The president, Mrs J. Sunley, made a special presentation to the retiring president, Mrs L. H. Wainscott, who had held office as either president, treasurer or secretary, continuously for 10 years, also to Mrs B. Isaacson, who has been on the committee for seven years. Sprays were presented to the retiring committee and the hospital visitor, Mrs MacLean.

Arrangements were discussed for the St. George’s Day service at St. Matthews Church tomorrow evening. The service and social has been attended by the club for the last four years. Mrs Sunley pointed out that members, regardless of denomination, were welcomed at the social.

The birthday cake was donated by Mrs Watson, and cut by a former president, Mrs J. Thorburn.

A play, “The Jumble Sale”, was read by Mesdames Prior, Charlesworth and Watson and Miss Horne. Mrs J. McDonald was the winner of two competitions.

[April 1957]

Service in Hastings On St. George’s Day

At a service in honour of St. George, held in St. Matthew’s Church, Hastings, last evening, the address was given by the Rev. J. R. MacLean. The service, an annual event, was attended by a number of senior members of the Boy Scout movement and by many former English residents living in Hastings.

A social was held afterwards in the Parish Hall where a large audience enjoyed a programme arranged by the British Women’s Overseas Club. Members of the club opened the programme by singing “Land of Hope and Glory”. This was followed by songs by Mrs. J. Harbottle, community singing conducted by Mr. W. Lord, songs by Mr. S. Rouse and by Mrs. A. G. Gray and recitations by Miss Margaret Gorton.

Accompanist throughout was Mr. J. Trindall.

Canon K. F. Button thanked the artists and the British Women’s Overseas Club for an enjoyable programme.

Supper was served by Miss V. McKenzie and the St. Matthew’s Ladies’ Guild, which was also responsible for the floral decorations on the stage.

[25 May 1957]

Her Easiest Talk!

There was a nostalgic atmosphere at the meeting on Wednesday of the British Women’s Overseas Club, when Miss Marie Teesdale, Hastings, showed colourful slides of Great Britain and the Continent.

“The easiest talk I have ever given,” was Miss Teesdale’s comment later. For members instantly recognised views of their home countries, and were quick to identify them.

The meeting was presided over by Mrs J. Sunley. A competition was won by Mrs Malcolm Mason.

[June 1957]


A fierce battle was waged between Havelock North and Hastings – with the honours going to Hastings – at the June meeting of the British Women’s Overseas Club.

The contest took the form of a question quiz, ranging from atom bombs to the Hastings Public Library, and was arranged and compered by the president, Mrs. J. Sunley.

Mrs Malcolm Mason gave useful hints on how to make a cactus garden. “The only way to start, is to raid your friends gardens!” she said. The bowls of cacti which Mrs. Mason used for demonstration purposes were later sold in aid of club funds. Mrs Sunley was the delighted winner of a small donkey and cart ornament filled with miniature cacti.

[July 1957]

New Members for Overseas Club

Three new members were welcomed to a meeting of the British Women’s Overseas Club at St. Matthew’s Hall, Hastings, on Wednesday evening.

Guest speaker was Miss Edith Bannister, who described her three-day flight to England via the Polar route. Mrs Maureen Brady entertained with songs, accompanied by Mrs Marie Stodhart, who also played piano solos. A community sing was enjoyed by all.

Miss E. Wilson won a box of home-made fudge donated by a member.

The meeting was presided over by Mrs Noel Sunley.

[September 1957]


The annual social of the British Women’s Overseas Club was held in St. Matthew’s Hall, Hastings, on Wednesday evening. A full evening’s entertainment was given by a number of visiting artists, who were roundly applauded by the appreciative audience. Perhaps the highlight was the playing of the “Warsaw Concerto” by Mr Jack Trindall, who responded with a Concert Paraphrase of the Waltz from die Fledermaus as an encore.

Mr Nolan McKay set feet tapping with his Scottish reels and Irish melodies, played on the violin. Mr Garry Crysell’s conjuring act deceived all eyes, and audience participation was evident when Mr Ian Harris led members in a community sing with his accordion.

Betty McDonald voice was heard to advantage in two songs, “Velia” and “Waiata Poi,” and Maureen Brady delighted with her singing of “Wunderbar” and “Somewhere a voice is calling.” The accompanists were Mesdames Mary Bell and Louie.

An hilarious village minidrama, staged by club members, concluded the entertainment and entitled “Unhand Me, Squire!” The narrator was Mrs Noel Sunley, musical accompaniments were played by Marie Whithouse [Whitehouse]. The cast was: – Elsie Prior, Alma Young, Jane Boon, Hilda Stuart, Peggy Horne, Joyce Charlesworth, Edith Bannister, Lil Robinson, Joan McDonald and Nan Fulford.

[October 1957]

Roast Hogget – Or Lancashire Hotpot?

If you could have anything you liked for dinner – and didn’t have to cook it yourself – what would you choose?

When this question was posed in a roll call to members of the British Women’s Overseas Club in Hastings at the October meeting it was noticable [noticeable] that members newly arrived in New Zealand hankered after “home cooking,” whereas those who had lived for some time in the Dominion favoured traditional New Zealand fare – roast hogget – followed by fruit salad.

Lancashire hotpot, lobster mayonnaise and English Christmas dinner – turkey and all the trimmings – were mentioned.

An exchange of recipes took up part of the meeting, which was presided over by Mrs Noel Sunley. Home-made loaves were won by Mesdames Horne and Sowman.

A minute’s silence was observed in honour of the first vice-president, the late Mrs L. J. Mackersey.

[November 1957]

Overseas Club Holds Christmas Party

The British Women’s Overseas Club held its annual Christmas party at St. Matthew’s Hall, Hastings, on Wednesday evening. The president, Mrs. J. Sunley, welcomed guests.

A “beetle drive” was won by Mrs. E. Prior, and Mrs. Alec Young won the consolation prize. A competition was won by Mrs. Stuart. Members joined in the singing of carols, accompanied by Mrs Wainscott at the piano. An exchange of gifts followed.

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  • Ian Harris
  • Peggy Horne
  • E A Hoylind
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  • Betty McDonald
  • Mrs Joan McDonald
  • Nolan McKay
  • Miss V McKenzie
  • Mrs M Mitchell
  • Mrs Elsie Prior
  • Mrs Joan Hoylind Richmond
  • Lil Robinson
  • S Rouse
  • Hilda Stuart
  • Miss Margaret Stuart
  • Mrs J [Noel] Sunley
  • Miss Marie Teesdale
  • Mrs J Thorburn
  • Jack Trindall
  • Mrs L H [Marjorie] Wainscott
  • Marie Whitehouse
  • Miss E Wilson
  • Mrs Alec Young
  • Alma Young

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