O’Kane Family Reunion 1998


Descendants of

Henry James O’Kane and Ellen Mary Doherty


17-18 January 1998


Ò cathàin

The Kanes are the descendants of the Irish Gaelic sept the Ó Catháin who were located in the Barony of Keenagh, in County Derry, they were also located in the Laggan area of east County Donegal.

Prior to the Plantaion of Ulster, in the seventeenth century, the Kanes were known as “Lords of Keenagh”.  However after the plantation, the name was dispersed, and its influence receeded.  The name today, as Kane and O’Kane is ranked as the seventy second most numerous name in Ireland, with Ulster being the heaviest populated.  County Derry and surrounding Counties is still the most favoured location, otherwise, the name is widely but thinly distributed.

Bernard O’Kane (1867-1939) of Garvagh, Co. Derry, was appointed Bishop of Derry in 1926;  D. J. Kane won  two All-Ireland Senior Football Championships with County Down, in both 1991 and 1994.

VARIANTS: O’Kane, Kean, Cahane, O’Cahan.

ARMS: Vert, three fish argent, two in the chief, one in the base.

MOTTO: FELIS DEMULCA MITIS.  “A stroked cat is gentle”.


H. N. M. L.
Heraldry Names Ltd. Ballina Ireland
Text and Illustrations H. N. W 146




[Section of map of Ireland]

CERTIFICATE of the DEATH of a PERSON aged Ten Years or upwards, issued for Purposes of the Friendly Societies Act.   40   R. G-2s. 

Registration District of Hastings in the Dominion of New Zealand.


No.  9

1. When Died.   2. Where Died.  1. 28th January 1916.   2. Hastings H. Bay

1. Name and Surname.  2. Rank, Profession, or Occupation.   1. Mary Margaret O’Kane   2. Domestic

1. Sex   2. Age.  1. F   2. 24 yrs.


1. Cause of Death.   2. Duration of last Illness.   Medical Attendant by whom certified.   4. When he last saw Deceased.  1. Acute dilatiou of the heart   2. W. Robertson   3.   4. January 29th 1916


1. Name and Surname of Father.   2.  Name and Surname of Mother.   3. Maiden Surname of Mother.   4. Rank or Profession of Father.  
1. Thomas Goode.   2. Hellen Goode formerly.   3. Wadsworth   4. Engineer


1. When Buried.   2. Where Buried.  1. 30th January 1916.   2. Hastings

1. Name of Minister (or Names of Witnesses).   2. Religion of Minister.  1. H. McDonnell   2. Roman Catholic Priest


1. Where Born.   2. How long in New Zealand.  1. South Australia.   2. 3 yrs.


1. Where Married.   2. At what Age Married.   3. To whom Married.   4. Age of Widow, if living.  1. Hastings.   2. 22 yrs.   3. Henry James O’Kane.   4. 

If Issue living, state Ages and Sex. 

M.   F.


1. Signature of the Informant.   2.  His or her Description.   3. Residence.   4. If Entry a Correction of a former Entry Signatures of Witnesses attesting the same.   1. Samuel T. Tong   2. Undertaker   3. Hastings   4. H. Bay.


1. Signature of the Registrar.   2. Date of Registration.   1. R. Beetham [Bratham?]   2. 31st January 1916.

Given under my hand at Hastings this 1st day of August 1918  Signed R. Beetham 


s.   d.
Search   1 0
Certified Copy and Stamp   2 7 
(No search fee is payable when Certified Copy is required at time of registration.)


Pursuant to 43 & 44 Vic., Cap. 13.

BIRTHS Registered in the district of Aghadowey in the Union of Coleraine in the County of Londonderry

No. (1)   133

Date and Place of Birth. (2)   1886   Twelfth June.   Shanlongford.   Aghadowey.  

Name (if any). (3)   Henry  

Sex (4)   M 

Name and Surname and Dwelling place of Father (5)   Thomas Kane   Shanlongford 

Name and Surname and Maiden Surname of Mother. (6)   Rose Kane   formerly McIntyre.

Rank or Profession of Father. (7)   Farmer.  

Signature, Qualification and Residence of Informant. (8)   Thomas Kane.   x his mark   Father.   Shanlongford.

When Registered. (9)   Twenty-ninth June 1886. 

Signature of Registrar. (10)   Alex Lane.   Registrar 

I hereby Certify that the foregoing is a true Copy of Entry No. 133 in the Register Book of Births of the above District in myOffice. 


Samuel Lecity[?]
Supd Registrar of Births and Deaths, for the District of Coleraine.

Office, Coleraine
Date, 15th April 1933.



Certified Copy of an Entry of Marriage
26 & 27 Vict., Cap. 90

Marriage No. 56
Registered by me, this 3rd day of August 1920  
Annas[?]   Registrar

1920.   Marriage solemnized at the Roman Catholic Church of Boleran in the Registrar’s District of Garvagh in the Union of Coleraine in the County of Derry

No. (1)   56 

When married (2)   25 August 1920. 

Name and surname (3)   Henry James O’Kane   Ellen Doherty 

Age (4)   Full   Full 

Condition (5)   Widower   Spinster 

Rank or profession (6)   Farmer   Domestic Duties 

Residence at the time of marriage (7)   Hilfest   Boleran

Father’s name and surname (8)   Thomas O’Kane   Albert Doherty 

Rank or profession of father (9)   Farmer   Farmer

Married in the Roman Catholic Church of Boleran according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Roman Catholic Church by me, P. McGurk CC

This Marriage was solemnized between us,   H.J. O’Kane   E. Doherty   In the presence of us,   J. McIntyre   H. Henry

I hereby certify that the above is a true copy of an Entry in a Registrar of Marriages in my custody.

Registrar  BH Langlands    Address  Glasnarven [Glasnevin]  Coleraine   Date 30 December 1986 Coleraine

Form MC3   CAUTION – Any person who (1) falsifies any of the particulars on this Certificate, or (2) uses a falsified Certificate as true, knowing it is false, is liable to prosecution under the Forgery Act, 1913.

G. R. O  £3.75  32009


s.   d.
Search (5 years)   1 0
Certified Copy   2 6
(No search fee is payable when Certified Copy is required at time of registration.)


Pursuant to 43 & 44 Vic., Cap. 13.

BIRTHS Registered in the district of Garvagh in the Superintendent Registrar’s District of Coleraine in the County of Londonderry 

No. (1)   418

Date and Place of Birth. (2)   1901.   December Twenty five.   Boleran   Errigal

Name (if any). (3)   Ellen Mary

Sex (4)   female

Name and Surname and Dwelling-place of Father (5)   Albert Doherty   Boleran 

Name and Surname and Maiden Surname of Mother. (6)   Catherine Doherty   formerly Higgins

Rank or Profession of Father. (7)   Farmer.  

Signature, Qualification and Residence of Informant. (8)   Albert Doherty   Father   Boleran

When Registered. (9)   January thirteen 1902.

Signature of Registrar. (10)   Alan M. Adams   Registrar  

I hereby Certify that the foregoing is a true Copy of an Entry in a Register of Births in my custody. 

A.N. Hylect[?]
Asst. Supt. Registrar

Office, Coleraine
Date, 14th April 1953.




Peter Louis Joseph O’Kane
b. 29.04.40 Hastings
d. 10.11.44 Hastings

HENRY JAMES O’KANE was born at Shanlongford Road, Ringsend, County Derry, Ireland on 12 June 1886. In 1906, at the age of 20, he left Ireland for Australia where he met a family by the name of GOODE. He came to New Zealand in 1912 and built a home in Hastings, Hawkes Bay at 612 Williams Street. Not long after, MARY MARGARET GOODE also came to New Zealand and the two were married in 1913. In 1916, at the age of 24, Mary Margaret died childless.

Henry returned to Ireland in 1918 and he married ELLEN MARY DOHERTY on 25 August 1920 at Boleran, Garvagh, in County Derry. Ellen was 19 and Henry 31. Henry returned to New Zealand with Ellen and their first born son, THOMAS MICHAEL, who was a few months old. They lived in 612 Williams Street while Henry built another home next door at 614, which was to be the family home for the next 70. Number 612 was the home of Uncle Paddy and Aunty Mary McGahan. They were a wonderful couple who took a great interest in us and whom we all loved dearly.

Over the next few years there were three additions to the family: ROSE, BERNIE and JOHN. Back in Ireland, Henry’s father THOMAS O’KANE was not well and unable to man the farm. He asked Henry to return home and manage it. Henry, Ellen and their four children packed up and set sail on the RMS Mataroa from Wellington on 4 June 1927, arriving at Southampton on 10 July 1927.

Henry and Ellen had intended to stay in Ireland, but times were bad. Not only was there a depression, but tuberculosis was taking people before their time and Henry was afraid he would lose his family. He worked his passage to New Zealand, where he found employment and sent money back, to bring his family to New Zealand again. While in Ireland, MARY was born.

Travelling back on the RMS Mataroa with five children could not have been easy for Ellen. The children were very lively and Bernie was almost lost overboard as he tried to walk along the railing of the ship. A steward caught him in time. It was also known that Rose could swing the highest while playing on the ship’s swings.

A lovely woman by the name of Mrs Devlin was a great help to Ellen with the children on this journey. The two remained good friends and the family remember her coming to stay at 614 Williams Street. A further five children were born to Ellen and Henry: HENRY, FRANK, AGNES, ITA and PETER. This brought the number of children to ten.

Peter the youngest child, died at the age of 4 on 10 November 1944. On 25 August 1970, Henry and Ellen celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Henry died on 24 April 1971. Ellen died on 1 December 1987.

Compiled by Mary O’Kane


1.   Thomas and Rose O’Kane (parents of Henry James)

2.   Henry James O’Kane and Mary Margaret Goode (wedding photo)

3.   Seated: Thomas and Rose O’Kane (parents of Henry James)
Back: Patrick and Elizabeth O’Kane (brother and sister of Henry James)

4.  O’Kane family home at 614 Williams St, Hastings
From left: John, Agnes, Tom, Henry, Bernie, Frank, Harry, Ellen holding Ita, Mary, Rose

5.   O’ Kane family photo (1945)
Back: Henry, Bernie, Harry, John, Tom, Frank
Front: Agnes, Mary, Ita, Ellen, Rose

6.   Henry James O’Kane and Ellen Mary Doherty (wedding photo 25.8.1920)

7.   Henry James O’Kane and Ellen Mary (golden wedding anniversary, 1970)

Family of Henry James O’Kane

O’KANE, Thomas   m   McINTYRE, Rose

1   Patrick Joseph
b 16.3.1885

2   Henry James (Harry)
b 12.6.1886, Shanlongford Rd, Ringsend,
d 24.4.1971, Hastings
m 25.8.1920
DOHERTY, Ellen Mary
b 25.12.1901, Boleran
d 1.12.87, Hastings

3   Elizabeth
4   Rose
5   Bernard
6   Francis
7   John

8   Margaret Louisa   m   MULLAN, Patrick Daniel
1   Patrick (Paddy)   m   O’CONNOR, Noreen
b 16.2.1914, Ringsend, Ireland
d 19.2.95, Christchurch
1   Mary Ann
2   Johnny
3   Louise

9   Brigid

Family of Ellen Mary Doherty

DOHERTY, Albert   m   HIGGINS, Catherine

1   Thomas

2   Patrick   m 11.7.1929   Kathleen
b 23.7.1900
d 13.9.1975

1   Ellen
b 1930-1933

2   Patricia   m   MANLY, Geoffrey
b 17.12.1934

3   Ellen Mary  
b 25.12.1901, Boleran        
d 1.12.1987, Hastings
m 25.8.1920, Boleran   O’KANE, Henry James (Harry)
b 12.6.1886, Shanlongford Rd, Ringsend,
d 24.4.1971, Hastings

4   Ann
b 2.2.1904
d 12.4.67
m 10.9.1925   PALMER, Thomas

1   Thomas
b 9.9.26

2   Joan Ann          
b 14.4.32
m 1953   DUNN, Donald

1   Kevin
b 18.10.55

2   Nancy
b 14.5.59

3   Kathleen
b 22.7.61

4   Sheila
b 6.4.66

3   John
b 2.9.35,

5   Neil
6   Agnes
7   John

O’KANE, Henry James             
b 12.6.1886, Shanlongford Rd, Ringsend
d 24.4.1971, Hastings
m 1913 or 1914   GOODE, Mary Margaret
b 1891 or 1892, South Australia
d 28.1.1916, Hastings
m 25.8.1920 Boleran, Ireland   DOHERTY, Ellen Mary
b 25.12.1901, Boleran
d 1.12.1987, Hastings

1   Thomas Michael
b 24.9.21, Boleran, Ireland
d 27.2.92, Hastings

2   Rose Theresa
b 11.11.23, Hastings
m 28.12.46   O’LEARY, Timothy James
b 21.2.13, Wanganui
d 8.8.70, Wanganui

1   Hannah Theresa
b 8.11.47, Wanganui
m 12.5.73   BROWN, Colin Herbert
b 13.8.45

1   Celia Marie
b 20.5.78

2  Paula Jane
b 20.11.79

3   Kieran James
b 29.8.81

4   Brendon John
b 19.12.84

2   Ellen Rose
b 12.11.49, Wanganui
m 19.4.74   HADEN, Richard Alexander
b 12.6.49

1   Alexander Charles
b 27.5.75

2   Michael James
b 18.1.77

3   Anna Louise
b 1.6.79

4   Rachel Ellen
b 5.8.83

3   Timothy Francis
b 26.4.51, Wanganui
m 19.04.80   GLASGOW, Christine
b 4.3.56

1   Louise Jane
b 23.4.81

2   Alana Kate
b 1.1.83

3   Timothy James
b 18.11.85

4   Meghan Elizabeth
b 5.8.87

4   Jane Margaret
b 2.1.53
m 12.11.77   SHEERIN, Terence Patrick (Terry)
b 12.9.52

1   Rosalind Grace
b 21.12.82,

2   James Patrick
b 10.6.85,

3   Matthew William
b 18.4.89,

4   Genevieve Louise
b 29.9.92,

5   Marian Elizabeth
b 19.7.54
m 12.10.85   FORBES, Barry
b 22.9.53

1   Rowena Elizabeth
b 10.4.87,

2   Julie Fiona
b 25.6.89

6   Cornelius Stephen
b 29.12.55, Wanganui
m 15.9.79   SMITH, Keryn Maree
b 25.10.60

1   James
b 17.1.80
d 17.1.80

2   Catherine Maree
b 10.1.81

3   Clare Elizabeth
b 18.3.82

4   Daniel Stephen
b 28.4.83

5   Michael John
b 15.7.87

6   Christopher James
b 12.11.88

7   Catherine Anne
b 23.11.57, Wanganui
m 14.10.78   O’NEILL, Patrick John
b 4.12.55

1   Timothy Patrick
b 2.6.80

2   Sarah Marie
b 15.4.83

3   Nicola Catherine
b 3.5.87

8   Anne Marie
b 23.8.61, Wanganui
m 6.11.82   O’NEILL, Michael David
b 26.4.58

1   Bridget Anne
b 27.4.85

2   Samuel Michael
b 22.4.87

3   Alanah Barbara
b 30.8.90

4   Thomas William
b 12.1.94

3   Bernard Kevin
b 17.12.24, Napier
d 21.7.79, Rotorua
m 30.4.55    JONES, Dorothy Gwyn

1   Claire Margaret
b 9.3.56,
m 26.11.94   SELPH, Kelley Mellar

2   Mark John
b 17.9.57
m 4.10.80   SOWERSBY, Jane Barbara

1   Matthew Robert
b 29.5.81

2   James Bernard
b 27.9.82

3   Thomas Mark
b 8.6.86

4   Andrew Harry
b 30.11.88

4   John Patrick
b 7.2.26, Hastings
m   LINTON, Margaret Hardie
b 12.5.31, Wellington

1   Maureen Anne
b 24.4.53, Wellington
d ? 9.53, Hastings

2   Katharine Marian
b 23.7.54, Wellington

3   Philip Patrick
b 23.7.56, Greymouth

4   Henry James
b 23.8.58, Greymouth
m 22.4.82   FEKETE, Isabella Victoria
b 12.8.57

1   Christopher Erich
b 6.5.82

2   Nicole Elysse
b 2.12.85

5   John Gerald
b 6.9.59, Greymouth
d 15.10.91
m 1979 EDINBURGH, Marie

6   Carmel Anne
b 14.5.62. Greymouth
m 9.6.84   MELLICAN, Brian

1   Katie Louise
b 15.10.86

2   Rachel Jacinta
b 26.2.92

7   Joan Ellen
b 30.4.64, Christchurch

8   Ena Marie Jacinta
b 30.6.65, Christchurch

9   Michael Gregory
b 10.2.67, Christchurch

10   Megan Hannah
b 1.9.72, Christchurch

5   Mary Catherine
b 2.6.28, Boleran, Ireland   
Professed as a Sister of St Joseph of Nazareth   8.12.50 (Sister Mary Eugene)

6   Henry Joseph
b 4.4.30. Hastings
m 27.2.54   PHILLIPS, Jill
b 6.12.30

1   Peter Nigel
b 17.1.55
m ?.5.76 OLSEN, Andrina
m 12.10.91 ORTEGA, Melissa

2   Christopher John
b 24.2.56
m 26.1.80 Hastings   WEBB, Antoinette Jane (Toni)

1   Anna Kate
b 30.3.82

2   Belinda Jayne
b 16.2.86

3   Samuel William Henry
b 9.1.88

3   Simon Francis
B 31.10.60

1   Amy
b 18.12.81

2   Mandy
b 9.2.90

4   Paul Gregory
b 21.9.64

5  Sarah Ellen Mary
b 20.12.65

6   Andrew James
b 22.9.72, Hastings
d 13.12.79, Hastings

7   Francis Stanislaus (Frank)
b 14.11.31, Hastings
m 15.6.68 Cambridge   KILBRIDE, Clare
b 29.9.47

1   Kevin Jude
b 7.5.69, Cambridge

2   Geraldine Elizabeth
b 1.12.70, Cambridge

3   Maria Clare
b 24.9.72, Cambridge

4   Elizabeth Frances
b 17.9.75, Cambridge

5   Damian Patrick
b 4.3.78, Cambridge

8   Agnes Elizabeth
b 11.1.33, Hastings
m 1.11.58   CULVER, Trevor
b 28.6.30, Hastings
d 7.4.93, Wanganui

1   Pauline Frances
b 14.1.62, Hastings
m 2.5.87 AITCHISON, Ross Mark
b 18.6.63

1   Jordan Elias
b 26.4.90, Wanganui

2   Keely Ellen
b 23.10.94, Wanganui

2   Anthony James
b 4.1.64, Hastings
m 17.10.92   O’HARA, Tracey Margaret
b 23.3.68

1   Abby Grace
b 30.12.94, Wanganui

2   Riley James
b 3.4.97, Wanganui

3   Nicholas James
b 6.1.68, Hastings

9   Ita Margaret
b 31.10.36, Hastings
m 16.5.59 Hastings   DELAHUNTY, William Denis
b 20.3.26, Dannevirke

1   Joanna Brigid
b 26.6.60, Wellington

2   Adrienne Jane
b 11.9.61, Wellington
m 29.12.92 Wellington   GRIMMOND, David Michael
b 27.8.61, Dunedin

1   Che Isaac Delahunty
b 29.12.97, Wellington

3   Matthew Denis Patrick
b 16.3.63, Wellington

4   Mary-Clare Patricia Catherine
b 16.3.63, Wellington
[m]   McMECKING, Brent Stewart
b 24.5.66

5   Nicola Margaret
b 13.12.66, Wellington

6   Liam Joseph
b 11.12.77, Auckland

10   Peter Louis Joseph
b 29.4.40, Hastings
d 10.11.44, Hastings

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